Club Champagne



1102 Crown Point Road, Westville, NJ 8093


39.8598769, -75.1536973




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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The Tri-State area’s finest gentleman’s club with a state of the art light and sound system. We are a BYOB establishment all customers are permitted to bring beer, wine, champagne, or malt beverage, just leave the spirituous liquors at home. Get more bang for your buck without the hassle of overpriced drinks.


Credit Cards

All Inclusive


Public Wifi





0 reviews for “Club Champagne

  1. Club needs girls

    Thursday night was dead and no talent. maybe weekends better

  2. jagger
  3. s.stone
  4. real deal

    This place should change its hours to 9pm-2am since that is the new time zone for EXTRAS and Drugs.Marge the cop goes home at 9pm and then the free-for=all starts.

  5. hours?

    web site says 12:00 but when i stopped at 2 they were closed. drove there for nothing!

  6. Vagrant

    I hope this place stays open, I love the bathrooms

  7. me
  8. Ed

    This place is getting much better lately

  9. D.O.A

    At least the grandma’s have their SSI to fall back on!

  10. Club sucks

    enough said!

  11. Trash Man

    My favorite stop on my Wed. route to take a shit. Wish there more bathrooms around like this!

  12. $60,000 Bathrooms

    Camden thanks you!

  13. dmb
  14. RON

    I came in around 11pm and I must say Good Job Champagne with your new selection of hot girls, so what if half can’t dance. They could just go on stage and bounce. I love to watch tittes and ass shake. A hand full of them was not my type but overall the majority (more then 10) where lookers, something you dont really see in a strip club. Please try keeping them, I’ll do my best to support.

  15. Cracker

    Wow this place gets dark and frightening on a Fri night. I’ll go to


  16. Sorry Payton/ Jess

    Your club os out of biz, you just dont know it yet

  17. Fan

    The wings with extra sauce are a great choice.

  18. s jones
  19. club rat

    $30 air dances from old, fat and ugly girls

    beautiful view of oil refineries. food $$$$

  20. tim

    champagne is not worth the $5 cover no girls no nudity no nothing

  21. Fri. nite, no dancers

    Place was dead, went to Phila


    “YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE”…once a gay bar, always a gay bar..Roots don’t DIE..THE CHANGE BACK IS ON THE HORIZON!!!!

  23. chooooo

    i blew my nose here and a girl said it was cum

  24. GoGoDude

    This place is poorly run. The kitchen is closed and has been

    for almost a year.

  25. Bulliten

    CLUB IS “O F B”……for sale going out of business….

  26. Pimp Master

    I want Emily to be my Bottom Bitch

  27. a tatum
  28. chumley

    this is the best strip club i have ever been to

  29. fern
  30. Losers!

    What a bunch of losers, this club is a ripoff!

  31. Still No Talent

    Stopped by in hopes of an improvement but the girls are still poor quality



  33. wing bowl sucked

    Every club was packed except you know who. Reason : topless and $20 dances. They just don’t get it!

  34. goldman
  35. Scary Bitches

    Must be Halloween every fucking day here

  36. Tank
  37. Mo

    They need Mo Girls, Mo Younger and Mo Cheaper

  38. Hot bartender

    But thats about it.

  39. Penthouse Clubber

    Penthouse philadelphia has 100 hot girls working Champagne has 6 grandmothers


    This is the WORST Fucking Club in the ENTIRE country! No girls only OLD FUCKING GRANNYS! You absolutely do not want to go to this HELL HOLE! It is an experience WORSE THAN DEATH! Fuck this club and the faggot cheerleading for it!

  41. Freak Show

    WTF are they trying to accomplish with this motly crew

  42. LouLou

    Unbelievably great club. Cannot believe a place like this is

    in Jersey.

  43. Eric

    One guy is writing great reviews for this place and another is writing bad reviews. I decided to check it out for myself. Don’t waste your time. Of all the south Jersey clubs, this one ranks at the bottom. $30 for a lapdance? There was maybe one dancer there that was worth trying, but not for $30. The guy giving the great reviews is obviously the owner. Save your money and go to any other club in the area or in Phila.

  44. False Advertising

    On a Friday they had no dancers worth a shit in their fancy bathrooms

  45. joe mama

    champagne has some fucking ugly ass women

  46. 12 step headquarters

    This is where they send stipclub junkies to break the habit

  47. nershi
  48. Screwed With Pants On

    $30 for these Mutts,u guys are crazy! $20 every where else and topless!

  49. Real

    Sex in the champagne room. Ooooh yeah!

  50. noturfan

    where do i start really?! from the overpriced confusion they call a kitchen to the

    crackhead dancers…and my favorite of course…the JUNKIE half-assed

    bartender! i wonder if she can even get out of bed before poppin 10 pills first. i

    wouldnt wanna be there when the doors get chained and they all get locked up!

