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0 reviews for “Follies

  1. George

    The afternoon shift is the best I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve been to clubs in

    over 20 states. Great mix of girls, most very active and willing to please. Table

    dances are a lot of fun for $10. I’ll be back!

  2. fuckery12

    Went here about a year ago, heard a girl from high school was dancing here and I had to see for myself. Sure enough, she was there. Awesome. We talked a while and caught up, meanwhile I got a few dances and had some drinks. Pretty laidback club, it was middle of the day, no pushiness from the girls or the bartender, everyone was polite and fun. Most of the girls were very attractive, one or two average ones, but overall it was a good experience, just one that I paid too much for. As with any strip club.

  3. curtis17

    Very nice set up where you can see most of the club wherever you sit. The drinks are reasonably priced. They do offer food, although I didn’t have anything. The girls are very pretty and there’s a wide variety!! LOL.. GOOD TIME IN THE MIDDLE OF AN EARLY SUNDAY EVENING!!!

  4. billtheguy12

    3 ladies arrived (crew). We pulled up and the valet said $10. Ok, fine. We get out & the security says you have to be with a male to enter . We look around & was like we are leaving bc not one person was outside…then a guy came out & he must have known the rules so he said we were with him & his cousin. So we paid the fee to enter. We walked in and it was sort of empty…we picked a table & had a seat. The dancers looked nice. So we went to the bar & broke our huge bills for change…not one dancer was near us or came near us (in an empty club)! It was like they were ostracizing us bc we didn’t have guys with us. Oh, ok…well we good then! We will take our lil few hundred that they could have made & walked out. Where was the entertainment?? And mind you, none of us are lesbian! We just like going to strip clubs! So when we went outside the valet had us & one other couple to get cars for. He was arguing with them & us bc he didn’t give us tickets after he took the keys and parked the cars…so we couldn’t give him one to get the car we drove! Really???? I think he was drunk or something! But no worries but the other couple was about to scrub him. I would not go back to this place nor recommend it. It was like if you not a dude then u don’t get respect..but our pockets are deep too boos! it’s too many other clubs to go to rather than deal with this bs!

  5. Johnson12

    Was here with some friends twice during a recent trip to Atlanta.Overall cool atmosphere with some decent girls. The girls seem too pushy though for lap dances and the gents was a terribly messy, hence the 3 stars.Ask for Tiny she will make you laugh to tears.

  6. Richard
  7. stripforme123

    I love Follies! I was just telling my friend he just went for the first time yesterday. I always go there on Thursdays. I never really see ladies with false body parts in there which is a plus. It’s also a variety of girls which I like as well. Only flaw is females aren’t allowed in w/o a male escort.

  8. Mistercap12

    great club.. my fav spot in the Atl when ever I’m in town

  9. non yo business

    this club SUCKS! these nasty ass bitches carries diseases and shit- that nasty bitch BREEZE is filthy nasty her CLIT is a mini dick it touches the stage when she bends down!!! she is a doped up hoe yeah you could take her to the back of a alley and fuck her just trash! BREEZE’s pussy is like WET DOPE THAT DONT SELL!!!she smells like fish just tart as hell and rusty! a pill poppin cocain snortin white trashy whore who aint never gonna stop strippin.

  10. Harrison69

    Came here during my alma mater homecoming. Bouncers were terrible! A group of ladies weren’t able to go in and enjoy because we posed a threat to the girls and the money they would make. Highly disappointed.

  11. butchy
  12. larry1

    Follies is a nice strip club. Went there in the afternoon and the place was packed! Tons of girls and virtually no where to sit. Kinda frustrating to be orbiting around stages for about 20 minutes waiting for someone to get up and leave. After I finally got a seat, sat back and enjoyed the show. Follies has several two main stages flanking the main bar. During lunch, they offer a buffet for tips only. Not great food, but it’ll chase away any hunger pangs you might have if you’re there for several hours. PARKING: Apparently, there’s a charge for parking after 330pm. If you really wanted to, you can park across the street and just walk over…but beware, Buford Hwy isn’t an easy thing to cross if you don’t use the crosswalk..and try not to tumble down the hill.DANCES: $10 dances. Not too bad from what I’ve seen. GIRLS: Fairly mixed club leaning more towards white girls. Few black girls and few other ethnicities. Didn’t see any asian girls though. BOOO!

