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40 Brighton Avenue, Passaic, NJ 7055


40.8568697, -74.1441205




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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If you like an upscale club with upscale entertainers, a posh environment and a professional staff then Platinum Dollz will be your new good time party place.

Everything is top of the line here at Platinum Dollz, from the lighting to the sound, to the interior design and most importantly the staff. Enjoy our private dining area equipped with Champagne service and HD satellite entertainment. Table seating is available for those of you that want to take a break from all the action.

We are conveniently located at 40 Brighton Ave, Passaic, NJ 07055 right off Van Houten Ave, on the border’s of Clifton and Passaic, just minutes away from the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, Highway’s 3, 4, 17, 21, 46 and 80. We specialize in pampering our guests and have all the tools in place to give you the best time a gentlemen’s club has to offer. Stop by Platinum Dollz and experience the difference.


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0 reviews for “Platinum Dollz

  1. DannyT

    This place is nice but no real talent. Not one single girl here is above average. I read a few comments about “Russian girls” maybe during the day but at night it’s more white and Mexican looking girls. The one bartender was prettier then any of the dancers.

  2. Dancer
  3. smooth

    It’s not good when the owners write their own reviews. You want the truth? here it is: great location, super clean & comfortable, music great, food great. Girls are above average. They need more variety. I was one of the customers who was in there at least once a month all fall & winter. Sometimes i was the only one in there. Always thought the place had potential. Something aint right though. feels very unhospitable. wish it would change for the better.

  4. STEVE


  5. Logan

    Filled with nothing but home wrecking whores!! NJ most desperate bitches work here. On a slow night the girls will do anything to make a quick dollar if it mean messing around with the DJ doorman or customers. There should be a age limit to work here 21 or older!!

  6. marky mark


  7. What....

    There is never anyone in this place a few girls none worth all that much such a shame it is a nice looking place

  8. Ryan
  9. larry1

    The Rudest staff I have ever seen . The place inside is nice but the attitude of the staff was stuck up and unimpressive. Customer service was non existent. So if you want to go somewhere where you will feel unwelcome then go here.

  10. Joel

    Everthing from top to bottom was amazing, top notch service, sexy American women, no Russians at all……..

  11. charlie sheen

    Best place in jersey

  12. best place

    Absolutely the best place around, great friendly staff

  13. Glenn

    Place has changed so much for the better since that clown of a manager doesn’t here anymore, the girls are so hot, bartenders are friendly, no drama at all, dayshift is awesome, glad to hear he’s creeping all the girl’s out at satin dolls

  14. George

    This place continues to go downhill. No real talent or beauty here . Basically a whore house with the same washed up girls from the last 4 years.

  15. Bunz

    For a Saturday night, the place was practically empty, only 3 different dancers.

    Only one cute dancer, but she didn’t work the whole night.

  16. William

    Poor Management,Bad Service

  17. Yarak
  18. Jason

    Amazing how this place has changed, place is always busy, plenty of girls,no drama, just bring lots of cash, place is not cheap

  19. TOMMY


  20. Simple Sam

    I personally don’t like this club but I checked it out. First they have to many silly dumb rules example no girls are allowed in. Why they call it a go go or bikini bar is beyond me it’s more like a whore house. These girls think they are playboy models but they are just Jerseys average or below average typical girls. Nothing special. However I did hear that some girls will hook up with you in empty parking lots and near by hotels. I heard one of the girls name is Emily but her dancer name is Kayla. I rather go to the city. Where the girls actually dance, keep it professional and I can enjoy and relax. I am happily married and like going out with my wife but girls here like Kayla are nothing but home wreckers and it’s sad what she did to a friend of mine.

  21. Matt Murphy

    Hot Chicks, Excellent Food, Cheap Drinks, Awesome DJs

  22. Former SD Customer

    I have never been in a place and been treated better than the way I get treated her, management are very cool, no attitude at all, girls are hott, can use a few more, I was there on friday there was only 14 girls and the place was packed, food is excellent, I would put there steak and seafood up against any steakhouse in NYC

  23. Dave

    If you never been here I promise you it will be an experience like no other, how many times have you gone to a gogo bar and in 5 minutes you wanna walk out, not here, this place is a regular bar/nightclub/sports bar with dancers in it, no hustle at all, no Russian dollar train, the staff are very polite, the place itself by far is the best looking club in Jersey, the food there is as good or better than any restaurant in that price range and the drink prices are very reasonable, happy hour prices are even more reasonable, on top of everything how often do you go to a bar and the owners hang out and drink with the customers, buy backs in this club are very much in attendence, this is no bullshit, not management talking, better than anything out of 18 girls last night 2 were Russian, all American and Spanish………………

