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35 reviews for “Sapphire New York

  1. Alexa

    Former dancer & was physically assaulted by 2 male security.. one is light skin tall with a beard he injured my rotator cuff the other is bald light skin .. I’m a skilled pole dancer it matters that I use my rotator cuff at work .. I was non aggressive & only trying to do my job 😭 .. they seemed polite when I met them .. Maybe he wanted a date who knows but he changed & started showing me a different side of him .. he would start giving me dirty looks then defaming me .. then it got physical From then

  2. Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson

    I am looking for a sugar baby. Preferably one that is petite and likes to dress in a sexy school girl outfit. I’m seeking a girl 18-35 that will let daddy spank her on her bare bottom backside for being a naughty girl. I also like to slip in the finger from time to time if you know what I mean. If my love to be is out there and reads this please HMU and I will promise to bend you over my knee on the regular and take good care of your sweet little tushy. Please message me with your photo and contact details. Xoxo Wako Jacko

  3. Max

    Haven’t been there since Covid, but before that met an amazing girl named Autumn (and if she’s still working there, I’m going back!!!). Aside from her, the club was okay. Pretty empty, mostly, because it was in the middle of the day. I have no clue what it’s like at night.

  4. Nikdabod

    What an awesome club!! Lottsa girls to guys but guess that’s to be expectd on a weeknight!! Met this Beautiful Goddess who’s Fit and Muscular (and incredibly feminine hint hint!!) girl named Gianna!! Her stage dance was unreal!!! And her private dances are unbelievable!!! She says she’s normally there on Tuesdays and weekends!! Def check her out!!!

  5. Theresa N.

    Crazy, classy fun night that can be a good thing or a bad thing. I got a little carried away with the champaign. The girls are super sexy. Service is fantastic and the restaurant food is awesome who would have thought. Be prepared to lose yourself and let loose. Sunday night was off the wall.

  6. XXXbeast

    I’ve been here a few times with out of town clients and have left happy each and every time. I recommend getting bottle service. It makes more sense financially, you get a better service, and better seating for the girls to come over and dance. It’s $20 for a lap dance and a couple hundred to go in the back. The girls were all 8’s and up, particularly if you like Russians and/or Latinas. It’s as mixed bag as far as their skills as a dancer, but that’s the case almost anywhere. They’re a bit aggressive about getting you in the back, but not so pushy you can’t enjoy yourself. A downside – there’s a lot of coke in the club. All in all, this is a really good club and has become my go-to when visiting NYC.

  7. larry1

    Came here based off of recommendation from a New York City cab driver. I was in New York city for about 1 week and decided to try a strip club while on vacation… let me tell you I was definitely not disappointed! I give this place 5 stars because the doormen were pretty friendly when we got there, the talent of this place was exceptional, and let me tell you these ladies can definitely move and definitely give top quality lap dances! Jesus have mercy on my love for blonde strippers.Perhaps you’re like my friend who I came with who just want a lady to talk to(lol!) or maybe you’re in a mood like I was to get a little bit drunk and have a good time out on the town. Either way sapphire will deliver on whatever your desires are. I do not advise anyone to take cash out from the ATM inside the club as it is a very hefty fee to take out money. The drinks are about the same as any typical bar or club however the décor of this place was top notch. I must say I definitely had an awesome experience coming here and I would recommend any gentleman or ladies that are into strip clubs to try this place at least once.

  8. StripClub431

    A girlfriend and I booked a birthday bottle service for our husband’s for their birthday. As we have been to other gentleman’s clubs in NY, we heard good things about this one. The bottle service was quite pricey…$425 which includes VIP seating (which by VIP means on the floor somewhere), you get a bottle of vodka and mixers. We also got complimentary limo pick-up. We were greeted like celebrities when we walked in, our host who was very gracious at the beginning was hardly around. Our waitress was adorable and very attentive! The atmosphere was nice tho! It’s a small place, and since we arrived early, there weren’t too many girls, and where we were seating (by the stage) was not that accessible for the girls to come around to us. BUT as the night went on, and more girls came around, they were very attentive! They seem to like girls FYI which was a lot of fun! I felt bad for my husband b/c a few times they stepped over him to get to me and my friend! lololol But the guys had a great time. The private rooms are VERY expensive! I think it was $900 for the room rental per hour, THEN $300 for the girl, so you can imagine! Every weekend they boast porn stars, but they don’t come on until later in the evening. They mentioned about meet and greet and photo opportunities, but did not see where that was happening. All-in-all, a nice place, but bring your wallet! Very expensive!

