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1530 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134


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0 reviews for “Dreamgirls at SoDo

  1. Irish

    This club sucks and No I don’t use drugs dumb dumb dancers. What is was an off duty cop?

  2. Harrison69

    I don’t make it a habit of going to places like this. You go too often , and it will not only bankrupt you, but it will also leave you feeling “dirty” and perverted. That said, places like this are fun with a group of your buddies for a bachelor party, or if you are away on business and need to blow off steam in the evening with your worker buddies. To me, places like these are entertaining, not arousing.IMHO, this is the best club I have been to. Very friendly staff, quick service for drinks, good talent, and the private dances upstairs, well let’s just say they were worth the money I dropped that night. I don’t remember this one dancer’s name, but she was tall, blond, and either Russian or Ukranian. Arguably the sexiest dancer I have ever encountered at one of these places.Did I leave the place broke and with blue balls? Yes, but it was a fun evening full of great dancers.I don’t like the cover charge, but if that is the only complaint, that is pretty good for a place like this.

  3. anonymous
  4. league
  5. kiuy


  6. Burnout

    This is the best club around here in a long time. Hot girls, good dances, nice facility.

    Highly recommended.

  7. me

    boys and i tried out this club while in the area and didn’t stay long. the girls were either too fat, too skinny, couldnt dance, wouldnt leave us alone, bad boob jobs. waitress was dumb too…we waited forever to get stupid waters.

  8. Bob

    There are hotties in there for sure! I saw quite a few dancers that I recognize from other clubs, and alot of old Ricks girls are there. I had a great time! Can’t wait to come back!

  9. customer reg

    “L” something.are you a dancer? or are you someone who frequence the club on a regular basis? Maybe you should go to another place to dance where you don’t feel so inadequate & have to rip customers off or do $30 a dance I can touch you everywhere. I love hookers come see me,I will pay you $30.50 to give me a handjob. If not a dancer then there are a variety of girls ranging from ALL ages, if the chick hurts your eyes then move to the other stage

  10. Hey

    first visit and a blonde dancer informed me that the cameras werent working so i bought a sky box. she pulled down her bra straps and showed me her little puzzy and let me play. best lunch break ive ever had!

  11. Mike

    Best in town by a long shot!!!

  12. Grumpy old dude

    I love it!!!

  13. Clubs

    Out of all the clubs I’ve been to, this one is the best one in the north end of Seattle. The girls are hot here unlike that pig sty up the road

  14. Christ
  15. Steve

    I was there when the place was kind of new, soon after Seattle finally gave up on its strip club moratorium. It was pretty boring then, with too few dancers, and not much variety. But I was there on a Friday night (maybe Saturday morning by then), and the place was full of dancers. And in trying to sell their dances, they didn’t just sit down next to me, offer, and leave if I said no, they sat on my lap and talked for a while before making the sales pitch. That’s hot. At least one woman was actually interested in conversation, enough to talk through several songs before making the pitch. By that point, I was sold, and went for it. She was great, with generous rules. I tipped on top of the asked-for price.

  16. bill

    noluv for the customers

  17. wen
  18. eddyL

    Sadly this cool club is lacking good staff . Of out of all the club run by this company this one is the low man on the totem pole . The club is cool , great look to , nice lighting and cute girls . But the staff that I had to deal with was unhelpful if not downright rude . So guys spend your money somewhere else , showgirls is a better club ,

  19. Jar

    Madison is the most amazing dancer ever. She let me finger her pussy and suck her tittys! I will be back for this girl

  20. Bill Scott

    I was in Dreamgirls for the first time last Wednesday, April 28 from 12:45 until closing. I was impressed with the layout, it looked like the photos you see of the best Hustler Clubs (hmm wonder why that is?) I did find it difficult to find a seat from which you could comfortably watch both stages. But I do like that you can sit right next to the center stage.