  24. Frank the Cop

    4 Russians To Be Exact, Maria, Eva, Crystal and Regina, I know cause they are my fav’s

  25. Jerome
  26. bill
  27. Jackmehauf

    Atmoshpere is so great girls are hott and they all speak english amazzzing no ruskies

  28. Tommy G

    Place is fucking awesome, got waisted with Ken Daneyko Saturday night

  29. RAY


  30. RE;eugene

    Was by this place on Tuesday, couldn’t believe my eyes, atleast 20 smokin hot dancers, went back tonight Wednesday, same thing 20 or more very hot ladies, all new, most came over from Lace, to the last post I guess you have nothing better to do, either your one of the nasty skanks that recently got fired from there or your just a broke ass who has no life.

  31. Anonymous

    This may not come as a shock but none the less I absolutely agree with this place being ran unprofessional. Not that stripclubs “gogobars” are known to be professional but still they should have strict rules about certain things. Like no dating the customers or staff. Once word and reviews get out about affaires and hook ups happening. People will go else where. Stop letting your DJ’s schedule the girls. Hire a manager and let them do it. The DJ should play music bartender should serve drinks and dancer entertain. Run the place right and maybe your dancers will stick around!

  32. Hector

    No respect unless you spend money in the champagne room. Dancers bother

    you all the time for tips. Overpriced drinks. This place is totally overrated.

  33. TO RALPH

    It’s obvious your just hating and clueless to anything that has to do with any type of business in general, there is new owners and like any other business when you buy a business the old owners stay on for a while until everything is ok, and if you call an average of 150 customers a night and a minimum of 16 very hot entertainers every night the same shit then I have to say your a very jealous person who should get a life

  34. James

    great time

  35. Steve O

    The best happy hour anywhere, you cannot beat there drink prices and there food I would put up against any restaurant in the state, bartenders very friendly and have no problem throwing a few back with you, no russian dancers at all, no hustle at all, unlike any other club around

  36. Gringoloco

    This place has a good selection of ladies. Selena is one of the best. Always pleases in vip. She relieves all the stress. And even does multiple “dances” for you and a buddy or two in vip for a small price. Bbdp @ bbbg is out of this world.

  37. LoneStar


  38. EUGENE


  39. AudiBoyzz

    They girls is wacked on dope. Lexy called me a ni**er and threw beer at me. Manager and bartender did nothing to her. Don’t go here if your girl don’t know, your shit will go home smelling like beer.

  40. BDB

    The girls just okay; nothing special. If you are looking for good lap dances, this is not the place for you! Atmosphere is great, however. High-end atmosphere without the large bill!

  41. anonymous

    beautiful place, hot girls, cheap prices…love this place.

  42. Hound

    Place is beautiful,from the bar to the bathroom’s,didn’t see the vip room’s maybe next time,can use more girls but the one’s that were there were very hot,this place rival’s any gentlemen’s club in Manhatten.

  43. John

    Stopped for first time in awhile faces have changed from when I was a somewhat regular. Girls are fun, miss the old timers they were better looking and would give better dances.

  44. Jim

    Not sure what others are saying about the lack of Russians. There are definitely Russians here; 1/3 to 1/2, most of the times I’ve been here. Atmosphere is classy and clean. Service is great. Food is very good. Girls are mostly friendly and approachable. LD area is communal. LD mileage is generally low, especially at night, when there is a dude in there watching. Mileage varies more in the day, but there is pressure to take the mileage into the VIP area. Overall: a good, clean place to hang out in the company of friendly, scantily-clad women. Not great for the LD experience.

  45. BiteMe

    Nothing good to say about this place

  46. Paul

    Fun new place.. Can be hit or miss but weekends definitly have hotter girls!

  47. great place

    Always treated with respect by management and vip Hostest girls are hot and easy to talk to no pressure, feels like home

  48. Rene

    Attended a bachelor party on Saturday, price per person was unbeatable,private room, topshelf and so much food, there was atleast 35 dancers on schedule, not only very hot but friendly as all hell, never been treated so good by a club staff.

  49. Last Review

    Your either a manager or owner of one of the other area club’s that we totally destroyed, in the past three weeks we went from 10 customers a night to a 150, they came from somewhere, we will no soon enough, these summer months can be long when you have no business

  50. Allen

    Smokin Hot Chicks, Amazimg DJ’s, Matt Murray by Far is the Best DJ in the Biz, Place Always Got a Buzz, Food is Excellent,last but not least, you will not find a cleaner club anywhere, spotless, there bathrooms here are cleaner than any kitchen around

  51. A+

    Best prices anywhere and not to mention the hottest looking girls as well.