  51. Rex

    had a really good time too. Look forward to stopping back. Only wish I had a bigger budget to spend here. It would be worth it.

  52. c mingus
  53. JIM Beam

    worst club ever ugly skanks here

  54. w haynes

    had a great time .will be back next week

  55. archibald v meed
  56. r hunter
  57. Mike

    This cub is AWESOME!!! The girls are super nice and super HOTT!!!

  58. who's the cheerleader

    Someone comes on the board calling people winers, fix the problems and maybe people won’t wine!

  59. Jared

    I have had the best lapdances here from the hottest dancers. Often, it is like a party in here, similar to what was at Cheeks, but not going all the way. It seems like there is a whiner posting back stuff because they were obviously kicked to the curbside by this club. Well, someone who relentlessly whines like that SHOULD be kicked to the curbside.

    I think everyone should try this club out at least once.

  60. The Dog Pound

    This place must pickup stray’s off the street. I’ll never go again

  61. d king
  62. f
  63. Casual goer

    So Many people try to detract from this club. I don’t see why they are bashing it. They probably work for other clubs I suppose.

  64. JOAN


  65. Staying in Phila

    Why I crossed the bridge i’ll never know. Penthouse blows this place away, and they have pretty girls not old washed up hags

  66. Al

    Go some place else

  67. Club Risque

    Club Risque is a real strip club!

  68. m abts
  69. Philly

    $30 for a lap dance is too much. WTF .50 cents per year of the dancer? Cheerleaders is Phila has 2/$25 with much better looking YOUNGER dancers.

  70. Unveil Magazine

    Girls are so old and ugly the magazine won’t ever mention this joint!

  71. Jim

    Place is beat.

  72. Old

    Too many old ladies in a brand new club

  73. s cooke
  74. Opinion

    This club looks like a Vegas retirement home

  75. Champagne is Great

    Oh wait then I would need mental help

  76. zigzag

    I love the Brazilians!

  77. l devito
  78. Awful

    Dead club with below average dancers. Not like Cheeks used to be.

  79. The Real Deal

    This is the Playboy Mansion East Coast. It has the hottest

    babes, the best sound system and stages, and really good

    food. This place is always clean and you can see multiple

    games on a few huge screen HD tvs, too. I am not over

    thrilled about the cover charge. They KNOW you are going to

    spend a lot of money here since there are too many hot girls

    who are down to earth and friendly, too.

  80. jore
  81. r mckernan
  82. Genius

    Putting a club by a refinery that’s shutting down then hiring old and ugly woman. GENIUS!

  83. stopped in saturday

    Club turned into a hip hop camden joint!

  84. Chas

    Beautiful club. The best I have been to. Very sweet girls.

    They know how to run a club here. Very friendly and a great

    time/party on the weekends!

  85. Birain

    Best On the east coast for sure

  86. price waterhouse

    this club is best club on the east coast

  87. b trucks
  88. Ronald

    This club is ok

  89. Don

    I’ve been up and down the East coast and this club doesn’t make the top 100 of clubs I plan to revisit.

  90. O.D. on Ugly

    Who the fuck is in charge of hiring here! Someone take the ugly stick away from him!

  91. Kiss ur grandma!

    At Chumpain or cum to the Erotic Cafe for hot nude girls

  92. Clowns

    It takes hard work to be this bad

  93. Was Up!

    Looks like Camden got a new clubhouse

  94. Dicky

    When I see brazilians I think of diseases such as HIV, herpes and other stds. I dont mess with overseas pu$$y.

  95. basher md

    this club has nothing but nasty old hags

  96. Now Closed Sunday

    I’m going to stick with Erotic Cafe, 7 days a week and not girls

  97. Lapper

    Can I get a VIP in the bathroom, its so much nicer then the couch room

  98. Stopped last night

    4 critters and 3 customers WTF

  99. Major Pain

    I went in to see this fantastic bathroom everyone talks about & there was a dirty vagrant asleep on the shitter!!

  100. leah

    The best

  101. little john

    and i am the doorman there….so you know that i speak the truth…club not what we thought it was going to fact we will probably be closed soon—especially if ‘SALES DON’T PICK UP—UNDERSTAND!!!

  102. Bill

    Someone here is obviously bent out of shape and its personal. This club is awesome in every way. There is no reason to go to another club, in my opinion.

  103. Low Expectations

    I went there not expecting much and I wasn’t disappointed

  104. Rename----

    PILLS & PIZZA…who ever named it that was on the money!!!!!Should renamed the place……

  105. Dave


  106. small world

    Champagne has 3 dancers that go to the drug clinic I work for! They use to work for Penthouse!

  107. Its Like A Party

    At the Erotic Cafe. Over 50 Hot Nude dancers $20 a lap and $100 VIP! Shit here have fun there!!!

