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0 reviews for “Onyx Atlanta

  1. David F.

    For the more fastidious and excessively frugal among us, this is a place where you HAVE to open your wallet. Hell, you spend $20 to park before you even get inside. Then it’s a $20 cover at the door after you get a TSA style pat down/molestation. Need to use the ATM inside? $7 surcharge. Rather use your debit/credit card to buy drinks? 50 greenback minimum. And before you know it, a Ben Frank is wasted even before you see round mounds!Really wish the DJs would shut-up sometimes too. They oftentimes talk over the songs causing a break in the rhythm of table dances and stage performances. And aside from them playing the same song twice in 30 minutes, they oftentimes seek oppurtunities to insult folks in the crowd.But aside for the astronomical overhead costs and annoying DJ antics, this boobie bar trumps most in ATL (although I put the stage talent at Magic City ahead). Onyx has more space than most clubs as well although most of it seems to be reserved for VIP as if it were a sky box at a stadium or something. And apparently men AND WOMEN enjoy this place alike.In summary:Pros: Beautiful women with outrageous bodies, spaceous (except on thurs. and fri.), food is actually suprisingly good specifically the talapia, the oil rub down the girls give each other on stage, Cons: Overhead Costs (parking, ATM fees, minimum credit card purchase, etc.), DJ antics, bathroom attendent

  2. Leila B.

    Not Impressed. I know the life of a stripper may not be ideal but at least pretend you’re having fun. Most of the women walking around looked like they had an attitude. My husband bought me a dance and the chick didn’t even smile n say hello. She danced in front of me, not touching me at all. The dancers here attractive but weren’t impressive. I saw like two girls do pole tricks. They have hookah, pool, and i believe they have food here as well. There were plenty of girls and females walking around selling shots. The shot girls were a little too chatty for my liking. I wasn’t thrilled with my Atlanta strip club experience.

  3. Tiffany K.

    i went to club onyx during new years weekend i had a ball. the girls did they thang and the guys was paying. will be back

  4. curtis17

    ONYX is the truth! The girls are bad and all of them had nice bodies! I highly recommend you get a dance from Egypt. She is beautiful and gives great dances. Most of the dancers here don’t do much pole work. Mostly shake dancing from what I saw. The bartender was dope the night I went (I went on a Saturday, same night as Birthday Bash). I had some drink with Pinnacle tropical vodka, grenadine, orange juice and sprite. It was niceeeeee! Dances are $10 and the DJ stays playing hit records for the full length of the song, which is why I left close to closing time at 3 and I got there a little after midnight. Club got swole as the night continued on, like wall-to-wall House Party thick. LOL! None of that half-song, skipping mess that cheats you out of a full lap dance. I wanted to come here because of DJ Nando (his Vines and Instagram video posts were always live). But after he passed, I just wanted to come to experience Onyx since I have heard great things about it. It was $20 to park two buildings over (not even in the main parking lot, I believe that lot was $50) and another $20 cover to get in. I had an overall great time. The only downside I had was the bouncer made me switch my flip flops to a covered toe shoe. He said if I entered the club with flip flops I would have been charged an additional $40. WHERE THEY DO THAT AT? I am glad I had some flats in the car.

  5. larry1

    Ok, so me and some of my friend guys and girls went here this past Sat. nite(3-2-13), to celebrate my friend guy’s cousin’s B-Day! We had a really good time. Although, I will say that I wasn’t expecting this type of atmosphere. What I mean by that is, that this strip club is also like a nite club, alot of walking around, and not enough chairs to sit down. I guess I was comparing this strip club to the other one that I had been to that was more of a “sit-down” atmosphere, where the strippers come to you and give you a lap(literally) dance. Onyx’s dances are what I call “stand-up” dances, b/c the strippers give you a dance when you’re standing(don’t have to be sitting in a chair). And they are EVERYWHERE!! The min. I walked in, there was someone to my left on the wall getting a dance…OMG!! Most of the girls are nice looking, and most of em’ had “Butt for days”!!LOL! They mos. def. was shaking what their mamas gave ’em…or prob. in some cases, shaking what their money bought ’em!!The only neg. things I have to say about Onyx, are(of course), the limited amount of seats…had to stand all nite, so at the end my feet were BARKING!! And the bathrooms are AWFUL!! Now, as much money as Onyx makes, they KNOW they can afford to upgrade those bathrooms….SMH!! All in all, we had a good time and I would mos. def. recommend this club to others!

