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1401 East Washington Street, Urbana, IL 61802


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Silver Bullet Bar

  1. Marcus
  2. disappointed

    I’ve been out of circulation a while, and recently went back to the Bullet. I’d been a customer for 15 years prior. What the F$%& happened?! There are still some very good looking women working here, fit and young, but the place was dead both Thursday and Saturday nights! Back in the day you had to be in the door by 8:45 or it was standing room only. Used to be the girls were frisky and playful, and until you pushed a boundary things just flowed. Also used to be that the girls expected contact, and a few would encourage it. For the first time ever I actually had a dancer push my hand off her, and I was only touching her hip! I got several privates over the two visits, and every single girl started off by asking if I knew the rule, and then explained “No titty, no kitty, and no ass crack”. Pardon me? Reasonable rules to be sure, but did you really need to have the girls spell it out as a standard procedure. And I was twice told that my hands were violating the ass crack rule. In one case the girl was very petite, and being a big guy, it wasn’t really possible to avoid the fact that one of my hands will cover both cheeks. That’s a little different from attempting to take the plunge with a digit. The second girl to complain made no bones about the fact that she thought it was a stupid rule considering the mechanics of the dance, but told me the girls are watched and get in trouble if they don’t complain about it, even if they don’t feel the guy is actually trying to sample the goodys. The only bright spot was a dancer calling herself T’mara, and I don’t know the correct spelling, but she was a serious grinder, a sweet soul to chat with, and assuming you like black girls gorgeous to boot. If not for her I’d have been gone in 30 minutes last Saturday night. I might go to see her again, but it will be a specific choice to get dances from her and then leave. There’s no kicked back good time to be had here any longer, and the diminishing crowd I feel is a result. The atmosphere of the place has really gone downhill. Sad to see.

  3. big fan

    I love this bar and the girls have all their teeth!

  4. SJC

    Most of the girls here are very outgoing and friendly. The owners are great people. This is a great club to go to and enjoy yourself.

  5. Dustin

    This is a good place for the area. One of the first topless bars I’ve been to, and I keep coming back. Dancers are outgoing and social.

  6. Ron

    Stopped in last Friday. I had been here a couple of years ago and had a really good time then. This time it was terrible! Very few lookers, and the bar is in desperate need of some renovation and maintenance. Service also sucked. They should try making it just a normal bar and not a titty bar if that’s the way it’s gonna be.

  7. j
  8. Mario
  9. Nicholas

    This club really is a hole in the wall. When you’re at the bar and you want to order a drink you nearly have to scream to get the bartender’s attention, and when she finally makes her way over to you she acts all pissed off that you interrupted her time dicking around wasting time or fucking around with other employees. There are a FEW cute girls but they don’t seem to work too hard; if you’re an older gentleman they pretty much ignore you and sit around with groups of white trash young boys who probably aren’t even giving them any money (maybe drugs?) And I know you get what you pay for but I think $10 is still TOO MUCH to ask to be stuck elbow to elbow with other men for a lap dance. If I’m in the strip club mood, I will make a commute out of Urbana to some place elsewhere next time, because this place was definitely a waste of time.

  10. Justin

    Damn!! I fuckin loved this place! I would come back any day of the week, those girls are fine as hell!!

  11. somechick
  12. eddyL

    Cover is $5 and free for girls. Drinks usually around 4 and they put a lot of liquor in it. They used to have some hot girls but now it went downhill. Had some couple dances, table dance and lap dance. about $15 or $30. Used to be regulars every week and they have $20 vip for 6 months which you get free cover and a second drink free. After i went to some bars in chicago I dont really want to come here anymore

  13. Cliff
  14. whatever

    it may be a small, older bar, but the girls are a lot hotter than at the other bars i’ve been to in the area. as far as the barstool lapdances, they’re 10 bucks, buddy… if you want elbow room, go pay 25 bucks at one of the fancy bars that’s only open two days a week because it gets no business!

  15. John Marions

    Was fun, not all that great… good for a small town

  16. ricky

    been a few times.couple good looking girls but thats it.service was ok.bartender was hot.

  17. traveler

    I really enjoyed myself here the girls are fun

  18. bub

    Alot of nice looking girls….very busy, fun atmosphere….

  19. Nick

    This place used to be so fun, used to be so full of hot, friendly girls. Its nothing like it used to be. The girls are so stand offish now and they all look so trashy and they’re SO pushy for dances. A few years ago, this place was great and so much fun.. not so much anymore. Still an all right place to get drunk, though, if the bartender actually pays any attention to you.

