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0 reviews for “Magic City

  1. AssnTits5

    My magic city experience…. $20 parking is well worth it especially in that neighborhood you want your car to be safe. $20 cover starting at 9pm then the cover goes up the later the night gets. Now ladies restroom is terrible! One toilet with no door they got a curtain hanging up for your privacy. Drinks a little pricey and too much juice in my cocktail so I switched to beer for $3.00 cheaper. Now thease beautiful women are the reason I give 4 stars hanging from the sealing swinging each other. I got a dance and she had it all in my face, oh yes I was able to touch. I do think it’s over rated, kinda small for all the talk you hear about this place but no ugly chicks and nice asses. I will try another strip club just to compare.But I had a good time overall.

  2. Christina h.

    Magic city is crazy, the cover was $20. I had to find out what this place was all about. I’m talking ’bout women hanging from the ceilings and doing tricks like they were in the circus. They make the dancers up north look like they ain’t even trying.The place itself is not what I’d think it would look like based on how many celebrities go there and how popular it is. I like the set up of the stage though, and the array of women. A lot of the girls were beautiful, and the bodies they had were sickkkk –everywhere you go though there will be some who just don’t make the cut (maybe it’s strip club affirmative action?) It was a cool time and unlike the clubs up north it didn’t break my pockets, these women don’t beg for money they earn their money and I like that.Got me some southern hospitality

  3. curtis17

    This was my first time at a female strip club. I loved the atmosphere and the ladies were doing all kinds of tricks. It was super entertaining. My only beef was the drinks were not up to par and tasted cheap for 10 dollars and the truly entertaining parts were slim to none. The music was on point though. I’ll change my review back to 4 stars. I think I would have had a better time if I was into women…. I’m sure there were guys… and girls that thought the dancing was just fine. I wanted to see more ceiling twerks lol. The girls were super nice too and gorgeous!

  4. Aubrey Y.

    Decent establishment…i went on a Tuesday and if anyone has ever been to a strip club on Tuesday, you know they bring the JV baby gorilla squad out. Not the case here…A-game all day. I’ll definitely be coming back. Good break on my cross-country road trip. The only negative is the cutest girl in the spot (bartender Kristin) doesn’t dance. That’s ok though…you don’t trade in your BMW because there’s a dent in the hood.

  5. james1412

    I hardly ever go to strip clubs of course. On a Monday. Ha. But we went there for a bachelor party amd I can honestly say it was the most amazing strip club experience of all the one or 50 strip clubs I have ever been to. The talent and I mean dancing, acrobatic, hanging from the ceiling talent was better than anything I have ever seen. They actually have a policy that if the girls get fat in the belly they are fired. Fat in the butt is ok. Fortunately being fat is not a protected minority in the US. So the girls are AMAZING. Go on Monday. You won’t believe your eyes. Really great hookah also for $30 but totally worth it.

  6. Nicole M.

    WOW!!! I have never seen so much booty in one place in my life! I ventured to Magic City with some friends to celebrate some birthdays and to explore one of this city’s best adult attractions. Magic City definitely delivered and then some. I think you really need to just go to see it for yourself, but I can say that the bathroom (ladies) was clean, the service was great and the dancing was amazing.

  7. Josh W.

    It’s a strip club, don’t need a paragraph to explain.Beautiful women.Good musicInexpensiveAlright foodGreat atmosphereIt’s a strip club. A great strip club. Go NOW!

  8. mathewater12

    I’ve been to Atlanta a few times but was never into the strip club scene, I had gone to one strip club before that and didn’t enjoy the experience. But my friend really wanted to go and I was driving so we went…it was fun, I didn’t think I would be so entertained. I may not go to a strip club here in NYC but next time I’m in GA I may check out anther club or two. The women were all lovely for the most part and pretty talented in their moves, drinks were decently priced but if you’re not getting a bottle you’re not going to get a table. But on the bright side you don’t need a table or to be sitting to get a lap dance. Plus they serve food late into the night, if you want a late night bite.