  9. larry1

    So, these past couple of years I had an extreme amount of bachelor parties to attend to. So.. it was of course stripper season. I’m usually not fond of these places. Cause honestly, would you rather pay a girl who’ll give you blue balls through out the night with expensive drinks.. or would you rather hit up a bar with your boys and spend money on a legit girl? lol. But! The reason I have given this place a perfect score is..that they weren’t like other places I’ve been. None of the girls were trying to leech your money or dry your wallet up in matters of mins! They were mad chillz and hung out with you. As for the food…. This is kind of a surprise from me…but their steak was probably one of the best steaks I’ve eaten compare to legit steak houses… I rather come back here again! for the food, the hospitality, & the entertainment. I recommend to all future bachelors to hit up this spot.

  10. Louis R.

    So I flipped the script and took a date to this spot. The typical wine bar/resto date scene was getting played out, so I wanted to shake things up a bit.Strippers love performing lap dances for other women…its like an unspoken bond between ladies. It brought tears to my eyes.$400 for 10 lap dances, 6 drinks, cover charge and the best tittay-on-tittay display I’ve ever seen. Well worth dropping that cabbage.Like Young Geezy sang, “count hundreds on the table, twenties on the floor, fresh outta work, you’re on the way with some more, and I luv it”

  11. AssnTits5

    So disappointed. Just tried to go to watch the dancers and were turned away for being 2 unaccompanied ladies. Seriously?? If we had had some creep with us it would have been fine for us to come in? Why is our money or appreciation for the show any different from a man’s? The guy on the door explained that “It’s a gentleman’s club”. Not sure how you stake that claim when behaving in such an ungentlemanly fashion. Do the girls dancing care if girls are in the audience? I am pretty sure they don’t. We were expecting a high class experience. What a horrible place!

  12. Shawn P.

    Went here for the proverbial bachelor party of a good friend. We pre-registered online as a group before hand and got in without paying a cover (I recommend you do this if you’ve planned ahead of time to go). We were greeted at the door by some friendly gentlemen and, despite the large crowd inside, were shown to a table after a short wait. The dancers and waitstaff were mostly very attractive, friendly girls. There were one or two that seemed a little pushy but it honestly did not negatively impact us. My problems with this place stem from a few things: the ATM in the club works sporadically, and when it does, they charge a $20 fee. Yes, you read that right, so make sure you’ve got enough cash before you arrive. There are also a couple real ATMs a couple blocks away.The drinks are outrageously expensive, to the tune of $20 per beverage. In lieu of that we were encouraged to get bottle service, which ended up being a much better deal ($400, including tax and tip for a liter of Stoli). There were six of us, most of which can hold our own when it comes to drinking. However, one dancer spent about a half hour at our table and gulped down 2 glasses of the stuff, straight up, which was at least 6-8 shots. I like a girl who can drink as much as the next guy, and I get the idea of hanging out with us at the table, but it seemed a little unprofessional. Especially considering she really only engaged one of us while she was there. The saving grace was that the bottle still managed to last us the rest of the night.Additionally, at one point my wallet disappeared. Now, I take full responsibility for this and should have been more careful. However, I had gone out for a smoke and noticed it was missing within a few minutes of last having it. Somehow the staff had already had it turned in to them and the money taken from it (about $45). They REPEATEDLY assured me that a patron had turned it in, and made several nervous jokes about the contents of the wallet within about 20 seconds of them retrieving it. I am not insinuating that they are at fault, but their insecurity about the matter and the speed at which the events occurred was unsettling to say the least. That said, I have no ill will. Strip clubs don’t exactly make a name for themselves by making people comfortable all the time. I’d recommend this place if you’ve got a good group and can drop a little cheese. I personally will probably not go back but it was OK for a one-time experience.

