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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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28 reviews for “Expose

  1. Dustin

    Loved this place, at first look it looks small and crowded. However that just sets the mood. The girls are nice and I can’t wait to go again. The one I ran into and had a excellent night with was Stacy. We chatted for a long time as other dancers danced. Honestly felt no pressure and had a wonderfully time. Will recommend to friends.

  2. nickstrip

    Great upgrades and detail. Huge variety and very professional staff with food that is good! Really enjoy this place – has fire pit patio private vibe super excellent, way exceeds expectations. Awesome lineup worth seeing…

  3. TrevorL288


  4. Jack j.

    beautiful women, friendly staff & well-appointed but I’ve tried at several different times & it’s often really hard to even find a girl here. there are never more than a couple working, there are long pauses between strippers, it can be tough to even find a waitress. every time I”ve been to expose I’ve spent a lot of time just sitting there waiting for anyone female to appear within my view. it’s weird to leave a strip club feeling like you hardly saw any women. this place is nice in lots of ways that many strip clubs are not (clean, friendly, stylish) but it’s always dead in there. for the management, here’s a hint: the GIRLS are supposed to entice the CUSTOMERS not the other way around. you’re selling an erotic fantasy excursion & there’s nothing fun about sitting in an empty room. oh, & the $8 fee on the ATM? uncool.

  5. Johnnyboy123

    A good mix of ethnicities. After every dancer is done, they come around and open up the side of their panties AKA begging for money. EVERY SINGLE ONE of them did that. No “out-of-the-world” dances or dancers. There is a girl there that dances off beat and growls.. lol So awkward. Not to mention she’s just not hot.Definitely wouldn’t recommend going. Go to Deja Vu or something!

  6. moneyman2

    This was a very nice little spot. I went alone and some girl didn’t know if I was going to tip but I did tell her I was that I’m nice like that lol waitress was super nice and kept checking up on me and my drink. I will come back again 🙂

  7. XhXeXy

    Stopped by the other day because of traffic on the 163. The door guy, Brian, I think… was extreamly polite. Welcomed me, gave me a brief intro to the club and I was on my way. This isn’t your father’s strip club. The atmosphere and decor are that of a higher end cigar lounge that just happens to have a stage with a pole in the middle… and skantily clad, sometimes naked women dancing… haha.This is not really that highly intense money pit that has become synonomous with most “Nudie” bars. You really won’t be hounded for tips, well not that much…. private dances are $10 until 9pm after that they are $15. Standard stuff I suppose.What suprised me the most about this place was the imported Italian desserts and Coffee..frickin outstanding. Jenn, the waitress checked up on me every now and then to make sure I was okay…. great service. Cigars and Hooka are avalible for purchase and can be smoked at their outdoor patio. This place is just unreal…I honestly enjoyed myself.

  8. joseph1k

    I have been going to a few of these clubs on a daily basis to see how hot the dancers are. This place offers you a variety of hot sweaty Bettie’s at a reasonable rate for lap dances. Nice comfortable new leather seating in both semi private and private areas. Now grant it its a full nude establishment so there is no liquor served here but you did not come for drinks you came in to see naked women shake there ass and clime on the pole. I could tell you the hottest dancers to take for a lap dance but then everyone would know who wrote this review hahaha ha ha. Lets just say if you start around the letter N you cannt go wrong. Have fun and you defiantly have to try the dam cheese cake it’s the bomb.

  9. Harrison69

    I’ve been to this place a couple of times, and am surprised at how different it is than most clubs. It has a relaxing atmosphere, and the girls are not constantly hitting you up for a lap dance. The girls are ever so pretty and actually they are friendly too. Not pushy just nice and friendly. And look sooo good on the stage.Also, this place actually has a smoking area outside so you can have a cigarette and watch the girls dance. Yes, actually have a cigarette. They have hookah too. I tried it once it was actually fun to smoke the stuff.Lastly, they have good food and coffee drinks. Believe it or not I had a pecan pie and cappuccino at a strip club.This is a nice chill place that is fun to visit and kick back for a bit with some pretty girls.

