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226 reviews for “Strokers

  1. Biggy 1

    O.K…… to the site, so I got a lotta reviewing to share. This spot has some of the baddest chicks in ATL in thongs and high heels. Hands down. Though the lap dances are a little pricey and the dancer/client interaction is scrutinized; this aint the only strip club in ATL like this; they all say no touching; it is a good spot to go to when you and the fellas want to just get out and see some good-looking women. But wait!! The non dancers are in there too so there are women all over the place. Thumbs up to the dancers but we want to touch!!!!!!

  2. crowley
  3. Atl

    I’m so glad the club has new and improve dancers because there were alot of ghetto looking girls. These girls are classy and act more mature.Even thought the club IS all about the girls its more to judge than that like personality, friendliness and over all respectfulness to others

  4. na
  5. Cain

    It’s like walking in paradise. If you want a dance, a drink, to shoot a game of pool with a beautiful young lady, etc. Whatever you need….. It’s at Strokers.

  6. Frank

    I wish I worked here what a hat club

  7. Jerry -a.k.a Mr.Big

    This club sets the standard for the Strip club industry in Atlanta. There is nothing more to say.

  8. D Z.

    O.K…… to the site, so I got a lotta reviewing to share. This spot has some of the baddest chicks in ATL in thongs and high heels. Hands down. Though the lap dances are a little pricey and the dancer/client interaction is scrutinized;this aint the only strip club in ATL like this; they all say no touching; it is a good spot to go to when you and the fellas wanna just get out and see some good looking women. But wait!! The non dancers are in there too so there are women all over the place. Thimbs up to the dancers but we wanna touch!!!!!!

  9. Anonymous
  10. silky
  11. Ashley D.

    Visited Strokers this past weekend and was far from impressed. I have been to almost every strip club in ATL, worked in a few, and the girls at Strokers had some of the shittiest attitudes I have ever encountered. The sound system is terrible; all the speakers are blown out, so when the bass hits, it just rattles. There were some good dancers, but it was the typical booty shaking that you find at most strip clubs in ATL now. All in all, I would much rather visit another club that is not so ghetto and where the dancers actually look they are enjoying themselves. Girl, you are there to make money, not bitch.

  12. vfr
  13. ericka brown
  14. Floyd

    Strokers was the shit the best club ive ever been too Ill be back

  15. Franklyn

    Naked people all around! That’s the only good thing about this place. No variety and a lot more sagging than you would think someone would expect you to pay for. Might as well watch porno.

  16. Levi T.

    Still gets 5 stars from me. Been coming here for bout 8 years now and still able to enjoy my self.10 dances so you might want to have some type if money cause when your having fun time, money, and drinks fly might look up and find yourself at the atm. One if the best places in the city if you like ebony women with body art, some big fake bootys and only hip-hop being played. Food is alright but that do you expect from an adult shake joint.

  17. B.

    Why would you open a Club and NOT want anyone to come in??

  18. J Banks

    This is my favorite strip club in atlanta

  19. poochie


  20. raw
  21. Kirei

    First time going and really enjoyed myself!!

  22. luc
  23. maxxy1

    This is an awesome place to go with friends for a good time. It can get pretty packed and you might be standing for some songs, but the strippers will give you a stand lap dance(lol) if you request for a dance. You don’t have to be ballin(rich) to be in this place. I took out 200 in ones and I was amoung the top 15 paying costumers. If you want more “intimacy” form the dancers, go on the weekdays or earlier when it’s not packed. Dancers aren’t all top notch, but they are pretty close.

  24. Ace

    Love the way I can go there in a bad mood and cme out feeling great

  25. TrayM

    just a few weeks ago I, started back at strokers, after about nine yrs long story but, there is a dancer name Berry, and this sister has away about her being that makes you want to spend there should be more of Berry’s, around just like the one you already have!!

  26. TrayDMeekins

    This the club you wanna spend in because drinks are cheap and dancers are top line.
    so do the right things people stop by and see just what Im saying good place to relax.

  27. D NICE

    From Los Angeles. This club is off the chain, better than any club I have ever been to. Anytime i’m in ATL it’s a must that I check it out.

  28. gooley
  29. Damion

    LOVE IT! 10+ you must visit Strokers PERSONALLY to witness all the fine ass women yourself.

  30. al mack

    I value strokers at a rate of exceptional well. Infact, It is a ritual that I celebrate my birthday there every year. I”ve been to other clubs from miami to las vegas, but strokers is concidered my second home. I appreciate the hospitality there. I AM A FAN FOR LIFE!

  31. Will

    Stroker’s is an excellent Club. Everytime me and my fam hit A-town, we go to STROKER’S BABY!

  32. unkwon

    legacy is the best

  33. T

    The dancers are all friendly and will take the time to talk. Really a fun place to hang out.

