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10am – 7pm


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116 reviews for “Jimmy’s Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Ronnie

    Is Ginger still dancing at Jimmys?

  2. frank
  3. tom

    I girls are fine but there are a few ugly ones that wont leave you alone. JORDAN is so fine good club

  4. Henry

    IMHO, there’s no cover charge here because there’s really nothing to charge for. I had to wait almost 10 minutes for a drink that was lacking any vodka at all. I had a dance with a girl who looked much better from a distance than close up. She had some letters on her stomach and she reminded me of one of those pygmies that doesn’t eat because once I got closer to her, her stomach was sticking out like she hadn’t eaten. My experience was really bad. She had on cheap perfume to [obvously] mask the stench of her lack of hygiene. While being tortured for a song that seemed to go on forever, she put her hands in her crotch, rubbed her privates, asked me if I wanted to taste her. I chose to end the dance there and leave. Not a place I’d recommend. The only thing that caused me to have any rating for this place was the music and the man at the front door who recommended other places for me to visit.

  5. Dissatisfied

    After reading a few of these supposed “good” reviews I’ve come to the conclusion it’s either a girl who works at Jimmy’s or a customer inflatulated with one or two.

    Maybe a cover charge would help this place. We couldn’t stand being in there. It was like Arnie’s but worse. Oh well. There were a few hot ladies but didn’t stay long enough to enjoy them. Having two black ghetto guys bother us for money and cigarettes was enough to make us leave. Oh well. So much for this “great place”.

  6. rashad

    One of the dancers talked to me on a personal basis, they assumed i was getting her number even though she said and i said i wasnt. they kicked me out! Havent been back since.

  7. Tall Man

    While I enjoy Jimmy’s I can’t handle much of the crowd any longer. Lots of low grade niggers jumping around. I don’t go as often as I used because of that. I have nothing against black people who act civilized not like a bunch of niggers. Jimmy’s should do something about this because it makes many of us who used to regulars not go as often as we’d like. While I’ve heard certain girls date customers it seems like the ones who date the most date niggers with no money (that’s what I’ve heard from some of the other girls) and its obvious that low class girls invite lower class men which Jimmy’s seems to have an overabundace of. While I’m sure there’s plenty of white guys who are scum and should be taken out in the parking and shot, it’s the nigggers who are in abundance and they’re very ignorant to the waitresses and servers and bother some of us too. I hope they clean this place up for the sake of some of the nice girls who’s company I enjoy far less often than I used to. I know I don’t just speak for myself either.

  8. Dancer

    Considering Trixie and Isis weren’t working that night I’d say you’re a dancer who’s pissed because Sal doesn’t play your ghetto rap music all night. Maybe you’re one of those ghetto customers who wants to “get with us”. When you make less money than a crack addict and you’re splitting a beer with your “boys” you’re useless to us and no one wants you around. Most girls would rather work with him because he knows how to make people like you either spend money or leave. In your case, you probably have no money so don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  9. Hard Jim

    There are new dancers up there that I’m am fond of. but there this one

    dancer that new up there (nene) she’s the best. her dances are so how can

    I put this… EXOTIC she makes me cum every time she gives me a privet

    dance that girl is wonulful.

  10. frankie
  11. wishbone

    new girl on day shift brayle or something like that is very stuck on herself and not friendly–also needs to loose the belly fat

  12. Juan

    I had great time at Jimmys!

  13. you
  14. rg
  15. Johnny boy

    Better looking girls then my visit at 390. No cover is great. Comfortable chairs in dance room. Went on a weekend. Lots of variety in types of women to dance with. Good club.

  16. Da Prof

    Been coming here for years. It feels like being home without the the old lady bitching the morning after. Winners and losers. Bimbos and stud jerkers. Just a comfortable hangout (with excellent new chairs in the private place!) with your garden variety of booze and breasted darlings. It costs nothing to look around..and if nothing is appealing … just come back another night – no charge to come or go!

