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8914 Lake City Way Northeast, Seattle, WA 98115


47.6937567, -122.3052052




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Pandora’s Adult Cabaret

  1. Bestist club in WA

    Unless you like shopping a K-mart this is the club with the

    best of everything.

  2. Unhappy Camper

    I now know why this club is not in Seattle’s top list and why

    it’s rated so low on this site. I came in Monday night

    looking for a new experience. Unfortunately, what I received

    was anything but new or young. The girls here are hand me

    downs and rejects from every other club.

  3. Linrup

    I cant believe I fell for the last posting and tried this place. Very disappointed, I was expecting new girls and they still have the old dogs they’ve been selling for years. I will not be back and I will not believe one good post out of forty

  4. Old

    I feel this club would be great if it were 1955 but with todays upbeat demand they are way too small and the parking isn’t able to keep up with the small capacity let alone anything else. Dream Girls at Ricks seems a better set up for todays customer

  5. Mikey

    I LOOOOOVE THIS CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Just bad

    I wish I could say something nice but there isn’t much to say good except they are open

  7. Billy

    Just incredible how this club has gone down the shitter, all the good girls are gone and the number of dancers have dropped off

  8. Toni

    Been coming here for years now. Things always getting better. Not a 4 Million $ club but the girls and the people that work here are priceless. Well rounded girl quality, something for everyone. Great staff.
    This club has the distinction of having the most Trolls per visitor than any other club in town. That should tell you something. Always a great vibe here,ALWAYS!

  9. james

    really a good clubstop by and spend some time at

  10. Yetti

    pretty obious that why this club rates so low, the only comparable clubs in the area are the Vu clubs and this club is just on a lower scale than they are

  11. Han

    Sad, Sad,Sad

  12. mack

    not a very present experience here, too many druged out girls on the floor

  13. Been There

    Too much drama in here for me. A dancer bitching about what she had to

    do to make a buck, listening to the staff yell at another girl on the floor over

    money she owes, just too much for me. I came in to have a good time not

    all this BS

  14. Mr Wonderful

    As I say on T.V. This Club Is Dead To Me

  15. Creed

    What ever happen to this club, it used to be a great club to go to but the dancers are getting as ran down as the rest of the place.

  16. Pandoras good

    That is all.

  17. Cuttlefish

    Is this place some kind of bad joke on the clientele? I don’t think getting ripped off by lying strippers is funny.

  18. richard95

    This is not an exotic entertainment facility, this is a brothel filled with drugged single moms. Great place to find hookers.

  19. BP

    Club has gone down in recent months, they might be able to climb their way out of this funk

  20. Jimmy

    Id put this place in the same category as Centerfolds and Dancing Bares, there only seems to be one outfit in the north end that seems any where professional and that would be the Vu group of clubs, I have truly been waiting for the Vu to have some competitor, but this isn’t it

  21. ML
  22. Confused

    Needs to be cleaned. I have seen truck stops that are clear. Average looking night girls with a bunch of attitude. A few are great but the others rune it for others. Days are fun but there are no 8s or higher

  23. Hector

    I have seen hole in the walls with more to offer than this place, the building should be condem along with the so called dancers some of them are old enough to be my grandmother

  24. JJ

    What is wrong with these broads ? I agreed to a 30 dollar dance and when it was done she demanded 50 bucks, I told her that isnt what we agreed to and she got the manager who sided with her and demanded that I pay or I would get my ass kick

  25. chris dale

    This is the best club in the world.

  26. Kittens

    Just come to Kittens so we stop posting fake reviews.

  27. GG

    Still trying to figure out why I came here and left even more baffled. Club is pretty run down inside and not well kept. Dancers are a little long in the tooth

  28. Big Sam
  29. False

    Yes, they’re fake. Seriously is another fake name the manager uses to post fake reviews. This place is a crapshoot of a stripclub, but the odds are you won’t want to get a dance from anyone here.

  30. Kenny

    The rateings and reviews say it all about this club, no more to add

  31. What the hell

    What the hell happened to this club? it was a good club last year and now it has taken a big shit! They used to have hot girls now all they have are worn out hags

  32. Expecting More

    Read some of the posts on the comment side and you’ll get an idea of the type of ‘women’ working at this club. Classless, clueless, and drug addicted. The ‘Honey Boo Boos’ of the Seattle Strip club scene reside here and it’s definitely not pretty

  33. JoJo

    They were a good club before they lost all thier hot dancers to Dream Girls at Ricks

  34. Larry

    Dream Girls at Ricks is a much better club than this one. This would be a pretty good little place if they would clean it once in awhile and hire some decent girls

  35. BustedKnut

    No food or booze. I only go during the day. There will be some older gals with boltons or some thicker gals. I just go to get a blowjob or to fuck in the vip. Just let the dancer know what you are looking for. Never pay more than 150.

  36. Randy

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice , shame on me. Don’t beliieve

    these phony reviews, I have been there three times hoping things will change

    but they remain the same, same drug out girls, same garbage laying around

  37. Rodger

    They need new talent. One girl had a shrunkenface and alligator teeth. Another chick smelled like B.O. Finally I saw a fine blond chick but she ended up taking me for $120 for nothing!

  38. Chris

    How does this dump even rate on here, Dancers are evryone eles rejects, employees dont care about anything , and the whole place stinks of smoked pills

  39. Nat

    This place is the ultimate disappointment

  40. Frustrated

    I’ve been a customer here for some time and I have seen Pandora’s raise from the deep to become one of the best clubs to sink like a rock. I hope for the best for this club but I’m afraid it has seen the glory days come and go

  41. Mr. Kool

    GREAT dances n beautiful ladies.. ALOT off dancers to choose

    from.. liked that the waitresses didnt bother me about buying

    ladies club in Seattle

  42. John Q
  43. Robo
  44. real custumer

    if you ever been taken to the cleaners before then this is the club for you. Went in Thursday a couple weeks ago and bought some dances on my credit card and couldn’t believe it when I got my statement, I was double charged. When I called the club they gave me the run around and told me I was out of luck! I have called my credit card co and I am filing a complaint.