  9. Brittany W.

    ummm i havnt been to many strip clubs,-oasis goodtime emporium-the cheetah,and out of those this one was the best..—–UPDATE 2014,… I have since been to ONYX which now reigns as the best strip club in Atlanta in my book…but all the rest of what ive mentioned in still true..————i took a couple of friends of mine to the cheetah earlier that night, butwe were unimpressed so we drove over to magic drinks, and butt naked ladieswhat else could you want…these ladies were definatly working a whole lot harder than the cheetah girls….saw a couple of super fine, model type girls in here, and almost lost my mind, ….(but not my rent money, cause im a girl, and the voice of reason always speaks first lol)

  10. R A.

    Quality women, best I’ve seen (haven’t been to King of Diamonds yet). I def. felt like i walked into a hip hop video. I was secretly hoping to miss my flight so I could return again lol. However, they didnt really utilize the pole as much as i expected they were mainly twerking on stage. Anyway their food was good but their drinks were very very weak! So if you’re trying to feel nice you might have to pregame beforehand. I didn’t get a lap dance but from what I saw it was very minimum to no contact. Parking is free depending where you park.Things to keep in mind:-When I went there was a $20 cover, but if you show them the promo code on their website it’s half off cover.-The strippers won’t tell you beforehand but it was $10 per lap dance and each lap dance lasts a song.-There was a $30 credit card minimum at the bar.-The neighborhood is sketch so I wouldn’t advise walking from your car with stacks of singles out in the open lol.

  11. fritter17

    One reason why I love this place because of the food. The dancers are wonderful but the food is marvelous.

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  13. igor34

    I made my first trip to Magic City with my bro after hearing so much about this place in songs and on social media. My experience was better than anticipated honestly. I’m definitely a person that researches businesses thoroughly before hand just to make sure I know what I’m getting myself into. Security was cool making sure the patrons and the performers were fine. Might not mean much but in other clubs security has a tendency of doing way too much in a sense.The bartenders were friendly, I didn’t have to wait forever for my drinks or getting smaller bills. Some of the performers came up to us introduced themselves and offered lap dances (aka non grinding twerk sessions lol). The dancer I received a “lap dance” from was a little older than the other dancers but she was cool. I quickly learned that it’s a better experience to stand by the performance stage an tip the dancers while their performing, instead of getting a watered down version of a lap dance. The girls are nice not super annoying trying to get a lap dance out of you every of minute.I must say seeing the women performing was awesome. They have to be talented to perform some of the moves they were pulling off. That was certainly the highlight of my night. The experience was great and it wasn’t to far from my hotel. I’ll definitely make another trip to Magic City hopefully next time on a Monday!

  14. J Mega

    This is one of the better clubs in the Atlanta area. Needs a couple more girls. I went on a Tuesday, for my birthday. The dancers were friendly and goodlooking. *WARNING: The Bullsh*t ownership at this club charges $10 AND MORE for parking, plus the cover! They tried to scare me, told me I’d get a boot on my truck if I parked on the street. I didn’t. *WARNING: This club is in a bad area near a bus station. Be careful WHEREVER you park!

  15. chris s.