  34. D-Money


  35. peaches

    The club is great place for entertainment

  36. angela j.

    okay, i have to give a shout out to Stroker’s….the best damn strip club i’ve ever been to. and i consider myself to be a strip club connosieurre…or at least i was back in the day.i used to live in atlanta with my then boyfriend, now husband, and seriously, this was our favorite “club”. the bartenders, some of the girls, even the police officer security guard knew who we were…scary, huh?let me paint the picture.pumping hip hop music.dark, dark, dark lighting (duhhh) with one giant stage in the center of the room.super ghetto tables and chairs, you know, the kind of chairs with the metal arms and legs that were in someone’s 1970’s office.paper plates with buffalo wings and bleu of all shapes and sizes, with beautiful gold watches and piles of cash.beautiful, large rumped women walking around completely, buck naked.the girls of Strokers were exotic, beautiful, sweet, tolerant, feisty, and above all, great f-ing dancers.i miss that place and can only hope that it’s still as rockin as it once was. if you’re ever in A-town…you gotta take a trip outside the perimeter and give Stroker’s a try.

  37. ty
  38. D Lyons

    The dancers are OFF THE CHAIN!! I came in town from Charlotte, and believe me, Strokers is the BEST gentlemans club that I have ever attended. I definitely didn’t mind spending my time and money there!

  39. Marc A

    It’s a great club. There are a variety of women to cater to your preference. The drinks are good from regular to imported they have you covered. The music is the best because the ladies love it and they love the music you know, it gets wild.

  40. Pops
  41. DocErotica

    One of the five clubs that I recently visited while at loose ends in Atlanta for four days and nights was Strokers. Actually, it is located in Clarkston, to the east of the city, near exit 38 on I-285, which is Atlanta’s perimeter highway. Strokers is a “black club” to the extent that all of the dancers there on the night I attended were black as well as all of the patrons other than myself. Nevertheless, I was never made to feel unwelcome or out-of-place. One black patron from Nigeria went out of his way to be friendly with me. As soon as I made it evident that I had money to spend on tips and private dances, I received plenty of attention from dancers. There were perhaps two-dozen different dancers present during at least part of the several hours I was present and about ten of those were appealing enough to me to ask for dances. A few were downright lovely. Although skin color is not a factor for me, body type is. I prefer thin women with tight, hard butts to large-framed women, but a substantial percentage of black women have more gluteus maximus than my taste requires. Still, there were some gals there entirely consistent with my preferences. The price for a lap dance was $10. The dance style was a bit more provocative than that featured typically at The Cheetah. The ladies at Strokers provide peeks of the pink, for example, and wider spreads on the bend-overs. The racial mix, however, was much narrower at Strokers than at The Cheetah. The ladies generally ranged from 4-9, in my personal opinion, which places this club well above 24K and Doll House, comparable to The Blue Flame Lounge, but below The Cheetah. The physical layout of the club was mediocre, at best, and not comparable, in that respect, to either The Cheetah or The Blue Flame Lounge. There was one central stage, with a pole, where two dancers typically performed simultaneously. There was a pool table area on one side of the room. The bathroom was adequately clean and the club was relatively smoke free compared to The Cheetah. As with most clubs, the less attractive dancers were more assertive about offering dances than the more attractive ones, but I was ultimately able to choose the ones in whom I had the most interest and fend off the others. The cover charge was $10 and parking was free. Drinks were reasonably priced.

  42. tommy


  43. Daddy7593
  44. Big City

    It was the best times I have ever spent in a club hands down!

  45. mz swagg

    the whole experience was nice from the time i walked in to the time i left im in atlanta visiting from chicago never saw so many girls in one place all were georgeous and had banging bodies im cumin back

  46. straight talk

    The club is great. Money for EVERYONE that works there. The club is Hot and straight up the place to be

  47. Greg

    I thought the DC metro area had the best looking dancers around….OOOOO my Strokers has changed my mind about that. Even though you have a few from the DC area working there now the club is EXCELLENT….

  48. Big Faint

    This was one of the hottest clubs I’ve ever been to. Not only were the dancers hot but so was the female clientel. Great club and I will be going back soon!!!!

  49. DJ

    good spot to go and relax with a pleasant scenery

  50. AWesome

    Go Amilleyon

  51. TomRutner233

    Phew! we will DEFINATELY go here again!

  52. gl
  53. Too Too

    Fantastic lap dances !

  54. cece

    Awesome. Miss Faithful blew my mind.

  55. Harrison69

    Let’s just say I won’t be back. I was with some friends and we spent a lot of money but was treated like crap. The atm charge was outrages, I think like $5 but I guess that’s expected with a place like that. The strippers was okay and started to look better after taking a couple of shots. There was this really hot girl in there but she stayed busy and I wasn’t able to get a dance from her. 🙁

  56. fritter17

    Sexy ladies all around…… Chill place to kick it had a good time overall!!!!!!