  108. Big Balls

    The Dj Sucks, the light show sucks, the dancers really suck but I like this place. I keep comming back, I’m hooked

  109. i stone

    had a great time

  110. Dwight

    Boring club, no good looking girls at all

  111. cool dude

    The place isn’t as people say. The best time is when the place is closed. There are no ugly wenches hounding you for a dollar.

  112. Brian

    This club doesn’t just suck, it REALLY Sucks!!!

  113. old hoes

    All this club has is 4 old hoes with astio!

  114. Jonathan

    Stopped in to the club and was really surprised how nice it was. Once I had a few beers the night started to cook and i had a lot of fun at the bar and in the back which was quite nice

  115. adam w.

    My friend just started here, place looks amazing but was empty.Girls told my friend that the place had legal issues a few months back but new management was starting. I guess time will tell.

  116. Jared's Correction

    I ment to say at the PH I had the best lapdance not here

  117. tom

    best club and atmosphere in jersey

  118. tell the truth

    This club is located in a middle/low income area that will not support its’existence. Too close to fancy clubs in Philly that draw from millions of club goers. The fact that there is no other attraction near it, makes this an “out-of-the-way destination. The theme of BYOB in the middle of no where was a dumb move. Since it isn’t a strip club,and just a fancy old fashion go-go bar( no booze)how can it make $$$ in the 21st century. It is run by family employees that are inexperienced want-a-bes.AMEN

  119. Mitch

    Very sad. Don’t expect me back

  120. e-mails and letters

    have been sent to owners of The Den,Cheerleaders,penthouse, ph and others if interested in buying Champagne….Politely put ans. was.. not interested. Only Champagne they interested in is the kind you DRINK!!!

  121. This Place Blows

    Going to Playhouse to see Cameron! I bet they wish they had her! Lol

  122. Joseph A.

    First I want to say the bartender was great and the DJ awesome, but ana Marie aka Roxy is nothing but a …. She stole 300$ right out of my pocket and ran out saying she was sick I played 330 for a 1 min lap dance hold on she didn’t give me a lap dance she took of running

  123. FAmily Poster

    I’m glad u think its great, the rest of the world thinks Chumpain Blows!

  124. xxx
  125. No GoGo

    This join is more like a retirement home then a Gogo!

  126. ilovechampagne
  127. Menu Change

    This joint should feature soul food to accommodate the crowd they now get!

  128. stopped yesterday?

    They were closed, what time do they open?

  129. WHAT STAFF???


  130. no way

    #30 for a dance is crazy.

  131. Club Hound

    Nothing but old bitty’s showing no titty’s. Will not return

  132. No Girls No Food

    Stopped in, place was empty, 4 old woman and a closed kitchen

  133. place blows

    This place is all dresses up and no prom date

  134. kang
  135. last Saturday nite

    To Dark For Me!

  136. t constantin
  137. X
  138. Roger Ebert

    This is a byob bikini bar. WTF? Any other byob has topless dancers. $30 for a lapdance that is not topless is a pure ripoff. I want to see topless dancers and they aint here. 2 thumbs down from me

  139. Wally

    This place is the nicest place I have ever been in and I have been to clubs all over the world. They could charge $50 to get in here and it would be worth it. The place is awesome to chill at. The food is great. Everyone is friendly and laid back and dollar parades are very chilled out and the dancers are laid back and friendly. In the back, the are very friendly. I was totally satisfied and had a great night here.

  140. Piss Poor

    This Club Sucks Ass!

  141. camden club

    Thought I went to club Onyx by mistake

  142. Stopped Sat. Nite

    Pretty scary this place got real dark

  143. jj
  144. Gone

    Donovan is gone…next will be his favorite club–Champagne….

  145. BottaBing

    Without the Bing. Place blows!

  146. Joe

    Is this club located near a pig farm? I drove past it and it smells like shit

  147. Vagrent's Idea

    I’m going out for a late brunch, then i’m gonna stop here and take a shit

  148. nickstrip

    Facts:Came in on a Tuesday.BYOsB (Bring your own softer booze—wine, beer, NO hard alcohol)$10 CoverQuite a few dancers (8-11?)Great looking place—looks recently renovated or improved within a few years.Opinion:Most of the dancers were just looking to make quick cash–“hi, would you like a lap dance…oh no, bye.”…not sure how hard they wanted to work for it. There was one exception—she was friendly and a decent conversationalist. Since, there was only a small handful of customers, the place felt a bit awkward…but as you know, I’m no stranger to these kind of places, awkward or not. The girls were literally the girls next door with make up (some of them, anyhow)–and depending where you live, next door could be pretty or not so pretty. Music was a bit heavy on the R&B side. Wasn’t having much of a good time, didn’t stay long enough to see if I could make sparks fly and jump start the place. I probably would check out other places around here before coming back.