  13. harryharry

    I came for the bachelor party. I stayed for the dancers. Yes it is expensive, but you’re not here for the drinks so don’t complain. The best dancer, hands down, is Paige. You’d be a fool not to ask for her! We had a great time and really enjoyed the “atmosphere”.

  14. Johnson12

    Ummmmm lol. Military and law enforcement get in for free! Now down to the knit and gritty. Drinks are decently priced and the babes……. Out of 10……. 9!! Tons of variety. if your in the area it’s a must to stop in. $20 lap dances! Looks expensive from the outside but it’s really not. Money well spent. Make it rain bitches. Drink prices are decent.

  15. williamr

    BEST VALUE Proposition strip club in Manhattan. First class manager service (*highly recommend John, Nick or Gino/Sure the other manager are OK but they always treat my friends and I like gold). Steakhouse (solid food + steak offerings/perfect respite pre post club pipe out). Pros: Hottest Dancers (all very friendly and down to make you happy), Lap Dances (the tent will always rise after one song) Music (Lil John coming here next Sunday, will be epic). Cons: Drink prices (universal complaint heard through all of Manhattan), hater risk (lots of out of town losers come here and cant handle there liquor), bathroom lighting (needs to be darker, nothing like stumbling in here with the smell of cheap perfume to be confronted by examination table lighting). Debatable: What night to come here? I think Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday are best. I have a hard spot in my pants for Wednesday nights, which gives new meaning to the term hump day. You will definitely question life when the lights go on here and you stumble out at 5am. Will I be allowed to scream “Yea OK!!!!” after my lap dance this coming Sunday. Advice: This is your go to spot post club at 2 am when you realize you just wasted an ungodly amount of money at marquee or Lavo. This is my go to spot to finish all nights out. Like playing at Madison square garden. Everyone dreams of coming here.

  16. Harrison69

    Our group of 3 women went in for some birthday fun and found it. Pros:-Cheap lap dances $20-Lovely girls who aren’t too pushy-Okay atmosphere-They’re happy to oblige with changing out your big bills for smaller ones :)Cons:-Tried to charge us $20pp for an entry fee but waved it after some 3-way whining-$18 for ONE drink? Common.

  17. Salvador B.

    Horrible. Huge line. They were only letting people in who bought bottle service. Literally would never go here. You are a strip club. Get over yourself. Lol. So many more to choose from. Highly recommend going with another strip club if you want to have a fun night. If you want to wait in line all night for a mediocre expedience, then come here.

  18. AJ

    Hot New girl Sat night 6/13

  19. Cindy C.

    After a night out, and way too many drinks, I usually check my purse, hoping for some clues, receipts, phone numbers, sex toys..(jk) for some clues as to what the hell happened last night. Imagine my surprise when one sunday morning, I wake up to dollar bills overflowing out of my purse. Just what did I do?! But, its no biggie, just a typical night out at Sapphire – some dancing, some stripping, sipping some uber expensive drinks. And in case youre wondering, I did not partake in the stripping or the dancing, just the drinking. Perhaps, next time, after I’ve had a few more drinks and the damn place didn’t close up at 4am.Sapphire is expensive, but the girls are hot and the dancing is…well, essentially stripping. Not my first nor best strip club experience, but who can ever forget their first? Open mind and lots of dollars are required for a good time.

  20. Johnnyboy123

    I really like this place. The ambiance is good. It is quite expensive but the girls aren’t ugly. It is a cool place but come prepared with cash.

  21. timmykilla

    I have been to this club in the past when it was known as scores. I was taking some clients out and decided to try it out since it had a reputation for being a classy spot. I was wrong. The only thing classy about this place was the interior. I would say the wait staff was very attractive though not very attentive. Drink prices were average for a New York club. The dancers were decent but consisted mainly of Hispanic women and surgically enhanced if you are into that type of thing. I was looking for a woman who was a decent conversationalist but for the most part these women were very low class. It’s a shame that this is such a nice looking club, but I was completely embarrassed to be here and brought my clients elsewhere