    all i can say is monday nights

  16. MickE S.

    First of all, I agree with the review posted by Julia S.: I was ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED by the front-door security staff that is the initial impression a patron gets of this place. On Magic City’s website, they CLEARLY state that there is a discounted admission rate for ALL military and veterans of the Armed Forces. However, when I showed my VALID military card, the bouncer looked at it, then back at me, shrugged his shoulders and said, “And? It’s $20 to get in … NO EXCEPTIONS!” And even though my out-of-town guest had also registered on their site to qualify for the advertised “1/2-off discount rate”, he made me pay $40 for both of us to get in.Once inside, we had no choice but to sit at the bar because the limited table seating was already taken by the time we arrived at 9:30pm. THAT proved to be a joke, because the lonely, horny, gawking stalkers that crowded the stage made it hard to enjoy the show for most of the night.I was ALSO not impressed by the lack of attention paid to the patrons at the bar by the dancers. One dancer in particular would approach one individual, skip three or four, then solicit the fifth patron, which made several people angry … and I agree. When people are going to a club of this nature, you can NEVER be too sure of who the REAL “ballers” are, or if they’re just scrubs hanging around to look at eye-candy for free. Therefore, each and EVERYONE should be treated as though THEY are your ONLY bread-and-butter for the night … THAT’S your job, “Ladies”!In MY opinion, the ONLY thing that made my night worthwhile was the 2-song acts that broke out at midnight (They put on a cute show … but I’ve seen better!) and the sexy bartender that kept serving us our watered-down drinks.I’ve been to clubs in my hometown NY, Miami, Dallas, San Francisco, Vegas, LA, New Orleans and many other cities I’ve lived and traveled to, and THIS, by far, was THE most disappointing time I’ve EVER had!!! And I’ll be SURE NEVER to take another one of MY guests to this hole-in-the-wall EVER again … TRUST!

  17. Andrea A.

    I’ve been to Magic City a few times and like some said, it’s hit or miss depending on the night. We had some friends from out of town whose never been and they enjoyed themselves. I’ve NEVER paid more than $20 to get in and once in it was worth it. The girls were nice; I’ll say 8 overall. I’ve had the chicken and shrimp and it’s been as you would expect. The ONLY bad part in my experience is the smoke. I mean they smoking EVERYTHING so be prepared to smell like a smokehouse once you leave…

  18. dopeboy19

    Went on Magic Monday. Way overpacked. Girls stripped down naked. Being from philly, im not used to that scene and I definitely prefer a little mystery. The girls were generally decent looking and it was a good time. But not as great as I’ve been told about.

  19. shawty dee

    its da best nice ass and every thang

  20. Kim R.

    Damn Magic City is the most off the hook strip club I have ever been to in my life…The women in there can dance and you can drink alchol gotta love the dIrty South….You have to exp this club for yourself…To sum it up …It’s Magic

  21. Barbara W.

    Okay, here we go again. I read these bad reviews to see WHAT THE HECK folks are saying. I’ve been here a few times. Let’s start with HOW do most know about Magic City? Oh yeah the rapper boys talking about making it rain. Now listen carefully to the song..Magic City Mondays. Again if you are going to burger world WHY would you order a salad? They specialize in BURGERS. So in this case, Magic city specializes in Monday boody. Monday is the first day of the week with fresh boody so why you want 5 day old boody on a Friday? Lol but seriously MAGIC CITY MONDAY’S. So go on Monday. Maybe one day I’ll try another day. But for now I know Monday’s is the SHOW day so that’s the day I’m going. So down to the nitty gritty…what’s on the inside. This place is smaller than another very popular strip club (I’ve reviewed it so you can peek) it’s more like a club with people dancing. The girls are top notch pretty. And they can wobble and jiggle it. The lap dances are very touchy, keep it raining they will keep it poppin. On Monday they do a show that requires MAD upper body strength. Hanging from the ceiling with one arm and twisting like a washing machine. It’s quite amazing. They intertwine and twist like helicopter blades with each other. It’s insane. The food…chicken…the chicken. Yum yum yum I have yet to go to a strip club and not have a good fried chicken. HA HANow the parking. Yes it’s expensive if you want to park in the lot next to all the ballers and shot callers. Parking your buckquito next to Rapper X’s Lambo isn’t worth it. Instead just park in the lot that’s about a block and half from the club. The only thing is this place is downtown in the seedy area of ATL. So be aware of your surroundings. Every time I’ve parked in the lot there has always been a guard sitting at the entrance to collect the $2 fee . YES two dollars. Now all these reviews about a $20 entry fee…um PLEASE tell me HOW. The first time in ATL I went, stood in line and waited a bit. While in line the entry fee sign kept turning. You could see the price when the doorman would open the door. It started at $50. Went to $75, then $100 and eventually $150. $150! I heard soooooooo much about this place I HAD to go no matter what the price was. Lucky for me when I finally was let in the price went to $75. I was nervous because I don’t MIND spending money for entertainment BUT I DO mind spending money on WHACK stuff. So maybe the $20 fee is for a Friday night when it’s 5 day old boody. Prices do increase depending on WHO comes in as well. Now if you are from the SOUTH chances are you have been to great strip clubs and Magic City is a step above average. BUT if you are from the Westcoast…chances are a mediocre ATL club will be the best you’ve ever seen in life! They do it a little different. Everyone is ready to ENTERTAIN! So yes…Magic City when in ATL this is a must…you HAVE to go ONCE in your life. Men and Women.

