Saigon Passion III



1420 Kapiolani Boulevard, Honolulu, HI 96814


21.2933747, -157.8430657




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Saigon Passion III

  1. mic

    good nauty place. No cover – so no risk in looking. Some Hot Asian Girls with a little diversity.

  2. Tiffany M.

    I love the girls and the bouncers here!I really love the local girls that work here, I don’t know if its just me but the local girls here are more talkative, open, social, and more friendlier than the vietnamese girls here. Its pretty spacious here and there are two rooms, you have to enter the first room in order to get to the second. The bouncers at the enterance know me well and so do the local girls.I met a few nice vietnamese girls. One of the vietnamese girls stayed with me in the bathroom while I went to pee! She was really nice and kept talking to me and saying I was pretty and all, but I was tipsy so I didn’t mind. The second room is more dim and the atmosphere is more laid back than the first room. I rate it a 3 because the mama san asked me to leave about 1 1/2 hours after because of something totally UNRELATED TO BUSINESS. I was a customer in her establishment and she asked me to leave because of a personal bias. The girls and the bouncers were real apologetic about it and they wished I could of stayed but whatever mama says goes because she owns the place.Would I go back? Maybe. If she kicks me out again I’ll threaten to sue! (Just kidding, really though it was an act of discrimination)

  3. AnonUser

    My friend was roofied here and had his credit card ran for $500

  4. Johnnyboy123

    I will never return to this place..and here is why.I came here Friday morning around 3:45AM, after a long night of partying for my 21st birthday.. being drunk and not realizing the time they close we walk up and the bouncer asks for my ID…I should have known at this post the best thing would be to just walk away…we got in a good 30 second argument over what day it was..I’m pretty sure I’ve been counting down for this day for the last 365 days, I KNOW when my birthday is..anyway, so finally he asks someone what day it was and they tell him and reluctantly he lets us in. So we go in, we sit down at a booth because the one stripper that was working was up on some guys lap…not entertaining for me…SORRY and then the guy comes up to us, asks what we want to drink…we say we’re good..and he tells us its a 1 drink minimum. So we’re like alright, we order 2 jack/coke. He brings us our drinks and not more than 45 seconds later, the music stops. Seriously? We paid 18 dollars for 2 drinks…what a waste of time. I’m never returning and I suggest if you’re reading dont even go.. There are way better clubs…with better looking women.

  5. joseph1k

    I go with my bosses of a sushi restaurant I work at, after work. We stop by because all the women that work in this establishment eat at our restaurant throughout the week! So when we go to visit and have a drink, we order food from the menu. I must say the salt n pepper shrimp, kalbi, and seafood noodle soup are all my favorite dishes to eat! I love it! Although the name Saigon Passion scares away the normal close minded crowd, I always give places the benefit of the doubt. Nobody bothers us as we sit on the bar and eat. The bartendresses know us because we eat there at least twice a week! They are so sweet always buying us drinks and refilling my ice water constantly. Overall great customer service, dim light setting for those other patrons sitting in the establishment. Great staff and the door men are awesome! They call me Miss Red for my red hair. hahaha! Will dine here in the near future!

  6. Royal Kuhio

    The dancers were good at showing their best physical attributes but the quality of girls was lower than most but they made up for it their friendliness.Girls may keep you company at the booths while you are watching the dancers from a distance but always ask for many drinks at $20 a pop and some have English problems.Lap dances quality are at their discretion. More Vietnamese girls than most

  7. Candy

    THe last 3 times I went there somebody slipped something in my drink. A lot of the girls are crack heads. And a girl even gave me a hickie while dancing for me. I pushed her off of me, but it was too late, and my boyfriend saw it and was really mad.

  8. harryharry

    Fun place to go and enjoy life. My brother came in from the Big Island. He ahs been so stressed out he needed somethng to get his mind off the world. We found it here. Great service, Clean Bathrooms and just a good time.

  9. fuckery12

    I used to go here for the food. Seriously. But apparently, the kitchen is being renovated. Now I come here to talk story with the bartender. And I always hear that it’ll be more crowded or there will be more girls later in the night/early morning. But I’ve never stuck around long enough to experience it.

