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0 reviews for “The Cheetah

  1. Keli Keely

    The honest inside UGLY TRUTH about The Cheetah in Atlanta Georgia, owned by Bill Hagood, who is 100% completely and fully aware that his club is actually a brothel. Afterall, he partakes in illegal activities there his damn self!!!



    Hello good people, my name is Keli, and I use to be an entertainer at the Cheetah in Atlanta, Georgia. I worked there very regularly for almost a year, beginning in July of 2008, and ending tonight!! Im not just writing this review because they are jerks, and because the club is NASTY and needs to be shut down, or because they are EXPLOITING the hell out of these naive and vulnerable young women, or because they are in so many ways PIMPING these poor girls, or because Im a disgruntled employee who was fired over something really stupid, or however you want to see it, but because IM TIRED OF ALL THE BS that goes on at this club, and many others, but more at this one than I have ever cared to witness. I started dancing in Las Vegas (Sin City)10 years ago. I worked at all the major clubs, and even some that were not so major, but in all my years as a dancer, the Cheetah in Atlanta, by far stands out as THE NASTIEST STRIPCLUB EVER!!!

    I had a very inside track at this club from day one. By befriending a few of the clubs top hoes. They would say top girls, but lets call it what it is. They are hoes, prostitutes, whores, however you wanna say it, thats what it is!!! I seen a lot of the nastiness with my own eyes, from the very beginning. I dealt with it, because I have a family to support, and what goes on behind closed doors never effects my income. Other things I just knew were going on, because I know the business, and I have been doing this for quite a while, not to mention plenty of the guys propositioned me first, I just dont do that kind of stuff. I dont have to, Im smart, sexy, beautiful, and CLEAN!!!

    LADIES, DO NOT LET YOUR BOYFRIENDS / HUSBANDS GO TO THIS CLUB, ESPECIALLY NOT VIP (thats where it happens duh!!). THESE GIRLS ARE NASTY. They DO GET DOWN in the back. They DO NOT use protection!!! I cannot say all of them are nasty because then I would be lying, but the bad ones definitely outweigh the good ones. It is a shame, because when the government shuts them down, all those good girls like myself who were just trying to support their families, and make a living are gonna go down with them… It is really sad.

  2. L G.

    There’s a ton of girls..which is great/overwhelming haha but they don’t actually dance and there isn’t a pole. They just sort of wiggle around and wait to be picked… I like strip clubs for the acrobatics… if they had a pole it would be a lot better. It’s kind of like they are playing naked dodgeball..waiting to be picked for a team.. none of the girls are very fit/most had bellies also. Pretty meh all around but still a fun time

  3. Axel R.

    This is a really fun time. The music is a bit tired, but the girls are certainly beautiful. It’s a lot more of a classier venue than most of the other clubs in ATL (but I do love me some Follies) and Alluvia, the restaurant inside, is quite good. Reasonable prices and they’ve an excellent steak.

  4. steve

    Best club I’ve been at in years!!! Just hosted a 2-day bachelor party that could have run another day or 2 we were having so much fun!!

  5. Kathleen M.

    I ate food at a strip club and lived to tell about it.Hell, I actually very much enjoyed it.The menu is Southern inspired, with entrees like buttermilk fried chicken with mashed potatoes, pork chops, and for the manliest of men, big ass steaks. I needed nourishment but wasn’t super hungry so went with a range of sides: the asparagus, creamed spinach, and cheese grits. The asparagus was perfectly cooked (a serious feat), the spinach was creamy deliciousness, and the grits…. oh, those grits! Rivaling Rosebud’s, they were the perfect mix of gritty, creamy, and cheesy. I absolutely loved each of the sides I tasted and would be stoked to return for a full meal at Alluvia.Oh, and there are boobies.

  6. Joelle P.

    Atlanta is my old stomping grounds – I love this town and I visit fairly frequently because I still have some of the best friends a girl could ask for who live here. …And when I do come to town, we go all out…especially this weekend since it was Kelly’s birthday…Enter the Cheetah Lounge. I have been to my fair amount of adult lounges and given that Memphis (where I currently live) doesn’t allow girls to even take their tops off, I thought, “oh, what a treat!”Full disclosure: I was pretty drunk by the time we rolled up and not very happy with the $12 cover (I’m cheap). Luckily for me/us, my friend’s boyfriend paid for all of us, amused that we were down to even come. The boys were already there (they left us earlier at Five Paces when a few girls initially balked at the idea…) and had been holding court at a table in the VIP section. Or at least I assume that it was – private table by the stage that had a bouncer who lifted the velvet rope to let us pass with attentive bottle service all night. Walking in, I noticed naked girls everywhere…who were pretty hot. I don’t mean to be rude, but there were a few girls that I couldn’t figure out why they needed to be strippers…dare I say it, they were naturally pretty! Normally at these type of establishments, I inspect everything with a light before I touch it (especially the chairs) but I never had that fear here once. It was just classy like that. The leather rolly chairs were super comfy and I enjoyed spinning around in them (like I said before…I was drunk and easily entertained). Now for the “entertainment” portion. I honestly had one of the funniest/best nights I’ve had in years. It is a great atmosphere and I hardly noticed the naked girls around. They left us alone for the most part, which can be good/bad depending on how you look at it. Let me clarify – they left the girls in my group completely alone but were definitely all over the guys. Well, except when the boys handed us the cash…then they came.Our clothed waitress couldn’t have been nicer and kept the champagne flowing as well as the shots. Apparently the food here is really good and I’m kinda bummed I didn’t get to try it. Well, minus the strawberries and whipped cream a would-be suitor in my group gave me…not going to lie, having a guy send fully-clothed, non-stripper me was the teensy bit of an ego boost. Lastly, I don’t want to share what I heard one of my guy friends say…so I’ll just leave it at: You’ll be shocked to know what a girl would do for $1.

  7. Jay

    Classy atmosphere but poor management. Friday night – hardly any customers and way too many dancers. About nine dancers on each stage with hardly any room to dance – mainly stood there and shuffled around. Bouncers wanted us to tip them $20 to sit at 4-person table. Really? Have to pay to sit? No wonder they have no customers. Only about 22 free seats at two bars. Now have to pay $12 cover charge and drinks are high priced. Will go to other clubs that appreciate my business.