  45. Imposter

    The reviews below are fake. Nothing’s changed. The club must be trying to improve their rating.

  46. Brad

    if your going to run a whore house, at least have some decent looking whores. The girls here are what I would call 10 shot girls ( it takes 10 shots of whiskey to make them attractive ), there are plenty of clubs in washington that have more attractive girls

  47. Same Old BS

    S.O. you must be coming here after they close working on

    material for your next Same Old BS reviews. They read like

    a broken record. The place ain’t perfect but it is doing it

    better than any other club in town. Only place in town

    where employees get 100% Med & Dental ins.

  48. Re JW

    JW ( Joe Walker owner ) I plan on never coming back to this cesspool, if I

    could get back my $15 for the 12minutes I wasted coming in , I would. Of

    course your laughing at us fools who do come in, why don’t you invest in

    something that most businesses have , it’s called a Janitor so us customers

    don’t end up used condoms on the bottom of our feet

  49. Olly

    lost my wallet here and no seems to be able to find it, the girl who danced for me just disappeared and no one here seemed to care. Oh well lesson learned , will have to spend the night reporting my atm and credit cards stollen

  50. Benny

    Its a hard club to rate cause you’ve got Ricks down the road from it and once you have been to Ricks everything else seems sub par

  51. re:

    I think all Pandora’s dancers are at Pandora’s. Wait, that

    seems to be way to simple.

  52. Hustled

    I bougut some VIP from fuckin padima / patty / whoever and she said shed be back

    welp SHE DID NOT RETURN 30 minutes later, fuck this place

  53. Rick

    The club of the north end is and always will be Ricks, this establishment falls behind in parking and stages and the stage lights don’t do any of the girls any justice, the best comparison would be a fresh doughnut compared to a week old one

  54. Alf

    The night I was in was a total train wreck. if I wanted to hear bitching about needing money or prsonal problems, Id stayed home. I waish I could get a refund but of coarse they dont do that, once you pay to come in thats it your screwed

  55. Bad

    If this is the best Seattle has to offer then the city is in worst shape than I have ever thought in my travels

  56. Gone

    This establishment has gone since my last visit a year ago, seems like it was deserted and not paid attention to

  57. Sad

    just plain sad to see what has been happening to pandoras

  58. Drew

    came in day time thurs, most of the talent seemed a little long in the tooth, hung out for about a hour and then headed down to the Vu

  59. John

    A sad little club with not enough parking ( much like danceing bear)and cameras all over the place. Floor space is cramp and stages placed in the middle of floor (akward) dont help matters and there is nothing worse than buying a dance and looking direcly into the mens room

  60. RD K.

    Small size club with two stages. The girls working rated as; a few 3 to 4, most were 6 to 8, one was definitely 9+. The staff was friendly and the girls were even more friendly. Lapdances are at reasonable rates and they were excellent. That was my first time visiting Pandora’s, and I will go back when visiting the seattle area. I would of rated 5 stars but they didn’t serve alcohol. Think it’s a seattle thing.

  61. Andy

    If your looking for any of ur local favorites they’re here. They leaven the Vu n go

    work here. Best dances

  62. Happy

    Everytime I hit this club, I leave happy.

    I been hitting it for a year.

    First time in I see a girl name Payton. She is maybe a five.

    We head back for a dance. Within seconds, she whips my dick out and starts sucking. I blew my nut in her mouth for two songs.

    She has disappeared.

    Since then I have fucked Sybil, Anna, Janika (in the parking lot next door), Marissa, Courtney (bj only), Monse, & Holly.

  63. Re:Old

    Your comment makes absolutely no sense at all. The only

    thing this troll comment has to say is that it is from

    Ricks and they are better suited for “something”. Dumbest

    cyber-attack I have ever seen.

  64. Abe

    this club is the nastiest place ever. I feel like I need a penicillin shot just sitting down in here, its like where gross strippers go to die

  65. Little k

    My type of place, I love fat chicks and they had more than I’ve seen for


  66. Slippely Slope

    This place just slip down a little bit more after losing Ducati, all there good girls are moving on

  67. miserable

    so i wnt to this club last night pd 10 cover then 5 for dirnk. saw about 15 girls maybe but mostly crackhead lookin chics and ugly ones. had a couple cuties tho. after a while talking to the cuti named peachs she told me no full service but shed spit polish the nob so i took that but when i popped she acted all pissed off and told me shed have me tossed out if i didnt pay more. didnt want trouble so i paid her extra on top of what we agreed to but was supper pissd. decent number of girls but most aint worth looking at then one of the only good lookin ones riped me off.

  68. davey11

    A club raned by drug dealers for drug users

  69. Troll Alert

    Never mind the managers pointless plea in the last post, this club has lost its mojo and is a shadow of its formal self

  70. Real Customer

    Paul W: When you say that it’s what Rick’s used to be, do you mean that you can get FS, blow jobs, and nude dances? I didn’t think so. I’ve been there too and the dances are only so-so. They are done out in the open with a watchful manager. Sounds like a shill review-business must be slow.

  71. 5 clubs in one night

    After stopping in 5 clubs last night there is no doubt,

    Pandora’s IS THE PLACE. The droll troll negative posts here

    just represent a lame effort to discredit a club ran right.