  149. r zimmerman
  150. Penthouse Fan

    Oldest girl at Penthouse is 30, youngest girl at Champagne is 60

  151. Nude Thursday

    Cant wait to go to Erotic Cafe where the people go for fun

  152. JoJo

    Needs more sisters

  153. c stevens
  154. Taz

    Nothing but brothers and grandmothers

  155. ta
  156. SOAPS

    Funniest board ever….Found Oil on land…who thinks of these things…should run this club….maybe can save it…

  157. p tosh
  158. fred

    worst club i’ve ever been to no customers no girls no fun

  159. Tom - PA

    I was here in December, never again

  160. p.lesh
  161. The Champagne

    Went old and flat. No pop here

  162. Like a party NOT

    It takes more then 3 customers and 6 old dancers to make a party! Give it up alfeady little family poster

  163. Donny

    I go in from time to time….. I can choose to fuk a Brazilian my fav is pam or

    have one of the other girls jerk me off.. Waste of time but atleast the big

    white girl wit lOng black hair is bout it! The pretty blondes never talk to me :

    ( but Wat ever I’ll take my happy ending lol

  164. b cox
  165. Disappointed

    Do you have to be a crack whore to work here?

  166. jasper towing co. lyd.

    nuthin but jaspers here, and so bad here that even they raarely show

  167. Shitpain

    Champagne is the worst club ever, I cant even call it a strip club because these grandmas take nothing off!! hahahahahahahahaahahahaahahahaha

  168. bud
  169. db

    actually really like the place

  170. Danny

    Place is beat. I’m better off at Cheerleaders!

  171. The Fireman

    This place is ablaze and no one has called the fire dept! Talk about Rome burning!!

  172. What were they thimking?

    Spend all that money on a place and hire old washed up woman

  173. empty shell

    What’s up here, the place is empty and the dancers! WTF

  174. j adderley
  175. Lou
  176. what a mistake

    I went here in hopes of finding some new talent, getting tired of the PH. Champagne proved the grass isn’t greener! I’ll stick with the Playhouse!

  177. Adam

    This has to be one of the nicest clubs I’ve been to in the SJ/PA area. That being said, the only thing nice is the building. The place wasn’t crowded (maybe because it was early in the evening). Dances cost $30 (everywhere else is $20). They don’t serve any alcohol (you have to bring your own). The dancers were btw 4’s and 7’s. You would think with an upscale building there would be better looking dancers. Overall I give this place a 6

  178. Arlen

    I made Emily my bitch

  179. Stopped to take a shit

    The club is closed during the day? Their done, only reason to come here is the bathrooms!

  180. b scott
  181. zimmy
  182. clubby

    this place just sucks

  183. a.l.
  184. sinclair
  185. gfh
  186. Ihop breakfast

    What time u open, I’m pinching one off so I can checkout the bathroom. I hear its great

  187. The Rabbi

    Every night is passover at Champange as the people go to real clubs

  188. Reality Check

    This place sucks. BYOB bikini club is a bad idea. The kitchen

    is closed.

  189. mathewater12

    I have been frequenting this establishment for awhile now. I use to hang around the corner where they have a liquor license but it became too pricey, and I had less money to spend on the girls. BYOB is the best option if you ask me. I pay $6 for a six pack, instead of $6 a beer. During the week it’s slower but still a variety of girls on and the bartenders, djs and managers are extremely friendly. Weekends are busiest especially late night and there are 3 x the amount of girls. This place is outfitted like no other in jersey. It’s a massive establishment with a large deck on the back of you are a smoker. They also have a bar menu I would recommend the wings. Overall I would recommend this place you will definitely have a good time. But if your the type that needs a full bar of dudes to have a good time try the weekends.


    Well T ROSE Bis only working SAT nites…father caught her being “BAD” girl. LITTLE J made the inmate list “AGAIN”

  191. pgi
  192. Empty Lot

    Drove by the other day and the lot was empty. Is this place still open?

  193. T Rose Fan

    Shame she’s not into white men

  194. Gear Jammer

    I hope this club don’t close, its the best shitter on my truck route

  195. talented staff

    dancers are old and the staff looks so happy to be there. One and done

  196. sexy

    sexy, sexy girls.

  197. j
  198. stivoch
  199. sfd
  200. i thought it was closed

    When I walked in I thought it was to early, but no there just wasn’t anyone there

  201. Happy Da Clown

    Old lady’s and fat ass Russians. Only a clown would pay for that mess!

  202. Ghost Town!

    Wed. Night 4 hags and 2 customers. This place is beat.