  8. Christine

    I absolutely love this club! We’ve been in clubs all over the world and this one has the most beautiful women around! Mandy is flawlessly gorgeous, and has always been my favorite. Guys are intimidated by her since she’s 6′ tall and Hungarian, but she’s beautiful. We also love Jerico, Ivy, Drew, Lindsey, Harley, etc. This is a gentlemen’s club, so there is no pole dancing and it is more of a relaxed and laid back feel. But on Friday and Saturday nights they will have up to 12 girls on stage at any one time! 4 sets equals nearly 50 girls at night, so there’s lots to choose from for each person’s style. It is very inviting, comfortable and rewarding for bi ladies as well! Guys, let your wives/girlfriends do the tipping; the dancers love tips from women! If you’re looking to get laid, or for slutting dancing, this place is not for you. But it is filled with hot women, nonetheless!

  9. Autumn S.

    Went here with my boyfriend. I take pole dance classes so I was hoping to learn a few more moves. Got there all excited but then there wasn’t any poles. The strippers barely even move. It was a week day so maybe weekends are better I hope so at least. I had always heard the Cheetah was so awesome best looking strippers etc… Nope not so much they were eh… meh… blehI suggest if you are looking for a fun strip club go to the Pink Pony. Much better entertainment and I think they try harder. Plus the girls look more exotic there to me.

  10. Johnson12

    #1 strip joint hands down I will definitely be back to hotlanta to visit the gorgeous ladies of Cheetas and their food is delicious be sure to try their lamb pops

  11. pdaddy
  12. Weedman420

    It was my first time here i Went here with a few friends and I loved it the atmosphere is good ..a mixed crowd of people and strippers the music is ok it gives the club a good balance and it’s upscale for a certain crowd (not hood you can’t make it rain they let you know when you get your change for 1’s) I haven’t tried the 5 star restaurant I’ve heard very good things about the food..The women here are very gorgeous and friendly and good customer service ( from what I saw) i will be coming back here to have a good time. I only gave it 4 stars of because I haven’t tried the food yet so when I try it this place will get a 5 keep up the good work cheetahs!!!

  13. tonycluber

    Only saying I am a fan bc if their food and those darn lamb chops!!!!!!Guy friend spoke so hihly of the food here. When I walked in ppl in suits having business lunch over good food. I would pass on any given day to the strippers here. This is not a typical strop club if you are used to KOD, Onyx, Magic City, etc.$3 for valet, $5 cover charge. $20 for 4 lamb chop lollipops lawd!!!!!Also had a chicken sandwhich which was fresh and good too.Friends had fried Chicken, and Salmon. Will most def come back…. But only for the food.

  14. Wendy S.

    Hahaha. Total cattle call!! Train wreck. Don’t try to open the door to the ($25 VIP room) cuz Lee the pathetic, fat, Nepolein complex “bouncer” will get in your face even though you are the one in the place with a open wallet and no price limit who would have paid $1000 to avoid the other area with no seats. What a mess. Lee sucks and should be fired. Funny watching him confront my 6’5″ boyfriend staring down at his short broke ass asking if we had $25 to go in the “VIP” room. Were from California. Really? Low rent, funny shit. Save your money and go to the claurmont! Awesome staff and great entertainment! Pretty f-ing funny…..Funny when your on a trip with 35 guys and all they talk about is the great food at the strip club? Good Lord! Amateur hour!

  15. BVS

    Me and some buddies just went there last night. It was the 1st time most of us had been to a strip club. I spent about $60. Mixed drinks were about $8 and beers about $5. The girls were amazing. I was skeptical that i would see beautiful girls but these were some of the hottest girls and women I had ever seen. No dancing pole was the only thing that i could really put as a negative since there was no nude arobatics, but the quantity of tallent on stage at one time more than made up for this.

  16. XXXbeast

    Omg!! I went to The Cheetah Lounge last night to enjoy the sights to see, top shelved drinks & the classy (even though it’s a gentlemans club) atmosphere. When I just happened to look at their food menu. I ordered the Duck entree & it was delicious; however my date ordered the meatballs omg the best spaghetti I have ever had in life lol .

  17. Kumar N.

    Useless, don’t waste your time and money if you are asian or immigrant try else were,

  18. Emilia L.

    Came here on a whim Friday night to continue a double date. I had been wanting to go to The Cheetah for a while now. However, I am sad to say I was disappointed. I was shocked to see there was a lack of poles. As a result, the girls were just swaying back and forth on the stages alongside the bars and at the front and occasionally booty-clapping. They looked miserable and clearly didn’t want to be there. For some of the more upbeat songs, a few of the girls would smile and dance but for the most part, I saw swaying. There was a good mix of girls — younger and older, fake and real, different ethnicities, sizes and looks to them. I also noticed a few of the girls here had butt implants.At one point, all the strippers working that night — all 70 of them — came out in black “formalwear” (long black dresses with plunging necklines and high slits) and stood on the stage. A DJ came on and encouraged us patrons to select girls to dance on our tables. At the end, all but four had been chosen to dance and I felt bad for those that were left. Reminded me of being picked last for kickball or something. Anyway, thought that was a bit bizarre. I have no idea if they do that all the time. I received a lap dance from a blonde that was one of the more attractive dancers in the club. I didn’t catch her name, but you will know who I am referring to because she has some of the nicest assets out of all of them (not natural, but nice nonetheless). Tasha also gave the boys at our table a lap dance. She was very respectful and didn’t touch either of them (seeing as we, the girlfriends, were there too). I am pretty certain that these two girls are the top earners there just due to their nice figures alone. Drinks were super strong and pretty pricey. We had Tara as our server and she was on top of things. One of the shot girls walking around was pretty pushy about selling shots to us. They are $10 for a body shot but $20 if you want a topless body shot. From what I observed, she straddles you, does a whole show with the test tube shot (um, you can imagine what I mean here) and then moans loudly for show. Kind of overkill if you ask me. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.All in all, it was a good night at The Cheetah but it didn’t live up to the hype for me.

  19. fritter17

    I would have enjoyed my cheese steak much more if the music wasn’t so loud (who still plays warrant and motley crew?). The clientele was an odd mix of old men and very oddly dressed young ladies.

  20. adamrod

    By far the best strip club I have ever been to. The girls were fire ass hot. The music wasn’t too loud and the atmosphere was outstanding.

  21. vtinatlanta

    We started an all day binger at 5pm on a Saturday at the Cheetah. $3 to park, $4 to get in, and $5 for a domestic beer – I can’t complain about the place, but at 5pm it didn’t quite look like Atlanta’s top club. As usual, a few girls I didn’t find that attractive, and a few that were hot, one psuedo knockout. Girls don’t do much dancing on stage – no poles, who has a strip club without fu$%#$% poles? Service was good, nice girls would come up and sit with you. Overall, good for an afternoon and for arriving totally sober, I will do it again and I would recommend it.