    If you want the real scoop try

  72. Tran

    Good place to relax and check out the couple hotties amongst the bbw

    women. Lol

  73. garret

    lame, just a bad experience

  74. A Real Review

    This place is worth the trip. Hot dancers, hot waitresses, great times. Yes there are some older dancers that you may not like. Yes there is bad blood between this place and Kittens, so that club’s manager posts multiple fake reviews each day (i.e., “the Kittens troll” you’ll read about). Judge for yourself.

  75. Todd

    Not a bad club but far from good. The old Ricks located down the road is much better

  76. Same old

    Nothing has change here in the last few months and things have not improve at all.

  77. Dont rely on...

    just check this place out yourself

  78. Yates

    Not happy with my experience there

  79. Not a troll

    Great club so good that it seems the clubs down the street

    feel it is necessary to post bogas reviews, only really

    shows what you have to do when your club sucks. You need to

    check this place out for yourself. You be the judge

  80. Lenny

    Nice place to chill, not to pushy and no $600.00 Champaign rooms

  81. jack

    I love this place. So many beautiful girls!!! Erica, Janika, Sybil,

    Morgan, Sunsea, Jenna, and of course Shavon. I want to live right

    next door. I would be there every day.

  82. Billy G.

    I saw this site and had to comment. I have been to this club

    before. It has been about a year since I stopped through.

    Wow this club has changed. I thought it would be the same

    club, but it wasn’t. It was like sitting in an opium den.

    Two small stages with girls half asleep swaying back and

    forth. I felt bad so I tipped both stages and they didn’t

    even notice. Totally a bad experience.

  83. CU

    Rateing says it all about this place, they cant hold a candle to Ricks, which I think is the best club in Seattle right now

  84. Leroy

    Just incredible how this club just gets better and better.

    Probably why the other clubs are just drying up.

  85. Wow


    This club’s comment board has been closed due to numerous terms of service violations.

    The person or people responsible for the posts within are currently under criminal investigation.

    SCL administration

  86. Fairly Decent

    This place is OK. I agree with other (real) reviews about it not being what it was, and not what it could be. Most of the day shift should have retired 10 years ago. Some of the night shift too. But then some of the new girls are 18-22 and jaw-dropping.

  87. Rating's number

    Right so Pandora’s has a lower number than Dancing Bear,

    Centerfolds and Kittens. If it is on the Internet it must

    be true. Look at the reviews of Kittens and tell me you

    think their all genuine. I can’t even say nice try. Go back

    to your hole troll. TUSCL.COM

  88. Dean

    Enter at your own risk. I was getting a few dances and must of gotten one by the wrong girl because the manager came unglued and asked me to leave. must of been his girlfriend or something

  89. Tommy

    Went in and was surprised that it was so run down, leaky roof that drips on you, sticky carpets, ect ect. I read on the board about kittens so I gave it a try and was surprise that there was 60 girls on the floor and that I could actually keep dry

  90. boobyhunter

    So I decided to check this place out during a weekday. I’ve been here on a weekend night, but like all the strip clubs in the area, it was pretty packed. Despite the fact it’s packed on the weekend, I still had a good time. The weekday shift is much more fun and relaxed. Girls are more chill and actually take the time to chat a bit. I also like the fact that Pandora’s doesn’t have the omnipresent “clipboard guy” that you see at the ‘Vu clubs. Definitely kills the mood while you’re getting a lap dance. I will definitely be back here though. Girls are very friendly and I like the atmosphere.

  91. Coop

    I have been in here about a year ago and must say that they have improve by leaps and bounds, lots of good looking dancers and the room that they added are well worth the money

  92. WTF

    The first thing I am ask by one of the girls is if I have anything good, meaning drugs. What the hell, I go into these places to hook up with attractive girls not to get nailed for my stash

  93. Jenna

    Good range of girls here. The value of the cover/drinks is very good

    and the service is excellent. The club is run in a sense to have some of

    flair from the old Seattle days. Mileage is good across the board. Go

    just for Sweetie what a hottie! Janica, Magenta, Cody, Sativa are some

    other treats.

  94. Best in town

    I have been coming her for a long time and it just gets

    better and better. I just say you be the judge.

  95. FakeReviews

    Are Fake, and brought to you by Kittens Management. Kittens Cabaret: club is so empty, the managers are bored, and post smack here.

  96. Papa

    I really want to find something positive to say about my visit here but nothing comes to mind. I was expecting something more like Ricks( about a mile north)but it is about in the same league as lessor clubs around this end of Seattle

  97. won't be back

    Got ripped off, won’t be back

  98. Mick

    Simple review of this club, it appears to be a product of too much inbreeding. The Talents West group of clubs were great in their time but this cheap copy dosnt live up to the hype that they are trying to give it. I would choose the Danceing Bare ( if yiur going for this type of estabishment) , at least their girls dont look strung out

  99. Why

    Why would anyone come here when Ricks is right down the street with better looking girls and a nicer club

  100. vv

    This club is a mess

  101. club goer
  102. SJ

    Too much has change here, wont be coming back

  103. :(

    If you want grade A herpes this the place to go. The girls just as cheap and two timing as the owners. Im sure the health department will shut them down soon when they find the mold from the leaking roof or none working bathrooms or the layers of bodily fluids or broken glass in the vip that has never been properly clean. This place is disgusting. Its like a breeding cesspool. Joe rather buy corvettes and pills. At least frank knew how to treat his girls.

  104. LJ

    What can I add that hasn’t already been said here, rating says it all

  105. Management

    Don’t go walking around in this place with anything but boots or you might catch something. This place needs a cleaning and update. I have seen nicer bathrooms at truck stops but at least they are cleaner then stops in the back. Owner must be getting ready to cash out.