  13. Carolina

    i actually drive from Carolina to this place occasionally when in need of a

    great dance. To go here you gotta like diversity…and if you like women of

    all kinds you’re in good shape. VIP is $152 plus whatever tip you give the

    girl for 30 min. I only do day shift because the night crowd is a bit rougher.

    Sometimes cover charge and sometimes valet only parking. I’d say more

    but your imagination is all you need. A good time …

  14. justinlk

    I actually had a good time until one of the waitresses stole my money. I asked for change and she never came back then tried to act like she had no idea what i was talking about when confronted her. Just don’t trust anybody and you’ll be ok.

  15. XhXeXy

    Stopped by on a Sunday. Crazy packed. $20 cover. Music was cool and the dancers were everything I expected, curvy, cute and fully nude. Cash only Ladies restroom was small, two stalls while a woman sits there selling costumes.

  16. mostly hated

    This club sucks except for cain jim and berry too many hoes fucking and sucking i hate a couple nasty ass bitches! shelby who goes by envy is a nasty broke trick ass hoe who has herpes so be careful with that one- several hoes fucking the same lame ass nigga passing it around so MEN be careful you might want to have a good ass time but end up fucked up–This club is HIGH RISK FELLAS!

  17. nickstrip

    The People That Answers the Phones There Are Rude as Hell! Whether You’re a Dancer Looking to Work or a Customer Looking to Spend Money. Idk What’s Up With That

  18. rogerrab2

    Place was bad women are crap and security believe the women!!! Expensive!! Just was cool songs were short…

  19. Franklyn

    The worst place I ever seen!! Bad cheating girls over there like she dance in my lap 1 time and she said you have to pay me for 4 dance and she called the security man and he was dumb ass with her and he said you can’t leave the place until you pay the 40$ !!!!

  20. money

    hoes a fucking and sucking bitches are nasty all of them have fake asses lips titties bitches dont have any respect for themselves or others stay away from this club

  21. kenston12

    We went on Sunday. Most strip clubs in Atlanta are closed on Sunday. We paid to valet the car, walked in and that place was LIT . We left to try another place. We ended up coming back later that night. Call me a rookie. Call me thirsty. I don’t care. I’ll be back EVERY TIME I’m in the area. Oh and there was food. .

  22. Ron

    I had a great time. Wide variety of dancer types and relatively good table dances for $10. Would definitely go back.

  23. Rick


  24. AssnTits5

    I have here stars because it was very expensive from the 20 dollar parking from across the street in a large free parking lot to the long line wait and 30-100 dollar door fee but once I got in I had a great time women I ran into were nice beautiful even bought me drinks so other than price it was bomb

  25. bigdaddy
  26. Arno

    Girls and staff are nice. This place is popular with locals and IMO is underrated among Atlanta strip clubs.

  27. JACK R

    I enjoy this club everytime I go. I love it.

  28. BRIAN
  29. ryan123

    I’ve gone to this place several times before and it was satisfactory, but on my last two visits I was extremely disappointed. The 1st incident is where I have a stack of $1s in front me while I am near the stage, the dancer takes all of it & spreads all of it on stage as if I intended to do that anyway, wrong! The 2nd time, the bartender overcharged my CC by $100 and held my license + CC ransom until it was paid for by a friend of mine. Bad business.