  57. Jay G.

    There are better strip clubs in Atlanta I don’t really like how they do business. When you are parking in the parking lot only one side is free and the other side you have to pay for I think the parking was 5$. then you have to pay to get in to the strip club I think that was 10$. If you are using a card their is drink min. The girls were ok as far as dancing, like some were just walking around the stage and that was it while one was actually doing move. If you want me to give you some money you have to put in work. Only one girl impressed me and i was there for a while. This was my first time going so my expectations were not high, but I must admit I was a little disappointed.

  58. tyu
  59. kita22

    the was very nice

  60. Floz
  61. K

    decent place

  62. Jingaling08

    I visited the club in April 2017 on a Thursday night around 10PM. The cover charge was $10. The dance prices were $10 per song. Overall, the dancers were friendly and down to earth. There was a thick brown-skinned dancer who appeared to be near retirement was overly aggressive with soliciting dances. Great experience overall! I hope to visit during day-shift hours.

  63. Jackson/ Peoria, IL.

    From the moment I walked in the door, I knew that Strokers was going to a incredible time and I was not disapointed. The women were simply amazing, very talented and ready to create the perfect fantasy. I cant wait to go back to ATL just for another visit to Strokers. Thank you.

  64. Alan

    Stripper heaven!

  65. bop
  66. Pepper
  67. Jim

    Very nice place

  68. Kyle

    Best club in the South!

  69. joseph1k

    This is hands down the best strip club in Atlanta if your looking for some of the best ebony ass in the city. If you like white chocolate than head over to Cheetah. Patron nights, 10 dollar lap dances than dont end till your at attention and some of the hardest Souther Rap I have ever heard. Before entering this club, you must wait inline outside while a monster of a security guard thoroughly searches you like a terrorist being detained at Guantanamo Bay. Once inside the cover was about ten bucks and the place looked a dance club/social club. My brother looked like the son of Bill Maher, and myself a character out of Goodfellas stood out in this place like saw thumbs. Unfazed we ran a tab at the bar for us and the lady friend of ours. Dancers here were all very friendly, the staff was nice and the bartenders knew how to take care of everyone. Even the old guy in the super clean bathroom did a standup job.. All this and we were here on Sunday night.. Definitely recommend this place on Sundays/Mondays. Might also be a good idea to to keep some heat in your trunk, so thay way like Bone Crusher “You Aint never Scurred!”These girls get completely naked, and give new meaning to the words “Pop, Drop and Lock it.” For a real taste of Southern Crunk there is no better place in the ATL than Strokers.Huge fan and vow to always come back to this place.

  70. BJ

    Excellent club. Nice friendly dancers.

  71. Angel J

    I’ve been to strip clubs in the Midwest but none like this.

  72. joey
  73. Master Bater

    I love it

  74. CD

    Great club! Safe for all people to go enjoy beautiful black


  75. HET

    My Club of Choice

  76. YoungPimpin

    I love this club.

  77. Kenyatta Adams

    This is my favorite Strip club in the US. This club is off the chain.

  78. WOW

    Waste. I have scene better looking animals at SPCA

  79. Jay J.

    Strokers just might be the best strip club in the A-T-L.(I didn’t go to Onyx, but this club hands down was the best of the 3 that I went to during my trip)First off,This is how a strip club should be–Plenty of seating around.A good mix of men and women coming in.If you’re not feeling the strippers, you can check the ladies coming in…LOLA safe atmosphere and a large variety of big booty cuties walking around in their birthday suits…and you have some appetizer options on their menu to ease the alcohol.i came here on an off night–Monday night..Dances were 2 for 10, which was nice!It was a lot of fun……The stage rotates around, which gives you a great view regardless of where you are seated….The best stripper for me was a light skinned cutie named Morey or Maurey.Gotta love someone who is sensual and gives it her all and all……I told her she got star potential. I hope she believes in me…Note: Don’t pay for valet parking… Its Free to the right of valet area…4.5 stars—A must go-to spot in Atlanta.

  80. Todd
  81. blacker

    nice spot overall, the club is much better late nights after 12.

  82. Swoop

    Top of my list is Strokers

  83. Fyre
  84. CJ

    It doesn’t get any better than Strokers!!!!

  85. Na'D

    WOW!! First time ever visting a Strip Club; I didn’t particpate in anything, just observed. Great club, away from the heart of the city!!! Kudos!

  86. def


  87. JimmyD

    This club is the best kept secrect in or around Atlanta.

    Recent renovations are fantastic and the women are some of Atlanta’s most beautiful dancers. Treat yourself to a special night out. STROKER’s ROCKS!

  88. Ming

    Luv it!!

  89. darksied
  90. curtis17

    Strokers is a an Atlanta institution. Boss Lady Temptation is on her job with making sure the girls ride that pole and dance their butts off. The drinks are reasonable and the atmosphere was crakin’.