    What I didn’t like was that most of the dancers didn’t seem to enjoy their work. Don’t get me wrong, they were all cheerful and positive when talking to the men but when they weren’t talking to a man they seemed to turn “it” off. Waiting in a corner, walking around, or standing at the extremes of the club (and even, for some, while dancing) their expressions weren’t the same. It was clear this was a job and they weren’t excited to be there. (The exception was the Asian girl for whom this was her first day. She was delightful everywhere, all the time.)

    Dreamgirls was the fourth club I had been to in six days. And while the place was the fanciest, most upscale, the dancers came off as the most false in their attitudes. (I previously visited Rick’s, Sands, and Honey’s. I have also visited the downtown Deja Vu several times in the past and the attitude was better there too.) We know its a show but anything that reveals its a show hurts the experience. The management needs to impress upon the dancers that they are “ON” whenever they are not in the dressing room, not just when they are performing a lap dance or trying to seduce a guy into buying one.

  21. ngfn


  22. Not feelin' this place

    My second visit. Nice club but it’s not my style. As far as strip clubs go it was again, just so-so.

  23. The Happy Tipper

    It’s an awesome place! But I feel that the customers need to be a lot more enthusiastic! There were way too many quiet people not making noise and very few sitting next to the stages not hooting and hollaring any support whatsoever and not showing any love! If you go to dreamgirls, show some enthusiasm for the dancers!

  24. ben
  25. dshifdu

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  26. Tanner

    Best club out their right now they have so many girls to choose from and its such a upscale joint some of the hotter dancers ive seen in my life where working day shift =) im definetly going to be a regular

  27. fuckery12

    I woke up reeking of stripper this morning…an odd combination of musk, coconut and what I think might have been from the 1970s era Barbie Perfume Maker.Things I learned while visiting this place last night:1. It’s not hard to get a stripper off your lap, you don’t really have to engage her in conversation- just tell her you don’t have any money. Apparently, I was much more polite than was necessary.2. I love lap dances, but I love them more when I share them with someone.3. Top lighting is not everyone’s friend.4. Regardless of the damage pregnancy did to my once PERFECT fucking body – I came out ok in comparison to a lot of girls. 5. Most strippers are mommies.6. I do not want fake boobies afterall – they are freakishly firm. Even the spendy “Gummy Bear” ones.7. If you spank the stripper too hard, she’s not gonna want to come anywhere near you again. So you can just forget about that second lap dance. :(8. If you’re going to go with a “friend”, it’s good to go early so there isn’t a back up with the VIP booths. That way you can make out for a while after the shared lap dance without fear of being kicked out.9. Pole dancing should be an Olympic event; we saw someone climb the pole upside down – no hands. If that’s not athleticism, I don’t know what is.$20 cover includes bottomless soda – couch dances $20, they have 3 for $40 specials several times a night. Please note that this means one stripper for three songs – you can not do three strippers for one song. We asked.Sort of small, and way too much light to deserve the 5th star.(I got FTR on the New Titty Bar of Controversy! Yay for me!)

  28. Lance

    arrived around 8:30, but 10 its was getting crowed…Had a nice time with Lana…There were several others that arrived after 10 that were also nice, but didn’t bring a lot of $$$. will be back in another month

  29. ddf


  30. yoman

    i give better service in the rest room than girls do out front on the floor

  31. Kittens

    Just come to Kittens so we stop posting fake reviews.

  32. money
  33. winston12

    Best club in Seattle

  34. fred

    ssssukes no luv at this club

  35. roger

    girls are rude and not very cute, i will not be returning

  36. g

    ghcghn xiuol

  37. Nickel

    If you want to get the most out of your visit, go earlier in the day when the dancer Madison is there. I have had dances with tons of their girls but she is theonly one that gives a real dance. She pulled her thong aside and let me finger her. It was unreal. Some dancer named Meeko was hot but didn’t allow me to touch her. She was a waste of $20!!!

  38. sa


  39. nn


  40. Vin

    Does that pig liar with the stink box still work there?

    You could tie those lips in a knot twice and I know how to tie knots its my job.

    …. married 31 and a mess. Tweeker

    Touching is allowed with her guys pull hard on her tits she loves it. PS a lil blow or meth and your getting fucked but bring nose plugs.

