724 Nostrand Avenue, BRONX, NY 11216


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Secrets

  1. Shawn A.

    It’s my favorite spot in BK,with a good mannered crowd and DJs that will make the Un-Danceable “Danceable”.The securities are on point,I’ve never seen a altercation that lead to anything physical,the bartenders are sexy and “pour friendly” guess that y I keep on going back,a very spacious outdoor(back),probably holds just as much inside,but one of the best part of this spot is you never leave hungry,they offer the best Oxtails..Wings..Bbq..Bake n Saltfish etc etc.No need for diners after you’re done here,they bring it to you!!A must see Caribbean Oriented Club in a high pace rising Brooklyn community.

  2. Holy Shit

    Great experience and I can’t wait to go back again

  3. Harrison69

    This place is overrated. I paid $2 for the coat check. $20 for entry, which the security did not inform me about before hand. I went to the bartender and requested a drink and she had a really bad attitude. I gave my CC and instead of her asking me if I would like to open a bar tab, which I was going to do in the first place. She said the it was a $20 minimum. BARTENDERS LEARN TO READ YOUR CUSTOMERS. WTF, it’s not rocket science! I’m never coming back to this place. $22 wasted before I even got my first drink…. Oh yea, she (the bartender) had so much attitude, but yet she accepted my friends card for a tab and spelling ARNOLD was a challenge even with his card in her face…. Smh

  4. DexterRexter

    I hadn’t been to Secrets in about 6 yrs but when my bestie and I were looking for soca vibes for Labor Dat weekend I knew this was the place to go. Party starts around 12. If you go before you’ll second guess it. The crowd is kinda young as in mostly early to late 20’s and then some regulars who are in their 50’s but they’re harmless. As a matter of fact they role out the red carpet yo welcome you. They’ll buy drinka and water all night and dance in circles around you. They have 3 sections. A dinnig area in the frint right as you enter. I didnt eat but it smelled amazing. I saw Roti, Jerk Chicken and doubles being consumed. They have a huge bar and dance floor and then a big eniugh backyard with adequate room and tables. Pick your poison. The space is clean and the Dj is on point. Plays nice mix that flows well all night. They had a live drummer on the side of the dj and it really was an added treat. You will dance non stop. Best cardio I’ve had all summer. I appreciated that the air was pumping so you didn’t get sticky and nasty. My hair stayed cute all night and I haf a great time. Drinks are expensive. A Rum Punch was $15. Water $3. Besides that, I didn’t really see guys in their 30’s ……or too many young black professionals but they know their core audience and cater to them. This is not an elit crowd nor is it the place to go to meet folks and network. This is simply for dancing your ass off. Be smart and wear comfy shoes. P.S. ladies free before 12. Every Fri before Labor Day is flag fete so bring your flag and you don’t have to pay. Sat before labor day is a Colors Affair, same rule of thumb. Enjoy responsibly!

  5. XhXeXy

    A home and backyard style, hole-in-the-wall, Caribbean bar and lounge that always gets packed after 1am. They charge 20 at the door which I thought was hilarious because the environment doesn’t seem to be worth a dollar, lol. The bartenders are so stush, its not even funny; like why even bother to ask for a drink since most likely, you will be waiting for one of them to make eye contact. The only reason this place gets two stars is because of the music. The DJ was on a roll; he definitely knew how to entice the crowd and everyone was dancing. We left at 3:30am and people were still coming in (there was actually a line, lol). The place may only get a revisit since my buddy enjoys it; if we hang out again, she rather goes here. Otherwise, you will never see my behind there again.

  6. Henry
  7. harryharry

    Soca, reggae, hip hop, rap music. Previous poster was somewhat accurate, $20 after 12 n after 3am its like $40. More Caribbean oriented environment tho a wife musical selection based on the DJs, food served in the front. Fights occur compared to what the other poster stated. I seen many fights, not every night but often, security is on top of it always tho as well as police present promptly at closing time. drinks are watered down. To enjoy; reach before 2am, buy a bottle with friends or pre gaming, dress casual unless a theme party hosted.

  8. XXXbeast

    This place was so bogus. Tried to go in at 120am on a Friday night. $20 cover. Uhhhh. This is crown heights. Who the f is going to pay that. Going to 2 saints instead.

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