Tattletale Lounge



2075 Piedmont Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30324


33.811867, -84.3663857




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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14 reviews for “Tattletale Lounge

  1. Steve

    Great place to go for adult entertainment on weekday afternoons. Pretty, friendly girls. Use common sense. Come in clean, nicely dressed (jeans, polo or button down shirt is fine), and be friendly, polite, and generous (dancers and bartenders have bills to pay). Be nice to the girls and they will be very nice to you!

  2. Tattianna

    Tattianna (Karla Rapoza,Karla Elizabeth Lauzon) is having sexual intercorse with her clients in VIP room. She has arrest recorded as Karla Elizabeth Lauzon. Please investigate her illegal activities in club.

  3. Vincent V.

    I went to Tattletales with a co-worker who swore by it. I ended up swearing at him.The only, and I mean ONLY reason this place gets business or curious tourists is the fact that it was mentioned by name in the 1980’s Motley Crue song, “Girls, Girls, Girls.” This place has been cruising on that publicity for over twenty years, and it shows. Come to think of it, there are probably some dancers there who were working back in the day when Vince and Tommy Lee made it famous.The club is in a run down looking house on Piedmont, it fits in perfectly with the massage parlors and other sketchy strip clubs. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all. They do a dance at midnight to the Crue song and give you a t-shirt if you buy two lap dances. That’s one of those t-shirts you’ll be real proud of when you sober up.

  4. Dubai Tim

    Drunk girls and country music. Not my kind of place.

  5. Noreaster

    First went here in January as a quick stop on the way to the airport. Met some great women. stopped back in in June, day shift, tues-fri (at least) are great women. friendly, not pushy, good looking, smart, and some great dancers. Gotta love “momma” (MK), Abby, Peyton (brillant woman, sorry to see her head further south, evenings had some HOT dancers. This little blonde dancer (sorry forgot the name) only took off her top. her “dance”when you tipped made you forget all about that tho.

    Daytime feel- a neighborhood bar with naked women ( which i liked)

    Nightime feel, definite strip club, but very friendly.

  6. Matt

    Excellent, a lots of fun.

    I would recomend it to anybody.

  7. fuckery12

    Apparently you’re not allowed in without men to accompany you. Sexist much?!?$10 cover on top of that. Never. Going. Back. Didn’t get in because I didn’t have a man with us. Bullshit.

  8. Sex in VIP

    This is a brothel. Please investigate for illegal sexual activities in VIP room. Fulton County should shut down here.

  9. Grumbly

    How to start. Drinks are lousy; overpriced and pooly made. Of course, it doesn’t help that the only bartender while I was there was running around doing the waitressing as well.

    The girls are modestly attractive, but more interested in hanging around with the regulars than dancing. One pretty young thing spent an hour at the bar bitching about how she didn’t want to come in that day.

    I remember Atlanta in during the 80’s and 90’s. The Tattletale used to be one of the greats. Incredible women in a small venue. These days it’s just another strip joint.

  10. Daddy A.

    The girls are just focus on anybody with a suite. Not a ton of girl, they had 20 in total, some of them are trying to over charge for dance. B/c it was a slow night.

  11. Vaughn B.

    This place has been a staple of my Atlanta life. I am here about once a month now but used to be a regular weekly stop. If you need a ton of silicone and a million girls on stage all at one time this is NOT the bar for you…If you want a cold beer and a stress free naked lady experience…this is it.

  12. SwampTiger

    was there weekend of july 21 to watch my cardinals play stoped at tAttletale nice looking girls and friendly thould it was great will be back

  13. zoe-holic

    “got Zoe?”

  14. richard95

    I was there with two gentlemen friends yesterday and they really screwed over one of my friends. One of the dancers talked to him for about 30 min trying to get him to go into the one of the VIP rooms. She told him that only cost him $100 for one hour and that he could have unlimited alcohol there. What she never told him was that once there that her time was $250 on top of that $100. Yes, he was drunk and vulnerable! Perfect victim…. After a few minutees I gauge to be 15, some kind of henchman came in and basically required him that he had to pay $250. But my friend explained that the dancer told him that it was only $100, then the henchman went about explaining that that was only for the room and alcohol for one hour but that now that he was in that room he had to pay $250 for the dancer time on top of that. When he refused to do that as he was about to walk out he had only been there now 20 minutes since henchman kept him in there extra minutes the henchmen told him that they were going to call the police and report him for theft. Basically a really fucked-up situation switch and bait. Not expecting anything legit but come on. Go there with full disclosure

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