Dream Girls



980 John A Papalas Drive, Lincoln Park, MI 48146


42.2648988, -83.1761586




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Dream Girls

  1. Rick

    Nice place to visit once I guess.

  2. passer

    nice place but i’ll pass from now on. I don’t want my cars plate on the net either.

  3. Travel

    Have visited three times. Each time at least four or five very hot dancers. The bartenders are great. The atmosphere is really nice. VIP rooms are like small hotel rooms and there is very nice mileage to be had. Of course, as always YMMV. This place is definitely the best in the area right now.

  4. Jay

    Cool place I like it.

  5. Oscar

    Stopped in for a smoke and had a good time

  6. Ben

    I met a nice waitress and got her digits. this place rocks!

  7. jd


  8. Review

    I went here tonight and found it to be a nice big place thats poorly run and designed. If you like hood rats then this is your place. This place is a no go for anyone that dosen’t want their dick to drop off. Ryan the manager. he needs to go. just a waste of sperm.

  9. Lonnie

    I’m surprised that this club is still open. It’s always dead and the neighborhood sucks. Going here is a waste of time

  10. bill

    its a nice place

  11. Mandy

    Hustler is a “hustle”..Nobody makes money and the place is DEAD…Flight,the Strip, Playhouse are all better for making $$$

  12. Dave


  13. Cary

    I checked it out and yes it’s a nice building but the service is bad and very expensive for what you get.

  14. Ray

    Nice place I like day shift. More qt with the girls.

  15. James

    Nice club

  16. Doony B

    Went on a Monday day 3 clients and 12 girls 4 hot the rest ok. Hot girls were not intrested in who was there. People were friendly bartenders great need to go back when busy to get a better feel. Price high end but use to that not a problem

  17. Jeff

    I wrote an honest review about how I was treated by the Door lady, I am kind of upset to see it was erased. I was treated poorly by one of the door ladies for no reason and also my friends. I would also like to say that besides that the bar was not bad. But I am not sure If I would return. I deserve to give my honest review.

  18. Mike

    Club opens to the general public tonight, but from the bit that I’ve seen while working there, it’s going to be a great place.

  19. Shawn

    We had a good time but we left about 3 in the afternoon. drinks and food were ok.


    I writing in hopes that this message is read and taken very serious. This club has a small asian girl working there, she is very small with long dark hair and she has meny tattoos all over. I KNOW for a fact that this girl has AIDS. There was a rumor going around the bar that she did and she lied to mangement and said it was not true. Please take this serious, iam not a dancer trying to talk bad about this girl. I am trying to save lives. She goes buy meny names, Mya, ling ling, please help me get this girl banned from working in detroit clubs.

  21. furnace

    this place went from one of the best, to becoming the worst in the state…so call new runners ran the place the grownd.

  22. Derrick

    The Most Expensive Strip Clup in the World. but it’s worth it!

  23. rt

    First time here. Will definitely be back! The upstairs VIP is awesome. I think I fell

    in love 12 times! LOL! Hot girls, booming tunes and good food. Nice change from

    8 Mile!

  24. joseph1k

    Wow, here is a place that feels the need to lie to its customers when you give a credit card to their servers, and they don’t tell you that you’re going to have a $100 charge on your card for probably 3 days. Now the right thing to do is to say “hey if you use your card whether it be a debit card or a credit card or whatever payment you choose to do electronically you will be charge this amount via a pre authorization” , just so you know. this was never said to not only me, But to my friend 2 days prior, the horrible horrible b**** at the bar made it clear that I was outta line that I was not told this, well needless to say if you come to this place run run far away and never look back it is the worst place everAnd I’m so so glad none of those women there are in my inner circle ever. Fuck you Cleveland!!

  25. Nick

    Awesome building and girls

  26. Me

    Nice bar, lotsa women. Love the vip and filet.

  27. Dancer

    People have a misunderstanding about this club and think it’s

    still just as expensive as when it opened 2 years ago. But its

    not, at all, now there’s 5 dollar rooms and a variety of girls

    just as cheap as any other place just in a 5 star setting way

    to go Larry Flynt

  28. Freddy G

    They need to offer Frozen Daiquiri’s and maybe Frozen specialty drink – they are the Bomb Baby!

    Club is nice tasteful and well done….

  29. wtf

    this place is nice I guess. I won’t go back becasue of the prices though.