  22. Frank D.

    This place was without a doubt the worst gentleman’s club i have ever been to. I’m giving it two stars and the ONLY reason is because the first time i went there it was a decent experience (both times for bachelor parties).My 2nd visit there was awful from top to bottom. The waitress was rude and annoying, the dancers would not notify you when a dance was over and would then get up and say that will be $60 dollars( its general protocol at a strip club for the performer to tell you when a song is over since if you get another its another 20).Then there is the outlandish NYC prices for drinks. I went to the bar, ordered a Bud Light and paid 13 dollars for it. Look i know its NYC but 13 for a bud light is just more than I’m willing to pay, couple that with the dancers lack of etiquette and you get a 2 star review.I see this place getting good reviews and as i stated my first visit was pretty good but i wont go back to this place after my more recent visit. There are many other options available.Not to be totally negative, they did have a good stable of talent.

  23. Weedman420

    One of my best friends here in the city grew up in Las Vegas. Every day, she said, she passed a specific billboard on her way to school with a bunch of women bending over, their behinds shapely and beautiful; it was an advertisement for a strip club in the area. She’s well-versed, and I trust her taste, so when she said we were going to Sapphire to celebrate her Big 2-9, I trusted her judgement. Only the best for her! As it turns out, it was only the best for all of her guests, including myself, as well!A mutual friend got everything arranged for us, from the party bus to and from his apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, a comped drink for each of us, to a nice reserved area between the main stage and the secondary platform. I mean…literally, there were girls dancing less than six feet away from me any any given point of the evening! Backing up a bit, the check-in process was simple and streamlined; the bouncers were friendly yet you could tell they take no bullshit. They checked our IDs, ushered us into the coat check, and led us into the main room. DAMN. Not sure what Shanna C.’s review was about. I’m not calling her a liar; everyone has a different experience. All I’m saying is that the vast majority of our group of thirteen was women (eight women and five men), and we were treated equally as any male customer with no bad reception. A friend in our group bought me a lapdance (…as he so eloquently stated, “I’m not going to a strip club with Allison and NOT buying her a lapdance!”), and my dancer, Selina, was such a sweetheart and gorgeous to boot! I’m not prude, and this was not my first visit to a gentlemens’ club, but it WAS my first lapdance. (Something to cross off of a bucket list, I suppose?) I was not expecting it, so I spent the first minute or so giggling like a little kid and I could feel myself blushing. Once I got over that, I actually enjoyed it! I told her that the beau (who wasn’t able to make it out; poor him!) would have loved to see this. Ha! My friend, the birthday girl, had four (!!!) lapdances, and even got a Wicked Entertainment t-shirt from the night’s guest, Jessica Drake. I swear, you’ve never seen a happier person in the whole entire world. The place is gorgeous, the music was bumpin’, the girls were gorgeous, the staff was friendly yet firm with any troublemakers, and the dancers were never pushy about lap dances, et al. We all had an epic time, and a memorable birthday party was definitely had. It was definitely one for the record books!

  24. ryan123

    This place is pretty good overall. I went to watch the UFC fight and wasn’t sure what to expect because they have the strip club, restaurant, etc. When you walk in you can either go straight ahead through two big wooden doors to enter the strip club or to the left and enter the restaurant. I went in the restaurant (Had good TV’s and sound) and had the crab cake and molten choc dessert. Very good. From what I could see, other people’s food seemed to be prepared well and the food prices were reasonable and it was a decent restaurant overall. Drinks aren’t cheap. A house wine and Grey Goose, rocks was $40. Not super expensive but PLEASE, don’t measure out the shot and that’s all. It annoyed me that they actually measured out a shot and then poured it into the glass. Not good for Manhattan. Just pour, and keep pouring. In the strip club side they were more liberal and poured a proper drink so I was happier drinking in there (Maybe that’s the plan). No measure, just poured a liberal amount of booze. Strip Club: Many women, all very nice, pleasant. etc. they have guys working there that greet you and seem to be interested in your well being and make sure you are happy (Thanks Brett, good guy). I am not a big spender or anything and wasn’t made to feel that I was being cheap at all. I would recommend going with a group (Girlfriends included). It was a decent time and not over the top gaudy like I thought it might have been. Good luck (Good luck to the place too) and I hope you like it. Oh yeah, cover was $30 but there was a coupon on their site for you and a guest for free. I printed that out and they took that, no problem, no issues, etc. Very nice of them.

