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6363 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Atlanta, GA 30360


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0 reviews for “Oasis Goodtime Emporium

  1. larry1

    its fun.left broke.lol.

  2. fritter17

    Okay let me start off by saying I have been to clubs in different cities, but this was my first club experience in Atlanta and now I don’t want to go anywhere else πŸ˜‰ My husband and I ended up going two nights just to see how the experience was different and I had the best time ever. I think the second night was better than the first. The girls were so friendly and I want to say thank you to Delilah for making our night memorable. At one point I was getting a lap dance at the same time my husband was, I’m not sure who had more fun, me, my husband or the dancers! I love the fact that you get to tuck the dollars, the club we usually go to back home that is not allowed. The atmosphere is all around just fun here. I sometimes feel odd being at a club if I am the only girl there, but here I felt very comfortable. The dancers never shied away from us, it wasn’t a struggle to get the girls to dance for us like at other clubs we have been to. I want to thank the dancers for that, they all thanked me for tipping them and always came over after they got off stage and made sure I knew they appreciated it. We also made it a point to let them know I wanted to be there and it was a drama free zone. I don’t remember the last time that I had so much fun LOL!I stopped counting how many dances we got. The girls were all talented and what I like the most is when they are having fun, personality is big to me and these girls have that and so much more. My favorite dancer was Delilah, she sat and talked to us for a long while and then I asked her if I could get a dance, let me tell you she got me…uhm – interested πŸ˜‰ ….with the way she moved. While my husband had her attention another dancer came up and wanted to dance for me and of course I couldn’t say no πŸ˜‰ This dancer really liked my boobs, she had a lot of fun with them too πŸ˜‰ Almost made me wish we had went back to the VIP room lol! I loved the fact that the dancers weren’t pushy. I will definitely be back again and again and again lol!! If I had one complaint it would be that the staff at the front door on both nights was not friendly , I guess they were doing their job – but it doesn’t give a good first impression.

  3. maxxy1

    It’s a stupid strip club with stripper who are low class and the manager , I open the tab with 200 cash , I got one drink , then bartender said I bought drink for all the friend with stripper , which I called the manager, the I get kicked out, then I called the cops to make complain , cops were too friendly to them , they told me to fuck off or I will get in trouble , so I left , just want to share with every one , it was my fault to go to a shit place , what else u expect from a piece of shit place , FYI

  4. XhXeXy

    I always have a good time here. The place is a little too small. I usually go on the weekends and had to stand up for a while to wait on a table. The have a sexy variety of ladies. I haven’t been in about 7months but I will be going soon with cash in hand. Woohoo!

  5. AssnTits5

    Let’s parse this out a little bit…The Girls – They are about the same quality as the Pony. I went to the Pony on a Friday night, and Oasis on Sat night for a friend’s Bachelor Party. They were pretty much the same, including prices for shots and lap dances.The Food – I’ve only had food there a couple of times. It’s not too entirely bad, but a “piled high” sandwich will leave you starving. Strip club steaks are usually pretty good.The Caution – 2 years ago, I went for lunch with a buddy of mine. I used my debit card, and that was one HUGE mistake! BRING CASH! These girls know how to hustle money from dumb guys… and obviously that day, I was a dumb guy. Shortly after going there (like a couple of days), I found hundreds of dollars worth of charges on my debit card, which I had in my pocket! Why do we go to strip clubs? To see the ladies! Food… eh. Boobs… YAY! 4 stars from me!

  6. mike

    ok – not great

    i,ve been to the best and worst

    lite on talent

    good bartenders

  7. Steve

    Good club with alot of very sexy women. A little small for how crowded it gets. A good number of girls working on a Thursday night. The table lap dances were good with good contact. The body shots were the best I’ve ever gotten at a strip club. $15 for a topless body shot from girls who were VERY friendly and very heavy contact. I didn’t think to ask, but I would’ve loved to take on of those body shots girls in the VIP.

  8. joseph1k

    It is a decent place, lacking diversity in my opinion. The bartender was nice. I ended up getting a topless shot from the shot girl which was fun, and my bf got a dance from one of the girls. Overall it was average, and there were alot of older white men and the music was just ok.

  9. Andrew D.

    I end up here sometimes. I admit it, but it is not a bad thing. The bartenders and birds are friendly. Place kind of reminds me of the Star Wars bar where Luke meets Han Solo. Yes, it’s the Wild Wild West of Atlanta Strip Clubs. Mixed Crowd, mixed dancers, ect. The place is cheap, and may not be a destination like Pink Pony or Cheetah, but it a worthy addition to the city. I love that it stays open later, like 4AM most nights of the week. I am not a big strip club guy, but it is a nice to have a place that is open late around as needed.