  22. The One Who Knows

    This club is a MUST see! You haven’t been to a strip club until you’ve been to Magic City–there’s a reason they’ve been around for over 20 years! If you like beautiful, exotic looking women, you will love Magic City! It’s a baller’s playground and you never know what celebrity /athlete / rapper will be there! P.S.–Ass for days…

  23. mr...lookin..

    the club is great… u should check it out!!!

  24. Mistercap12

    Usually I never have to pay a cover charge .. but it was 30$ to entry into the club … I won’t lie I had a good time , my best friend it friends with the bar tender… mostly everyone was friendly …. from past experiences I always had a nice time …. I would recommend this place to men that love curvy but slim, beautiful women.. sorry guys no photos

  25. Rochelle G.

    Came here last summer on a Friday night. Parking in the main lot was $20, so we went to another nearby lot that was $10. Then we stood in line, and it cost $20 to get in, even though it said $10 online. They check your purse and everything at the door, and they accept cash only but they have a little atm machine inside. Once I got inside I was unimpressed. The was a small stage with 2 poles that the girls never got on!!! As a woman, Im not really interested in seeing girls get naked, Im more interested in seeing their skills on the pole, but it seems like the poles are just decoration there. There was a little food stand inside but I didnt try the food. My friend bought me a margarita but it came in a little plastic cup. The music was down south rap music. The girls get fully naked there and I swear I saw a guy put his finger in one of the dancers vagina….GROSS!!! But anyways, the whole experience was overproced (parking and entry) for what we got. I was highly disappointed since this place is soo hyped up.

  26. Bodilly

    I was in total awe of the beautiful women that were walking around, Dancing, or socializing within the Club. So much beauty in one place… a Man’s dream made real. The club is frequented by numerous Celeb but don’t bother them while they are doing what you should be…Relaxing and Enjoying. A sure must see when in the Atlanta area…Security is Top Notched led by Fatcat and his Posse’…start nothing it’ won’t be nothing.

  27. lena k.

    As i was planning my trip to Atlanta, visiting a strip club in ATL became one of my main events during the trip. I knew i wanted to go to a strip club but where to?After doing a little bit of research, asking my “male” friends’ opinions on strip clubs, it was Magic City that we decided to go to. Being overly affected by Media, i just had to see strippers doing their thang (especially with their buttocks*cough*) Because that is what i see on any regular(?) hip hop music videos.Going to Atlanta was all about experiencing “the urban culture”Of course, it’s a well known fact that the city is beautiful and the Olympic was held, etc. But i admit i was only interested in experiencing the night life. (Ok. Cut that all unnecessary explanations.)Around 11:30, we had arrived at the club, the line wasn’t there. It was an easy enter, no waiting nothing. Our group consisted of me, my friend and her boyfriend. We had to pay the cover which was $20. I don’t think it was that excessive considering that’s the regular club cover in Hollywood. After doing a little bit of TSA thing, we finally walked in. well.. it was dark. I saw girls dancing on the stage, naked. At the same time, I could feel people staring at us. Of course, it was all black crowds and I could tell my girl friend and I were the only Asian at the club. I couldn’t stare at people’s faces straight so not sure how they looked, but the vibe was…’What da hell are they doing out here?’After passing a few mins of awkward moment of being only Asian girls at the club, people finally stopped minding us and started minding strippers. I ordered three shots of Patron but the bartender suggested a special which was a shot of tequila and a chaser (Budweiser), 9 bucks. I was like “sure why not?!”That was until I saw the bartender getting the tequila out of the tap.No wonder why it was so cheap..!I think I took two shots while I was there. Not sure if the tequila was too cheap or it was the mixed drink that I had but one thing for sure, I was throwing up everything including my bile next morning. The worst hangover ever. Speaking of girls, girls were soooo pretty. I was very impressed how they were presented. Pretty faces, all types of body figures. It reminded of Baskin Robbins. There was one girl who was so pretty that she could have made me go straight only if I was gay. I was expecting to see some money throwing or guys making it rain kind of scene but people were pretty much sitting down sipping their beer or just standing and staring. I was holding my dollar bills and looking for a moment to just go out there and tip a stripper. But nobody was doing it big. I think it was after second shot of my tequila and finally walked up to the stage and started tipping the stripper. I’m not sure if there is a proper way to tip a stripper but all I did was just tucking dollar bills into her denim panties. .Finally after tucking all my dollar bills into a stripper’s panties, I came back to the spot where I was and did a little bit of hi-five with my friend and left the place as if the mission was accomplished. It was a fun night. I give 3 stars to the music and pretty strippers out there. They lost two stars on small space and cheap (quality) drinks.