  10. yanard12

    Cool place been there for the last 15 years , I see the owner and he takes care he is not into childish stuff to me this place is where everything is done …EVERYTHING, now if you are a real man you know what to do , and that’s not whooping and hollering , that will never get you to meet the entertainment , maybe some of cheap people should learn the educates of these kind of bars , you buy owner a couple drinks and the mama san. That might get you a special pass.Good luck

  11. james1412

    This was the first stop on the July 2014 No Cover Tour of Honolulu inspired by James G. in honor of my friend’s upcoming nuptials. We arrived around 9:00PM, and it appeared that the place was empty. We were extremely disappointed because we had rented the Oahu Partybus, and this tour was on a timetable.As we turned around, we were stopped by a mama-san and ushered into an adjacent door. There was another stage! I was genuinely surprised at how young and attractive the two girls were. There is a one (1) drink minimum.The inside is about as clean as one would expect from the exterior. There is an amazing painted mirror over that bar with an asian woman straddling a ferocious tiger. I want it so bad. My friend asked the bartender (a chubby fanboy looking asian dude who hadn’t shaved in a few days) if the mirror was for sale, half jokingly. I actually wanted the mirror, and I would put it in a place of prominence. The bartender was kind of an ass, and replied in a very serious tone, “No. It’s Not.” We quickly curtailed any further discussion with this dood.I was herding cats on this night, and the new guy got caught by one of the girls. Every morning a lion wakes up and knows that it must be faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve. This was no different. I was very impressed at her ability to survey the situation so quickly. I think he told me he paid $40.00 for the private time in the booth.We had our drinks and stayed for a couple of songs, but we had to keep moving.(I am not sure why there are food pictures for this business.)

  12. Hiloboy

    You have to check Heaven out she is really hot I met her this Sunday.

  13. Tequila

    Cont…In spite of the raunchy stripper Tori there are some other really hot Asian and a few local hostesses and dancers.

  14. Randal P.

    I’m getting too old, so I don’t to this anymore, but Saigon Passion is where I went after Rock-za and Femme-Nu closed.There is fun to be had there.For a while, I was seeing a blonde who sold clothing to the dancers. I’ve forgotten her name too.

  15. eddyL

    Bene made the whole trip worthwhile. She is a beautiful lady with a fantastic body that kept us entirely captivated the whole time we were there. I recommend this bar 100%.

  16. Jay M.

    Don’t ever go here! My friends and I came here a month ago. We walk up to the bouncer and were pleasantly surprised that there was no cover charge. We got our drinks and things it started. We go and sit down at the hotseat Some lady sits next to my friend Herald and puts her leg on top of his. We automatically think that she has to be a “buy me drinky” you know these women that work for strip clubs that will go up to you and ask you to buy them a non alcoholic drink and keep you company while they drink this drink. She was sitting with my friend Herald and taking his dollars and getting her friends to come join our table, which was fine with us. She actually started going kind of crazy throwing dollar bills everywhere and groping my friend. Then the “mama-san” came up to us and got our order for more drinks. I found one of the girls to be attractive so I agreed after a long back and forth to get a private dance. I continuously asked about the price and she said something in broken english about it being cheap. In my drunken state i was not too worried and went back with her. The dance itself was great (she got frisky) but when it was over and i went to the bar with her to retrieve my bill. I was given a $360 bill with no charges explained or written. I disputed the tab but was ushered out by the bouncers and the crazy woman who had just given me the dance. I would not recommend coming here or any strip clubs in Honolulu they are not worth it!

  17. Kaiser M.

    It’s so obvious they put water in their alcohol bottles to stretch their liquor. This whiskey sour tastes like water. The place next door didn’t have mixers at all so me and my cousin came here. The girls are chubby or old dancing and the drinks fucking suck. This place is Terrible. Never coming again.

  18. XXXbeast

    Girls here a ripoff. If you want to be milk for your money then this is the place to be. If not, you better off going to Femenu or Roxza.

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