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3388 South Robertson Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90034


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Skin Gentlemen’s Lounge

  1. Johnnyboy123

    I came in on Friday night with a group of girlfriends and had a great time. No alcohol but that was okay. We had been out earlier so we were happy to relax with some pellegrino and red bull. The girls were pretty and extremely friendly. They were also amazing on stage. We sat at the tip rail and had fun throwing money on stage. It’s actually a really nice club. Tucked away and not obvious but posh inside. I will happily come back here.

  2. John C.

    Frankly, titty bars bore the hell out of me. Pay to stare at a woman’s poon? Me thinks not. And this place is more dead than a funeral parlor. And it’s located right off an offramp / onramp for the 10 freeway, so everyone getting off and getting on the freeway can see exactly who’s out front going in or out for a smoke. Awesome. I’m at a titty bar. Look at me! And the quality of the dancers is poor. You figure for a $20 cover charge – which is ridiculous on its own – you’d get some taut female dancers. What you end up with is girls mostly from the Inland Empire (Riverside, San Bernardino… read: trailer trash) who drive all the way out to the west side so their family and friends won’t find out they take their clothes off for a living AND who apparently don’t know the meaning of working out. If I wanted to see cheese, I’ll visit my local supermarket. At least Ralph’s doesn’t charge a cover.

  3. adamrod

    Worst club ive been to. 40$ for a lap dance thats not even in a private room, lasted maybe half a song, and it wasn’t even a busy night. Maybe its an LA thing but ive been to way nicer clubs that charge less and offer a lot more.The girls were attractive but I will never return to this club.

  4. XhXeXy

    My fiancé and I had a date yesterday and wrapped it up at Skin Gentlemens Club. Heh – it’s pretty awesome when your dates end at strip clubs 🙂 Anyways… We polished a quick shot at a local bar and then found parking across the street from Skin. The valet guy immediately told us that people had to pay $5 for parking across the road in another businesses lot. This was pretty odd, but we gave him a $20 and asked for $15 in return. He gave us 20 one dollar bills and told us that management was watching him, so he had to take money from everyone. We appreciate his act of kindness for not charging us to park across the street!We paid the cover to get into the strip club and enjoyed the eye candy. A completely naked girl was dancing on a pole and we were immediately approached by a bartender – there is a one drink minimum on top of the $20 cover. We purchased two red bulls for $20 and she gave us one large glass and one small glass. I asked why we paid $10 for each drink but received different sizes and she said that the bar ran out of large glasses. It was pretty frustrating to get a small cup while paying the full price, so we asked her to get a large glass, which she did. We started throwing some dollars onto the stage because there were some very attractive ladies. One girl had a slamming body and a beautiful face so we asked her for a lap dance. The club’s website has an ad on the front page where you can text a number and get a free lap dance. We texted the number and asked her if we could use it with her. She asked us to speak to the bouncer and they told us that it was only valid before 8:00. They mentioned that this was in the fine print, although we could not find any fine print on the website. (It’s pretty deceiving to advertise a promotion on your website but not accept it) We decided that the girl was worth a dance with or without the deal, so we purchased a couples lap dance – $60 for one song. The dancer led us to the room and a manager peered over the divider and told her to charge us $60 apiece. Ok…. She was beautiful, but $120 for a song!? She asked the owner if she could charge $60 and he told her to charge $120. She apologized by saying that she’s charged $60 in the past but management would not let her do it tonight. Overall the girls are beautiful but the management makes it clear that earning money is much more important than a satisfied customer. We enjoy strip clubs but we will go to 4play next time.

  5. ryan123

    This is a nice place to visit when they have a great feature entertainer, I when to see Jenna Presley here. The only problem I have with the place is that it is very expensive ( $20 buck for a coke ) and they do the whole buy the girl a drink scam. If they lowered their prices a bit, I’d consider going her on a regular basis.

  6. Jim R.

    If I could rate 0 stars I would. Managements rude and unprofessional. Same with the dancers, I had a WAY better time at silver reign

  7. tonycluber

    SKIN is bad… They said they would give me a free lap dance for writing a review. Nope. Also said no free admission even though I had something that said free admission. Also tried to force me to buy a drink even though the offer said no drink necessary. Luckily there was this nice Indian fellow who gave me a bunch of cash to make it rain. But he was not affiliated. Skin wouldn’t let a girl I brought sit on my lap neither.BOO SKINWay more girls than when I went there years ago though. Last time they only had two dancers who refused to dance unless people were ready to throw big faced hundreds.