  22. StripClub431

    Things aren’t what they used to be…OMG! What happened to my favorite club in the Nation? I always loved my business trips (Wink, Wink) to Atlanta, and this club. I used to love the level of women that they prided themselves on in the past, which ranged from good to great. Now they are just a bunch of duds, who lack brains, and classic Cheetah beauty. And what’s up with the security guys picking the girls for you now?….I hate that! When I’m parting ways with $1k’s, I want the best. Not some braindead mannequin that is being pushed on me for reasons unknown. So bizarre. The drinks are good, and the place is not at all smokey. I love that. But the overall atmosphere has dimmed quite a bit from its more palmier days.

  23. Marco M.

    Classy!!!! Beautiful girls and a chill atmosphere make this a happening place. Not to mention their restaurant, Alluvia, surprisingly serves up some pretty damn good food; try the southern fried chicken breasts, it’s amazing!!! Make sure you bring plenty of cash, the drinks are a bit pricey but, worth it.

  24. Franklyn

    I’m torn between three and four stars for the Cheetah, but a 3.5 rounds up to 4.This was the first strip club I’d ever visited and before I went, we asked everyone where you could find the prettiest girls. I mean, for our first time, we wanted to see pretty girls, not just the ones that can “make their booty clap” nomsayin’? The guys were right, the girls here are gorgeous! The only downside was that there wasn’t much of a variety; all the girls had pretty similar looks in terms of body shape and ethnicity.. but the girls here are my type, so I wasn’t disappointed.Not a fan of the table dances, though the tables are conveniently at a height where the girls’ hoo haws are right in front of your face. Got plenty of girls sent over to our table, thanks to a gentleman who enjoyed seeing girls dance for a bunch of girls. 😉 Lap dances are more my thing, and we all picked out at least one from the 80+ that were on U-stage that night. One of the girls found an old friend she went to high school with, so throughout her dance, they were catching up with boobs in her face. Another found an Emma Stone look-a-like and she had the prettiest thong with a big bow on her behind.Damn it, now I wanna go again. Soon! There is complimentary valet parking and I hear the restaurant is pretty good. There is a cover charge, but you can get in free if you bring a ticket stub from a sporting event from that day.This is pretty snooty, in comparison to other places that are a lot more laid back, but the Cheetah has the best eye candy.No need to undress these women with your eyes; they’ll do it for you. Just don’t expect to see stripper poles. There’s only one in VIP.

  25. Wendy D.

    If skinny white girls and pop rock are your thing, this place is for you. Upscale and friendly!

  26. mimi
  27. Me

    Went to this place for the first time last night. Natalie might be the hottest dancer ever!

  28. J W.

    The Cheetah may be overly polished, but it hardly trots out ugly women.they are pretty stunning for the most part and it’s a well-run operation.the smoke can be overwhelming at times.not sure why they ditched Wine, Women & Thong. that was one of the greatest ideas ever.

  29. dannyboy7

    My friends always told me, if ever in Atlanta, be sure to check out Cheetah Lounge, so I did… The club is located in midtown near Georgia Tech with good hotel accommodations nearby…Cheetah *definitely* lived up to its reputation… After paying the reasonable cover in the foyer, you go thru double doors to the main club area…The place is laid out like an inverted U, with two bars, one on each wall alongside the long legs of the U, and long but narrow dance stages about 6′ – 8′ away from, and parallel to, the bars, a wide aisle’s worth, where you can pass between the dance stage and the stools at the bar.If you sit at the bar, every dancer on one of the long stages is so close to you it’s almost like gettin’ a free table dance, only slightly further away and higher up.At the bottom of the U is the main dance stage with lounge areas inside the U and at either side of the bottom of the U, abutting the bars.The restaurant area is one of the two areas either side of the bottom of the U. The food, drinks and wine list were excellent and affordable, which really did surprise me.There was at least two dancers on each of the 3 stages during the evening hours (1 each during the matinee) and when the place b jammin’ after 10pm or so, there were 3 dancers, NINE (9) total dancin’ at any one time.The girls were almost all exceptional, NICE young hard bodies with the average age in the low 20s I would guess, and many in their late teens (18,19)… The girls who weren’t truly exceptional were at least above average, and all the bods were definitely carefully screened for eye appeal.The VIP lounge is affordable and worth the price of admission with the right girl, just shop around a little before you take the plunge.After a long day, a really good club to wind down in and enjoy the scenery… 5 Stars

  30. superyellowman

    hey, i don’t know what’s the deal with no poles, but they do a great job over there. the girls are so hospitable even when i came alone. GAME OVER baby! I’m going again tonight!

  31. fuckery12

    This club is very nice club. The ladies are good looking. The begging from the DJ to “tip” the dancers gets old quick. Even sitting at the bar there was constant pestering from the ladies to move to the VIP room with them ($25 entry plus 300 – 550 hour for the lady). Overall was a good experience if you don’t mind saying no a lot. I thought this place was a good show but has one major drawback. No touching. If all fluff an no stuff is your thing then this is the place for you. Otherwise go to Tampa.

  32. John S.

    Disclaimer: This review is based on a one-time visit where I received services from a Venezuelan dancer who goes by “Kim.” Perhaps my experience was not common since Kim told me she was pretty new at the Cheetah.I visited this place on July 15, 2015. This place is great if you’re interested in sitting at the table and enjoying a lap-dance while also watching a great variety of women strip and dance on the stages.However, you do not want to go to this place if you’re looking for a little more than public lap-dances, i.e. a VIP dance. My experience with a dancer who goes by “Kim” (real name “Andrea”) made me not want to go back to the Cheetah, ever. I took her to one of the VIP rooms for a thirty-minute lap-dance. Kim offered the transaction for a total of $250 (room + dance). Once we got to the VIP room, her service was different from her service at the public tables. It took a turn for the worse. At the public tables, she was very sensual. At the VIP room, she was ok for about 10 minutes. After that, she just started talking about how she wanted to go back to school and did not like the neighborhood where she resided. I was not happy to pay for 30 minutes of adult entertainment to get 10 minutes of dancing and 20 minutes of talking. Granted, she took her clothes off and put them back on a couple of times during the 30 minutes; however, her demeanor was not nearly as sensual as in the pubic tables.I got handed two bills at the end of the transaction, one for about $117 (dancer fee plus drinks and tax) and another for about $165 (the room–$150–plus tax). For each transaction, the lady who charged the credit card demanded a 20% tip just for running the credit card. I was happy to tip for the drinks and for the dancer (the actual services I got) but the lady complained distastefully and aggressively that the tip was too little.I checked my credit card statement just last week and it looks like they added about $20 dollars to one of the charges. One last thing, Kim still owes me $10. She took a $20 bill that I used to pay for a $10 public lap-dance. She promised to give me $10 back, but she never did.Did I mention that I’ve been to a few strip clubs, including one in Canada where I got a pretty awesome, one-hour VIP dance with a sensual massage for only $80? The girl was more athletic and toned than Kim 😉 Great service, no tips, an actual professional erotic dancer, and free VIP room (i.e. no b.s. room charge). I don’t think the Cheetah’s girls can do any serious erotic dancing; they’re mostly amateurs taking their clothes off. Guess where I’ll take my money next time.You decide if you’d like to get ripped off at the Cheetah.

