Pin Ups Strip Club



2788 East Ponce de Leon Avenue, Decatur, GA 30030


33.7789955, -84.2767526



8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Pin Ups Strip Club

  1. Paul R.

    Nice place to sit and chill until a select few of the women there start to beg you to buy drinks for them. Other than that they have very nice table dances and a bunch of sexy women which surprised me during the daytime. I’ve never gone at night so I can’t comment on the night part of the club but only the day version.

  2. maxxy1

    I used to LOVE Pinups! Now.. it’s just like every other damn strip club. Same females. Same dances. I do like the size of Pinups over most of the other strip clubs in the Atlanta area. There are actually places to sit and play pool and you don’t feel like you’re being stalked by the dances..

  3. jersey boy

    not bad at all!

  4. Michael D.

    Being from Texas and only the second srtip club that I have been to in the Atl, Hands down I like the place Much better nthan Storkers. Will been flying in some friends from H-Town soon.

  5. Johnson12

    First time at this spot was for New Years eve! Pulled up, parking lot looked full BUT the inside had maybe 20 people including the dancers. $10 to park $15 to get in and drinks were $11 a piece. One thing I didn’t like is that most of the dancers hair wasn’t done. -__-. I left shortly after to somewhere I should’ve gone first. I don’t think it’s a bad club but that night it was dead as heck.

  6. Rickbfreaky2

    Very spacious, hot women, Nice

  7. Louis

    I don’t recommend.

  8. D.J
  9. Yuck!
  10. larry1

    this is a cool lil spot on the east side well it is actually kinda big with some large VIP sections. Dances are $5 and drinks are priced reasonably. They also have about 6 pool tables in club, 4 right when you come in and another 2 way in the back by the ladies dressing room. 420 friendly so definitely my kind of place. Even though i have been put out several times, just pay after every dance cause some them hoes cant count.

  11. Shelton
  12. clubgoer

    Fine ass black girls and value for the money.

  13. rambo

    I went there on a sunday night 07/2008. angel gave me a good dance. cover was $15.00. lap dances were $5 but sometimes they did not play the whole song. dancers were mostly big asses. some contact . i did not try vip . overall not a bad value for money.

  14. strawberry

    i have danced their and the money is pretty good. the guys like to play games and they act like they don’t know whats really good. as a dancer i would recommend anyone to come out if your looking for work. best time to work nights really anytime doing the week.

  15. 730

    PinUps has some banging chicks…..You get quality dances and chicks are cool….

  16. rogerrab2

    I would never visit this place again. It’s dirty, the dancers don’t look clean. The staff is rude. And to top it all off, they have 2 ATM’s at the front door that don’t work.

  17. Rick

    This club is consistent: There’s always seem to be only a $10 cover charge, they don’t charge for parking until the late night, the drinks are never watered down. And $5 for a decent lap dance? I ain’t complainin! This is my spot! F*ck Strokers!

  18. williamr

    Upon arrival parking lot was empty..still parking was $10 got in….. fewer people than cars outsideat this point I’m like wtf is going on. Got in and girls at door had nasty attitudes….got to the bar and bartender had nasty attitude and demanded that I tip her like 3 girls on the floor. No one came and asked if we wanted a dance or anything. I was with my sister BTW… We were basically ignored the whole time. Lol no customer service I guess if u don’t have a dick you’re basically invisible. Money is still green and they missed out cuz we had plenty of it but hey we’ll stick to Magic City. But got studs in there as security BYE… will NEVER go back and definitely wouldnt recommend to females. And the girls were ugly anyway!!!

  19. Tom

    This is not a good place to go.

  20. Jason

    This place is where its at!! Forget the rest, because Pin-Ups has the competition wanting to be like them!

  21. Michael S.

    This place need a new business model. I went here last night and for the life of me I don’t know why lol. We were held up in line for no.reason (about 15 mins). Once we got inside I was shocked that the place was empty. We take our.seats and.proceeded to jump start this weak economy. The talent was better than expected. I.did notice the are short so chances are if you go to.a 10.00 club you will get longer.lap dances and burn.through less money. Make sure you tip the waitress …they work hard for.their money. Some of.the waitress look like they need tobbe well.

  22. Tiko

    I agree! I checked this place out and the girls look nasty. Hoes w/ stab holes and bullet wounds up in here. Believe me none of them are strippin for tuition. Probably to buy pampers and milk with all the stretch marks I saw! Yes the security and staff are rude, even though YOU are PAYING for stuff all night. The safety Im not so sure of. SOMEONE CAR GOT STOLEN THERE! Be careful guys!