  106. Sid

    tried it out and I couldn’t see what all the talk was about here, nothing great , Ive seen better at other clubs

  107. WTF

    What happen to this club. I have not been in here for a bit

  108. Han

    Everything about this club screams someones sloppy seconds from the equiptment to the girls

  109. George Freeman

    The club was overall alright now the girls fuckin rock! Hot as fuck lap

    dances make u jizz in ur pants! Little sucky when cameras were first

    put in but after a week or two things went back to normal as in

    amazing dances!! The girls know how to make your more tham ur toes

    curl thats for sure.if get my drift ;)!!

  110. Vincent

    Cant say things went well for me here, girls were more interested in money than me, I was treated much differently here than the Vu string of clubs

  111. Sal

    Reviews dont mean much to me, I always have to experiance it myself, from what I saw most of the the reviews were correct and I understand why this strip club dosent have higher rateings

  112. Marv

    I think all thier dancers are at Dream Girls at Ricks

  113. just end it

    just kill me now, if your not wanting to end it all before going into this dump, you

    certainly will want to once inside

  114. gary

    I love this club. All you haters need to shut up and just walk thru the door. You wont leave. There are some hot hot older ricks and honeys girls there. I promise, get a dance and you wont go anywhere else.

  115. Tony C
  116. Hank

    I wish this club could get its act together, girls are sub par and the club itself shows its age which is to a point of a tear down.

  117. Obvious

    The club rating is low because competitors post dozens of fake reviews. Customers know better, though. This is the place to go, if you like young hotties.

  118. Pandora's Gentleman

    Pandora’s has to BEST club in seattle

    A lot of beautiful smokin hot

    girls(for the most part) good

    conversation and awesome dances

    Got a couple dances from a girl named

    Logan smokin hot Got dances from Coco

    a little to sweet for me but still

    nice, also from Peaches her dances

    will blow your mind (wink wink) her

    and Longan is how i go back for. Mina


  119. Troll alert

    Oh I see and your troll post is different from the others

    how? When were you actually in Pandora’s last to know what

    you say?

  120. Bill Scott

    Its a nice little club. Its not a corporate/factory place like De ja Vu. Its real. They compare themselves to the old Rick’s all the time. And they have a lot of the old talent but the rules aren’t the same. At the old Rick’s you could get some “just past the laws” action and here you can’t, no nipples in my mouth, no girls promising to meet me afterwards. So, not really worth my time.

  121. Robbed

    Went inside tonight and that’s what happened to me. Bought 4 dances, try to pay $100 with Visa. “Sorry it didn’t go through” the manager tell me. Ok fine, I pay $100 cash to the dancer. I get home and there is the damn charge on my Visa. I call the club, the manager say only “It sucks to be you”.

  122. slayer john
  123. Jjustin

    What a rip off, girls chargeing 60 for a dance with no extras and then running into the bathroom to do drugs, by the way this place stinks of drugs, almost got high just sitting there.I prefer Ricks Showgirls

  124. Jeb

    Don’t count this club out yet, they will get it right someday

  125. Tile

    Was shown a kick ass time by my friends at this spot, really enjoyed myself

  126. Kap

    I thought I would try this club, I’m usually do my shopping down at the Vu but I was in the mood for something new. New isn’t always better as I found out, the girls were wasted to high heaven and the help seemed super moody

  127. Rob

    First time in and I understand why they have the rating they have, not a terrible place but still not any where up to other clubs around them

  128. Sun

    Good club. nice dancers

  129. New Reg

    Pandora’s seems to have picked up as of late. I hit this club early Saturday night, left for a few drinks then checked out two other clubs. Ended up back at Pandora’s and stayed until the place closed.

  130. Shit

    One word says it all about this club

  131. M

    Maybe its just me, but I prefer Dream Girls at Ricks, I just feel they have more options and less drama

  132. New Rick

    Went in on Friday and Saturday night. Aside from it being really dark on Friday (the lighting was back to normal by Saturday night) there were 25 girls give or take. Saturday night there had to have been 30 girls or more. It certainly felt like being at a Talent’s West club again.

  133. Luke

    I can not recommend this club, who knows maybe in the future, but at present it has very little money value.

  134. Girls?

    Where did all the hot girls go at this club, I know where, they are all at Dream Girls at Ricks

  135. big mike

    I wish they would allow cameras in here so I could show how awful this club is. I the dancers that work here are the Deja Vus rejects

  136. Dale

    Couldn’t agree more with previous reviews, Pandora’s has fallen on hard times, especially with the current group of dancers that they have, hate to see them in the day light

  137. Say What

    I came in on Thursday evening and I thought there would be more to this place but I was not impressed , everything here seemed old and worn or just plain falling apart including the girls

  138. HVAC

    I always have a great time here. Not sure what idiot would believe all the clearly fake reviews.

  139. JW

    Nope not a manager but I can tell you the owner laughs at

    you fucktards that actually think your posts on this board

    are worth a shit. I say, build your own fucking club and

    show that POS how it’s done. If you don’t like the place

    don’t go in dip shit

  140. Ladies man

    Always a great time at Pandora’s

  141. aroundtheblock

    Place is falling fast.. Used to the the place however the only good crew left is the day crew. Nights are lame during the week and weekends are just as bad. Things are so slow apparently that money must be getting tight as they raised drink prices. . Dancers would rather chat in the back then be out and approachable or they sit and BS with each other like a flock of birds and a lot have GPS. To bad as this place was fun hope they turn back around.

  142. Paul W

    Been there many times. It’s what Ricks used to be like before it was changed into what ever it is today. A nice place that fits seattle

  143. Bilbo

    Was here thurs night midnight could not believe it, saw 3 old strippers no waitress for the amateur contest. Went to kittens they had 10x strippers all hotties

  144. Jay

    The saying for this club should be “Who let the dogs in”, Ugle girls, at least the ones they have

  145. Troll alert

    The last three post are either total trolls or just

    blind. Don’t suppose you were in last night and saw 35+

    hotties, packed house and a real party going on. This

    board is for fuck wads with nothing better to do than

    spit shit out of their mouths. Try for real


    You say it has gone downhill, so when where you actually

    there to witness this “slide” and who by chance was


  146. nasty

    This will always be a dive and I don’t see anything improving any time soon, the

    club has just gotten worst, no head manager will even stay any longer than a year


  147. Real Review

    Great club, beautiful gals, zero problems with management.

