J B’s Show Place



18071 U.S. 51, De Soto, IL 62924


37.8247841, -89.2288602




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “J B’s Show Place

  1. Customer S


    I swear if I go back into this place, and big black kong the annoying stripper is there I will never be back! This chick ran off 3 customers the other night, and was trying to sell her shit which no one would want to buy! There were a couple of hot girls at the club I wanted to get dances from, but because this annoying cunt wouldn’t leave us alone we ended up leaving. Beware of her… she’s a dumb bitch!

  2. James

    I think I contracted herpes from this place.

  3. Anonymous

    JB’s Place is an interesting and exciting place to work. My favorite dancers are Seduction, Satin, Jasmine, Monique and Maria.

  4. sam

    omg i walked in and think i got a std hey monique- get off the coke

  5. Sly

    This club was amazing… My Girlfriend and I came here for valentines day (her idea)after leaving Gallery. This club is sooooo much better. The club had lots of very attractive dancers and the service was great. Even the Dancers were waitressing drinks. We both had a blast and will definetly go back next time were in the area.

  6. JD

    Skinny white girls with no bodies, old fat moms with c-section scars, only one white girl with a nice body, and she was the only one who actually got all the way nude. This is a poor excuse for a strip club, but for $5 I guess you get what you pay for. Need to get a lot more diverse group of girls.

  7. jade

    gross gross gross

  8. Casie Overturf!!

    i love this club!! and i have to V.I.P strip clubs and J.B’s kicks their asses!!! trust me on this the girls there are SEXY!!!!

  9. Tom

    This place sucks!

  10. Quagmire

    Ok, a few things. One, Cinnamon is smokin’ hot — its almost worth the trip just to see her get naked. And she is so obviously a lesbian, too, which in my mind only makes her hotter. Two, the music is on WAY too loud. You have to shout at the top of your lungs right into someone’s ear in order to be heard, which is not good. Three, its another one of those ZERO touch clubs. One guy put his arm around a girl in the general area, in a friendly way, and he was read the riot act for it. It’s pretty ridiculous in that regard. Oh, and the men’s room needs to be investigated by the CDC — one of the dirtiest of all time, seriously. If you go, call ahead and ask if Cinnamon will be working that night, otherwise, don’t bother. Finally, it is really annoying insofar as each of the girls will come out into the audience and “ask” for a tip after every single dance. You’ll be asked for a tip about every 3 or 4 minutes; it gets every bit as annoying as it sounds. But still, Cinnamon is just so hot.

  11. Big Fan

    I have to say, there are several new girls, one of them is Amber and she is so beautiful I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She really puts on a great show and will show you the time of your life, both on stage and in her private dances. If you decide to get dances I recommend Her, It’s like making love with cloths on.

  12. Mark

    This place is nothing but coked out girls. They don’t bother to sit and talk to you because they are too busy snorting coke in the dressing room.

  13. Big Daddy

    This place sucks

  14. Jeff

    Wow this place is horrible! Go to Club Coyote it’s great. There girls there are amazing!

  15. Jeramy

    I think this place is really awesome and everybody should go see.

  16. Doug Rjch
  17. John

    wow.. I didn’t think it could get worse. This is one of the worst places i’v even been. Go anywhere but here..

  18. Jimmy

    This is the worst strip club I’ve ever been to. I walked in and the place smelled like ass. Don’t go into the restrooms, you might catch the clap, but more likely from the dancers. Basically, this club was SHIT, SHIT, AND MORE SHIT. I’d be surprised if this place stays open much longer.

  19. sticklegs
  20. Scott

    This place sucked.

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