Knockouts Gentlemen’s Club



1580 Clark Street, Arcadia, CA 91006


34.1014803, -118.0064935




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Knockouts Gentlemen’s Club

  1. livinlikelarry

    I went down to knockouts last night and the security said I was banned from knockouts and I ask him what was the reason that I was banned and he told me that he doesn’t know and he told me to talk to the owner and I told him go get the owner so I can talk to him and he said the is busy so I just left that’s some BS

  2. Dan D.

    This place seriously sucked. First when we walked in some tall guy in a shirt, tie, and glasses kept looking us up and down for some reason. When we walked in we all got some drinks and I overheard the guy tell some of the dancers who were at the bar that not to bother with us because we didn’t have money. That was complete crap because we went there all with at least over a hundred each to spend but after hearing that we became hesitant. We stayed just to check out the place because it is totally different than it used to be. They put some real nice tv’s in but took out off the pool tables and charge a grip for one glass of beer now. We used to be able to get a pitcher for ten dollars but now it was over seven for a glass. Still we were like whatever and we wanted to check it out but after being there for an hour and a half we had seen five girls get on stage, for two songs each, and only two took off their tops!! It is the first strip club I’ve been to ever where a girl makes it through the second song without taking off their top but more than one girl did it! Even crazier is that there would be no one on stage for almost 15 minute periods. The place was a huge sausagefest and they definitely need more girls because they were almost non existent. I would recommend going to City of industry for strip clubs because this place was a serious waste of time and money.

  3. ryan123

    Came in here for a friend’s Birthday Celebration, and I gotta say…What a good time! Full bar, drink specials every few minutes. Girls were friendly and not pushy, SO friendly that you actually WANT to give them your money lol. TV’s everywhere so if there’s a game on they have it. It’s a Topless Bar so no full nudity for you Perv’s out there, but just enough to make it naughty! We really didn’t care just had a good time B-day boy was happy.

  4. DexterRexter

    You can tell once you pull up that it’s a newer establishment. I was able to park literally right in front. I came on a Monday (Presidents’ Day). I went with my man. When we walked up, the bouncer in front was super nice. He let us know that it was slow today (6 girls). I appreciate the heads up, but we just wanted to check it out. It’s $5 before 9 & $10 after. Luckily we made the cut off for $5. They have a pretty nice set up. Everything is new so you can’t go wrong. As soon as you walk in the stage is to your left and bar to your left. They have $3 beers but we don’t drink beer so we still paid $6 for a drink. That’s not bad. I know it was slow, but it took at least 20 minutes until the first stripper came on. I didn’t care for that. I came here to watch these girls work. Two of them were chit batting with the men. In the hour we were there, only two girls went up to dance. At one point, there was literally 3 customers there, including me and my man! All I wanted was the girls to dance on stage! I was super disappointed! Ugh came here to spend money, but ended up leaving with money still in my pocket. They’re loss!

  5. williamr

    I popped in on a Friday after leaving work (@ 2:30). I figured I would stop by and have a beer and check it out. There are not many establishments like this here in the SGV, so I was curious. Granted, not much happens at 2:30 at Men’s clubs, until Athena sat with me. Maybe 5′ and 110 lbs. Latina with a beautiful smile. Sweet young gal. Bartender was pretty and nice.Anyway, this first try was cool, but I want to see it at night.

  6. maxxy1

    I love this spot. It’s awesome. Security is friendly, professional, and awesome! Dj has it on lock down. Bartender is quick and friendly! Great to come watch a fight. Huge tv’s. The appearance of the club itself is really nice. It doesn’t feel crusty. Its clean, great lighting, comfortable seating, and nice layout. The dancers will put on a show, work that pole ya Bish!

  7. marlonmoney12

    Best strip club,!!! Bomb girls. Good atmosphere… Totally recommend this spot… Good beer prices

  8. fritter17

    I’ve been to plenty of clubs and by far this has to be the best looking one i’ve seen!! Its not your average california club this is more like vegas. Beer, shots, shooter specials cant beat that!! Musics great the girls are awesome. Free before 9pm!! Best deals i’ve had!!!

