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0 reviews for “Clermont Lounge

  1. tonycluber

    This is a great establishment, dive bar. Brought my mom and she had a great time. Everyone was really nice, diverse crowd. The lights are dim, the ladies on stage are real women and entertaining, the dance floor was hopping. Bouncer said Saturday nights are the best.

  2. adrian w.

    I have been here a couple of times; both times I believe I was a little drunk.This is a great place for a fun loving group.I will admit I was a little hesitant in wanting to come here. I am very glad that I did.And yes I have seen the infamous Nanner Pudding!Drink PBRs when you are here.Cheap cover charge.Bring cash.Bring sanitation soap.Bring your best friends who have never been.

  3. Jada G.

    WOW! what can i say about the infamous Clermont Lounge. everyone pays 3 bucks to get it-including the strippers…no seriously, they gotta pay too. you get drunk on cheap PBRs and watch fat, gelatinous women with stretch marks and bullet wounds and grannies skip around naked. Then you have the famous Blondie, crushing beer cans with her boobs. If you want a lap dance, you must pay $20…but seriously, would you really want a lap dance from what I’ve just described? I love going because the dancers teach me moves ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. J L.

    A part of Atlanta’s soul died when the Clermont Hotel was shut down.But much happiness was shared by all when they continued to keep this infamous dive bar & strip joint open. Full monty or not, this place is a lot of fun. The bathroom was actually pretty clean, and everyone that goes has a blast. You’ve got all kinds of people there, too. Friendly strippers (blondie, the crowd pleaser), good people in all shapes and sizes. Great place to observe and come as you are. I would give the Clermont 5 stars, but where you have to park… and walking into the place gives me the hibbies a little bit. I always feel like I’m going into a haunted mansion. A haunted mansion with flaming nipples and sloppy seconds. :)Don’t forget to tip.

  5. Christina D.

    Trashy Adult Fun. Where strippers go to get the last strip in before death becomes them. Tricks of crushing beer cans with titties, along with mamaw dressed as Minnie mouse showing us her butthole. I love the Clermont Lounge. Drinks tend to take forever to get, so maybe have a few before you get there.

  6. williamr

    Great place!!! Atlanta staple. However, CASH only!!! ATM charges $10 to get cash out!!! Get cash before you enter!!!

  7. justinlk

    Fair warning: every time I go to the Clermont Lounge I have such a massive hangover the following day.This place is the best dive bar and strip club imaginable. The women are from all ages of life and looks and they know it but don’t be a jerk about it. No one likes people like that.This is a business, and they mean business so treat the ladies nicely, pay your cover charge, and enjoy the show. The best time to show up is around nine in order to get a spot at the bar, Karaoke is on Tuesdays and starts at 11. That’s a real experience as well.

  8. Stephen H.

    Wait. Did I just see?Did she just crush that beer canbetween her tits? Yes.

  9. Tina S.

    I cannot believe people are giving this place good reviews! The staff are the rudest and meanest people I have ever met. The bouncers can walk into the women’s bathroom and come inside your stall without blinking an eye, just so a stripper can pee. No apologies, just screaming at everyone… Disgusting.

  10. Tamika W.

    Funniest strip club in the “A”

  11. Felipe V.

    If I had written this review the same day I went it would have been a much different opinion to the one I have now, a few days later. The place is unique, and you will definitely have stories to tell. What more can you ask for? Go and make your own opinions, but bring a friend!

  12. Caroline P.

    Clermont Lounge is the like Burning Man of the retired stripper community and those who want to experience a taste of their expressive freedom. You won’t ever unsee it. You won’t forget it. And you most certainly won’t regret it.

  13. Daniel R.

    Legendary. Too bad you can’t “UNSEE” the things that go on in the Clermont Lounge. This place didn’t get it’s reputation catering to the meek and mild. I highly recommend this place to get a bachelor party started or for an exciting and crazy end to a night of debauchery.

  14. Lindsey K.

    Oh, lawdy, where do I begin? What do you say about an infamous, oldest-running, saggy lady abounds kind of ATL strip club? You just take your hat off, put your hand on your chest, and (tears streaming down your face) say the Pledge of Allegiance. And God Bless America!It was my first night in the city and my friend was on a mission to introduce me to Hotlanta in the dirtiest, stickiest way possible. She scored. The place had a mixed clientele: bros, fratties, rockabilly, kinky older couples, and gawking out-of-towners such as myself. My favorite part of the Clermont has to be the woman’s one toilet…and that toilet being separated by a dinky curtain. No door. And the line for the bathroom is also the dressing room for the dancers. Hello, long line…hello, conversation with dancers while they change! I met some nice ladies, and they told me how there were no bouncers and their manager is shitty and people throw quarters at them. It made me sad. This ladies need to be treated better! And they need their own dressing room.Such is the Clermont Story. The U-shaped, blacklight bar is flattering for those women “of a certain age.” I say more power to ’em! My friend bought a lap dance from a 62-year-old Little Red Riding Hood. She looked like Paula Deen’s older sister with a sandblast of makeup and fake lashes. Mad props, my friends. Mad props. Also keep an eye out for the Mother/Daughter duo. The drinks are cheap and strong. And you get shots in a Dixie Cup! What more can I say? The best people-watching to be had. But bring your dollah bills–these ladies deserve them.

  15. Caitlin B.

    Alright – so I’ve been dying to come here ever since I moved here and I must say, that coming here on my birthday was the most awesome thing ever. I do not really know if this qualifies as a strip club, but it’s the first place I’ve been to where women are fully naked dancing on stage. We met some awesome people though and enjoyed the overpriced drinks, but damn, it was sooo much fun. I can’t wait to come back here again and again and again…..

  16. Damien S.

    Ever walked in a bathroom to catch your grandma stepping out of the shower?Never ask a fiery Nicaraguan to tip a stripper, lest ye be subjected to a full-nude lap dance that ends with blown kisses and a “God bless you.”All kinds of the rightest wrong.

  17. Daniel K.

    This place is pretty surreal. They blared heavy metal, slung dirty cheap beer from behind a filthy counter whilst an assortment of entertainers danced on the stage. When I was here they had one dancer that I’m pretty sure was a she-male, another that was an art student with hairy legs and hairy pitts, another that was straight out of Gummo, and the final that was I swear the girl from Welcome to the Dollhouse. Anyway, the next time I’m in Atlanta I’m going back.Supposedly there’s also a hotel upstairs, Christ himself couldn’t make me spend a night there.

  18. Sean D.

    I returned to this Atlanta Institution last night and was thoroughly entertained with all the ‘legends’ on stage, including the iconic Blondie…AKA…CAN CRUSHER. $5 cover was cool and the drinks were also reasonable. Everyone needs to visit at least ONCE!

  19. Sylvia W.

    Hahahahahaha sums this place up. It’s like a train wreck you can’t help but watch. The strippers pick out their own music on a jukebox that they have to pay to use. Ha. A must see before you die kind of place.

  20. XXXbeast

    Came here on a Thursday night around 11pm or midnight. My memory of the night is kind of a blur, so I guess that means they pour decently strong drinks!From what I can recall, we all had a great time! I’ve never been to a “strip club” before, so I didn’t know what to expect. It was way better than I expected, mostly because there was a very large (like 8 member) country band and a lot of people dancing. There was also a group of business types. Overall, really a fun crowd. It was packed, but I didn’t have to wait too long to order drinks. Dive bars aren’t really my thing, but it was a fun and laid-back atmosphere.My only complaint is the ATM has an $8 service fee! That’s the highest service fee I’ve ever seen.

  21. Candace S.

    Amazing! Karaoke, boobs and cheap drinks. What else is there? Make sure to support Blondie, one of the hardest working ladies in town. Sit back, watch, and enjoy. I’d make this a destination every trip to Atlanta.

  22. RON I.

    This is the the place to be! I always have a good time here.This is the must see place when you come to Atlanta.The beer is cold and cheap! The women are big here. Be careful if you get a lap dance.I’ve been coming here for 13 years.Every time is a new and exciting adventure.

  23. Mary B.

    What the what!?I actually had the amazing experience of going to this place completely in the dark about what it was all about. Someone local in the group just made the decision and so off we went. You mean, this bar, right here, that is next to this sketchfest motel? Ok! Flash the license, head in the door… and BAZOOM!Go with a sense of humor and leave your timidness at the door. Drink a lot, have fun, and swear on Jimmy Carter that you will never get old.

  24. Rachel F.

    Hey look it’s grandma/next door neighbor Ms. Frumpy/that Waffle House waitress on stage! Oh holy crap, she is kinda swaying. She didn’t lose her balance. That is dancing. She is a stripper. And for some reason, you just can’t look away. As my boyfriend from ATL calls it (and maybe many of you do too) it is where strippers go to die. Gained 40 pounds and 20 years? No problem. You can come dance at the Clermont. But not on that big stage to your left. Each Tuesday, that is reserved for karaoke. The strippers are allocated a much smaller stage behind the bar. So order your PBR in a can for pretty cheap and grab a seat to check out some more cheap cans. Du-Don-Ch.In a phrase this is the best and quite possibly only Dive Strip Club in existence. Cheap beer, heavy on the smoke (so bad I had to deduct a star – sorry Blondie)Also, as in any awesomely bad strip club, there aren’t dressing rooms per se. Look forward to meeting your new best friend in the ladies room.

  25. Caroline A.

    It’s always busy with a great fun crowd. Tuesday night is karaoke nite and if someone comes to visit that’s where I recommend them to go. The bartender we had was really friendly a helpful both times when we went. I didn’t catch her name but she was a small blonde girl with tattoos. My friend was a bit tipsy and lost her bag while she was on the dance floor having fun but someone really kind handed it to the security and we got it back safely with everything in it untouched. Thanks for having great entertainment and a safe and friendly environment for us to have fun in. Keep up the good work guys

  26. Dawkins S.

    Went on a monday night. The crowd was light, but as the night went on a fair amount of people showed up. The girls are always nice and friendly and Amy the bartender is fantastic with awesome stories to tell and how she interacts with the dancers and etc. I defiantly recommend coming on the weekdays where there isn’t a large crowd of tourists.

  27. Doug M.

    WOW! Just go and experience all that is the Clermont! It nasty but so much fun, you will want to douse yourself with hand sanitizer when you leave but it is fantastic!

  28. Chris M.

    Oh man…… Where do I start? I was told this is an institution in Atlanta and a must visit while I was there. They told me it’ll be unforgettable and the drinks were cheap, so I figured, even if they were wrong, I’d get a good buzz on. Holy father of everything that’s good…. this place is definitely something else. I’m not gonna spoil anything, but this was an unforgettable venue and the drinks are cheap!!!! It’s cash only, so load up and don’t forget those ones. That’s someone’s grandmother so be good to her!!!!

  29. Pete A.

    I’m from Cleveland Ohio and stumbled on the Claremont one evening while taking a walk.Three years ago my son moved from downtown Atlanta to some godforsaken place an hournorth on 400. Now I can’t walk there anymore! Remember the dollar coins Kathy? Alwaysand forever miss you. Pete

  30. Jade M.

    You ain’t livin’ ’til ya been there and seen it! It’s an Atlanta novelty. I have a coaster with the Clermont sign on it for God’s sake! Go, see some nasty strippers, gross old men and the always inspiring Blondie crush the PBR can with her boobs and give it to you. It’s worth it, I swear.

  31. james1412

    Interesting place I see milfs have jobs in GA. I Always wanted to see this place since watching it on tv. The bartender’s do not water down the drinks so enjoy your drinks people.

  32. Geez A.

    Just moved to the area and found this basement divey gem. Highly recommended if you and your friends enjoy dancing like fools to great music.

  33. John H.

    I have to say, the Clermont Lounge did not live up to the hype. I went last night for the first time with some out-of-towners. Maybe we were early. I would go back, the drinks were good and reasonably priced. Just wasn’t the freak-show I was expecting.

  34. Hary M.

    Cheap beer, a Mrs. Pacman machine, dim lighting, and tattered strippers…yes, the Clermont is still just as seedy as everyone says it is. The influx of hipsters, thankfully, has not tarnished its reputation. A few of the highlights: a 65 year old stripper named Porche who dances to rockabilly and lifts her poodle skirt to flash you….the one ‘hot’ stripper who’s covered in tattoos and wears black lipstick….big-boned stripper with crooked teeth and postnatal belly fat who enthusiastically crushes a beer can in between her butt cheeks (all muscle)….or the drunk guys who are actually getting off to these bizarre strippers.If you want to go to the Clermont to see women shamelessly offering their aging bodies for one crinkled dollar at a time, then it’s the place for you. If your not into that sort of thing, then you might wanna stay home instead.

  35. Kate B.

    Yes the clermont lounge is a novelty in Atlanta and it’s something everyone should do at least once. There was one review that a guy said he hated it. He also went on a wednesday. If you go any other night than a SATURDAY it’s no fun. I repeat – only go on Saturdays and it will be fun. It’s grimy, it’s durrrty, and it’s weird. But it’s certainly special.

  36. Wesley S.

    Ive never been here before and it was pretty awesome, I think the best way to describe it is as a rest home for strippers meets a club/bar. You know how shar-pei’s, pugs, and some other animals are so ugly there cute, well this place aint the greatest or classiest, but thats what makes it awesome. I even got picked at and called “high falutin and uppity” for ordering a guinness and had to switch to icehouse : ) If you get a chance definitely check it out, and don’t be surprised when you see your nannah naked on the bar dancing with her nipples on fire and, smash beer cans with her tits

  37. Susan M.

    The best place to dance in Atlanta… on SATURDAY nights. Yeah Yeah once you get past the strippers and the shear filth this place oozes with, you can really enjoy dancing here. The music is awesome. I’ve been frequenting this place for about 6 years… less and less each year unfortunately but I still enjoy sweating my arse off dancing, drinking beer in a can and listening to some great 80’s tunes. It’s a trip and one everyone should try at least once or twice … a year. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. Emilia L.

    This place is a trip! The sign outside says “Alive since ’65” and it shows. The Clermont Lounge is located in the basement of the Clermont Motor Hotel. The hotel itself has long since been closed down and it looks pretty creepy from the outside. Cover on a Friday night was $3. The club itself looks very much like a bar, with the strippers’ stage being in the center of the oval-shaped bar. There is another stage to the left when you come in. I assume that is for amateur karaoke nights. After looking up the Clermont on Wikipedia, it appears we met Porscha, the older blonde lady dressed as Little Bo Peep. We did not get to see Blondie, unfortunately. Porscha proudly boasted to us that she is turning 65 this year. Drinks were pretty strong. It was a struggle to finish just one. The floors could have definitely used a cleaning. I was standing a good part of the night and noticed that my shoes were pretty much stuck to the ground when I tried to lift my foot. Each dancer would choose her song on the jukebox. The dancers ranged in age, size and race. Being as it was only my second time ever at a strip club (the first being the night before, at Pink Pony) I thought that the ladies put on a pretty good show. Though, the men in our group seemed fairly traumatized.

  39. Jerry T.

    Clermont you filthy slut, how have I never reviewed you?I always heard about the Clermont growing up. The elephant graveyard of strip clubs. I have to say that name fits. Coming here when I was finally old enough was somewhere between a joke and a right of passage. To this day I still get pumped to bring new people here.You will see it all here. It’s funnier to come here sober for me because it’s breathtaking to see just how drunk people get at this fine establishment. I was waiting in line to get in one Saturday night and I saw a guy literally get tossed out the front door and through a table. Then I stepped forward past the poor sap as they let a couple more people in the door- business as usual. Then more recently a drunk girl standing in front of me decided it would be a good idea to pull a strippers pony tail. Bad move. This tiny dancer went into full-on old-lady-stripper rage, which was briefly directed at me until I shamelessly pointed at the girl in front of me with both hands. I’m not your fall guy. Make your bad life choices somewhere else lady.I wouldn’t park here. The lot is small and always muddy. By my calculations, there’s no way all of the people driving away here are sober (not endorsing, just saying). Drinks are cheap, and the bartenders are awesome. It’s cash only so plan accordingly. They have an ATM but it charges you around 5 bucks and it not always working. The bathrooms take dirty to a new level.If getting sloshed with naked old ladies in the basement of a condemned hotel sound like a good time to you then buckle up, keep both hands inside the vehicle and enjoy your ride.

  40. Linda J.

    I have no idea how many stars to give this place so I will give it one per boob (since you’ll see many sets there). I feel like you have to go here at least once if you’re in ATL. I remember my first time. Oh lord. At least there was a band there? They weren’t good, but I don’t think it would’ve made a difference.It was… interesting.I told my friends I’d never go again but they managed to drag me there a second time. You’ll just have to go see for yourself.

  41. James S.

    What a fun/odd experience!! The Clermont Lounge is definitely a bread of its own, basically just a little hole in the wall dive bar with a bit of a “twist”. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but i will say that the things they do with empty beer cans, whips, and matches… WHOA!!! The only negative I have to say is that for the amount of people they all in this place they may want to consider upgrading their AC…. It was HOT! Overall a great time though, if you live in ATL or are visiting, it’s a must!!

  42. Blake B.

    My friends had to practically beat me over the head for years before my special, fidgety ass agreed to go anywhere near this place. Commonly known as ‘where strippers go to die,’ it is just as aptly referrable as ‘a XXX white-trash carnival.’ Featuring some of the surliest street ladies in the business, all of them willing to take you in a corner and flash the wedge, or publicly grope old men through their pants for $5, you’d better come here with a sense of humor or not at all.I know a lot of guys whose girlfriends won’t let them near strip clubs, and it takes a bit of convincing before they realize that this place is, if anything, meant only for backass giggles. The last time I was here, I was watching Blondie (the large black woman with a blonde wig who crushes beer can between her flaccid, mottled breasts) gyrate on the small stage behind the bar. A man openly called me out for having my mouth wide open.I don’t know anyone who has actually stayed in the hotel here, but my lord, I don’t know if you could pay me enough.One of the few night clubs in Atlanta where you might want to consider showing up in a hazmat suit.

