Oasis Cabaret



24652 US Highway 19 North, Clearwater, FL 33763


27.996404, -82.730122




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Oasis Adult Tavern is a topless, full contact entertainment facility. Oasis has a full liquor bar with happy hours and specials throughout the week. Private VIP rooms are available. A free beer bash happens frequently. Oasis can customize a party for you including bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties and more. Cover charge starts at 7pm


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0 reviews for “Oasis Cabaret

  1. Ricky Z

    Oasis has improved its appearance and hired a few new better looking girls but I still wouldnt call it up-scale. The girls are all still mostly on pills and the one night Dj is annoying as hell. Marisa is beautiful and fun but she is the only highlight in the club.

  2. Eric

    i love getting handjobs for cheap!

  3. Dino

    Dino is gay! He’s a faggot prima donna bitch who needs to be bent over and fucked up the ass in front of everyone.

  4. Dj Dickhead!

    I mean Dino vegas! is still there? You pontificating, Condescending Prick! I hope you rot in hell you lying bastard! Hope to meet you some night driving thru an Arby’s!

  5. Girls Beware

    I just left working at Oasis because the general manager C.J. wouldn’t leave me alone! He kept asking me for sex in the office and after work and offered me drugs for doing him favors. What a creep! The club is never busy and when it is it’s usally dead beats with no money. Not a fun place to work at all. Come see me at DDs boys!

  6. Gary

    I have been living in the Tampa area for 2 years. I have been to many of the strip clubs in Tampa and this place is GREAT ! I went here a few weeks ago and the employees were very professional and Hospitable. I came back two more times and both times the managers remembered me. Working in the hotel and travel industry to me this was impressive. Oasis is now my new strip club of choice as long as I live in Tampa Fl.

  7. buster


  8. Sean

    Periodically I hit a few places in the Clearwater area when I am in town. I have to be honest this is my second time here and my last. The quality of the girls is down and the managment is non existant. I was at the bar and watched 2-3 employees beat a customer up for no reason at all. The employees appeared to be drunk and way out of line. No more Oasis for me. I don’t feel comfortable or safe in this place !

  9. Loaded

    Oasis is more of a social lounge with strippers than it is your run of the mill strip club. Laid back atmosphere and beautiful girls made for a great evening out with friends. Bartender Sharon is smoking hot and pours a mean drink too. I will be back soon.

  10. Everett

    Oasis is definitely something different. More like a “Cheers” with tits than your typical “strip club”. The staff is fun and friendly and the girls are top-notch. Loads of sexy fun in the dance room 🙂

  11. Jem
  12. Alex

    Good place, kinda small.

  13. kirk

    DJ is funny

  14. Johnnie W.
  15. Arizona

    He chased a few really good girls out of this club and another good manager. When is Rick going to learn?

  17. Bobby

    Recently visited after a long absence. One of the managers, Darlene, is an old friend and she was super nice as were the other bartenders. And super hit too. The girls were very pretty, but I sent most of key time with one girl, Dream. Absolutely wonderful, easy to talk to, very beautiful and even got a 15 minute dance with her, and it was great. Will definitely be coming back.

  18. Tom

    man has this place taken a HUGE DIVE in the last 6 months!!

  19. Todd

    Man I love this place, I went to a lot of place during my stay in clearwater. I had a great time everytime i went in there. A big shout out to Amy, Tiffany and Skylar. And Dino Rocks

  20. Billy

    Great place, girl, and dances. Really nice atmosphere. Will be back.

  21. Mack

    Rick is taking a big gamble having two coke heads running his club. C.J. and Chuck together are a dangerous combination. Don’t be surprised when your customers and girls start disappearing quickly. I’ll come back when they are long gone.

  22. Len

    Nice small club.

  23. Still a joke

    I like what Oasis did in the way of improving it’s appearance but their management is still a joke! This place would be awesome if it were run right and not by some old man on cocaine who tries to sleep with all his girls. The owner needs to clean house fast and save his club.

  24. joe

    its awesome

  25. Beware

    Diamond Dolls is posting fake reviews to make them number one in florida and they trash mouth other clubs and give them bad ratings to keep them on top

  26. Golfer

    This club is under-rated in my view. It is nothing special, but it is as good or better than most of the clubs in the area. Oz is larger with more girls, and Angels is full nude and small. Bliss has more glitz but is pretentious but only had one decent looking girl last week. This is somewhere in between in all areas.

  27. John

    Chunky chics that can’t dance; not a good combination.

    Didn’t want a private dance; left and went some where else.

  28. George

    Nice club for a small club. I will go back again on my next trip to Clearwater

  29. Ben

    Came in on tue had a nice time

  30. Beware!!!

    Have to admit the atmosphere has greatly improved at Oasis lately – but BEWARE!!! – The managers are all either drunk or high all the time! Does not make for a very safe work environment if you’re a girl.


    The general manager of Oasis is an asshole! He tried to get me to sleep with him and offered me drugs if I did and when I said no to both he treated me and my girlfriend like shit! Don’t bother working here there is NO MONEY!

  32. Jimmy

    Love the bar girls are wild

  33. Management

    Stop in and see XXX Star, Lexi Lamour. She will be gracing the stage at Oasis on Thursday night, June 18th for a one night appearance. Dont miss this gorgeous entertainer!!!

  34. shurshot

    Your site is of little value, in that the most recent review is 4.5 years ago. REALLY?!

  35. Frank

    Hot chicks – cold drinks. How could you go wrong.

  36. Alan

    Oasis is s really awesome club, everyone was very upbeat and havong fun.Grillmaster Dave knows how to make some great food. The managers CJ and Chuck are really knows how to run a strip club,they remember me the second I walk in the club but I love getting my dances from Kylie she is very hott and sexy and dances great on the stage and pole and giving lap dances. Trust me i will come back soon and bring all of my friends. Best club in town.

  37. MJ

    Lousy.. 3 hot girls!

  38. doug

    very nice place

  39. Rich

    Hott Private dance can not wait to try vip room

  40. Diamond Dolls Daytona

    We are looking for high quality entertainers to add to our line up for Speedweek/Daytona 500 next week and Daytona Bike Week. Come check out the all new, very upscale Diamond Dolls of Daytona, ph#386-255-3654 for info.

  41. Tony G

    The bartenders and waitresses are the coolest part of Oasis but the girls leave A-LOT to be desired. It’s a cute little club but there are better clubs with hotter girls close-by. Worth a stop if you are simply into drinkin’.

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