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0 reviews for “Molly Brown’s

  1. J.T.

    I’m from out of town, but I like to stop into Ole Mollys when I come through Daytona. The place has definitely been cleaned up. The ladies are A rated, can hold a conversation, and most can give a good show on stage. Lap dances aren’t too bad for the price with a $10 bracelet and $20 dances-it’s a hell of a good time. The bartender is quick, with her drinks and come backs which I enjoy. The club is looking good, and I am looking forward to my next visit.The only down fall I noticed is it gets pretty damn hot inside, maybe an A.C issue… A few ladies stuck out in particular, Blue, Nina, Nikki just to name a few. Best damn titty bar on the strip as of now.

  2. Yeah, sure!

    You dot kno nuthing aneway. I is a reel dorman an I is veery educatd an everything. I gradeated the six grad so nows I can be a doormans. I is vary rich an smert to. an I gets all a tha hotest babys ther is. I get pade big buckes to be a dormans. So ther.

  3. Hahahaha

    I love how these doormats with no future think they have a real career. The french fry cook at Wendy’s is more valuable, makes more money, and has a better future. I guess when you have few options you take what you can get and try to BS everybody into thinking you have it all figured out. Sad but true.

  4. sean
  5. Sally boy

    nobody was booted out, dick. Get your facts in order already schmuck. Dont kid yourself this club has hardly anymore girls left (oh and I love your ad in the pennysaver,lol) and its sad to say that a club this nice is possibly the worst in Daytona or Volusia county for that matter. I have never worked here but, used to frequent this place quite often, I still come in once and awhile just for a quick laugh and to see or 2 girls thats i still reconize. Keep up the good work Molly browns

  6. mn

    Listen to this guy and you’ll get far…Nobody was sent packing except the DJ chris please get your story in order already.

  7. ryan123

    Very clean! They have TVs also so you don’t have to miss your favorite game. Not your typical smokey bar. The drinks were made very well and our waitress was on top of her game.

  8. Mr.

    nice clean place. not very busy most times. had fun, girls were friendly. overall good night out. only thing that sucks is the drink prices.

  9. gil
  10. jo-blo

    Sports on T.V is what brings in customers on “Big game” nights and any other night! The T.V’s are all behind the Bars’s with the exception of ONE which is behind the stage! Tittys, beer and sports is the concept behing clubs like these if you do not like please dont dance here or visit here! Why would a customer complain about TV’s if there was anything decent on stage it wouldnt be a problem!


  11. Silly Boys

    It’s okay, those silly boys just can’t get over it they were invited to move on. Maybe booted is too harsh a word. Perhaps someday they will reconcile it with themselves and be able to put past misfortunes and mistakes behind them. Good luck to even the dumbest of the dumb.

  12. Katie

    Hello, I’m Katie I use to work here a long time ago and came in for the first time in a long time there were no girls at 8:30 pm this doesn’t seem right. I always liked Molly’s have never danced at one club at one time as I have at Molly’s…customers were great and the staff was excellent…I want to work back at this club…and I know that I will make money here busy or not…Customers come to Molly Brown’s its fun and you will enjoy yourself all other clubs are just imitation…remember this club has been here for years and will continue to be the Top Club in Daytona!!!! Love Katie

  13. Yuly M.

    What is it with no topless stripping? So lame. It’s not really a strip club if you don’t strip! Must say its a step up from Lollipops but once again not a fan.

  14. George S.

    Definitely get dances from Mackenzie, Jordan, Rhea, and Baby. They’re great. Get to know Ashley & Desiree and they’ll make sure you never have an empty drink. My favorite Daytona club.

  15. Regular

    Great club with many beautiful dancers. Service is great and staff is very nice. Much improved since they sent the old crew of losers down the road.

  16. George S

    There is only ONE club that has more Dancers than Molly Brown’s so what do you mean by clubs??? Do you realize that Molly Browns is only a fraction on the size of Lollipops? So, there is no way we could have as many girls as them (as of right now) but, what until the Ocean Center is built we will see whose going to be the big dog on the block! Its Quality my friend not quanity! Molly Brown’s is not you typical Strip joint we are a true gentlemen’s club that is based around Class not ass if you want your dick sucked and want all those wounderful STD’s be my guest you can go to anyone of the other club Daytona or Volusia county for that matter.