  17. bob
  18. pete

    this club has bouncers who are horrible, they spray you with mase when a situation comes severe. the waitress who are fat,old,and hideous hassle you for drinks and tips after you pay they just stand there expecting a tip. there are some nice looking dancers in there but thats about 5 at the most. most of the dancers have this saggy stomach maybe from having kids or eating to much but whatever it is it is gross. most have bad teeth like a reviewer wrote this club is for the girls who get rejected at other clubs and the girls who are nice looking shouldnt even be working there because the other girls who are ugly make them look bad. there are a couple girls who will meet up wth you afterwork and do whatever you want for a hundred or so. if you like big girls and girls whos body is out of shape go to jimmys. best time to come to this club would be satrurday thats when they have alot of girls working.

  19. jaco




  21. Very disappointed

    There’s nothing to say about this club other than don’t go.

  22. Couch Potato
  23. wheres bradlee

    to expensive for the product

  24. Pleased

    Had a great time at Jimmys with a hot little latin lady named Blaze (sp) and Snow, a voluptuous, well built, hot white girl who can ride you til you lose control. I’ll be back more.

  25. sticks

    I’ve been going here for years, The quality of talent varies from month to month but the place is great to just hang outt, have a few beers and watch some female flesh. Sometimes its Filet, sometimes its ground chuck, But its almost always a good time,

  26. rw
  27. Conclusion

    The reason the dancers (I’m assuming Tall Man was referring to the white dancers) date black guys, niggers, brothers etc.. with no money is because of several things. Bigger dicks, access to drugs, niggers are more exciting than white boys. Plus they know mom and dad wouldn’t approve.

  28. slew

    awesome time

  29. vinchinzo

    I personally enjoyed jimmys the best around!! It is a very erotic and fun club to go to on the weekends! I often go back to see a sexy,young,out going, tan, blonde with the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen! Her name is DAISY!! I am telling you what guys if you want the best company,a sexy dancer and the best lap dance check this girl out!!! She has never dissapointed me or my friends. I know she works the weekend nights probaly Thurs-Sun. The way she moves on stage really caught my eye! If you do not give this girl a chance you are wasting your money on them other fake money grubbing tasteless hoodrats. SO GO IN THERE AND CHECK HER OUT!!! I PROMISE you will Not be dissapointed!!! well enjoy this HOTT tip i gave you gentleman!! Vinchinzo

  30. James

    My friends and I will be coming back the free admission was great more money to spend on the ladies I loved the dollar dances they gave me a chance to pick out a favorite dancer and when I met her I knew I was going to enjoy my night she was Beautiful and a total sweetheart.I will be back for that tall blonde with the colgate smile hands down a perct 10!

  31. Chad5263

    The overall atmosphere was relaxed and laid back. No cover is also a plus. However, this club is lacking in the overall quality of girls. But it does cater to everyones’ different tastes.

  32. Coke Whore

    Daisy, if you’re going to promote yourself here then you should show up here. And by the way, where the fuck did you learn to spell names? Oh, you didn’t, you’re stupid, forgot, sorry.

  33. chamberlain
  34. john


  35. Jolly Joe

    Had a grate time hope to be back very soon.

  36. Mike Jones
  37. ex customer

    TRASHY GIRLS!!! Very unattractive even the waitresses are UGLY. Come on is this a strip club or not. get some talent in here please

  38. Jose
  39. Will
  40. jeff

    Glad to see jimmys is getting the cute girls back in. Still some dogs to get rid of though.

  41. EazyDuzIT

    The club is now doing full nude lap dance for $25. I got a dance from India and it was about as lively as a weekend with Bernie. The club has slim pickens during the week. The pitchers have gone up in price as well. Still no cover and no one harassing you to spend money. I give it a 5/10.

  42. dfet

    great place.

  43. Billy
  44. Mr Chill

    Girls seem to sit with the same tables of guys all night (who don’t spend a dime), and bitch about guys not getting dances. Try someone else after about an hour or two! Not every drunken table of “softball guys” is there to blow their cash on you. Try some of the real “hobbyists” in there!