  20. Happy Guy

    This bar is great! Great girls, for the most part, and you won’t go broke having a good time. A++ from me!!!

  21. JJ Walker

    The worst club I’ve ever been to!

  22. Trina

    Great variety of ladies, reasonable drink and dance prices, cover only $5, very casual and fun

  23. PAUL


  24. C.J.

    What happened to this place? It used to be packed and everybody had a great time. Now its just a drag. Very disappointing.

  25. Joe

    THe Bullet has really gone down hill. It used to be a great place to come and have fun. No more. Rude trailer trash dancers and OG wannabe punks who will try to pick your pocket. BTW: Brilliant decision to raise dance price during one of the worst recessions in history.

  26. Chicago Craig

    Surprise! This place was really cool. Like a neighborhood bar…..with ladies that dance. Reasonable drink prices, no heavy hustle by the dancers. And the ‘private’ dances….although not very private…were great. Forgot her name, but the short haired redhead was outstanding! A little rough….but….well worth the effort. I was there on a Wed. night…can imagine this place gets too crowded on the weekends, it is a small room. But it was a pleasant surprise…and I will be back, especially to get the name of that redhead…and some more dances!

  27. Jerry

    What can I say? It’s a hole in the wall with mediocre entertainment, rude employees, and shitty music. Makes me miss my wife which is really hard to do.

  28. Bob

    Nice time, enjoyed myself. Really hot girls! Dances great, and cheap. I will be back soon.

  29. igor34

    This is the first strip club I’ve been to… And it’s not what I expected at all. My expectations came mostly from Instagram and YouTube, so I thought I was going to see some insane pole acrobatics and such. Definitely not the case. The dancers, without exception, were out of shape and did no more than languidly caress a pole and saunter around the stage. Probably the most complicated move I saw all night was a woman dancing above a man’s face. Also one of the dancers groped my boobs, which was weird but not terrible. Lawl. Silver Bullet is kind of dumpy but four stars for what it is. It’s an interesting place. The other people at my table, mostly older men and women, were super nice and fun. Also, IIRC, women don’t pay cover.

  30. Bullet Fan

    This club is awesome and the girls are all great. I will be coming back in again over summer.

  31. Vel

    They have a few pretty girls and it’s a pretty good atmosphere for the most part, but man, this place is a goddamn hole in the wall! The DJ sucks, too. You can’t ever hear what he’s saying and he plays a lot of crappy music. The dances SUCK! A line of bar stools? Yeah, I want to be stuck next to some old fat guy getting his nipples pinched while I’m getting my lap dance. At least they’re cheap. You can even get a taste of some pussy for no extra charge if you get the right girl..

  32. Victor
  33. George

    What a let down! Back in the day this was the place to go. Now the strippers and employees are extremely rude. I didn’t see anyone actually having fun except for a small group of very drunk strippers. It’s a shame.

  34. Horny Harvey

    There really needs to be more and better clubs in this area. Silver Bullet needs to close. Everyone is rude from the dancers on down the line to the bartenders. Just try getting a drink! The bartenders act like their gossip and flirting with bouncers is so much more important than doing their job. Dances are cheap, but there’s a reason for that. There is one good looking stripper, but she’s had way too much plastic surgery. The rest need to get some. Overall they are average or below agerage skanks who act like a bunch of mannerless idiots. Why would I want to spend my hard earned money on that?

  35. C.R.
  36. B
  37. FB

    Was there in July, 2008. Great party atmosphere. Very casual. Good variety among the ladies. Had a blast and will return next summer.

  38. R & K

    Couple Friendly. Comfortable. Will be back

  39. Mikie

    My god what a dump!

  40. Two words: Summers Eve
  41. Jake

    Great club I just wish there were more girls of the caliber there are now, so many low life patrons that the girls get distracted for the guys there to spend money and see them.

  42. T-Shot

    A great atmosphere. The girls are friendly and polite. The place makes you feel welcome and you don’t feel any pressure at all. A great place to hang out.