    This review was written by an actual customer.

    Most of the fake reviews you see below were written by a manager or at Kittens.

  148. YMMV

    Had a great time here tonite (Saturday). Happy 4th! Some dances were better than others, some of the uber hot dancers were hold to get attention. But damn. Great club, and yes the waitresses (ess?) are hot too.

  149. Wierd

    This club would be ok if someone gave it and the strippers a little tlc, but it appears that no one gives a shit about it, Outside of that seems pretty slow and a so so group of talent

  150. Benji

    Left very dissapointed and disgusted, I was expecting so much more, I am used to Dream Girls at Ricks and this place is far below that, more in line to Pastys as far as girls, everything is such an after thought in there. Ill be returning to Ricks, lesson learned

  151. Howard

    Not a bad club, I’ve read previous reviews and have to agree that if they had the club cleaned once in awhile and work on the dancers appearance and upkeep they would be ok, but until then

  152. Dog Lover

    What now you have something against Dogs? So is there

    anything you do like besides losing?

  153. Sony

    This club is pretty run down inside. the outside looks alright but the seats and the vip room is pretty nasty. dancer wise they are pretty fair but basically the same quality of girl that you see in so many other clubs in the seattle area.

  154. Wicked Wifey

    SO HAPPY! I took my hubby here and LOVED the girls! They took

    great care of him (wink, wink) and made me feel very welcome.

    We had a great time! I have three words for you… BUNNY

    BUNNY BUNNY. She is curvy and sweet and sexy. Can’t wait for

    my next visit. I mean OUR next visit!

  155. Say What What?

    Damn man you’re a hard person to please or a troll. There

    were over 50 Girls on the floor that day. If that don’t do

    it for you bud, that’s a hard life.

  156. All Lost

    This ship has gone down with all hands, what was once a promising club has jump the shark and is no more, passed up by more modern clubs and not able to offer anything new, just more of the same old shit of yesteryear

  157. Eli

    I don’t see this club lasting, terrible experience here

  158. larry1

    Went there Friday 2/3/2012, and enjoyed the whole atmosphere. It’s clean, well arranged, plentiful seating, lots of gals “7” or better! A decent separate VIP area, friendly hosts & dancers.There are 2 stages. And they are lit enough to actually SEE the dancers nicely! Chevelle is very nice, fun to be with, & SEXY! WOW!I recommend this place to anyone that likes beautiful gals! I will go back frequently & continue to say: “support this local club”, to help ensure that it stays around, & to help those beautiful gals be there for you!$15 to get in & $5 for a drink (I don’t know if refills are free). I don’t care a whole lot about the drinks in clubs, just the GALS! $30 for a lap dance. It’s worth it for Chevelle for sure! Did I mention that Chevelle is SEXY? Yeah, I guess I did!Parking may be tight on Fri & Sat, so don’t wait till 10PM to go!

  159. Gag

    Might of been bad night here but the crew just wasn’t to be found ( maybe because of holiday ) and they seem to have all the ugly ducks working

  160. Stan

    I have been to a lot of clubs in the north end and must say this is my least favorite club. I feel the quality at the Vu is superior to these ma and pop joints

  161. Seriously

    I went to all 3 clubs in lake city tonight. This place I love the best. So many young hot dancers, so much fun. Rated 8.0 and Good. Would be 10 and Excellent but damn there are like 5 dancers that should have retired in 1978, or whenever they used to look good.

  162. Bobby

    I would only recommend this club to the dumb and blind, terrible service, sleazy girls, and just a poorly operated club. The girls are way too high to even talk to and the only costumers they have are drug dealers, one of which tried to sell to me in the parking lot

  163. Pandora's Rocks

    Pandora’s rocks day and night. It has the best show in

    town. Seems to me the same person wrote the previous

    posts and has a personal vendetta against this club and

    the owner.Maybe a little jealous? Pandora’s is the only

    club that offers 100% Med insurance to the employees. I

    smell sour grapes. There were 93 through the door Mon DAY

    shift, how did you do? Here that girls, where do you want

    to work?

  164. Excellent

    Fuckin hot girls, hot waitresses (ikr) better come early or you will be hunting for a parking spot within 2 blocks.

    Yes I said WAITRESSES are hot omfg…1 schoolgirl, 1 daisy duke, 1 in lingerie…and then there were the 30+ strippers, and least 20 were hotties that I wanted to take home with me, only 5 were just whatever and 2-3 were older than my mom

  165. Bill
  166. ex custumer

    I have been waiting for things to improve but things have gone down hill in

    the last several months, I don’t know if its a manager change or if its just ran

    its cycle. The club has gotten more out of control and you can feel it thru the


  167. Kittens Cabaret

    Thank you for your recent post, we at Kittens are proud to

    not only offer the cheapest private rooms in Seattle but we

    also have a VIP area for table dancing that many have said is

    the cheapest prices in Seattle. Thanks for the shout out as


  168. Kelly

    Some decent girls but the club itself is the bottom of the barrel if not below that, I would swear that they dont have a cleaning service ever. There were used condoms all over the place and the management stands around like they have a stick up thier ass. I felt I needed to see a doctor after my stay here

  169. KA

    Dont waste your time with this place, go to the Sands

  170. JJ

    I walked in clean and left really dirty. This club is a mess and needs to be taken care of better. The girls are not the best either.

