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304 Fulton Industrial Circle Southwest, Atlanta, GA 30336


33.7655525, -84.533188




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Babes

  1. Franklyn

    Came here on a FRI night. Paid $10 to park. $10 to get in. Bout a bucket of 6 beers for $25. $5 dances. The chicks are NOT the best looking. But some of them are decent.

  2. Lil Nasty

    This is one of the few spots that still offers the original $5.00 lap dance. There is also a great dancer/customer ratio. This club may not rate as high as the big names around ATL, but you will definitely get a good bang for the buck! (predominantly black dancers)

  3. T- Rex

    Well, back in August of 2009, me and my bro started visiting the club and it was off the chain and the girls were nice and they had a few stunners, but now, it’s got to be one of the worst clubs in the ATL. The Ghetto is a better place than Cub babe

  4. Johnson12

    Sorry Babe I’mma have to give you two stars and I don’t know where to start with this strip club. Man this place appears to like to cater only to Atlanta’s economically disadvantaged and the thugs within this city. I’ve been visiting this strip club since 2001 and man it keeps getting worse and worse. I can understand that a lot chicks have a soft spot for dope boys. However, from observation alone these dudes hardly ever spend money inside a strip club these days. They only help these chicks get there quick fix and that’s the only thing those girls are concerned about. The females are so much in a damn rush to get that next hit dude they’ll shove you out of the way to meet that dope boy. Man it’s almost impossible to get a dance from a woman in this strip club and I’m not talking bout from my experience but from many other dudes who tried to reach out to some of club babes gals and get a dance from them. Most of the chicks butts are fake and there’s no need for me to go into extreme detail on this one. This strip went from having security to unarmed security I don’t know why especially reconsidering when they are located right off Fulton Industrial Blvd one of the worst places in Atlanta. The women looks super ghetto and they act stuck up, I can do without the ratchetness of that strip club. The last time I went there, a buddy of mines promised he could get me in for free but after reaching the door I had to pay $10. Well it wasn’t no big deal, I could careless about spending $10 but the regular cover price at the door was $20. If you’re the type of guy who’s into hood chicks I’ll recommend you skip that place and head to Club Blaze. And finally the bartender doesn’t know what in the world they are doing when it comes to making drinks. And with that said this place charge a arm and a leg for alcohol especially reconsidering the condition of this strip club. It’s somewhat rundown on the inside.

  5. T-Rex

    The day shift is off the chain, but the night crew is a little scary. The cops were there checking the girls one Friday night when I was there, and the place was half full on a Friday night. Alambama, Barcardi,Delicious and a couple of other girls make the shift rock’s and that sexy ass bartender Summer. I love the day shift.

  6. Alabama Slammer

    I’ve been going to this place, my current favorite place in Atl, for about a year. If you go in the afternoons–before the parking/door fees kick in–I think you’ll find more dancers than patrons. Typically, half the dancers are beefier than I like, but there are always some hotties that give great lap dances–I like ’em in the high chairs at bar side. The dancers are all black and I have rarely seen more than 1-2 other white patrons there, but I’ve never felt uncomfortable, and boy do I love some of the beautiful sisters that dance here!

  7. Big Chuck

    Never been there for the night shift!

  8. skiwood

    Great club for the money. They have alot of nice girls…Brownie…Skye…

  9. bigdee211

    beautiful sistahs and a great variety. A good HOLE in the wall.

  10. ROCK

    Has anyone seen or know of a chunky chick that worked there

    in the late 90’s named Sonya? White girl drove a white Taurus

    I think in 1998? She gave me head in the parking lot……

  11. Jingaling08

    This is generally my go to place. I generally go on weeknights. The cover charge is usually $10-15. The club has undergone a few updates since my first visit in April 2015. The dancers also seemed to have gotten more attractive as well The drink and dance prices are reasonable. The club is pretty laid back. You won’t generally find customers trying to impress each other by throwing money.

  12. clubhopper

    This place has the best lap dances in the city. Their day shift is off the chain, espcially Red Rum, Silver and a few others. The best Five dollars you can spend!

  13. 730

    Babes is cool for 5 bucks….can’t really expect much from em….the chicks definitely are not the best looking but they suffice….

  14. Beer Drinking Redneck


  15. ME


  16. Augustino P.

    Yes I am white have tried Fannies and Rileys and heck they are no comparison to the black beauties at Babes prices are better more for you money and lap dances are 5 bucks and VIP 30 minutes for 20 buck you know i like this place and will go back often people are friendy

  17. fuckery12

    I hit this place up about a week ago. It’s a hole in the wall, got some competition with 2 other places in close proximity, but since this place mainly caters to the African-American crowd it pretty much holds its own. The girls range from light to dark, short to tall, and all have they own version of ample thickness. Now if you don’t like the round-the-way-girl type, this may not be yo thing. But since I’m not the kind of guy to be too picky. I’ll say it’s a place I’ll frequent on a not-so-busy nite (like saturday nite).With that being said. I had fun with my little $15 worth of $5 dances. Delilah looked like she a little to old for the game, but all the more she had plenty of body and knew how to show me a “good time.” I woulda stayed but I was borderline broke and just wanted a taste of the product that is at Babes.Security is cool, Bartenders and girls are friendly.



  19. humble1

    After visiting several clubs over a couple of years, I can really say this is one of my favorites. I like the selection of women in this club.

  20. Stanky

    This club is ghetto, dangerous, and awful. Dancers look horrible and can’t dance, drugs and prostitution surround the place, susceptible to police raid.

  21. WHB

    Lacy is hot…..this

    chic is the real


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