  43. AssnTits5

    5 totally skanky stars! and i say that in the best way possible. let’s be honest- no one comes to the bullet thinking they are going to see amazingly hot strippers do crazy pole acrobatics and pop bottles in the champagne room. this is a dive. you come to the bullet for the following reasons:-there are some hot girls here. there are also some girls here who know they have a face for radio, but work it out extra hard from the neck down to compensate. my favorite? this weekend i got a lap dance or 3 from a hot, super thick blond chick in little reading glasses. almost fat, but definitely phat. you just don’t see that enough! -girls get in free. guys, if you use the atm, it spits out a free admission-got a table close to the stage? for $1, these girls will go balls out: legs wrapped around your head, coochie in the face, motorboats for days, etc.-need some attention form the lady on stage? get $1, go stand by the pole or lay on your back on the stage… they will get that money! if you are a girl, be prepared for them to try and lift your shirt up on stage. my advice is save it for the lap dance.-lapdance for $10! guys, you have to abide by the typical rules. girls, get ready! you can touch all over the dancers. they can and will touch all over you. one time, back in the day, there was a hot latina dancer that had a nice set of implants, and was giving me a lapdance:stripper: (takes my hands and places on her implants) SQUEEZE THEM HARD!me: i don’t want to pop one….stripper: try to pop one. you can’t!quality all the way, baby.

  44. Trevor

    Best club ever, $5 gets you in the door, dances are the cheapest anywhere in the US at $15 each, great variety of ladies, music is pop and rock, and drinks are very rewasonable. Been to many clubs and this is #1.

  45. Frank

    Best club in central Illinois, easily. Very reasonable drinks and dances. Good music. So much nicer than clubs that try to rip you off.

  46. windycitytraveler

    I was in town for a few days and looked it up on the list. I loved the place. It reminded me of my old neighborhood bar in Chicago, with topless dancers added. The bouncer was very nice and cracked jokes. The dancers were very friendly. on a constant walk around, stopping to talk, give you a backrub. I got 2 private dances from 2 different girls. Both were very close contact, but you have to keep your hands off or on her hips only. Fun relaxing place.

  47. ty
  48. Carl

    Man this place went down hill fast there was one okay looking girl there and even she was a 6 maybe 7 with beer goggles on. Wtf happened? Wont be back!

  49. Jeff

    Trashy club and trashy girls. Terrible service on all levels. Just terrible.

  50. Chicago

    Went there for the first time on Friday and was not impressed at all. Club needs better quality of girls also the music is awful. Does the owners no that it’s not 1980 anymore? Better music would make this place so much more desirable , also prettier dancers my god there is some bad looking girls in there . NOT EVERYONE SHOULD DANCE.

  51. Mack

    Wow! Haven’t seen so many hotties in one place at one time! I will be returning and soon! Thanks ladies, you know who you are.

  52. sam


  53. googly eyes

    If you want to have an entertaining night with a variety of lovely ladies this is the place to go…..but only come if you love women and want to have an enjoyable time!!!!

  54. JJ
  55. BB
  56. luke


  57. Howard the Duck

    I like the boobies!!!

  58. Fred
  59. Kyle W.

    Like most strip clubs in rural Illinois, it’s a great place where you can watch overweight farm girls pay for junior college and pretend not to feel horribly awkward.Unlike the others, however, this place is near a university campus. That makes The Bullet (what real locals call it) particularly special.It’s a place where you can can watch overweight *suburban* girls pay for *university* and pretend not to feel horribly awkward.

  60. Master Raven
  61. lapper
  62. THE ONE
  63. sin man

    not to bad the dancers could be more friendly and not just ask for money.besides thatg the wait staff was cool

  64. trythis

    not as good as it was sometime ago.

  65. austin' s boyfriend

    not the best club…you can’t touch kitty or titty??

  66. pistolpaul03

    Surprisingly good quality of club and girls. No fear factor great variety.

  67. TB
  68. my name
  69. colt45
  70. not entertained

    this place suck must of the girls look like meth heads. Too small music sucks and girls are ugly. Will not be back

  71. Shinigami
  72. TKD

    It’s a nice place to go and the girls are really nice. Private dances are really good, too. But, sometimes you get the feeling that a lot of the girls are only there for the private dances. Not much of a show on the stage.

  73. Alisha

    Love the Girls!

  74. Jack

    This place continues to go downhill. I’ve been coming here for about 10 years when I have to be in Champaign for training. I guess I got hooked on making it one of my usual stops because it really use to be such a great time with a lot of gorgeous women who knew how to treat customers. The last several years I’ve walked into a very different place, and not for the better. The girls look like trailer park crackheads and are so rude. Big letdown.

  75. me

    Great club, love the girls. love the atmosphere!

  76. Lou

    These girls work hard for the dolar. Dances are cheap by most standards. Club is small by output is big- Go Silverbullet!!!