  10. Johnson12

    When it’s not overly packed, it may seem like a decent place to hangout with your buddies. But beware, the dancers here care more about the cash in their pocket and not about the consumer’s experience and will do anything in their power to hustle you. I consider myself a gentlemens club veteran but never have I ever felt so cheated till I came here. If I were you I’d avoid this place entirely and go to Follies or somewhere else where the girls may not be as “up to par”, but will provide a much better experience.

  11. Key Bandit

    Superb but very crowded. Difficult to enjoy yourself due to overcrowding most nights. Shoulder to shoulder standing room only. Not worth it. Dayshift is top notch, many beautiful women and room to breath. Avoid the day manager and have fun.

  12. Zac

    I’m cumming back for the atmosphere

  13. john tripper

    not hospitable stripper

  14. himbee

    Thankfully, something other than a gangsta club in north Atlanta area! Definitely what I was looking for. Weeknight business traveller–no cover before 7 pm. I loved the atmosphere and the beautiful ladies. I was looking for company to go with my beer, so a waitress found me a smart talkative lady. I dropped 30 in tips for close to an hour of conversation, hand-holding and light back-rub. They keep it classy here, with no sex in VIP rooms (per my companion). I saw plenty of eye-popping nude 10 table- and stage-dances all around. Highly recommended for business travellers and old farts like me.

  15. Funman

    This is a really good club for Atlanta- actually rivals some of the better clubs in Miami or Tampa. Beautiful women and some really good prices on table-side lap dances. Just watch for a smokin’ Thai girl named Erica- she will ask you to go into VIP ASAP and while you’ll have fun, you’ll get asked to help out with her family problems and hit up for more money. She’s definitely looking for a sugar daddy. Too many other great women there to choose from to put up with that. Also, avoid the upstairs VIP- I got taken once for much more than expected there once. That said, this is a cool club where you can have a lot of fun if you choose the right girl- and trust me, there are PLENTY of hotties to choose from!

  16. eddyL

    Re-visted last night on a whim for a buddy’s birthday with some of the fellas. The girls were better/prettier than the last time I was there, but still not my “type”. Learned some interesting tidbits this time around, coming with guys willing to spend the bill. Anyway..Differences from my last review:- Be prepared to enter a PACKED house if you’re coming in at 1am-ish on a Saturday night. There are no available tables.. unless you know the right people and get a table cleared out for you immediately. ;)- Don’t know about the rest of the guys but my drink was $7 and 95% Coke. The waitress WILL ditch you without bringing you change, so all those $1 bills come in handy.- You WILL get a MAJOR stink eye if you order a GLASS of water. Well, beau ordered two – one for him (being DD) and one for me because he knew I’d need it later.- VIP/premium parking is $5 + tip. Parking is right in front of the door with a guy watching your car all night.- Stayed till closing this time (at 3AM) when the lights come on and everyone screams for all entertainers to go to the back.

  17. tonycluber

    Every1 is really chill. You can tell the girls make money because they aren’t over aggressive like most strip clubs

  18. Dennis C.

    Good selection. Seating and cold drinks. Use some caution as some dancers will charge drinks to your tab without permission.

  19. gmayne

    one of the best clubs i have ever been to, had a really great time.

  20. Occasional visitor

    This place is a mixed bag- some of the girls are amazingly good looking, some are not. My problem is that some of the girls are incredibly pushy- there’s one in particular that puts the hard-sell on for VIP and if I don’t accept- and I never do- she insults me and walks away. Meanwhile, the best girls are with the regulars and you can’t pry them away with a crow bar. If you’re lucky, find a hottie, take her back to VIP, and you can have fun.

  21. igor34

    Good. Even had my phone there the next morning and my car wasn’t towed. A-

  22. fuckery12

    Greaet place for a good time.

  23. Rogue-1

    My first time here. Stage lighting is great, Music is not loud. Seating is excellent. This place is like Cheers with Strippers.

    Cammie is to die for!

    All the girls are friendly, and 8 – 10 (with a few 12’s too!)

    Dayshift girls Rock!

    Night shift started slow and picked up around 9pm.

    I am going back all week!

    Special note: Amanda is super gorgeous, as well as Diane, Stacy, just for starters.

  24. JJ

    Great club – tons of dancers — something for everybody. Very friendly – excellent VIPs. definitely worth spending an evening there. Oh, and don’t forget the shooter girls – some are better than others, but the worst are better than most in ATL. Lots of them to choose form as well.

  25. winston12

    DAISEYAM was great!!!!She goes by Sydney or Annette but who cares what name she goes by. She is older than the others but makes up for it with experience. Spent the night in the VIP with her and then went out with her afterwards. It was expensive but you could tell she’s done this before and and knew exactly what to do for me to continue to pay. πŸ™‚

  26. richard95

    Ciera thanks for being so nice to me. You are forever in my mind. Hope to spend some time with you again.Very nice classy club. Will definitely visit again when I get to Atlanta.