  17. Chuck

    Great club with many beautiful dancers. The staff is first rate and the dancers are the best anywhere. The club improved much since that doofus and his puppet were given the boot. Check out this great club for yourself.

  18. Georgia Rebel

    Not very good, there are better clubs in the area. Other clubs have better selection of dancers and much better VIP dances. Not my kind of club, would not go again.

  19. yo
  20. rickywho2

    Terrible club ever. Bartender had braces and looked it. They pour their liquor through a system. We ordered vodka and they used their system to fill our drinks, even though the actual bartender (with braces) and an actual dancer said it tasted suspicious. Then a waitress came over and basically stated if we weren’t a lesbian and didn’t like their flavored vodka to take our money elsewhere. Then, the best part occurred. The manager approached us at the bar after basically his entire staff agreed that their liquor was shady tried to argue with me. It was hard to decoder his slur with his actual braces. He told us, “if we did not like their shit vodka, we should leave.” So we took out good time else where that night.

  21. Thad
  22. Former Customer

    Your problem is that guys are NOT going into your club regardless of price and service. Sticking your head in the sand and proclaiming false BS and hype will not work. It only takes a few minutes in the club to determine the truth. Again, this web site is for customers to post reviews and opinions, so… YOU go away. Nobody cares about your hype and BS. Pay attention and spend your time improving the club rather than defending it. Then maybe you would have customers returning.

  23. Dan

    Were the girls are not.

  24. >>>>>....<<<<<

    Opinions are Opinions simple as that. We will take a slower club with class then one of busier clubs that are more like brothels. If you have to go to a club and get extras then my friend you are a low life and may need to get yourself checked

  25. Jeff

    Always dead , always not many dancers ,pretty club . Too bad .

  26. jonathan carey

    Always love coming to Mollys for Bike Week. Had a great time, thanks

  27. Vacationer

    Traveled here because Orlando is pastie. This site claims it is toples while

    an iPhone claims it to be nude. Both are wrong as stage attire was bikini

    with every girl I saw (15+). Private room dances at $20 per song were

    topless with lots of contact. My dancer allowed everything but no fellatio or

    intercourse. Had me believe she was going to hang with me for the


  28. jim

    hahahaha… I fooled you again. I bet you could never guess that it’s it’s not real customers writing all the great reviews. hahahaha…. I’m so clever.

  29. Regular Customer

    This club is awesome now. It’s too bad the dimwits who were sent packing feel the need to keep saying negative things about the club long after they have been sent packing. That just shows where the problem was. Check out the club and see for yourself. Ignore the dimwits.

  30. jc

    First of all, neither Mollys or any other strip club in town is going to lower their prices ever, so get used to it, or don’t go in at all. If you want lower prices go to no contact clubs somewhere out in the midwest where toothless girls do 5 and 10 dollar dances. Obviously, all the clubs are still in business and people are making enough money to make a good living on. READ CAREFULLY…Neither Molly’s or Lollipops is going to go out of business no matter what kind of reviews you post. There is enough money made during the events EVERY YEAR to keep these clubs EASILY operating for the entire year and still turn a nice profit.

  31. "TJ"

    Its pretty sad when you have post under different names with the same bullshit about how lollipops is better, if you think then go there. Did you really think anybody with a half a brain wouldnt pick up on this bullshit? Enjoy your blowjobs and handjobs over at pops maybe you will see the former manger there, Lol since he has alot of time on his hands now!

  32. ???

    The problem is alot of reviews are not legit, they are disgruntled ex employees or current employees defending the place against the ex employees. Then there is the one asshole in town that goes on everyones message board and calls all the guys goons and all the prices too high. For that guy in particular, he needs to get a life. If the prices are to high and you don’t like goons, just stay away from the clubs, nobody wants your opinion. People are still going to go in the clubs regardless of prices and goons. The clubs aren’t looking for people like your broke, complaining ass that has probably never been laid by anybody but a prostitute.

  33. Real Customer

    I’ll explain it slow for you. Guys do not go to strip clubs for class, nice wallpaper, or goons in tuxcedos. Guys go to stripclubs for beautiful women, PERIOD! Get this, not older or overweight, but younger and in shape women. And we like to see more than just a few. Oh’, and we like to get our moneys worth, not just BS and hype. Make the right changes and guys will return.