  33. Kate B.

    I was unimpressed. It’s pretentious, crowded, and tries too hard. I’ve heard the restaurant is good, but the strippers are boring. Maybe it’s because I am a woman, but I want to see a show. Not some random hot girl shakin her ass in my face. Where is the performance? Where are the poles? Where is the talent? It doesn’t exist here. It may have the hottest girls but that’s it. Pink Pony is better.

  34. smacksmackgulp K.

    This place has no poles for the ladies. I feel like that goes against the Boobie Bible (Book One: Genetits). Yes, it’s relatively clean, but I actually think it is just waaaaay too sterile of a strip club, and I’m a hetero chick! But then again, perhaps my (long, stiff) yardstick that I measure titty bars by was formed in Vegas. I’m not a big fan of Sin City, but I feel like they at least got the nekkidness down pat. I was just bored here. Had much more fun at the Pony. Cheetah is your strip club if you like to use a lot of Purell…

  35. Cheetah Lover

    visited friday 4-16 and was awed by female talent and friendly staff. Have gone to clubs around the country and I think the cheetah is #1

  36. David P.

    aka “The Spring Street Ballet”, The Cheetah is the best strip club in Atlanta. Most of the dancers are perfect 10s and even the shooter girls are top quality. As with most Atlanta clubs, full nudity and alcohol are both on the menu. Fill your wallet with plenty of cash before you get there though. Valet parking, a steep cover charge, and the pricey aggressive girls will drain your account faster than you can realize. If you’re entertaining out of towners, this is where you want to take them!

  37. Eric R.

    I had a damn good time here. The place is very classy, I had a great bartender and the girls are sweet and beautiful. Considering that we got full bar and full nude (I live in Arizona, folks and we have to choose in The Grand Canyon State…please see reviews of The Great Alaskan Bush Company) I don’t see how I could have been disappointed.I completely overlooked the lack of poles in the establishment, as was pointed out by a friend of mine but kindly see the aforementioned “full bar, full nude” proviso above. Long story short I had an epic time. I feel like a got a good taste of Atlanta friendliness and hospitality here at Cheetah Lounge.HIGHLY RECOMMEND

  38. Corporate Executive VP

    I have returned monthly to visit this place after meeting my favorite girl Kyleah who is an amazingly beautiful and classy southern girl who can hold her own in big city conversations. I bring in clients and she finds the best women suited for them and we spend time in VIP and I have never had an unpleasant nor trashy experience.

    If you are looking for a club of pole tricks, drug queens and stretch marks this club isn’t for you. I have traveled the country visiting various places and this is one of a kind.

    The Cheetah has a 5 star restaurant and the beautiful girls are flirtatious and fun as opposed to hustle and move on. It is more for the executives who enjoy bringing clients to a classy, upscale establishment and entertain them with beautiful women of high standard.

  39. Former Customer


    I know that you are the manager who kicked me out twice. You kicked me out last May and last July. I just want you to know that I am sorry for what I did that got me kicked out of the club. I never came to this club with any intention of causing trouble. I used to be a frequent customer at this club and this was just a place where I liked to hang out and have a good time. Bob I would do anything to be able to get my patronage back. I made a mistake in the club last May when I lost my temper and made some of the dancers and customers feel uncomfortable. I want you to know that I am sorry for what I did and if I can get reinstated in the club I will make sure that it doesn’t happen again. In fact if I’m allowed back in I will be on my best behavior. Bob I am begging and pleading with you to give me a second chance. If you can give me a second chance I will not cause any more trouble in this club. I promise that I will not cause any more trouble and be on my best behavior.

  40. joseph1k

    Although upscale I prefer the acrobatic pole art of other dancers, here the girls just kinda shimmied around ( no makin’ it…. I think I get down more at a Friday night at the club. But I digress (Much like David K. who suggested we hit up the Cheetah) Service was awesome, and trust if you roll in there with a VIP like him you will get treated well. I sampled my friends white cheddar grits, which were awesome, definitely some of the best I’ve had. The rest of the menu looked awesome as well with most entrees starting around the $15+ mark. There were a fair amount of lady patrons as well, and the bathrooms aren’t the dancers locker rooms some I’ve been to.

  41. Steven L.

    Extremely expensive. Billed as upscale but the dancers quickly uncover that mirage. If you have money to spend then you can get what you want in the vip rooms. Tip the bouncers extremely well and they will disappear. Not for the budget-minded. Entertaining clients in the big room is worth the price of admission. The dancers aren’t beggars like many other clubs in the city. Don’t expect to be blown away, the club in general is not what it is advertised. Interesting recent history of the club; “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” star Kim danced there for many years as Barbie. She was sleeping with the owner as well as anyone who paid the right price in the vip rooms. Supposedly she was caught by staff having sex in the vip rooms more than any girl in the clubs history and was never fired due to her relationship with the owner. May be hearsay but that rumor has been more persistent than all the recurring talk of the club being sold over the years. Who knows.