  28. rogerrab2

    Love this place! Great drinks, even better wings and the best adult entertainment in Atlanta. It’s a must do when in ATL. If you happen to be lucky and are in town on a Monday you’re in for a treat. Pop in after midnight and thank me later! Enjoy! And so everyone a favor an throw some cash!!

  29. mike jones
  30. XXXbeast

    Shout out to Magic City for welcoming me and my man! My boyfriend and I had never been to an adult entertainment club together and seeing as we were in town for homecoming, we thought it would be the perfect time. And it was! We came with 2 other couples, sat right next to the stage and ordered bottle service. It was the perfect introduction to Atlanta and lovely ladies. The dancers were talented and did these awesome tricks! Thank you Magic! Can’t wait to come back!

  31. richard95

    Needed to get away for a little while…. MC! Why not!

  32. XhXeXy

    I don’t frequent strip clubs too often, but have been to a few. Magic City, by far, tops. I always have fun when I go there. The dancers are very cute, and make us non-dancer girls feel very welcome. Check it out!

  33. nyce

    Overall good club but cover charge and parking is way to much. Its not like ur not going to spend a few hunderd at the least when inside jus seems like there being greedy and thats not fly.

  34. Laneka G.

    was here for a bachelorette night $20 to park and $20 cover, cheap drinks, ladies can not dance you can only sit there and look they first three girls really had skills hanging from the ceiling while bouncing up and down, that takes a whole lotta strength besides that it was wack

  35. Sabreena R.

    Lazy strippers and the place is crazy small. I’ve only been to onyx other than this and it was way better. And two small red bull and vodka was $30 and it was watered down

  36. larry1

    I haven’t been here in a while, but my memories are so fond I just had to leave a review. Never have I seen women so fine in a stripclub in my entire life. If you read my other reviews, you know that I don’t like watching skinny ass women strip. I like my strippers with some booty, and Magic City does NOT disappoint.Good lawd, there is nothing like seeing a thick ass woman making her butt bounce all over the place and taking it all the way to the ground. Those thoroughbred women REALLY know how to work it. Every woman in there looked like she belonged on a hip hop magazine cover. Cover is steep, but the eye candy is worth it. Can’t wait to take my wife here one day.