  203. mlb
  204. Fat Tuesday

    Stopped in yesterday. It was tuesday and the dancers were fat

  205. dgfh
  206. Patrick

    This club sucks ass! OH I forgot Iwas suppose to lie about how great yhis club is. Sorry Jess, can I still cum over tonight?

  207. John

    Got ripped off before getting one good lapdance. $30 for a lapdance is too much for this place Cant really afford to toss away $60 dollars on two dances to get my moneys worth as a customer. Better off going across the river to Cheerleaders

  208. Russians

    what’s with the 2 russians, WTF, one walks like a fucking man the other has an ass that’s a mile wide! Neither can dance

  209. cr52

    You gotta be kiddin me, 60 year old strippers?!?!?! Thank God they don’t take their clothes off, put more on!!!!!

  210. Bull Dyke's

    When’s this clun turning back into a gay bar, they already have the staff

  211. thom

    champagne is a nice club with no strippers

  212. Ass On Old Russian

    See the size of her ass, i think you need a bigger shitter

  213. Old Grandies

    Fat fanny’s I think I even saw Tranny!

  214. j straw
  215. Other Site says

    according to other site, Word from dancers is that Authorities check this place(undercover 3X a week}…what is going on here???? Is Madam up to old business???? Closing soon???

  216. d hope
  217. Saturday Fright Nite

    Club was dead, looked like half the dancers were too!

  218. Out Of Business?

    Stopped today around 2:30 to take a shit and they were closed

  219. Union Jack

    This place is a fucking rip off

  220. Stan

    This place has so much potential. Thie first thing they oughta do is lower the lap Dance price to $20. Nobody wants to pay $30 for a dance anymore.

  221. Nathan

    Every other club has everything to be jealous of about this club. This club is awesome in every way and you can always get what you went out for. The staff are laid back and friendly. The dancers are all hot wherever you look. Hanging in the club is like being in an expensive resort. The food is excellent. It is never crowded, but unless you are a guy who likes to be around a lot of guys, it is fine. There are always cool buds to watch some games with on the plenty of giant plasma tv screens. The lighting and sound system cannot be beat. Again, you can always leave here satisfied with drink, food, and whatever else you may want. Thats the truth, Ruth.



  223. Erotic Cafe Nude Thur.

    After you stop here and take your shit, come on up to the EC for some fun with hot nude girls!

  224. Carl

    This club is by far the best you will ever see. I dont know where to being. Even dancers come from other clubs to work here, if they can get hired. I would ignore the negative poster who does not work there, but certainly goes there and knows a lot of the people here. They obviously have an axe to grind and are not normal.

    If you are in the area, check it out. Weekend nights are always like a party and every having a great time. This is a multi million dollar club with people, dancers, and food. I put my word on it.

  225. Unveiled

    Go to the Erotic Cafe $20 laps

    Best talent in NJ and nude!

  226. hg
  227. I Can't Believe It

    All the negatives are true. I’ll never go back

  228. b kreutzman
  229. DS
  230. was up?

    Where the chickies! Just old bitches

  231. Bad HOP

    One of the grandma’s should give Jessica a lesson in a proper HOP. place sucks

  232. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  233. Erotic Cafe A+++

    Little hole in the wall erotic cafe gets a ton of great looking dancers and you can’t get one. What’s up with that!

  234. Dog Pound

    This clubs full of dogs and they all got flee’s!

  235. Whats The Deal

    Can’t find 1 decent looking broad to woke here

  236. cherise
  237. m hart
  238. Chuck

    They sell $150 Hamburgers but club has no strippers!!!!!

  239. g lee
  240. Gordon

    THE best club in America. Seriously. Go and check it out.

  241. what a waste of money

    This crew has to be either dumb or greedy to think people would over pay for the low quality product they put out!

  242. Chad

    One can not help but notice how nice this club is even from the moment you pull into the driveway. The dancers here are all hot and very chilled out. The staff here are very down to earth. And the lapdance area is really nice where you can get anything you want, aint it aint even Alice’s restaurant. The main thing I like about this place is the entire experience. You really feel like you got away from it all and went someplace really nice.

  243. Edgar

    The people that run this club are slobs. Everything about this club is disgusting. If you were to open a club and made it like this, one would tell you running a club was not your forte. Also, the heat is on this place with insiders calling the cops on dancers for prostitution. All the smart and attractive ones got out and auditioned for Playhouse up the road. Brunella even quit here. Anyway, try this place out. There are very few barfiels at this club, I dont think you would want to go back. And, get this, its THIRTY DOLLARS for a lapdance. You can watch the grandma dancers jiggle in their large bikinis as they hang over their bikini bottoms.

  244. Best Of Phila

    Just read Chumpain won the best toilet award, thier so excited!!!

  245. Champagne SUCKS

    It SUCKS bad! This is the WORST Bikini Bar in the entire state! What a fucking joke!