  91. Patrick H. Tisdale III

    Best club I have ever been to. I love it because the women are beautiful and dance very erotic and here I can loose myself. This club will take you to a new dimension and new experiences. I cant wait to get back!!! Tricky Tre’ Nashville, TN.

  92. JJ


  93. QGENT
  94. larry1

    My boyfriend likes strip clubs & I am very amused by them, so when we took a trip to ATL we knew we had to go to one. Ended up here on a Sunday night, and I was impressed. I was coming from LA, where Black strippers are few…Strokers, in contrast, literally had about 20 girls walking around ass naked (or with a silly few slices of fabric on to accentuate the nakedness lol) plus the 2 girls on stage. All black girls, different shapes, some super thick, some more slim, but all had nice bodies & looked good. I think they were all Black & 1 Latina. A lap dance was $10. Music was good – hip hop/down south rap. PARKING! Do not get suckered into paying $20 to valet or $10 to self park close to the door, if you just drive a few parking aisles over towards the rest of the strip mall, the parking is free. We asked the parking attendant & thought it was so sad all these unknowing patrons were driving up & paying $10 when if you choose to walk 1 minute, it is free. FYI – for non-Georgians, strip clubs open on sunday are some of the only places that you can buy alcohol without paying a recorking fee…btw, we called a few places & many aren’t open on Sunday.

  95. daren
  96. ryan123

    If you happen to frequent strip clubs, then you’d more than likely like Strokers. I should add a note, if you have a preference other than Black Women, then it may not be your thing. I should state that I’m not the biggest fan of strip clubs. I find myself being dragged more than wanting to go willingly. It’s not that I don’t like a female dancing for me, but it doesn’t have the same level of intimacy when the person performing the dance is someone you’re dating or in a relationship with. It seems cheapen to me. Strokers has a large bar, several billards tables, and many smaller table with chairs for occupants to sit at. They have a main stage in the middle of the dance floor that allows you to view anyone dancing on it from any perspective in the club. They have another stage, smaller than the main one, positioned at the opposite end of the club. I never ordered food from there, but it looks alright. I just can’t bring myself to eat at certain places, especially when body parts are bouncing, flapping, and jiggling.When females aren’t dancing, they’re usually walking around socializing with the occupants. For the most part, they are nice. I actually had a long length conversation with a dancer about various things. She was cool and down to earth. You will be asked a million and one times if you want a dance, but I suppose you shouldn’t go to a strip club and be surprised when you’re asked that. If my memory serves me correctly, you have to pay $10 to park and another $10 to enter. I won’t lie, I was a little upset about paying for parking. If I’m going to pay $10 for parking, the least you could do is park the car for me. Coming from the North, I was a little surprised to see the amount of women there. Apparently, women, even straight women, like going to the strip clubs. All in all, you could enjoy yourself if you have good company.

  97. Vistitor to the ATL Area

    This club has definitely left an impression on me. From what I have seen, it is the best club in the ATL.

  98. Antquan

    The hottest stripe joint i been to wit the badest chicks

  99. Ruby
  100. Dj Budd

    From Boston Ma

    Was in Your Club In March and could not stop thinking about how mush fun i had when your dancer made her ass clapp i was inpressssss Dj Budd

  101. bettyQ66

    i ALWAYS go here – its worth the travel everytime! i come from virgina and i will come back every summer!

  102. Marcel Grimes

    Look I’m from London Engalnd and what can I say, it was my first time in Atlanta not only did enjoy the my time spent in the city but STROKERS was my best experience at any strip club. So many beautiful women of all shapes and sizes, not just the dancers either, girls who came to the club made me feel welcome and were friendly. Security was cool even though I forgot my ID,I explained where I was from and they let me in with no hassle so I bought them a drink and they put a shout out with DJ saying thanks to English Man from oversea’s everybody was cool.

    Best wishes to all involved in the club can’t wait to come back.

  103. desmond

    i never been but heard of it.

  104. blackwolf
  105. jet blak
  106. Knowledge

    loved the girls…they kno how to have a good time and make you feel comfortable…

  107. Coop

    Its a nice and very upscale enviroment!

  108. adamrod

    Went to Strokers with a friend. When we pulled in the shopping center parking lot this guy told me we had to pay to park !! lol I looked at him like ” GTFOH!” Then when we got out the car and to the door security did say they charged to park in the lot lol I guess everyone has a hustle ! That was unbelievable and funny as hell. You do not own this lot sir ! beat it smh. The girls definitely work for their money ! I love it when they put on a show . The food from next door was good !!! lol strip club food is usually good !I wish the layout and seating was a little better .

  109. Pleased!!

    Visited Strokers, while on vacation. Had a great time, keep up the good work!