  43. Dee B.

    Came here on a Saturday night and there was a $10 cover charge. I thought this was ridiculous being the kind of place this is. Its like a local strip club, not a high class city establishment. It was extremely crowded, and they wouldn’t let you use the juke box saying it was only for the strippers to use. I thought that was lame. Also, if you are a woman expect to wait forever to use the bathroom. I tried to use the mens room and they wouldn’t let me. The bartender was pretty nasty. An old lady who ignored me the entire time. I had to get my boyfriend to order.Ok, now the good points. The strippers were friendly and hysterical. Don’t expect fake plastic surgeried girls here! Strippers from their 20s to their 60s at least. Lots of fun!

  44. Danielle H.

    The Clermont is one of my favorite things about living in Atlanta. I have a few rules though: 1. Go on a Friday or Saturday and even though the cover charge is higher ($10 cash), wait until after 11pm to go inside. I have been on a weeknight and also gone earlier and there is nothing sadder than being there with the lights up and the folks who are actually there for the strippers. This place is much better crowded; in the dark, and probably after a few drinks to loosen you up because you’re going to see some stuff that you can’t unsee! 2. ALWAYS wear closed toe shoes. Think your shoes stick to the floor in a movie theater? Imagine that ten times worse! Plus, at least 30 people are going to step on your feet. 3. Stick to canned beer. I don’t know what kind of well drinks they are serving, but I am pretty familiar with the smell of gasoline. Avoid them! 4. Be prepared to shed layers. Even if it is cold outside, it is HOT inside. If your hair and makeup look cute beforehand, be prepared to let that go, because you will sweat like you have never sweat before. Don’t worry about it though, everyone is as hot as you, so just hit the dance floor and embrace it. 5. Pee before you go and then hold it! The bathroom offers no privacy. Seriously, it is like a toilet with an audience. Skip it. 6. Shower before you go to bed that night. I know you’re tired, but you’ll thank me in the morning because even if you don’t smoke, you smell like you just bathed in an ashtray. Trust me. I’m really selling this, right? Seriously though, the Clermont offers the BEST people watching in Atlanta. You’ll see lawyer-types in khakis and collared shirts, sorority girls, tons of people celebrating their 21st birthday, and a guy who only wears red leather pants and is the best dancer I have ever seen. Everyone is welcome at the Clermont and it’s a beautiful cross-section of Atlantans just having a ton of fun. It is the LEAST self-conscious place in Atlanta that I have ever been. DJ Romeo Cologne plays the best music. You’ll hear Prince, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, and Michael Jackson. I typically don’t dance in public, but when I’m at the Clermont you can’t get me off the dance floor. And the strippers…No offense to the ladies, but I never really notice them. I think this is because it is so crowded and because it is the least sexy place in the world. That said, Blondie will crush a can of PBR between her breasts for a few bucks. Remember I said there are things that you won’t be able to unsee? You can also be a real jerk and buy your friend a lap dance that entails being whacked in the face with boobs in a rather intense way. You will undoubtedly see the most diverse group of strippers you have ever seen–age, race, appearance, costume choice and dance style. Follow my rules and you’ll have a truly memorable experience.

  45. Sid P.

    You can’t go home again.For most of my adult life, the Clermont was… not a well-kept secret, but a sort of talisman or charm that could be used to ward away the unwary. It was like admission into a secret society – you’d been THERE and you’d seen BLONDIE and the BEER CANS and oh my god it was the awesomest/weirdest/craziest place you’d ever been. And that’s how it worked for a long time. You go down into the Stygian depths, drink the foul PBR swill, and wait for Chuck Norris to drive a pickup truck through the wall and start whipping asses – it was that kind of place.But like I said, you can’t go home again. I took an out-of-town friend by just to show the place off, Initiate him into the Mysteries, if you will. There was a concert going on. At the Clermont. Some awful hipster band playing ironic covers of Lady Gaga while Emory kids flopped and jerked in what I presumed was enjoyment. The hell is wrong with you kids? You come to the Clermont to see women of …let’s say unconventional beauty standards doing their thing. You come for a massive dose of vintage sleaze, not for some herky jerky irony-mongering indie rock garbage. First they had dance night, then they added karaoke, and the indie rock shows are kind of the final straw – the Clermont isn’t really a sketchy-ass dive bar anymore, it’s a groteque lurching self-parody of itself. There’s no sense of danger or even really of transgressiveness – how can you be awed by Portia’s unique talents when there’s some spastic mustached jerkwad on the other side of the room drowning everything out with his awfulness? It feels like it’s stopped being about screwed-up weird insanity and now it’s just MJQ with ironic sagging breasts. I don’t know when it happened, but either the Clermont got old and fat and boring, or I did. Ten years ago, the Clermont was an easy five and a must-see. Now? It’s a three-and-a-half, less on any given theme night. I guess that’s the problem – I got old, but the dumbass college kids stayed the same age. It’s no longer the kind of bar that 1986 Chuck Norris would break into and fight crooks, it’s the kind of bar that 2009 Chuck Norris would go into as the guest of honor at a 80s Nostalgia Kitsch Festival. This is not my beautiful Clermont Lounge, this is Clermontย™-Brand Novelty Dive Bar Experience Product. Enjoy it in good health! You can’t go home again.

  46. Ashaleigh R.

    I had the time of my life at Clermont Lounge!!! Diverse crowd, cheap drinks and fun atmosphere!

  47. Mika T.

    Hey, I never let one of my guests leave town without taking them to this place. Clermont is Atlanta history, through a cloud of smoke and comedic adult experience.I call it naked comedy. If you hate cig smoke, bring your mask and take in a laugh.

  48. Jenny P.

    I really am speechless when trying to write this review. I have to give is 3 stars because The Clermont Lounge has nothing to hide so I cannot say I was not warned about how dirty, old, and rundown the actual structure is. I almost felt like I was in a secret strip club that is stuck in the 80’s. It was a fun time though! They serve canned beer only and have a full bar as well. They are cash only and do not allow tabs. Honestly, if you are going to go to the Clermont come with a VERY open mind and don’t bring prissy or high maintenance girls who are grossed out by everything and show it on their faces. I felt bad for some of the staff as there are people who come in here and make fun of it to their faces or stand in the corner with their arms crossed. The Clermont is good old fashioned, sleazy fun so embrace it or get out fast.

  49. Andria C.

    Let me start off by saying that I’ve been to this place more times that I’d like to admit. It’s one of those end of the night stops. Plus you can’t beat the cans of PBR. It’s an Atlanta institution and if you haven’t been, you have to at least once (even if just for the poeple watching). It old and dark and dirty, but you’ll have a good time.

  50. Laura H.

    Everything about this place is so wrong that it’s actually right. I somehow convinced my friends to go here after dinner at La Fonda. I mean, it didn’t seem right to be a few blocks away and NOT go here. We walked up to the ‘still closed, but up for sale’ hotel and lined up to get a picture. Before we knew it, a homeless man jumped into our picture while he was chewing a sandwich. And that’s how it all began… As we walked down the stairs, I felt like I was entering the twilight zone. Cover was $3 (it was still early) and as we entered, I was overwhelmed by the smoke. “Ladies” sauntered around the bar- all shapes, sizes and ages. When I was in the bathroom, a 64 year old dancer had a suitcase full of costumes out before deciding on the “vineyard vixen” costume. She is, after all, trying to retire in a couple of years. (That’s what she said.) After Blondie crushed a beer can, a guy asked me to crush a beer can. I said, “Do I look like I want to crush a beer can?!” Blondie responded, “It only hurts a little!” But, I knew it was my time to go when the guy’s friend yelled, “He said that you’re the woman of his dreams!” Like many others before me, my life is now complete.

  51. Jenny B.

    Ah, the Clermont Lounge. Legendary, and it should be. It’s the sort of place that I’m embarrassed to tell friends about (and the number of times I’ve been), and yet I HAVE to take visitors there…it’s just such an Atlanta landmark. The scene? Strippers. Well-aged strippers – some have worked there since before I was born. Most seem very nice, and most have a good sense of humor. I mean, you kind of have to when you’re 55 and dancing in front of a mirror and hanging onto a pole. There are a few 20 somethings who dance as well, but somehow, they’re not as amusing to watch. And then…there’s Blondie. The woman crushes beer cans between her bosom, what more is there to say? If you get a chance to actually have a conversation with her, do so – – she’s an intelligent and interesting woman. Be prepared for smoke, cheap, strong drinks, and a whole lot of shakin’ of everything going on. Always a good time.

  52. joseph1k

    This is the funniest piece of crap hole in the wall I’ve ever seen. We were having a day exploring Atlanta. We left dugan’s and went over there, i was already wasted it just took those two more drinks and to see the strippers in the Clermont for me to grab the 55 gallon trash can and puke!!!!! LOL

  53. Sarah E.

    The Clermont is NASTY, but it’s an Atlanta institution. You have to go there at least once. My college friends and I always referred to it as “the place where old strippers go to die”. In a city known for its insane number of strip clubs, the old dancers have to go SOMEWHERE. If you want conventionally attractive dancers, go to the Pink Pony. If you want dancers that are even remotely fit or young and have the ability to, well, dance, then go anywhere but here. If you want fun and an authentic “Dirty South” experience, then go here at least once.Of course, the most well-known dancer at the Clermont is Blondie. In case you have never heard of her, she’s old, she’s large, and she is In Charge. She is known for crushing beer cans with her boobs (with a resounding CRUNCH!), but she will also slap you with her sweater kittens if you do anything to make her unhappy. My friend’s boyfriend once got a bloody nose from a Blondie Slap.It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the Clermont any night but Saturday… back in the day that was the only night that most of the more “mainstream” Atlantans would show up there. On Saturdays, expect an astounding mix of people from Emory fratboys and sorority girls to hipsters and everything in between. DJ Romeo Cologne (of Star Bar fame) spins funk and it’s a lot of fun. It’s hot as heck in there no matter what the time of year, and you may have to wait in line for a while to get inside.It’s worth it, at least once. But it’s nothing like your average bar. Oh, and the mixed drinks can kill you (strong and made with the cheapest liquor in existence), and they only take cash. So don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  54. curtis17

    diviest bar/stripclub ever. most entertaining place I’ve ever been. the ladies are talented in their own unique ways, and are total sweethearts. I think I died and went to a smokey, pbr fueled heaven.

  55. tommy
  56. Melissa N.

    Where strippers go to die. And you enjoy EVERY minute of this raunchy drink fest.Some nights kaoroke, some live bands. Drinks are cheap…women are cheaper. I have to bring out of towners here because its so funny if your into that dark humor. They have strippers like the 70 year old lady that dresses like Minnie Mouse…to the Infamous blondie who crushes beer cans with her saggy ta-tas. Also saw a woman put matches in her inverted nipples and then proceed to light matches on fire. It truly is a staple to bring your friends and have a what the fuck? kind of night.

  57. danielson

    there’s something for everyone here. cheap drinks, dancefloor, dancers with vivacious personalities, a heavy-handed bartender, the list goes on and on. this is definitely a DIVE BAR so if you’re a prima donna, skip this place and go have a drink at applebee’s.there’s a reason why this place is an Atlanta staple for celebrities and tourists alike. if you’re looking for a place to let loose and let it all hang out, look no further than the Clermont Lounge.

  58. Scott B.

    Not sure how to rate this. I feel like it is something that everybody should see once, but going twice will send you straight to hell. It is in the basement of a seedy old abandoned building. There was a $7 cover. It was everything I expected from seeing the Layover and from the friend that took me there. I knew what I was getting in to, which was cool. The only real problem was that there was a real crappy wannabe punk band which attracted every PBR drinking, sockhead hipster in Atlanta. It didn’t sound like that was the normal crowd, but I would never go back or recommend it to people if it was. I will give it the benefit of the doubt. The girls, well, were very confident with what they still had. It went from funny to a little depressing very quickly.

  59. Donald L.

    A cannot miss. It is smokey and dirty and delightful and I will definitely go back.What hasn’t been said that I could add?

  60. Lisa B.

    This place has to get five stars because its an Atlanta landmark. If you come to Atlanta to visit this is one stop you have to be sure to make. I have been here once, not sure that I will ever make it back again, but I had the most fantastic time. This place is run down and quite a freak show, but that is what makes it entertaining. Even more entertaining is the women’s rest room. It is literally just one toilet with no privacy and a sink. Everyone can see what you are doing. This is not for those who are shy or who have not had ample alcohol added to their blood stream. There is a line and yes, if I am in line in front of you you may give me a dollar and I will let you pee before me. This almost incited a riot when I was there but I don’t care. If you gotta pee bad enough you’ll give me a buck to cut in line…or you can be like the total skank who just decided to pee in the corner on the carpet. And if you need a light for your smoke, that’s also going to cost you a dollar. But if you are drinking and need that nicotine it’s gonna be worth the price. Ahhhh…fun times at the Clermont…

  61. winston12

    Thomas Wolfe was right, you can never go home. Just went back after a 10 year hiatus and was quickly disappointed. It’s a victim of its own success which is probably a good thing for the bartenders, barmaids, and strippers. What was one a dive bar has become a circus with limos, bridal showers and a club type feel. Yes that diversity was always there but not to this degree. If you’ve never been, it’s worth a visit, but remember you missed the hey day.

  62. Juichia C.

    The funnest place I’ve found so far in Atlanta!!!! Funnest and funniest, all at the same time! You just can’t beat cheap alcohol, live entertainment, and a fun crowd. We sat at the main bar, and the owner lady was chatting with us. We arrived a little after 9pm on a Saturday, so it was still just picking up.The owner was incredibly nice, and so are all the dancers!! Drinks are around $3~$6. My favorite was Porsche and her little red riding hood costume! We even chatted it up in the bathroom, where she proceeded to tell me that she had gotten her light up rings at Party City! Love this place, a must go in Atlanta!

  63. Tom E.

    This is the place to go to in Atlanta late night! $3 cover after 9pm, $2.75 ice cold PBR, awesome logo t-shirts and hats for sale, and the history behind it!Blondie is a Friday night showstopper, a 34 year vet of the clermont!The staff and dancers are friendly and personable, and I have never been disappointed!Tuesday is Karaoke night as well.Please note- the Jukebox is for the DANCERS only! I found out the hard way once :)The only downside I could see is if you are not a big fan of smoke- there can be a lot sometimes.Other than that- this is where I take all of my friends from out of town to check out, hell I have even celebrated a few birthdays there!A must for Facebook event gatherings!

  64. Sara M.

    When people ask about the Clermont, I tell them that it’s not so much a strip club as it is a bar that happens to have strippers. And not just any strippers, as you may have ascertained. There’s the old lady who uses a handheld light-up rainbow ball thingy to flash you her cameltoe. Then there’s the lady who attaches sparklers to her nipples. There’s also the young chick who dances to 90s pop rock, causing me to get all weirdly nostalgic. And, of course, there’s the infamous Blondie. There’s not much I can say that hasn’t been said already. Just get your ass over here, have a drink, and enjoy the show. Here are some tips:- Mixed drinks are cheap- Yuengling is NOT ($5/can)- If you’re a beer drinker, go for the Bell’s Two-Hearted tallboy ($6 if I remember correctly)- Cover varies depending time and day of the week- If the BBQ guy is out front, get a chili slaw dog! They’re delicious. He usually shows up around 11pm. Great, now I have “Pour Some Sugar On Me” stuck in my head.

  65. Cletus s.

    After visiting the Clermont several times in the 70s I made a return visit a few nights ago it was just as I remembered it to be, loud, smoky and nasty. I enjoyed every minute I was there the beer was cold and the gurls were friendly. It’s gotta be the best dive in Atlanta. My wife who had never been in a strip club was shocked and amazed. by several of the gurls & Blondie was just as awesome as she was back in the 70s.. The Clermont is something everyone should experience at least once. These kind of places are dying off pretty fast and will soon be gone altogether. Don’t miss this last shot at loud obscene and nasty, visit tonight. You wont be sorry, it’s an experience like no other.

  66. Crystal R.

    I feel like everyone is right about experiencing it once in your life. It is a bit ridiculous to pay $10 cover a person (including ladies) to view a couple of adult entertainers dancing in a crowed, hot, bar. I personally enjoyed the variety of body types and felt super “body positive” energy upon entering, but that was ruined by some dudes shouting down a dancer who they deemed not fit enough to be dancing on the bar. Drinks were pretty cheap, but the place was a hot box in there so no amount of drinks could really cool you down sufficiently. My friends and I drank one round of cheap PBR, danced to a couple of soul songs and headed out sweating and feeling so gross. I probably will not be back unless we have out of town guests who are adamant about seeing what the fuss is about. The place could be a fun and different night out if it discounted cover and perhaps got a better a/c unit. I loved the music selection and I don’t mind seeing non-traditional dancers.

  67. Mariela G.

    Charmingly odd. The perfect place to go on first date. BRING CA$H and Dont forget to tip the bartender…damn it.

  68. fuckery12

    I’ve only heard about Clermont Lounge, but after seeing it for myself I must say it is rather interesting. The reputation precedes itself as the alternative underbelly of Atlanta. Needless to say when I walked in it was shocking to see the “strippers” or whatever they are… in full bloom and interactive with everyone under the sun. The drinks were great! And the people… intoxicated, enjoying those great drinks lol. Go see for yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚ I had a great time.

  69. Jose T.

    When I first got here I was thinking it was a cool place. Dive bar but with older strippers. Seems awesome. However as someone who has been all over the world and has visited bars, strips clubs and other similar establishments all over the US, Europe and LatinAmerica I must say there’s a lot of negative to say about this place. Although they try to make it the old spot in town that everyone can enjoy the service and staff (I don’t mean the dancers) are horrendous. First time I went the karaoke DJ skipped me and several people in my group even though we tipped him. People who got there hours later and spent way less than us got to sing before any of us. We thought that maybe the negative was just on karaoke night. Thinking well maybe the place is good but they just have a really horrible karaoke DJ. Unfortunately second time was also karaoke night. Again horrendous DJ. Doesn’t matter if you tip him or not. No idea how he chooses who goes up and who doesn’t. Some people who didn’t know how to sing went up four times before people there before them went up. Ultimately, I’m never going back there. I don’t appreciate being treated terribly when I’m trying to have a good time and I’m tipping bartenders and servers very well. Clermont could have been a good hangout but certain service people especially the DJ really made it a horrible place. Don’t recommend. Go to Doll House instead.

