Cabaret East



12325 Calloway Cemetery Road, Fort Worth, TX 76040


32.8113335, -97.0988684




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Cabaret East

  1. l

    awesome club

  2. Brian

    Really good club REALLY on %.00 Tuesdays!!!

  3. fuckery12

    I love me a good strip club. This one has an interesting stage configuration which keeps your eyes on multiple girls at one time. You have the main stage in the front with 2 women, and then a stage in each back corner. Anywhere you sit you have a view of at least 3 women. The cocktail waitresses leave something to be desired. I felt as if I had to search for one every time I needed a refill. This was frustrating considering the amount of money you pay for each beer/cocktail. As for the talent, I give this place a C-. There were a few rockstars in the bunch, but for the most part the girls were very plain. We never really got the urge to go get a dance or run up to the stage. The talent is lacking. I doubt I will come back to this place when the girls are wanting an alternative to the disco. Eh … make the drive to Cabaret North

  4. Johnson12

    Came on a Sunday so it was slow which I understand because of the day of the week it is. Took like 10-15 for the next dancer to come out. Dancer look beautiful but it’s one stripper who was the best dancer, but it’ll check it out again only if it’s on a Friday or Saturday,

  5. Oldtimer

    Was there on a Saturday afternoon; the place was dead

  6. ryan123

    All my buddies take an annual trip to a Gentlemens club around bonus time and they let me tag along (as stripper bait I’m sure)This is the old Jaguars and I must say it now offers a wider arrange of girls. From what i was told they girls can work as long as they want. There was a favorite for my group.. Julie.. she was absolutely adorable and not pushy and annoyingly drunk like some of the others. Highly recommend a lap dance from her. The wait staff was attentive as well. Some of the furniture needs to e replaced/ reupholstered and there were lots of chips in the stage we were seated at. If they Just spruced up the decor a little it would be much more comfortable inside.

  7. Chris

    Great club.

  8. elpfan

    Its a new club, for a day Monday visit, it was great. Nice girls, not pushy, except when trying to sell Jag t-shirts. The Mngt makes them sell, kind of a turn off

  9. Jake

    love Jaguars. I am in love with Autumn, thank god for fully nude hotties

  10. charlie

    my favorite is karma

  11. Julio

    Went by one afternoon and didn’t leave until almost midnight. Awesome girls! A must if you are in the area!!!

  12. Stacey

    When you go in make sure to ask for Daytona or Candy…especially if you are a girl and your bf is buying you lap dances. They are the best 2 girls in the house!

  13. mike b

    i went there last night and it was the best gentlemens club ive ever been to. i will be coming back

  14. Jason
  15. Jayh

    I couldn’t understand a damn word the DJ said but the club was nice. Whisper was freakin’ fantastic during a private dance. I’ll go back just to see her again.

  16. Eric

    I was at this club for race weekend, and it was pretty packed. There was a whole lot of girls, but only about 8 or 9 were worth looking at. A lot of the girls were just stick straight, I felt like I was looking at a bunch of 6th graders, this club would be great for pedophiles. Jaguars really needs girls with curves, not fat ones, but girls with tits, and some hips. I might try back next weekend and hope for an improvement.

  17. MM

    had a great time, will definitely return. awesome girls there.

  18. Joseph

    Taco bell has better grade meat than this dump

  19. James W.

    I got to say I love Jaguars! They have some beautiful girls, some girls probably should be working days, but overall worth the $$. The lap dances are really awesome my favorite girl is Autumn. She is total badass,and fucking sexy. I have never seen nicer tits and ass on one girl. If you love a girl with some tats, go see her…very good art on that girl. Her only downside, well she was so awesome I spent all my money on her!!

  20. StripClub431

    If I could give this club zero fucking stars I would. I got into a physical fight in the club and a girl picked up a bottle and helped her husband attack me. My head was cut open and I ended up calling the ambulance myself after that horrible pussy breathe manager Antoine dumbass called the cops instead of emergency help. I was rushed to the hospital and arrested afterwards. I feel like it was a conspiracy because the way it happened was unimaginable.

  21. F

    Really nice looking girls!

  22. joe

    its not a good club

  23. daniel

    i had the time of my life there its a real good plzce to go n hang out with pretty females

  24. fisherdex1

    My husband and I visited on a Tuesday night. Cheap drinks sure but watered down, lots of rap music. Lots of drunk, rude girls. No diversity with the girls, Mostly all black. If that’s your thing, this is the place for you. If you like hanging around gang members as patrons, this is the place for you! Reason why I say gang members Is because as we were leaving we saw what must have been rival gangs going at each other in the parking lot. I was looking over in that area. MISTAKE. We were approached by two men who said “white bitch, what are you looking at?” My husband started to say something back and they pulled out a gun on us. The scariest experience of my life. Needless to say, we got the hell out of there. I called the manager the next day and he (unnamed) just acted like I was making it up!!!! STAY AWAY IF YOU DON’T WANT TO RISK YOUR LIFE FOR NO REASON AT ALL!!!!

  25. Lil Lucky

    love Jaguars

  26. clint

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