  110. Josh

    I went there on a Thursday and had a blast. Every kind of Black Women that you could possibly want. Lap dances are generally very good. Drinks aren’t too pricey, but I would have liked to see the dancers do more pole tricks. It was mostly just booty poppin

  111. Omar

    High quality females

  112. Conroy

    If i had a son this is wher I would take him I love the ladies here

  113. Pistol

    Thisis my favortie club of all time. I would go here ever night if I had the money ! I still go a lot, and I have like zero money !

  114. litebritegurl

    Stroker’s is a fav for me and my hubby and our friends. We have our favorite girls there Renegade, Toyoko, and Felize (ass like whoa AND she has a great personality). Overall the club is on point. There are a variety of chics (bodywise, dance skills, etc) so there is something there for everyone. This is definately THE spot if you’re looking for some TRULY thick black women who know how to drop it like it’s hot!

  115. Hank

    This is me they gangs new favorite hang out. Lots of top notch strippers with a lot of diffent body types. Big, small and medium !

  116. Aff
  117. John II
  118. big j2

    I love strokers I want to marry all those stripers.

  119. mike

    i jus lovd da spot ima keep on goin bak as long as day keep dem sexi lil mamas der ya feel me erali

  120. Paul

    Strokers is a fantastic club! Gorgeous entertainers and excellent atmopsphere!

  121. Ben

    A + +

  122. Triple D

    I like the club it is the best one to me. And who ever said dat this club suck then you must be GAY cuz strokers is whatz up

  123. Noah

    Just the best club in town and out.

  124. clem
  125. AK

    Strokers is the truth! I was in town from Alabama and me and one of the fellas stoped by and had a great time. The girls are nice. Like every club, sum tite and sum not. Great club though. I will definitly be back.

  126. FG

    Awesome club!!!!

  127. teee
  128. kyran thomas

    I walked in,and had to sit down and buy a drink immediately,I never seen nothing like what I seen in strokers.

  129. showtyme

    helluva spot, strokers keeps it tight regardless of what other clubs do.

  130. Nathan

    Visited Strokers last night & it was alright. It was a Thursday night so it wasn’t fully packed, but still quite busy. Too many guys & not enough dancers. I had to end up waiting almost 15 minutes to get just 1 dance. Bartenders are good, and get you your drinks fairly fast. Girls look good, too bad they don’t care about making money from new people.

  131. Marh

    Terrific club.

  132. Picasso

    Could really use a private dance area for one on one with the dancers.

  133. Precious
  134. Jason

    I’ve always heard about Strokers but had never been until recently. I thought Club Onyx in Dallas was the best but Strokers by far has the best women and atmosphere. I dont know where they get all those beautiful women form but I’m glad the got them. I will be going back this summer.

  135. s
  136. Will D.
  137. Taylor

    Beautiful women just to damn crowded. Need a seperate room for private dances if you pay for a dance the man standing beside you can watch everything and don’t pay anything.

  138. Yan

    A + + + + +

  139. Denny
  140. Jay
  141. marcus
  142. Dreboski
  143. Lashune

    I came to the “A” this weekend and strokers was the first stop i made. The girls are cool as hell and beautiful as well. I had never been to a strip club where the entertainment was A-1 and Strokers was definitly A-1. Big ups to the owner and keep that SH*T going cause i had a blast…….

  144. explorer

    very nice atmosphere, would go back, nice variety of girls, there is one amazing young lady she must be new cause i haven’t seen her before her names jolie beautiful girl guys i recommend u ask for her

  145. Mark

    Best dancers in the city.

  146. Garnette

    Well all I have to say is that hopefully sometime soon I’ll be apart of the crew!!!!

  147. Michael L.

    Strokers is one of my favorite strip clubs in Atlanta. Just about every time I go, its guaranteed to be a good night. They are consistent when it comes to having some of the sexiest black dancers in town. The dances are ten bucks and its usually chill on the inside, but it definitely gets thick inside as it gets later in the night so getting there a lil early will help. So its a cool spot if you’re looking for some chocolate delight.

  148. black


  149. KL
  150. Max

    My favorite club of all time ! I recommend it to all my friends !

  151. ad

    this is the best club in the atlanta area. the girls are very “nice”

  152. mitch

    To many tatoos & heavy girls. Great club as far as atmosphere. Security is excellent

  153. Lee


  154. Jeff

    Strokers is awesome!

  155. OCHO


  156. AssnTits5

    From what I can remember, there was only 1 cute girl in here and I can’t even remember much about her body. I remember practically EVERY chick in here having a gut. When they bent over all I saw was flab hanging. All that shaking all night every week doesn’t tighten and tone up the stomach??? I guess not. They also had a few older looking women in here. You could tell they were older too because they didn’t believe in shaving…had little bushes. I had a good time because it was my cousin’s birthday and his first time in a strip club. So I was turnt up for my fam and made sure they all had a good time. But won’t be returning. Might I add it’s far out! But they lived closer to it than myself since they’re on the Eastside.Two stars for the free parking ;).