  52. Johnny Cakes

    Daytime here is amazing,new manager, new dancers, new

    bartenders, did i mention new dancers

  53. Tony
  54. The V

    THE HOT spot by far!!

  55. RALPH


  56. dancer j

    good money making potential… very nice place to work… most of the customers are friendly and alot of the girls are really nice… i like this place alot better then several go-go bars i’ve worked at…. and guys the girls are very pretty and cute not like what these other guys who have no taste are saying…

  57. jack

    pretty shitty place. whorehouse for sure. wheres mary jane? she was the only

    good thing in that club.

  58. Donny

    Finally a club in Jersey with Manhatten appeal,without the high prices,hustle and attitude,even though they don’t have many girl’s yet you don’t mind staying and having a few cocktail’s.

  59. R U BLIND

    How can you say there is no talent, I’m in this place 5 night’s a week, besides Satin Dolls there isn’t a club anywhere in Jersey that has more dancers or hotter dancers than Platinum Dollz

  60. Platinum Dollz

    New owners, New entertainers, New hours, New name

    Platinum Dollz (formerly silk)

    Monday through Friday – 4:00pm to 3:00am

    Saturday and Sunday – 5:00pm to 3:00am

    Every hour at Platinum Dollz is Happy Hour

    Don’t let our look’s scare you, we only look expensive

    Import Drafts – $4.00 (pints)

    Domestic Drafts – $3.00 (pints)

    Import Bottle – $5.00

    Domestic Bottle – $4.00

    Top Shelf Mixed – $6.00

    Well Mixed – $5.00

    Wine – $4.00

    Everything On Food Menu – $5.00

    Private VIP Champagne Rooms – $150.00

    We have the entertainers, We have the show

    Every Tuesday Is Lingerie Night

    Every Thursday Is Our Beach Beach Party

    Entertainers From Morris County to Manhatten Are Leaving There Jobs To Be Part Of What Is Sure To Be The Driving Force In GOGO Entertainment

    Dancers/Entertainers Come Check Us out

    No House Fees At All – No Hidden Costs At All

    You Keep All Your Lap Dance Money

  61. Benjamin

    Miss Jackie she was the best always a good time and left with a smile

  62. WOW

    friday I was there had a blast

  63. mike

    cheap good food, great cheap drinks, nice sexy girls, good music and sports… what more can a man ask for?

  64. Tim

    Partied with the Iron Sheik, how fuckin cool is that, this place is unlike everywhere else, keep it up, great times always

  65. Tiger

    Shake down city. Between the drug dealers, the crack hoes and managers who are fondling the staff it’s amazing that you are still open. I won’t be visiting you again!

  66. hell yeah!!!!

    I used to bury my cock balls deep in the vip…… Blew a load


  67. Patrick

    If you can’t have a good time here than maybe you don’t belong here, this isn’t your typical Jersey stripclub, you can actually come here watch a game, play with the girls if you want, there is no hustle at all here, never a dollar train, best dj’s by far,great food, always a comfortable feeling when in there

  68. Girls are hott

    feels like home,? not really I dont have stipers dancing in my apartment but this place is really a great place Always treated great by the bar maids but the management and vip Hostest leave a bad taste

  69. JJ

    been stopping in lately and there really is a nice variety of girls here, plus it’s clean, and good food. they have a new bartender erin and in my opinion she’s the hottest thing in there and probably the best bartender though i haven’t met them all…overall a good time and pretty good music too.

  70. HOTT

    This place has some of the hottest girls iv seen lately and they are not those frigging import dollar hungry imports

  71. Disco Dave

    Darlene, Lola and Gina, can’t get any hotter than this

  72. PARTY

    We had our bachelor party here saturday night, we were treated like kings, nothing else to say.

  73. Jerry

    What happened to vegas she was a firecracker daytime for 4 years ago…the crap she do was legendary!

  74. Gary

    I bounce around most of the clubs in North Jersey, PD’Z by far is the only bar that has anything going on

  75. T

    drink prices are very reasonable, happy hour prices are even more reasonable, on top of everything how often do you go to a bar and the owners hang out and drink with the customers, buy backs in this club are very much in attendence

  76. Perfect


  77. Gogo Guru

    The only friendly face to welcome you is the bartender. Unless you are doing VIP girls aren’t interested. The cook is always missing because he is cleaning instead of cooking lunch. Don’t go there like ncgtime if you want to eat.

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