  246. Payton

    This is a great club and the poster with unsportsmanlike conduct is wacked. The thing is, he cant stay away from this place and all the nice folks working here but he bitches out the place behind their backs because, well, he is a bitch. Anyway, come on out and party this weekend. I will be out till late before Sundays game. Where will I be? At Champagne, of course!

  247. THE STAFF


  248. $$$$$

    What are they kidding, Penthouse much nicer, $20 and hot girls

  249. dannie richmond
  250. old bitches

    With this group the should rename this place Hot Flash!

  251. Randy

    I cannot believe how much money they spent on building this club. It is a real shame they couldn’t afford girls.

  252. doctor f
  253. mystery


  254. This Club



    This is nothing more than a place to house a band of already convicted drug addicts.Some Employees have dubious past histories with numerous convictions and conflicts with legal authorities.Will fall like its X sister club-Cheeks-

  256. e dolphy
  257. Emily's The Shit

    I mean she makes you want to take a shit

  258. Closed Sunday!

    This place should just close forever!!!

  259. Jonathon

    I actually lov this place every other thursday to see Whitney and Chanel 9pm shift. These girls bodies are well amazing. Like i said ill keep coming back for these girls. Very outgoing,pretty girls.


  260. Donald Trump

    Your Fucking Fired!!!

  261. s. howe
  262. Fright in the Night

    Lots of fat dancers. Especially

    Whitney. She weighs about 2 lbs

    less than an elephant.


    i do love champagne dot it is great!

  264. Jay

    This is a club you must try out for yourself. Had a great expenence here. BYOB so you don’t have to pay high bar prices and can spend more on the girls. This is my new favorite spot.

  265. Jeremy

    If you look at the reviews here and on Cheeks and the postings, too, you will see the negative reviews are not regular reviews by regular patrons. In fact, there are no negative reviews other than those over the top ones from that one poster.

    If you go to Champagne, you will see why someone is bothered. Champagne is an outstanding club who selects only the best girls from the area clubs.

    This is a new club and each weekend more and more people come to party. Yes, its like a party, not old guys sitting around just sitting and looking. The old guys at Champagne are normal, well-dressed, and youthful.

    Anyway, it is understandable someone who is not with Champagne would be pissed. It is a gorgeous club and a great night out, and would make anyone jealous.

    Also, those little VIP sections seem to be almost always filled up with friends who have hot buffet trays serving food that smells great. The TV screens are awesome for watching a game.

    And last, but not least, the dancers are sexy, friendly, easy-going, and not sucking up for dollars, and all have tight bodies.

  266. Greg

    This club does not open until 4PM. Not many dancers at opening. Maybe 4 or 5. I was the first customer and the music didn’t start until there were 3 of us. That’s when the dj called the first dancer to the stage. I stayed for 45 mins and left. The dancers avg was 5-6. Maybe later at night it gets better. I will have to return at night.

  267. fanny of Granny

    I just love these old girls, any of them moving in at the home?

  268. TJ

    Very nice and fancy club. The girls were all awesome.

  269. gave up

    Its obvious no one here even cares. Forget this joint

  270. Fag Bar Returns

    going Back to being a fag bar, might be more successful

  271. Brent

    There is no other club like this. It is a stunning palace but more than that the dancers here are always so down to earth and friendly and easy to talk to, and know how to be very sexy. Always a great time!!

  272. closed sunday's

    Where am I going to take a shit after brunch!

  273. Saved By Champagne

    Ate Micky D’s in Del. and almost shit my self driving north. Thank god there’s a shitter right off 295!

  274. Gingersnap

    It is still very wet behind the ears. It is a beautiful place and they have the potental to do well . They just need to find their “nitch” and work out some staffing issues. its great to take care of fam but sometimes too make cooks in one kitchen spoil the brew.

  275. mnm

    I wonder if this sites owner knows what a rip-off this place is. It makes this site look like an asshole. $30 for a lapdance? A total waste of time and money. The dancers do NOT dance. They are NOT hot. There is NO music creating any atmosphere. The dancers are older, paunching and dirty. Not like on their website. Talk about false adverstising. I will not trust this site anymore for its ratings. This club is a total zero. If Club Can Can were still open, I would visit that club before I would comeback here. Any Club that offers $20 lapdances is a better value than this place.

  276. Lousy

    I heard you can get fucked here. I also saw a dancer that looked like George Washington. No thanks

  277. Paul

    Decided to check this place out since it is new and you can’t trust the internet. What a waste of time and money. Everything is overpriced from the lapdances ($30???) to the food. I’ll stick to the Philly clubs where the laps are only $20. No wonder it has a low rating. Who actually pays $30 for lap dances?

  278. Need More Close

    Grandma’s need more close. Shame these old woman have to dance for a living

  279. Frank

    for the most part this place is a Failer cheeks was alot better.