  37. eddyL

    I came here from Charleston South Carolina with a friend of mine and the experience was absolutely terrible. 1st of all not one of the girls took the stage except to sit on it and facebook on their phones. I was under the impression that this was an exotic DANCE club. For a busy Friday night I found it odd that I saw at least 7 girls sitting on their phones paying absolutely no mind to their patrons. The one girl I didn’t see on her phone I witnessed her snorting drugs off a customer’s hand. While I know that these things go on in clubs, keep it off the main floor. We were there for an hour and not one girl went up to perform. While the drinks were average priced they were definitely watered down. When I asked to speak to a manager about the situation, because any reasonable person would want a refund at this point as services were not being provided, I was given the run around and ultimately refused an actual manager. The bartender who claimed to be a bar manager, when we voiced our grivences said there was nothing she could do. You can’t police your own employees? Paid $20 for”vallet service” which in reality was $20 to park your own car in their parking lot and $10 a piece to get in the door. So after drinks about $80 for absolutely no entertainment which is what this establishment is supposed to offer. To top it off the food was very poorly made. I ordered the steak dinner only to receive a chopped up steak completely submerged in steak sauce, no exageration. The chef had a hard time understanding the request for a steak done rare, which is a basic and very common request that even to newest of chefs should be able to comprehend. Smothering a steak in steak sauce ruins the flavor of the meat and is a classic sign of an untrained chef with no business cooking in a restaurant kitchen.

  38. rodneyerm

    I’m from NY , don’t know much about the age limits to get into strip clubs is for the A…. trying to bring my sister ! What’s the age to get in?

  39. Jay J.

    MAgic City breakdown:I was out of town from NYC, here to check on Magic City…$20 cover chargeValet parking was about $20…good DJRATING OF THE STRIPPERS: out of 10 starsFace: 7.4 (about avg in terms of looks/ some cuties, but some so-so over the hill dancers)Bodies: 8.3 (some nice thick mama’s in here)Attitude 6.4 (some attitude from certain dancers, a lot of hustlers who are focused on making that money)The Positives:Some cute ladies with big booties….Some strippers tend to walk around butt naked, which is nice…….About 3 to 4 women tend to dance at once on stage, so if a gal is boring—you have other viewing options……Negatives:The smoking inside here can get annoying—hate the idea of getting back home smelling like an ash-tray…..Thirsty dudes will often stand in your way as if you weren’t there….I’m not a big fan of the crowd here—A lot of fake tough guys here n thirsty looking dudes often standing right in the middle of viewing action…There’s a good number of chairs, but I wish there was a little bit more…..(wish there was a non-smoking seating area)Security staff seemed like douches….(not really personable)ADVICE: If you want a seat, you MUST come early because I got in after midnight and the lesbians had the seats on lock-down and they were not getting up…..The strippers here are pros—they will observe the men hard in here to see who they can get money from, so fellas—Have your game face on!Overall—about 3.2 starsThis is not a great strip club, but its not a bad one….(a better option than Diamond Club of Atlanta)

  40. TASHA


  41. Erica K.

    Magic City females are fucking incredible! Some of these women look unreal. Their body’s are amazing, and because its the south, most of them are home grown. As you get further up north, you’ll notice a serious infestation of butt shots. Its gross. In Atlanta though, they’re just built that way, lol. And no matter how big the women are (size 8, 9, 10 etc.), they’re proportionate. I should note that this isn’t always the case, as I’ve frequented a few other strip clubs in Atlanta and the caliber of women wasn’t as impressive. They look exactly how a good imagination should imagine. Different shapes, shades, and sizes. A lot of hair extensions, eyelashes, and tons of makeup, but I love it because I like strippers to look like dreams, lol. As for the demeanor, you get very little talk time with these women unless you’re some sort of celebrity… a tactic that I’ve never quite understood. Nevertheless, you basically have to respond to them the way that they approach you. If you’re interested, spend money, if not, tell them so they can move on. If you’re the type of person who wants to talk for a minute in order to transition into dances, you may want to try a cabaret. But then again, the women there will be wearing gowns, and I can assure you that they won’t be doing a quarter of the naked acrobatics these girls are willing to do, lol. On being a non-stripper in the strip club: You will get hit on by tons of guys (which I’m sure you knew already)! And you’ll be propositioned by many. Most offers will be incredibly underwhelming though, lol. As for the girls, the majority of them will try to act bisexual so that they can either hustle money from you, or turn on a bunch of guys who will in turn, spend money on them. If you are a bisexual women, I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but I will anyway, its all a swindle. And a very unfortunate and disheartening one at that, lol. I wish that half of the women who claimed “bisexual” there, were actually bisexual, would have been an epic night, lol. Location… what can I say, its scary. Its actually scary as hell.