  34. Dominic
  35. Joey

    I like the atomsphere of this club you are not hassled by the girls every second, drinks come quick and its extemely clean and the Class is like no other in Daytona

  36. Steve

    I agree, Lollipops is better..

  37. By the way

    They are called “goons” because thats what they are. They earn the title and deserve it. Most customers and dancers refer to them just that way. If they don’t like it then they should change the way they treat people, including customers. As for price, only an idiot would spend the equal of $600 an hour for lame sub-par lap dances plus pay in excess for drinks. No thanks, now you know why we are not flooding in. Make it worth the trip and we would come back.

  38. Gary

    Went on Friday . What a dump .

  39. ThatGuy

    The girls took wonderful care of us. Most of the girls had a lot of personality and actually invited us out after the place closed up. The staff was friendly. The only place that I have seen a deaf stripper. Good times.

  40. Bob
  41. jigga

    Great club, great girls, long full length songs; i’ve found my new favorite club when I am in Daytona!!!

  42. Fredro
  43. Tom

    Still think Lollipop’s is better.

  44. 1 more time

    What are you proving? Do you really think anybody reads these things? You are just proving that you have no life plain and simple! Ex-Dancers and Ex-Employees are the make up of this entire board maybe 30% of these reviews are written by real customers!

  45. First Time Customer

    I was in here Tuesday, not a lot of girls but the few that were there were great. The decor of the Club is amazing, I think tthe club spent more on the mens restroom then most clubs spend on the whole club overall. Sound dydtem sounded good but the DJ was a little muted and at times and hard to understand. Drinks were fair for the over all quality of the club. I would recomend this place for anyone looking to impress clients/friends nice laid back atmosphere.

  46. MB

    You’ve just proved again that you know nothing aobut what your talking about. Molly’s has NEVER had any roided goon working for them, The only roid addict was Jeff who used to work in MB II 2 years ago. so what the fuck????

  47. JG

    great club, decent amount of women and you can leave sTD free! Good CLEAN fun!

  48. jonesy
  49. Jolliebee B.

    Rude a holes. The staff and dancers. Wow. If you scrape gum off the street that is what resembles the attitudes this entire place.

  50. mark

    it sucks dont was your time

  51. Joe Blow
  52. john
  53. Chris

    Nicest Club in the area.

  54. Never Again

    What a JOKE!!!

  55. Raven
  56. Byeeee Losers!

    The losers are gone but they can’t move on. They are jealous and envious which is why they are so full of hate. They can’t accept that they were booted and now things are much better. This is a great club and the best in Daytona. The dancers are first rate as is the staff and service. Check it out yourself. Don’t believe the has beens.

  57. Bill
  58. Pat

    Molly Browns used to be a nice club! Not anymore dont care what anybody says. Yes, there are some pretty girls but, come on they never have more then 15 girls and most times its in between 5-10 The Dj’s suck big time cant even understand what they’re saying music is not good anymore. 10.00 to come in this place 5 to go in the other place.

  59. party guy

    This club has the best overall appearance of any club in the area. Great value for lap dances because the songs are between 3 and 4 minutes whereas most clubs are 2 minutes. Most of the girls seem very clean compared to girls at other clubs.

  60. Ryan
  61. David

    I LOVE mollys they used to have this AMAZING gorgeous duet Rio (formerly Jade) and McKenzie… both talllll brunettes, fit,tan, nice nails, amazing asses and tits. I wish I knew where they where now.. especially Rio.. they reeaaallllyyyy gave good dances!! It was like having 2 girls out of Vogue, or another fashion magazine. WOW WOW WOW WELL worth the $. Both very smart and conversational. Sweet girls, hot girls!!!!

  62. ItsssGrrreat!

    This club ex ceded my expectations from the minute I walked in the door. Hope to have many more memorable nights in Molly Browns, Thanks guys and of course gals!

  63. willy nelson

    go to another club this one has already gone way down hill!!!

  64. hmmmmmm

    looks to me your the only one that cat get over the fact that the formeremployees of molly browns were right all along. Your the only one thats making your page look like the club which is trash!

  65. Rob

    A waste of time compared to other clubs that have many more dancers. I don’t know why anybody would go here when they could be at the better clubs. Try the club down the street if you want to have a good time.