  30. ricky

    I enjoy this club. it has a very friendly athmosphere

  31. BOBBY

    Thought this club would be nice from all the reviews but the girls there on day and night are fucking rotten in the face. I saw one girl who looked decent and she was a lying GOLD DIGGER! If u wanna get robbed go to follies. Whats worse is those fat ass nasty body bitches actually think they look hot HA HA HA. DO NOT RECOMMEND TERRIBLE PLACE

  32. Mr. And Mrs. W.

    I love this place!!!!! Always a good party… especially for a girl. All different kinds of people. The girls are always sweet and hot. Other clubs the girls are snooody. Hands down, my favorite place in Atlanta… and ive been to about every club and strip club in this city. See you soon!

  33. Sammy

    I go there all the time, it’s my favorite place

  34. David S.

    I heard Follies was nice so me and a couple of friends went and the first impression was a very bad one. They treat the regular paying customers like crap compared to the vip paying customers. If you don’t pay vip price to get in they will make you stand in line and wait, we stood in line 1hr and half so we left… They let 3 people in at a time on regular paying customer line but all vip go in quickly.. Not fair because we still are paying customers too and to be punished by sitting in line in the cold is totally wrong…WE WILL NOT BE RETURNING

  35. Mike


  36. Harrison69

    I can’t tell you how my experience was inside BUT outside smdh, TERRIBLE. It’s $5 to get in BUT the way the bouncers were acting, you would’ve thought, we were waiting to see the president. They kept asking us “how many people we got with us” i’m not sure why that was relevant due to the fact that its a strip club and not a restaurant but whatever we complied nicely (AT FIRST). After waiting in line for 30 minutes we became frustrated. Not only were we waiting for nothing BUT we were asked at least 10 times “how many”. The bouncers were charging people $30 to cut the line, it was ridiculous. 45 minutes goes by and they’re now having a full course meal outside, cackalacking, while we’re waiting for them to let us in. After an hour, we left and as i turned to look back, i seen the bouncers letting people in. I dont know if i could say id never go back to this place, BUT at this point, i’m fed up

  37. robert
  38. caughtoffguardbythegutter

    This place is great. Definitely check out Tess, Claudia, Mallory, Chase, Fire, Hollywood, etc. They are all hot and give great dances. Tess may be the most beautiful dancer I have ever seen. Can’t go wrong at this place.

  39. tonycluber

    I went around 11am it was great , the only thing I did not like was the girl at the door …asking me to tip her….I am like what for? For charging me the entrance? Lol what the hell is wrong with those people at the door? Why are they asking tips for? There is no reason why anyone should be tipping you!!

  40. the man

    you will love the girls there

  41. James

    great club, beautiful woman

  42. Local guy

    Guaranteed good time here. $10 friction dances; sit in back/sides on the stools ; always a hottie or 2 here; super friendly. Hole in the wall, but fun chicks.

  43. Joey

    This place seems to be growing in popularity. Friendly women, been there twice now, same girl both times-very hands on and very nice. Drinks are quite expensive-7.50 for a mixed drink. Nice stage setup, not a lot of seating-sat at the bar both times.

  44. Kelli B.

    Listen to the reviews. Young girls. Can’t dance. They all look high off who knows what. This is definitely a traditional gentlemans lounge where a guy can go and tell a girl his whole life story and she’ll feel up on him and make him feel good. It’s not for someone like myself who likes to have a club type experience with sexy dancers that look of age and have rhythm.

  45. tim

    bad club

  46. SAD SAP

    RUDE RUDE RUDE!!!! GIRLS AND STAFF BUTT UGLY FACES AND FAT ASSES! ONE girl so skinny looked like a coke whore boy

  47. Marcus

    I was very surprised at the layed back athmosphere in this club. Very friendly girls. I will be going back again

  48. steph
  49. Randy

    I was very surprised. This club was very friendly and outstatnding woman. I will return.

  50. adamrod

    Cool spot went here after cheetahs with a few friends dark environment loud rap music very crowded in the place (shoulder to shoulder) didn’t get any dances had a few drinks. The girls are ok ..