  42. D Z.

    Well MC…..Finally. When I first moved to the “A”, this was the spot I was told was it. And it was. Bucket naked ladies for days. The only reason I stopped goin was because people in there like to make it rain…..I’m a make it drizzle type of cat. And I like to touch!!!!!!!!! But hey, Magic City is whats up for real.

  43. Rozlyn G.

    Was far from impressed the girls were cute but far from welcoming the staff was rude!!!….we pulled up and the guy stated 15 dollars to park so being new to ATL I left for the atm 15 minutes top and when I got back the dude was acting shady wanted to quote another parking price….WTF….get to the door that price was 20 so I spent 100 dollars before I even got to see some titties WOW….it was packed no where to sit unless u bought a 200 dollar bottle of ciroc which is negative lol NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL AND THEY WON’T EVER SEE MY FACE AGAIN!!…ILL stay with less known titty bars!

  44. winston12

    It is an okay strip club. It’s not as glamorous as I expected and it is rather small and in a questionable neighborhood. It was early so we got in free and it was very slow but once people started coming in the women started perking up. I saw a few impressive pole tricks. I got a table dance from a gorgeous shapely woman. It was pretty great. About 60% of the women weren’t attractive however. The cocktails were $9 and beers were $6.

  45. Duncan B.

    I’ve been #AtlantaStaple

  46. Visitor of the ATL Area

    This club was nice, had lots of talented ladies. GiGi was beautiful. But Strokers is the best club in my opinion.

  47. fuckery12

    So I was entertaining some friends from out of town for a weekend in ATL. One of my friends absolutely HAD to go to Magic City…and why not, the place is mentioned in a number of rap songs as one of the hottest strip clubs to go to in ATL sooooo off to Magic City we went…I hired a cab so no one would be stuck with DD duty (so I can’t comment on parking, sorry). Anyways, we arrive at Magic City and realize that there is a $20 cover charge, grrrrrrrrrrr! Alright, whatever! So we’re in! Immediately, I’m not impressed. There were only 2 girls on stage when we walked in. Where’s the Magic? The place is pretty dead and it’s almost 12 midnight on a Friday…really? There was a total of about 25 people in the entire building! What’s going on in the A-T-L?? Well, I figured we would stay a while to see if the place would pick up a little. In the meantime we grab a table and some drinks to watch the girls. A few of my friends got lap dances and started to tip the girls on stage. The drinks were good and fairly inexpensive. Still, I’m not impressed at all. The maximum number of girls on stage was 3 and the crowd got even more thin as the night grew on. The music was ok but it wasn’t great like I expected. The DJ talked way too much! The entire operation of this place left much to be desired. At times there weren’t any dancers on stage at all which was disappointing. There should ALWAYS be dancers on stage! COME ON!!!On a positive note: The few girls that were there were beautiful. I got a lap dance from a BEAUTIFUL girl! The quality of the girls were top notch, there just weren’t enough of them in the club or on stage. For a cover charge of $20 and the reputation Magic City has I expected a lot more!I may give this place a try on another night. Maybe my opinion will change but I thought going there on a Friday night would give me a decent feel for the joint. Until we meet again, Magic City… 🙁

  48. tonycluber

    This is my first visit to ATL as well as magic city. In the beginning the dancers were boring and just bouncing up and down, but then this last hoe came out and tore the place DOWN. She was clapping her ass on the ceiling! I was impressed with her but overall a bunch of wackness. The ladies were sexy and fit though.