  77. Dick

    What is goin on in here? Dirty little place, but packed with girls. I hate the dance(?) area. Surely they could do better for their girls and customers.

  78. dan


  79. Li Li

    Great Atmosphere

  80. Rich

    love this club

  81. Regular

    Ladies, I always have a blast! The hottest chicks in there are way higher than a 5. You must not have met many girls (probably on account of your appearance) because the Bullet has the sexiest women! Starry, Nikki, Stephanie, Noel, and Trina are all 10s in my book.

  82. Terry

    Had a great time this past weekend with my girlfriend. Cover was only $5 and girlfriend got in free. Dancers were gorgeous and really made us feel welcome. Girlfriend even got dances by herself. Very relaxed and no pressure club.

  83. Chi town boy

    You call this place a club it’s a hole in the wall with mostly nasty ass strippers. Come to Chicago where the real women work .Wont be back ever!

  84. Jaycey

    This is a decent, cozy club on the edge of town with ample parking and easy access. Great atmosphere; this place makes no pretense about being a “gentlemen’s club” and instead does a great job of being a cozy bar with some flirty, topless dancers walking around. And it’s now smoke free inside with a smoking station outside, which is a bummer for the smokers but has been great for the other customers.

    The stage is really just a runway, but it’s close to the customers and most of the girls put on a great show. Lots of interaction with the audience. Each girl dances two songs, usually the first is a tease and the second is topless though recently more girls have been losing their tops as soon as they get on for the first song.

    Value is great, by far the biggest strength of the club. Drinks are affordable and they have a good variety of domestic beers and simpler mixed drinks, though if you are looking for martinis and cosmopolitans you’ll have few options. Dances and stage tips are $10 and $1 respectively, though some of the girls put a lot less effort into it than others. Still, for only $10 it’s not much of a risk finding out who the unenthusiastic ones are so you’ll know for the future.

    Depending on the DJ, the quality of the music varies from night to night, but for the most part it’s a blend of hard rock with some classic rock and the ocassional “What the heck?” song. This place could use an upgrade because they’re still relying on two massive speakers for the whole bar; sitting too close to the DJ section can make it a bit difficult to talk, but conversation towards the bar section is generally easier. Some localized speakers on the ceiling right by the stage and a slight drop in volume overall would make the audio here pefect.

    The biggest negative would be that the place is often too crowded on weekends (what a great problem to have for the owner!) — usually it’s standing room only and by the end of the night, the girls are being snatched up for more private dances as soon as they leave the back area while the stage is completed obscured by the number of people. It adds to the rowdy atmosphere of the club, but if you want more interaction with the dancers I recommend going earlier in the week. I love this place on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

  85. fg
  86. T.J.

    Not a gentleman’s club, but someplace you don’t want to miss if you are headed thru town. Low pressure, almost hometown bar atmostphere, awesomely cheap drink prices, dances, and cover, good selection of girls. not really set up to allow good view of stage, but there’s always something interesting going on. It looks kinda dumpy, but lives up to its legend. My favorite.

  87. Waste of Time


  88. lucky
  89. Nigel

    Outstanding club with fantastic dancers and reasonable drink and dance prices.

  90. Bud
  91. Windycitytraveler

    Feels a neighborhood bar, but with strippers. most were 8s or better. Very friendly, Private dances were very hot, my hand action was limited but hers were not! Got 2 dances and was very happy with both. I would go there again if in the area. Senior citizen pay no cover, just show doorman your ID.

  92. Trucker Ralph


    I pass by Urbana twice a year. Lately when I have stopped in Urbana the town looks more like a fuckin dump and the people are fuckin rude and unfriendly. The Bullet use to be fun. No fuckin more. dancers had an attitude and were either pushy or ignored me. I’m old, but dancers use to be nice and fun. I’ll save my money and go to Indy or St. Louis.

  93. margrette

    this is my spot

  94. Simply the Best

    The dancers and the employees of this club are the greatest!!!! I have never met such a tight group of girls and the bouncers take care of their girls! The drinks are the greatest Donnie is awesome as a dj!!!!! This club is the Best out there

  95. Bosco boy

    I’ve been going there off and on for a little over10 years. To state the obvious: the place has not been remodeled or even cleaned really well in that time, if not since they opened in the 1980s. Having said that, it does have cheap drinks and topless women. Quite a variety actually, from skinny 18 year olds to well padded 40 somethings. Most are friendly and can carry on a conversation. The “private dance” area is anything but, just some old bar stools behind the stage, your mileage may vary. Dances are cheap enough that you can get doubles from two girls at once. Some of the girls get into this, some REALLY get into this. Not a bad place to spend some time. But be warned: this a the club in a large college town and can get very busy on Friday and Saturday nights as it’s the only game in town for this kind of entertainment.