  157. LaLa

    Too much to handle

  158. DirtyMoRed W.

    this place is right is on the EASTSIDE rite off the highway. You can probably always find me in here back in the cut. They have nice happy hour and bartenders and waitresses are nice. The dancers vary from nights & shifts. Free to get in before 10pm and dances are $10 (TWERK SUMTIN)

  159. B W.

    They’ve fallen off a lot over the years. White Chocolate used to (or may still) dance there and when I would see her in there unless you were dropping major dollars she was even giving half-assed dances. literally and figuratively. I usually only go because I know a few of the security guards in there, But the girls are so so, Amateur night on Wednesdays is really the days to go because Jnicks from 107.9 hosts and usually makes it fun, I think Lil Duval is supposed to start hosting now. Either way, not a big fan of the dancers. The food is pretty good and the drinks can be strong if you get the right bartender.

  160. Niya

    I come here all the time and I love it. Matter of fact i’ll be there tonight for amateur night. But im not dancing though only watching….not that I dont have what it takes Because I do.

  161. James

    This is an outstanding club! My boys and I had a great time here while visiting ATL!

  162. Sleep

    The hottest strip club ive been in from NYC to FLA hands down

  163. Big Daddy from Cincinnati

    I came to the ATL for Thanksgiving to visit family, this is the first time I have ever been in Georgia and Strokers is the very best holiday dessert on the planet earth! I have never been treated with so much hospitality and warth anywhere at anytime. The overall experience of the city of Atlanta was breathtaking and The Club Strokers establihment has made me really consider relocating my family and businesses to Atlanta. Thank you so very much for your kindness, generosity, and Southern Hospitality.

  164. mathewater12

    Coming from the North I expected the clubs in Atlanta to be everything I’d been missing. Went for my besties bday and I don’t know if it was just that night but I was not overly impresses. $20 to get in which is typical however the space was not set up for maximum entertainment. Most Philly clubs have a few stages and the bar surrounds the stag which gets you close enough without being too close but requires you to watch and tip the girls before your drink arrives. I kind of felt bad for the dancers bc the dj had to keep asking for ppl to throw $ but it is bc of the setup of the club having ppl so far from the stage. You could pay $200 for a seat right next to the stage however you’d be the only person there which is awkward. The best part about the club was the girls were truly down to earth and friendly. I would go back strictly bc they were so cool!

  165. DC
















  166. Joe Perry
  167. YungKirk

    Overall quality of the girls is top notch

    there were very few who weren’t to my

    liking. The absolute best lapdances you

    can get anywhere in Atlanta. Definitely

    will be back and continue to come

  168. Blue

    The club is great i’ve been in atl for what 5 or 6 years now,and this is the only club i enjoy coming to!!! i’ve been to others but theres nuthing like strokers!!! 1 suggestion through im from miami ,and back home we have like a v.i.p membership with cards and everything…

  169. DJ BROWN

    I just moved to ATL and I talk about Strokers more than anything else. Especially

    Cinnamon!! KEEP HER AROUND!

  170. brandon lusk

    i’m on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. Sandy

    I LUV working in this club !

  172. FF
  173. reddraggon

    I’m from Virginia and was at Strokers last week and it was by far the best strip club I’ve ever been to. I’ve partied everywhere even out of the country and none of the clubs could compare to Strokers.

  174. lboog
  175. Jason (New Orleans Fines)


  176. Tray
  177. Big Lew

    Some of the Finest Women in the A!

  178. K.F.

    Before strokers, i didn’t know that there were strip clubs that were open on sundays….when i went in there, everything was good….the vibe was good, the drinks were priced right, and the women…dream come true…’nuff said

  179. ray

    man I had a wonderful time and enjoyed every minute i cant wait to go back

  180. Carrey

    Just an awesome club ! Best looking strippers ever !

  181. slizza
  182. Geezo F.

    I am from Louisville,KY and after visting Strokers 2yrs ago, I cannont stop thinking about how much I had a great time when I was there.

    The next time I plan to come to the ATL, I will make it a priority to visit again!!

  183. Rickbfreaky2

    All I can say is dammmmn! This place is hot.

  184. abdul
  185. mimi2885

    I’ll go to Strokers whenever I can get a chance especially certain dancers like Queen. Queen knows what she is working with.

  186. billtheguy12

    The venue is nice inside much better than other strip clubs in Atlanta. There’s pool tables and a nice bar as well as various stages for the girls. I believe it is white owned. The DJ was terrible and the girls would yell at him to play different songs. I’m sorry I want to love all strippers but what is the criteria for being a dancer at this club? A minimum of 2 kids? These women are not attractive. I couldn’t spend one dollar on these girls I could barely watch. I made my man get a dance after girls kept coming up just because I felt bad but seriously….go somewhere with decent looking girls who don’t have bad attitudes. There are many clubs to choose from here in the A.