  23. billtheguy12

    I come here for poker mostly. As a strip club, it’s above average. A lot of thickness and spinners for a $5 dollar club. I’d advise coming before 8 p.m. as the dancers aren’t in “get money” mode yet. They are a lot more chill and down to earth early.After 8, it’s hit or miss. It’s a hit if you cam establish a good rapport with a couple dancers. Should you be able to do so, stick w/ them your entire time and do go for variety as you could be let down.Otherwise, you’ll notice a lot of cute yet lazy dancers. I mean, many won’t walk 10 yards over to you to offer you a dance. Also, although it’s a $5 dance per song strip club, don’t expect your dance to make it through the 2nd verse. The DJ changes songs so quickly, you’re more likely to get better dance value at a $10 strip club.I come here on Wednesdays to play poker and it’s my favorite poker game in Atlanta. The game play is a bit aggressive and the players can be rough around the edges but it’s all love and fun. Moreso, there’s $5 wings and drinks (literally every possible spirit) along with $3 Heineken and Corona.Tequila, the poker bartender, is stunning and the sweetest young lady in the world!

  24. Dedrick
  25. Marcus

    I dont like this spot.

  26. mike


  27. ty
  28. Brandon Barber

    Love this place u should feel lucky to walk in a great strip club like this one.

  29. igor34

    Pro- it was a Sunday that my boyfriend and I came so we only had a cover charge of $5. The dances were $5.00 as well. There is a lot of space and the music was okay. My drink was strong. The females there were thick.Con- I didn’t really see a female I wanted a dance from but I ended up settling for one. We ordered wings which were super small but good. I will come back on a more popular night.There were a lot of cars there but not many people inside.

  30. Jaguar

    This was the last club I worked at when I lived in Georgia before moving back to Louisiana. I love this club, the dancers come in a variety, and the staff is great. I always recommend this club when people ask which spot to go to. They are consistent!!! I miss it!!!

  31. Upenzi

    The women aren’t bad to look at, but some of them appear a little lazy. Their bodies aren’t bangin but neither is mine, so swing low long titties…swing low. The drinks are decent. The wings look like pigeons…I do not recommend them at all. They were salty, smaller than my pinky finger and took over an hour to arrive. One thing I like is that you’re to smoke near the billiards, that’s a + for my man since he smokes. But upon arriving home, I reeked of smoke. It was terrible! The parking is a little weird, $20 to park up front, $10 in the back. I didn’t really see the difference since you still have to use your legs and walk to the door.

  32. Brownskin M.

    This is my spot! The dancers are good, I would recommend this spot but I was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED that they stopped selling wings and my FAVORITE dancer wasn’t there! SO DISAPPOINTING!!!!!! BRING BACK THE WINGS!

  33. winston12

    I never experienced a police raid prior to visiting pin ups. Other than that it was a good time. Nonetheless, you wont find me there. It’s not worth the risk.

  34. gee

    nice chill spot

  35. Tray

    The Dancers are Hot and talk about your Choices.

    for the most part the Dances are worth it. but every now and then the DJ thinks hes at a night club and starts mixing his songs too close together (we know what thats about) VIP is too in the open but its still one of ATLs hottest clubs

  36. Big D.

    The most incredible dancers I’ve ever seen, and place was crawling with them. Acceptable prices, but seedy crowd (but so what). Just like out of your favorite rap video, you won’t be dissappointed.

  37. Cobra K.

    I hate the fact that I have to pay for parking…I hate the stupid cover charge and I hate the fact that the $5 dances are only 2 minutes long. Don’t let the $5 dance fool you…I think you get the same mileage out of a $10 dance as you do 2 $5 dances. Plus, some of the girls will dance for you halfway through the 2 minute song!

  38. Shawanda M.

    stripper poles, baby oil and a whole lotta $1 bills. how could you go wrong.went here earlier this year for boyfriend’s bday…then the best friend decided she wanted to go here after her birthday dinner. and here we go…i think my best friend and i have a girl crush on one of the strippers. therefore, she takes all of our money. good times.the dj is fun…and he put up with our drunken requests. the parking lot is huge and free! sometimes, the lady working at the door, gives away oatmeal cream pies!all in all, good clean classy fun. 🙂

