Desire Gentlemens Club



3935 Grand Boulevard, New Port Richey, FL 34652


28.2165905, -82.7234204




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Desire Gentlemens Club

  1. To: #1

    First I urge u to watch your spelling and punctuation. It just makes you seem more intelegent. Your right Carmella needs to be gone. Miracle also! Nevaeh needs to clean up her act befor she can hang with the night shift. Nina is a great waitress but Jen is the best bartender I’ve seen in seven years. If we lose her we’re fucked! Just keep up the good work everyone.

  2. TC

    Stopped by this place for the first time. I must say it wasn’t what I expected. Jen and Nina are the best! I was sad to hear they’re thinking about leaving! They are the best entertainment in the room. Thanks for a good time girls.

  3. undercoverlover

    wow what changes,,,,so much nicer of a club now…the management is finally getting it right….the girls are friendly and sexy as hell…huge variety of liquor to choose from…great night dj (bill)…this club is finally becoming a Gentlemens club….much props to the new management…keep up the good work

  4. Tego

    Be careful of the manager at this club named Tom. He does gay porn on the side. Check it out for yourself theguysite……… his name is Chance on there. He is also a pill poping drug addict. He is also married to a stripper that works at Bliss & Ozz she is the mexican woman on the site in one of the scenes with him

  5. cowboy

    wow this place is actually gettin worse, went a cpl fridays ago to see a fight outside, one guy gets cut lucky ole boy laid out the brother with the blade cause there was no one around to break it up. get in and theres 6 girls and maybe 10 guys, maybe it’s cause they cater to dug dealers and low lives. last time they get my cover.

  6. number1

    diamonds ahs defiantly come up alot from where it was however now that they have scooby back as manager i dont think hes gunna do any justice for the club also some of tha girls they got workin there now arent the greatset like carmella she gives the club a bad name and girls like neveah and miracle should be workin nite shift they cuase to many problems neveah should only work day shift if that at all and miracle she be stealin from alot of girls once on camera i heard for whats up wit that but besides that its all good the waitress nina is awesome the bartender jen shes alrite to

  7. Well, Well!

    Suck my Cock! I’ve worked at every club in pasco! And then some! In 3 Different states! Let me tell u what u got. U Got the worst Dj’s In Pasco! Who play every slow ass party killing song U ask for! You got Heroin addicts with highly contagious staff infections who are allowed to work there. All You Ladies are nothing more than a bunch of unlicensed, Unchecked whores! Enough said!

  8. Zander

    Fri. nite was off the chain ya’ll. had a great time.

  9. R Ingersol

    Love this place.

  10. 1-10

    On a scale of 1-10 I’d give it a solid 7.79! Not bad.

  11. Looking

    For a wild time in pasco? This is the place. had a great time here you will too.

  12. Bill?

    Armstrong? I thought you’d be bigger. Good luck bill. Realy, seriously. You do know that the owner Stated to more than one person. He doesn’t give a fuck about the Dj. Or anyone else who works there!

  13. Bob
  14. Mj

    Had a great time at this club thanks to Jen the bartender. Thanks for a great time Jen. Will be back.

  15. Sorry!

    Way to go Rob! Self posting to make yourself look good! Sorry. Rob has not brought in any new girls. He does not have clue how to run a strip club. And doesn’t have the balls to stand up to Vic and tell him he’s fucking all of us! Let’s just keep driving biz down so Ron Allen out in cali will sell out! Meanwhile you and your staff are getting fucked Rob!

  16. well LUPJ?

    Guess u haven’t Been to some of the clubs I’ve actually Worked at. Like Brass, Bare, Diamonds, Foxy’s, Calender, Etc.

  17. Jeremy

    My friends and I went to Diamonds on wens. Good to see that some of the trash is gone. Keep the faith guys.

  18. dave

    i come in alot and i enjoy my drinks but i have the most fun watching the girls pass out on the bar from the drugs. the dj is great i give them that but the management is a joke, the dances are great you get “anything” you want back there for a 30 dollar two for one dance

  19. GrtTym

    Had a great time here you will too. highly reccomend.