  70. Brian C.

    Had a not great time at clermont. Bouncers let too many people in, it’s way too packed. And some crazy blonde girl who I assumed works there was extremely aggressive toward me. I was dancing by myself on the dance floor when she aggressively told me to watch my self. I was pretty sober and just continued to dance and people watch. The girl continued to verbally harass me as I ignored her and threatened to have me thrown out. I’m guessing she was an employee because she knew the bouncers and was pretty authoritative. I will forever be confused by her aggression. Maybe she was a megalomaniac and assumed I was hitting on her by dancing 5 feet away from her. But the Clermont cannot just rely on its reputation if it wants to be a good business. Employees like her have to be fired in the service industry.Caveat: have no proof she was an employee. Even so, fire marshall would have had a heart attack. Not enough room to breathe.

  71. BF K.

    without a doubt my favorite place on the face of the earth. adding any more of a review would be a moot point.

  72. Chris L.

    If you’re looking for the eclectic dive bar with even more eclectic strippers, you’ve found the place. Don’t go in fearing shock and awe. Do go in with on open mind and ready to party. Place is an absolute dump from the outside, and it doesn’t get much better inside. One of the worst men’s bathrooms I’ve been to…so bad that it’s funny. We had a blast making this our second stop of the night…probably wouldn’t recommend as a first stop.

  73. garbanzo b.

    It’s an Atlanta institution that I was um.. I guess shocked by (friends birthday, and they didn’t tell me what is was…since i’d be too um.. fermented to go).. I was the surprised one in the group of 20 or so folks… The music rocked… they love their 80’s on Saturday nights.. don’t be shy!It was amazing music..and heck, everyone needs to see this place.. no joke… it’s surreal.

  74. Victoria K.

    A sight to see! The sign says “Alive since ’65” well, the room itself has probably not been cleaned since 65…but it gave it that dive bar-type atmosphere that was lovable.Surprisingly though, the toilet was super clean (the toilet itself, not the bathroom) I was also impressed by the strippers being so nice. They walk around and say hi, they were actually having an employee Christmas Party on the Weds night I was there and they offered us food from the buffet!TIP: Don’t eat the food from the buffet. Something about cellulite and cheese cubes that just is not appetizing…but they were nice to offer. Like your naked grandma asking if you need a nosh…This is literally the least intimidating strip club ever. Between the nice older strippers not working hard for tips, to the super nice bartender, and the cheap drinks…its really a great hang out for people that love the out of the ordinary…and matches lit in nipples…YOU GOTTA SEE IT! A MUST in HOT-LANTA!

  75. Brittany M.

    There are no words to express my love for the Clermont Lounge. Am I a weirdo? Most certainly. After nearly losing my voice at the amazing Alice in Chains concert, my husband decided to take me to a place his buddy took him on a prior trip. The infamous Clermont. He told me this was the oldest bar (or whatever the heck it is) in Atlanta, but far from your ordinary dive. It was located in the basement of an old run down motel. The BEST part:A woman danced topless on top of the bar. The catch? She did not meet the standards of your typical dream girl. Hmmm…What on earth did he mean by this? I had to experience this for myself.When we got there after a long drunken night in the city a bouncer was sitting outside ready to check IDs. It was a $5 cover, but we didn’t have to pay for parking so we left him a tip in his clear plastic cup, or what would be his tip jar. There were obviously no door girls here. When I walked inside I was surprised to see my husband was telling me the honest truth. An extra large woman was on top of the bar dancing topless to a cheesy 80’s song.Not only are there no door girls, but there are no djs either. The run down strip club/ bar had a dusty old juke box by the bar with a hand written sign that read ” for dancers only” so basically the dancers chose and paid for their music. But don’t worry fellas, she will shout out to the crowd and ask what you’d like to hear next.My husband and I sat at the bar and were greeted by a few other large girls and an older bartender. As I sat there sipping my strong vodka cranberry, I looked up at the dancer only to look away as she made eye contact with me. I just felt weird. So did the three business men across the bar who made no eye contact with her at all. No matter how much she jiggled her boobs in their face, they couldn’t bring themselves to look up at her. She did have a huge fan though, who was out of his seat dancing to all the songs and tipping away.The Clermont had to have been one of my most memorable experiences ever. It was actually pretty awesome to see a sort of “strip club” that doesn’t discriminate. Though the dancers are no Dita Von Teese, they are obviously doing something right since they are well known and have been visited by many celebrities like Morgan Freeman, Kid Rock, Anthony Bourdain, etc.You may feel weird at first, but you will laugh, sing your heart out and you will dance to some oldies but goodies! It’s TOTALLY out of the norm, but that’s why i love it so much!An absolute must for anyone willing to take on this experience!

  76. David B.

    This is the WORST strip club in Atlanta. It’s dirty, sticky, ugly strippers and terrible service!If you want a REAL ATL Strip Club… Go to Follie’s on Buford Highway.*I was in no way/shape/form paid for this review*

  77. Rhiannon R.

    This “strip club” absolutely sucked. The “head of security” wouldn’t refund us a few measly $7 cover charges because we absolutely couldn’t stand the raunchy atmosphere. This rat role is definitely not what they all make it out to be. Im even contacting thr bbb tomorrow. Yuck!

  78. Ruthie G.

    The best New Years Eve I’ve ever had was spent at the Clermont Loungewith Kingsized. I’m in my 50’s and I’m from NYC. Is Blondie still dancin’?Follow the rules and you’ll be fine and you’ll have a blast!

  79. Johnson12

    the clermont lounge is the best fucking strip bar in the universe and that is all i have to say about this place. who doesnt like a good dive strip bar? boring ass people. thats who!

  80. Nikki K.

    If you’re a native and you haven’t been here- shame on you! You’re missing out on the funniest place in town!This is the place all of my friends ended up on their 21st birthdays. Why? Because it’s almost a rite of passage to get whacked on the head by Blondie’s giant, elderly breasts and then have her crush a beer can with them. And there is nothing funnier than surprising your drunk friend with a lap dance from the scariest stripper there! It’s too funny to watch your friend squirm and try to act like he’s enjoying the dance when he’s actually revolted! It’s a good way to get friends to sober up fast.So, girls, feel free to let your boyfriends go here because they will not be turned on by the strippers at this joint. They all look like they’ve been on Jerry Springer a few times. As a guest, not in the audience.Back in the day we used to go here a lot because my friends bands played there, until my friend cracked a huge mirror while playing and had to pay for it to be replaced… but anyway, we had nicknames for a lot of the strippers. There was a mother and daughter duo we called the buckshot twins because their rear ends were so pocked with cellulite that they looked like they had been shot with a shotgun… or maybe they had been shot? We never got close enough to tell. Then there was Sy Snootles- a woman who looked like the thing singing in “Return of the Jedi.” Scary.This place is mixed with hipsters who want a good laugh and strong, cheap drinks, and beady-eyed men in thick glasses with greasy hair who are honestly there to see the strippers. You have to go at least once!

  81. livinlikelarry

    Tacky basement strip joint… correction: “lounge”. Atlanta’s finest. You will see anyone from a celeb, coworker to a bum. When I first moved to Atlanta this was described to me as “where old strippers go to retire”So I was absolutely intrigued from day one. A must see for out of towners wanting a jolly Atlanta night out. Absolutely no glitz, glamour or shame. Body parts sagging and flopping… good times. Great people watching perch.can’t wait to go back

  82. Kevin C.

    This is the greatest place in the world. It’s Disneyland for adult shitheads. I want to get married in the back.By the time I got here at 11 PM, the bartender was shitfaced. I couldn’t understand a goddamn word she said by 11:30. It’s cool though; by midnight I had caught up and we shouted happily at each other all night like a couple of drunk children.I got a lap dance from a black stripper with the biggest tits I have ever seen in my entire life. After I finished motorboating her 36F breasts (I think I saw God), all she said was, “You should see my mom. She’s a 36G.” It will take me another 6 weeks to fully process and internalize that comment and its context.I made friends with a black dude named John. We traded hats. I think he was mildly retarded. I bought him a lap dance and he acted like I had given him a house. He was the best. I didn’t even know I needed this place in my life until I came in and traded hats with a mentally retarded person

  83. Jon L.

    Clermont Lounge is absolutely the jewel of Atlanta. I have taken friends there who were born and raised in New York city who have said they have never seen anything even remotely close to it. It really is that unique. What I love about the Clermont is you could go and literally be seated next to a Hell’s Angels member who looks like he just got out of jail on one side and a Wall Street executive who looks like he just closed a multi billion dollar deal on the other. And everyone and everything in between the two. I would say it’s an awesome dive bar, but it even transcends that label. It’s just a place where all types go and no matter what your scene and what you’re into, just come as you are and you’ll be fine.If you’ve never been to Clermont before, it can seem weird and scary. But I promise if you are nice and respectful to the other patrons and employees, they will be nice and respectful right back. If she’s not too busy, you can even ask the bartender what it was like serving G.G. Allin and she’ll tell you all about it. The folks there remember him pretty well. That gives you some idea what this place is like. Every night at Clermont is cool, but I prefer to go on regular nights instead of on weekends when they bring in DJs or when bands are there. I think this is when it is in its most natural state, because it’s just regular people and not so many hipsters coming to check out the fabled Clermont Lounge hoping to get a glimpse of Blondie. I have seen some crazy things happen at the Clermont. If you stay long enough, you are guaranteed grade A people watching. If you care to watch the dancers, they are some of the most unique dancers you will ever see. No matter what you see, remember to have respect for the performers. This is their job and their livelihood, and remember they have to feed the jukebox to dance. So if you’re taking a seat at the bar, remember that a dollar or two for each dancer is appropriate. Every couple of years there are rumors that the Clermont is going to close and I get nervous every time because I’m sure it will eventually happen. It will be a great loss because this place is just so different. The city would never notice losing another Irish pub or cheesy dance club, the Clermont Lounge is decisively one of a kind. It’s one of the only things you can do in Atlanta that you really can’t do anywhere else.

  84. Jessica M.

    the clermont lounge was an amazing experience.i was passing through atlanta with a friend and staying with a friend and deciding on things to do. i desperately wanted to go to the clermont lounge just from reading all the ridiculous things people said on here. we got into the city on friday night and with no amount of whining and bribing could i get my traveling mates to agree to go with me (i even offered to pay everyone’s cover!)). i was sorely disappointed but we ended up going to blake’s, which was a fab time as well.on saturday, i decided i had to go. the lounge is closed on sunday and we were leaving monday. this was my last chance. around 5pm before dinner while everyone was getting ready, i told everyone i was going to find an atm to get money. i detoured here immediately. i had to drive around a couple times bc i couldn’t find the entrance or parking lot, but eventually i found myself taking careful steps up to the building, unsure of where the entrance was still.i opened the door cautiously, peering in. there were only a handful of people in the bar total, 3 or 4 sitting at the bar, the bartender, and the stripper on stage. at this point, i was still unsure if i was actually going to go in, but then everyone started clapping at my entrance and welcoming me. i walked in and the 3 guys at the bar introduced themselves to me and one of them bought me a drink. wow what a welcome! they were so excited that i was there!the lady dancing on stage wanted a dollar to take off her top which we gladly offered up to her. i chatted with the guys as i took in the whole scene. so deliciously divey and grungy! after some time, the owner’s brother came up to the group of us and offered to take us on a tour of the motel for a couple tens. seemed like a steep price, but the guys were stoked about it so i pitched in. at some point i thought, what if they’re taking me to a dark room to have their way with me?! thankfully that was not the case. we went up to the roof which had a pretty sweet view. the guys were so excited about being in the motel lobby and rooms. afterwards i had to leave bc i was meeting my friends for dinner.all in all i’m sooo glad i took the leap of faith and went! it’s definitely an experience. if you love dives. if you love naked people of all sorts. if you love friendly strangers. if you love one of a lifetime experiences. i will definitely be back here when i go through atlanta again and hopefully i’ll get to stay for the party!

  85. Molly D.

    First girl to review this place, yeah girls go here too, for the PBR. This place is disgustingly awesome. It is an Atlanta landmark and really fun to take unsuspecting friends there after a VERY crazy night. I don’t recommend going sober. Blondie is a lifer at the Clermont and she has many stupid human trick up her sleeve…er if she had clothes on they would be up her sleeve. For an additional $20 she will chug a PBR and crush the can with her massive jugs. I don’t know a single person who actually goes to the Clermont for your typical reasons of going to an Adult Entertainment venue, it is strictly for laughs and rare occasions. Don’t make a habit of it but you’ve got to go once. They wouldn’t rap about it in so many songs if it wasn’t worth the trip!

  86. Teddy D.

    The Cleremont is an Atlanta icon and a must see. Many people have said to me “eeeeew, the Cleremont Lounge, why would you go there?” Well, there are numerous reasons. It’s centrally located on Ponce, it has a free parking lot, free entry on most nights, cheap beer and great entertainment, what else do you need? Sure there are unique naked ladies dancing and hasn’t been remodeled since the I don’t know when, but that is part of it’s charm. For a weekday, Karaoke night is great, of course Friday and Saturday are as well. But honestly, any night of the week is fun. For me, The Cleremont Lounge is a great place to start or end a night out in Atlanta.

  87. Mike F.

    By far the nastiest strip club you will ever walk in to. You do not go here for the girls, let me repeat. You DO NOT go here for the girls. This is a must see in Atlanta, if you are hotter than a 3, you will not get hired here. This is a great place to bring an unsuspecting buddy who has no idea what they are walking in to Words cant describe this experience, you will have to check it out for yourself.

  88. Evilyn T.

    I love a good dive bar, and this one takes the cake.This is where strippers go to die. They weren’t good looking, in shape, or even remotely attractive, but they fucking turned it out for the money! I felt like I was in a live episode of Jerry Springer – is this for real? This is the white trash America I see on TV and now I get to be a part of it -FUCK YES! There was a band playing when we were there – which was a Thursday night, so there was a $20? cover charge I think? I was already a little blasted when I got there, so I remember paying and it being more expensive than I hoped, but when the heck am I ever going to be back in this neighborhood? Once inside we watched one dominatrix stripper spank the hands of tippers with a crop, and a lady who must have been in her 60’s in this weird costumey bo peep getup (I was drunk thank god). Lucky for me some random guy was sending me free drinks so I didn’t have to spend any money – but I never found out who was paying my tab either. So hey, if you’re out there – thanks! If I am ever back in Atlanta – I’ll be sure to stop in here for a drink again!

  89. Bianca W.

    There isn’t much to say about this place that I hasn’t already been hashed out in over 100 other reviews. I recommended this place to bring in Holli B’s bday, and I am so glad that I did. I’m the type of host that doesn’t tell you what I’m about to get you into, so some of the people in our party were in for quite a treat. Luckily, everyone was open minded, and some others had already googled the place. It was only $10 to get in, and I believe the dances are $10 each as well. I gave Holli $20 to spend on the strippers of our choosing. We chose the lady who could light her nippies on fire and some random other woman joined her. They kept trying to spank her like they were doing other patrons in the building, but she wasn’t having it. It was a different experience, but we had a lot of fun. My only complaint was that I wish the music were a little louder for us to be able to dance. I felt like I was straining to hear over the roar of people talking. I would definitely bring some out-of-towners here for a thrill.

  90. Monika K.

    sketch ball city and I like it! man oh man did we have some laughs in here…little red riding hood who is about 60+ in age gettin on top of some guy as he yells ‘who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?” ahhh a sight to be seen. $6 cover charge…strong drinks, weird ass bathroom. gotta go at least once! the entrance is beyond sketchy and the front looks like the damn hotel from the shining . def will creap ya out

  91. Jackie W.

    I went here on Friday night. Had no friggin’ idea what to expect. The way my friend talked about it, it was like her regular watering hole. Being a New Yorker, I forget what a smokey bar is like. This place is a non-ventilated dungeon with a crowd so randomly strewn together, it was hard to get my bearings at first.We bellied up to a corner of the bar and after the initial shock of the stripper graveyard wore off, I realized that these fine ladies actually know why they’re there. To shake their ass.. and whatever else might jiggle. Like many have mentioned, there is a 62 year old stripper who has great legs, and is not afraid to show some tits and gash. Another who looks like she might have been a man before a nip and a tuck. But the killer was the one who danced to “Livin’ on a Prayer.” Because she looked like she truly was.The bathroom is pretty bad. My friend confessed she actually peed in the sink there once because the toilet was so friggin’ clogged (sorry regulars..) But the place as a whole is not somewhere you go if you want clean, hygienic fun. This is drunken, dirty debauchery at it’s finest. Definitely worth a visit. Help these ladies make it to their next fix. Fun games to play, by the way: how many children do the “dancers” have and how many of them were taken away?

  92. Paul M.

    Without question one of Atlanta’s landmark drinking and entertainment spots. But, like the movie Gremlins, there are three things you must never do here:1. Never come sober.2. Never drink anything here other than PBR3. Whatever you do – never come here on a Friday or Saturday night.Here are my 3 favorite Clermont stories:1. First time I was here, my buddy fell asleep in a chair. Blondie ( and Christ, this was about 12 years ago) did not like this and approached him. She took one of her large pendulous breasts and slapped him on one side of his face with it. He stirred. Then she took her other breast and slapped him on the other side of the face with it. He shook his head and was awake. Then she uttered the immortal phrase ” that’ll be a dollar please”2. Sometimes I have been there and I a see a bunch of corporate types in for a bit of alternative entertainment, and I sneer at them under my breath from my perch right at the apex of the U of the bar. Then I remember the night I brought about 25 corporate types in from a training class I was running. Very interesting. Half of them thought that it was magnificent, authentic, original and fun and enjoyed it. The other half hated my guts for years afterwards because they don’t get out much and this one night was their only chance to see some naked females and they wanted to go to the Gold Club or Cheetah 3.3. Another buddy was leaving the bar when he was approached by a clean cut, polo wearing chinos wearing frat type who immediately asked him: “Hey – would you like a BJ?””sure ” my friend said ” but from who””From me of course”I love that story, but my buddy was less than amused.Go there and savor it and dine out on the stories all around you there.PS Yes – the only strip club my wife allows me to go toPPS – the only strip club she has been to herself- and it was my brother who took her there….

  93. Michael Arda K.

    This definitely left an impression on me during my first visit to Atlanta. My friend wanted to take me out to a place where I would have an unbeatable experience and he was right. He didn’t let me google it so I wouldn’t take the fun out of the surprise.All I can say is I will never listen to “The Dog Days Are Over” the same way–fire nipples. And crushing a beer can with my butt cheeks will be a feat I will just never be able to master.An experience. CHECK IT OUT!