  8. joseph1k

    This place gives really good lap dances. Im talking about full nude lap dances. Im talking about full contact ,nude lap dances. Yea, it’s 40 dollars a song, but it’s quite worth it. This white female put it on me, real good in there. Enough for me, to spend $120 on her. I have a little, white girl fetish. She was perfect.

  9. Jackson C.

    I went there last week as way to pass the time. The reason I gave them two stars is because to get into the club the bouncer said he would only let me in if I helped him out, so I slipped him twenty bucks to get in, which is an a-hole move, but I work with scumbags so its hard to surprise me, besides he was nice enough to help me out with getting a ride home. What really sucked was that it costs 40 bucks for a nude dance which lasts about fifty seconds. Thats it. the third disappointment was the girl who i paid in full for a dance said i only gave her twenty bucks and i owed her another twenty. The only reason I paid her another twenty was because I know what happens to people who piss off the girls and bouncers in places like these. This place deserves one star, but Im going to throw in another star because most of the girls here were hot beyond all belief, despite them robbing you of your money.

  10. nickstrip

    Whooho!!! Naked girls dancing and $10 cokes what could be better. $40 lap dances they open early and stay open late.

  11. Katelyn A.

    Fun night out with my fiancé! Chill atmosphere, dancers aren’t pushy, an overall good time!

  12. Daniel R.

    This place sucked. No alcohol, miserable girls and a guy with a real annoying voice talking over the sound system. Save your money.

  13. BluntTruth

    Great Club! Lots of hot chicks!

  14. d.l.

    too many ladies drinks hassles and they charge you and arm and a leg for it. avoid this place at all costs.

  15. Ngawang G.

    This is the worst strip club you can ever go to…. stay away from it…. i was offered a lap dance and as soon as i agree she takes my 40 dollars and offers me sex for 15 mins for 100 dollars… i agree and i pay the money by credit card…. and as soon as i pay she says she cant have sex and she leaves me…. i was furious and i just sat with my friends…. she then starts laughing at me…. i could have complained to the management but then i kind of understood that the management was in it too….. so they are in their favor and once you get ripped off you are done… i can still remember the name of the stripper… adriana.. she is a not so pretty blonde and has a bit of a tummy…. next time any stripper offers you any sex or any offer…. take the service and then only pay…. learnt my lesson…. never trust strippers and especially skins…. the strippers are also very picky….. since i am an asian all the strippers were approaching all my white friends and only one not so good looking stripper adriana approached me… very picky…. dont go there….. i am saving you…. once you get a dance…. a lady comes up to you forcing you to buy a drink for the stripper…. wasted 140 dollars for 2 minutes… i feel like burning down the place……

  16. fisherdex1

    Horrible dancers, the only good one was the Russian girl. The atm machine at all my money with their fees and I went here for my girlfriends 21st birthday and it was just a bad experience! The dj sucks so bad as well. Also such a rip off of the price of entrance! Such a shame.

  17. Alfonso E.

    I was impressed how as soon as I sat down a show girl came to me but tbh it wasn’t good at all. This was my first time at a gentleman’s club and I was falling asleep… I don’t think that’s what should be happening.

  18. maxxy1

    I saw some guy in scrubs “make it rain” when I was here. There was also a joint bachelor/bachelorette party going on at the stage. It was so awkward and sad that my boyfriend and I swore not to do this to ourselves or our friends if we ever get hitched.The girls seemed particularly grumpy, but, weren’t bad ‘dancers’. It had more people than most clubs, with much less light, but ultimately was a pretty average and forgettable joint.

  19. StripClub431

    Will never come here again, wow! So sad the girls leave the locker room high. You can see them stumbling ALL night. Even the bouncer went in and came out high. The girls look gone by 1am. One girl I was afraid for looked like she was about to pass out threw herself on a guy almost fell and stumbled. After 1am this place is a mess. I get it, the girls are prob exhausted but this is still a work place and they shouldn’t allow this, maybe all strip clubs are this way? Won’t ever come back.

  20. David

    I was in California for my two weeks business trip. I got bored and started looking up the nearest strip club to go to. I read a review from another web site and it had giving it a good rating for a new strip club. I want to thank city search and the people who went there and wrote a good review for the place. I had a good time there and the girls there were hot, nice and polite to me and Teagan Presley the Porn Star who show up that night. I will definitly go back next time when I stop by California. I just hope they don’t lose the sparks that they have now. Keep it up. Don’t be a looser like the other strip clubs.

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