  66. girls point of view

    This club is by far the best club in Daytona Beach. Diff age variety,not too old or too young. Decent amt of grls. There are sum real pretty grls there. Nicest club I’ve ever been in. Very clean. Too many girls at lollipops and the grls are very snooty. The grls at Mollys are sweethearts!! Lap dances are definately worth the 20 dol!!

  67. Robert

    Great club with a some nice eye candy. Lapdances are 20.00 and are full length songs and you dont have to by a wrist band to get a lapdance. There is a great debate about Molly’s and Pop’s, but I’ll put to you this way Pops my be bigger and run more girls, but Molly’s is Cleaner,Classier and Overall Nicer. I would rather that class over ass so this gets my vote as #1 in Daytona.

  68. Morris
  69. Timber
  70. AssnTits5

    this is not an all nude bar. sorry people. its a bikini bar. however…the bikinis are itsy bitsy. the women are pretty sweet, especially my girl S. Woman-friendly as well.

  71. curtis17

    If you post a review about Molly Browns you shouldn’t erase it people what to read it even if you are from Lake Mary

  72. john-o

    Top notch and most classy of all daytona Beach strip clubs.

  73. Pete J.

    Upstairs from the original Molly Browns. This place is essentially a pool hall with a very very small stage at the center by the bar for one dancer, who is ALL NUDE.Tastefully done, but definitely ALL NUDE.But this place was kind of boring, actually…

  74. joeblow
  75. spazz
  76. nick

    first time at a strip club and it was amazing! def going back again…. and again. dancers were very beautiful and the club itself looked nice. great private dances and an all around great experience. cant wait to go back!

  77. Jason

    Good club, Clean decent am0out of chicks,but they deff could use more. Lapdances are the best value in all of daytona and surrounding areas. thumbs up!

  78. Loli
  79. skinny

    All I wanna know is what happened to the guy that was on the sidewalk for the last few years? Younger kid I think his name was nick. He was great and he always took care of us from arriving to departing. Too bad cause buisness was a lot better when he was there.

  80. Diamond Dolls Daytona

    Now hiring quality entertainers at our brand new upscale club, Diamond Dolls of Daytona. Phone# 386-255-3654 for info.

  81. TJ

    I was dissapointed at this club. The VIP dances are not nearly as good as at other clubs and they charge too much for what you get. I guess thats why the other clubs are crowded and this one is not.

  82. jd
  83. james g.

    Are you kidding? First of all, a lot of people wouldn’t even come in the club if it weren’t for the sports on the TV. All the clubs in town play sports. Second, this girl Sophia seems nice enough, but she is not easy on the eyes, unless of course you are legally blind. She doesn’t compare to girls such as Candy, Christine, Alexis, Rio, McKenzie, etc……

  84. HP

    If you feel Lollipops is better go post on there board, If you didnt read this is for Molly Brown’s. This is nothing but, Slander. Molly Brown’s is a good clean club and so is Lollipops, If Molly’s had more girls then it would be great! Well, see when the Ocean Center is Completed which club will be on top and well also see what girls are left after all the REAL dancers come into town. Business minded people do not want cheap looking drug addicts on them. So, for the Molly brown reject strippers out there have fun at lolly’s for the time, but make sure you dont fuck up.

  85. Lacy

    I danced here in Feb/March and its a Good clean club, a Lot of money in here you just need to know where to look

  86. kirk

    i felt the sports on tv where inappropriate, especially the screen so close to the stage however spending my night in such close proximity to Sophia & i forgive your lack of judgement just dont loose girls as awsome as sophia,

    Thank You M.B.’s

  87. GuarczZz

    Everybody has moved on! BUT certain people cant seem to quit talking shit like they know what they’re talking about! Facts: 1) No goons were ever employeed by Molly Browns, 2) Quality of dancers is WAY down, 3) Club is way overpriced for the DAYTONA crowd, 4) Customer base is down and has been for the past 3 years, 5)It could be the best club in all of central Florida BUT, its not because of years of poor ownership/Management, 6) Most of Molly’s girls are dancing at Lollipops/Softtails because there is no money in MB…..Should I continue?

  88. James
  89. Darin
  90. XhXeXy

    cover charge, bad music, bad beer, Don’t waste your $10, there is no reason to walk in to this place.