  6. stripforme123

    Had a great time! Went on a Saturday night there was plenty of sexy damcers. A lot of couples and women patrons. Club has a nice safe vibe. Definitely would recommend for anyone visiting Atlanta.

  7. JB

    Best Club in ATL Hands down!

  8. Franklyn

    Worst strip club In Atlanta when i arrived I was in shock that one must go through 3 very perverted pat downs b4 entering the club . These guys are worst than TSA at the airport. Ive never had a security guard put his hands down my pants and grab my penis as a method of search! I will never return to Onyx as long as i live . Its never that serious to go to a strip club! smh .

  9. rogerrab2

    At onyx now with some friends. I ordered the bacon chicken ranch quesadilla… It’s great I took off the onions and added jalepenos. But I’m disappointed because I couldn’t finish it all and when I asked for a togo box I was charged $1 (shouldn’t that be apart of your business cost) I’m a customer. I shouldn’t have to pay for a Togo box.

  10. felixnada

    my fav club right down the street ! fried shrimp is bangin !!! best in the a !

  11. maxxy1

    The girls at work took me to Onyx for my birthday. It was my first strip club and I didn’t know what to expect…Parking is $20 and so is the cover charge. The drinks are expensive and the bathroom belongs at a truck stop—they really need to get that together. My first strip club experience was OFF THE HOOK!! LOL!! I didn’t expect the girls to be all the way nude but they were (shrugs shoulders)…The whole vibe was chill…Some of the dudes were throwing stacks like it was monopoly money. Some guy did pay for me a lap dance but she wasn’t grinding on me or I prolly would’ve thrown up. All I can say is, these chicks weren’t ugly—they were different shades, races and sizes. They had got the skills to pay the bills!! LOL! They make they money and act like they enjoy doing it. If I could shake my ass and get paid, I bout would.

  12. vtinatlanta

    Second stop on the all day cruise of strip clubs – this one was short. I heard good things about the place, but at 7:30 I paid $3 to park the car myself by the street, $10 to get in. At $13, that was over $4 per girl that was in the place. Three girls, none attractive, not even close. I’ve heard good things, but this place had an annoying DJ, I mean that voice will drive you crazy. We lasted 5 minutes, we had a drink just to prevent it from seeming like a total loss. Five more minutes and I would have needed a prescription for Prozac. Really.

  13. Darly S.

    Okay this place was cool. lol. I came here with my boyfriend and we had a good time. The girls were nice. we came here on a Tuesday night, it was free to get in and they had $5 dollar drinks. Parking fee was $10, interesting. Will I come back here again? Sure. It wasnt that bad. We went on a non busy night.

  14. Dr. P.

    I went to Onyx on a Saturday night with my gf. It was very uneventful. The girls were cute, but I’ve seen better at Magic City and Cheetah’s. They didn’t even get naked!!! I would recommend you save your money and go to “The City”. I don’t think I’ll be back.

  15. Whitney T.

    Booo…once upon a time this was my favorite strip club (If I had to choose) but the last time I went, this definitely changed and I’ve never returned since. The strippers were rude, ratchet and not cute. I’m sorry if you’ve had a bad night and don’t want to be here, but don’t take it out on the customers – you chose this lifestyle. Onyx also used to have naturally pretty women and a very nice variety, which I wrote about in my first review. But, that’s not the case anymore and there are more fake booties running around. I’m straight on the stiff booty butt injections/implants. Also, you’ll spend about $40 between parking and getting in. Why not go to Blue Flame where you can park for free and spend about $20 or less to get in, depending on the time of day and see prettier girls with real booties (they have some fake ones too but it’s not as bad). I guess all great things must come to an end…

  16. ryan123

    Growing up in the Los Angles area I have high standards when it comes to strip clubs, Onyx not only met those standards it shattered them. The women in this club were crème de la crème, gorgeous bodies, beautiful faces, and fantastic on the pole. It was truly refreshing to see natural thick black women rather than the skinny plastic white girls I typically see in LA clubs which do nothing for me. Although I paid 10$ to park and 20$ each for both me and my girlfriend it was without a doubt worth it. This is mostly contributed to the clubs atmosphere, I believe on this night (New Years Eve Eve) there were more women visiting the club then men. Although that may seem odd it was perfectly natural and it added a lot to the clubs atmosphere because it made my girlfriend feel more comfortable. This club was a great slice of the real ATL and I loved every minute of it and will definitely be coming back.