  41. richard95

    I came in and was immediately greeted by a girl named Mariah. She was sweet but she gave a hell of a dance. I definitely recommend getting a dance from her, it’s like Vegas.

  42. Richard

    This place was amazing. Spent most of the night with a Russian dancer named “Tila”, She was very sweet adn had some AMAZING poll skills. I will definitely be back

  43. Sounders fan!

    So I went to Dreamgirls after the Sounders game the other night, some guy gave me a free pass but didnt tell me I still had to buy a bottomless drink, whatever. I paid my $10 for the bottomless drink and walked into the main room, it’s HUGE!!! I sat a little away from the stage, after realizing they only had the one in the center of the room open. After a couple of minutes I was served my soda (wish it had some booze in it!) and then this gorgeous blonde with long hair, awesome blue eyes, a thin waist, and great boobs comes and sits next to me, she was stunning. She tried to introduce herself, but because the music was so loud, she had to scoot her chair closer to me so I could hear and understand her. Once I could hear, she told me her name was Kellie and we sat and talked for a while, the whole time she was giving me her undivided attention and had me mesmerized with her accent, which only added to how hot I thought she was, and she made me feel like I was the only concern she had. We went and had some dances and even though I wish she could have at least taken her top off, her dances were so intense, and were fun and the most delightful tease. I wish I could have bought more dances or maybe a VIP, but there’s always next time…. Maybe after next payday I’ll go spend some more time with her, does anyone know when she works? If you go to this club, definitely go see this girl, shes not like the girls that used to be at ricks or honeys (man I miss those!!!), but her conversation and the amazing sensuality she dances with are satisfying in a different way and I cant stop thinking about her.

    By the way, if this is the girl Lj and Lg were talking about, she wasn’t drunk when I was there, actually we saw another girl who was pretty fucked up, and she said she doesnt know how anyone could work that way, and I don’t see how this girl could ever ruin anyone’s night, or why this smoking hot girl should hang up her g-string, unless it was to do a nude dance, but cant have that in Washington… Wonder if she travels? I think I may have found a new favorite… bye bye lake city!

  44. lery
  45. baseball fan


  46. tonycluber

    $20 general cover but this charge could be discounted depending on the night and whether you’re a tourist with a hotel key card. (Travel discount, yay!) No booze or beer just regular beverages & juices. The bartender explained a number of free drinks came with cover, however trying to get a drink from a waitress was a tedious endeavor. Which was strange since much of their waitstaff were quick to clean off tables (watch your drink), wipe down the stripper pole and help with cleaning up cash off the stage.The venue is ultra dark with colored lights so it’s hard to distinguish what you’re attracted to without an up, close and personal viewing. I stopped in on a weeknight and there were a few hotties on display. Much of the talent was engaged in private dances with regulars. These run for about $20 per song. This became a problem as the night lingered on and the same girls kept hitting the stage. Few had true pole skills (not that kind pervs, I’m talking upper body strength pole skills) and others brought the twerk. (Personally, not my style of dance) But there is raunchy fun to be had. There were a few entertainers that caught my attention immediately like “Aries”. You gotta love these fake names right. She was genuinely sweet and reminded me of how entertaining an exotic dancer should be. I like my entertainer having a grand stage presence, sky high platforms and very lady like.In regards to the club some of their photos (online) don’t make sense to me. I feel as though I was in a different club but often times these chains use stock photos to give a general idea. Notes: Raunchy, late night fun. Tourists please tip graciously so that the dancers continue to treat us special. I like to tip everyone from the hostess to waitstaff, etc. You’ll notice a nicer treatment all around and well people like to follow a good tipper. Also, tourists please dress to impress. It will greatly increase our chances of being seen. Some patrons were dressed in basketball shorts (ew) use your imagination on why someone would dress that way when visiting. I didn’t waste time going for a dance in any of the more expensive private booths, depending on the entertainer and your conversation one can instantly figure out who is trying to raid your wallet and whom will provide an entertaining time.