  187. John Mason

    This club is a gift to the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. danielson

    I came inside of this club on a Friday night and it wasn’t that many guys inside. Which means that the women was competing harder for the men money. After saying a few hello’s, and tipping the stage, I decided to get a dance from this chick who might become my regular dancer. Initially I wasn’t even about to come into this club, because its kinda hard for me to get into the groove inside of this strip club. And not only that I’m not really a strip club kinda guy, personally I strongly prefer to see women with clothes on. When I’m ultra bored to death and I want to be around a vibrant environment, then I just visit a strip club. I kinda stay away from the traditional club scene due to all the violence that normally occurs. I noticed that this is the only strip club where the DJ has a bad habit of playing sirens and horns. Man that stuff really hurt my ears I find myself constantly walking around the club trying to avoid the speakers. However, the place I truly want to sit, is always taken so I find myself suffering.One thing I do like about Strokers is the spinners pole dancing (which I didn’t witness on Friday night), I love watching them perform twirl on the pool for some reason. Personally I enjoy that way more than a lap dance, perhaps I enjoy that type of entertainment because I come from an athletic background and I’m envious of their gifted ability of being light feet. I left this place and decided to come back a couple hours later so I could spend some money with a buddy of mines. Upon arriving inside the club, I noticed it was a party going down and I saw plenty of strippers who I never saw before. And by the way I was expecting to pay $10 but I was charged $20, this was a first and I assumed that it was because it was this one dancer birthday and she was having a party inside. It was ton of cars outside but the club was not that busy, I pulled my official regular to the side and got some dances from her. And got another one from some caribbean lady who likes to smile and laugh a lot. And I decided to depart after waiting inside for a good 40 minutes. However, I never saw the women I originally came to see. One thing I would like to mention is that this club caters towards whatever in the hell you’re looking for. If you’re looking for thick chicks, slim, petite, spinners, medium or athletic build, young or older this club has it all. And also I want to point out this, for the first 2 times I visited this strip club, the strippers I wanted to give me a lap dance was ignoring me like crazy. I mean I was trying to flag them down, walk in front of them and speak to them they would just ignore me. After my 2nd visit, I decided to just chill out and mainly just drink at the bar and then of course the women who I tried to solicit for a dance began approaching me like crazy. This was the first time in my life, I ever visited this form of establishment and the women would just ignore you as if you’re only there to try to get their cellphone number or some sort. And this won’t be my last, I visited Club Babes off FIB back in December 2015 and man you had to look like a dope boy or have some drugs on your possession to get female attention there!

  189. james1412

    When my northern friends came into town and requested that I show them the real dirty south I was much obliged to take them to strokers. After All this place is much rapped about. I must say the women there know how to work a pole and move – I found myself taking notes for my man later! We got there early and there was no cover charge and plenty of free parking. I can only guess this place gets crazy as the night goes on as there was a line to get in as we were leaving. This is no cheetah by far but if you like a little southern hospitality check out strokers.

  190. XhXeXy

    Where do I begin to talk abut this hell hole. I went there with a buddy and we were from out of town. We went when there was a special for 2 dances for $10. We thought great. Well were we in for a great surprise. We asked the girl for one dance and then she danced through 5 songs and then asked for $35.00 We looked at each other like we got it. When we told her what happened, she went and grabbed security and make a big scene.The party promoter was embarrassed. These girls look tore up and worse there are a ton of sketchy characters there. Lessoned learned we will never go to an Atlanta Strip Club not even if it was free. Avoid this huge Hole In The Wall.


    That was last day in Atlanta and apparently i saved the best for last

  192. Joe

    This club is the best all around club with class and ass..LOL

  193. bob
  194. young boi

    da best strip club in atl

  195. Gregory

    awesome club, great dancers

  196. JT


  197. Carl

    Top rate dancers.

  198. MACHON


  199. Tristyn B.

    As a fan of strip clubs, I have to say that Strokers was WACK!There really wasn’t too much going on in the club, even though it was a Saturday night. The dancers were cute, but the dances were, eh. Mediocre. I’d rather sit at home bored than spend my money here again.Forgot to mention, they threw a bitch-fit because my friends (2 out of about 10 of us) had to go to the ATM. They acted like somebody was trying to steal a dance or something. NEWSFLASH: Y’all really weren’t all that to be trying to “steal” your wack a$$ dance. Step your game up!

  200. Malcolm

    I love this Club.

  201. dec
  202. dabrams46

    I Luv this club even before the renovations.

  203. Don

    i visited Strokers for the first time back in Oct-07. i was very impressed enjoyed myself!

  204. Fraudster Trump's Incompetency Shows Off

    Incompetent Trump kept busy enriching him and his family while ignoring the problems facing common people! Fucking Moron!

    He fucking didn’t care people were dying. Kept denying there was a pandemic! All he cares is his fucking re-election! What a fucking moron!