  171. Guest

    It was a nice place, with some really nice girls.

  172. berry

    there are guys dancing naked on the stages no girls in the club

  173. FBI, NSA, CIA, DEA

    Let the investigation begin, rip em apart

  174. Great place still

    The girls are getting better and better looking at this place. What changed in the last week or so?

  175. SiaadTheMan

    Nothing I found too great about this place.. you can get FS but the pickings seem to be bottom of the barrel. Not gonna trust any of these ladies w/o protection. Felt like it was a waste of my time and money. Music wasn’t bad though I’ll give the place that.

  176. badonk
  177. Willy

    This is a nice club, not perfect but clean friendly plenty

    of nice ladies. Seems to be center of attention on this

    board. Unfortunately so many here can only trash talk from

    the gutter. Been going here on and off for several years

    and it has only gotten better.

  178. Ace

    I was in on wednesday nite, the place stunk of smoked pills and the girls were as high as a kite. Didnt have the fun I was expecting

  179. Mac

    Tried it ,won’t be coming back. Nothing to say but very disgusted

  180. BMan

    Nice Club and good variety of girls.

  181. Kenny G

    Don’t be fooled by the score, haters from the Vu down the street who have “failure to launch”. This is a Seattle club in Seattle, not a vegas culb on lake city way with $600 Champaign rooms without the champaign.

  182. Alberto

    Im used to the Vu but thought Id give this club a try. I am not one to complain but I personally didn’t care for the over priced dances, if I am going to pay 50 bucks for a dance I certainly don’t want to be on camera, thank you to the dancer who gave me a heads up

  183. Robert

    Too many cameras in here, I dont really care to be recorded getting dances, very uncomfortble feeling

  184. Rocky

    Not sure what the haters are hating on. I got mine at this club with a 19 y/o hottie that could have been a penthouse pet. Rise above the hate. This spot is great.

  185. Loyal Rick's Fan

    Why this club gets flack? Lot’s of pre raid Rick’s girls here that know how to treat customers. Good variety of new dancers too.

  186. Taco Taster

    I like going to strip clubs where the girls aren’t covered in sores and know what an orthodontist is.How does someone have teeth that are THAT messed up? How can you even eat with those things. It’s like…I can’t even explain! They should call this “Pandora’s Believe it Or not”, that dude with the really long nails can work the door. Remember like 20 years ago when Ricks had the hottest dancers? Well here they are, still dancing, but they aren’t exactly 21 anymore. One dancer reminded me of my great aunt Nancy. Ugliest bitch ever.

  187. Rock

    Ive tried this club along with the other lakecity clubs and must say #1 would be Lake forest park Vu followed by Ricks and then this club

  188. retarded

    Pandora’s Rocks you must be high on meth or employed by them, everyone knows that Lake Forest Park Vu has a better selection of dancers and non stick floors

  189. Cool dude

    I made a mistake by coming here, got a dance and the babe must not of wipe her ass off after the john and left skid marks all over me, fuck am I disgusted

  190. Unbelievable

    I can’t believe how many new girls this place hired. Dayshift? Yeah, several of your old favorites still dance here. Some new ones but mostly older crowd. Nightshift? OMFG AJ Autumn Aurora Lily Sydney Marylin Kendall (and more)

  191. jonny5

    went in sunday night, I dont want to say anything bad, I just wont be comming back

  192. Worst Ever

    To say this place is bad is an understatement. Ugly, old and fat describes the strippers. but the club is crap. I gave it a try. What a waste of 10 bucks. There were 6 or 7 women I’d never even talk to. There were 3 or 4 other customers just sitting around

  193. An Actual Customer

    Hot girls and great times. I can always count on this place having some cute hottie to dance for me. Pay no attention to the Kittens Troll posting fake reviews.

  194. Al

    not sure why other clubs are posting so much bullshit but pandoras is the best club I seen in years, I don’t bother going anywhere but here hot girls great times

  195. Vern

    Lakecity deja Vu is the place for me and it should be the place for you, much better facility and the girls go the extra distance

  196. Harry

    Not much good to say about this joint, at least I can say I tried it out. What ever happen to the TW clubs to let it come to this? This place reminds me of something you would find floating in the toilet bowls of one of the old TW places. I can tell the dancers are just miserable working here

  197. joseph

    Greatest girls😃

  198. Club hopper

    Been through most of the clubs and this one has the greatest possibility of being more than it is right now, don’t know if its the management or what, seems they just care, most of the girls are as run down as the building, there are a few good ones but for the most part they are very few

  199. Funky Bunch

    Worst club. Ever. Of all clubs, this is worst. I’m not just saying. This.

  200. Customer865385

    Not many reviews on this site. Seems like guys like to comment all the time. A bit entertaining. Been a customer here for a while. Gotten to know many dancers. Maybe it’s a fetish but I like fucking in stripclubs and this place serves that purpose. Found several here over the years that will. Even the dancers, nearly all FS, offer OTC. Found a hotel that has a large chair / small loveseat that reminds me off the VIP booths. EVERY dancer has a playlist and enjoys creating “mobile Pandora’s”. The bathroom is cleaner.

  201. Denny

    the club is great… classy girls.. trashy girls all super hot! great music.. i wished

    they opened at 11 everyday! the circle stage is cool

  202. kevin

    This club stinks like bad seafood, went in on Thursday(day time) and there were no girls and the place just plain stunk ! I wont be going back , biggest waste of 15 dollars that I ever spent, there are plenty of better clubs that care about how the club and the dancers look

  203. Jacoby and Meyers

    This club has a long way to go. They should at least start with attractive girls. Most of the dancers were WAY to old, or really unattractive.