  94. Michelle C.

    Oh me oh my, I cannot believe what my eyes were subjected to on my recent visit to the Clermont. The Snowpocolypse had recently barreled through town, but the Clermont remained steadfast and open. Unfortunately (or, fortunately?) there was only one dancer on the night our crew rolled in. She donned some Hanes-looking underwear which she fashioned into a makeshift thong, but she didn’t have them on for very long. Folks, the dancers at this dive strip bar let it all hang out. Minus one star for taking at least a year off my life.The only choice I had in the matter was to drink, heavily. And dance. With my clothes on, of course. The music selection was killer as the dancer allowed Damien S and I to access the juke, a privilege typically reserved for employees-only. As I hiccuped into the phone while updating my boyfriend with details later that evening, I apparently kept repeating the word, “flapjacks.” Go to Clermont Lounge, but brace yourself: this is adult entertainment that will result in laughs, not sexy time.

  95. mathewater12

    The Clermont Lounge is an experience I highly recommend for people not looking for your “typical” strip joint. We were told, along our cross country road trip, to stop at this Atlanta institution and we were very satisfied with the recommendation. The dancers here were very nice, and there was such a great variety of ages, body sizes, styles, and tricks. Honestly, the diversity was refreshing.We went on a Tuesday night in August and there was no cover charge- we ended up spending very little, actually. There were beer specials, and rail drinks were cheap- and my fiancรฉ and I got a “private dance” from a dancer named Ginger who had 38Gs, which was 20 dollars! Granted, it was over near the card tables and it was brief, but she was a sweetheart and she let us both motorboat ๐Ÿ™‚ Definitely tip the dancers each song, there was one who was dressed in a french maid outfit who had a decorated dust buster that would suck up the dollars for her! Very cute. Another lit her breasts on fire, first with matches and then with sparklers. The dancers come around to thank you for tips after their sets. This is a NO FRILLS establishment- it is not expensive, and it is not lavish. The bartender is hysterical, she takes no shit. It was a great time, and we loved it.

  96. Lauryn B.

    Seeing a woman the age of your grandmother, letting all her goodies fall out and swing as “highway to hell” blares in the background might seem like a living nightmare…..but I promise, after the 4th shot of whiskey, it won’t matterrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! If youre looking for a ritzy, classy night on the town, this is not the place for you. If you’re looking to let loose, down some cheap drinks, and sing along to the classics, then head on down!The ladies are as sweet as pie too (maybe not as sweet as your grandma’s)

  97. Braden T.

    Went here a few nights ago and blew a bunch of money. This place is awesome. It’s like a cheap dive bar crossed with a strip club, which sounds sketchy but is actually lots of fun for the whole family. Ok maybe not the whole family.

  98. Kelly S.

    Last night was my first foray into the Clermont experience, and I’m still trying to wash the dead hooker smell off of myself. The floor is so sticky, it’s like the La Brea tar pits up in that joint. I lost one shoe and the opposite sock in that muck. I’m sure they’re in the process of becoming some sort of radioactive superheros (super villains?) by now. The quality of strippers did not disappoint, as there was one woman who was over 50, one “big-boned” girl, and one completely covered in tattoos. Another lit matches and stuck them in her nipple piercing holes and danced around. I understand the CDC has decided to culture various surfaces in there to see if there’s any kind of new super-virus/bacteria/STD growing in that petrie dish they call a bar. Instead of peeing in the bathroom, I opted to walk 6 blocks to a porta-potty used by the homeless.The ATM fee is $5 or 10%, WHICHEVER IS GREATER, and the place is CASH ONLY. It’s easier to cook the books that way. I’m not sure why this didn’t occur to me before I went, so I had to pay it (or leave to find an ATM, and I’m way too lazy for that). They can suck my proverbial dick for that one (hence the loss of one star). In summary, I absolutely have to take everyone I know here (except for my parents).

  99. Maryam H.

    White trash meets Brooklyn. That is all.

  100. Nick K.

    Be afraid be very afraid. It was a good time and it is an Atlanta treasure. However it is the most frightening place you can go to an still have a good time. Dave Attell was right this is where strippers go to die.

  101. StripClub431

    I frequent the clermont – the bartenders are great, funny, and everyone strives for a relatively chill atmosphere. However, they recently hired some douche for a bouncer. I went the other night with some friends and he made some bs homophobic comments. This is never acceptable and for crissake it’s 2015. How dare lesbians venture out of the safety of their homes and visit a strip club! He also screamed profanities at the bartender, and when we were leaving I saw him yell in a woman’s face because he didn’t like the way she looked. The hell is wrong with this man?? Wtf got you so pissy that you hate women? Will someone fire him already?! Dude needs some jesus for all that hate speech.Also, they’re renovating the entire hotel, so beware of rich white turds who don’t tip and think everyone owes them everything in the universe. You got all the damn money in the world and you can’t tip a woman who just lit some matches with her titties? Jesus christ. I guess we can blame gentrification for this one, but it still creates a bizarre and not friendly environment. I only recommend because dancers need to get paid like the rest of us.

  102. Adam S.

    Only one star missing because of the smoking. Ex-smoker here so temptation is all around. But other then that, this place truly is a landmark. Cash only.. So a heads up for you first timers. Drinks are stought, dancers are… dancers, and the atmosphere is like no other. Tuesday night is karaoke, so you can’t beat that. Packed on weekends, weekdays get busy as well. Dancers and bartenders are friendly. So are the patrons. A must go for you out of towners.

  103. Nish N.

    I have this fantasy about Portia De Rossi that is something like this (ย…), and gets even steamier. Sometimes though, we’re just holding hands or riding on a bicycle built for two.Well kids, I got to “meet” another Portia last night, and it was like the antithesis of this little dream of mine, and I cherished every fleshy moment of it.

  104. Faridah S.

    clermont lounge is one of the most…unique….places i’ve ever been. i don’t know if there’s really any other way to describe it. i mean, where else can you find an array of 40+ strippers getting completely nude and crushing, um, various things with, um, various body parts. i love the set up, with the bar centered around the stage and pole, so that getting drunk while you’re enjoying the strip show (which may be a necessity for some…) is easy, without the need to go back and forth or deal with the often neglectful cocktail waitresses. i also appreciate that, as if the bar and the plethora of strippers weren’t enough, clermont gives you the option to entertain yourself on tuesdays with karaoke. surprisingly, their regulars consist of more than just the drunken off-key crooners, but there are some drunk people there that can actually sing!overall, the atmosphere of this place is great, and i would definitely recommend the experience to anyone of legal age, regardless of whether or not they’ll actually enjoy it. it’s just an experience that shouldn’t be missed…

  105. chelsa v.

    love it. i love to people watch. and cheap beer. and free entertainent. this place offers all of the above. going here on the weekends has a cover usually $10 and sometimes can be crowded, as in “one in and one out” BUT it is such a fun experience that I am sure you will remember and talk about for awhile!! GO! if you havent already.

  106. Heidi P.

    Alright, this place is NOTHING like the Pink Pony.. BUT definitely a “Must-See.”There sure are plenty of great reviews on the Clermont already.. but I need to add a little something. The first time I went to the Clermont, I was with 2 friends. One who had not been there, like I, and the other who had been there. Since we were Clermont-virgins, our friend who had been there bought us a lap dance from Porsche (I don’t think she gets the credit she deserves, being outshined by Blondie all the time). Porsche started out with some conversation.. she told us about her grandkids and mentioned “I’m the oldest gal here! I just turned 60 last month.”So, Porsche gave us a lap dance.. and there are just not enough words in the English language to appropriately describe those few moments.Porsche was wearing a “Little Red Riding Hood” outfit which conveniently had elastic around the neck – for easy flashing – which Porsche took advantage of. Then she lifted up her skirt and said “Look at my peach cobbler, all you need is a spoon and some ice cream!” (I am 100% serious.. not exaggerating.)Anyway.. Porsche is forever ingrained in my mind and I have a great story for the rest of my life. Definitely a good time.. and I’ve been back several times since then! No more lap dances for me, though ;)In addition, I’ve seen Blondie, who of course crushes beer cans with her boobies.. and I’ve seen another young lady who will light your cigarette with her nipple.. seriously.In addition to the group of lovely ladies at the Clermont, there is karaoke occasionally.. and of course a full bar. The Clermont Lounge is located at the bottom of the Clermont Hotel, in the back. You have to take a big set of stairs to get down there.. I’m not sure if there’s any other way.During the week, there is not always a cover, but on the weekends, there is a good chance you will have to pay $5 or $10 to get in.I try to take all my out-of-towners to Clermont because it’s sure to provide some great memories..

  107. Mattech S.

    I have crawled to the top of Pikes Peak, snorkeled on ecstasy in the salty shallows of the Florida keys, billowed with coyotes on a frigid night just off the road on a mired camp spot along Moab. I Built a fire and held live sand dollars in my hand along the broad beach of Pismo. I have spelled my name with rocks in the long gone lake of the salt flats and been arrested in Norfolk, Virginia for spray painting the word “Wiley” on a wall just after a near bar brawl with Marines. Once, lost in the woods between Cannon Beach and Portland, I stumbled upon a berry tree and ate until my lips were stained. In Tijuana my party was gathered in an alley by federallies and questioned harshly with palms against an Adobe wall; thoughts of Mexican prison dancing in my head. In New York City, I slept in Tompkins Square Park for three nights, clothes stuffed with newspapers, thinking “this is it. This is how it happens.” Somewhere just outside of Paducah. KY I stumbled in the woods beside a ravine right around midnight, and was blinded by the loss of my glasses. The next morning, as luck would have it, I found my lost glasses dangling on that now apparent life threatening cliff. I returned them to my face just in time to depart for Philadelphia, where a dear friend died of an overdose in the hotel a day later. Somewhere, Charlotte I think, I poured a beer over my head and connected tribally with myself as a rockabilly band strummed vibration right into my being. Denver, after DJ Shadow at red rocks, we felt our way around a rave touted as the darkest to ever exist. And in Atlanta, Hotlanta, year after year, there was the only constant; the one surety: blondies raspy voice and rare ability to smash a can with her bare breasts mid the dank hull of the Cleremont hotel. Once, my cohort shat himself there, up his back as I remember (against gravities recommendation), and we carried on flirting with transexuals, shit-shirt and all. Driving 100k miles on hope alone, with no map and no home. This is the tip of the mighty experience that still expands below, getting larger even now ….leaving out the love lost, hotel fires, accidental sex and perishable goods, this is the framework. …….. concocted into reasoning for all future. All my future. Even this future, with a home and child; a son actually, who whenever he leaves the house l say, “be careful.”

  108. Alyssa V.

    Our first night in Atlanta, I went to the Clermont Lounge with my girlfriend and her friend, both of them from Atlanta but all of us new to Clermont. We went in not knowing what to expect…Diversification is living large in the Clermont lounge, in all ways. This looks like a dive bar, but it’s selling t-shirts and hats. In one part of the bar, a skinny blonde girl is karaoke-ing Erykah Badu– and she was Calling Tyrone unexpectedly well. The black guy that took the stage after her sang a country/blues song with decent twang. In the other part of the bar, behind the long, curving counter, a stripper is dancing bravely along to whatever the karaoke singers decide to put on. I’ve never been to a strip club, and you don’t need to be comfortable in a strip club environment to be comfortable here. Definitely not.The well drinks are 3.25 and the bartenders are friendly, or smart-ass in a friendly way. If I spent every night for the rest of this trip in the Clermont Lounge, I wouldn’t feel I missed out on a thing.

  109. William H.

    My eyes and my brain will never be the same. For good and bad. If you are in Atlanta and don’t go here- you’re doing things wrong.The drinks are cheap but basic. The cover varies per night but was only $3 when we were there. Grab a seat at the bar and get ready to be entertained.

  110. moneyman2

    SO MUCH FUN! I’ve heard many great things about this place, and then saw it featured on a Netflix show. So when you have one night in ATL what should you do? Go here!!! Wonderful staff that is very friendly and will come thank you for tips. Bartender thought we were famous so she gave us some stickers and a shot! Make sure you take cash not only for drinks, but their T-shirts are awesome!!!

  111. fritter17

    Went to ATL for a weekend and after hearing about this spot I had to go and it did not disappoint. If you are in ATL you must go, you will never forget this place. Me and my friends had a great time. Porscha is the best, make sure to get a dance from her. I will make sure I go back.

  112. marlonmoney12

    All the ladies dancing there are so sweet. Got a lap dance by a cutie with baby soft skin. Bring your friends.

  113. igor34

    Wow – what a great weekend night activity!A friend was in from San Francisco for her birthday and we were looking for an authentic Atlanta experience. After eating at Gunshow (yum!) we headed over to Clermont lounge at 8:30pm, not knowing this would be way too early to see anything good. Despite it being pretty empty, Blondie was on and was fabulous. Just got better from there.Drinks are cheap and strong. Strippers come by and personally thank you for tips every 10 minutes. The crowd is eclectic. Gets busy around 10pm. Overall wish we stayed longer to dance. FUN TIMES!

  114. Trevor W.

    A modern day speakeasy with roots so deep in Atlanta it has become an institution showcasing the cultural and ethnic diversity represented in this sprawling metropolis. To call this a dive bar or strip club would sell it short. It’s an experience unique to this city and it’s people that I have not found anywhere else in my travels.Officially, the Clermont Lounge is Atlanta’s first and longest continually operating strip club, opened in 1965. Located in the basement of the Clermont Motor Hotel, it has been featured on numerous shows and routinely entertains celebrities from around the world. Nothing is typical here: beer is served in cans and bottles, nothing on draft. No food service, and depending on the night you may find karaoke, live DJ, or even poetry recitations. As for the strippers, well they are Atlanta royalty. Most notably Blondie, who is more famous for her ability to crush beer cans between her breasts than physical prowess.Most interesting to me are the clientele: all races, ethnicities, ages, and trends are represented nightly. People who would never typically associate on any given day are in harmony and happy in this place. Now for the must knows: it’s HOT inside. Like hot and humid southern style. Fans help, but prepare to sweat. It’s sticky and nasty. You’ll stick the floor, it will creak and move, but that is part of the allure.If you haven’t been, go. Don’t show up with standards and expectations, because the magnificence of this place will be lost on you. It’s part of this town, it’s nightlife, and embraced by it’s people.PBR me!

  115. Katrina V.

    This place was the highlight of my trip to ATL. Seriously, an Atlanta MUST! Get there early for a lower cover and to get a parking spot in their lot around back. Be advised that Tuesday is karaoke night and Thursday is live music night…the strippers still strip, but if you’re like me and you prefer kitschy stripper music, try a different night of the week.The girls here run the gamut of scary looking and super pretty…..but they’re all really great, awesome, and friendly.The owner of the bar is a really cool lady, too.No beer on tap.

  116. Sandra L.

    Fun and crazy place. Cash only, exotic strippers. Perfect place for drinks, laughs, and crazy fun.

  117. Cristi G.

    this p lace must have been the most disturbing place i went to on my whole road trip…. needless to say i loved it……..upon entering theres huge signs saying pictures and recording of any kind is not allowed….i was surprised they didnt frisk us cause guns and knives werent allowed either btw hehehe……….so we go threw the special door system they have and i have a pair of 50+ year old titties staring me rite in the face…..and while that was going on to my right … to my left there was a huge dance floor and disco (with a disco ball)…..and needless to say i fell in love with this tinny shit hole…….the random strippers that were picked up from the bottom of the barrel were amazingly entertaining and the disco music on the other side was quite spectacular…..we got a shirt and the drinks were decently priced…..a lot of eye candy (me likes) though i realy wish i woulda been a little bit un-sober to enjoy it more……..def a great find in atl!

  118. Zoey C.

    Don’t ever touch the jukebox-only strippers are allowed to do so. Also, have a buddy when you go to the restroom. You are guaranteed an awkward time when you are waiting for that one stall and are standing with strippers and women in Ralph Lauren pastel sweaters who came to the Clermont “because friends made them.”So this place is fantastic. It is one of the most entertaining dive bars I’ve been to. The drinks are cheap and the bartenders are great. Each stripper gets 2 songs-well they pay for 2 songs themselves (Jukebox). It gets very smokey in the Clermont-every time I go, my jacket reeks for days after. But whatever, it’s a small price you pay for some sweet can-crushing entertainment.

  119. Stephy S.

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooow, just simply friggin wow.It is so rare when I pull the rendered speechless and trumped card, but a few hours ago it totally happened and I will never be able to listen to Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” without picturing a near 50 year old woman in white baggy grandma panties and a black mesh teddy dancing on a bar. Yep, welcome to the ATL’s Clermont Lounge!!So during my Atlanta adventure this week, my trusty tour guide and resident CM, Deanna J, mentioned that there was a strip club on the famous Ponce De Leon strip where old ladies danced. Of course, this immediately intrigued my twisted sense of adventure and when in Atlanta….go see old strippers that have pretty much been put out to pasture, right? Right! And since we had an hour or so to kill before our UYE, we decided to go for it and check out what will now plague my dreams and turn them into nightmares for quite possibly years to come. Thanks Deanna.As soon as we walked in, it was a wow, this is gonna be awesomely disgusting and fantabulously rad all at the same time kind of moment. Why? Oh let me tell you why…First there’s the bar. It looks straight out of some movie where you can bet your Fat Bottom Girl dollar that Skynard will be playing, only tonight it was Sade and Patsy. What?Then there was the bartender. Oh my God, that bartender. Not only was she doing shots but she was jiggling her, shall we say, female love sacks for a gentleman sitting at the bar watching the dancer. And this woman had to have been pushing 65 with pancake make-up to boot.Oh and then there was Dancer #1. To get an accurate picture, imagine a woman with a gutt who could be, but oh Lawd don’t let her be, preggers dancing like a slow to the take special kinda lady. I’d say she easily had a good 4 month six-pack rocking her belly region. Then imagine a slight cock-eye. Then have her take off her, um, bloomers and expose the goods for all the world to see. Yes, stick a fork in my pig’s foot, because i am done and scarred for life.Then there was Dancer #2. The term, “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly” comes to mind and I think a little, “They’re jigglin baby, go ‘head baby” also enters the picture as this definite “Fat bottomed girl” made “the rockin world go round” Jeez Louise. I gotta give this girl credit cuz working with that much untoned ass and lulling us into a hypnotic state of shock and awe was quite the feet. Wow. Again, just wow.Finally there was Patsy Cline dancer #3. This woman was old and wearing the kind of white baggy cotton underwear you only wear on laundry day and pray you don’t get hit by a car and rushed to the emergency room only to have them cut your pants and expose your disgusting choice in undergarments. Yeah, that pair. She was snappin her fingers and shakin dat ass and again, wow.Then there were the guys in attendance here. One moved 3 seats over to offer to buy me another round. And they say love can’t happen in a matter of minutes, pshaw! He might be missing teefs, but he’ll keep my glass full. Then there were the dudes begging for Fat Bottom to dance to Sade. Then there was the guy who licked his finger and then tapped his lips with a dollar in his hand…because that’s hot.It was just a visit into a world you don’t see everyday and like I said, I am rarely shocked. I mean, for Christ’s sakes I’ve seen a pregnant midget stripper dance before, but that was like a Hallmark card compared to tonight. And in case you are wondering, I loved it!!!! :)-

  120. Tilia M.

    I’ve lived in Atlanta almost a decade and I’d never been to this place. Let me tell you: I was definitely missing out. This place was awesome.Cheap drinks, the kind of dive bar that’s so bad, its awesome, and of course, the strippers.Oh yes, what can be said about these girls? Well, I use the term strippers loosely, but god they’re working hard for that money.I actually considered visiting this place weekly with my friends (all of whom were first timers, like me) because we had such an amazeballs time.DJ Dibiase did it up big… if you grew up in the south like me, you had wistful nostalgia on the base music and southern hip hop he played all night. I can’t remember the last time I’ve danced that hard for as long as I did.All in all, there isn’t much bad I can say about this place. Its awesome, and, if you’re not afraid to walk out smelling like sweat and smoke, I’d most def recommend this place for a night out.