  205. chris

    I’m from Kentucky & I’ve been to alot of strip clubs, and STROKER’S is #1 by a long shot. If you want to see beautiful, sexy, luscious women who please to the fullest, I insist: GO TO STROKER’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  206. Blkrob

    Had a great time,told all my boys about this place.

  207. Asaia

    I’m a dancer at Strokers and I think it’s the shit! The girls are sexy and nice, different shapes and sizes and unlike other clubs I’ve been to all the girls can dance their asses off. Management is friendly, clientele is varied and respectful, lots of women and men alike, and it’s just an overall good atmosphere. I definitely chose the right club and I encourage any curious potential guests to try it out; you won’t be disappointed!

  208. Tank

    Super Sweet !

  209. eddyL

    the best strip club in the atlanta metropolitan area! hands down! forget about magic city (take a pic of the magic city neon sign and keep it moving)! now they’ve added hookah service to their menu?! forget about it, it’s a wrap! that place is an ass factory!

  210. Emmett


  211. Steel

    THe Best strip club!! Period!

  212. Mistercap12

    Well I was torn in between magic city and this place. So on a flip of a coin I choose to visit Strokers. Well after I parked as I walked up I saw a young lady on all fours trying not to throw up. Her friends telling her to let it out. Now that’s not the best thing to see when you approach a place of business but I figured it was because the drinks were strong which is a win. I entered the club and was shocked to see so many strippers in such a tiny hole in the wall. I was overwhelmed by the sight of naked cat and the smell of weed. The bathrooms are horrible neither one of them flushed. They charged 20 to get in on a Saturday and no drink specials. I had a beer because I didn’t trust the cleanliness of this place. The women ranged from beautiful to fat. They are trying to make money which I don’t blame them but they can come off pushy at times. Overall put on some pajamas and house shoes grab some friends and come straight to this club and you will fit right in.

  213. Johnnyboy123

    While Magic City is often cited as one of Atlanta’s best adult entertainment clubs, Strokers is a nice, smoke-filled joint tucked away in a forgotten corner of the East Atlanta area, and when you discover it, at first glance it’s a seedy spot, but it’s much better inside. Be warned that it is a predominantly Black strip club and caters to that aesthetic so if that’s not your thing, I would suggest going to the Pink Pony or the Cheetah for a more…Caucasian selection.Finding a seat is tough on Friday and Saturday nights, so i suggest getting VIP or getting there before the nighttime rush comes in. There’s a $10 cover charge and a 10% service charge to get your dollars from the bartender since their ATM is out of order currently, but it’s worth it. Dances are $10 and there’s a wide variety of dancers to choose from, each of them bearing a unique aesthetic, and lots of colorful outfits. One of the best parts about this club was the graciousness of the dancers, and while we all know that it’s your money they want, they weren’t pushy about it. It was all about giving you a good time and earning the dollars you inevitably end up tossing at them. I spent quite a bit of money on the stage and for three personal dances, which was quite fun. I wish I could have gotten the girls’ names, they were all very gorgeous and feisty.One thing that continuously got on my nerves was the DJ constantly interrupting a set urging people to tip the stage. And yes, while you don’t have to tip for the stage, you need to understand that these women are providing a SERVICE and like any SERVICE you must compensate them for their hard work. I went up to the stage three times to spray the stage with cash, simply because the girls were pretty, they could dance, and they were so much fun. As a result I got a free dance from one of the stage girls because she appreciated my generosity. Don’t go to a strip club if you don’t intend to pay for anything. If you want a free show, surf the Internet. Money can be made back, and these girls are earning a living just like anyone else! You are a customer, so tip!In any case, if you’re looking for a good time in Atlanta without spending ALL of your cash in one place, I would HIGHLY suggest this place.

  214. I.P

    Its the best way to end a crazy week! My Morehouse brothers and I go whenever we get a chance, its the best adult club in Atlanta!!!!!!!!!

  215. Malik
  216. bg

    This the best club in the Southland.

  217. John

    Best club around!



  219. Kevin

    Awesome club!

  220. quantam

    I really enjoyed my visit to the most amazing club I have been to in my life time. Thank you all for a wonderful time. Looking forward to another visit.

  221. Artb

    Was out of town for business and stopped by. Was very impressed. I’m from SC and seem some bad girls at clubs. Strokers beat them all. The girls were FINE and friendly and the place was very upscale. Alantis just blowed my mind though, and I will definitely be going back.

  222. Hellcat
  223. Lisa

    I had the worst experience at Strokers…

    my man paid $40 to go in more money on

    drinks, had a few lap dances then was told

    I could not dance with my man after

    spending more than $300 in 2 hours. I

    could see if I was trying to give my own

    personal lap dance but that wasn’t the

    case… left the club highly pissed and

    security was extremely rude to me.

  224. thadfree
  225. tan


  226. Dell XL

    Damn!!! I’m in love with a Stripper!!!

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