  20. Steve

    STAY AWAY the managers think they are the SOPRANOS or something toting loaded guns on the waist? Yea like I feel safe. GO anywhere but this place. I walked in looked around and walked out after I saw these Bozo’s.

  21. April

    I bought a friend in for her first time at a strip club on Fri. The Dj was awesome! We had so much fun! Treated us to some free drinks, I ended up getting naked on stage! It was a blast! Will be back.

  22. Jenelle

    What a great time we had! stausi was awesome! Mixed up my dirty bloody mary without a hitch. But watching the girls pass out at the bar was a downer. try to clean things up guys.

  23. Mike

    Sat. Nite was crankin! Thanks for a great time guys.

  24. Inotice

    I noticed U guys still have a double 0.0 rating on the front page? I think U need to get up SCL’s ass about this. Doesn’t anyone from the club monitor this page?

  25. JabberJaw

    Not the best I’ve ever been to but not the worst.

  26. MickeyD

    Love coming here everyday!

  27. Gdtym

    Had a good time sun. night. Highly recomend Chastity for a champagne.

  28. MiamiPete

    Had a great time at this club. Had an awesome time in the private area with some hot little bitch. Forgot her name cause of all the drink specials they were runnin. Anyway keep up the good work guys.

  29. Max

    Not the prettiest club I ever saw. But One hot little place.

    Had agreat time here. You will too.

  30. Tayla

    Dropped by for a few drinks on monday Dj was awesome! we had a great time will be back.

  31. 1st

    I couldn’t resist being first. I think this is a truely relaxed and fun club with extreme potential. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  32. LUPJ

    Worst Club I’ve ever been to!

  33. Dr. Dre

    What a great little club. Can’t wait to go back.

  34. NastyGirls

    Ooooh! So nice and Nasty Yes!

  35. HardWork

    This is one hard workin little club. With a good staff who deserves better than they get. One day at a time. Brick by brick they try very hard to get it all together.

  36. Regular

    I visit Diamonds alot. Seen some real changes in the line up the past two weeks. Hot new talent guys. keep up the good work.

  37. Bill

    What a shithole! I came in tonight and this new Manager RICO who carries a loaded weapon on the back of his waistband was firing everyone. From what I over heard was the old staff refused to allow the drug dealers in and business suffered and now this mexican named RICO is bringing his crew to let the dealers back in. I AM OUT OF HERE AND WARN EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY….

  38. Gtym

    Bartender layla is amazing! My friends and had a good time with her. Club was ok.

  39. kcuskcid

    There r 3 things I’ve never done in my life. Sucked another guys dic. Or allowed my dic to be sucked by another guy. Or let another guy fuck me up the ass! Lets hope the Outlaws or the latin kings don’t find out! Good luck Tom!

  40. ChanceAkaTiana

    Has moved to silks in tarpon. So it looks like Silks is now the new club 50Whore!

  41. Hailey

    Funny I was there fri. nite. Every girl had a full set of teeth! Most were good lookin. No one was passin out at the bar. Everyone seemed lively to me. We had a great time.

  42. Beetle

    Drinks were ok. Staff was ok. Girls were allright. Nothing really special about the place.

  43. Orange

    Drop by here 2 – 3 times a week. I must say that the staff really tries hard to make this a happy fun place.

  44. Mjr

    Good to see the currebt staff is working hard to clean things up. Keep up the good work guys.

  45. I Luv

    This place! I have agreat time everytime I hang here.

  46. Lyndsie

    My friend and I from college stop by only to find the best strip club Dj I’ve ever met was no longer there. The new guy was a nice guy but no comparison to what they had. The place sucks now he was the only talent in the room. We will not be back.

  47. Turk

    Wow! 13 girls on sat. nite. Big Improvement. keep up the good work guys.

  48. JR
  49. Gumby Suga

    Ok.. if you like clubs that have dancers with no teeth.. On More Drugs than a Pharmacy carries.. So doped on the floor that they fall asleep at the bar.. this may be the club for you..