  17. rodneyerm

    Went here last night after hearing a lot about it. I got there around 9:45 and had to pay 10$ for parking. I paid another 10$ at the door. When I got in there nobody was there but around 11:00 people started to come in. The place was nice and big with plenty of places to sit. The dancers were good looking even the waitresses were. Both were friendly. Overall I recommend it but compared to other strip clubs I’ve been to the dancers had more of a look but don’t touch vibe.

  18. CJ G.

    As far as black strip clubs I’ve have been to my fair share, this was one of the best ever! I felt like I was in a 2 Live Crew video! Pretty expensive I spent $20 for parking and $30 to get in. Very crowded on this Friday night. A few celebs were in the building but nothing special was going on. The women were all definitely top notch for sure and they got paid for it too. If you like a good strip club full of pretty butt naked women go here. But make sure you have some money in your pocket or you will just be a spectator. If you go please tell the DJ to shut the F*&k UP!!!!

  19. Cece N.

    OMG!!!! Where do I start?!? Before you get to see the girls dance you either pay $10 or $20 for parking and $20 for cover charge. But when you get in, baybaaeee… Now I don’t frequent strip clubs, but I can tell this is one of the best. Their set up is nice with the stage in the middle so you can see from all angles. The girls were good looking, there were a variety of different shades and sizes but I didn’t see no stretch marked bellies or pot bellies. Nice bodies with major skills!! They even get completely nude and they pop that thang so hard it looks like it hurts! I can honestly say, I WAS IMPRESSED!!! There was only one pole on stage but the ladies that weren’t using it were doing splits, hand stands, the whole 9 yards in stilettos! Wowerz!!You gotta PAY to PLAY!! If you want a personal show, you better make it rain! The girls make a lot of money but when you see their skills, you can not deny the talent. Especially as a female, I know how hard it to get through a day in stilettos so doing flips and tricks is beyond insane.If anyone is looking for a true ATLANTA strip club, this is the one! I haven’t been to other popular ones in the area but if anyone comes from out of town and wants to go to a strip club, this is where I’ll be bring them! There were probably more female patrons than males so its good for co-ed.

  20. Snatch

    I went there for my bachelor party and I had the best time i have ever had at ANY club ever; there is no sex in the vip room!

  21. tonycluber

    If I could give this place NO STARS I WOULD! Not because the music or the dancers aren’t good (because I’ve always considered them tops in Atlanta) but because of the way management handled a dining situation! I ordered one thing but when I received my food I got the wrong order. This isn’t uncommon in restaurant settings but my issue is being told that what I ordered was not available so instead the chef thought it was okay to send something else out with the hopes that I wouldn’t notice or that it would suffice. This is poor practice for a business. What I ordered is rarely purchased by customers so they didn’t have all the ingredients in stock…my suggestion would be to take it OFF the menu because people like me will see it & order it!!! But let me take it a step further, the manager (an older, white gentleman) came out & took my critique for attitude. Offered no apology or solution & walked off while I was still talking. Let’s be clear, it is a club so it’s loud so my voice was elevated but none the less I was making a valid complaint! I too am a business owner & understand the concept of the “customer is always right”! He clearly wanted to be right in this situation & saw no need to make me a returning customer & TRUST when I say it will be a cold day in HELL before I EVER step foot in this establishment again! I DO NOT like to be mistreated under any circumstances so the fact that I wasn’t valued as a customer is disappointing, to say the least. I have always liked coming to Onyx but will think twice before offering my patronage to a place that doesn’t acknowledge when they are in the wrong & walks away from customers before the issue is resolved in a civilized manner!!!

  22. B W.

    Not as expensive as Magic City, but the girls are great and they work the pole. No homo. lol. $10 to get in, good music, as the evening progresses the crowd get thick usually an hour or two before they close. Drinks are good and strong, average price. They do a few tricks in there for stage performances so you wont be disappointed.

