Wise Guys



2226 Kingshighway, East Saint Louis, IL 62204


38.6234696, -90.0933329




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Wise Guys

  1. Dalamar

    Dude, you should check out Raven. She has an amazing ass, and supple lips that she can put to great use. Smokin eyes. Great skin. Best handjob in town.

  2. regulars

    jason come save your clubs

  3. monique

    Hay wat up Im working monday nite 4 shur. My 3some partner from cmowes started at wise guys sunday nite too.. Hope 2 c u all soon cummm c us!!! it may b a 3,4,5,6,some,HA HA cum cum agin,cum n c us we like 2 party & have fun!!!

  4. Mike
  5. Mark
  6. recent guest

    i wouldnt want to hurt anyone of these girls feelings, but i can say i was in when whisper was dancing and truthfully shes not all that attracive..bad breast job and acne. but her personality can hopefully make up for that

  7. reg guy

    hey, raven, whats your solid schedule honey?

  8. Ms. V.S.O.P

    I love the set up and the place was clean. I didn’t mind just sitting back having a drink with my man here. I will be stopping buy WISE GUYS more often just to get away from the everyday stip clubs that seem like night clubs.

  9. Josh
  10. james

    iiiiiiiiiiii love me some raven!!!

  11. RON
  12. aa
  13. old timer

    i like this raven girl everyone is going on about. im not there late enough to see this whisper, but she doesn’t sound like a nice gal. i think its a nice place to be and all the girls are nice to me and not seemingly after all my money, though i do spend a lot in there.

  14. B

    too dark and the dancers too pushy!!!

  15. customer

    i really enjoyed myself here and all the day girls. it really needs some more pretty white girls tho. there are very few on days and nights.

  16. dotty
  17. rodger
  18. harold

    Be careful coming here… last night around 8pm a patron got robbed/mugged and carjacked at gunpoint! the perps fired off a shot to convince him they were serious!

    Better off going to one of the palces that have their parking lot fenced in so bad people can’t get close to you when going to your car! DANGEROUS situation at this bar. the guy is lucky he didnt get shot!

  19. Captain

    It’s the Cheer’s of Clubs.

  20. Eric

    Mostly ugly black girls and old whores from the neighborhood. Ghetto on ghetto! Drinks are cheap but watered down. My buddy was able to buy some coke while there and we both got a blow job from 2 different girls. Cheap blow jobs only 25 for the dance and another 25 for the goods. I’ll go back again for the easy extras but won’t stay long enough to risk getting caught up in a raid.

    Can get this kind of low life pussy anywhere down here. Up to you.

  21. dirty lil whores friend

    i love my dirty little whore kendal. i just want to smack that ass and shove something in that little tight pussay!

  22. new regular

    I took a couple of my buddies and my son here for my sons 21st birthday last Sat night.I hadn’t been there in a while due to past bad experiences but decided to give it another try. From the moment I walked through the door we all had a good time. The club smells so much cleaner…they had a really good variety of girls and a super cute new bartender/manager. Everyone there really showed us a good time and we will be back alot more in the future.

  23. Regular

    They have lots of security at the club and there is an employee in the parking lot from the time they open until every customer is gone. Hope everyone gives this club another chance as everyone has to understand that anything is possible but the other situation was a one time problem. Now the problem has been resolved!

  24. shane

    you must see champane and joy they rock

  25. He who knows

    Another death trap club! Same old garbage all the time;

    shootings, homicides, cop killers are everywhere in the area

    and they will blast you to ribbons with AK-47s for your

    wallet, car, jacket, everything. Never, ever go here!

  27. nick

    Best club I have been to in a long time everyone was very friendly New club still in the growing stage drinks were very reasonablly priced they let us in free before 7

  28. big willy
  29. gt


  30. bob

    good drinks good times

  31. lou
  32. club hopper

    I had the best time I havent had that much fun in a titti bar in a long long long time….I did a v.i.p. with a woman named monique who sayed it was her 2end nite their..She sayed she quit cmowes cuz she couldent put up with all the disrespect& drama…She rocked my world!!! The best I had she has moves I dident know were possable..Im flustered just thinkin about her!!!! Glad I went to wise guys. I will go back for more of monique!!!!

  33. cards fan

    i think this club is cool. it has nice girls hella drink specials like bucket-o-shots and or beer. by the way, for being down in the hood these girls are smokin.