  45. roger

    this place sucks and the dancers are either old as hell or fat. i know one dancer who is like 40 yrs. the one that wears a hat. she has black hair and is kinda fat. place sucks. poor grinding

  46. Billy BA.

    Saturday I went to jimmy and saw this dancer Seven , this girl has a set of legs that make you want to beg for butermilk. Very sweet kid and gives a very good dance. Im all pro Jimmys now no cover , the day and night girls got me pinching my own nipples to keep from topping off. This place sure beats the rotten crotch skybox , as well as the bottom feeding plow horses at 390. Oh yeah that Christina fine as hell and what an ass, Id write bad checks all day for that one. if you have trouble getting your soldier up with that one, she’s like the living viagra girl all day long.

  47. Out Of Towner

    I was led to believe this was a strip club. Someone had mentioned it was a local place on this board. I’d concure. It seems the girls just sit at the bar or argue with customers as I witnessed in the short period of time I was there. The service was.. was I didn’t get served. I noticed a girl who walked around a few times get a back massage by a doorman but she didn’t serve me so I had to get my own drink. I could’ve lived with that had not the bartender walked away from the bar and not come back for about 10 minutes. Finally, a waitress greeted me and told me she could help me. She tooko my order but I didn’t see or hear from her for a few minutes. It wasn’t busy so I don’t know why. The dancers I had seen were not what I would call attractive. They didn’t seem to have many girls because I only saw a few at the bar and the one that was on stage. Save your time, go to Hooters or anywhere else but here.

  48. Customer For Long Time

    Um, five or six years ago Jimmy’s had thug chasers and white trash too. You sound like a dancer who thinks that your world be better if there were less like you. Look in the mirror dumb ass. Only a stripper would think the club should have a cover charge. Let’s see, who caters to thugs, and the worst element? Danielle the waiterss. How about that piece of trash, the new little troll Bella? Or that Jerry curl thing Sasha? They make Ginger and Zoey look like Aryian sisters. So you see, they’re still the same. Only the names have changed. The regulars don’t like all the thugs either. That means the black and white customers who work for a living and come to see hot women not guts flopping out or to listen to how fucked up a whore like you made your own life.

  49. pimp

    nothing but niggers and scum in here!!! stay away

  50. Dan

    Ciara’s the best! I’ve been stuck out of town and really miss her. Hope to get back in the area and see you soon, sweetie. Dan

  51. Chris

    This place is tight I like the girls you have small tight ass, big thick ass, round hip ass and Lil muscle ass all diff hair blondes,brunnetts redhead(Hott) asians,black,white girls the music rock,hip hop,rap,alternative This place is all good! the best thing about it is No nasty whores with herpes trying to suck my dick with a huge sore on her lip for a bag of coke (390’s Shanyn)

  52. Ramjet

    Ashley was amazing. Fantastic body and fantastic dancer. Will come

    back for her,soon.

  53. Dave

    The girls are decent looking but stay with their local buddies. They are not interested in meeting anyone new. Bottom line it just seems unfriendly to strangers.

  54. Big Johnson

    Hott ass bitches with badass bodY!!!! People say these girls don’t have a good attitude I say the attitude is perfect Sexy,Control,and Power is what I like These girls are differ than my girl n that’s what I want.Looks are only half the battle.The rest is in the women

  55. g

    stoped in last sat night for 1st time—girls were very fendly and not pushy for dances-very attractive-will go back!


    The girlies are good lookin, and very nice. great dancers and fun to talk to. and they make a good drink as well. with no cover, id go back again.

  57. never comming back!

    i agree this club is ghetto like cowboys was!everything that is said on “s.c.l.” about all the drama is true.i made sure i told the gypsy no!she tried and tried.i wouldnt of anyway shes like 40+ and nasty.who gets whipped by that.im going back to 390 and skybox.so long suckers!

  58. Jon Dough

    re: IMHO Who was the dancer that so turned you off? As far as the drink you should ask for brandname liquor instead of well drinks..

  59. A GUY


  60. rb
  61. No name

    No comments

  62. Ramjam

    Best bang for the buck, no cover, great drinks and if you can’t have agreat time there ur nuts. This Saturday the 31st is Rack-O-The-Month contest. This night every month is a blast!

  63. Old Customer

    Club not what it use to be. Kinda going down hill with the quality of talent.

  64. I know
  65. fred shultz

    this place is pretty good. hot girls, and real good dances. plus its free to get in.

