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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Dancing Bare

  1. Judd

    This place is just gross and needs to step up to the plate.

    The atmosphere is dingy and the dancers are not even average. Whole different world at this club, they need a complete makeover physically and with staff. Not going back!

  2. John

    This place sucks. Ugly girls, old club and poor customer service. Don’t waste your money; go elsewhere.

  3. spanky
  4. JimmyC

    Not bad for entering through a porn shop. Improved with a second stage and a couple soft chairs/couch near stage. Dividers in dace area give some privacy. Have heard extras are possible…YMMV A couple girls have left for Pandora’s, but the few times I’ve been there and from what I hear, business is slowish.

  5. aaron

    if you guys would recall years ago that all the other clubs were dark and seedy too. its not the place you guys seem to care about, its the girls and their dances. the girls here are hot and management is very nice. especially dayshift.

  6. guy raymond

    If you have anything bad to say about this club, i know youve never been there. It looks like a whole in the wall. But, it has this atmosphere that is addicting. The girls are all pretty hot and the dances are really good. I’ve been there quite a few times. Im a regular. Janika is the hottest dancer and Daisy has curves for days. I also got dances from this tall blond, dont remember her name but, she rocked my world. As i said, if you had actually been there then you would know.

  7. joseph1k

    OK, full disclosure. I went at 0145 on a Wednesday night. It is kinda smallish on the inside and kinda seedy. There are couches on one side of the stage and folding tables and chairs on the side nearest to the door. The ladies are really friendly and some are aggressive in a good way. I kinda rebuffed them all not wanting to get tied down to one and miss other opportunities. One cute girl sat down and told me her whole sad life’s story. Despite uncomfortable silences, she was planted there. While she was dancing, a few of the other girls came over and made me wish I had not made a connection with “the sad stripper”. There is a back area “the VIP” room where they do the private dances. They start at $30 and is a basic clothed grind. There were implications that more was possible, but I wasn’t interested. The women at 2AM may not be their “A” team, but were very cute and nice. It was a little chaotic like the strippers were in charge, which was different than most places. My stripper went and (set up) played the song before she danced for me. They do not sell alcohol, so they dance nude. Hence “Dancing Bare”. These may not be the most beautiful women you will ever see in your life, but they are very sexy and nice to be around. There is a $10 cover, which also gets you a non-alcoholic drink served in a Styrofoam cup. Prime Time is 8-12 they tell me. I would probably go back.

  8. Roger

    I dropped in Saturday night and it looks like a place that shouldn’t be in business. The atmosphere is poor and the dancers are not up to what I call average. The place needs a complete makeover and the employees are not professional enough to suit me. I am not going back!

  9. joe

    was in there friday and it was packed with people and there were more than enough girls to go around cant wait till next payday i will be back thanks for the fantastic time

  10. Don

    This place is trying, but it’s a lost cause no atmosphere and what a waste of money.

  11. Old Dancers

    To Charles who inquired about Asian ‘girls’ Noi, Twai, and Cindy (who’s Eastern Indian btw): I worked with these dancers FIFTEEN years ago at New Players in Lakewood. They were in their late forties to fifties then and looking worse for the wear. They did were NOT aging well. I doubt they could get hired at ANY club in the area despite the predominance of older career dancers in local clubs.

    To whoever else keeps asking about the whereabouts of these women, give up,move on, and look for some new talent.

  12. harryharry

    Yeah the place needs work: better cooling, seating, entrance. But they are in the process of remodeling: an added stage, removing the porn shop area. The good news is that they are nice people, it’s a casual atmosphere, the dancers are nice & most are a 7 or higher. The cover is only $10 & it includes a drink. I go Friday evenings mostly, & have always been satisfied. My favorite is Brittany, a great looking petite blonde. She is very nice, honest, & FEELS great! She is there several nights. She’s been my favorite for 6 months guys! It’s not a fancy place, but they are working to improve it. Give it a shot & stay long enough to see several gals.

  13. Cody Fan

    Went to the dancing bare on sunday.and I ran into who i hadnt seen since ricks shut down.I was pleasantly suprised.the management is really working on turning the club around they just finished painting the club and are working on finishing the vip room i highly recommend visiting the dancing bare

  14. random
  15. testingthewaters

    When I went in November, one entered it through a porn store. Poor parking in the area. The VIP room was completely open to all to see. Four dancers were present, two were passable, one was almost hot, and one was ancient. All the dancers seemed willing to please, but the setting reminded me of a frat house laid out for a strip show. I doubt I will go back.

  16. mike

    went in there today, the girls are beautiful, best of any club i have seen so far.

  17. cody

    this is my new club ive been looking for a while after honeys and ricks closed and i gotta say ido believe i found it today

  18. dan

    nice club hot as fuck girl in pigtails

  19. kurt

    not a good choice for location, the club is a dive. i wouldnt recommend this club to any of my friends

  20. Hubert E.

    the sign out front tells it like it is. they do have some of the most beautiful woman at that club. i was impressed. the owner has alot of ideas to fix the place up. sounds like it will be really nice. im going back in today. couldnt get enough.

  21. jared

    all i can say is wow! i had so much fun, the ladies treat you so well, couldnt ask for better dances. nice!