    Management couldnt get business in that club if they gave their alcohol away.. some of the girls couldnt pay to give lap dances…

  50. allsmiles
  51. AJ

    I have frequented this place a number of time from May thru now.. I find it to be an okay place.. Sure they have gone through alot of managers and bartenders.. But Rico is a cool guy. ( btw, not Puerto Rician..he is from Canada. Jenn is gone now, but Nina is awesome behind the bar. The girls on night are pretty young, most under 25. The only thing is Beware on rainy days, sometimes this place floods.. They need to straighten that out asap…

  52. TimHey

    Caters to a biker/Thug crowd. Not for the affluent, well dressed, or couples.

  53. Beware of 'Big Country'


  54. SenSay

    Quiet little palce. Nothing much goin on there.

  55. PibRoc

    Caravan of stars was awesome! Had a great time with LIsa Sparxx, Angelina Armani, Bree Olsen and the rest. Big cudo’s to the staff! Rob, Bob, Jen, Nina, Laya, Jody and the rest had a great time guys see you soon.

  56. DICK


  57. Ralph

    I love this place. I really don’t go anywhere else.

  58. Seen

    Better, seen worse. Had and ok time at this place.

  59. Cromarty

    Heard a lot of bad things about this club but decided to give it a try. Found it to be very relaxed. Kinda blue collar with some very pretty girls.

  60. JustLuv

    This place and all it’s about! Never a dull moment.

  61. Hey!

    Oxy’s, Roxy’s, Drugged out girls falling asleep a the bar. What more could you want. Used Herion needles on the floor. Gun fights in the parking lot. I luv this place!

  62. Lovette

    I love cummin here.

  63. TPNR

    Highest priced dances in pasco! No real drink specials! When they run a dance special it’s $5 more! No Tv’s! No decore! Dancers are castoffs from every other club in the county. Absolutely no one gets in for free! No feature entertainers. No speciality nights! You have to walk thru a puddle to get in! Plus they rape their girls for 1/3rd of what they make everyday! This club has nothing to offer.

  64. strip club junkee

    Ok,,so I must say,,,this place has had some incredible changes,…..the new GM ..Mike F has really brought the level of this club way up…very hotttt ladies day and night shift,amazingly friendly staff,, the dancers are just totally changed attitudes,,,this place is really rising up …. keep up the good work,,,I will definately be going back again and again….SCJ

  65. 1stTym

    Heard alot of bad things about this club. But gave it a chance anyway. Ya know what? This club does not deserve it’s rep. my friends and I had a good time.

  66. Jimmy

    Great little neighborhood bar. Drop by everyday for a brewski!

  67. Lots

    Of new faces. Lots if new oppertunitys.

  68. Tracker

    Definetly one of a kind but you won’t miss nothin by skippin this place.

  69. eddyL

    NPR has a few clubs but I had not been here since it changed. Desire (I guess used to be Diamonds) was fun and the girls are better than they used to be. A couple were very hot. The environment was fine and the bartender was good. Prices were good. I will be going back.

  70. 1der

    What a wonderfull place.

  71. D.D.Ramone

    This is one relaxed little corner pub. Just never a dull monet at this place. Lots of new dancers. Welcome back Summer! Special thanks to Georgia & Cali! Hang in there girls.

  72. New

    Bartender Olivia is awesome! Decided to give this club another try. Will be back just for her. You guys do need to clean up your girls though. Good job girl keep up the good work.

  73. Jade

    Big T and Armondo must be gay too! That’s cool. I love workin here. Tom is the best! Cum see me Tue-Sat. I’ll suck your dic for $20. Just bring condoms ok. Hope you cum by soon.


  74. Man

    Just Un Fucking Real! Just Un Fucking Real!

  75. What A Joke!
  76. James

    This Building isn’t much but Rob, Bob and Rico really make up for it. Jen the bartender is the best I’ve see in pasco. The others are to busy texting. She is a major assett to your club don’t lose her. I had a great time here thanks to them.

  77. NoDoubt!

    There is just no doubt! The only one making money at this hole is the owner! Very un girl friendly! Unfriendly to the military! Biker clubs! Other biz owners! etc. Do not Go!