  47. gary

    Need more stripping and less dancing in private dances. I pay for skin not for a fashion show for private dances

  48. jes
  49. dave

    this club sucks the big one

  50. big G

    Fine ass bitches everywhere at this place! Was there Sat. and

    a random Tuesday, not disappointed

  51. rodneyerm

    They treat girls here like garbage. Tip whenever you can because the money girls make off of the stage and dances are almost halved by the company. Most, not all, managers are heartless, manipulative, deceitful, and rude. Beware all showgirls clubs.

  52. jack

    the girls are really stuck up here

  53. Zack G.

    Armani and Baby G are amazing lap dancers. Quick fast and expensive!

  54. jui
  55. thomas
  56. lind
  57. Douglas

    Was there this weekend, some of the dancers seemed like they didn’t care if they made money or not. One of the girls, Paris, I think, is really hot and knows how to turn a guy on!!! She definately gave me my moneys worth!!!! Only bad thing about Her were the lips tattooed on that sexy ass! I will be back to spend time with Her!!!!!!!!!!

  58. fritter17

    Dropped in after a long flight.No one at the front desk so I went in and sat down.Asked the bartender for change.There were three customers including myself. Slow night.The bartender ran upstairs and the manager came down and welcomed me with the $10 cover. With three people? Strike#1.Only two girls that night. Strike#2. After the third time seeing the same girl I decided to answer a text. The dj then went over the loudspeaker and announced there was no cellphone use on the main floor as a ‘courtesy’ to the dancers and to ask the staff where I could use it. I looked around and the off stage dancer was using her cellphone and one other staff member was using his. Way to single out your customers yet allow your staff, that should have been working, to use their cellphones. Strike#3. I got up and left.

  59. PD
  60. SiaadTheMan

    Overall I think this is a pretty average club. There is a decent variety of girls but the dance prices are high and mediocre.. It’s way too sporty for my vibe, takes away from the girls.

  61. XhXeXy

    It’s not worth it to get a private room upstairs so don’t be fooled by it. There isn’t full nude in Seattle, even if you drop a private room, kind of lame. There’s a Korean girl, with a giant tiger tat on her ass, she’s the one.

  62. Trent

    My first time in on friday, went with some friends, and we all had a blast!!!

  63. Best Man Host

    We(13 of us) came in your club on Saturday night and had the best experience ever in a Strip Club. We ended up getting a VIP booth over the dance. It was GREAT! The manager(He was a big bald white guy, who was very professional and GREAT to deal with) that helped us was also great and brought two amazing women to us Eva and Tetra. The Groom had a Blast on Stage getting his 10 minutes of fame. THANKS DEJA VU!!! Oh ya, btw…. The club is incredible!!!

  64. kjhgf


  65. Seattle Strip Junkie

    This was the most amazing thing. I wore basketball shorts (you know the ones made out of the slick fabric) and had the best experience ever. I paid a cute young girl to do an hour dance thing with me. Only 400$ and totally private and way worth it. After a few songs she started grinding me right into her through my pants. It was amazing and after she just giggled and said “nice pants” I will be returning… I sugest you do the same!

  66. eer


  67. Ryan
  68. Chad Tester

    Im in love with a stripper.

  69. First timer

    My first time to a strip club in a while and I was mostly not impressed. The stage show is really short on nudity — some dancers didn’t even show nipples, and only one showed even so much as a one second peek a boo of dropped underpants. For treat to the eyes, I totally miss the Lusty Lady. First stage dancer did a hard sell for a lap dance, and aside from the $30

  70. matt


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  72. ty


  73. jordam
  74. Jimmy Simon

    Dreamgirls is definitely not the kind of strip club I like to visit and spend my cash on any dance because I knew that it’s not worth it. If none of the dancers from TW clubs works here, I won’t waste my time and money on gas driving all the way here. They are the only reason I’m here for.

  75. asasa


  76. Eric

    Excited for this club to open and such a let down. Girls are rude and not hot.

