12054 South Doty Avenue, Chicago, IL 60628


41.6751938, -87.6023208




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Factory

  1. dennis

    This club is really nice. Ask for Willie when you go in and he will really take care of you. The girls are really nice and the atmosphere is great. See ya next week.

  2. Arek

    Our friend works here so me and a couple buddies drove out to check the place out. She said the club was beautiful, but WOW! She gave us a tour, and the service was great. We got some dances from a few of the girls, and like I said, WOW! Overall, a wonderful experience. Hope to be back soon! Dzienkuje!!!

  3. mark

    great club girls are real friendly not one big hustle staff is great ask for willie he will take good care of you.if you go u must try the food unbeleivably good for a club.the club itself is spectacular whoever designed this has great taste.prices are fair try a shower dance.thumbs up!!

  4. The Truth

    Ghetto club with ghetto girls street located on is dangerous with large potholes, way over priced, topless only typical lame crap Chicago is cursed with! Just read they had their license revoked and were closed LOL that is good news.

  5. BEN


  6. terry

    the concept is amazing in this club and there is not another one like this in the chicago land area

  7. Harry Sack
  8. jennifer

    place rocks

  9. alexis
  10. Mike

    Lots of neon

  11. Robert

    I don’t understand what the problem is with buying a private dance at the door along with the cover charge. If you’re going to a strip club, you’re going to get at least one dance from a girl, so what’s the big deal? I used my factory money to get a dance from the very sexy and sweet Ellie and bought a few more dances from her on top of that. She is AMAZING!!! If you’re not a lame cheap-ass like a previous poster, man up, buy some quality time with the girls and enjoy yourself!

  12. ted

    place in amazing


    This is the best strip club in the chicago land area hands down! – please do yourself a favor and check it out. It’ll be well worth your time and you’ll understand what im talkin about. The best part about the factory is that it’s a BYOB club – Dont forget to bring your own alcohol!!!

  14. alex


  15. allen

    had a great time, Willie gave me a tour of the place and the guys on the floor took care of me with girls. See ya next week and thanks a lot

  16. Sammy
  17. nathan
  18. scared

    unsafe ghetto area

  19. Peter Sack
  20. Sol
  21. this place is great
  22. Mel
  23. Club goer

    Pros: Nice looking club. The side they don’t open up is nicer than the side they do open. Dance area is ok, VIP is nice, shower is a bit different for the Chicago area. Outside area looks nice, I’ll have to check that out when the weather is nicer. Tones of good looking girls. Cons: Expesive to get in and to BYOB. Dance prices a little high but worth it if you get the right girl. The place is kind of slow not a jumping atmospher was there on a Friday night. $4.00 mixer for the drinks after $20.00 just to bring the bottle in. Over all the place is OK for a club in the city, I recommend driving a little further south to 390 or Atlantis

  24. paco
  25. He who knows

    Terribly dangerous club! Shootings, armed robberies, car

    jackings, assaults, ech! Don’t go here!

  26. Jack Wilds
  27. anthony

    everything about this club is cool but the DJ SUCKS it was to much of rock and not enough of hip hop and rap my friends would come more often if the music is off the hook the girls are okay

  28. Fagin

    Totally unsafe club, in an extremely bad neighborhood! Don’t ever go there at all if you want to see tomorrow.

  29. Angelina

    Love this place! Happy to be here!!! Thank you! xoxo

  30. cyber guy

    Great club I will be back!!

  31. dan
  32. arabian stallion

    thanks for letting me be a vip member all u guys are the shit!!!!!!!!This place has great girls good food awesome waitress’s and staff. The dj is cool. I luv the byob saves me lots of money. There is alot of sexy ass on stage and luvin it. I recommend this club over atlantis. The girls are very friendly and sexy!!!!!!!!

  33. Sanchez

    I’ve been coming to this place fo a while now mostly because it’s BYOB and they just hired a handfull of some of the hottest blondes ive ever seen at any club in chicago. If you havent checked this place out yet I highly recommend it.

  34. sweet

    came in on wed with some of my boys and had a great time! had a beautiful woman with me most of the time. this club is beautiful, next time i am in town to visit, i will be coming back!

  35. Irving Forbush

    Wow Taylor was awesome!!!! Austyn is beautiful and sexy

  36. sam

    stopped in last night for NYE, gld i did! the flames drew me in! worth the trip, will be coming backk

  37. Marcus

    This is the nicest club I have ever seen. Will definitely come back. Robert, you are right about Ellie…sweet, smart and very sexy!

  38. bob

    this is the place to be ,no questions ask . class class

    this is a must .to see .from the dancers -atmosphere-food

    sound system -this is a top 10. b.y.o.b. check it out .

  39. J. Dough

    I went to the factory this past weekend I love

    that I was able to bring my own liquor but the

    covert charge and the price for juice and cups

    are extremely high. I got more attention from a

    bouncer named Nick then I got from the dancers!

  40. Patron

    WHAT? A one dance minimum $20 cover charge? This is insane! What happen to come and enjoy yourself and chill with the sexy girls? I dont think I will come back to a place that has great glamour but no potential.

  41. Dick
  42. masajit

    Feels like a little bit of Vegas…right here in Chicago. Had a GREAT time! The club is gorgeous and so are the girls…which is the more important part. Really entertaining stage performances. BYOB is a PLUS! HIGHLY recommend Ellie and Mila…

  43. obama

    Took the 747 for a ride wed nite and landed at the factory. Nice place but not much going on, in fact it was dead, like the folks on obamacare will be. With 4-6 dancers and 10 patrons, this place doesn’t deserve a 7.0 rating. I’ll have to send the factory some stimulus go get it going from my slush….uh….stimulus package.

  44. Out of town customer

    Nothing like this at home!!!

  45. Morty

    WAY too many overweight black women with asses the size of a steer.

  46. Smallie Biggs

    Good club! Fine value with no or discounted cover. BYOB concept leaves you more $ for the ladies, which is nice. Quality of girls was overall high and they were all friendly and nice, not pushing for dances right away. Performance and dance quality varied greatly, which is why I only rated it fair. The good ones where verging on excellent while the bad ones where disappointing. More girls would be an upgrade. With time and a little work could be a great spot.

  47. Jim

    This club is set up really nice. I like the bring your own booze set up. I didn’t know that your admission covers all of your mixers in side I got free pop juice buckets of ice all night long. The only thing I had to pay for inside was the dances I got. You guys get the thumbs up from me and my guys

  48. old customer

    Went back there recently and the overall quality of

    the club has declined. No more hot blondes,

    overweight or too skinny girls. Stage performances

    are bullshit…..why do even work there if you’re not

    enthusiastic about making money? Not very diverse.

    I mean someone needs to give this place a pickup.

    The facility itself is still awesome, but there will be

    no facility without customer satisfaction.

  49. Evan

    Man this place is amazing! What a great set up, and what an amazing crew of ladies you have there! I WILL be coming back soon! Worth the trip!

  50. keith

    glad to see the quality of girls has gone up.this is a great stripe club b.y.o.b. cool, but. would be nice if you had liq lic. overall top 10 keep it going factory

  51. shanx

    I never knew this place existed. This place is the shit!

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