  25. fritter17

    Big Apple. Go see Gino at Sapphires NYC on 60th. If you bout then lifes good if not go somewhere else. .

  26. Richard

    Came here for my birthday and was extremely disappointed. girls were ugly and boring. Probably the most boring stripclub i ever been to. Very little entertainment for what ur paying. i had a terrible time and they messed up my drink . I’m not coming back.

  27. infoabit

    Went in on a weeknight. 5 dancers for every customer cause it was slow and couldn’t take a sip of a drink without being approached every 2 seconds for a lap dance.. couldn’t take the barrage of “wanna dance” to relax a bit and had to leave it was so overbearing. Scores this is not.

  28. fuckery12

    After a dinner at lips with my friends for my birthday, i had the “so you think you can dance ” package here. Their limo picked us up from the resturaunt and we had vip room in which a stripper came to show us some tricks. Im not going to lie it was my first time at a female strip club so we all were a little uneasy. But after a few minutes it became so much fun. The stripper had such a bubbly personality and made us feel so comfortable. After a hlf hour, we were seated onto the main floor in the vip section. I had so much fun with my friends throwing money. The strippers seemed cool and danced pretty good! I think id come back here with my boyfriend. ( i hope that doesnt sound weird) lol

  29. billtheguy12

    I have had a couple poor experiences here. The first time we decided to go was because of the “promoters” loitering along the upper east side handing out “free VIP admission and complimentary drink” cards. Don’t be fooled, you get neither of these offers. On this particular night, they said, “you guys can come in but its going to be 40 dollars and you can drink as much as you want.” Awesome right? Not so much, we had the foresight to ask when they were closing, the answer….in 5 minutes. So we decided it was not worth the 40 dollars to step in order one drink and then get kicked out. A couple months later despite our better judgement we went back. The bouncers that particular night were quite arbitrary with who was admitted and who they didn’t. In addition once inside it is quite unremarkable. So to summarize don’t fall for the bait and switch; you are better off patronizing a different establishment.

  30. Charles

    The club looks real nice but thats just the only nice thing about this overrated waste of city club space. Our night there was dull and a complete waste. The staff conducted themselves as if they were a bunch of bigshots and slick talkers. They looked foolish trying to sway us to purchase a private room. Not classy at all.The food was typical strip club flavored.The dancers were rude,obnoxious and not worth the the money.

    Dont waste your time like we did.

  31. rogerrab2

    $18 for ONE drink? Seriously?

  32. eddyL

    Sapphire taught me a valuable lesson – one I guess other seasoned topless bar goers already know – make sure to look at the small poster outside the bar to make the the place isn’t a sports bar for the night. Imagine my buzzkill when I paid the $30 cover and large flatscreens were blaring UFC fights. No music, no dancing. Just ladies in glittery gowns talking amongst themselves. A few men sitting around drinking. No atmosphere, no party, no strippers stripping. I asked for my money back, which didn’t happen. To add insult to injury, I was told I should have paid attention to the small 9×12 inch poster outside the door “advertising” the wrestling match that night. AND, that was why the cover was $30 and not $20. Sigh – I didn’t realize it was my fault that I assumed that a strip club would have strippers ALL the time.

  33. XhXeXy

    Good Club,good interior,Great control on entry of club.Bar are expensive, but is normal for dance club.BUT Girls are not so good then Club 😀 I think need more beautiful girl’s…

  34. yanard

    I work here and all the best gentleman’s clubs in NYC. If you are planning a bachelor party, birthday or just a night out I can set up a free limo ride, free entry and free drinks. Please text me at 718.916.3690 for details and I will make sure you have the best possible experience.

  35. Boris

    It’s been closed since the Covid lockdown began, but before that… This was place was amazingly low-energy. Very few people, i.e., customers. Awesome bartenders! Cute and personable waitress (from San Diego), very few girls, a couple of which were AMAZING. Very helpful manager. Yucky music, generally. Great location. No pressure to go to the VIP or Champagne rooms, thankfully. Would be nice if the dancers had schedules.

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