  204. bad club

    this club blew! barely any girls and i got ripped off by some dumb chick said i had to pay extra if i wanted extra service but then didnt provide and had a bouncer come threaten me if i didnt pay. fuck that shit

  205. North C Attle

    Decent amount of girls for a Friday night. There were only a few not so hot ladies and for the most part the rest were 7 and up. Dances ranged from 10 to 40 dollars good mileage across the board.

  206. Tommy

    Cant say anything nice about my experience, stop by sun afternoon and was hassled by the girls, telling me if I wasn’t a buyer then I should just leave.I just stoped in to check the place out didn’t think buying a dance was a requirement

  207. Trash

    This club itself is ratchet. 90 percent of the dancers are nasty junkie hoes. The staff are garbage as well.

  208. McKinny

    it was not a good experience for me here

  209. Angry

    Theres not anything nice to say about here. I got ripped off by Brooke for $300

  210. Frodo

    wonderful, just the best experience

  211. me

    ghetto. this club was ghetto. also im pretty sure a dancer

    tried to steal my wallet.

  212. not a happy custumer

    Have nothing good to say, so I wont

  213. Jack Off

    Ripoff ass club. I went to pay with credit, they tried it twice and said it wouldn’t go

    so I pay with cash. What do I see a week later? Yep you know it: the damn charge

    was run again and again.

  214. RE: Hustled

    You took that review from Kittens, Pandora’s doesn’t have

    VIP time

  215. igor34

    If you’re looking for nasty chicks with trashy tattoos, big greasy beef briskets “downstairs,” big ‘ol floppy meat puppets “upstairs,” and herpes, this is your place! They don’t call this place “C-section Alley” for nothing! Good luck and make sure to bring a Hefty bag!

  216. M.T.

    Great place to spend your afternoon. I stuck around until evening and was drooling over all the young hotties walking around in bikinis and underwear. There are 4 or 5 strippers that should just retire. I kid you not. They look bad. But with 30 hot girls I can deal with the 4 or 5 “has beens”. Parking can be a problem if you come late.

  217. The Man

    luv this place.. new girls all the time

  218. Ken

    All I have to say is ill be a return customer, had fun

  219. Ben

    I wish they had a negative scale on this thing because this club rates very low in my book

  220. JH

    I have to agree with the comment made a few post back, I get tired of these managers getting on defending themselfs from facts. You cant polish a turd

  221. lee

    Id rather go to Dream girls at Ricks than here again, girls

    were over charging and I complained to management and they

    did nothing

  222. HaySeed

    This place has turned into a dive, with most dancers fitting right in. With the exception of Calysta (and a few others)no one is worth the thirty dollar minimum dance price.

  223. Cack Johnson

    There were hotter girls here when it used to be a Chinese restaurant. Still smells like egg rolls and fish, or maybe that was the dancers…

  224. Chase

    So many fake reviews by the club manager. Short review: don’t bother coming here. Old dancers bug you for tips. Longer review: if you do come here, come very late Friday or Saturday night, after midnight. Don’t bother any other day or any other shift, just head a little bit further down the street

  225. cam

    The girls were average but what really got me was China told me in the vip room that they record everything on camera including audio, sure enough when I got a dance I looked up and there was a camera, WTF I dont want to be recorded let alone listened to

  226. Deet

    The hype about this club being the ‘old Ricks’ is partially true with “old” being the emphasis. Girls offering any mileage here are worn out and haggard looking. Chronological ages aside, I’ve seen fresher looking 50 year olds then these warmed over Ricks has-beens.

  227. Just like Rick's

    I like this place. It’s like all the Talent’s West clubs in one location.

  228. Ajahondro

    Love this place

  229. Dissapointed

    Very disappointed by my experience here

  230. Pat

    No happy ending here, went back to get a dance and sat down on a freaking used condom, shit cant you guys even clean this shit up

  231. Cliff

    So tired of the B.S. surrounding this club, first its a Colacurcio club then it isn’t, reviews all over the place. I will just go down the street

  232. billy

    after coming into this club I now know why it has the ratting it has compared to Ricks down the street from it. Ricks has a better crew of girls and a more attractive club than this one, you get the feeling of being in a ran down place here that’s held together with duct tape

  233. ryan123

    Be careful, the girls here are thieves. They’ll take your wallet, your cell phone, anything they can grab.This place is a con-artist’s home, keep an eye on all your goods.

  234. DE

    Ive seen toilets that are better kept than this club, one shower afterwards is never enough

  235. Not Robbed

    Reviews being copied and pasted from other boards. Kittens is a ripoff and double charges, not Pandoras.

  236. CC

    Damn what are they doing here ? it was more like a zoo than a night club,

    doorman got mixed up when I came in and charged me for 2 people instead

    of one, once that got done I ordered my dink and was asked if I wanted to

    buy a ladies drink, said no to that and was approached by one dancer after

    another, I never got a chance to even watch the stage

  237. D.H.

    I have been coming here for years.. And the reviews do the club no justice. There

    is no way to judge it until you’ve been here on a Friday night. Bad reviews are

    written from other clubs, and I must say its ridiculous. Calysta and Regan are my

    two favorites at the moment. Will be back tonight!


  238. Shell

    Got a dance from some bitch who gave me crabs, pissed off

  239. SCJunkie

    Club is looking better and better. Mileage too!

  240. haz cookiez

    always have such a great time here see someone you like get a dance say no to the ones you dont’ like that hit you up easy stuff great place

  241. Crapper

    This club reminds me of a old saying You can polish a turd but in the end all you end up with i a shinny piece of crap

  242. Mack

    I have to say V.D. is the only thing that comes to mind when I think of the women in here. From what I saw the girls here look so strung out on whatever they are doing, I have seen more attractive girls in alley ways huddled next to garbage cans

  243. WTF Happen

    Who let the dogs out would be fitting if all the dogs were not inside this spot

  244. Lub2 Rub

    I love this club. All you haters need to shut up and just walk thru the door once. You wont leave. Yes there are shot out older dancers, but still hot older dancers too. There are hot younger dancers, some twenty something some just outta high school. Heavy tats, no tats. Something for everyone.