  23. Danae G.

    My friend has never been to the strip club in Atlanta and since Atlanta is known for them she wanted to go. We originally tried to go to Follies but they won’t let groups of girls in without male escort, so we ended up at Onyx because it was close. We got there kind of early, so we were able to park in their lot –it was $5. I’ve been later in the past and parking can be a real headache. It can get expensive and hard to find a space. My tip is to Uber/Lyft. It costs us $11 to get in. That’s a random number. There is a discount for Active Duty Military. Since we were early we were able to sit at the bar. I was just glad we were able to sit down. In the past I wasn’t able to sit because we didn’t have a section and it was crowded. The drinks are okay. I ordered a whiskey sour from one of the bartenders. I think the drink was $8 which actually isn’t bad considering where we were. My problem came when I tried to order a second drink using my card. A different bartender said I had to spend $40 min to use my card. That was beyond ridiculous and also illegal according to credit card merchant agreements. I understand why they do minimums– because it saves time and I usually just meet the minimum when it’s like $20….But we weren’t planning to stay long and I didn’t need $40 worth of drinks. She said dif bartenders have dif minimums and that was hers– that’s craziness bartenders can’t make up random minimums. I told her 1) the place was empty so it wasn’t like she was going to be wasting time. Long story short. She charged my card $16 for two drinks. I’m not 100% sure but I think auditions are weekdays 8-10.Overall experience was okay just not my scene lol.

  24. chris s.

    best stripe club

  25. Ron G.

    It seems like I seldom visit strip clubs. In fact, I’ve probably been to more of them as an underaged youth up North than as an adult. That being said, I do go when one of the following conditions are met:1.) Someone is visiting from out of town and is dying to go.2.) When I’m with a group of people 3.) Completely spur of the moment (always with others).Since more than one of these conditions were met, I found myself making a pilgrimage to Club Onyx. First, it costs $10 to park. You can either park on the actual grounds of the club or directly across the street. Second, it costs $20 to get in. Once inside it wasn’t too different from any other strip club, dimly lit with neon lights at certain places, mirrors, bars, a VIP area, pool tables, and a DJ that talks too damn much. Since I was the designated driver, I’m not sure how much drinks are. The dancers in the club are predominately Black, some thick while others are petite. One of them caught my attention for her innovation and athletic ability. Not only did she pull off a series of pull ups from beams on the ceiling, but she made it look sexy. I don’t know about you, but I don’t associate sexy with pullups. Afterwards, she swung from the beams onto the pole. She did some manuevers that I never seen or even thought were possible. At one point, she was spinning around the pole horizontally with her legs wrapped around the pole. By the time she completed her set, people were showering her with money. It was definitely entertaining.

  26. nickstrip

    The place was ok, the girls were ok not as hot as I expected “Atlanta strippers” to be. We ordered drinks and the waitress brought us the cup half empty! $20 for parking, $20 entry fee.! It was ok, but not worth it! Magic city was definitely better!

  27. richard95

    Saturday NightParking = $10Cover = $20Dances = $10Booths = $400Top sections = $200You don’t have singles then it’s a $100 minimum from the DJ

  28. Ryan S.

    Despite getting the most thorough pat down I have ever received in my life I had a blast. Seriously, first time in my life a 260lb man cupped the balls.We went there in a mixed group for a bachelor party. The place wasn’t overly smoky and there were a lot of dancers of all types and tastes. I think everyone in our group found a few ladies they bought multiple dances from. Parking was $20, we were in a Range so they put us right up front. We went there after dinner and were a bit before the rush so I think getting in was $20. Drinks were expensive for meh alcohol but I haven’t been in any club that doesn’t bend you over for booze so its tough to knock them on that. The bachelor, despite this being his first “black” club also had a blast. He is kind of awkward so if he can cut loose at a place then you know its legit. The only problem we had is he was adamant on going to the Pink Pony, which was overcrowded, understaffed and smoky as hell. Made us miss the Onyx even more. We will be back here for the next sucker who decides to get married.

  29. Ali F.

    Terrible! Let me start by saying this I’ve been in Atlanta before it was “Atlanta” I’ve been going to strip clubs since Jazzy T’s and Gentlemans Club so i’m far from new to this. I don’t frequent Onyx on the regular so this particular night my best friend said lets go some people he knows are going to be there I said cool. We paid $10 to park and $21 to get in each. This particular night we walked in got some singles and headed to the dance area. It was wack the dancers were ugly and it was a lite crowd. So we said cool lets order a drink and leave. Waitress brought us out drinks 2 gentleman jacks.After she left and 2 sips of the drink I noticed like 6 little bugs in the bottom of my cup. After looking closely I saw that they were knats! I told my friend check your cup he had the same thing! We called the waitress back and showed her the drinks.She said ok I’ll be back mind you we were not rude at all we thought when she left she was gonna just bring more drinks. But the manager showed up big black guy didn’t get his name. He walked up with attitude and said “yeah you wanted a manager” the look on my face is like dude we just found bugs in our drinks this is how you greet us. So we said man we found bugs in our drinks. The look on his face was like and….. He said what u want? again where the fuc* is the customer service dude! So we were like shit you tell me! I just found bugs In our drinks what you think we want! He said you want more drinks all with attitude mind you not a simple sorry about that guys let me get you guys something else. So we told him forget it just bring our money back and we won’t ever come here again and he was like ok brought our money back and we asked for our money back we paid to get in and he declined. We could have mad a scene but all he would have done is call security and it would have escalated from there So we just left. So all this to say if you like bugs in your drinks and ugly strippers on top of bad customer service go to onyx. I’m not stupid I know this is the adult entertainment industry and the attitude of managers and owners is we don’t care how we treat customers the number one goal is money. We didn’t expect the manger to kiss our ass just a simple apology would have been cool but the take it or leave it and nonchalant attitude was not cool. In the words of Jermaine Dupri “Onyx I don’t go no more cause they don’t know how to treat you when you walk in the door!