  10. billtheguy12

    I’ve done a lot of things for some of my best friends. I’ve volunteered for charity, I’ve tolerated their spouse’s terrible bands, I’ve dropped them off at the airport and I’ve event helped them move. Rolling out to a alcohol-free strip club to watch one of my besties guest dance would have to top the list but with that being said, I had an awesome time!Sure you can jump to conclusions and call me a pig for simply walking through the front door, but my visit was strictly biz. I was there to support and in the process I ended up meeting some really great people with interesting stories. One of these peeps would have to be, Dino. Dino is the owner, but better described as a man capable of trumping your coolest life tale with his most modest and he is seemingly always available for both his customers and employees. If you make the trip out I recommend you finding him to say hello.The club itself is beautiful and even has windows peering onto the smoking patio, which is lined with tables and even a nice fire pit to escape the inside antics. Looking for a bite to eat? I was told that the food is actually really great and it’s not all microwaveable pizza and mozzarella sticks. Care for a steak, a fancy Italian dessert and a killer espresso? They’ll line you up with the whole shebang! Not your average strip club… that’s for sure!

  11. Chris N.

    Came here for a bachelor party on a Wednesday night. Figuring it might be a little slow we called ahead and told them we were coming with 12 guys. We get there and the place is a ghost town. Completely empty and there were only 3 girls dancing. All of the girls were MAYBE 3’s. We bought the Gold package for $400 which came with a free hookah and cigar which was cool. We tried to talk to the manager to tell him this wasn’t what we paid for. He pretty much told us to piss off. We ended up leaving after 30 minutes and coming to Cheetah’s… FAR BETTER!!! Don’t waste your time or money coming to this place.

  12. BigRick

    This place is the bomb, I am headed down tomorrow night and I am bringing my hot horny wife !!!

  13. adamrod

    Not that I am a frequent flyer at strip clubs, but I was very curious since this place turned into Expose considering I see it from the freeway on a daily basis. I had heard Expose doesn’t serve alcohol, which I found unique and comforting. I had no desire to go into a club and see a bunch of drunk, obnoxious men thinking that every girl there was ready to do him. Ug I walked in and it was a bit dark. The door persons were extremely nice and friendly. I got to peek in before deciding to pay to go in. It actually looked very inviting. I found a table and sat down. As I looked around, I saw dancers and waitresses milling around making sure everyone was taken care of. I am comfortable enough with myself to say that the girls in this club are not what one thinks of when thinking of strip clubs. These girls did not look like meth addicts gone wild or former used up hookers. All the girls were very attractive, in shape (so I wasn’t sure I wanted food. lol), and very nice. I am always impressed with the pole dancing. The strength and talent, but definetely sexy and not sleezy. Dancers don’t walk around begging for money. They get money on stage and people at the tables do tip so calm down. No out of the world dances? it’s a strip club in San Diego not a Vegas Show girl show. What do you get to see at the other clubs? Drunk, f’d up sleezy girls dancing for drunk, f’d up sleezy men? Yes I am sure those girls are an unmatched “talent.” So go and enjoy. I will be here.Like I said, no alcohol. But other drinks and delicious food like nachos and well … I’m not sure because I was so focused on my nachos I paid no mind to other food. They were awesome!!I’m not much of a hookah person, but they are hookah friendly. So I read through most of the reviews before I started writing mine. Those who indicate the club is not clean are either walking in drunk or are pissed because they are not easy. .Reviewers who are likely trolls like to butcher a place but then say go get a VIP dance. Um if you truely didn’t like the club, why spend money for a private dance? There are private dances one can pay for but for you perverted peeps who equate a private dance to a blow job, go to Cheetahs, Deja Vue, or Les Girls where you can get that and much more. I wish they would all be shut down to get ride of the sleaze inside and out, and open more clubs like Expose. This is a reputable and respectful place. I was honestly suprised because admittedly I did go in with preconceived ideas.