  34. Whisper

    Ok so i wrote this comment and it never showed up. Ok first and for most whoever Paul is im sorry that other girls are using my name to bad mouth you or other females. Im not like that, yea i may have differences with some girls, but who doesnt. Im not at work to start drama. If i had anything to say about someone i would. Once again i have no problem with Chelsea, you could go in the club and ask her, i even told her i had no problem and that she was a great dancer, and that i was glad the club added her on. It’s funny how men talk about me, and say that i give dirty looks to so and so. How do you even know when i sit with one guy most of the time i work? ALSO this is for Raven, i have never said anything bad about you nor Jamie, just the simple fact you guys dislike me for whatever reason. I dont care about the bullshit anymore, i agree with Chelsea it needs to die. We dont really work with eachother, so there’s no problem. Who ever is using my name to talk shit on Raven grow up. Stop causing more drama. Thank you.

  35. raven

    i love this club, and everyone i work with. its a wonderful place to work and an awesome place to hang out

  36. Jamiel

    This club was horrible, I wont be back.

  37. re chealsea

    i honestly could care less what it is that spews out of your mouth. and yes we all know its you because the ip address added up to the comment you left having enough balls to put your name on. sweetie im not intimidated by you, nor have i ever “sucked up to you”. everyone knows me better than that. i just said you didnt look disgusting for having three kids for being such a tot. and kendal knows i didnt call her fat and she can ask jason or chris to look up ip addresses. i have one lap top between home and office. and as for whisper, i dont like her. shes conceded and arrogant when she has no reason to be and she stole pictures of my children. her and her tiajana titties can go fuck them self. i never once imposed the fact that i was “all that” or better than anyone. and i take care of my club and they know it, including the girls in it. the only people that say bad things about me are suffering from self issues and dont know me.

  38. girlly girl

    i work at this club and i just wanted to say i love it. i have made more money and had way more fun in this relaxed environment than hustler penthouse and we all know hollyhood.

    the girls here are all laid back and fun and so are the mangers. there are no fights and fees are small.

    i wouldnt want to be at any other club.

  39. clu goer

    love it here. the girls are more about personality compared to self centered girls like at hustler and penthouse. yet just as hot or hotter

  40. cj

    had a great time, girlfriend made to feel welcome too. Everyone very friendly and good prices

  41. Wild Bill

    Whisper is one of the top entertainers in the entire area. She is not a slut, so don’t even think about disrespecting her. But if you want to meet a truly amazing young woman who will make you feel good about yourself, introduce yourself to her and give her a chance. You won’t regret it.

  42. Saber

    Decent place, with a a supposed old-time gangster feel (other than the name, nothing along these lines). Mostly quiet and a bit dark, the ladies there vary. Ratio wise, there are more dark skin girls than light skin girls. But, the VIP dances are a good value price, and most of the girls are willing to do more for a decent tip (more hands on than not). Compaired with the Hustler club down the road, not very good. But, on the lower end of the scale, you can get your money’s woth (if there are girls there).

  43. Jax
  44. Red Hot & Ready

    The best club in East St. Louis, by far!

  45. Bobby

    Great place to party. Drink specials can’t be beat. Girls friendly and fun.

  46. Not impressed

    Very Bad experience. I caught one of the girls stealing money out of my wallet. Jim, girls stealing money from customers is not good for business you should fire that asian girl that came from PT’s Centreville.

  47. Greg

    This place was awesome. The girls are hot. Cheapest drinks around. Nice and laid back atmosphere. I will definitely be back.

  48. girls=evil

    Stopped in on Halloween. It was pretty quiet but had potential. Chatted with a great girl, Marina, and had a private with her.

    Great time, bartender was pretty and sweet, Marina was great, but it was a bit empty there. I will likely go back.

  49. traveller

    Dont’ judge this club by the outside. The inside is what’s counts! Great club, great dancers, great drink prices. I’ll be a regular here for sure.

  50. CAsey

    had a great time girls were great drink prices are very good

  51. Bob R
  52. Monk

    Definitely the most hands on place in Washington Park. Not exactly the best area of town, but hey it’s a strip club. Haven’t done vip because service off a regular dance includes everything depending on girl, and time of day. YMMV.

  53. stranger

    tall security guy is a fag named Chris. This is a whorehouse. Fucking and sucking in the VIP room for $50 to bar and $200 to the girl. Dirty place and smelly.

  54. john

    cody is missing the teeth not jordan gross

  55. Dan
  56. adam

    awesome place… spent sometime wit raven and she had me laughing for an hour straight. i understand why she does so well.