  42. Cynthia N.

    I went to Cheetah to have dinner at Alluvia, and I have to admit, dinner was pretty good. I ordered the fried chicken with potatoes and green beans. The chicken was fried perfectly – not greasy with a wonderful crunch; the chicken breast was also a little spicy which I wasn’t expecting but really enjoyed. The mashed potatoes and green beans were fine, but not as rave worthy as the chicken. As for the remaining experience…Valet parking $5 ($3 plus tip), entrance fee $12 (and I’m a woman with my own goodies!), chicken dinner $23 (pre-tax), and two cocktails $24 including tip – for all this cash layout I feel like I didn’t get enough bang for my mini-bucks. I brought $1 and $20 bills just in case I was feeling like the ladies were bringing it in the dancing department. But these ladies are the slowest, oddest-moving dancers I’ve ever seen. I was so disappointed. There was very little booty-bouncing and when it did happen, it happened so fast, you were likely to miss it anyway. I knew I wasn’t going to make it rain in the tip department, but I could have sprinkled a little somethin’! But to be fair…the DJ was awful and didn’t give the ladies much to shake to. He was awful; I could have done better with my iPod Shuffle. I was also expecting the women to be gorgeous based on so many reviews saying these are the best looking dancers in Atlanta. I have to disagree. I haven’t been to a lot of strip clubs but based on the few I’ve visited, Cheetah is about the same – some are pretty and some are not, some have good bodies and some have just okay bodies. I also have to say that although the ladies were not close by while I was eating, it was still weird to look up and see a va-jay-jay while eating my potatoes. I wouldn’t do this again, but I’m glad I had the experience so that I can know that I’ll never do it again. Cheetah really isn’t what I would consider a strip club experience. It’s more of a Chuck E Cheese for grownups – instead of the big-eared mouse and friends, you’ve got naked ladies and the guys who stare at them.

  43. DICK

    Best Club in Atlanta

  44. Keith Charles F.

    In my formative years, I spent a lot of time running around the wonderful city of Atlanta. When in Atlanta, it is requirement that one listens to Jermaine Duprey as he is the king of Atlanta Hip Hop.Once night a buddy of mine (We will call him Smadam to protect him from his gf) and I went out on the town. On our way to a local bar, we were blasting ” Welcome to Atlanta where the players play and we ride on dem things like everyday… big beats hit streets see gangsta’s rolling….”Anyway, JD recommends the Cheetah. He has a whole song about it. Well let me tell you, JD has poor taste in nudie bars. This place was a huge let down. Without getting into the details, lets just say I have been to nudie bars in MINNESOTA that were ten times more entertaining. MINNESOTA !Haiku !Wow this place is cramped.250 for VIP ?Lets go get hammered.Talent Level ? Pay to Play. Dont waste your time past the novelty.

  45. maxxy1

    The best in the city for sure, the girls here are absolutely gorgeous and friendly, definitely not pushy either. Went passing through the club on my way to New England, fed tip the dancers to have a better time, if a foxy young lady named MJ is around, make sure to tip her double.

  46. Unknown Customer

    I am a regular at The Cheetah and I have a lot of fun with my girls when I come to this place. There are three girls there that I have really paid attention to and been in the VIP room with. My favorite girls are Brittany, Alexis, and Anna. Brittany is a girl with long blonde hair born and raised in Florida. She grew up around the Miami area and she is a beautiful girl and a very nice girl. Alexis is a girl with long blonde hair and born in Louisiana and raised in Texas. She grew up around the Houston area and even posed for playboy. Anna is a girl with long brown hair and born in Portugal and raised in New Hampshire. She even speaks English with an accent. I have a good time with all three of those girls and that is the reason why I keep on coming back to this club. Walk out is about 10:00 pm every night and the later it gets the busier it gets. Also The Cheetah serves some pretty good food. The VIP room is well worth every dollar that I spent because all three of those girls have let me touch them back there. The Cheetah is the best strip club to go to in Atlanta.

  47. dopeboy19

    My friends and I came here after last night’s Hawks game, intending to sit for a drink and leave, just to check it out. We came in and with our Hawks ticket, we didn’t have to pay cover. Sweet! I didn’t know what to expect, I’m from New Orleans and I’ve been to several strip clubs and burlesque clubs, and wanted to keep an open mind. Not once did we feel as if we were in a seedy strip club, all of the girls were gorgeous and incredibly friendly. We had an even mix of guys and girls in our group, and we all had a really nice time. The security presence is like the secret service, they are always on high alert and their main priority is the safety of the dancers, which is great.We’ll for sure come back with another group outing!

  48. rickywho2

    As a former employee of the Cheetah, I have mixed feelings about the club. There are a couple things people really get right here in these reviews, and some other things I’d like to clarify. YES, as many have mentioned, the food at Cheetah really is delicious. Highlights for me include the fried chicken (or anything with that includes fried chicken), the lamb lollipops, and the crab cake. The fried chicken really is the standout for me though. Having been to a variety of southern restaurants around the city, (Southern Art, South City Kitchen, ect.) I can’t say I’ve found a better one than Cheetah’s. YES, the music sucks. The music is a terrible mix of premillennial jams up until 11pm, when “walkout” takes place. This is when the girls that aren’t in VIP rooms are paraded out onto stages in black evening gowns and customers are given a “two-for-one” dance. (2 dances for $10) After walkout, the lighting and music changes, and Cheetah takes on a much more “clubby” atmosphere. From that point on the DJ plays almost exclusively techno, and YES, it’s pretty excruciating for both dancers and customers. The club does this for the same reason they fail to hire a diverse mix of dancers: they seek to exclude what management considers “urban” clientele and instead cater to a more “corporate” customer base. This is also why you won’t see girls popping and dropping when on stage or giving dances. We are encouraged NOT TO. (Hence why there are no poles anywhere in the club) For these reasons and many others, Cheetah does achieve a more “sophisticated” atmosphere than other strip clubs in Atlanta. However, it too often borders on stale.

  49. Tahnita C.

    Couture shock for me! Ok if yr not into females & just want a cocktail sit in the rear because, T&A is all over the place. Urghh

  50. AssnTits5

    Hot girls + air dances = 2 stars

  51. rogerrab2

    Went for my bachelor party on November 1st. Beautiful place. Beautiful women. Very classy. Can’t wait to go back. Hopefully not for another one of my bachelor parties. I got into VIP somehow. Also a great place.