  22. richard95

    Okay where do I start this place is the grimiest place I think I’ve ever been to. You walk into this small run down covered in dust porn shop with some mutant looking chick sitting at the counter which is the daughter of the owner of the place Jerry, who looks like a cross between your typical creepy old dude and a full blown rapist who cuts people open and uses there skin as lamp shades. Moving along so you walk inside and the place is just as run down raunchy and completely empty as the porn shop. The girls are always so cracked out they can barely dance. All of them openly use drugs in the restroom which you can go in there and find a bucket full of needles at any given time. If you are looking for a place to get a cheap blow job or even to have sex this is your spot those girls are prostitutes and will do anything for a dollar.P.S- The DJing is horrible they play there songs off youtube.

  23. aguy

    Okay place a little run down, but they are trying to start something. I am sure if things take off here things will get better, Just think the VU and Frank’s places had to start somewhere too. If they get a few more dancers and better private dance booths I think things here could be pretty good.

  24. AssnTits5

    This place rocks if you like hot girls great tits and amazing ass then this is the place for you! You could call it home the service and the girls are great! DANCING BARE WILL SET YOU FREE!!!

  25. henry jones

    came in on a weekday, expected it to be slow, but surprisingly it wasnt. hot girls! i was impressed, very impressed.

  26. yomamma
  27. 425ceo#1

    Yesterday on my way into downtown I stopped at the Bare. First of all it is very small time but what it lacks in big lights and too many girls, it makes up for in overall fun atmosphere. It’s like freakin “Cheers” I love it there.When I was there the carpet steaming professionals were just leaving, now I’ve never seen that b-4 at the strip club:) and apparently starting Monday until January 1st 2011, there is no cover from 11am to 4pm. I’ll be there and on the 30th for the all day showgirl Halloween Ball bash!!!!!

  28. stranger

    Yet again I have been satisfied. It is christmas and there was 7 girls working. I loved the atmosphere. I felt so warm and comfortable. Thank you ladies at the dancing bare I will return!

  29. Brian

    I don’t know how this dump could acquire a rating of 7.5 without the manager or owners faking the reviews.

  30. Jon

    I really like the Dancing Bare they always have good looking girls with the

    exception of a couple ugly ones I guess like any club. This is a smaller locally

    owned club so not quite as fancy as Dreamgirls or Ricks but they r not going to

    charge you $20 for a soda like those clubs, it’s $10 to get in and they give you 2

    free sodas. Im coming back for you Havana!! Your dances are the best!!!

  31. sam

    i love the sign outside. i have been to what i thought was all of the clubs in seattle, but then drove by this sign and saw that one of my favorite honeys girls is working there. i was so happy, i havent seen her since honeys closed. when i went in, i was happy to see that there were other girls that i havent seen. what a treat. i like the club, its nice and cozy, for lack of a better word. made me feel like i was home relaxing with my favorite stripper. i wish, house calls would be nice.

  32. bob

    went to dancing bare on friday night.it has a nice at home feel.I got dances from carrington and janica was very pleased with dances and the club over all the management is working on the necessary upgrades. I highly recomend visiting the dancing bare.

  33. Jason

    This club has quite a ways to go in being acceptable. You have to walk through a porn shop to get to the club. Seedy looking place and the quality of people running the establishment is rank. I am never going back.

  34. charles

    are there any asian ladies here named noy or rose or mexican named cindy sunny

  35. larry

    great looking girls, didnt see one ugly one at all. clubs needs a little tlc but, the dances were the best i have had in a long time

  36. fisherdex1

    I went in there on weekday in the early evening. I got a lap dance from a cute gal that went by the name Ocean. She was the only one there. She charged me $30 for a lap dance. It felt really good.

  37. kramer azup

    was there saturday night. met this goreous girl, jenica was it? definatly my new favorite. good dances too, then i met another looker, mandy. wow, overall, i had a great time.

  38. out of towner

    came in with friends from out of town. sure this place doesnt compare to houston or vegas but, the girls and management very interactive. they dont have many girls but they were all hot. the place has a good vibe. who cares about the porno shop, go in through the back if you dont like it. my wife will love this place when i bring her out here next month

  39. Jack

    I like this place, there are no ugly chicks here. And I love how the girls get their pussys way up to the end of the stage, got an excellent view. Good dances too! I miss Ricks but, i may not be upset for long if I continue to go to this place.

  40. Darren

    I thought that this club was fun. I was unsure at first, but once you get inside. The girls were gorgeous. I didn’t expect this seeing that it was the middle of the day. Nice management too. They sat and talked with me about the clubs all being in a transition faze, I agree. every club that I have been to has been the same. I like it here.

  41. Kittens

    Just come to Kittens so we stop posting fake reviews.

  42. Tile

    Was shown a kick ass time by my friends at this spot, really

    enjoyed myself

  43. Pete

    I went to the dancing bare for the first time last night.I got a dance from Delila all I can say is wow what an experience.I highly recommend visiting the dancing bare i will be back real soon

  44. Jeff

    Wouldn’t hit this place again. Let down again after the second time. No hot girls, and not worth it.

  45. customer

    Was in there today and i absolutly love the atmosphere. The place is all decerated for christmas and the girls are beautiful. I will be bank thank you.

  46. Smythe

    I know that this club doesn’t look like much…yet. They are working on things to

    get this place to look and feel classier. Although it will take a while to get better,

    they need customers and cash flow to make it happen. The one bright spot so

    far is that the girls are great, and I certainly got my money’s worth with my


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