  30. harryharry

    I love love love Onyx. You get what you pay for, great music, pretty girls, and a fun time. Be prepared, as a female, to spend at least $50-100 to have a decent time (if you pregame).

  31. Leilani V.

    I was only visiting ATL from Cali for a week. I knew I HAD to visit a strip club because ATL is the mecca of all. I few locals told me to visit Onyx. I planned to go with a group of 4 on a Tuesday because of the specials. It was Twerk Tuesday so: -Gentlemen got in free before 11 and Ladies free before 11:30 (After 11:30 the cover charge would have been $20 per person.)-Parking was also only going to be $5 (the lot is private and has security too). -$6 patron shots (My tequila shot was $10 🙁 )We actually ended up bumping into a promoter from Onyx at Wet Willie’s who hooked us up with free admission soooo haaayyy we didn’t need to meet the early birds! After a few drinks we headed to Onyx. All the bouncers and girls up front were very hospitable and catering and I felt welcomed right away. It was kind of slow on Tuesday night. We stayed from like 1-3ish. There with only two girls at a time on the stage. I didn’t mind though because its full nudity and that was already entertaining enough. All of the girls were extremely talented, approachable, and beautiful. The starting lap dances were $10 a song. It was hard to get ignored in there, so you can easily get one from your faves. Also, the table settings are intimate but the place is huge so you can pick a section or table easily. The place doesn’t feel sleezy either, its pretty clean minus the bathrooms. Other tips: Hookah is $55. There is a $50 minimum to use your card at the bar. I would definitely come back on a Friday or Saturday. Check out Onyx website because it tells you what event is going on that night and gives you a number to text to RSVP. Dress code is business casual. All men get patted down by security.

  32. igor34

    Had a great time celebrating with my friends for my birthday I would definitely say very entertaining but a bit Smokey atmosphere.

  33. fisherdex1

    Who goes to the strip club and sits for an hour and never see one stripper. We did! You advertise 50 Strippers and can’t get one to hit the floor before 10 ? Absolute fail on your part! Brought my man out for some couples fun and ended up playing pool and having a couple drinks before heading bCk to our hotel. The bartender was horrible 10 people in the club and you still have to get her attention to get a drink. Won’t be coming back. Guess I better stick to what I know MAGIC CITY is way better !

  34. Sophia T.

    Okay… I know what you’re thinking, why did I give it 4 stars? Well.. in strip club world it deserves 4. There may be a bit of a stigma being a girl and admitting to having a good time, but I really did! I went with 3 guy friends who wouldn’t let me pay for anything (I’m sure this helped in the experience) and even bought me 2 lap dances :o. I think parking was $5 and entrance was $10 each. The thing I liked was that there weren’t any really old sleazy guys (gross) and that the people there were just having a good time (no desperate guys paying in hopes that they’ll get a lil something extra, eww). Most of the guys there were in groups which included girls so I didn’t feel so out of place.The girls had good bodies (didn’t look at their faces too much), and the two girls that gave me lap dances were both really sweet. One of them told me I had a good body and that I should “use” it… (awkward!). The dancers are mostly black and hispanic and most of them knew how to work the pole (hey I wanna see some acrobatics!). Compared to other strip clubs the people here were much more generous, everyone was throwing/giving at least $20 at a time and some guys got like 5 lap dances (they cost $20 each and last about 10-15 minutes). Those girls were rakin’ in the dough! The drinks there were good, but if I remember correctly my long island was $10 (slightly expensive). Good times! Now let’s see if my girlfriends are willing to join me lol. Just a warning to guys who like really skinny girls… DON’T go here.

  35. Antonio H.

    All I can say is Music Video and if you want to have a real good Time, bring atleast $200.00 with you, its all good.