  52. igor34

    Went to the Cheetah for a friend’s birthday lunch. Let me break this review into two parts, because I had two totally different experiences.As a Restaurant:I had heard that, although overpriced, the food was really good. It was actually delicious! I ordered the special that day which was bacon wrapped scallops. Honey, let me tell you, I haven’t had a meal that good in a long time! I cleaned my plate and may have shed a tear when it was all gone. Those carrots? That risotto? Yum!!!Service was really good. We actually sat for about 10 minutes before anyone gave us any attention. We weren’t mad, just sitting. The server felt bad and brought us a round of drinks. I really appreciated that.As a Strip Club:I know “white” strip clubs are a little watered down, but I found the ladies at this club down right boring. Seriously, all they did was sway and tousle their hair. If I’m going to see girls get nakie, I want to see some action! They need to work it like the rent is due tomorrow!Friendly girls, though.So, I had fun at Cheetah thanks to lunch and a couple of glasses of wine. The main attraction? Not so much.Oh and let me mention that it is EXPENSIVE. We spent $8 before we even walked through the door. Parking and admission. I think it’s a travesty to pay a cover charge at a strip club. That $5 could have gone in little Brittany’s garter.

  53. moneyman2

    I mean I have rarely had such a pleasant day time strip club experience. All the dancers were very nice, in fact Devon gave me the whole lowdown on the ATL strip club culture. It was mostly old white guys and me, so I felt right at home. I’m not really a guy who goes to strip clubs to get VIP dances or fawn over the women. I have the most beautiful woman as my human wife. I almost exclusively go during the day to write, and this place is very inviting, very clean well lit. There is A “no pole” policy as well as a policy where the women are not allowed to let anything touch the stage except their shoes. No floor work. That’s why during the day the girls were especially enthusiastic about talking to a strange looking writer person who’s trying to be Charles Bukowsky scribbling furiously in a black moleskin notebook about the nicer yet seedier side of Atlanta.A couple of the girls wrote a paragraph about what it’s like to work there (I of course tipped them for this, since I’m not making it rain near or around their vaginas) and I had a great conversation with Devin who used to be a ballerina and had interesting insights re: the competitive nature of Thursday nights. Since the girls aren’t allowed to do poll work, dancing and physical agility is not the focus of this particular establishment so don’t head in here if that’s what you’re looking for. This is no Jumbos Clown Room in Hollywood. But it was a great ambience. And I use that work ALL THE TIME. Basically I love it. And the bartender said “also you have to taste our steaks, we have an incredibly expensive broiler… Our steaks are no joke…”I believe her. I’ll get one next time round.[updated edit: I did and the food is great there. I loved it, steak was delicious and the sides were excellent.]Sprint like a cheetah for a polite afternoon of nudity.

  54. Tad

    the table dances suck!! The girls dance about 10 ft awy from you!! In VIP all the girls want to do is sit and chat!! Complete waste of $300 DO NOT GO!!!

  55. InTownOnBusiness

    The quantity and quality of the girls is among the best I’ve ever seen. Model quality. The layout of the club is great and they have a $25 fee to get into a more private area (if you’re gonna pay, go to the back room area, not out front). The only knock on the place is that they only sell 1 hr dances in the VIP area (no half hrs) and they are pricey for not much friction. But again, top notch quality.

  56. yanard12

    Beautiful club! Needs more ethnicity that’s the only downfall about this place it’s not diverse by any means

  57. Harrison69

    As much as I enjoy the scenery, I’m afraid to say I probably won’t be making a return journey to this joint. I actually come here for the food because the club is sub par. 30 minutes to get drinks and water, 45 to get food, hour and a half just to get my food? Are you kidding me? I’m not sure the food is even worth it now. Before it was obviously the combination of food and scenery but now that the food is compromised well, I’m out.

  58. harryharry

    A good place to take a date. I happened in by accident. I was walking to the car with my date and she asked what it was. Naturally, I said lets check it out. Turned out to be a good choice. A lot of female customers and the dancers weren’t overly aggressive so my date was comfortable. Nice mix of ethnicities, the dancers were friendly and very attractive. This isn’t a “hands on” club. A good place for a drink and some eye candy.

  59. Marcus R.

    Boring. Perhaps we are bit spoiled by Vegas and Miami but this place seemed very boring for a weekend evening.

  60. GM

    billed as premier club – not even close. immature dancers working for table dances. didn’t know how to cater to upscale clients. took a grand to spend and only managed to get one vip dance- came home with $700. if you’re looking for upscale Cheetah’s is not the place – just another dive. good clubs are really hard to find these days

  61. Leo

    Boring…girls are pretty but boring.

  62. Raff

    Worst strippers in Atlanta, they stand in one spot and kind of slink their hips a little then think you’re going to throw dollars at them for doing nothing. Most of the girls didn’t even try to dance or perform. Not the best waitresses of any bar that I’ve been to either.

  63. David F.

    I’m gonna get right to it.I think I’m a very understanding millennial and as much as I like seeing young (for the most part) nude women, I can’t necessarily say Cheetah is the most entertaining way to see them. Watching women maneuver to the rhythmically challenged 80’s and 90’s classic rock music is not cool. I grew listening to that and there is absolutely nothing erotic about it.To the owner of Cheetah; some of your customers would appreciate it if the girls would twerk, drop it like it’s hot, vibrate, gyrate or booty shake a little more. To achieve this the DJ would need to enter the 21st century (which started 15 years ago) and play some music with a faster bpm. Hell, you could just turn to a local radio station if you like. Your dancers would also appreciate it.Next order of business: Cheetah could use some diversity. Trust me, men like all kinds of women AND all parts of women. Become the Baskin-Robins of nude bars and recruit more than just blonde chicks with racks. Racks can be found on lots of other beautiful women. And on that note, for some reason I feel like the women are engineered to showcase mammary glands only, and I’m not complaining, but a little side show of everything else would be nice as well.And the bar, why are the bartenders so slow? I’m trying to get back to the boobs but the bartenders seem to be the slowest at opening a beer bottle. Didn’t even ask for a mixed drink and it took 3-5 minutes. Speed it up a little. Faster drinks means more money.Other than that, 3 starts for Cheetah. Love the fact you get in for free with a sporting event ticket (even high school sports events).

  64. richard95

    Definitely one of the best adult entertainment clubs in Atlanta, but to get the full experience, you REALLY need to be there at 10 PM. I can’t stress it enough. The entire place transformed into what I’ve always envisioned a strip club should look like. Sometimes, it gets a little crowded, but usually, it’s not too much trouble to get a table. They always keep the drinks coming- never had an issue getting served, even when standing. The girls- oh god- the girls! Super hot; best I’ve seen in Atlanta. Really, the only downside is that there are no poles and they don’t do lap dances (only table and floor dances- which is like a lap dance but they aren’t on you). The 10:00 show blows all of that away though. Get there around 9:30 and be prepared for fun!