  280. jimmy

    dancers are old and the club is empty

  281. no cars in lot

    Were they open last night? No cars in the lot

  282. jgb
  283. Nude Sun. At EC

    Went to EC Sunday, no place to shit, just the hottest dancers in NJ

  284. Club Hopper

    This clubs all dressed up an no one to blow

  285. ingalls
  286. You Got Balls

    Putting that ridiculous collection and charge for it

  287. nothing to say

    club is a big 000000000——ZERO!!!!!

  288. humbug
  289. party sucked

    Should of hired soul train!

  290. Tommy

    girls were lovely, dances were good me and my co-workers are going back next week

  291. august west
  292. stable hand

    Seen better mules at the glue factory!

  293. Snowbound

    Not the best but close to it.

  294. Whats the Problem?

    You guys can’t get 2 or 3 decent looking girls day shift? I’d hate to see what night shift looks like!

  295. Erotic Cafe

    45 hot nude Dancers $100 VIP $20 lap dance why would you come here

  296. The Accountant

    Will somebody tell these assholes they are Out Of Business!

  297. Steve

    I don’t know about all those comments. It does appear some ex employee are pissed and trying to post nasty comments. I went to this Club last night and loved it! Cheap cover,BYO (that was great) …the girls were friendly Love the decor. About the $ 20 burger …cut that in half..I had a delicious one for $11. Anyway I had a great time will be back. For those of you out there..Go check out this club for yourselves… I would not put any faith in the previous comments written on this board.

  298. manny
  299. Club Scout

    This place has been black balled by dancers, ask any of them from other clubs. No Girls No Customers

  300. gh
  301. Karl

    I always pass Champagne on my way to work every morning. I decided to stop in on my way home. There were 4 dancers working and as many customers. The dancers were not impressive. The one dancer I wanted to get a dance with was being monopolized. I finished my water and left.

  302. priceless
  303. Fred/Family Poster

    Best club in US without customers or dancers. The only reason you have bartenders are because you pay them, SOMETIMES!

  304. where are the girls

    What’s this place a front? Its so bad, don’t know what else to think

  305. $60000 Bathrooms

    Wanted to check out the infamous shitters and they were all shitted up!

    Who’s cleaning

  306. c
  307. dan the man

    East coast best

  308. Tyler

    Great club that keeps getting even better each week! Always have a great time here. No other can compare!



  310. King

    This club is beautiful. The girls on the website are beautiful. The girls on the website do not work at the club. They charge $30 for a lap dance and the dancers are old and unattractive. There were maybe 6 customers and about 5 dancers working. I expected better.

  311. T

    I hate Champagne

  312. Cecil

    Personally I dont need a fancy place. And this place isent fancy. But come on guys. The lighting (too light) and bar are horrible. And those stools! Please. What is up with NO GIRLS!! 2 Negros and 2 White girls!!. Also what is up with NO private lap dances? The whole place looks put together with shit. The dancers seem to be addicts and sit around and are not really into doing their job. But at least a lapdance is 30 dollars. THATS RIGHT! THIRTY DOLLARS AND NO NUDITY AT ALL!! Not sure you they are catering to and it showed. The place was completely empty.

  313. r danko
  314. Sewer Rat

    I finally found a club that met my low standard.

  315. guess

    Girls do magic

  316. k livgren
  317. Good Job

    Could u have picked a more depressed area to build a club, what’s next a personal mansion across the street! Lol

  318. FL100

    CHampagne S U C K S

  319. one and done

    Felt like I was in a Tijuana whore house.

    Every dancer old and used up OMG!

  320. Melvin

    Champagne S U C K S

  321. Thursdays

    I love thursday nights here

  322. First Dibbs

    when this place closes i want 4 bar stools for my basement, they’ve never been sat on

  323. bundy
  324. Hugh

    This club is awesome; hands down. Anyway, there is a guy posting on this forum named, “You”. He puts in his posts lines forming downward with an arrow. I read that he is displaying the international symbol for erectile dysfunction. Well, he couldnt get it up again on his post, and I think he was mad about it. Maybe if he leaves it alone for a while it will work again. Maybe not.

  325. Saul

    This place has the nerve to charge a cover charge.

  326. s griffin
  327. Went Thursday

    Thursday night the place was DEAD. Zero customers. This place is on its way out

  328. Staff Infection

    Butt ugly old dancers and a miserable staff. Almost no one there and the bartender splits for 15 minutes at a time. I’ll never go back

  329. Fright Night

    WTF these dancers are scary ugly!



  331. Closed Sunday?

    Went to EC yesterday for the first time, had a blast

  332. Haitian refugees

    This club is hiring women right from the homeless shelter!