  27. Brittany W.

    Went here for the first part of my 21st Bday celebration,i had never been to a strip club before, was a bit overwhelmed at first, but after, the initial buzz wore off, nothing but goodtimes were to ensue there after.a mix of women, and decently prices drinks..its just a cool place to hang out, as a mixed group of women and men, we were not ignored at all, and also we were not bombarded by the girls.. i would go again..oh yeah i forgot, i ate there too…. food was good.the end

  28. Jason B.

    Same old sh%&, just a different club. The only good thing is that it is outside of the city limits so it is open until 4. Decent girls and a little cheaper on the drinks. Good place for lunch!

  29. james1412

    Great entertainment place!- Me & my boyfriend went and met some cool people then we picked each others dancers. It was fun! very couple friendly, There is a variety of girls there and they are good looking ones. Drinks and prices are reasonable as well. I recommend this place for first timers and even second and third and etc. timers..

  30. JD

    I and my wife went to Oasis. My wife was curious as to what a strip club was like never having been to one. We had discussed it several times but she never wanted to visit one in our local town. While in Atlanta we found Oasis. The exterior of the place may not seem like much but the interior is one of the best I have seen. Also I was pleased that it was not a ghetto or gangster theme. The girls had class with the exception of one that we met. Yet the management is really what helped to make the experience wonderful taking care of our minor issues with one girl on the spot. I am happy to say that my wife also received her first lap dance from a girl and that she had a great time.

    The only thing I would improve would be the price of mixed drinks yet the club must make money and that I understand. Clubs of this nature have more to deal with than normal bars and it is understood. Price of beer is on par with your local bar. They have a variety of girls and all are beautiful.

    We would definitely go back anytime we are in town.

  31. adamrod

    Oasis is my go-to strip club. For me, location is closest and parking is free. Girls: I’m not an avid strip club go-er, but I think Oasis has decent to good looking girls (it seems like within the past few months, the quality of the girls actually went up A LOT). I think they’re more friendly and down to earth than, let’s say, Pink Pony. I’m not sure why Pink Pony girls are not as cool, but it could be the fact that I’m not there to spend 2k+ because I don’t get off by getting lapdances. I’ll throw you money but just because I don’t hot, don’t be mean. I’m just a straight girl admiring a beautiful women’s body. BUT I never feel like the “outcast” at Oasis. I can chat with the girls as they’re doing their rounds on the floor. Wait..I forgot my audience for a sec. You guys care about their body! They have hotter girls than they used to. Big boobs or big ass, white, asian, black, and mixed girls. Not all girls can dance and/or work the pole. But they’re the ones who usually take off the panties earlier. Girls who can work it: Candace and Jordan. They’re both cool as hell and hot!Drinks: pretty decently priced. Another reason why they’re my go-to is because they’re one of three places (that I regularly go to) that have amber bock (my fave beer!).Set up: seating is very limited and on busy nights, most tables are reserved. It’s not unusual for people to just be standing against the wall trying to find a seat and trying to stay out of people’s way. I do like that there are no seats around the stages (except stage 1 – only on one side) because people can just go up and watch/pay the girls.The VIP room is pretty tight (compact) and I swear it really wasn’t an hour! At the most, maybe 40 mins. But I understand, you got tired. But it wasn’t cool when at the end you asked me for double the money, AFTER I PAID YOU BEFORE, because “oops, I charged you for 30 mins, not 60”. Really?! I paid the waitress for an hour and said “60 mins” while you were standing there listening to me. And you were asked, “is 60 mins too long for you?” You were hot but you won’t get me as a returning customer.Crap, I forgot my train of thought after I started to complain…oh well.

  32. ryan123

    Oasis? Oasis Of what? Overweight, out of shape performers, out of date worn out furnishings & decor? This place is in desperate need of remodeling & recruitment. Visited on a Saturday night at 12 am ( 6/6/15 ) & was very disappointed. There were approximately 20- 25 entertainers, maybe 5 whom were attractive & in good shape. The place was crowded with no available seating other than several tables marked “Reserved for Table Service”, huh? This is The Oasis in Doraville GA not “Rain” at The Bellagio in Vegas. The boredom,lack of excitement & energy in this place is mind numbing. My friends & I did our best to create some atmosphere with some dances from some of the girls. They were really cool & nice but still we were all yawning, checking our watches & wanting to hit The Waffle instead of continuing to hang out in this worn out, tired old strip club. Go to The Cheetah, much nicer.

  33. Detroit Dude

    Girls are 100% hot. Everyone I met was cool as hell. White, black, latina all hot all cool. Drinks are fairly priced, waitstaff cute and attentive.

  34. ThatGuy

    Best place in Atlanta, hands down. I even liked it better than Cheetahs. There are a few trade-offs with going to this club, but if you are looking for the best overall then go here. Its the only one I’ll rate in ATL. Floor dances are good value, the shooter girls are fun, they are hands-on, VIP is a good time, the staff is nice, and they let Military in free.

  35. Brian R

    use to have to go to vip for the little extra but now $10 table dances are about the same as vip dances. works for me !

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