  51. richard95

    I’ve gone to Follies every night of the week and every time it’s a different experience. Whatever type of girl you like ogle over she’s here. The girls aren’t pushy at all and generally laid back. Definitely one of the better establishment to visit that isn’t in a sketchy neighborhood or caters to one set of persons. And the drinks are strong love the bartender here.

  52. tommy

    good dances

  53. jimmyjam

    had a good time, there is something for everyone all shapes & colors very diverse and girls are friendly

  54. Andrea

    I found the club wonderful and entertaining. The Ladies were

    delightful. What fun.

  55. SONNY
  56. john

    I was surprised to find such a jewel on buford hwy. The girls are outstanding.

  57. anthony1

    On point, no joke, you better be ready for it … Make sure your pockets are deep & ready for the taking ….You won’t regret it …

  58. maxxy1

    Follies, I don’t even know where to begin! Follies has been around as long as I can remember hanging out on BuHi. The only problem is, EVERYTIME I drive by the place, the parking lot is mobbed- even when it was closed! The stories I have heard from my friends over the years about this place- some good, some bad, some awesome. Well, Saturday night, I finally got to see what the hell Follies was about.The beginning of “guys night out” started here, around 7ishPM. They only do valet, and it was $5 I think (I was not driving). It was time to go in- I assume cover was $10 (didn’t get carded)- and right when you pay, you go through what appears to be a metal detector (which is funny, I had a lot of metal on me, but I wasn’t stopped- maybe its a deterrent?)- that was a first I had seen for an SC. When we walked in, I realized it was standing room only- hard for 6 guys to get a seat. We went to the bar, and the first thing I noticed was this place is cash only! I left my $$$card at home with the intention of not emptying my bank account on an evening of TNA (which I will admit, there was a period in my life that happened frequently). We grabbed some beers then split up, trying to look for the “top 3”.My buddy and I stayed in one corner and watched for a few- right near some pool tables (they have one than one, believe it or not!). We were at first disappointed with the talent, but then our other buddies secured a table on the other side of the club. That’s when I realized 2 things- A)This place is the back drop of a SC in the game series “Grand Theft Auto” B)this shit is about to get fun!As we were getting to the table, I could immediately smell reefer in the air- and not even the good stuff. That was also a first for me in a strip club! As we sat, I could tell there was a shift change going on- as all of the talent we were not impressed by seemed to disappear. I was baffled when I saw 2 packs of peanut butter crackers on the table, so I looked around- and thankfully other tables had them too. SHADY!!! The beers started to flow, and the new crew came out. Stuff was starting to look up!Every girl that came by was cool and friendly. And attractive too! it almost seemed like a “hands on” approach- but I always keep my hands off, unless they are forcibly placed by the dancer (which is another story in its own).9PM came up quickly, which sucked, since we had dinner reservations at 9:30 that night. At the end of the night, we all decided it would have been in our best interest to stay at Follies! I won’t lie, I had a bad first impression of this place, but I tell you what, this type of sleaze is right up my alley! I might even have to tell my mom about this place!

  59. Newbie

    Go to this club, trust me you will not be disappointed in any way, shape or form. Shoutouts to the the dj, he plays great music…mostly r&b and rap so I can’t complain. Oh and make sure to see Brooke and Safari when you go, trust me you will enjoy the dances fellas!!!!

  60. eddyL

    Let’s just say ALOT goes on behind those green curtains of the “VIP” rooms . 10 full nude dances on the floor . It’s a pretty loose place … when you leave you’ll be smelling like an ashtray . Only rap music . Medal detectors so leave the heavy machinery

  61. Johnnyboy123

    We decided to go here after and event Saturday night around 9pm. Valet was $5, we got to the door only to hear we can’t enter because its 3 females and we needed 2 males to enter with us, It’s 2 females to every male. Honestly I have never heard this crap before and I have visited quite a few strip clubs around Atlanta including cheetah, onyx and others and never have I heard that. Thankfully I got my money back for parking

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