  36. Niya I.

    Host/whores @ the front have no customer service experience whatsoever! Ignorant is beyond the word! White chick at the front eating telling how she didn’t like a particular city, who cares? Unable 2 use vip cards bc of promotional night. Black chick with whack weave/tattoos galore was even worse concerning customer service. May be a nice club but the chicks appearance/customer service skills suck! Security gas southern hospitality, need to train the other itches!

  37. Harrison69

    Something to understand about ATL strip bars: It’s not your average, seedy pitstop like other cities; it’s a place where guys go to see dancing & women go to meet guys (sounds weird, I know, but you’ll see as many women customers at Onyx as men). Think they have TV’s but I honestly can’t remember. Stage was looking much better at the moment. It was $40-60 cover and drink were ~$10/each for liquor, etc. If your pockets are deep enough there isn’t much you can’t do here. Nice place to entertain your out-of-town-frat-brothers to ATL nightlife. Seriously it’s the type of licentious atmosphere you hear artists rapping about. “Bandz a make her dance”. Enjoy.Also they charge for parking, and they’re isn’t much of it so plan accordingly (there’s nearby lots, valet, etc).

  38. Johnson12

    Its okay. Dont like that they snatch phones and go through photos if they see you trying to snap a selfie. If you don’t want photos taken you should post that somewhere. The dancers are cute. The wings and fries were pretty good. Kinda hard to snag a server. It was an okay night out though.

  39. Cheyenne Foxxx

    Ive danced at many clubs in my lifetime, in many cities as well, and I must say…If your looking for a dancer that understands her job is to create the “Fantasy”, Quality & Hospitality in an upscal fashion, with no “force to buy” attitude…Onyx is the club to visit…and the club to work at, lol 😉

  40. fritter17

    Last night was my birthday and I went to onyx and I fell in luv with this place ten thumbs up Great Girls good drinks and the DJ was funny as hell this place is a must go if your coming to Atlanta

  41. AssnTits5

    They have all-around great service however the lady-man as your host is a di** or cunt which ever he or she prefers. Ladies are bar-none that I’ve seen through out my journeys through out the whole planet almost paid someone’s tuition!

  42. Johnnyboy123

    Well I must say that this place has a lot of EYE CANDY!!! I enjoyed this club on a Saturday night. I dropped $600.00 to be exact, and the only reason I disclosed the amount is to drive home the point that this place is very seductive for a strip-club goer. Getting to the point I was only displease (reason for 3 starz) with the 3-tier pat-down. After the first MUTHA-FUCCA grabbed my nut sacc I said to myself, “I’m about to fire on ya homey!” Then the next fool inside the doorway did the same thing!!! At this point I was about to talk to Ciff (Owner/partner of club or whateva) and say, “Yo my homey whatz up with this shit?!!” I began to think that these foolz got beat a few times by some G’s that made off with a lot of their paper. The only reason I allowed the 3rd MUTHA FUCCA to pat me down was the breezy that I saw pass through the entryway to the club. Straight BANGGER!!!! The last sexual molestation searcher went hard on me again! I said, “fucc-it at least I’m in.” At that moment I felt like I was in strip utopia. The music was the shit. The girls were the shit. I stayed til 2AM eye-fuccin 95% of the breezys. Won’t go again due to the foul searching methods, but I highly recommend this spot if you in the “A” for fun and whateva.

  43. adamrod

    The Click and I met here the last Friday of the month in October 2011. They host a cigar event during the Happy Hour, where drinks are reduced and they have a guy hand rolling cigars. The cigars were excellent. I was surprised. The girls were nice and one of the better selections around Atlanta. The DJ talks and talks and talks, someone really should tell him that we are not there to hear him. It went on and on sometimes stopping the music and bringing the girl to a dead stop in the middle of their stage set. It was a good mixed crowd, we had several ladies with us and all of them had a cigar. We had a good time. The audio system is nice, the club is upscale, they spent a lot of money on the setup, bar and seating areas. Its a nice spot. Due to how expensive they are regularly though, i doubt they’ll see me other than on these last of the month Fridays. It was supposed to be free parking, it wasn’t, they hit you for $2 just because, no excuse, he said “it was supposed to be free parking but we’re expecting a lot of people so we’re just charging 2” entry was free however and the margarita/quervo i was drinking was $8 so i didn’t qualify for the bar brand happy hour discount they were giving.I’d go back and i’d recommend it, but i’ll be sure to warn them about the non-stop yacking of the DJ.

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