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10557 Wireway Drive, Dallas, TX 75220


32.8690393, -96.9059572




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Onyx Dallas

  1. winston12

    I enjoyed myself…the dancers were really entertaining …wow! The drinks are watered down and they have waaay too many waitresses/servers on the floor! Every 5 mins someone was at our table asking if we needed another watered down drink! $15 for a Long Island ice tea! really?Im gonna sneak a flask in next time!..Thats what G’s like myself do!(lol)..the restrooms were SUPER clean,complete wth lotions and candy for sale and a lady sitting there playing video games on her cell phone,waiting for a tip for handing me a paper towel.. Big ups to Keith for buying me a lap dance The “Roni” liked that shit! whoop!..Overall I will go back,it was kinda classy, all the dancers were pretty cute I only saw one RATCHETT! Deuces!

  2. Johnnyboy123

    Went on Saturday night for my girl’s bday, and it was pretty fun. Its was alot of people, but I was surprized to see as many women as I did!! Of course, the men was there with stacks of money, making it rain! I didnt get a chance to try any drinks because we got there pretty late, but we already had our drinks prior to going.. lol! Chairs were comfortable and the DJ was great! The dancers were so beautiful! They made me want to take a pole dancing class!! LOL! I would go back again.. =-)

  3. larry1

    It started out really slow but things got HOT really fast. I got a new girl who gave me dances for $5. No BS. $5.The drinks special are also a great deal. Definitely returning.

  4. fuckery12

    Best stripclub in Dallas. By far the best dancers and they have a celebrity almost every night

  5. AssnTits5

    I was there last night the woman’s hustle you for money. Unprofessional ladies all they do is beg u for your money.I will never go back there again.

  6. dark man
  7. Iris T.

    I give it a 5 for the wings and I give it a 2 for the stripping As I’ve seen better. The ATM machine charges a six dollar fee .

  8. richard95

    Went there on a last Saturday night it was my partner in crime last night in Dallas she was visiting her mom so I had to show onyx how Milwaukee WI do it paid $ 20 a piece for us to get in $ 220 for bottle service and table right in front of the stage well worth it better than standing and ordered a couple bandz of ones we had a blast bad part we was only there 2 hrs she had a 4 am flight but please believe we paid a couple strippers rent that night. It’s Da Baby

  9. james1412

    I heard Drake came here so therefore I must also come here. Terrible idea. I was expecting model like strippers, not big girls with no boobs and all ass. Maybe it was a rough night, but these were quite heavy girls with limited dancing skill. All I saw was a lot of ass and a lot of twerking. I was hoping to see pole tricks and bodies I’d be jealous off. I wasted $20 in cover charge for 20 minutes of disappointment.

  10. XXXbeast

    GHETTO, RATCHET, DIRTY, SMELLY. This is the worst strip club in DFW. The males are so disrespectful and the chicks perpetuate the angry black woman stereotype. It smells like hair relaxer and ass. So gross! No-one with class would spend more than a minute here.

  11. harryharry

    Yay – I really am a fan! This place is huge for a strip club. The dancers are TALENTED, and that takes a lot for me to say of anyone! They are doing things you would never think of yourself. It actually got me thinking. . . Do they come here on their off days & rehearse & what not? That’s dedication!Anyway, they, for the most part, are attracative women. You can get in if you are a woman on your own, but it’s $20. If you take a male with you, you can get in for $10. Men are always $10. The music is great, too. The only downside? If you don’t purchase bottle service, you will be standing! If you are lucky enough to find a table, you have to keep drinks on the table to keep up, up until someone buys the bottle service for the table – then they will KICK YOU OFF THE TABLE when someone else purchases it. Lame. Very lame.Oh! Oh! Oh! I almost forgot. . . I got a rum & Coke (double shot) and they charged N.I.N.E.T.E.E.N. dollars. Nineteen. 1-9. It was MAYBE 8 oz worth of liquid, and it was semi-strong. NOT a double shot. Don’t think about starting a tab with your credit card, either. They will put a $150 hold on it for a couple of days, starting when you open the tab! That was per my server. ::rolls eyes::

  12. adamrod

    If you know me, you know I love dem skrippers! If they are truly talented and the kind of eye candy that I like, I can watch for hours before I tire.Onyx is a cool spot, we got there kinda early so finding a “non-bottle service required” table wasn’t a chore. Plenty of girls, thin to semi thick and yes a few of those “idk why you are here cuz your stripping days seemed over a loooong time ago” types. I’m not throwing shade, do you boo but I didn’t see them getting much tips either.A few of these chicks had some great acrobatic skills. 2 doing moves on long purple drapes. It was interesting but not enough to hold me. My FAVORITE was a skripper by the name of Entyce (maybe different spelling). That girl could do soooo many wonderful things with her body and that pole. Just TALENTED & SKILLED! She was also sweet and playful but looked kinda young; I started to feel bad. Not the bad where I stopped enjoying it though.The wings in this place were awesome…some of the best lemon pepper I’ve tasted. The drinks were cool, I stuck with all coronas this night though. My only gripe is there are toooooo many waitresses asking you if you want something every 2 minutes. I need one waitress on a table, 2 tops. It got kinda annoying. I have drinks and I have food, give me a break for a little while. I’m buying something cuz I’m sitting at this table but let’s be clear, I came to tip skrippers, not waitresses.

  13. eddyL

    This is the best strip club I have been to had a great times a lot of girls, most of the girls were all nice looking nice big space everyone was nice a bit expensive $20 valet, $5 dollar cover that was at 9:30 $15.00 remy shot, 13.50 tall Circo the double was $19.00 smh. So entering I spent $60.00 me and my boyfriend had a great time 😉 I may have to go back before I go back Home!!!

  14. Justin

    OK this is one of the best clubs I ever been to. Hot chicks everywhere.. I hit the lotto i’ll be livin in here.

  15. Michel C.

    Finally! A club that has ASS! Booty everywhere. Twerkin, poppin, grindin, pole tricks. Plenty of girls. Good atmosphere. Classy and clean. Good DJ. You can touch! Even the DJ was tellin people to grab it. I will definitely return. #TurnUp

  16. maxxy1

    Its a nice club lots of seating up stairs and down. Like any other club you got your show stoppers and then those not so much. $2 Tuesday’s are a scam to get you in the door I was there four hours and not one girl was willing to give out a $2 dance. The bartenders were on top of their game as was the DJ. I heard the food is pretty good and they also have a nice size parking lot. I would’ve gave it a higher rating but was really turned off by the fake $2 Tuesday’s. Since my last review the $2 tuesday scam has gotten worse they don’t even have $2 tuesdays, but still advertise it on the radio and on the big screen t.v’s inside the club smh.

  17. Harrison69

    What can I say…This was my first time at an establishment such as this, but it was ok I suppose. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing with some friends. I went for the chicken wings and drinks because I heard their chicken wings were good. Although, I didn’t try the wings my friends did and that liked them. As for the environment, people were in their own world vibing to the music.

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