  65. oces
  66. Gianna R.

    I used to work here years ago after the gold club closed.. The people are friendly the girls are hot… The Food is Good and the Drinks are strong…. What more can you ask for….

  67. Tracy L.

    ATMOSPHERE: Been here a few times and it’s a really classy place. No poles so if you are looking for more acrobatic entertainment check out Pink Pony or others. Girls are super hot and are diverse not only including race but body type as well ranging from all natural to plastic surgery mayhem. Girls here don’t appear tatt’ed up since all tattoos are to be covered with foundation make-up. FOOD: American food with not very many veggie options as you can imagine but I’ve tried the mac & cheese which was really good.PRICES: For girls on stage, receive total of $5 for tops off and $10 for bottoms off. $10 for table/lap dances. $150 for 30 minute VIP plus whatever room rental is at that time if you want more private time. Cover usually $4 during day, $10 night but free with sports ticket stub! SERVICE: Very good. Waitresses are attentive and dancers don’t pressure you into buying anything from them like some other clubs. A doorman walks you into the club to seat you.PARKING: Valet – $3 plus tip.CONCLUSION: Nice chill place to hang out with the guys or gals that’s more upscale than typical strip clubs.

  68. marlonmoney12

    Visited Alluvia a while back and I still remember how good the food was. The lamb lollipops were cooked to your liking and seasoned perfectly. I had the duck with dirty rice, should have gone potatoes instead but overall my experience was pleasant. Oh yeah, the women are nude (pause for dramatic response)!


    Wow!!! I usually don’t care much for strip clubs, but this place is great!!! Very cool, comfortable, lounge/club like atmosphere. All the girls are great but Chloe (spelling??) caught my eye the second I walked in the door. I’ve never been to VIP but classy and beautiful Chloe made it worth every penny, amazing…. “I’m in love with a stripper” : )

    So if you want a comfortable place where you don’t feel like your getting hustled from the second you walk in the door check out the cheetah.

    The girls are beautiful with that girl next door charm and personallity.

    Check this place out!!!

  70. Monika K.

    I was drunk it was packed on saturday night ,sat right up front stage , gave my dollars to the nice sexy lookin ladies shaking their booties, had one too many drinks, made polite conversation with the gentleman next to me, , all in all a good night in the ATL.

  71. John
  72. Money
  73. jmaul99

    Nice club with hot girls. Night shift girls are better looking and friendlier than day shift, especially on Saturday.

  74. larry1

    I’ve been to a couple of the other clubs in the city and it seems like this is probably the nicest one with the best looking girls. I’ve gone with a couple of friends and we just hung out and had a good time. The girls were really friendly, especially to me and they at least acted as though they enjoyed giving me a lapdance as much as the guys, so that makes it fun for everyone. I think this is the kind of place though that girls can feel comfortable in. Like some places are just too seedy and gross but I saw a lot of other female guests here just having fun and it was really cool. So I think if you’re a guy with a cool girlfriend or wife or cool female friends, its a very fun place to go with themYou can probably just hang back and watch or whatever. I didn’t try any of the food, but the drinks were delicious enough and we did have a great time. I thought things would be a lot more expensive, but actually it was all in line with what you would expect for this sort of thing. On the weekends of course its really super crowded, especially later at night, which if you like crowds is great but if you like having a little elbow room, I was told that earlier in the day and on weekdays can be fun. I’ve never actually been here those times so I dunno, I’m guessing they don’t have as many girls working of course so I guess there’s trade offs.

  75. DexterRexter

    Honestly I’m not huge on Strip Clubs….I’m not homosexual either. I just never saw the point of giving someone my hard earn money so they can pay their tuition when I’m trying to pay mine! Anyways they are good for bachelor party events or whatever. The thing I didn’t like about this place, is you can’t throw money. You have to hand it to the young women. At that point….. why am I even there. Just to hand the girls money and walk off? They are already pretty much naked. I can just sit back and keep my money. Takes the fun out of the club when you can’t throw money. Dumb.Best Day of the Week – I’m not really sure of the best days of the week for this place. I was visiting from out of town.Service – The young woman coming around serving drinks were nice, and didn’t get on your nerves when you said no to drinks.Location – Conveniently located near the Midtown Renaissance HotelFood – None that I can’t think of.Ambience – It’s a strip club… what do you think.Etc.

  76. james1412

    One word will describe Cheetah on this particular night, “douchiness”. How did the Georgia Tech Fraternity scene make it out to such an established and well known venue in Atlanta. My friends and I waited for 45 minutes before deciding to leave. No one served us in that amount of time. We sat there for the entire time without having anyone approach us and take our drink order. We were all well dressed and had money to spend. What happened????

  77. Coley W.

    The Cheetah is the city’s most upscale strip club. It’s pretty much the opposite of the Clermont Lounge.For example, the Cheetah serves good food. You should never, ever eat anything at the Clermont.The Cheetah strippers are young and attractive (if not entirely natural). The Clermont strippers are old and fat.The Cheetah has bathroom attendants. The Clermont has a trough.You get the point. If you want an evening of classy nakedness, go to The Cheetah. And stop at the ATM on your way.

  78. timmykilla

    The girls and the food are top notch. The DJ is the worst part of the Cheetah experience.. Soooooo lame.

  79. Jake

    Overall, I think that the club was pretty good. There was a handful of great dancers, and I mean girls that can actual work it and move wonderfully. Most of the dancers looked gorgeous, not scudzy and trashy looking, but there was a few that you wonder how that got a job as a dancer. Brought my girlfriend there, she enjoyed it, and would like to go back. One of the dancers had me buy my G/F a lap dance (dancers are great with men and women). The dancers are incredibly friendly, usually if you give them a good tip ($5, 10 or so), they will come over once they finish and sit and talk with you for a good while, and they dont make you feel ackward. It’s like talking to someone you have know for awhile. They will usually ask if you want a lap or table dance, but if you deny (which would be stupid, or your out of money :)) they dont get discouraged. Great atmosphere in the club. Upscale, dont have to worry about watching your back, valet parking so you dont have to search for a spot (cost only $3), Staff is wonderful, never have to open doors anywhere, waitresses are fast with bringing drinks, and are right there when you take your last sip and need a refill, but dont bug you every 1 min and let you enjoy the entertainment. This was the first stripclub that my girlfriend and I have been to ever, and it was worth it! I would recommend it to anyone that hasn’t been there yet and to first time strip club goers that may feel a little nervous, They make you feel at home!!