  57. Happy

    Is the only slut in the club raven? i want someone new. Damn she’s been around i bet she cant even count the # of people she has fucked. dirty slut

  58. traveler

    i fly in from Chicago all the time and when im in st. louis i frequent the strip establishments. i have been in here a few times and have met some of the a-team for the day side. kendal and raven showed me a grrrrrreat time… lets say it again… a grrrrrrrrreat time. kendal is sweet and giving and raven is hot and provocative. the make a great pair. there was a cute colored irl who showed me a fun time once heavenly. good girl. def be back.

  59. Col. Fagin

    Absolutely unsafe, in a World War I battlefield of a bad


  60. tom

    The music was the best thing they had goin…the girls are all very ugly!!

  61. kevin

    Sorry “Bill” but Ide have to disagree..this “what u call club” has NOTHING on any of the BIG clubs..such as Penthouse,and Pt’s Sport..even Hustler. Maybe Hollywood,and Ms.Kitty’s but the girls at Wise Guys are all too ugly or crackhead skinny with tits that dont even match their bodies..this is where they belong.

  62. me

    love it here

  63. gerald

    the dancers are hideous..acne,too skinny,or too fat, no talent

  64. big daddy

    this club is great. raven is the hottest thing on the east side!!

    i do agree that the club is to dark most of the time and the music can be excessively loud but overall its a good place.

  65. love harley

    harley…stillw ant to cum by and experience you and savnnah again…you both were awesome…vip next time

  66. loverboyshane

    from hsc make a right at the lights it will be 2 miles on the righthand side

  67. Ema Nymton

    Came by with a friend and the security was awsome, best in washington park by far..btw, anyone know the name of the tall cute security guy ? I always see him at night.

  68. Deaks

    Love it could have more hot girls on nights,and couples night.

  69. Joe

    Very Slow while I was in but they had more than enough girls to choose from. Spoke with Amber the entire time – INCREDIBLE GIRL

  70. Bill

    This is the ideal club, you can come here, and relax. Dont worry about dancers down your back, every 5 mins, i will be back, look out you other clubs, WISE GUYS IS COMING ON UP

  71. nnnn

    i love it here

  72. dk

    i come here almost everyday. i really like it. its great for my lunch break cause i get to have a lil fun with the girls in the baack. i see heavenly here and there but she hasnt been around and ill rotate between kendal and raven cause they both are costly… but well worth the price.

  73. passer by

    need more cute white girls

  74. yardapesbb

    The club is ok, I’ll give it a second chance in the next couple of months

  75. Gary

    There were 3 dancers working when I came in, ok looking but really un-friendly. For a better time, visit one of the other clubs in the area, this one has a stigma.

  76. Rick
  77. markymark

    i dont come in there as often as i used to for my own, home life, reasons but when i do raven is always there. that girl never goes home i dont think. for all you guys whom havent gone to raven GOOOOOOOOO!

  78. clit comander

    Great drink specials, decent chicks, great atmosphere. A good time

  79. Marco

    Don’t let the outside fool you. Give this place a chance. The staff, ownership and director are very accomodating. Will definitely visit again! This place is extremely clean on the inside as well.

  80. Danny
  81. Galvin

    Surprised to find such a terrific club on this side of town. Didn’t expect it to be as cool and clean on the inside. Manager Jim told me that the company owns the entire block and plan to remodel and open Tom Veniesia’s old club Cheeks (which is directly across the street) by the first of the year. They also own the land to the right of Hollywood and will build a 3 story mega club w/full restraunt and a lagoon style pool.

    Girls were terrific, drinks are low priced ($4.50 for a 32oz draft and $5.00 for a bottle), EVERYBODY was friendly

    and very professional. I felt at home imeadiatly.

    don’t let the outside of the club fool you into not stopping (like it did me the first couple of times I drove by) It’s WELLLLLL worth the trip and upgrades to the exterior lots are comming soon. I give it 2 big thumbs up!

  82. jon

    i think the club was effen awesome! the girls are semi but so cool to be around. rven is the poo all the way

  83. Robbert

    I was very pleased to see my best good/bad grils their!!! Had alot of fun I use to go to C Mowes but you got all the best dancers they had…So I will be making Wise Guys my party place from now on!!!!DAYS & NITES!!!!

  84. Billy

    Awesome new club. More dancers every week. New place for couples to go on Saturday night. Dancers friendly and great drink prices.

  85. Jake

    I come in here to have a good time, not to listen to girls trash talk other girls. When are there going to be clubs, without all the non sense. I agree there are some good looking girls. So why dont the just team up instead of hating on eachother. I will be back, but not to listen to the BS that goes on.

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