  121. Karen R.

    Um, um, um I think the waiter at dinner was pissed at us. SO, when we asked for a dive bar recommendation he sent us to Clermont Lounge.We were a group of work colleagues, 3 of each gender, some of us just met…..Cab pulls into the parking lot and it is full of motorcycles. We negotiated the cover to not pay for the women because we knew it was in an in-n-out deal.Not quite sure if we were scared, shocked, or simply entertained in a twisted way. When one of the guys exclaimed, “If she has that baby, I’m leaving.” We turned to see a naked woman who was at least 8 months pregnant and gyrating.My favorite dancer had glow-in-the-dark panties that were slowly being eaten by her giant ass as she moved back and forth on the top of the bar.Beer was cheap, but not enjoyed by anyone, especially the guys as they hid in the back of the room after being accused of being “yuppies” (a strange insult in 2014).We headed out and across the street after this place completely killed our buzz. The night was over after 20 minutes at the Clermont. Maybe with a different group? Maybe if you were drunker (although that night it could have been dangerous), maybe it just really is over-rated.

  122. Marcus Z.

    The Clermont Lounge. A true Atlanta legend. An establishment of sorts.Or through my eyes….The most disgusting, dingy, grimy bar I’ve ever encountered in my life. I don’t expect much from Atlanta’s nightlife scene. But after hearing so many “wonderful” things about this place, I was sure it would be a campy and fun experience. I walked in and was immediately punched in the face by cigarette smoke. I know bars usually equate to cigarettes. I don’t mind that at all. But I could hardly breathe. I had to go outside twice in order to catch my breath. And the clientele…You would think that with a place like this you’d have some dingy, grungy people. Maybe a few hipsters. Some frat guys and sorority girls. Oh no. This place was chock full of what appeared to be snobby, white collar suburbanites looking to come into the city to have a night full of debauchery.Definitely not a fan. At all.

  123. Brittany P.

    Went for a bachelorette party. There were so many people it had to be a fire hazard. I could not move. The smoke was so heavy I vomited. It was extremely hot as well.

  124. Brad P.

    Sometimes when you stare into the void, the void stares back(and winks!).The Clermont Lounge is a little piece of unreality. It is the last place that your soul and the rest of you ever see each other. Sure, it clings to you, but it fades into the darkness as you stare upon wonders not meant for this world.The Clermont Lounge has some of the friendliest strippers that I’ve ever encountered. Bo Peep, the 66 year old dancer, is a sweetheart. The drinks are inexpensive and the cover charge is hilarious for a strip joint(like 3 bucks for a Saturday night). It is the Caustic Whisk that supercharges your otherwise boring night.

  125. Cosmiclady L.

    Been loving on the Clermont for years. I never pass on a chance to go. Just the spot to go with no pretenses. Always feel comfortable when I’m there. The drinks are good and cheap.

  126. maxxy1

    This place is wild. I was visiting a friend and I wanted to go somewhere that was a staple of Atlanta nightlife/culture….. Cheap Pabst cans, infectious ’70s music pumping, a cigarette tinge, aka the best seedy stripper atmosphere ever. There’s little that you would expect and a whole lot you had no idea you’d see. I don’t think you go there for the strippers per say, it’s really a full-package history lesson straight outta the years of polyester dress shirts, gold medallions, tight curls, platforms and key parties. Just so happens there’s some real gems who dance and take their clothes of too. The best comparison I can think of is if the hotel in the Shining had a strip club. What? Exactly. If you’ve ever been to the ATL and passed up the opportunity to be cultured properly, I feel sorry for you and that you lack any sense of adventure or an awesome time.**Has anyone ever seen the gal that waves to you with her mudflaps? I never knew thighs were capable of such gestures. She earned her dollar bills in my book! That was 2 years ago…I’m still in awe.

  127. richard95

    Look, the drinks are cheap, the music is good, the vibe is great. Esquire Mag calls it one of the Top 50 bars in America, and it really is a must-see.But seriously, what is up with the staff shouting at you to move? You can’t cheer, you can’t stand anywhere, even at the bar to order a drink, and at $10 cover, I’ve never felt so shuffled around. What’s the deal, Clermont? If you’re too crowded, stop letting people in. Don’t yell at me every time I turn around. Gawsh.

  128. Ain H D.

    Ladies, Clermont is not only the place to go with your out-of-town friends, but it’s great for an ego boost. I got instant serving of confidence after seeing these 60 + women dancing around naked as if their bodies haven’t dropped ten inches. Thank you old gals!Go there if you don’t mind smelling like a Camel Ciggy when you leave or you if can ignore the fact that your feet will stick to the floor. The cheap drinks and laughs are worth the grime. Yes!

  129. Andrew D.

    I have been twice. Once on a date, and a 2nd time I took a Euro-trash friend there. The first time was on the weekend. loud music, mix of Emory students and many odd types. Overall a fun vibe and cheap drinks. We saw Blonde and the Little Red Riding hood.The 2nd time, upon entering at 9pm on a Wednesday I noted the place looked like the bar in the first Star Wars movie. Yes, that one. I ordered a couple of Ying Lings. I then mentioned to my Euro-Trash friend that the girl on stage (Blonge) is rumored to have AIDs. He immediatley walked out before having a drank. I finished one of the beers and soon followed to head to a more respectable place with my European compadre. Sleazy, dirty bathroom, cheap, good first quarter spot. Check.

  130. Candice M.

    Is there anything bad to say about the Clermont Lounge? It’s where the classy go to get trashy. I visited with my husband for the Constellations’ cd release party. We had an absolute blast.Let me state this up front: THEY DO NOT TAKE CREDIT CARDS. CASH ONLY. They do have an ATM inside where you can get cash, though.We enjoyed watching the class D exotic dancers prance around as if they were a perfect 10. It is actually quite amusing just to people watch here. I didn’t actually see any of them “dance”, but, I wasn’t paying close attention. All I can is that you don’t go here for the girls, that’s for sure. I would imagine this is where exotic dancers go to die, no offense ladies.They have super cheap beer and a great party atmosphere. This is definitely a dive bar. The only complaint I have is that the A/C wasn’t working or something because it was about 100 degrees during the party, no joke.I can’t wait to come back with a group of friends for some late night trouble.

  131. Donald R.

    A great, off the wall place to hang out at.

  132. anthony1

    If you get a bartender ask for Hailey! Entertaining and hospitality what more can you ask for? Classical dancers!

  133. Yan C.

    You definitely have to visit this place if you are in Atlanta – it is a historical landmark (or at least it should be). My friend took me here to witness the eccentric dancers – they are definitely not typical, many are quite ‘mature.’ The highlight was definitely Blondie – she has a very unique talent, but will not perform unless she gets enough moolah from the crowd. The drinks were cheap (I drank cans of PBR), but the bar is crowded on Saturdays I think, so you typically have to wait a while to order. There was a DJ the night I went, who was great. There is a small dance space, which does get a bit crowded, but was fun. The crowd was really diverse, lots of girls, guys, all ages, etc.

  134. Mary Margaret B.

    Lol awesome and more awesome. Juke box went off during a dance, so about 6 of us at the bar decided to pull a Mean Girls and sang Jingle Bell Rock so she could keep dancing. My life might be completely complete yet.Plastic cups, bar lined with duct tape. You don’t come here for a classy time.

  135. Yiven C.

    It’s not where mature strippers come to die in this inferno. They live.Why you descend the creaky stairs to inferno +’s:+ $5 cover for a good and positive crowd who supports all ages and sizes+ Cheap and good pours. Bartenders know how to keep the crowd.+ The girls or better yet–the women. No age, race or size is barred.+ Male and female ratio is nearly even. Friendly and non-threatening place.+ Snag a seat at the horseshoe bar for nonstop acts; have your $1 bills in hand.+ Tees available for $15 each.Why you remain on street level -‘s:- Can’t dance on stage. F! Why when music is good and no one is using the stage?- Step aside from jukebox or pathway from entry. Geez the place is a tight inferno at times that you can’t move.- ATM charges. Hefty. Withdraw before you come.- Limited parade of strippers. Wish more were on show.- Parking is a bitch.Can’t believe as a native Atlantan I did not hit this place until now. Opened since 1965 I’m just glad it’s still alive.

  136. yanard12

    I had a blast at this place! I went on a Saturday night after debating between Clermont and Onyx and opted for Clermont after reading the hilarious reviews. On the plus side: the music is awesome, the drinks are strong and the atmosphere is lively. I ended up sitting on the side of the bar where the dancers enter the “stage” and I really got to know them pretty well over the course of the evening. Here’s the thing: everyone goes to this place because of the quirkiness of it, but sitting there while nursing my drink (s) it’s pretty obvious that these women take their craft seriously. It’s a great place for a good time with your girls. Tip! Because these ladies are really working hard for the money.

  137. Brenna S.

    Oh, Clermont, where to begin? Clermont is the pot of gold to Ponce de Leon’s rainbow. The cake to everyone’s inner fat kid. It’s the one-night stand everyone never forgets. And one you end up wanting to revisit over, and over, and over again.The thing is, to label this place “a strip club” is completely wrong. It’s not a club. So knock that part out. A “strip bar”? Meh, maybe. This is the dilema I’m currently facing in trying to convince some friends to venture over here with me. To me, it’s more like one of those restaurants that has their “thing” — be it a giant animatronic dinosaur, or say, memorabilia from times past all over the walls — only that in this case, instead of a restaurant we have a funky-fresh dive bar with cheap drinks, a dance floor that is a downright hootenanny, patrons from all walks of life……and their “thing” *juuuUUUUuuuUUuuuuuuUST* so happens to be a couple of older women…. who happen to be naked… and maybe crush a beer can or two between their tatas when the price is right. Not going here because you “hate strip clubs” is not an excuse. I tried that one once and I was put in my place the second I walked in. The magic to the Clermont is that it really does have something for everyone. No matter who you are you won’t feel out of place. Young people like cheap drinks = check. Old people like saggy jugs = check. Working peeps like to let loose = double check. Creepers like to creep = check check check, and check. No matter who you are, Clermont has got something for you. It’s a magic that truly has to be experienced for oneself to fully comprehend.To summarize: Parking? Yes, in the back or on the side.Credit? No, cash only.Cover? Yes, Fridays $3, Saturdays bring a 10-er to be safe.Douche bags? Not that I’ve seen…Have fun!

  138. Elizabeth P.

    Met some strangers after a Peaches concert one night, they insisted we hadn’t lived until we experienced The Clermont. Being from out of town, we grabbed a ride and made the journey. Prior, we were told it was the oldest strip joint around. No cameras allowed due to it being the stomping ground for A-List celebs occasionally. Upon arrival, I was amazed at the location (basically the back of a old hotel) and how beautiful the structure itself was. I’m a sucker for old architecture. Inside, it’s basically a dive. Circular bar, old jukebox, dark wood panel, zero windows and the worst bathrooms in the south. We grabbed a beer, lit a cigarette and waited for the show. I didn’t realize the “oldest strip joint” also referred to the “mature” (but still beautiful) entertainers. They walked up to the jukebox, put quarters in and danced on the circular bar. The nostalgia alone is worth the visit! I enjoyed my experience, and would definitely return.

  139. billtheguy12

    Been here many times. nothing much has changed. Still a cool place to visit. Wish blondie was working here that night to watch her crush beer cans,

  140. Matt U.

    I’m not a religious man, but I looked into Blondie’s eyes and I found God. Also I found out I have liver failure because of much booze I poured into my body.

  141. Erin T.

    Dingy, Dark, Divey, Disgusting, yet Delightful.

  142. Min Y.

    The last time I was here, my friend projectile vomited onto the floor and nobody in the room looked remotely surprised. That tells you something.I’ve been to Clermont probably over 20 times. When I say that to people, they laugh and think I’m joking. I just stare right back stone-faced and say, “no, I’m completely serious.”As covered by other reviews, Clermont is a strip/dive bar filled with ugly, fat, and old strippers. If you really want details on that aspect of the place, you can read the numerous reviews that are heavy on the descriptions.For me, Clermont is just a fun time. People aren’t getting off to the strippers, they just happen to be there. On Saturday nights, the place turns into a disco dance party, and it’s almost like a club. Yes, I’ve seen people hook up at the Clermont. No, I have not hooked up at the Clermont.Drinks are incredibly cheap here, which is a huge plus. Cover is $3 on fridays, $10 on saturdays (because of the 70s DJ). Saturdays are more fun in my opinion. On Tuesdays, they have Clereoke (karaoke). I sang “My Girl” once while a stripper danced to the melody, which is one of the highlights of my life.The bathroom is disgusting, and I mean really disgusting.I’ve had a lot of hilarious things happen at the Clermont. I took people there who I thought were really laid-back and open-minded and they were horrified and left immediately. I’ve taken super religious conservative people here and they had a blast, even tipping the strippers. I’ve seen a bouncer pick up a guy and literally throw a patron out of the bar head-first through the door, like in the movies. And I’ve had my friends secretly purchase a lap dance for me, only to find after the dance was over that an acquaintance of mine happened to be right next to me seeing the whole thing. That wasn’t even awkward.I love the Clermont, and you should too.

  143. Victoria P.

    We are regulars here. I have taken: my mother, clients, strangers, friends…. basically, if I get the chance to take someone (ANYONE) that hasn’t been before….IT’S HAPPENING. There are a few things you should be aware of before entering this very (in)famous “Atlanta Institution”RULES FOR THY CLERMONT EXPERIENCE:1. Tip Thy Strippers.Okay, so they aren’t the girls you’ll find at PP or GR or whatever “other” strip clubs around here (with the exception of about three girls that are absolutely gorgeous), but these ladies are still workin’ hard for the money. It doesn’t take much. I’ve never seen someone so happy to get a $5 bill, and they will come and personally thank you after they dance. 2. Tip Thy Bartender, Dammit.She works hard, too. She is basically in-control of how ridiculously awesome your Clermont Lounge experience is going to be. Be nice to her. Trust me on this one, if you tip well, you might even get some free drinks out of it ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ;)3. Don’t be an Asshole.Being chauvinist only makes you look like a shithead to everyone else, so…don’t. Your bar service will suffer significantly and people will talk badly about you. Very badly.4. Beware of Bathrooms.Ever gone to the bathroom at a crappy gas station? Ok, you know what to expect. The bathrooms are gross… whatever. It’s a bar. I’m female, so I can only speak for the ladies, but it’s not the worst I’ve ever seen by far. I’m not sure how I’d feel about sitting on the toilet in sober mind, but I digress…5. Take a Cab.This is extremely important. Walk, if you can, make your friend’s idiot boyfriend drive, or take a freaking cab. It’s worth the money. Parking is limited-ish on the weekends, and the cab fare is way cheaper than the cost of a DUI or death. Most likely, you are drunk before even stepping foot in here, and you will be at least 5x as drunk when you leave. Even if you don’t plan on drinking…you will. I’ve been there. It happens to the best of us.Ok, there you have it. Five simple rules to having the most hilariously awesome night of your life. I have made so many great friends, had so many awkward lapdances, and so many EPIC hangovers because of the fabulous Clermont Lounge.

  144. Kim B.

    There are no words to describe the Clermont Lounge. Is it a dive bar? Is it a strip club? Is it a live music venue? I don’t know but it’s an experience, for sure.I like the fact that all types of people come here so it’s great for people watching. It’s very laid-back and you know everyone comes here looking for a fun time. It’s also great to see how confident the “performers” are.I didn’t like the fact that people were smoking inside. When I got home, my entire outfit smelled like cigarettes for at least a few days.If you’re ever in Atlanta and are looking for unique experience, Clermont Lounge is the way to go.

  145. No N.

    If you are a “Strip-Club” goer, or Strip-Clubs are your style when traveling, visiting other cities, you absolutely CANNOT leave Atlanta without visiting the Clermont Lounge. There is just too much to write about and words on a page won’t do it justice. Here’s a good example, the ladies Dance to Juke Box songs they pay for with their own money (of if you’re kind enough, you can pay). Blondie (God hope she’s still there)–is an extremely well endowed “large” Black woman that will crush Beer Can’s between her boobs (Yes, they serve Beer in Cans). Take a look at some of the pics of the “facilities”….Just can’t say enough. This is a place you MUST experience before you die. A pure “Bucket List” item for sure. You’ll have LOT’S to share with your buddies back home.

