Goldrush Show Bar



2608 Metropolitan Parkway Southwest, Atlanta, GA 30315


33.6838003, -84.4071396




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Goldrush Show Bar

  1. Johnson12

    Bad business…the mngr can get it disrespectful ass mfk’r 2 all my Friends don’t ever waste ur time goin’ there u know who u r we like the best of the best and this spot ain’t shit

  2. curtis17

    Upgrades upgrades upgrades!!! This place has surely upgraded and have started to compete with the mainstream ATL strip club environment. They have changed the stages, added more TVs. They had added a bar and more plush VIP sections. They have two ok pool tables and very friendly staff. The lady manager is smoking hot!!!! The food is above average but not great. Dayshift is cheaper than night shifts. Very quality VIP secluded areas, pick girl wisely. The elder lately at the door at night can adjust her attitude, but one bad apple shouldn’t spoil the bunch.

  3. ATL Clubs

    Girls are mostly of the cheap street walker type. Drinks are overpriced and watered down. Patrons are mostly working type wanna be thugs. A place to be ripped off from the moment you walk in.

  4. Sandra G.

    This is my new favorite club. I don’t get to the strip club often, but when I do, it will be the Goldrush. I came on Wednesday with my boyfriend for the first time and they had $5 Hennessy – which was awesome. The bartender Jamie was my favorite, she made the best drinks and she’s freaking gorgeous. It was crowded, but definitely enough places to sit or stand comfortably. We got a seat at the bar no problem. The girls were average, but they had a handful that I would go back to see. We danced one girl until we left. For 6 drinks, tip, 6 dances, and entry (we self-parked) total spent $120. Any other club in Atlanta we would have paid double. We plan to come back next week!

  5. Trina

    I had an amazing time at the club. The Bartender Mandy was amazing an could really mix up a drink.! I will defiantly be back to see her!

  6. Regular

    I visit this club about every 4 to 6 weeks. Most of the girls are now black, but most are over 7s. Many are great fun in the VIP. If you meet a girl you like, ask about VIP with her. Floor managers are very understanding of customer’s needs.

  7. Otis

    Must say a had a good time at this club be sure you bring lot’s of money because the girl’s sure know to shake that money out of you pocket and into their G-string

  8. ryan123

    Went last night after the Avenged Sevenfold concert, and I must say, it has changed A LOT (for the better) since the last time I was there several years ago. The inside has been renovated, it’s much cleaner, and the girls are much prettier than I remember. Just wish they would have had more of them on the stages. They only had one stage open last night, but i’m sure it’s because it was Tuesday and not very busy. Also, I’m not sure why they charged us to park since there was hardly anyone there, but oh well. Strip clubs are expensive. We had fun and I’m sure we will be back.

  9. aaaa

    a girl name Rosa was real nice. Shes not just pretty but very sweet girl. well come back again

  10. maxxy1

    Nice spot. Dances are more personal. Good selection of girls.

  11. InTownOnBusiness

    I may not have gotten the best of this place (vistied on a Tuesday night…however Cheetah is packed and hopping every night). The table dance I got was very lame. There weren’t that many girls working the stage or the crowd. The quality was hit or miss. This club probably does better on the busier nights and has potential (including a shower view). But just not on this night. Then some shady taxi service outside put the bad punctuation on the night.

  12. harryharry

    Um…its a strip club…i’ll give it that. Reminds me of Hustle and flow lol, very local spot. The girls are not in the best shape. Went bc a friend of mines used to work there. Havent been back since. Cover isnt high, there may have been one or two pretty girls there the whole while. Ok time though.

  13. richard95

    I went here with friends a few weeks back. Ive never actually been here before, but from what I can remember being told years ago this place has definitely improved tremendously. The girls are BEAUTIFUL! If you’re looking to enjoy a nice party scene, have a drink, and hang out this is a great place to go. You won’t be dissapointed! There is a bit of a crowd, but most “good” strip clubs have that.

  14. nickstrip

    After all the upgrades, this is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorites in the city. The girls are top notch. Kita is perfect. It’s chill, laid back, clean. The food is good! Like, you’d spend twice if not triple as much for this kind of experience in another club. I’ve been disappointed with some of the other main spots recently, which is why we even tried Goldrush again in the first place. Our entire party was impressed.

  15. igor34

    Don’t let the look of this place fool you! It’s actually one of the better quality clubs (in terms if dancers) that I’ve been to. I was with a large party and the dancers were very friendly and welcoming. Parking is $5 for self parking or $10 for valet parking. Entry fee is $10. Lap dances are $10 per song. Drinks range from $6-10 each.

  16. Dustin

    The girls were nice, but it seemed more like my friends and I were being worked for our money than getting attention. We KNEW we were being worked, but it’s nice to be able to forget until you get your bill at the end of the night..

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