  14. Johnnyboy123

    Not only does this place have a great ambiance, it also has staff and dancers that make you feel comfortable.. I especially enjoy the hookah patio and the great events !! I will definitely be back 🙂

  15. Jonathan

    This club is hands down one of the best clubs Ive been to in the area. The girls are sexy and the food is great. Definitely recommend!

  16. Rocker

    I was here on a 2 day business trip and i have to say i had an excellent time. the

    girls were hot and an awesome cigar selection

    will come back

  17. harryharry

    I personally luv this place .. The girls are nice and the staff is so sweet. I luv going into strip clubs with my friends and seeing new talents. They also have different porn stars preform every month . “Super fun”Just hate when people that go just to talk s###t about girls trying to make a living. My thing is if go to a strip club go to have fun .. cuz really girls like “Monique A” should just stay shopping at thrift stores … don’t knock girls cuz don’t have the balls to do what they do . just saying support ur local strip clubs whoot whoot

  18. Anonymous

    I love strip clubs .

  19. rogerrab2

    Great club, very relaxed atmosphere. You can smoke on the patio and they have cigars and hookahs available for purchase. Great drink selection all non alcoholic. The girls are friendly and not pushy.

  20. chinaDel

    DEFINATELY the best club in the area HANDS DOWN!!

  21. Patrick M.

    Dino,After stopping by right before Christmas I immediately noticed the upgrades to the exterior, signs and the new billboard – Nice touch! Thanks as always for the hospitality and great food. When I walked in I was impressed with your most recent renovations and friendly staff. The kitchen is also pumping out great gourmet quality food, and coffee at a reasonable price. The Girls of course looked classy, and amazing especially “Amari” who is very VERY nice eye candy without the attitude.. People sometimes expect at gentleman’s clubs a lot of rushing and rudeness, but not here keep up the good work.SO PEOPLE READING THIS IF YOUR LOOKING FOR THE NEWEST SMALLER GENTLEMAN’S CLUB TO CHECK OUT IN SAN DIEGO, OR JUST VISITING DON’T FORGET TO STOP BY ..EXPOSE SD…I hope this review helps 2012 be the best year yet for you and your family. All the best Dino!P. Musante

  22. james1412

    A fun place to hang. I friends here we grab a hookah people watch and sometimes we grab a dance. The music can be repetitive but grab a drink before you come in and just hang.

  23. eddyL

    i worked for dino & 1,000xs better than vu vegas or spearmint rhino. great respect for him it just sucked that golden finger??? took his last one!o:-)

  24. Anthony T.

    Went with my wife and she ended up being the baddest chick there (mind you she’s hot-but that’s not the point). I gave 3 stars cause there was only 3 good strippers (based on looks and dancing skill). The black chicks there disappointed me…they need to either train with weights or diet harder imo (too soft and too much stomach). I’m nice so I tipped every dancer but man I didn’t want to on some of them.

  25. GarryWas

    I was here earlier this month. It was a Thursday around 4 pm so I didn’t expect it to be packed. It wasnt. I think there were only 2 other patrons the whole time I was there. The doorman was informative. $20 cover with a card that makes it $10 the rest of the year. I was there maybe an hour. Real laid back environment. Took the girls a bit to come on stage in between songs. As far as the girls it is completely hit or miss. I had a dance from one girl who was awesome. Dont remember here name. Thin latina with big boobs. If I go back I’m definitely looking for her. I had one more dance…bad idea. Short pretty Mexican girl. The thing is when she was ready to give me a dance she was all sweaty. Not ok. Unlike the first girl it was an air dance. I’m glad it was an air dance. I might go back when I’m in town if I remember that card they gave me.

  26. JOJO

    I cant believe this place is gonna have live cam porn star broadcasts every week !!

  27. ryan123

    Worst place, Would never go again. There is less staff, no one to attend the guests. waste of time. No value for money.

  28. David B.

    Great place.First strip club I’ve ever Been to and they made it super easy and a hell of a good time. Beautiful all nude girls with great personalities to boot. But I must say, my go to girl is foxy! Killer body sexy smile electrifying eyes and gives a lap dance like nones business. I’ll definitely be back to see her again’

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