  66. rd
  67. Never be back

    if the only thing the bouncers do is spray mase at all the drug niggers and gang bangers in this place then you should be happy. Most of the people in this place should be put to sleep. It’s just plain scary. From the customers to the fat girls. There’s not one hot girl anywhere to be found, they’re all overweight, fat, many have really bad stretch marks, bad breath and those are the good points. All in all it’s just a bad experience. What a waste of time.

  68. Richard

    This club can kiss my ass. If you are a minority, chances are the dancers will get to you after they spent forty minutes sitting and talking with some white guy who didn’t even buy a dance. We were there for an hour and only two girls approached us, and of course one was the same race we were. A couple of white guys come in and chicks flock to them. All they have to do is come and ask, they never know how much money we are willing to spend. I think if we looked like rappers or basketball players they would finally come up to us.

  69. Tony M

    15$ private dances.

    Some very beautiful dancers who are genuine.

    The sound system is great. The bass rocks!

  70. What about Bob
  71. des
  72. Johnny G

    Use to be good fell in the hole

  73. cc

    time to open up the place you purchased in Kankakee—the court has ordered Stages to close!

  74. Cracker

    I’d beg to differ. The reason why the girls gravitate towards niggers with no money is because they have no class (like you). In fact, most of the black girls are smarter than the white girls because they know the white guys will fuck them longer, harder and not ask them for money to pay for a drink when its all over. White guys are far more fun and we don’t knock whores up and leave them in the dark (like you). In closing nigger, the white trash whores that seem to like you are lazy (like you), ignorant (like you), have all been laughed at because they’re as ugly as sin and only a dumb nigger would fuck them and act as if it’s some prize for 400 years of oppression and then claim to be a big time player with no money in his pocket. Fucking a white girl for you is probably like us fucking your mama except we’d pay here for her hooker like services whereas you woundn’t have the money for your baby’s milk. So, you get sloppy seconds, dried out skanks who’ve been fucked six ways from sunday long before your unemployed broke ass got to them. Now put that on your mantle, if you have a home that you actually pay for without one of your baby mama’s section 8 discount.

  75. ghetto

    need to hire something other than other club rejects with fat asses and drug problems.

  76. bill clinton

    terrible dances-wont be back

  77. we


  78. Clubber

    Nice little place to relax and check out some tits and ass.

  79. Michael

    I’ve read some of the reviews here and must say that they don’t represent the time we had last night for a friend’s birthday. While the service was a bit lax the girls were incredible. Great dances in the private area and many of the girls stage performances were excellent. One that stood out in our minds was a girl named Tawnee. What an exciting dancer and very exciting and passionate in the private dance area. The drinks were fairly priced, there was no cover charge [which I found odd] but I’m not willing to complain about that. The atmosphere here is lively so just beware. It’s not like VIPs or Scores. Very much the opposite. The music was very diverse and interesting which made for all that more of a spectacular time to be had by us. I’ll be back for more.

  80. Cracker Lover

    Hey Cracker sounds like you couldn’t spot a nigger with money if you tried. If you must know niggers with money wouln’t be caught dead in a dump like Jimmys. To associate with the piss smelly, blue collar, white fuckers like you that come through there and the corn holed trashy skanks that you drool over. It’s true that niggers with no money would find your dried up cum stained crack whores attractive, there aren’t many blondes in the ghetto. But you seem to know quuite a bit on the subject so I would assume your’e a product of some trailer trash, meth smokin, nigger fucking whore! Your just jealous.

  81. gbu
  82. Former Customer

    What a waste of time. If you want a strip club go to anywhere but here. If you want a saloon with expensive drinks and bad service, bad attitudes and gang bangers and thugs hovering over you, go to Jimmy’s. Um, I go elsewhere now.

  83. jj

    pig fest

  84. Titan

    Totally unsafe club/venue, in an extremely bad

    neighborhood! Avoid at all costs.

  85. Week-Ender

    I must say the talent has gotten much better since my last venture back in January. Many new hot ladies I’ve never seen before. I enjoyed Bella, Vanity and a blonde bombshell name sierra. As usual Jimmy’s is a lively atmosphere, not pretentious like many clubs and a great time – AGAIN. Keep up the good work ladies and fine sirs.