  146. DexterRexter

    Legendary period

  147. Zewditu D.

    I live near the Clermont. I have gone on a couple occasions: (1) to hear a friend of a friend’s band play and (2) for my ex’s birthday. To be honest, it’s not really my thing. It’s cramped, it’s dingy, and they have cheap alcohol. But let’s be real- this is the Clermont, it isn’t meant to be a high end bar. They have tons of different acts, but nothing I really am interested in seeing. The entry fee varies by the night depending on what’s going. I have gone by and said screw it when the price was too high. If I am not there to actually see the band, I am not paying $20 to get in. I have other complaints as a neighbor, but that is neither here nor there for this review. Separate issue. I think that the Clermont serves their base well. I am just not their base.

  148. Vallia K.

    I have always enjoyed the Clermont. Entertaining dancers and cheap drinks cannot be anything, but pleasing. My two issues: 1) they charge a $3-10 cover (dive-bars like this should never have a cover) whenever a local band plays and 2) the frat boys that come for kicks are disrespectful a$$hats to the dancers sometimes. Strip-club etiquette youngsters- you never have the right to disrespect the dancers. I have gotten into screaming matches with jerks who think it is funny to degrade the dancers, who are quite nice and put on a great show.Some things to note: you can smoke inside (holler!), they do not take cash (but have an ATM machine), it is best to go on a weekday (older, more laid back crowd).

  149. rogerrab2

    I went to this bar on October 3 for a friend’s birthday. Aside from the place being a complete dump of a bar, what a horrible and offensive experience I had. Not only was my wallet stolen, but the “security” were completely unhelpful and downright rude to me. I was yelled at one for accidentally walking down the wrong hallway (which wasn’t marked off), I apologized and he began mocking me and my appearance and the fact that I had been searching for my wallet. When I told him to leave me alone, he put his arms around me (which is odd because he had been making fun of my looks, but then coming on to me? it’s something black men have done to black women for a very long time). I pushed him off, and his ego was so hurt that he told the chief bouncer who promptly told me to leave because I “laid hands” on the him even though he was trying to flirt or harass or who knows what. When I told them I needed to get back inside to find my friends and get my wallet, I was literally told “back up before I send you to jail tonight and don’t make it out alive”. Absolutely disgusting, appalling and tasteless to threaten police on me, and to bring up Sandra Bland as if that was relevant or remotely applicable to the situation. It’s possible that they’re used to hood rats in this place but as a Manhattanite, I certainly won’t be coming back to a place where the all-black staff treats black customers as second class citizens while kissing the butts of white patrons. It’s a truly sad sight to see.TL;DR Don’t go here unless you want your wallet stolen, to be sexually harassed by UncleTom “security” and thrown out because you didn’t want to be touched, then threatened to end up a victim of police brutality. Absolutely disgusting place.

  150. Allison B.

    Cheapish beer(not sure if PBR is worth $3.50 a tall boy). Strange but fun entertainment. Music that makes you want to dance all night. I recently just moved to ATL but I have to say this has to be a highlight so far. Coming from Austin, I thought I have seen my share of weirdness but this place tops most dive bars I’ve been to in Austin. You probably shouldn’t go here if you are expecting fancy drinks and a quiet atmosphere. If you are looking for a cheapish drink and music that makes you want to move all night than this is your place. Just get ready for boobs in your face. I’d have to say my time here was a night to experience. I’ve only been here once but I’m already excited to bring others to experience the lounge and see how ATL can be just as weird as Austin.

  151. Alaina F.

    First off, I know that a lot of people say negative things about the Clermont and many of those comments are directed towards the dancers. Let me just say, that people are human beings no matter what they look like, how old they are, and whatever vices/agendas they have. And in keeping that in mind when going to the Clermont, one can have a wonderful time while still being respectful and kind to those just earning a living, doing a job that most of us can’t do. No they don’t look like dancers at the Cheetah, but that’s what I LOVE about this place. Its unpretentious, down to earth, a local hang out where you don’t have to take your hat off or wear a tucked in shirt to see strippers. Hell–you don’t even have to tip if you are sitting up close and personal, which is rare at a place where women take their clothes off. That being said, this is my favorite place to have some drinks and hang out with friends, especially on karaoke night (enough drinks and I’ll go on stage an do an off-key rendition of Mother by Danzig). The bartenders are great and witty, and if you spill a drink, they make you feel like its no big deal–even if your face is flushed with drunken embarrassment. Jessica is one of my favorite dancers, she always has the best costumes–as well as Porscha. Bottom line: If you want to hang out at a place where you can drink AND see naked ladies without having to deal with inflated prices and sour attitudes, this is the place. Also, if you want a seat at the bar, come early. This place starts getting swamped around 10 or 11pm.

  152. Cheli B.

    This is the coolest slice of Americana anywhere. I love the Clermont and have been going for years. Was there for Portia’s 65th birthday this year–she was dressed in a french maid costume. Nuff said. She and Blondie have been dancers there for years. Literally. I’ve seen Blondie crush beer cans between her breasts and slap a rude guy with her breast, knocking him over. The crowd is a male and female mix of GA Tech students, townies, curious out-of-towners, hipsters, bros, brothers, alchies, Puerto Rican gigalos, bikers, gays, lipstick lesbians, rockers, and occasionally–if you’re lucky–a bachelorette party that had no idea what the Clermont is really like or a star like Will Farrell, Charlie Sheen, or Mick Jagger.

  153. Sam M.

    Wow! I don’t know how to describe this place. It is a dump and somewhat scary. My friend never left from 5 feet from the entrance. But I was all over that place being simply amazed at the nastiness. The women dancing have seen better days — I hope. The crowd was pretty well mixed between suburbanite college kids and low lifes. It was dance night and they had a really good DJ working. I remember dancing with a group of cute girls from Georgia Tech, and looking over one of their shoulders to see a 60ish year old naked woman standing on the bar throwing money at customers. It was surreal to say the least. Blondie was not working the night I went, but someone’s grandma gave me a lapdance.

  154. Lauren Vanessa Z.

    If it’s good enough for Bill Murray, it’s good enough for me. If you don’t check it out, you’ll be headed for a disaster of biblical proportions. What I mean is the Old Testament, Mr. Mayor – real wrath of God type stuff. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies. Rivers and seas boiling. Forty years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanoes. The dead rising from the grave. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria! What are you waiting for? Do it for Bill.

  155. Thien D.

    WARNING REVIEW RATED R OMG lol how did I ever end up here to be able to give The Clermont a review. Somehow, my friends talked me into going to their “last” night in business which wasn’t really true. However, I abide and I can’t decide if it was the best night of my life or by far the worst. I have to review this place because it’s a beverage place so I have a reason to lol.As I walk into the entrance of The Clermont, I looked towards the bar to see the best entry to get a drink quickly as it was really crowded and it was only a Tuesday night. However, to my disgust, there was a naked pot bellied woman on stage dancing with her legs wide apart. PUKEIt was rather interesting because they had karaoke and adult entertainment (is that the correct choice of word?) going on at the same time. I didn’t get a chance to get a drink when my friend ended up bringing me a kamikaze shot with a can of PBR lol. And so the night starts. PBR?!?!!? Oh well, it started to do its job.As I looked around, the crowd was interesting. There were all types of people there but the worst of all were the old and novelty strippers walking around flaunting their extra amount of cellulite. PUKE The night continued with me drinking gourmet PBRs out of a can when we finally got a table that sat all of us. After we sat down, we started talking to each other when some guy approached me and asked me if I had a f*cking problem. HAHAHAHA, too bad they didn’t have glass bottled beers (I’m not implying anything). Later on that night, one of his buddies tried to steal one of my friend’s purse. We got it back and he said, “my bad” lol but we weren’t there to get into a fight. What a crowd.So going on, my friends that I hadn’t seen in months decided that it would be funny to buy me a lap dance from the infamous can crushing breast Blondie. OMG. I didn’t even realize they did it until it was too late. I tried to pull a ninja move to run away but she was bigger than me and I was quickly knocked back down in my chair. Here is where I began to poop my pants because if you haven’t met Blondie, she’s this big scary (pardon me) black woman with bleach blonde hair and a lot of extra weight. Before she begins, she takes her towel/shirt/bra/whatever it was and lifted her breast and wiped off the sweat. PUKE I didn’t know what to expect so I was scurred. She comes up with one breast in each hand and just starts to beat the crap out of me with them. Thank GOD I managed to keep her off my lap. After a few seconds of being hit by golf balls filled breast I told her to move onto one of my friends and she starts beating on him and of course I had her beat the guy who bought me the “dance” as well. After she was done crushing our faces with her rocks she picks up an empty beer can and crushes it with her breasts and autographs it for me. I didn’t know if it was safe to touch or not but I kept it.After about five minutes of being face crushed, all of our faces started to itch and burn. I think we caught the herpasiphilidagonerrialaps from her. My face continued to burn the next day!Anyway, we stayed there until about 4 in the morning. When I got home, I used a whole bottle of AXE soap to try to rid myself of the smell with no success. Okay, I don’t even see where I am going with this review.But I gave this place 3 stars because it gives me really fun memories but at the same time I now have nightmares. It is a must go!

  156. Jp R.

    I had heard it described as “The elephant grave yard of strippers” and “Where strippers go to die”. It is a magical place where strippers do not die, but live on in undeath and continue to ply their trade. lolMy favorite Clermont memory:I took my best friend there for his 8th birthday ( leap year baby ) and got him a lap dance from a lady who said she would turn 67 the next week. He got to see it all. Then he was treated to a blondie black eye.This place should be on any must do dive bar list. My sister, who still lives in ATL, sent me the picture of the for sale sign. BoooThis place must live on forever. Nothing should exist after WW3 but roaches and the Clermont.

  157. Emily G.

    I want to say that it took me a whole week to get over the Clermont lounge hangover, but it was partially also due to my laziness.Soberly looking back on our Tuesday Karaoke, I still give this place 5 stars. Here’s the breakdown of why:- no cover- “starts” at 10:30 but its empty at this time, so you can score a table- big stage for karaoke- strippers are around, but not in your face. Granted, i’m all for lap dances and naked chicks, but if i’m there for karaoke, I appreciate them not coming around and rubbing against me while I try to sing A-Ha’s ‘Take on Me’.- $2.75 cans of PBR. Extra awesome things about this place:* It seems that the ladies’ staff room is on the other side of the stage, so while you are singing karaoke, you have them walking back and forth behind you. Its somewhat weird, but a nice reminder that you are at a strip-club, after all.* The Karaoke DJ is amazing, probably the best ive heard (ever). Hes quick to call you on your crap, has no probably telling you if your singing abilities SUCK and will happily give you props and buy you a drink if you do a decent job.Props to:- the super creepy dude that PERFECTLY sang “Monster Mash” and seemed like he had a dead body hidden in his basement (direct quote from the DJ).- My friend S. for terribly singing ‘friends in low places’ and then falling in love with Porsche and whining about her boyfriend being there.- Me for trying to negotiate a “motorboat” fee with Porsche so that my friend S. could get some without having to pay for the full price of a lap dance ($20 is a lot of money). – The boys that came out with me and made sure to get super smashed before getting here, so that they could fully enjoy the Clermont experience. Slight issues with this place: Cash-only, even for drinks. The waitress makes you pay up front (weird?), and there is only one toilet in the woman’s bathroom (and that was rough when people started getting drunker). I was the only girl in a group of 6 boys and none of them bought me a lap dance. double sad face ๐Ÿ™ :(.I’m considering celebrating my next birthday here, so Clermont Lounge – if you have any birthday specials, please send them my way. kthanks.

  158. Mistercap12

    This place is the most disgusting place I have ever been. And I have been to places in China without indoor plumbing. This was worse. You first have to walk down some seedy stairs behind an old hotel. Then you pass security and walk in to one of the lost circles of hell. I want to shower now that I am home. It smelled like an ashtray, the “club” is tiny and dirty, the “bar” is a conglomeration of duck tape on top, and to be quite frank everyone that worked there seemed to be an absolute c*nt, especially the manager and “security” guy out front. I can’t understand this place or how much people like it, and this experience is just one more sign that Atlanta is a shit city that just so happened to get really big and likes to tell itself it’s a great place to live. I can’t articulate how much I hated this place, enter at your own risk…and wash your hands.

  159. John E.

    No one visiting Atlanta should pass up an opportunity to experience this one-of-a-kind establishment. I won’t go into any details, as the previous reviews pretty much cover it all. If you haven’t had the very enjoyable experience of meeting Blondie and viewing her incredible talent regarding an empty beer can, then you haven’t lived. I used to love seeing live acts there.

  160. Lawler S.

    This place is a awesomely fun time! I’ve been only twice in my 25 years living in Atlanta and I should go more. Yes, this place is seedier than most. Yes the strippers here are older than any other strip club you’ve ever been to, but I swear to you- this is the mother of all dive bar/strip clubs. Drinks are cheap. I must warn those of you who want to bring out of town friends….they’d better open minded, not have hand sanitizer on their person at all times and can handle a dirty bathroom with grace. With that said….go and pregame before and have some fun!! Cash only, must see blondie and little Bo peep. The girls are really fun to talk to and the music is all 70’s-80’s jukebox…don’t touch!! You’ve been warned!! Also…no cameras! I went with some folks and one of them decided to be stupid. Your memories of this place will be far better than a photograph….that is if you’re not entirely intoxicated LOL

  161. Jeff L.

    Hate this placeCover chargeLong waits to get drink. I usually end up leaving due to lake of service. If you do get served they are rude as sh## Every one says you have to go while in Atl. Not sure whyOh and the bonus to terrable service. ..ugly old over weight girls with there close off

  162. Vale S.

    It’s a great place to contract an incurable disease.

  163. evo l.

    This place is a must go, if and when, your in Atlanta.My husband took me for my Birthday. It was a Jaw Dropping expierence. We have been coming to Atlanta in the past and he kept wanting to take me. If I had really known and listened, I would have gone a lot sooner.Was going to stay for one drink, I don’t drink. I ended up having that one drink on a special occasion. This was definitely the occasion.We ended up staying for three hours. Get there early so you can sit at the bar, it gets crowded as the night goes on.I heard they have great live music on some nights. I will look into that the next time I go.Very Entertaining….I’d really Love to See Someone Go in there & Make it Rain….LolYou will never forget this place for as long as you live…

  164. Andy L.

    This place never gets old. You see the same familiar faces aging into mythical status with a few more sags and wrinkles, and yet you come back for more…? Clermont is truly a pillar of this sh*thole that we call Ponce. People line up for an hour just to pile into this place, rubbing sweaty arms with OTP smug-types, and it doesn’t bother the least bit.The quality of this establishment is not the aging dancers, but how the uptight folks deal with each other. People-watching is key when visiting The Clermont, so keep your eyes open, and keep your narrow minds in the car. Be entertained.

  165. Adam R.

    There are some places where the normal laws of the world no longer apply. Some places transcend time and space and throw physics and indeed common sense out the window. The Clermont Lounge is such a place.It is always interesting to learn how people hear about the Clermont. I would assume most people hear about it from word of mouth or from going to organized events like this last weekend. There are always those that actually stayed at the Clermont Hotel and happened to go to the basement to see what was going on. Those people are probably best avoided.At some point they raised their price to $10 which seems a little high. I guess that is just a sign of the condition Social Security is in. At least the drinks are cheap.So you may ask yourself, what is the Clermont? Well imagine a place like the Cheetah, which is a strip club in Atlanta. Now imagine taking the people that worked at the Cheetah and hiring them in the same profession about thirty or forty years later. THAT is the Clermont: where strippers go to die.It is well hidden in the basement of the hotel and you have to enter in the back, which is an appropriate analogy. It was actually very very crowded when we went too. Inside is a full bar with a stage inside. I guess they need a barrier to protect the girls from something. There are always a couple guys really really into it too. They are either sitting there smoking with one hand under the counter or getting a lap dance, or as I like to say, preventing the stripper from falling down with your lap.The girls: Girls may be an inappropriate word to use here. Seasoned citizens might be more accurate. This might be the cellulite capital of the world, and they are not afraid to show it off. Some of the girls have on some interesting outfits, one of which looked like Dorothy’s blue dress from The Wizard of Oz. A warning to those of you thinking of going: there are some things in life that cannot be unseen. Maybe not as bad as Tubgirl, but close.The rest of the place is okay, they have a dance floor where you can get away from the show and forget what you just saw. The bathrooms are very weird with the guys having a giant shared urinal basin and one stall with no door. I heard the girl’s has curtains instead of doors. They also do not allow any cameras and are very strict about it. I am guessing it is more about protecting your camera than anything else and they just do not want to have to buy you a new one when it breaks.If you go here sober you will regret it, and if I go again I will be wearing more layers of clothes, perhaps a HazMat suit.

  166. Matthew B.

    The Clermont Lounge is a staple in Atlanta. It is in a decent part of town and the staff and dancers were very friendly.This is not a strip club but a lounge. The dancers don’t and won’t harass you. You can tip if you want but it isn’t required. You’ve got to try a PBR there. It’s your standard PBR but the atmosphere makes it stand out. Keep your mind open and take the place for what it is: An Atlanta staple.

  167. Andrea R.

    The ladies definitely know good music. Friendly folks. Cold beer. Good times. An Atlanta establishment.

  168. Anjaly P.

    I lived in the city for many years and then on a weekend return trip I finally make it to the Clermont Lounge. This is a great place for dancing, cheap drinks, random older lady strippers that you don’t expect to be stripping, and to give your clothes and hair that hint of smoke that you haven’t smelled on yourself in a while. $10 cover on a Saturday night and don’t go in there with lots of clothes on. (short sleeves/sleeveless on top and jeans are fully acceptable and what you need – let the strippers be the ones that take their clothes off) Think dive bar, don’t wear nice clothes you worry over.Drinks are not that expensive and bring cash, it saves a crap ton of time. Go here with a relaxed attitude and a good group of friends. You won’t be disappointed. (Also, don’t be scared of the boobies, they are nice to you.) I can’t wait until I go back.

  169. Stevels

    Great place to hang out! If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. The ladies are a lot of fun and the atmosphere is great. It is a total dive bar, and the dancers are older and heavy (though there are a couple cute younger girls), but they are all lots of fun. Plently of seating, though the only stage is at the bar. If you got a bunch of friends together and have nothing better to do, this place is a must.