  78. Man!

    This club has really gone to shit! have yo seen the ad on craig’s list? We’re looking for the best of the best! Really? Your front yard looks like a dump. Someone got murdered in your sister club. And the price of your drugs is too high.

  79. Tim

    Nice little club. But your money further at brass.

  80. Tim A

    Me and my homies love to hang out here. Keep up the good work guys.

  81. JDark

    Heard about this club from a guy a the 7/11. Got to know these people real well in the short time I was there. The owner Vic Fucked everyone in this club! Frank, Barb, Eric. Everyone! Vic? What kind of owner are you? You fuck over the very people who r making you money!

  82. Daryl

    Brass says it’s the best kept secert in Tampa Bay? Well let me tell ya people, someone else is quickly stealing that title. As a long time regular the corner of 54 & Grand has changed! Club 50Whore is gone! The drug addicts, dealers, and the bullshit are gone. If you haven’t been by in a while you need to check out all the new talent.

  83. Jake

    Not bad for a dirt floor biker bar.

  84. Peewee

    Looks like a dump on the outside. Not too much better on the inside. A few ok girls. highly recomened Brass, Bare, or Emporers over this place.

  85. To:Aj

    We thank u 4 your honest comment. we r working on that. anyone wearing hip waders gets in 4 free. On rainy days. The owner of this club Victor Caudell is a alcoholic drugged out pot smoking, coke snorting, greedy, Mf. who has his staff on food stamps. While he rakes in the cash! I chalange him 2 give me a hair sample on camera in front of news ch8! Do u have the balls Victor? No! Your a greedy pussy! Aren’t u Victor?

  86. Tiana:Aka:Chance

    Ya goodnight! Have a good one ya’ll be safe now! See ya next black eye! You take care of your self! Nothin but love!

  87. Good Time!

    Can’t Wait to go back!

  88. Rj

    I’ve been to worse.

  89. A woman

    If they could get higher quality girls, it might bring in new clientel. Wish people could get over this gay and extras thing you keep bringing up. Almost Every last one of you have either bought pussy, or sold it. So dont sit up here and act like it’s that big a deal. You pay a cover at the door to look at tits, and puss. and you pay even more to take the girl in the back and “grind” on you. So who’s the loser now? No one!Rico is great, and Tom is real cool.

  90. Maze

    Man! How a club can go downhill in less than 60 days! Man them ugly black bitches & those fat ass white ho’s must be suckin some serious dick rico!

  91. Jenny

    My friends and I stopped in late night fri. nite. Place was rockin! Met wrestler Johnny Attitude! and his buddies there. Had a great time. Will be back.

  92. Now

    don’t be too hard on chance. She can’t help it if she’s a drug addicted whore. I mean reall let’s get down to silks and give that ugly troll some dances.

  93. Big T

    lotta haters, cool club and Rico is da man, girls are fun. da old manager mike, wereeva u at now, it ain’t over fucka.

  94. Tittydancer

    I love this club.

  95. 2Tru

    It’s all true I swear! You just got to see it to believe it.

  96. Armando

    Club is run down, and totally drpressing. Girls are busted with a capital B!!! But you can get a BJ, HJ or FS with many of the girls so that is a plus. The mangers Rico, and Tom are cool though.

  97. Bailey

    Stopped in for the first time Sun. 8/02. Had a great time. Only a few girls bt they were HOT! Will be back.

  98. Manny

    What a wonderful little corner pub!

  99. ActionMan

    This is just one action packed club man I’ll tell Ya! Never a dull moment around here. You poster’s can fill in the rest!

  100. Randy From Dallas

    Dropped by this club on my way thru town. Rumor has it they got kicked in the teeth recently! But ya know what Bob, Rob and new Manager Mike showed me a good time. Jen the bartender is the Bomb! keep up the good work guys!

  101. Duh

    This place is a joke. Don’t waste your money.

  102. Wow!

    Dropped into Diamonds 1st time this month. Super cutie Paradise! Leandra, Reina, 13 girls on wens. nite Keep up the good work guys.

  103. Biff

    Had a great time the other nite thanks to london! See you soon sweetie!

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