  80. Brad

    This is a very upscale club. You don’t have to worry about much when you go to the Cheetah. The valet parking is nice because you don’t have to worry about your car.

    Most of the girls are super hot, especially the night shift. Most of them are fairly friendly and I’ve always been able to talk with a dancer or two, buy them drinks, and spend most of my time there with them.

    But, it’s very, very expensive. The girls don’t take off clothes until they are paid. $5 for tops, $5 for bottoms (thus, $10 = naked) while they are on stage. So, if you go when it is not very busy, be prepared to be bored or go broke seeing girls naked.

    Some of the girls have bad attitudes. You should at least get a “thank you” for giving a girl money while they are on stage. You don’t always get thanked.

    The couch dances/table dances are fairly dull. They are pretty cheap ($10), but they are boring.

    The Cheetah VIP is very boring. The girls mostly just want to talk. Plus, there is NO contact, it’s still just “air dances”. I paid $300 to the girl plus around $90 to the house for one hour VIP. I left bored and annoyed. The VIP experience is no better than the main floor. Don’t waste your time or your money.

    Bottom line: if you want to take your wife or girlfriend, or you want to play it safe, go to the Cheetah. But, do not go expecting much.

    Oh, they have good food, too.

  81. danielson

    The cheetah is the best gentleman’s club I have been to in the U.S. There is lots of space, the place is clean, nothing seems to be over priced, it’s full nude, they have a full bar, there is legit restaurant, and there is plenty of hot women. Tory (spelling) is I think the hottest. Short blonde and naturally beautiful large bust. There are many very beautiful women there. My waitresses Sarah and Ali are my favorite people, keeping my glass full and just generally pleasant people. Overall this was an extremely pleasant place.

  82. Alex

    I went there on a Saturday night, the place was packed. Overall I had a good time.

  83. Joseph

    I had a great time, will visit again

  84. eddyL

    To start off, food. Great I’d give it 6 stars if I could. Never seen a club without a pole…0 poles. On the other note really sweet girls well most one lady really tiny Africa American lady had a god awful attitude with me really disgusted me and turned me off probably won’t be returning

  85. Alicia W.

    I’ve been coming to this place for over 5 years now, maybe longer. Day shift only though. I’ve been a couple of times at night and during special events, and if you don’t arrive early or come in during the day and stay into the night you will NOT find a seat. I used to also love that if you made a reservation at Alluvia (their fabulous restaurant. Try the Chicken Piccatta or Lamb Chops) you could gain free entry instead of paying the $10 cover charge. I don’t think they do that anymore though, but you can get in with your ticket stub if you went to a game that same day. I am a girl that is not afraid of Skripper clubs, yes I said skripper like stripper. lol This place in particular has always been good to me. When I worked with a particularly large popular company we always had our regional meetings here (I can’t say their name because they don’t want to be associated with these establishments) and i’ve been able to visit them time and time again with the company I work for now as well. I have to say the girls during the day aren’t the most glamourous, most day shifts aren’t, but they are some of the coolest chicks you’ll ever meet. You guys don’t care about a mediocre cool chick though in this kind of place. lol There are some attractive females for the gentlemen though, the female waitstaff as well. I would recommend possibly coming in during the day on a Friday with friends or by yourself, take a seat at the bar, order a stiff drink (or cold beer) from Paul (PAUL ROCKS!!!!) and relax. I can’t say that I haven’t been in and not been disappointed with the vibe or even been bored, but there have been far more enjoyable times than bad at this place. If you’re a girl who hasn’t been to this type of club and you’re feeling a bit iffy, don’t. The ladies here are very friendly and are actually more appreciative of those who come in with an open mind and relaxed attitude. I have to point out I am not gay (although I have absolutely no problem with that at all) but I look at this place as any other bar honestly. Their staff just happens to become nude at random times. lol O, and you have to try their food. Alluvia serves up some great eats. I mean anything from a club sandwich, philly cheese steak, sliders, personal pizza, to a filet mignon, veal, and chicken.

  86. Vincent V.

    The top “talent” in Atlanta used to be split between the Cheetah and the Gold Club. Once the Gold Club imploded, the prices for everything dropped and the Cheetah landed the best of the rest of the girls. It’s definitely the best strip club in Atlanta, the others pale in comparison.I used to have to go to the Cheetah constantly for work (no, not kidding). There was an instance where I had to spend 20 hours here over a span of two days. Sitting around at 9 AM with the dancers drinking coffee at the bar with their husbands and kids will break you of ever wanting to go to a strip club again. Trust me.Things to know in Larry King ellipse fashion: bring lots of money, ATM feels will crush you…everyone in the place expects to be tipped…drinks are going to set you back more than dances in the long run…good spot for celeb and in-town athlete spotting…a convention goer’s specialty…most crowded during religious conventions, according to one of the dancers.

  87. T. Murray -.

    Reminded me of something straight out of Sopranos, but I don’t think the bathrooms in the Bada Bing have attendants, so perhaps they deserve an extra point for that. The drinks were good and I felt like I was at a Vegas show and not a seedy strip joint. Funny enough we saw a coworker inside so I don’t think this is the spot you should go if you want to keep a low profile. It’s pretty popular.

  88. Ashley T

    Danyell is the best girl there! Thats all I gotta say.

  89. Johnnyboy123

    Girl at the door wouldn’t let us in et New Years. I wouldn’t come back here for $1,000 dollars, you’ve lost all chance at my business

  90. Evan T.

    1 star. Very shady establishment. They overcharged my card while I was in there and lo and behold 2 days later I get another charge from IFI Atlanta (Cheetah’s Business name) for an additional amount, but yet I wasn’t even there to pay for that. Guess I have a doppelgänger somewhere that has my same debit card as well. Super shady. Where I’m from strip clubs are usually owned/ran by organized crime/underworld types of people. Apparently this place is no different. Nice club ambiance, pretty women (most can’t dance though) and pretty good drinks. But watch using your cards in here fellas because they will scam you. I for sure won’t be back.

  91. Greg

    Go there! Drew does the best tricks with her butt. Natalia has the best natural beauty, she glows. Thomas is the best DJ. Courtney is the hottest housemom ever. Luke makes the strongest drinks. The security are all awesome (just dont give them any shit). As long as you have money to spend these girls are great (dont take it personally, they ARE working…you know…at one of those things called a job…where you try to make money so that you can survive!!! ) Overall opinion Great club, these girls are really awesome!

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