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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Nitro Club

  1. rogerrab2

    Girls were alright but I expected better in Boulder. Not like a regular strip club. expensive for everything and just mediocre. Wouldn’t go back.

  2. joseph1k

    Maybe I’ve been spoiled coming from a larger city with a large number of strip clubs but Nitro was a disappointment. I’ve only been in a couple of times but this is the gist I’ve gotten; the girls never walk around and willingly talk to patrons or make themselves open and easy to get a lap dance from, the dancing itself is pretty generic most of the time with the pole connected to a low ceiling and the majority of the girls no clue how to work it, the worst part would have to be the layout of Nitro itself, however, with only one stage, limited seating around it and a maximum of two girls dancing at any given time (the first time I went they just circled the stage and gave short lap dances to everyone).All in all Nitro leaves much to be desired; you would most likely be better off making the twenty minute drive to Denver.

  3. Dissatisfied

    I think the only positive comments on here must be from staff members trying to trick people into coming in. This place is bad, first you have to walk down this dark back alley to find the entrance, then walk downstairs to a basement that’s more like an dungeon than a gentelman’s club. I didn’t stay long and when I left a guy who said he was one of the dancer’s boyfriend was trying to pick a fight in the alley just outside the entrance. Wow all the worst stereotypes coming true in one place in one night, stay away.

  4. Johnnyboy123

    Took my girlfriend here on a wednesday and initially liked what we saw. The ambience was nice for a strip club and the doormen were very courteous and helpful, but unfortunately that were only good things about the place.I had previously come here a few times before the last few years and enjoyed it. This time however once we sat down I noticed the quality of girls had gone down enough that some of them were more fit for clubs like SNL and the Paper Tiger. Out of the nine girls they had working that night, only two paid any attention to us at all. And one of those happen to be an old friend of ours. As for the other girls, it didnt matter how much money we had out for them(two different times we had at least $20 sitting in front of us for any girl that would come near), we were ignored while some of the other men sitting at the stage would hand out a dollar for the entire set and get all the attention.To cap it off, the bartender was unfriendly and didnt seem to know how to make cocktails, pouring nothing but alcohol and no mixer into a glass when asked for a long island. She was however at least attentive to us when we wanted a drink as we had to stand at the bar due to our cocktail waitress walking by and ignoring us not one, not two, but three seperate times even with me waving my arm in the air and verbally asking for her help.As my visits before this were good, I would probably be willing to try it again, but not for awhile, there are plenty of other clubs in the state that I would like to visit.

  5. Nitro - 2010 Review


    Dancers: This is a gown club. The club is somewhat picky in who they hire. They have all races of dancers, there are tatooed dancers but they do not hire larger dancers. The girls are very attractive.

    Hours: The club is open Tuesday-Saturday from 4pm-2am. Closed Sunday & Monday.

    Dance Prices: Dances are minimum $25.00 and go up from there.

    VIP: There is a large nice VIP area with several couches and flat screen TVs. VIP prices with a dancer are negotiable + depend on the dancer.

    Stage: The stage is unique and 3 girls on stage at the same time. The stage is in the middle of the club.

    Music: The club plays a variety of music: dance, rock, rap etc.

    Location: The club can be hard to find as the main entrance is in the alley behind an outdoor shopping area and Old Chicago restaurant.

    Overall, the club is very nice and well kept. Very attractive dancers and reasonable prices. Definetly would recommend if in the area.

  6. slick willie

    The only fun I had here was watching this chick True flip out after they over served her. I was told its a regular show. talk about wack! I think she was pretty tweeked also!

  7. adamrod

    Woohoo!!! Fun times at the Nitro. Came here with some co-workers last night since the town was dead and had a blast. Its your typical topless club. The chicks are really cool, some are hotter than others, but overall cute. The happy hour drink prices rocked.. Who can be $2 well drinks, lol. Now for the downer, there’s a $10 cover fee, lap dances are $25 for 2-3 minutes, a 30 minute full on dance is $225 (plus a 10% commission for the club). Overall, a fun place when the town is dead!

  8. ryan123

    This is a cute stripclub, with decent quality of strippers. I was surprised. I thought this stripclub would be horribly bad. It’s actually pretty decent. It’s way better than the ” The Penthouse” in Denver, that’s for sure. The girls at the Penthouse scared me. The girls at Nitro are actually kind of cute. The stripclub is in a alley, which is OK. The alley smells like burnt tampons, though, on some days. The drinks are reasonably cheap as well. This is a good place to hang out, and just chill, because they play all kinds of music.

  9. jc

    went to this club saturday and had a great time. well worth the half hour drive.

  10. XhXeXy

    Check out Industry nights on Sundays, free drinks for service industry folks and cheap for the rest of us. Saw hi to Jake behind the bar.

  11. larry1

    This place gets better every time I go. It’s classy but you get a lot for your buck in most cases. A couple of the girls aren’t as outgoing and creative as a stripper should be but most of them are AWESOME: kind, energetic, sexy, and just all around a good time. Very little silicone, some nights there’s none at all, which I think is great. There are usually men AND women in the crowd. I say go there and see if you have fun.

  12. Don W.

    I have found the cut fruit they put in the drinks at the Nitro Club to be of excellent restaurant quality. A few slices of lemon and a cherry makes a satisfying and healthy light meal. (It’s vegetarian too! How Boulder is that!?)While all of the music and dancing going on can sometimes be distracting, and the dress code is a little odd, I find the food to be a real draw. Definitely one of downtown Boulder’s signature restaurants!

  13. denver local

    lots of gorgeous girls. nice club. plenty of contact on stage and in private. overpriced drinks. fair cover.

  14. richard95

    I was very unimpressed with this club! I came in with my boyfriend last Saturday. The music was terribly loud, couldn’t hear a thing anyone said, and I’m not old and deaf. I don’t know if there are rules that a dancer in the ring can’t stay more than 1 min with one person, or what! That new blond, came and stated dancing in front of me, I gave a $5 to, and she immediately walked off, I was so annoyed with that, I will never go back to see that girl. I loved Rowan she has way more personality than all the other girls put together that night! She stayed the longest and I kept giving her money, but I did get a sense that she had to go too, like some manager was watching her to see how long she was staying with me. I would have loved a lap dance from her but she was never on the floor after being in the ring, what’s up with that!? Oooh and the cover!! Holy crap! You charged me, a woman $6, every other dance club I’ve been to, girls are no cover, because I always come in with a man and spend at least a few hundred dollars. Oooh right, it gets even worse! The drinks were the weakest drinks I’ve ever had, for $8 a drink! I got 5 drinks and barley had a buzz. My guess is, they water there vodka down!! Don’t bother with the drinks, that was a total rip off!! Needless to say I will not recommend this place or revisit this place anytime soon!

  15. harryharry

    This place is probably one of the nicest night life or club in Boulder. The girls are all uniquely different and drop dead gorgeous! Staff is friendly and there’s always a drink special. I always have fun when im at Nitro it blows some clubs in Denver out the water.

  16. Jim

    Gross girls, prude dances, rip offs.

  17. brandonresh

    Bartenders are rude and wierd. Girls are ok. Overall club / bartenders etc no good. 1 star.

  18. Some Guy

    By far the best club in Colorado

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