  30. Harrison69

    Bathroom attendant was drunk (and still drinking Bush beer by the can while on the job) and bent over, puking in the bathroom sink upon first trip to the bathroom relatively early in the night. Whatever, the girls are better looking than they were next door at Diamond and his job must suck. Waitresses, bartenders, and dancers for the most part were good looking and pleasant to deal with. Not too bad for Cleveland, right?After several private dances with some of the better looking women in the establishment, a blonde dancer who looked like she walked out of a Lorain county meth lab couldn’t find her cell phone, so she figured it must have been stolen by a customer. I happened to be the first customer in her path. I had not seen this woman all night and she started yelling at me accusing me of stealing her phone. I showed her, along with the security guard leading the meth head’s missing phone search, the only phone I had was my iPhone 6, which was in my hand. IMMEDIATELY I was surrounded by two more men who worked security. The fist security guard soon realized I only had one phone on my person and left me be. A second, more aggressive, balding security gorilla did not seem to want to accept the reality the missing phone was not stolen by me. He started grabbing the pockets of my pants. Nothing to be found other than *MY* cellphone, wallet and car key. Imagine that. I asked the more aggressive one to please get out of my face and stop spitting on me while he was yelling about about the missing phone. He didn’t seem to like being asked what to do too much. Must be tough having an IQ hovering around 80 in a tough job market like Cleveland; but this is not my fault.I was told I needed to leave the club immediately. Christine’s is the club to visit in Cleveland. I doubt I’ll return to Hustler after this incident.

  31. Freaked

    You can’t get dance here. You can only get the extras.

  32. Pete

    We had a good time there but it’s expensive

  33. Gary

    Awesome club

  34. Couple

    Went with a female for lunch on a Friday. Food was first class and the price was low. Girls were a little rough but our waitress was great. Place was clean and the management stopped by twice to make sure we were happy. We will go back again for lunch.

  35. chris

    we came in last week with 5 guys and had a blast. Ryan, the manager did a great job of making sure we were taken care of. We had 5 girls in our booth and bought a couple bottles. A couple of my friends got dances and were very pleased. We will def. be back.

  36. dick

    Attractive girls. $2 drinks all night. Visited Tuesday. Very pleased.

  37. harry

    amazing! i had my birthday there and will not forget a sec. of my night at the hustler!!def. will return, soon!! P*S the sisters are amazing!

  38. George

    Honestly…This club is low end Huslter Club..bad design, etc. Whoever managed this fiasco should be fired! What a waste of assets! Girls…what a joke…nights are dismal and days aren’t even worth mention

  39. Eric

    Great looking club. Was there a couple weeks ago with some friends and had a blast. We will be back

  40. pistol

    This place is great. Great chicks and private rooms. Get there earliy and $3 beers

  41. harryharry

    For months my boyfriend and I would drive past this place as it was being built. You could tell they were dumping big bucks into it. Lots of marble, this Vegas-like building was coming to life. Built with our tax dollars. The first week they opened my boyfriend wants us to go check it out. For business reasons. I’ve never been to a strip club. I went to the Roxy right before they closed just to check out the old strippers. I love burlesque, the tease, the art of the game. Gypsy Rose Lee and I share the same birthday. But I’ve seen the Howard Stern show, so I know this is different. The big night comes. I’m trying to be all cool and hip, yeah, couples go to strip clubs and have a blast. We’re bad that way too! We’re walking to the door (I was walking, he was doing cartwheels) and I’m kvetching, my man is going to see pairs and pairs of round full boobs, tight asses, gorgeous young things, this is so intimidating. And I’m old enough to be their mom. The inside of this place is a snore decor-wise. Dark wood, dark walls, no art (I know, it’s a strip club but they could make an effort). Stage with a stripper pole. A little neon here and there. Booths along the wall. The night manager (a guy) gives us the big tour. We end up outside on their patio, which is bricked up high so no one can see in. Oh! I haven’t mentioned the strippers! One would think during their opening week they’d have their best talent on board. I only saw one hot stripper in the whole place. She was up and down, twirling around on the pole which was interesting to me for about 2 minutes. She was good but, one monkey don’t stop a show. I saw a muffin top, 34B boobs, no babes like the Scores girls I expected. We’re at a table and this skinny little thing in a bikini comes to join us. She sits down and starts to chat. Then she put her hand on my boyfriend’s shoulder. I’ve never been a jealous woman, whatever, but I saw RED. How dare she! I wanted to grab her by her scrawny little neck and shake her until her extensions fell out. She must have felt the steam coming out of my ears so she took off. This was no hip couple she was chatting up, no money to be made here. After she leaves, my bf asks me if I’d like a lap dance! Why would I want some skank grinding on me putting her boobs in my face? Why? I guess there’s not an ounce of lesbo tendencies in me. I asked him how he’d feel if I called the manager over and have him grind his package in his face. Well then you know how I feel. I realize, I sound like the Bitch of Beuchenwald. I really am fun, love stimulating conversation, love to yuck it up. Just not a girl you take to a strip club. I might cut someone.