  49. Edwin P.

    Lemme preface my review by letting you know I’m not really a “strip club” guy. .. I’m kinda funny about the money I make but whatevs.I live in the Atl and never been to magic city. Decided to roll through on a sat. night about 1am.. Cover was $20 .. No line but I can’t front. The surrounding area will have you doing the speed walk to the entrance. Again, I live here so I wasn’t scared but I wasn’t trying to take my time outside, feel me? .. Got inside and it was smaller than Imagined. I had seen pics on Instagram and thought it was bigger. EVERYONE was kinda posted in front of the bar and since I was new I just wanted to post up too. But to my chagrin the bouncer flashed his light and told me I was blocking the walk way.. Cool ok.. So I’m trying to find a spot were I could stand without security flashing their light of disapproval. Before I knew it I was damn near in the corner of the building next to the DJ booth. I could have hoped in the booth and started DJ’ing I was so far in the cut.Anyway the seating area up top looked to be on lock. Don’t know if they were regulars, lesbians or VIPs but whatever they were they was having a good time. I managed to find another spot to post up that wasn’t by a emergency exit and just took in the atmosphere. I mean I’m surrounded by naked women so how can I complain. The women here are beautiful .. Like for real beautiful. If I had to do it over I would probably try a Monday, I hear that is the best day but still Saturday wasn’t bad. Overall if you want to have a good time you can definitely have it here. It does have a few ghetto characteristics but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Again, the girls are beautiful, watch ya back when you park and enjoy yourself.

  50. Harrison69

    I also came to Magic City because of all the hype about it and had to see it for myself. It was Saturday, 12/13/14. The location isn’t the most welcoming with there being a lot of homeless people in the area. Parking was $30 in the main lot, which is kind of absurd, but we found parking close by for $20. I think I heard of another alternative, that was free, but it was too cold to find out for sure that night. Cover was $20, which is kind of normal for a popular strip club. People weren’t kidding when they said that they spent $50 before they entered the strip club. That would be a deterrent if considered visiting a lot, but then again, I don’t go to strip clubs often anyway. When I got to the main floor, my first thought was “Wait. Is this it?” I came in expecting a great big room with a lot of tables and poles and at least a second room for more entertainment space, but it was just one medium sized room. It turned out to be relatively small for a strip club that’s been made famous by its celebrity visitors. I just expected more. Anyway, Magic City, hands down, has the best looking group strippers that I’ve ever seen. Most strip clubs have a decent looking group of strippers, with the drop dead gorgeous ones being the minority (3 or 4). Out of about 20 strippers that I’ve seen there, about 13 were drop dead gorgeous and the rest were just really good looking. That’s the best I’ve ever seen in one place. It was kinda abnormal to be in a place where almost every stripper had a huge or a really nice butt. If you’re a breast man, you won’t be that pleased, at least not the night that I went. Overall, the type of women in there were very beautiful (minority women) with small to medium sized breasts, slim waistlines and very large, round rear ends. Ass isn’t everything in my book, I appreciate it when it’s there to see. There were a lot of tall ones there too (for men who appreciate “Amazon” women like me). My favorite one was named “Slim,” who appeared to everything I prefer in a woman, including dark skin, a tiny waist and insane curves. Her southern accent was a plus too. I don’t think her butt was all natural, but it still looked good for her body type. Private dances were $10 per song that night and the DJ didn’t cut every song short like some places do. The strippers took their time to please as well. I never once observed a woman that looked like she rushing and dying for the song to end.The staff and the strippers were very cordial and polite that night. “Slim” displayed some of the best manners I’ve ever experienced at a strip club. That said, I’d come back to Magic City again whenever the interest for strippers came back to me and was in the ATL area. The women are top notch and the staff was cool. The only things that could have made the experience better is if 1) they allowed touching, (but it didn’t ruin it for me) and 2) more use of the stripper poles, cause I barely saw that. I can’t speak on the food cause I didn’t order any.

  51. Antonio M.

    Had a great time here. Came in from out of town to visit and enjoyed my stay. The staff was friendly very attractive dancers. My only issues were the ATM charges you $10 to take out $100.00 which is ridiculous so bring your own cash to get singles. Also the variety of women leaves something to be desired. Otherwise a really great place to have some drinks and enjoy the view. I came here on a Friday night.

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