  333. What A Shame

    Spend all that money on a club then give it to Camden

  334. martin

    best i have been to, gotta check it out


    Every one who pays 1 admissiom—you get to bring 2 others in free!!!!

  336. reuben
  337. Pimp Daddy

    When your done with your daughter I want her, she could be my Bottom Bitch

  338. e james
  339. Silk Purse/Sow's Ear

    How can you dump $$$$$ and not have quality girls???

  340. d. jones
  341. Sapphire

    My firdy night is tommorrow 9 pm – 2 pm hope to see my sexy men ready to have fun! dont forget about me ask for Sapphire

  342. r tubbs
  343. Vinny

    Stopped in on a Thurs. The place was slow. Maybe 4 or 5 dancers with as many customers. One dancer caught my eye and did a few lap dances with her. Left after that. Not a bad experience.

  344. closing soon

    only a matter of time. One word to describe this joint….E….M….P…..T…..Y

  345. scary sites!

    Pulled in and pulled out. The smoking deck looked like a pimp convention!!!

  346. Well Dressed Men

    Tuxedo’s and grandma’s what a combo!

  347. jake

    What’s the deal here? Hot bartender but no quality dancers.

    Let me know when things change

  348. local guy

    gotta a club in walking distance and it’s not worth the trip

  349. Place is dead

    So is the talent. Took a shit and left

  350. gary

    this club sucks ugly bitches

  351. BJ

    Champagne is awful nothing like Cheeks

  352. herbie c. vladad
  353. ???????

    Where is this club going?

  354. BOB D

    The whole family are VAGRANTS…..They are unemployable position in the club is FOR SALE….

  355. u sinclair
  356. Hoodwinked

    Club sucks, to many old tired bitches. They should rename this joint Club Stretchmark! I’m sticking with Cheerleaders

  357. To $$$$$

    no girls, not worth the money

  358. re:payton

    payton must be seeing things there are no girls here

  359. Champagne

    It blows, no girls, no tits, no reason to go. Erotic Cafe is much better.

  360. Disapointed

    I came across the bridge to check this place out Fri, night, I generally go to Penthouse but weekends get to crowded. spent an hour and decided to just put up with the crowd at Penthouse. i’ll never come back.


    Did I stop in the wrong place? Guys with TUX on and Hip hop music with a CROWD to match with ugly woman on stages . Thought a rally was taking place, Left alive!!!

  362. Toilet Training

    Time to flush this place and start over

  363. m kang

    It is only a matter of time when the last of non- family employees leave this CONCENTRATION CAMP of losers. This is a one and DONE destination.

  365. WTF Grandma!

    Anyone that would pay $30 for that mottly crew needs to be saved from him self.


    This is the best AARP club around. FRiendly employees who help you “beat” the system. They will help you get into Drug Programs that will give you FEDERAL assistance and then supply you below wholesale Meth ..It is a Party at Club Champagne

  367. Country Buffet

    After an all u can eat I needed to test the now famous hitter and man did I. Best part, I showed my union card and got in for 1/2 price!

  368. *
  369. Matt

    I love this place and hate the


  370. call it as it is;

    This has to be the biggest “BOMB” since the USA dropped the ATOM Bomb in WWII.There is nothing here to go for unless you just want to burn money.It is the biggest rip off imaginable. The dancers are ugly hags,the food is way over priced while average at best,and except for bartenders Michelle, Lisa, and Mgr JOE, the remaining family employees have attitudes especially since the business is failing.So far 2/3 of the orginal staff has left due to no business and not being paid.Dancers(real dancers) will not work here for fear of LE and DEA since DRUGS are on site. I,as a stranger< have been told this by inside sources.Also told that woman owner and sons never "STRAIGHT".Enough Said!!!

  371. carmen

    Really nice place! I have no negative comments. Club Champagne has a really

    nice vibe and some really sexy girls!

  372. The Donald

    The atmosphere of this club is more like a funeral parlor than

    a strip club. Club Champagne, you’re fired!

  373. l helm
  374. going out of business

    is this bar done? poor everything..staff doesn’t robots….no food…no anything….can’t even rate bad

  375. Unvailed

    Sat night club empty, old nasty dancers. your joking with those tuxes. lol

  376. Palmer

    Nice club, nice sound system, decent Brazilian dancers, lousy lap dance prices.

  377. Cheeks Fan

    The Pimps that ran Cheeks lost their Mojo. Ugly used up dancers

    and rude and lazy bartender. Not much to cum back for.

  378. Calender Guy

    What month will this drug house close????????????/

  379. Old Bastard

    Im 90yo and I love their girly’s. Did someone say BINGO NIGHT!

  380. I thought it was BS

    Went out of my way to check it out and I lasted twenty minutes


    This place really s___ks….heard LE investigating for BIG “H”….GooD LUCK

  382. gg

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