Shooter Alley



5803 Buford Highway Northeast, Doraville, GA 30340


33.9092304, -84.265862




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Shooter Alley

  1. Rick
  2. joseph1k

    Not impressed.I’ve seen better.The drinks were pretty good…I mean, how could you go wrong with a rum & coke right? The cover was only $10 and the drinks were reasonably priced…the ladies swinging from the poles on the other hand…not so much.

  3. jay

    this club has changed from good to bad!!! too many ghetto girls! need to call it “Thug Alley”

  4. Harrison69

    The area is small. They make you wait outside forever. The drinks and cover are reasonable, but the atmosphere is lackluster compared to the wait. The girls are small…like all of them. There was no variety.

  5. Big Daddy

    Great place one of the best

  6. peebody

    this club is okay still some trashy hoe but i can get my dick sucked any time.

  7. Gizzio

    the best girls in atlanta!!!!!

  8. Mr H.

    Shooter Alley is the new Clermont. Located in the sketchiest part of Buford Highway, it shares its creepy strip-mall parking lot with an adult theater. The best part is that you will definitely get hit up for money on your way from your car to the club. And the guy that begs for money will look like Gollum and be wearing an Affliction T-Shirt. Guess the world of MMA ain’t what it used to be.Hot girls and stiff drinks. Open til 3am on Sundays, which is when I like to get my nekkid drink on.

  9. tom

    you know this club has improved .. there are a variety of girls ranging from white to pretty black girls to latinas …it just depends on the day or night time seems like there are more white girls in day time and mixed of girls at night …you just have to be the judge of it for your self.. some times the bigger clubs arent always the better clubs..

  10. mitchy

    i use to go alot.but gotta arrested..but last night i went again after about 5 months..

    i got to see the asian girl that is usually there..she always cute..sometimes i wonder why she workin there..but yeah..

    there is booty everywhere of course..

    don’t know if its the best.cuz i aint been to other places

  11. ryan123

    The low entry price attracted me, but I soon realized why. 10min after being there it felt more like high pressure used car salesmen instead of dancers and bartenders. The dancers are also very below average. There is a reason why no one mentions this club when suggesting clubs in Atlanta. Steer clear if you want to have a good time.

  12. Luis G.

    I’ve noticed over time that it’s a 50/50 crap shoot when coming here. Some nights you’ll have a blast while others you’ll end up wondering why you even wasted your time. I generally go here when follies (club down the street) is packed. My last time here was ok. The dancers were not bad, but literally made something out of nothing. The bar tender was a little aggressive on the tips which killed my vibe. All in all, give it a try and experience it for yourself…

  13. Franklyn

    One of the best Adult Clubs not talked about…Drinks are good Service of the dancers are grade A….Love this place to hide out at

  14. smooth bru

    Those girls are trashy definetly not classy!

  15. fisherdex1

    Never been here but I live close and noticed that they’ve been closed for a few weeks. Just a heads up

  16. Bryan L.

    i’d say it was ok, the drinks were reasonably priced, the cover was only $10 and a hand full of dancers are pretty good looking i had a dancer that came on to me and gave me a free dance, she was wasted and started to lick my neck and face…now it was great until she bit me so hard i had teeth marks on my neck…yea it hurt, but hey cant complain cause it was free lol

  17. jonny

    the best and now there in jacksonville fl as gold nugget

  18. kenston12

    Strip clubs are definitely an acquired taste; in other words, it is not for everyone. I’ve been a supporter of the naked hustle for over a decade and has witnessed the evolution of strip clubs during that time. Strip clubs, especially in Atlanta and other major cities, has garnered a lot of popularity within the past five or six years thanks largely to the rap music scene and reality TV shows with exotic dancers or former strippers. Now women go to the clubs a lot (in some cases they outnumber men) whereas ten years ago that wasn’t very common.Shooter Alley is a peculiar club. The reason why it is peculiar is because these women are gorgeous college looking skinny black women with a smaller booty (slim thick as we say). Black clubs in Atlanta typically have thick dancers but this club leans towards the spinner types. This is one of my favorite clubs in Atlanta due to the laid back environment with the dancers. The dancers are nice and not as ghetto compared to other clubs.This club is open seven days a week. No cover during the day but at night after 7:00 it is $10. Free parking as well even on weekends. Dances are $10 and fully nude. The women are very pretty but the dances are just OK at best. Not much touching and some of the women keep their distance. A few will upsell you for VIP which is $100 to the dancer and $25 to the club. The stage shows are good. Only one girl be on stage normally and they are great with the pole tricks.

  19. Jacob

    too many thugs and wannabe rappers or whatever they call themselves customers… this club use to be a low-key club with classy girls…too many ghetto girls now!!! finding a new club to spend my money.

  20. mathewater12

    The security in this establishment is very rude, with no concept of what hospitality truly is “one particular door man/security had the nerve to beg for tips at the front door.” Waitress came to me for drinks one time within a 20 minute. At that point i didnt want anything. Overall assessment of this establishment is don’t waste your time or money……. Tried to correct the issues with the manager on dutie and was told by security to fk off we dont really give a shi#!

  21. ramon

    everytime i visit this club i had a great time. i have been going to clubs for 21 years and this is one of the best.

  22. T-Rex

    The table dances are off the hook and the girls realy know how to make you feel good. I believe that the girls could make more money if the dances were $5 instead of $10. There are not a divert group as there was in the past. The girls have beautiful skin and not all tatted up. A great place to visit day or night

  23. bobby

    best place to be any time of the week!

  24. s
  25. bob

    this club might as well be for gay guys cuz these women look like transvestites

  26. for all you haters

    always hatin the bitch that wrote that shit about kya is a hatin ass hoe! BITCH YOU dont make no money and YOU probably fuck for 125- GO GET A LIFE BITCH! WITH YOUR FAKE ASS AND TITTIES- Kya KIa how ever u want to spell her name get it right BITCH she is a dime piece and mutha fuckas want to generally give her money bc her pussy dont smell — BITCH KEEP HATIN while she makes all the MONEY

  27. Jack

    This place is thug city!!!

  28. DatDude

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