  96. #1 fan

    I love this bar!

  97. Andrew L.

    I planned on taking a bachelor party to this bar. I wrote and found out they were very party friendly. When I got to the bar, they refused my entry. They said that i had drank too much that night and when i tried to explain to them that i was a service member that was returning from Iraq and although i am within my legal limit, i might be a little more affected because i haven’t drank in 6 months. while i was trying to explain this, a “gentleman” grabbed my shirt and pushed me out of the entry way. this was not only military unfriendly, but it would seem that they only are looking to sell their over priced drinks. if you are looking for a good time, look elsewhere.

  98. bigbill

    Weekends are packed. Many beautiful girls, mostly white but there is some variety, all in great shape. Mostly young but a couple over 30. Dances are only $10. Some customer contact allowed.

  99. Simon

    Went late on a weekday, great stage dancers, private dances not so private, but OK for the $10/song charged. Not every girl is a stunner, but they’re not ugly. Young crowd for a club, some mixed groups of students, and some Japanese guys all much enthused when a dancer shoves her boobs in one of their faces.

  100. MegRae

    This club is awesome and if I could go back I would

  101. Alan

    I have brought a group of friends here every year for 7 years. The first time we had a great time. Each year we’ve been back since then has been a little worse. Probably won’t be back.

  102. i used to like this place

    I have been going to the silver bullet for quite a few

    years, I must say that my last few visits were dismal at

    best. I got charged different prices from every waitress and

    bartender. At first I honestly thought it was a simple

    mistake but as it became a reoccurring mistake I found it

    odd. I would think that some sort of manager would catch

    this? My Saturday will not be spent here anymore.

  103. t bone

    ya all need to get some good lookin girls in there.the best was about a 5 on a scale of 1-10.and is that one chik a dude or should i say was a dude.wont be back

  104. Richard
  105. Jason

    Went there for my birthday a week ago and had a great time, those girls took care of my friends and myself.

  106. Mark

    I felt so out of place here. Totally bizarre set up and weird atmosphere. I was very uncomfortable. Can’t wait to visit my usual club back home.

  107. Ryan

    This bar is so much fun , and the girls rock!

  108. Renee is Casey R. Lord

    Renee’s real full name is Casey Renee Lord, and she lives at 913 4th St. Apartment 4, which is a shitty downstairs apartment. She’s a stuck up egomaniac which is funny, given how she’s gained 60 pounds lately and her natural hair color looks like straw that’s been soaked in horse shit. Go see her at home. She needs lots of rides, because she gets arrested all the time and has no driver’s license, so no ride to urbana. ha ha ha eat it bitch. Plus she has genital warts and human papilloma virus!

  109. P.R.
  110. Chuck

    Wow, lots of new girls and service was top notch

  111. The shit....

    Fuck all the white bitches….. were there ass at..LMAO

  112. friendly
  113. Rick
  114. won't be back!!!!!!

    the girls are ugly snobs and management sucks

  115. ....

    Don’t be fooled, you can’t touch titty or kitty ANYWHERE, at least not legally! Austin’s boyfriend is just bitter he hooked up with her to find out she’s a dude!

  116. Mike

    Was in last night and had a fantastic time, they had over 20 dancers, cover was just $5, beers are only $3.25, and dances are $10, unbelievable. This is the club to go to. Hot dancers and great service.

  117. tt
  118. hd

    Mediocre at best, dj is horrible ($5 song requests even for the dancers) stage is small and not very customer friendly. Girls aren’t bad, very personable. Cover/dances are cheap. This place is just not set up for the girls to make money and customers to have fun. “Hey, let’s put a tiny ass stage in a small bar and poof- we have a strip club!” Mgt needs to just start over!

  119. caveman

    Great mix of girls. You have the professional types to the girl next door and everything in between. Could be a bit nicer.

  120. bhu

    this club sucks

  121. Michaels Wife

    My husband took me here for my fist experience at a strip club. It did not leave a very good impression on me. I only think that because we got there around 9:00 p.m. and left by 10:00 which was probably before any of the good dancers showed up.

  122. jim

    not all that.seems like the place is going down hill

  123. fireman
  124. ffs

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