  91. Telena
  92. Rocco

    Great Club since they got rid of the riff raff that used to work here. Now they are able to keep the better looking dancers and customers with $$$. It’s a good thing they booted out the problems.

  93. I Speak the truth

    No one is posting managment shit so what the fuck are you talking about(But now that you mentioned it I will talk a little facts about it)? $20.00 for 3 minutes? sorry your wrong even are feature songs are ran 3.5 minutes. Most of the songs throughout the night are 4mins or better! I strongly believe that Molly’s would have a more appealing roster if it wasnt for a former manager! When word broke to the girls about this manager not being around anymore most of the girls were very happy and even the ones that seemed to like him showed their true colors. Just maybe if he treated people with respect Molly’s would have a deeper roster but, that wasnt the case becuase if you didnt sleep with him or laugh at his idiotic jokes you were a bitch and fell on his shit list, I Can think of at least 10-15 off the top of my head not including myself that didnt return because of you (I mean him). Well, enough about that Molly’s is far from perfect and will never be like any other club in Daytona dont like it Dont come! I find it very odd that in the same week the manager got laid off this shit starts dont you?

  94. Re: Real customer

    Where are you getting your infomation from? Goons sorry we are very understaffed so the only Goon would be the Doorman and manager. Overweight and Old, We don’t have any old girls working but, we do have SOME over weight dancers not many but a couple! Nobody is putting a gun to your head telling you to come here or any other club for that matter. We will continue to be “slow” because nothing is going to change because lowlifes cant get a nut off!

  95. carmella
  96. larry1

    Now I’ve been to strip clubs all over the USA and I have never been to a more lame club. On a Friday night during Biketoberfest (the biggest event of the year) at 10pm was the biggest waste of time and money in quite some time. Surly dancers who never remove their tops and simply roll around on the stage. Tip them all you want and nothing improves. I can see more at the beach. Save your money and go to Tampa.

  97. joe
  98. Brad

    Very few dancers and not very good quality. Nice looking club but not much fun. Don’t believe their own posts, check it out for yourself. But spend your money at the other clubs, much more fun. Just a waste of time in my opinion.

  99. Great Club

    This is a great club now that they sent the dimwits down the road. Of course, they now feel the need to post trash about the same club they defended before. The club is much better with the dimwits gone. More dancers, higher quality, and friendly staff. Check it out yourself.

  100. Chuck B

    We had a fabulous time here again. Lots of high quality dancers and very friendly staff. The best thing ever hapened to this club was dumping the old crew and hiring grown ups to run it. Very impressed, great club!

  101. Shawn
  102. harryharry

    This place sucks. $10-$20 cover to see a girl dancing in a bikini. What’s the point?

  103. Never changes

    This place should be great but is not and never will be poor management will always keep this place from being anygood. if they would stay firing the hot girls and watering down there drink they might get somewhere.

  104. Bill sucks Balls

    A waste of time

  105. Get Real

    Of course you stay open, because it does not take much to pay a few people who would otherwise be making minimum wage. But, the dancers, who are the lifeblood of the business make little or nothing, which is why they don’t stay long. So, raise the prices again. Try that weekend only increase thing like they did upstairs. That sure worked wonders, hahahaha. Caused everybody I know to go down the street. If prices were cut to something reasonable guys would spend and dancers would make money. Great business people you are.

  106. mad

    this place is lame.

  107. New Club

    Stop in and check out the all new Diamond Dolls of Daytona, this upscale, high class club is now open in Daytona Beach.

  108. gpov


  109. adam
  110. Johnnyboy123

    can you say ghetto, only college kids here and like damn fools…..poorly dressed people……lame dj….

  111. JONH
  112. A1 Limo

    Great club, Great Staff and good-looking dancers. Class is top notch!! Hope to bring another group your way soon, Brian

  113. shehasapenis

    well at this place your not gonna see any women just this that they say are womenbut, the bottoms stay on so who knows for sure!!!

  114. Johnny Nofault

    Best hands down!

  115. justin

    Overall great club for business type outings. Music is not to loud you can actually have a conversation without having to scream. Girls are all pleasent, Music format is great I hate going to a strip bar where the discjocky plays that rap and hiphop shit. A+ in my book and will return in the fall when I am back in town

  116. Pheel

    Outstanding club. I will go back. I will bring the wife. My girlfriend of the night went with me and had a great time.

  117. Tony

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