  42. Naughtia
  43. Upset

    I won’t be back. The prices…wow

  44. james1412

    I had Aaron as a bartender there and she was fun, out going, and efficient with everyone and myself she tended to. A dancer named Veruka was very friendly and professional with me. I definitely will be returning and would recommend this club to anyone. Food was great. Prices of food and drinks were what I would expect and not outrageous. Great place for a Friday night. Open till 4 on Friday and Saturday is also a great plus. They have am outside HEATED patio where you can smoke with an outside bar and can even get cigars at. And I mean GOOD cigars, not those cheap ones. The floor guys were great too, they were there, but not where they got in the way so you are always tripling over them. The female DJ is a great bonus because when I go to these clubs, I like hearing a female voice over a male. So wrapping it all up, great professional dancers, outstanding bartenders, and great music from the DJ. A must go place in Cleveland!

  45. ...
  46. Richard
  47. will be back!

    Loved the club, especially the private rooms! I will be back!

  48. Hit or miss club

    If you catch the right girl…club can be a great time and

    excellent value. Unfortunately – there are too many dancers

    here that just aren’t my type – at least during the day shift.

  49. wess

    this is a good club

  50. Mark

    I liked it nice bar, they need to open the roof I heard about it. Decent prices, didnt expect to have that much fun.

  51. not a regular

    This is a place where dances are given in rooms with solid doors over 20 feet from a bouncer. If you want to rape your dancer and leave her dead in a room.. this is your place. A dancer told me tonight how she was attacked the night I was there. The Layout is dangerous for dancers and poorly run. It’s all fancy but the girls are hood rats and it’s not a place to waste your time at.

  52. maxxy1

    Great place. I love it. I had my best friends bachelor party there. He didn’t want to leave, calling it his favorite place. If you go, see a dancer named India. Super hot, girl next door type

  53. Q

    Amazing…nothing like it in Michigan…a must see….wide variety of girls…two floors…tons of vip rooms….good music, guaranteed good time..

  54. Jenna

    Like this place had a couple dances with my bf, good time I like India

  55. nobody

    Not really a topless bar. In the 30 minutes I

    stayed 3 dancers on stage and not one took her

    top off.

    Dead silence between dancers. Empty stage. No


  56. ed

    Nice building in the getto. why didn’t they build it somewhere nice?

  57. kristi
  58. JJ

    Best club in Detroit

  59. rammer
  60. My opinion

    I really ;ike this place, good time, fun atmoshphere thums up.

  61. Rich

    cool place will be back

  62. steve

    this is such a nice club (like Vegas) girls r very hot n very nice great club cnt wait till grandopening

  63. Arthur

    Prices are reasonable considering the building

  64. Re: Please Read

    I just love ignorance! I have a couple of questions for you! What do you know about HIV / AIDS? Is there a difference? If so, what is it? Now, does this girl have HIV or AIDS?

    How do you know this girl has “AIDS”? Do you have it and did you get it from her? I’m assuming this is not the case because if it were, you would know more about the virus and not be posting slanderous comments on strip club forums! My guess would be that someone TOLD you she did!

    Even if she does, there are laws to protect her against discrimination and people such as yourself. They can’t just test her and/or fire her because some schmuck in this forum said she had AIDS. And guess what genius? You can’t get “AIDS” from a lap dance! If anything more is happening, it’s illegal and considered prostitution in this country, so whoever is asking for extras from her is breaking the law as well! We are all supposed to be adults here, and we should all know that CONDOM use will protect you against ALL STDs if used properly. So, go fuck yourself and do your research before you start running your fingers on a keyboard and talking trash about things you are not even educated about. You can’t even spell properly!

  65. richard95

    Daddy hit this jizz-joint after 12 hours of steady day drinking on a quest for rock bottom. Wouldn’t recommend walking,unless your wish in life represents the shower scene from American history X, spring for a cab. The talent was outstanding! I left a piece of my heart in Cleaveland that night with a sweet young gal named Chrissy (Dibs!), along with about 400 bucks. Minor hand play in the private rooms was to my delight. Cheers boys!

  66. Matt

    I went in fri day and met the hottest little Indian girl, I love her will be back!The prices for drinks after the specials are kind of high, but the steak is a great deal and damn good. Go check it out on thurs of friday.

  67. joe

    what a night!

  68. Pat

    I had fun here!!!!

  69. Ted

    Prices are Reasonable!

  70. Evangela M.

    Terrible strip club! The girls half assed the dancing & the food was awful! The manager refused to take something off of my bill because the waitress who disappeared for 30 minutes said I ate it, but I didn’t! The staff do not work together either! I wouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemy! Just BAD!!! Stay away! PS: if you do test your luck, do not order the steak Marsala, wings, or mozzarella sticks!

  71. StripClubAholic

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