  77. Jay

    My first visit to Dream Girls I fell in love with their dancer Bell. She looks like a shorter version of a victorias secret model and I have never seen such a perfect body right in front of my eyes. I felt like I was watching a sexy commercial while she was on stage because it was so graceful and she was dancing to one of my favorite cold play songs. This girl can bust out some crazy tricks too. I asked her to climb to the top of the pole and she responds “upright or upside down?” I said upside down and sure as shit she climbed the entire pole all the way to the top, feet first. I can’t wait for my next trip to Seattle to see her again. I was a bit disappointed with some of the other girls as they were rude as soon as I didn’t want a dance. A lot of them were typical strippers – you could tell they had children, tattooed up, or just over weight and looked like they were pissed to be working. Some of them even tried to offer “extras” just to get me to buy a dance.

  78. Jason

    Hottest girls ever! Didn’t care that the cover charge included infinite soda but no bottled water, but wtf kind of complaint is that? Yeah, some of them looked indifferent while offstage, but the ones I smiled back at seemed happy enough to chat it up w/o looking to sell me something. Tip: sit by the side stage. Lighting is better and there are half as many people to take the dancer’s attention off you.

  79. Johnnyboy123

    For my first time ,it was fun.i truly didn’t know what to expect.the atmosphere was kinda lonesome at first but then more people came.Some of the strippers were hot n nice.pretty talented on that pole.Got a dance from a hot tatted girl,she was nice,we spoke cuz it was first time just to not feel weird or awkward.she sucked my boob and I was totally shocked lolP.s expect sum not so in shape or attractive strippers

  80. Michael Lundquist

    I was in there last night and I barely received any attention from the girls. There

    were very few girls on the floor ever and many times after performing on stage,

    the girls would disappear for a large amount of time. I finally had to get up and

    go look for a girl to get a dance from. Overall, my experience can be summed

    up as bored.

  81. dan

    very slow

  82. re:bill scott

    I think the girls just feel pressured because of the sky-high

    daily fee(140 bucks!) and I noticed there are alot of girls

    every time I’ve been there. give e’m a break

  83. Kiki<3

    I’m brand new working at this club. 🙂 & I love my job!

  84. Jim C.

    Most if not all chicks were hot! Nice place, can tell its a

    new club.

  85. Non game day

    What is this place like when there is no game?

  86. kim
  87. joe

    I enjoy my visits with Kylie and Lana

  88. Drunk Manager of Dreamgirls

    On Saturday, myself and 6 of my friends came into the club. The dancers were great. However, I wish I could say the same for the staff. After talking to dancer about getting a VIP Room, I decided to look into it. I went upstairs and talked with an African American male(didn’t get his name) who was extremely rude. If fact, he was so rude I asked to talk to the manager. One of the waitstaff pointed him out for me(Tony). I walked up and introduced myself but then changed my mind about talking him to about the situation when I realized he was intoxicated?!?!?! What a waste of time!!! We were prepared to spend $1000+ in the club that night but instead left. Great way for us to remember my best friends Bachelor Party. WE WILL NEVER BE BACK AGAIN AND WILL BE TELLING ALL OF OUR FRIENDS.

  89. Seattle Mariner

    I am one of the Seattle Mariners. I have a buddy on team that we played against this last week. I decided to take him to you club. WHAT A MISTAKE. Do not get me wrong, the club and girls were amazing. However, I can not same the same for your staff. I do not know if it make a difference that it was a weekend or what… but the manager(who I talked with briefly because he was so rude), upstairs staff member(who could not make time for my questions) at the desk and wait staff were horrible. I expected more from this company and was sadly disappointed. I will not be coming back to Deja Vu and I will also be informing the other players on the team of your “service” or lack of I should say.

  90. link
  91. Johnson12

    I don’t normally go out to places like this. As soon as I arrived I was welcomed to the establishment by one of the employees Bardot. She made me feel comfortable and is a great person to have a conversation with. Also she can drop down the pole like a crazy mutha.