  245. happy guy

    Nice club. I really like it there. The women are wonderful eand

  246. Angry Customer

    This place is quantity over quality with so few dancers worth the trip. The club is full of druggies and as others have put it drugged out grandmothers.

  247. down

    New motto for this club, Im down

  248. Geoffrey the dick

    My dick would not be caught dead in this place, scuzzy, poorly operated and just down right a crappy time. Would recommend Ricks down the street in a heart beat

  249. Reality

    Excellent club. The girls are hot, and the fun factor is high.

    Bobby is a Kittens employee. Pay him no mind.

  250. 69

    These girls will certainly do the deed but you better double bag it as with any street girls ( which a lot of these appear to be, probaly can get better prices on them on back page

  251. re real customer

    You’re thinking about the two Deja Vu’s down the street. All the dances at Pandora’s are in the VIP just like the real Rick’s club used to be.

  252. Please

    I wish someone would take over this club and return it to its glory days, place was a lot better when Ryan or Xten was there

  253. Happy Endings

    There were some thicker dancers on the day shift. Looks were avg. Service is superior. If you are looking to get your pole riden or blown, this is the place. This place is really dark inside, for a reason.

  254. Dell

    I will never again go into this place, skanky girls and a general waste of 15 dollars

  255. CK

    This club is all right but its still no Ricks, and its hard to compare it to anywhere else since Dreamgirls at Ricks is the closes club to it, if it was closer to the Sands or Pasty’s it would be an easy winner.

  256. Former Rick's Customer

    As soon as I walked in the door I felt like I was “home again!” Saw familiar faces all over the club; dancers, Managers, Bar/ Door Staff. Even have the same style tables/chairs and dance booths! I came in on a Wednesday and the atmosphere was the best in town; fun, energetic, DJ played great music. Felt like I was back at Rick’s/ Honey’s!

  257. Ted

    This club is why Ricks does so well, if you have ever been in both places you see the differance right away, one is clean with attractive girls the other is filthy and homely women

  258. Tye

    Was not impressed at all

  259. Say What

    Just isn’t worth it, coming here is a hour of my life I will never get back

  260. best time

    every time I go here there are new girls willing to do whatever it takes to make me happy

  261. Mike

    No food and no booze here. Go during the dayshift. Most will fuck you . They are Carrington, Monse, Mercedes, Unique, Diamond, Princess, Nicole, Nova , Naomi and Cream. Condoms are not required, just tell them if you do not want a condom. Flat rates vary from $150-$200.

  262. Sal22

    Came in on Monday and I must say the Sands down in Ballard impressed me more as far as cute girls on the floor, too many drug out dancers here

  263. Smite

    confused about how this could be the best Seattle has to offer

  264. BP BS

    Not sure what you’re talking about there BP. This clubs

    better now then ever. I see more hot girls working here

    than any other club in Seattle/Tacoma. It just keeps

    getting better. Proof is all the trolls it brings to this

    shit site. Try TUSCL if you want real reviews and news.

    This site is a total joke for both the girls and


  265. allen

    Went in looking for love and left with the dry heaves

  266. ss
  267. Best Club in Seattle

    Hands down the best club in the Northwest. That’s why

    other clubs come here to sling shit talk. No one goes to

    their site or their club. It appears Kittens has haired a

    cyber stalker hoping to build their own clubs biz by

    talking shit. How’s that working for ya? …..Try some

    hard work and a little management. your credibility is

    noe like your club….A Zero.

  268. Quality

    I must admit my opinion has changed about this place, I would think what a dive, but wow wow WOW the beautiful dancers here, yeah there are drugged out grandmothers here but that is everywhere. This place gets the new girls, every month I see a new dancer I like so many to choose from

  269. Pandora's Rocks

    This club Rocks Seattle. Your best bet for great show.

  270. little one

    This club would rate higher to me if they could get rid of all the drug smell that lingers in here, I left high just being in here, thank god I dont have to do any type of UA for my job Id be screwed

  271. Eddy

    I like Ricks much more, dances here are just not as good as Ricks which is just a mile down the street from this place

  272. Bobby

    I have been goin here for a long long time. This is by far the best club in town for fs. My favorites are Nova, Devious, Diamond and Monse. I have barebacked Monse in the Club. Nova and Diamond will do bbfs outside of the club.

  273. 100 Names

    All your BS reviews just show how low you are. It’s not

    working bud!

  274. The Licker

    I got a dance and was all content when the girl dancing next to me started going off on a customer, yelling that she would have it reviewed on the cameras, Big Turn Off!

  275. Minko

    The Sands has more hot girls and VIP Rooms, overall a much better experiance

  276. jess

    great club

  277. HayShit

    Gone downhill you say, how so? More girls, better looking

    girls day and night. This place just gets better and

    better. Only thing is Trolls just can’t stop wishing their

    club could compete. Pandora’s is the place to work and


  278. EX

    Too many girls here with seious drug issues and I am not talking about the safe kind

  279. Frankly

    Han, Surely you jest. Having been a regular at the

    “Original Ricks” for years, this is better in girl quality

    then in the best days, just not as many.

  280. A_nony_mouse

    Cheap cover, lots of dancers. Most I would never fap to their pix. Some are cute and make me pre-cum but want $$$$ for a smile. Go rich or go home. Damn some hotties here tho

  281. Buck

    Im a little sadistic so I really like this club, it makes me feel right at home

  282. Ex Custumer

    This club has gotten so bad in the past year that I can not believe its still open. At least it gives the girls a place to do drugs

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