  9. adamrod

    I visited this location on a Sunday afternoon to catch the Dallas Cowboys v.s Indianapolis Colts game. The so called “TOPLESS TAILGATE PARTY” was mediocre, only cause soon as i set foot in the upscale club lounge venue, I was ask to put my shirt back on.” I thought it was a topless party I said” Oh well…..Straight to the bar I went where I got a super bowl woody when I seen the on tap selection. Staff was super friendly, and even with they’re HUGE CHICHI’s beasting out on full display. “Mmmm” I could not help but endulge in the mystical coversations of group sex that included myself and my partner as TATANKA, and I in a luchador mask, & EL PERRO AGUAYO boots. I don’t usually eat at strip clubs, but all that talk about favorite techniques to climax made me hungry, So I step outside for a hotdog. Sadly there was no cook outside in the back patio, just a grill with flames heating the grill. I stayed out side to chat with the girls Witch I must say, VERY VERY NICE! I stepped back in and the music is blasting and on point. Normally at this point I would go BALLZ TO THE WALL with JAGGER BOMBS! Witch they do have, But I was there for a football game. Halftime came and we left cause they kept changing our t.v. to a raider game. Who wants to see a raider game? Not this guy. Beer was flat and wasn’t charge for the drinks cause the tap was at it’s end. I would definitely come back but not to watch a football game.

  10. joseph1k

    Came here to watch the fight at this sports bar. Great deal on drinks, they have a huge projector screen and a bunch of TVs near the bar. A friend of mine took advantage of the 2 for 1 offer for a dance with the ladies. They also have $100 VIP rooms which are located in the back. In addition they have an ATM which charges $5. Come prepared if you plan to spend money. The cover charge was $10.

  11. james1412

    I would have to say from start to finish was a very unpleasant experience. I walked in and went up to the bar for a drink. Bartender was not attentive whatsoever. I waited about 20 minutes for vodka club. And please keep in mind this was on wed @6pm. When she finally got to me she helped another guy that came in after me. My buddy finally showed and up a bit later and he had the same experience waited for a miller lite for 10 min. By this time I’m like whatever dude. Next, the dancers that were working weren’t paying attention to anybody new. Only the regulars didn’t even bother to ask us for a dance. Maybe if their boyfriends wouldn’t be sitting there they could probably do their job better. We were there from 6-8 and not once did someone pick my empty glasses or ask if we needed anything.I have to say even thought its closer I will not go back again. Not my idea of a good time. Pretty sad!!! I will make the drive to the Rhino.

  12. larry1

    Its my first time going there and it’s actually very nice and one of the only spots that sell beer. So they’re only a topless establishment. They do have drink specials two for ones which make it worth the while and the women there are very nice looking. The music is decent. I recommended it. it’s a little bit of a drive but it’s worth it.. Oh its a $10 cover.

  13. nickstrip

    Great place. First time here had a wonderful time. Nice drink and dance specials(: They have a DJ and plenty of TVs showing all the games. Was here with my homies watching Game 6 of the NBA finals. Got a lap dance 2 for 20, awesome deal! Bartenders and security are friendly. Only downside is that you can’t wear caps, but it’s cool. I’ll just have to do my hair next time. Definitely coming back when I’m free!!

  14. richard95

    Fight night at knocks outs…take a look around and witness everyone in some sort of trance from the screens hovering above our heads. When the main event ends, music plays, and the games begin.Side note: If you intend to use your card as a form of payment don’t expect to be prompted about additional fees before or after buying drinks.

  15. StripClub431

    I couldn’t care less about a fake stripper. They were showing Thursday night football, NBA games, and NHL. Beers were cheap. The place was okay until this one stripper tried to sit at our table. She had to have been 40 lbs overweight and even if she was good looking I wasn’t interested as sports are priority.I agreed to buy her a drink out of pity. When I made a joke, she got super rotten throwing middle fingers in my face and cursing in an unattractive way. I cancelled the drink as I said, “I change my mind on the drink, have a good night.” All she had to do was walk away but she got even more ghetto. I get paid to deal with unpleasant people; not pay to deal with them.Later I’m ordering tacos with a friend and she started to beg for us to buy her a taco. Lol. So much for watching the Bengals, Kings, and Trailblazers at once. Somebody feed this chick and give her some attention; cause I wont!! Lol

  16. pete s.

    major overhaul compared to what it was previously. great layout, very clean. girls are good-very good-hot. great tv’s and staff.