  170. Andrew W.

    Ok…. There is no way to describe this place in words. You must simply go. If your reading reviews, then you have not made up your mind if your going or not.. The answer is simple YOU MUST GO. This place needs to be on everyone’s bucket list. I had a great time, it was interesting and not easily ever forgotten. The bar staff was friendly, majority of strippers were friendly, and the waitstaff was on top of their game. The strippers all rotate out dancing. About 8 of them rotate. One stripper who was drinking made a rude comment to my wife and I because we didn’t tip her on her second time around, I found this really rude, but hey… She stripping in the Clermont Lounge… That says a lot.. I have to admit, you just have to go.. No if, ands, or buts… Just grab some friends and go. I took my wife, who hates strip clubs, and she had a blast, it’s female friendly.

  171. Brian K.

    I’m not a religious man, but the Clermont Lounge is one of the few places in Atlanta for which I am willing to wave my hand in the air and thank the Baby Jesus. The Baby Jesus is my favorite Jesus because he’s cute and cuddly, doesn’t preach, and is loaded with all that swag from the wise men. However, regardless of whichever Jesus is your favorite, you need to visit the Clermont Lounge at least once before you bite the big one. This place is more than a landmark – it’s a life experience. In an effort to prepare newcomers for their first foray at the Clermont, I give you the following 10 tidbits – in no particular order. (1) It’s not about jublies, biscuits, and bootays. About 1% of the Clermont’s patrons go there to get sexually aroused. The rest of humankind just goes there for a good time. (2) If this place doesn’t get you laid, nothing will. The clientele at the Clermont is among the most diverse of any venue in Atlanta – from Ponce dwelling street urchins to college co-eds. There’s really something here to please anything with a pulse.(3) The jukebox is for dancers only. In order to appreciate this rule you need to understand that the dancers are the ones dropping it like it’s hot, hour after hour – too many encores of Rick James’s Super Freak can result in a fractured hip. (4) Dress lightly. Even in the dead of winter, this place gets hotter than satan’s lair.(5) If you can’t afford to tip, then stay home. This isn’t the place where strippers come to die – it’s the place where they come to stay alive – and they need tips to do so. Gawking eyeballs and gratuitous compliments won’t fill the gas tank.(6) Wear your dancing shoes. Whether it’s karaoke, live music, or a DJ spinning 70’s funk, the dance floor at the Clermont is among the most memorable in the city.(7) Blondie won’t drop a PBR in between her girls for less than a Hamilton, and a lap dance will cost you a Jackson. Don’t disrespect an Atlanta institution. (8) Cash only. There’s only a cover charge on the weekends – $3 on Friday, $6 on Saturday from 10PM-11PM, and $10 thereafter.(9) If you have any respect for your vehicle, do not park in the lower lot directly outside the entrance. It’s a jungle down there in more ways than one. Instead, park in the upper lot along Ponce or on Bonaventure Ave. (10) The drinks are strong enough to put hair on the chest of a woman with alopecia. Order accordingly. WIth that, I encourage you to pay the Clermont a visit – whether it be for novelty, necessity, or sheer desperation. Regardless of your motivation, the experience will never leave you.

  172. Kevin L.

    Alicia G: Hey, did you text me last night?Me: No, I don’t think so… [digs through Google Voice texts]Alicia G: Well, Alicia C said she got a text last night that sounded like something you’d write.Me: Can’t find it.Me: Oh, wait. I found it. Uhhh… I might have texted her by accident, meaning for it to go to you? :xOne cannot simply -experience- The Clermont. One must -survive- it: Two-inch thick sheets of ice, rickety wooden steps, bone-bruisingly big boobies, and awful music all make for a serious gauntlet of challenges to test your physical, mental, and emotional fortitude. I came out of this crucible a stronger, harder man…… a man haunted by vague recollections of a crammed car-ride, awful tequila shots, and motorboating some very smooth mammaries.Can’t say I’m dying to come back, but I -can- unequivocally state that this is the most fun I’ve ever had at a strip club.

  173. Justin B.

    I hate to admit it but I can see why this is a popular place to take a friend for his (or her) birthday in Atlanta. The real appeal with this place is the fact that it is one big, kind of gross, joke.No one really wants to go somewhere on a regular basis and see…ugh, sorry I got sick for a second…..and see 50 year old women dancing for money. It is really funny though to look at the expression on that unsuspecting friends face when he or she receives the lap dance that you secretly purchased for them.This place also has a pretty good deal on Pabst Blue Ribbon beers, which are usually consumed in a typical cheap redneck looking aluminum can.

  174. rickywho2

    Gahhhhh I have a conflicted and complicated relationship with this place. I’ve been two times and both were such different experiences.The first time it was empty and we got to sit by the bar and order drinks and tip the lovely golden girls. Second time it was absolutely JAM PACKED and you couldn’t breathe in there. I prefer it to be on the emptier side but this place is what it is. Don’t come here thinking it’s upscale or that you’ll leave smelling the same as when you entered. This is get down and dirty ranchy fun. Cheap sh*tty drinks and boob sweat. Just enjoy it and kick back and eat some of that street food they’re selling outside. Heeeeey.

  175. Carter N.

    How can you not love the Clermont Lounge. When any of our out of town friends come to visit this is the first place we go. Porche and Blondie are hilarious, the pbr is cheap, and the people watching is always great. This isn’t a strip club. It’s more of a comedy club. You always know you had a great night when you wake up in the morning with a PBR headache, smell like cigarettes, and feel like you need to shower with bleach.

  176. timmykilla

    Must experience once. People were not joking when they said that this is where strippers go to retire. The end. Enjoy!!

  177. David J.

    I enjoy surreal spectacles and this place is full of them. The Clermont is the “Outsiders” strip club, where the women dance DESPITE their non-traditional looks.A typical Clermont evening: A large woman wearing only fluorescent green flip flops dances to the Karaoke croonings of a trucker. A few hipsters huddle in the corner, sucking down whiskey and cigarettes. In the corners, elderly women straddle college students. The bottom half of a tooth lies in the men’s urinal. And you are playing a 1980s arcade game while enjoying another PBR.

  178. Tara L.

    You want to see some ass? They want to see some cash. It works out perfectly. I don’t want to be that jerk that doesn’t give the Clermont Lounge 5-stars, but I must take off one star for the mild trauma I experienced during my more sober state.Although I was well aware that this was pretty much a cool, local dive bar that just happened to have strippers with less than traditional aesthetics, I don’t think I really realized just how intimate the experience would be with the stripper practically dancing on the bar. The bartender and stripper were as nice as they could be and were definitely having a good time. Actually, I think they were having a GREAT time. During my more sober state, I tried not to look directly at the stripper but once I settled in things began to feel a bit more normal. However, I couldn’t help but question the underwear selection. Baggy, white Hanes Her Way briefs being slightly swallowed by butt cheeks does not constitute a thong. But I’m not hating. I’m really not at all. I’m just keepin’ it real kiddos. Just trying to paint that picture for you like a lyrical Bob Ross. The drinks were pretty cheap though, so if you are up for the experience and don’t mind a little saggums and baggums you’ll be a-okay. And to keep it, TREAL with you…that stripper was the first thing I thought of when I woke up the next morning so she must have done something right. I guess the little game she spit to me may have worked. As she wallowed to and fro to “Roses” by Outkast, she pointed me out and said “I bet your shit don’t stink! I bet it smells like petunias!”

  179. Yacin N.

    Wow. This might be my favorite dive bar in the universe. I’m bringing everyone from out of town here. No questions asked.

  180. Monica S.

    To round out my week long bender, the fabulous Kathleen M stressed the importance ending my drunken descent on the right note. I was, after all, stuck in Atlanta on a layover. “Gay bar or strip club, your pick” she offered. As a product of the south, I’m lead to believe two things, Kathleen and Atlanta do not fuck around. “6 of these, half a dozen of the other. Let’s do both,” I reply. “Good, I’ll take you where strippers go to die.” What Kathleen meant was, I’ll take you to see 70-year-old women shimmying their fancy things for your dollar bills. These strippers were saggy in all the wrong places in the most righteous way. On a visit to the bathroom, one of the young “dancers” was standing buck naked. She told me I was gorgeous. “No. Like girl, you are gooooooorgeous.” She approached me. Do you know what it’s like to have a completely naked stripper coming onto you in a bathroom at a seedy dive? No, you probably don’t. It was terrifyingly awesome.If this is last stop before hell, save me a seat.

  181. Harrison H.

    This is the best place in Atlanta. I absolutely hate strip clubs. HATE them, but this place rocks. I’m definitely taking my mom here when she comes to visit me in Atlanta.

  182. Darren B.

    The energy in this place is amazing. It truly is the best dive bar in the A Town. From the troughs in the bathroom, from the hot tattoed bartenders, from the people of all walk of life hanging out there and the not so perfect strippers (but perfect in my heart!)Saturday nights, the DJ gets down old school style, house party style so don’t expect an expert on the mix he does hold it down though!

  183. Kristen C.

    It’s dirty, cheap, bawdy and a ridiculous amount of fun. Expect a dive with only 2 strippers that you’d expect to see, everyone else is just… you have to just see for yourself. There are no words. Being offered a lap dance by someone who should be retired in Boca is quite the experience.Everyone is so nice, even the crowd is pleasant. Very surprising experience =) Just know that they have $1 pbr’s and it gets packed around 12am.

  184. Linda T.

    Why can’t you use credit cards here? Why did a stripper move her (left) breast up and down and wink at me? I guess this place would be fun if I was drunk. I got yelled at for standing in the pathway next to the back door like 8 times. Also there’s only 1 stall in the women’s bathroom. Why? Please add more because I pee a lot. The door guys were nice. The drinks specials were pretty quiche

  185. eddyL

    The dirtiest, most beautifully unique experience you can provide your OOSV (out-of-state-visitors) or OTPers. Blondie is the staple girl at the Clermont, but there are interesting entertainers across the board. Lots of eye candy, each with their own tricks. If you have a sense of humor, you’ll have an appreciation for this establishment. FYI: Make it your last stop of the night & be ready to take three hot showers for each hour spent at the Clermont.

  186. Ana G.

    YES it is raunchy and YES it is a total dive and YES it is drrrrty like the south but people know what to expect when they come and I had a blast here. The strippers, whom my friend affectionately dubbed GILF’s, did their thing and worked the crowd in their tacky Halloween outfits. And how about that lady that lit her nipples on fire??!? Ouch!….. The whole place is decked out in spiderwebs and scary stuff. Didn’t get her name, but the young bartender girl with the cool tats all over her arms was a total sweetheart. Loved!

  187. adamrod

    Went here last Tuesday night/Wednesday morning for the first time and it is an interesting place to say the least. No cameras are allowed in the bar, there are women wearing what appears to be maternity stripper clothes doing Karaoke while the “dancers” (if you want to call topless, out-of-shape middle-age women with knee braces that) sort of shuffle around the center of an altar of liquor bottles while bartenders sling pricey but potent drinks your way (I couldn’t finish my whiskey and coke because of it was so stiff). I can honestly say the sights and smells of this establishment will never leave my mind.

  188. David H.

    Don’t ever change.

  189. Layne S.

    I had one night in Atlanta and I chose “The Clermont Lounge” solely based on what I’ve read here and yes, it is exactly what everyone’s been saying it is. However, you need to understand this before going or else you aren’t going to have a good time. It is truly odd, but let me give you some advice before going: have some respect. If you don’t, you’re not going to get served or you’ll be kicked out. It’s a simple procedure really, just know what you’re getting in for and have a good time, that’s all. Ps-make sure you go #2 before you head out, the bathrooms aren’t very private aha! Have fun !

  190. David P.

    This is truly where strippers go to die. I don’t know where to begin. This place is SHADY yet mesmerizing all at the same time! The strippers are mostly old and not the type of women you want to see naked yet that is the appeal. Blondie, the signature “girl”, is a black woman with blond hair who will crush a can of PBR between her breasts for the bargain price of … whatever she feels like charging you. I got my “souvenir” for a mere $5. There was another woman there that actually abused herself on stage. I’m serious. She slaps and punches her boobs and below the belt (if ya know what I mean). All the beers come in cans and you can get a pair of PBRs for only $5. Not a bad deal at all. This place gets bumping late at night and is somewhat of a hotspot in Atlanta. You can typically find some decent looking girls here but they’ll never be the girls on the stage.If you’re on a mission to see some sweet young ladies bare it all, DO NOT GO HERE. If you’re looking for a night you’ll never forget, drop everything and head to the Clermont Lounge!

  191. Scott K.

    There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition.It lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination… It is an area we call the Clermont Lounge. Doodie, Doodie… Doodie Doodie…

  192. Joe B.

    A must see if you’re in town…update your Tetanus and prepare to be amazed. Halloween night is off the hook but you’ll want to double fist drinks to avoid the wait.

  193. Johnnyboy123

    OMG what fun! Must see if you dare. Friday DJ was playing 70s, 80s, 90s music and we danced mostly all night. He had a brilliant selection of things almost forgotten. Even the cue for the toilet was strange and fascinating. I don’t know how “PG” this website is, so my review will be somewhat cryptic. The building, in the daylight, looked abandoned. The nightclub is in the basement. Cover is about $10. What surprised me was the clientele’s median age. Would you believe about mid-40ish? Oh there are lots of pretty young things to stare at but it’s all in good fun!

  194. Kozmo C.

    The Clermont Lounge has been due for an update for a while now. Despite my low previous opinion of the place, god knows I actually came here consistently a few times every year since then and didn’t ever really have a bad experience. Watching the customers is half the fun, and a diverse and interesting crowd almost always fills the place up. The dance floor makes all the difference, as looking at the strippers for a long time can start giving you a headache when the novelty wears off. The dance floor, on the other hand, can be surprisingly energetic and fun. The abiding rule that I’ve come to realize is that a good Clermont experience is very much hinged upon the people you go with. And you can’t go in there expecting to be entertained. You need to be ready to spontaneously self-entertain, create revelries, and generally be in the mood to make a good time happen with your friends. And with that observation, a rating for Clermont is meaningless. It can be 1 to 5, all up to you.

  195. Sandy Y.

    A must do! It’s becoming too much of a hipster hangout, so it’s lost a bit of it’s edge. But, doesn’t really matter. The drinks are cheap. The “dancers” add an uncertainty to the evening. A words of warning: It is a smokefest inside, and poorly ventilated. Dress/breathe accordingly. A must for friends from out of town.

  196. Kelly H.

    Holy Moly this place is as good as it gets for dive bars! The person who took me here- an Atlanta native described it as where strippers go to die and I think that was quite accurate. The best part is that it isn’t the typical dive bar crowd. OK that isn’t the best part- there are sooo many good parts. The crowd is not the group you would expect to see at a geriatric strip club. Generally a clean group with a few crazies mixed in for fun. The drinks are pretty cheap and I loved the delusional old stripper who really thought she was Lil’Kim. I gave her 5 bucks to do the ultimate party trick- which I will not mention here.

  197. Chad Q.

    The Clermont. Nothing excites me more than when a friend says..hey, wanna go to The Clermont Lounge? I simply get excited, smile ear to ear, and get some $ out. This place is like nothing else. It’s “been alive since ’65”. The place hasn’t been cleaned since opening morning. And a remodel is certainly nowhere close. I like it all the better for it! No matter if you like Blondie who is known for crushing beer cans with her tatas, my favorite Portia who excitedly tells you she’s 65, she’ll be 66 September 21 ( yes I know this fact, which is troubling and I’m not sure what it says about myself) who loves to show her “peach cobbler”, or another lady who you would swear is Rachael Dratch’s mom, you’re sure to be entertained! The crowd is the reason to go. It’s freaks, homos, college kids, CEOs, Harley riders, Vespa riders, and dirty skaters alike. Don’t come with pretension or attitude, you won’t have a good time and more importantly…no one will give a crap!

  198. Elishevah G.

    The Clermont Lounge is officially my favourite bar anywhere, ever. I want to steal it and take it back to New York with me. Let’s just say that an elderly stripper with enormous teased blonde hair wearing a red cowgirl outfit spent ten minutes in the bathroom enthusiastically and in all seriousness imparting to me her passionate love for the tenderness between The Captain and Teneille. “Their love is just so real, ya know what I mean?” She told me in a Southern drawl and she adjusted her titties in her tight top. And this wasn’t even the best thing that happened here last night. Not gonna lie, I was already drunk when I walked in to The Clermont last night. My first sight as I came through the door was of a floppy-boobied, beer-bellied mama completely naked and dancing badly on the bar. I was in awe, and so, so excited. We grabbed beers and watched some of the similiarly-endowed ladies do weird-ass moves wearing strange lingerie that moms in the 80s probably wore. There was only one stripper who was kind of hot – but if the strippers were actually hot that would take away from the charm of the place. I particularly enjoyed the toothless stripper who you know Cheri O’Teri from SNL would play if the Clermont was actually a joke… and thank goodness it’s not. Well, you know what I mean. Between Southern hospitality and the fact that I was really drunk, I made BFFs with quite a few people, including some dude who likes to rock climb and is married, and who wanted to be facebook friends (duh!). A cute girl who said she came to the Clermont all the time told me that there would be awesome dancing in a few minutes and that I should dance with her. That was pretty much the only thing I needed in my life at that moment. Amazing DJs spun fun R&B and rap – the likes of Prince and Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and people got down. The awesome thing is, this place is kinda like no big deal and at the same time, the biggest deal ever. Everyone was super chill and fun, and soon the dancefloor was packed. I am proud to say I got m’self several boyfriends at the Clermont (some sketchy, some cute), but even more proud that I got to dance with my new ladyfriend all night. It must be my mad dancing skillz, son. The strippers were still at it, too (they don’t have mad skillz, though – which I think is kinda the point;). I love this place. It was the most fun dancing I have had in a bazillion years (it always helps when NO ONE knows you, too). Everyone in Georgia being simultaneously sweet and smutty pretty much made my life, and I’m not sure I really need to live anymore after having experienced such amazingness… buuuuuuuut I’ll stick around so I can slip away to Georgia some other weekend and watch old ladies get totally naked while I get crunked.