  86. nah

    I wouldnt go back

  87. mmmmmmmmmmmmm




  89. yes
  90. Barry

    My first time won’t be my last. What a lively club. Not what you’d expect. Very lively, friendly and loud with great tunes from a DJ who sounded like he was in Goodfellas. Had a great time and will be back more.

  91. cover yes!

    all of you who think noy having a cover is good.i say, bullshhhhhhhht! jimmys drinks are high ass hell w/watered down beer! i would rather pay a cover”which would get rid of all the thugs & scumbag cheapskates” & have cheaper drinks.beer at skybox is $1.00!!!the dancers are100x better & its nude.add it up $10.00 cover & $1.00 drinks = cheaper!p.s.,skybox has a free coupon this month !!!

  92. lkn4fun

    The drinks are not all that great, and it is more of a local hangout and i noticed a lot of guys not spending, money, i guess its too convenient not to there. There is a lack of color there, too many white girls who are either too fat or too skinny. There is a few black chicks who are hot (Passion and Yummy) . Passion is a doll and gives AWESOME DANCES. But the dj sucks and the waitresses hound you to get drinks that are not worth your money. Better music, and more diversity in the dancers would make them awesome.

  93. Joe

    Perfectly conceived and executed local strip club with loyal employees and patrons. This place has atmosphere to spare. Feels like a being in a film noir.

  94. vrgf
  95. Charles
  96. prop joe

    what’s up with the racism?

  97. Newbiw

    This place is a dive. Not one girl approached me, not even a waitress. This is more like a corner bar. Not very friendly all around and scary inside. No need to go again.

  98. v
  99. He who knows

    Very dangerous club to go to! Nothing but shootings, car

    jackings, homicides, armed robberies, don’t go here!

  100. Jack Attack
  101. tommy

    go here for the bar—the dances are terribly lame

  102. RJ

    There are new DJs and new girls are starting every week. There are a few additions to the service staff. Jimmy’s is getting better and better.

  103. BrianK.

    It’s not as bad as some are posting, the girls are decent with about 2 really good ones and 5$ pitchers of MGD I think it is. It used to be worse before but the quality of girls seems to have gone up this year.

  104. cubbiekenny

    great place, great people

  105. mexican

    very nice club relaxed big plus no cover wll be back very soon

  106. Jack

    Maybe it was just a bad night. A bunch of us were there Friday night and the service was really bad. There weren’t any hot girls, just like the kind you see at White Castles. The guy who wrote the review below mine must work there or be having sex with one of them because either he’s in a completely different place or we’re all blind.

  107. Duce

    I’m a regular and I support the club quite often. The staff is good and the dancers are the to entertain. My favorites are Snow,Trinity and Skyy.Guy’s just go for the show dance,drink and leave it’s a club not a joint or a dive. OK

  108. jessica

    alot of u guys are bitching about the girls. come see me. and don’t just sit there and wait for me to come to you. come tip me on stage or wave me down or something. sometimes i don’t think you’d be interested so i don’t even waste my time. but if you approach me, the thing is, i AM interested. as long as you’re not a jerk to me i promise you won’t be disappointed in my performance.

  109. jacob

    wow, nice to see certain girls not being lazy as hell on stage during the day. One girl gave it her all with only a few dudes in there, not to mention our waitress was cool and very pretty

  110. Birthday Boy

    Had a great time last week with Jessica. Very hot, sexy lady. The talent has gotten much better since the last time I was in. I had a great time and will be back in June. Thanks ladies.

  111. paco

    Get better dances at your local bar from customers for free! what a waste of time!!!

  112. donald sessions

    its a nice environment the girls are beautiful. It’s my favorite club.

  113. Joe A.

    Some nice looking ladies working on the weekend nights.

  114. W.T.F.


  115. alright

    went in and the dj sucks i think his name was sal some brown hair girl told me. there were a few excelent lookin girls, trixie ,isis,and alexis are by far the ones to get dances from well worth your money and time.as for the drinks a lil over priced but shyt there is no cover charge so wut do u expect! i would say this club is pretty ok to go in for a few dances and drink a lil or come drunk

  116. kh

    Beats that dump in kankakee

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