  92. charlie b

    Been here a good amount of time, lots of the original girls are gone, but still some fun hot new ones. Some are annoying, don’t get no for a answer. But there are some girls who just chill talk, and actually ask my name before “lapdance” Just to name a few of my favs. Sonic, Carmen, Miko, Vivianne,Angel Kelly, Aliza, Electra and kylee

  93. Joey C

    Best club Seattle has seen, Very Vegas, great girls, fantastic dances, cant wait to go back

  94. widd
  95. Tyler

    Best club in the northwest A must try

  96. adamrod

    Better than Deja Vu in Seattle but that’s not saying a whole lot. Girls were better looking but keep in mind it’s all a hustle. The private skybox is not worth it. If you absolutely have to go to a gentleman’s club for a birthday or bachelor party this would be my suggestion. If you are expecting a Vegas experience, there is still too much clothes on the dancers during lap dances.

  97. igor34

    Went here with my wife and a few friends last night. Was disappointed in my experience at this club as there is a $20 cover charge per person, female or not. (Unlike Dejavu where women get in free) my wife was extremely upset at that fact. I had a few hundred dollars to blow but ended up not spending anymore than the cover charge because $40 for me and my wife to get in is stupid. Will definitely go to Dejavu next time and won’t be back to this place. Don’t waste your time going here. Was also extremely dead granted it was a Sunday night but half the time no one was even on stage so overall extremely disappointed so I recommend trying a different club if you want to have a good time at a better price.

  98. larry1

    This place is the new Ricks because alot of strippers that work at Ricks are now working here. The competition is fierce so that is the reason alot of better looking girls are working at the same time to get your $$$ because they have too many girls working the same nights.I know many of them but what is nice is they have competition nights like the Northwest Regional Pole Competition on Feb 23rd and win over $15K in cash & prizes if you are the next Miss Pole Champ USA…Bow chicka bow bow…The place is kind of small but the nice location near the Mariners Stadium. The decor is still modern looking with two stages and seating around the circle of the stages. Lounge seats on the side with an upper level, but I do not like how they setup the VIP booth on the side because it gets really crowded and uncomfortable with people waiting on the side watching you. They have security cameras everywhere so behave. They added SkyBoxes ( Luxary suites) trying to be more vegas style but very expensive starting at $150 for 15 minutes. The entrance fee is $20 with bottomless soda while the lapdances are $20, some charge you more but it is all the same so don’t fall for it…$20 should be all you should spend unless you decide to go to the upper levels. I read Nancy B review…pretty much spot on so I only add my 2 cents.This is not my cup of tea but I added things I learned.1. Do wear a sweatsuit because girls hate grinding on your jeans.2. Do tip when they are dancing so carry alot of dollar bills.3. Do look for a girl with a big ass because a skinny girl won’t do it for you.4. The draw back if you do go early is that many girls are not working because they are mommies, so if you want to get notice at night…tip more….and they will come to you…the others tell them you don’t have any money.5. They have a parking garage so dont park across the street.6. Do not take out your cell phone and take pics, I saw a guy get toss on his ass outside and broke his phone. lol7. Watch out for the girls who likes to choke you…for them to get off.8. Take advantage of the 3 for $40 specials when they are cleaning the stages.9. My recommendations if you are going to spend alot of money, it is better to get a SkyBox with your fave girl.IMO…still a better spot to bring your out of town guest than your average DejaVu. They get a 4 star because they do have better looking girls than the other local places but too much light because some girls are ugly and you can tell right away.

  99. yyy


  100. first timer

    Went in with a small group on Friday and we left after 20 minutes without buying a dance. Nice club but too much hype over another deja vu place. It’s not my type of club.

  101. frak
  102. b


  103. AssnTits5

    Good stuff here new scenery and awesome girls! Went here with my buddy and we had a good time. You will forget your problems with them girls walkin’ around half naked. I met lovely ladies and this place has its own garage so no worries about parking.Entrance is $20 and dance is $20 too. Its same as everywhere but this place is something new to me because the dance floor is in the middle and you sit around it.Girls smells like Vanilla like always i don’t know if that’s like the national stripper scent or what. : p I got $5 Entrance when i come back so i will be taking advantage of that!Peace out Bitches!

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