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2050 Cheshire Bridge Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30324


33.8121752, -84.3560419




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Doll House

  1. tonycluber

    me and my hubby went a few weeks ago and we loved it great sexy girls, nice and aren’t begging u for $$ every 2 seconds…def a place I will be putting on my strip clubs I love list.

  2. Nick C.

    Laid back atmosphere, reasonably priced drinks, great club. Went here on a Thursday night with a couple friends, there were plenty of girls for the crowd. The club was real laid back. Most of the girls were very attractive and friendly. Out of the 15-20 that were there that night there were a couple not-so attractive girls but hey whatever they seemed to be just as busy as the hot ones. The waitress was quick but not pushy. The rest of the staff was very friendly as well, we even got handed a free pass on our way out. Will definitely be back!

  3. williamr

    Very comfortable laid back atmosphere… Feels like a neighborhood bar and I will return.

  4. ryan123

    Doll house is a very laid back club, all the dances are really nice the bartenders are excellent my favorite bartender are Kristine and Kristi . They have girls who can dance well.

  5. CJ

    My advice…go on a night when it’s not packed. The dancers are all friendly and love to just dance like they’re at a regular club. I had so much fun just actin stupid and hanging out with them. The DJ talks all over the music and VIP isn’t all that private, but for the money it’s a great alternative to the overpriced understaffed clubs. I particularily love Shay, Currency, Tenacious, Candy (does the best pole tricks) and a very sweet dancer with braces (forgot her name).

  6. Jay

    Strange old lady runs this place. Scary. Ghetto. Very few dancers, not too many pretty dancers. Open VIP rooms. Extremely rude bouncers.

  7. felixnada

    Me and a buddy went on a Friday afternoon at about 5 pm. Thankfully parking was free and we had a free pass. The place was dead and seemed to only have 2 or 3 dancers working. None of the strippers we saw were very attractive and seemed to just sit at the bar with friends when not on stage. Never got nor wanted a lap dance and we left soon after arrival. The only reason I didn’t give 1 star is that maybe it gets better at night but going during the afternoon was a complete waste of time.

  8. Franklyn

    Almost missed it driving down Cheshire Bridge, gets lost within all the neon lights. Imagine your favorite neighborhood bar with girls who are actually approachable and give lap dances. That’s Doll House in a nutshell. It’s a good hang-out spot if you and your friends are looking for something to do on a late night. It’s a very chill environment. The girls are okay in terms of appearance. Seems like the new management is looking to adding more talent. The girls are friendly. They aren’t standoff-ish. The thing I like the most: good-quality V.I.P. sessions at very good prices. 15 min. is worth it.

  9. fritter17

    The girls were really nice! Sophie is the best dancer. Be sure to ask for her. This was my first time going to a strip club and I had a lot of fun.

  10. Kayla B.

    Wonderful club with a great atmosphere and fun women. I enjoy this place everytime i come and highly recommend this to every one i know

  11. Mike

    This club is small, like a neighborhood bar, but has a great environment. Staff is friendly, especially bartenders and waitstaff. The dancers are OK with a few top quality females in the building. Drinks and cover charge are reasonably priced. To sum it all up you can have fun with a budget, but spend a little extra and you’re guaranteed a great experience.

  12. DocErotica

    The Doll House was the most disappointing of the five Atlanta strip clubs that I visited during a four night period, recently. It really barely qualifies as a strip club at all. The stage is poorly situated off to one side of the building. This bar is actually more dominated by the three large televisions situated around the room than by the dance stage. There was only one dancer working on the Tuesday afternoon when I went there and she was not attractive enough to warrant my attention or that of other patrons, who faced in other directions while she danced. This place seemed like a friendly enough neighborhood bar rather than a genuine strip club. I left without even finishing my drink. There was no cover charge when I went and the parking was ample.

  13. richard95

    This is now my favorite strip club! This club has some of the most beautiful women you have ever seen. Logan, Victoria, Destiny, Rainha, Lola and DANGER will leave you breathless. They are some of the most beautiful women you have ever seen. Danger has the most insane body and worth the trip 100%! Please go and appreciate these beautiful women and all they work for. They don’t have to work hard for the money and hustle you, they will show you a great time as long as you appreciate their beauty with a few $$. There is a reason they work in this club and it is to leave every patron with a smile on their face! Danger is insane and you must see this amazing woman! If you want an intimate setting with the most beautiful women, you must go Friday or Saturday to see them! Danger! Watch yourself, danger, show me what you working with.

  14. Last Man Standing

    Not bad. Small club yet very attractive dancers. Very inexpensive so a good value all around. Hard to go wrong there.

  15. marlonmoney12

    Had a blast at doll house. Girls were really friendly and the drinks were great. Was my wife’s birthday and they gave her several shout outs. The throne treatment was really fun for the both of us. This is one place we will be returning too

  16. Tee

    Small club with an open layout. Girls are nice, but most of them were not that great looking.

  17. Rick

    The bouncers watch you in the VIP there is no privacy there. The bouncers are total assholes. The girls are nice . If it wasnt for the bouncers this might be a pretty good place.

  18. XhXeXy

    The Doll House feels more like a neighborhood bar than a strip club. Everyone is friendly and the dancers are low pressure and cool. But perhaps the best reason to go is the bartender Audrey. She’s awesome!

  19. Wyman R.

    My wifey took me there for my Birthday Saturday night and I had a Blast the club was great and the girls was awesome

  20. Matt

    The girls are extremely friendly and good natured, as well as being beautiful

  21. Amber
  22. LoveDollHouse

    This place rocks. Friendly staff, cute dancers, waitress and bartenders are even cuter! I will have to say those dude who rated this one low are cheap ass who went in during the day for free cover. If you behave and spend good money there, you will leave with smile.

  23. Thomas

    Carolina. Ask for her. Thank me later.

  24. Ron

    I got ripped off in a VIP. The dancer kept talking and never got around to dancing. Then a man put his hand in and said you have 5 minutes left. So I complained that she should dance and she said she thought I wanted to talk. Yeah. Right!

  25. ATLClubHopper

    This is under-rated among with other stripclubs nearby. I have a blast there! Dancers and bartenders are all friendly, cute, and they have great bodies. I am sure you have been driving on Cheshire Bridge Rd. and window-shopping for a club, but can’t decide which one at a time. Come to this one, you won’t regret.

  26. igor34

    First drink free was dope as hell. Girls were super friendly. Wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Totally.

  27. winston12

    The place was fantastic and really embellished the type of atmosphere I would desire in a strip club. Not only are the drinks heavy but the women are hot and friendly I highly suggest this to anyone looking for an upbeat environment.

  28. adamrod

    The girls were really nice. It was very clean and is a great Friday night spot. Would recommend.

  29. tony

    don’t waste your time

  30. Nudi/jasi

    I work at the doll house…i’m a dancer. By they way, Carolina is my best friend,she’s awesome!!!!!

    I read all of the comments,i understand everything you guys said,but i’m not commenting about them b/c we all have our own opinions and i respect that. 🙂

    Come hang out and have fun with us… SEE YA.

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