  199. Neenee P.

    Disgusting, overcrowded, way too smokey especially on weekends, fear catching an STD just being there, dick head bouncers, asshole bartenders and b!tchy strippers.I love this place

  200. Ricky R.

    I’ll always love the clermont lounge as i came of age in its rotted womb.the clermont lounge and i first met when i was 19. i had to use a fake id to get in (hell it wasn’t even a good fake but they always let me in anyway). i learned a lot at the clermont lounge. i learned that beer is delicious. i learned that gay folks are regular people (bear with me, i was raised in rural republicanville). i learned that people with lots of tattoos are generally nicer than those without. i learned that woman want sex too. i learned that i love the blues. i learned that having long chats with a sixty-something stripper a few days before exams was a great idea… no seriously, when an elderly women (who seconds earlier was flopping her depressingly deflated titties/labia around on stage) tells you its in your best interest to stay focused and study hard; it hits home. hard.the clermont lounge also helped me with the ladies. when i grew a little older (read: could get in legally) i pushed all manner of prissy southern belles into its seedy underbelly. first date go somewhere nice, second date take em to the clermont. if they recoil in horror, that was that. but if they unexpectedly hop on stage to help out that unconvincing transgender who was too sloppy to remember the words to sweet home alabama? …keeper!ahh, so many memories… there was that time when blondie’s tits started bleeding after a crush gone bad, that time i figured out that guy was a multi-millionare, the time i ran into seth greene, that time i was offered a “courtesy handie” from a man who was there with his wife, that i time woke up OUTSIDE the clermont lounge at 7:30am on a wednesday morning, that time i had to console my crying buddy after he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him with bill mahr (im not making this stuff up folks), that time a friend took his conservative mother to the clermont after losing a “sure” bet …oh clermont lounge i love you……..ok this isnt much of a review but you get the idea. this place is what you make of it. the clermont lounge can be a ‘hell hole’ or a ‘hell of a hole’. there’s no doubting which kind it was to me.

  201. Marta P.

    Came here two nights last week, once to see a band play, and once on Saturday night for the dance party.Remember your cash, this place doesn’t take any cards! Still the best dive bar in the city. Why?The drinks are cheap.There’s constant entertainment.The dancers are all friendly and come to thank you afterwards.Blondie. DUH.Music is good.People are great.On Saturday nights it gets so rowdy you feel like you’re at the dirtiest dance club, and it makes everything right in the world.As a music venue, it’s great to have an intimate setting with the performance, and fun to see the dancers strip to the beat of the live music.As a dance party it gets so friggin hot and sweaty you don’t know who’s who anymore. You leave covered in filth and wear it like a badge of honor.You’re sure to meet someone famous here. If they’re not famous now, boy they will be after tonight!

  202. Leighann F.

    If ever there needed to be a pictorial example to illustrate the phrase, “questionable decisions,” the mental images burned into my brain from a night at Clermont would take top prize.

  203. David K.

    Last year we planned a UYE to celebrate my birthday here. Coincidentally, it was also my first time. It was quite an experience and, thanks to Berlin B., even got personally introduced to Portia’s “Big Bad Wolf” (she’s about 65 and was dressed as Little Red Riding Hood). I think we can all agree that this place is a dump, but that’s part of the aesthetic. I mean, if you were watching old ladies and women with non-typical stripper bodies take their clothes off it would only be appropriate somewhere dimly lit and in the basement of a building. The one thing I missed on my birthday was meeting Blondie. Yes, Blondie. The infamous PBR crushing, powerful black woman who keeps it real (except for her hair). I planned another UYE after corresponding with her on Twitter and a small group of us made the pilgrimage over last night. Blondie was a no show. I had already anticipated this being a quick event because their air conditioning hadn’t been working. Luckily tonight it was on and comfortable, but I was over it and left before finishing my PBR.

  204. Lindy F.

    “Blondie! You know what you are. Your nothing but a dirty son of a Bitch!” — The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1966)How does one describe the experience of the Clermont? I’ll do my very best.Having been here a few times (okay more than I am willing to say out loud), this is the place where you seem to end up at the end of a night of bar hopping when someone in your group inevitably pipes up and says “hey, let’s go to the Clermont!” I’ll forewarn you, the place is pretty dingy. But as long as you know what you are getting yourself into and you don’t mind strip joints, you should fare just fine.Now, this is not your typical strip joint – this is an Atlanta institution where people rarely go for anything except to say they have been to the Clermont. You’ll find all walks of life visiting this establishment – people you would never expect. So you shouldn’t feel out of place. Now when you visit, just hope that Blondie is working – she is the icon. She is able to smash and beer car with her boobs (no, not a joke). She has been dancing here for ages and the people really come out to see here when they can (no pun intended). I think of all my trips, there has only been one night when she was not working. If you have someone who wants to “see the Atlanta sights,” welp, this is one of them..and it is notable.Things to know about CL, they often have great music playing, they drinks are pretty cheap usually, beers are served in cans (occasionally some bottles), the bathrooms are not pleasant usually (I make sure to go before coming here), the place is kind of sticky (not kidding) and it is hot…”damn hot…It’s so damn hot, I saw little guys, their orange robes burst into flames. It’s that hot!” Trust me, you don’t need a coat in here – ever.But if you haven’t, you should go once.

  205. Toni W.

    I used to love going to disco night with Romeo Cologne circa 1998ish when I lived 2 blocks from the Clermont Lounge. In retrospect, I still don’t think that walking that 2 block walk at 2 or 3 in the morning while intoxicated was very safe, but had many great times at the Clermont and if I could coerce my fiance to go on our next visit to Atlanta I’m sure it would be great and the Clermont wouldn’t be complete without Blondie. If you are looking for an other worldly experience like being in more like a David Lynch movie in your strip club experience, then go to the Clermont, but if you’re looking for the hottest highest calibre of hot women in a strip club, then go somewhere else. It’s more about a unique experience and that is one that you won’t soon forget.

  206. ryan123

    This place is infamous. It’s a classic, nasty, basement dive bar complete with strippers…..who have much to be desired in the looks department….but are nice, down-to-earth ladies. ๐Ÿ™‚ Order the “Fu*king in the Graveyard” drink. It’s their house drink. And to make the night complete, look for an old blonde woman. She’ll do a crazy dance for you where she slaps her butt and says, “ham and biscuits” and flashes you and says, “peach cobbler”. It’s quite amusing! Also, the infamous “Blondie” works there, the lady who can crush beer cans between her boobies. I always take Atlanta newcomers there for the experience. ๐Ÿ™‚

  207. H.K. L.

    Wow. Words cannot adequately describe this place.I was visiting ATL for two weeks – a guy working at the office where I was working offered to meet me at Fat Matt’s for ribs. After we were done, he asked if I wanted to go to the Clermont. What the hell, why not?We walked past the doorman and headed in for the bar. The Clermont has a crud bar vibe, but with the additional attraction of…..ummmmm……a unique stable of strippers. My acquaintance was a regular here, which was kind of scary, now that I think about it.Eclectic crowd, cheap drinks, great people watching.I would return if I make it to Atlanta again.

  208. Kat W.

    What can you say bad about a bar that has booze and old boobs? Not a damn thing. I had a freaking blast here, made my night and my weekend every time I thought about the laughs shared by me and my friends here.

  209. Vicente J.

    Met Someone Named Emily. Just straight awesome person. Someone that not from ATL I’d recommend it if u like dive bars!!!!

  210. Nicole G.

    I love this place so much that I own a shirt that says “I saw your mom at the Clermont Lounge.” Friendliest strippers in the world too — they were very polite and walked up to me and my boyfriend after their dances to thank us for tips.

  211. Stasia C.

    absolutely disgusting dive bar…..had a total blast and will return. DJ Romeo Cologne was awesome, the dancers were nice and funny, and the beer specials were super cheap. I’ve been several times and always have fun. Blondie is a local legend and you really haven’t been to Atlanta without going to The Clermont. With that said—watch your drinks! They have a good security team, but I was there a few months ago and began feeling extremely drunk after 2 or 3 sips of beer. I knew I had been drugged. I stumbled outside and as soon as the air hit my face I got sick. The man working the door stopped everything he was doing to make sure I was OK. He called a taxi and arranged for another employee to park my car overnight behind the building. There is a “seedy element” to this place but it’s not with the staff. I did get home safely and was asked to call and let them know I was OK. Tip heavy. The bartender Chaundra is a total sweetheart and Romeo Cologne is the best DJ in the city.

  212. Steve B.

    I’m a make this short and simple. This is a legendary spot not because of it’s class. It’s a dump and you accept the fact that it is a dump! A female crushing a beer can with her tits is one of the craziest things ever. It is good laughs and only $3 so it’s just comedy just being there. Longest running strip club in all of Atlanta – pay hommage!!!Overall Grade: A- (disgusting but funny and expected)

  213. nickstrip

    Frequent visitor to the Clermont as it is very close to where I live. I intend to cover all the important things you will ever need to know. The Clermont Lounge is fun any time of the week but certain nights have more allure than others. However, don’t put off a visit because it’s not a ‘popular’ night to go. You’ll have fun regardless. Tuesday night is karaoke starting around 10pm. This is a very popular night for the Clermont and there is no cover. Thursday night has live music and most of the acts are very good. The upside is that no matter who is playing, the music never overwhelms the room so much that you can’t carry on a conversation. There is usually a nominal cover charge on Thursday nights. Friday nights are popular, but my absolute favorite night is Saturday. This is disco funk night and starting around 11pm, you can just dance the night away. It WILL be crowded and hot in the summer time so dress appropriately. Misty, the floor waitress, just might be the best in the business when it comes to taking orders and delivering massive amounts of drinks in a timely fashion. The bartenders Haley, Amy, and Kathy are nothing but top notch, each with their own unique personality. Even on slow nights, they are an absolute hoot to chat with so you’ll never be bored. The strippers are fun and approachable but not pushy and stuck up. They are the life-blood of the business and they handle their jobs with a fun attitude. Please remember to tip them. This is very important. Everyone can (and should) tip each girl during her performance of 3 songs. Please make this a priority in your visit. Obviously, you might miss a few during conversations or bathroom breaks, but in general please try and tip as much as you can. Things to expect: The smoke level obviously depends on the number of smokers there. Sometimes it is very smoky and other times not much at all. It does get hot in the summer time. Of course the place is a dive, but the people that go there are not divey at all. There are tons of people from all walks of life just there to have a good time. The Clermont is a place to relax and enjoy. Yes the strippers for the most part are not young, model types. Because of this, I believe this sets the tone of the Clermont and the message is WHO CARES! If a larger lady is up on stage and is more than comfortable taking off her clothes, this should tell you the Clermont is a haven of non-judgement. When there is no judgement, there is a certain comfort level that forms. People just enjoy being themselves at the Clermont. No pretense, no attitude, just fun. I believe the comfort level is what kicks in after about 30 minutes during your first visit. Once you understand the place and ‘get it’ then you can settle in, kick back, and just enjoy. The key to your best Clermont experience is RESPECT. And please just put your phones away because the NO CAMERAS rule is VERY strictly enforced. Disregard this rule and you’ll soon be on your way out. As a bonus, because phone use inside is rather scant, this provides a unique opportunity to actually converse with others and have fun rather than be glued to phones all night. Cash only and the ATM does charge a 10% fee so plan ahead.

  214. Bill S.

    How could I have 200+ reviews and totally not get around to reviewing the Clermont Lounge. Always a great place to shock and awe your friends who don’t already know about it. You got your 50+ year old strippers and younger women who are so strung out on drugs the other clubs won’t touch them.I went with some friends for a bachelor party. One of the other guys was having a birthday. I told one of the older dancers about it, and she said if I gave her $20 she’d give him a private dance. I said sure, so she took him in the back room and gave him some…oral pleasure. He never said if she took her teeth out first.Its been about 5 years since I’ve been here, but the last time I went I do remember Friday nights having no cover. And the drinks here are cheap ($4-5 for call brands) and will knock you on your ass. I have to give this place at least 4 stars.

  215. Siouxzie Q.

    There is a review that asks if you know what it’s like to have a completely naked stripper coming onto you in a bathroom at a seedy dive. Why, yes. Yes I do. Only substitute naked with pasties and bathroom with near the jukebox. Add groping. Under any other circumstances I would have felt violated-throw in a David Lynch backdrop and suddenly it’s hilarious to me. You don’t know dive bars until you have been to the Clermont. As you can see from the other reviews, you can not go expecting Pam Anderson in her Bay Watch days spinning from a pole while you sip an over priced Martini. You can expect a retired stripper writhing around on a platform behind the bar to a jukebox while you sip a can of PBR. You cannot live or visit Atlanta without going…you just can’t. Bring cash.

  216. Audrey K.

    This place was awesome! You have got to see it at least once. The girls are actually really nice to talk to…seriously!

  217. Elijah G.

    This place is ratchet as hell, rats, cash bar, no food, bad lighting, the bartender and she is cool. The Security is crazy I’ve up there more than once and this black guy in black shirt big fat muscle dude keep fight dudes every week for no reason he needs to be in jail!! He walked up on me and my friends we just arrived and didn’t like us … He stepped in our face as soon as they let us in… In a fighting stance ready to fight .. I said it’s time to go … Men beware

  218. Carlos C.

    The Clermont is just a regular bar, there is nothing exciting about the place; epic fail.

  219. Carolina M.

    I have never ever ever been to a strip club and although you could hardly call this place a strip club (even though, yes, there are strippers traipsing around), this was my first time in an adult…place. As soon as I entered, I could feel how cozy the lounge was. I might actually prefer this place compared to a high-energy dance club. Everyone here is nice. Unfortunately, when I came here, Blondie was not working ๐Ÿ™ Instead, we were told that her cousin was working and that instead of crushing beer cans with her boobs, she can crush cans with her butt. Adding more to our dismay, we didn’t get to see her either. However, I did get to see Porscha give one of my friends a lapdance. My friend’s reaction to the lap dance TOTALLY made up for no Blondie. First words out of my friend’s mouth post-dance: “OMG, I am traumatized.” I laughed so hard. Porscha was a sweetie though. She squeezed my shoulder a few times and gave me a slight hug. We actually looked her up later and found out she was a porn star back in the day. Now, I can say I’ve met someone who used to be in the porn industry.The crowd on a Saturday night was pretty tame. I’m surprised there weren’t more people but it was comfortable. Like many others have mentioned, it’s a cozy place to hang out. I don’t think we were there too long. I’m so glad I went. I can check this off my bucket list of things I’ve done in Atlanta. This was long overdue.

  220. Shannon M.

    Without a doubt the most surreal and amazingly odd strip club you will ever stumble into (and out of). Equal parts carny and what it would have looked like had Bukowski with Alzheimers written Alice in Wonderland. Dark as pitch. As Dank as (well a really dank thing.) It simply doesn’t get any zestfully seedier than this.

  221. Colbys

    I had an awful experience and I didn’t even get through the door. The bouncers at this club are insulting and cruel. I am 22 years old and have had the same ID for a few years now. He proceeded to say that I looked nothing like my photo and even though I showed him two other forms of ID and gave a lengthy summary of my ID and who I am, he was condescending and made me feel like a child. He pulled me away from friends twice and made me feel very unsafe. Very disappointed. This was supposed to be a fun experience and instead I left humiliated and violated. There was no reason for this experience other than the bouncer took joy out of scaring the day lights out of a 22-year old.

  222. Stephanie S.

    I am not sure what the rave is about for this place. If you like old women and a bar that doesn’t take credit cards, this is the place to go. It’s also in an abandoned warehouse and I suspect the bar itself probably has a cockroach infestation. The worst is the people that always insist on coming here. If someone recommends this place, this is usually a sign you should stop socializing with them.

  223. felixnada

    It’s Clermont.Dingy.Smoky.Cramped.Saturday Fun.Saturday is the night to go.Sweaty dancing.Cash only.Unpretentious.Cheap beer.Don’t look for wine.Boobs smash cans.Boobs hang low.Boobs light up.Boobs are a no-show.People watching galore.Napoleon Dynamite wannabes.City’s citizens from all walks of life.Take your guests.Take your grandma.It’s Clermont.#3 – #IconicATL

  224. Amanda G.

    It’s cliche isn’t it to even write about Clermont Lounge, but hey, I still use cliches so here it goes. Having just popped my Clermont cherry – no not my cherry in Clermont – I feel my raw feelings are best described as initial awe with the deer in headlights look. I aint no innocent thang mind you, but I’ve never been to a place quite like the Clermont. Let me say first of all, there was less stripping than I had assumed – a pleasant surprise since I have mixed feelings about strip clubs. However, I loved the female dancers’ outfits and certain glory.The crowd, wow. I couldn’t have cast a better film scene. Emory grads, Hampton Beach like folk, young, old, black, white, asian – don’t matter. All are to be found at C_lounge. One dude said to me on the dance floor pointing to an old man in a wife beater and an amazing character in shades – those guys are here every Saturday. I looked at him and said, and so are you then? He had that shit I just got caught feeling, sheepishly grinned, and walked away. Aw. The DJs are classic. Absolutely classic. One major complaint – more female bathroom stalls! One…with Venetian blinds as doors. One.. seriously? I think I paid $10 at midnight and it was packed! There was a lot of grinding happening, but that may have just been the drunk-ass birthday celebration crew I came to meet.I almost felt like I was back at Ozone – Salisbury beach, 2001. Sigh good times.

  225. David D.

    Couldn’t get in! I didn’t realize Atlanta was so cash-oriented. I went to a bar down the street that was cash-only (didn’t take credit cards), so I spent all my cash. The ATM there was broken. I then walked across the street to the Lounge, but there was a $5 cover. I asked if there was an ATM inside, and they said yeah, so I asked if I could go get some money (which I have plenty of) and come back to pay (which I have done frequently in Jackson, Mississippi, where I’m from). Two (out of three) of the doormen became real aggressive. One doorman seemed like he was on five different types of drugs and was just in my face talking random mess. The other very aggressively said “Leave your id and your phone so I’ll know you’re coming back.” I certainly wasn’t going to leave my $500 phone with a stranger, so I said “no.” He then told me to leave (with the drugged out doorman talking mess in my ear). I walked away without an argument, but what a terrible experience.

  226. navid

    full of drunk women!its never a sausage fest here always a ton of women. everytime ive gone here ive atleast gotten a number or 2 or just straight up hooked up.not only are 90 percent of the women drunk as hell the variety is great.u can get anything from cougars and milfs to college chicks.ive been going for years but ive only been on Saturday nights.always a diverse crowd and drinks are cheap.if you cant hookup with a female in this place there’s no hope for u.ive never gone for the strippers always the women i suggest u men reading this review do the same

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