  39. Tyler S.

    I can see why I’ve been abstaining from visiting a strip club for all of my years even though I love to party and talk to girls. This was my first experience, and I’ll never be back to another nudie club.I knew someone who had connections so I can get in for free, so the overwhelming cost of just getting in here was offset. $10 to park, $25 to enter… I mean, society really takes man to be a total fool for entering here. That’s already $35. For what? To stand around at a stinky bar and watch girls that you’ll never screw? You have to enter through a metal detector. Drinks are $5 at the minimum, so assuming that one buys three drinks, that’s $15. You’re already set back a total of $50 now. Then, as the girls walk around soliciting ass dances for $5 a song, I guess many get suckered in to buying 2 of those, so you’re now set back $60. None of these loser guys have any of that kind of money for more than one night. It’s all a big show. I saw a couple of guys tossing around money at the dancing girls, so if you do that, you’ve now indulged $70 in debt to a nudie club. Let’s say you want to play some billiards. That will be $3 a game, so now you’re behind $73 in one night. Want to go to the VIP section (which is no more than the left side of the bar) for no good reason whatsoever? That will be $10, so you’ve now spent $83. Can you pay your rent now or buy any groceries? What a joke!Strip clubs suck! I’ll never go to one again. The bar staff is rude. The place is completely sold on the demonic being that is the beautiful woman. Some guy was mad at me that “I stepped in front of him” and gave me the impression that it would have been easy to get in a fight. I think he’s just mad that he made a bad choice in life to go to such a place and spend so much money. The strippers dance on you then go to their little safe zones in the back or in the staff-only VIP bar. For those that have common sense, why get a dance from a girl who’s been putting it down on a dozen guys when you can go elsewhere and possibly get a free dance from a regular girl who respects herself more? Guys (or girls if they swing that way) think they can get lucky with the dancers, and these strippers bait them along for more dances. Nudie dancers surely lead screwed up lives full of drugs, violence, and STD’s. She’ll lead you to your destruction, and you’ll be happy to pay for it! Who wants to be the boy toy who runs around throwing cash at females when he gets nothing in return for it? Not me! As a Christian, this is idol worship. I also wager I’ll get farther with women in that I’ll choose to just stick with normal bars and do my karaoke acts, even with as bad as the female power game is at those places as it is. Women think they deserve the transfer of wealth and resources from men just because they have ass and tits. I don’t think so! I know the economy sucks, and these chicks (men, too) have trouble finding decent-paying jobs, so they turn to this lifestyle, which is destructive.

  40. XhXeXy

    I haven’t been here for a minute. Now they charge for parking. $20 in the lot or $10 for the adjoining lot which wasn’t too far from the door. I was there for a birthday party so I didn’t have to wait in line. I can’t tell you the cover charge but they were holding the line because when I got inside it wasn’t even close to being packed. There weren’t a lot of girls in there- at least not like there were last time I visited. I still had a good time. The girls looked good. The lap dances were cheap. That’s all I need.

  41. Trey L.

    If you want to bring a person to a strip club that will give them the ATL experience Pin Ups is the place. Regular non rapper, d-boys, producers, african prince type people can come here and not be out rained. They also have poker occasionally and stay open late. 5 dollar dances, but watch out for fake dollars in your change.

  42. fuckery12

    Not a classy place, but you are bound to have a good time… $10 definitely goes a long way here… If that…Good place to go for a birthday party…They just need to have better standards for their dancers… I don’t want to see C-Sections marks and strecthed skin hanging loose….

  43. NY 2 ATL

    You get your moneys worth there. 5 bucks for a lapdance is ok with me and some of them walk around nude. Not all are dyme pieces, but you have some nice looking ones there…..spacious inside and room to move is a must in a stripclub.

  44. Jack

    The dancers were nasty, the club was nastier. GOT TB?

  45. adamrod

    MS. JUICY??!! …..Watch out for a sheisty Snobby C section high yellow female with the tramp stamp JUICY on her back it will be a little hard to see cause she also has a comic book jungle of other messy trash collage tattoos on there but she gave a super lazy dance to a birthday friend that was so bad she should have paid us to watch they like to hustle ppl out of money by starting there dance in the middle of a song to get you to pay the price of 2 dances for 1 while the dj speeds up the music so your dance will end faster.. its some sexy girls there but seen girls shake it up better on youtube… the pool tables look like they didnt have any baby sitters so they sat there babies on the table to spin around piss and shit on it plus there’s sticky floors chipmunk voice music every song sounds the damn same no bpm or tempo change ups but here is the full run down knife wounds gun shot wounds bad blonde weaves long Hanging clitoris the mangled hamburger helper cellulite stretch mark bootys are on deck please dont eat here !!! Why would you eat here? if what you can see isnt clean just imagine how dirty the kitchen you cant see is.. I got love for hood spots but respect your customers they keep your lights on and your music playing but the truth is this one hood spot needs to be shut down simple and plan if you got some money and wanna enjoy yourself go to club cheetah if all else fails there atleast the food is safe to eat but skip this one

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