  17. Johnnyboy123

    This is my first time on a Sunday for the NFL Sunday Ticket and it’s actually pretty cool. Have all the games, great drink specials, burgers & hotdogs, more then 6 girls working and great vibe. The former owner didn’t know how to run a club on a Sunday, that’s why this new club is making money and owned by a competent owner. =)

  18. Laura M.

    I celebrated my birthday here, and was treated amazingly. The girls, the DJ, the service, it was pretty excellent! Thanks for the great entertainment!

  19. tonycluber

    Decent happy hour. Call ahead if you plan on watching a major sporting event for $ of the charge cover. The Taco Man is better than the Backyard BBQ. TACOS: $1.25 vs BBQ Plate: $7. As for the entertainers…let’s just say I rather give my $ to the two adorable Asian bartenders. Gent’s leave the gats at home they pat down at the door.

  20. winston12

    This club is big for no reason is bad dj lil white boy dj soooooo bad they need a new dj I think he needs to retire Already … He always on a bad attitude don’t I mean he don’t even know how to dj like Wtf ….

  21. Mauricio V.

    It’s a cool lil dive in bar the women are not all that great and the service was horrible not really sure if I would return.

  22. rogerrab2

    Amazing experience! Great staff and dancers. As soon as you walk in you feel welcomed. Definitely making it my go to spot.

  23. rickywho2

    Had a blast on my birthday. Cool atmosphere, very laid back. It started off a little slow, but as the night wore on things really picked up. Quite a variety of hardworking ladies here. Very attentive and friendly 🙂 The DJ put on a bit of edm that I wouldn’t expect to hear in this type of place. The drinks were stiff, and my ass couldn’t get out of bed for 2 days. Recommended!

  24. Weedman420

    Eh, I went to this place to have a few beers and watch a UFC match, which it was good for. What it wasn’t good for was the ambiance, it’s dj, and the women. I can’t explain the ambiance… I just didn’t like it… it was to dark, couldn’t see the girls to well. Also, there wasn’t enough seats there when I went, I ended standing the whole time.The dj absolutely sucked and had a horrifically annoying voice. Selection of music was meh…The woman were the typical woman you would expect to find at a strip club, a little overweight, old, and somewhat ugly. Not a single one stood out to me as particularly beautiful. All in all, I’m glad I went, so I know to never go again!

  25. Callae G.

    My boyfriend and I had SO MUCH FUN here. AllOf the dancers were super down to earth and friendly. The doorman was awesome too. Drinks were cheap. I loved how the dancers came out to smoke and drink with us like we were actually friends. No stuck up attitudes here at all. My favorite dancer was Kitty. She was gorgeous beyond words and very very talented. I will be back for sure!! Thanks guys!!!!

  26. XhXeXy

    I came to visit this new strip club on a Friday night. My buddies arrived around 11:30 pm and found this place to be very disappointing. I struggled to stay at this club for one entire hour. Within this one hour, there was only two girls dancing on the stage. At most, there were five girls walking about… none of which were friendly enough to talk with. Five dollar for a Corona’s ??? I felt like I was being ripped off at a club in Hollywood. But the reality I was in a very lame strip club in Arcadia . On the positive side, there are lots of TVs and a full bar. But if you wanted to watch a sports game, just go anywhere else but here. If you just go to a bar or Hooters, you don’t have to pay a cover charge. I won’t be surprised if this place go out of business within one month.

  27. AssnTits5

    I have come to this club periodically and always have a good time even on a slower night. Last night I went in just to watch the Paquiao fight. I was planning on leaving after the fight but after a few drinks and a very fun and hot girl named Ceci kept me good company I ended up hanging out the entire night. This was the most fun on a Saturday I have had in a long time.

  28. Dean B.

    So I make a ride over here to see some boobies on my birthday. Granted it is Mothers Day but there is not a female in sight. 8 guys sitting around. Is this not a strip club? In outta here.

  29. Alvaro S.

    Good drinks, oldschool wednesday and happy hour all night on Tuesdays. Halloween night was pretty tight

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