Blackjacks Gentlemen’s Club



7N657 Illinois 25, South Elgin, IL 60177


42.0494881, -88.267692




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Blackjacks Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Victor Richard Veguilla

    Keep up the good work you BEAUTIFUL BABES, and DON’T QUIT!!!!

  2. dave

    love goin to bjs always a good time!!!!!

  3. sven

    Must be a popular spot it was flooded with beautiful woman last night and packed wall to wall

  4. as
  5. Billy

    Had a great time

  6. nofyb

    The dances are sexy as hell and for a fair price, amazing!

  7. pete

    Club is busy every night so must be doing something right

  8. perv
  9. Steve

    This place rocks, hot girls and good music.

  10. MTC
  11. Genie

    A couple of really hot chicks make all the difference -real pros with creative lapdances – the other girls are just furniture…. Small club with good atmosphere… could be more discreet

  12. fff


  13. GGB
  14. jd

    2 thumbs up

  15. Party

    Monday Ill be there

  16. alan

    Had a group of guys and we had a great time on Friday.Girls are friendly and noy pushy.All strip clubs have televisions or just won’t be busy.

  17. cameron


  18. j

    They are very deceptive with dance prices. $50 for two short, crappy dances. A total ripoff!

  19. luke

    Better then most, as a strip club junkie, last night at BJ’s was one of the funnest times I ever had

  20. Traveler

    Go to this club every couple of months and always have a

    great time. Always a good ratio of girls to customers. They

    don’t have a liquor license, so don’t go if you need a drink

    to have a good time. If you want to spend a great evening

    with a hot lady, check it out. Ask for Kameron – she is the

    best, and definitely worth the price of a dance.!

  21. Bobby

    This place continues a slow fall. They used to have great looking girls and they have lost them all. Was in there this weeks and each of them have huge asses with most you can’t even dance with. The last one I danced with left blood on my jeans. Just bad. What happened to girls like Denver, Kat, and Madison?! Just fat chicks now and barely a handful. Can’t believe they charge a cover. They need help!

  22. josh

    good sunday club.good looking girls and good dances

  23. Michael

    It was just ok.

  24. bj's sucks

    bj’s sucks

  25. qw
  26. Paul
  27. fhjj


  28. Heather

    This club sucks, the girls are rude, the music is bad, they all cover their nipples…for the price thats just silly.

  29. larry

    nice little club.friendly dancers and wait staff.

  30. Col. Fagin

    Blackjacks is the absolute best strip club within 75 miles

    of Downtown Chicago!

  31. gregory

    two thumbs down


    ATTN GUYS: Tired of see all those damn pasties worn and always being told “don’t touch the pasties?” Well stop on over at High Heels Saloon where you’ll find a FULLY STOCKED BAR + FULLY NUDE GIRLS!!!

    Suck it up its just a bit of a drive for the best of both worlds!!!!

    ATTN GIRLS: High Heels is always looking for new girls to join our team!!! Flexible scheduling, no ridicuouls house fees, or excess fees for missing work or missing stage!!! We understand the industry very well and treat our girls with the utmost respect!!! Free house first 2 weeks, $31 Tues-Thurs night shift $41 Fri/Sat night shift… You’d be crazy to pay more anywhere else!!! Stop in and audition today!!!

  33. Jarrod

    I have been going to these clubs for over 22 years and I call it like it is This club has a old look to it definately needs updating badly,the bathroom smells like egg water,the Staff looks like body guards for Mr T.the drinks are a little high,the girls that work here are the girls other clubs dont want.Overall rating D+

  34. kenny

    had a great time was hopping.

  35. Hayley H.

    25$ to get in. And no booze? No way.

  36. doug

    Absolutly stunning woman as far as the eye can see, wonderful!!

  37. carlos
  38. lovedthisplace

    great place….smoking hot chicks

  39. Steve McMichael

    you guys suck

  40. Joseph

    Nothing special and the girls hustle you too much

  41. Dwayne

    Too small, Not enough stages, and very average women with little talent! There is a reason why they attempt to suck you in with tireless promotions like ex Bear football players.

  42. mik

    awesome place

  43. Anonymous
  44. fan#1

    good job keep it up.

  45. tyler

    The first time at blackjacks.Had a fab time.Well worth the price for dances

  46. pimp daddy

    fly hunnyz

  47. Brandon

    this club sucks. the girls are not interested in the guys they sit next to them and dont talk to them or anything and they smoke while there sitting next to them.

  48. Re: Mike

    I agree with you except I fould a place better then polekatz.

  49. Big Tee

    This can be a fun place – YMMV

  50. Titan

    I don’t know why the page says so, but Blackjacks is no

    longer a Pastie club anymore; it is now a topless/nude

    club. The pasties at Blackjacks have totally gone the way

    of the wild goose.

  51. what a sleeper

    zzzzzzzzzzzzz that’s how felt about bjs.

  52. victor

    good club.magic nfl mondays comming soon.

  53. maxxy1

    Well, to start things off. I am a middle class, attractive woman under the age of 30. I only state this so that you can understand exactly how the following stories had baffled me, personally.First off, I love going to strait strip clubs. So, I decided to go with a girlfriend, and upon walking up, the rotund and bouncer asked us how he could help us. We thought this was strange but joyfully said we were there to see some hot ladies. He then informed us that “women are not allowed in without a male escort.” What is this, 1850? We stared at him, waiting for him to say he was joking, but he did not. He said “we don’t want women coming in to find their husbands there and starting shit.” He literally refused to let us in, which by the way in 2014 is completely sexist and unethical. I went two times after that, and both times were okay. The girls are pretty fun, but seeing as there is no liquor, that can put a stop to a lot of peoples good times for the evening. I am in no way negatively reviewing the girls. They give a good time and put on a decent pole show.Now, the reason I am reviewing is because tonight was the last straw. My husband and I went for my birthday, and went to show the same hick bouncer our “get in free” texts– which make us want to tip the ladies and buy drinks a lot more than if we had to pay just to walk in. He then looked at my text for about 10 seconds before slowly slurring “the owner says we aren’t doing the text to get in tonight.” We stood there, staring at him, similar to the first time I met this man, and said, “okay, but we just sent and received the confirmation of the texts like, 2 hours earlier.” He just stared blankly at us and said, “i don’t know”. We never got to talk to a manager, and never got another word out of this man besides “i don’t know”. He doesn’t seem to know much, and while I know he’s just “doing his job” and it’s not his job to answer questions, my biggest inquiry is, WHY IS THIS PLACE RUN SO BADLY? Clearly they have trouble holding onto their licenses, and now they’re running their happily paying customers out the door… I’m not sure why, but they clearly don’t care about the big picture. You may desperately need cover charge because you run a severely shoddy operation, but if someone comes in with a deal advertised on YOUR WEBSITE as we speak… come on, let them in so they can pay the girls. Heaven knows you probably take a hefty portion out of their tips for yourself. Anyhow, moral of the story is- I’ll never know why this place is refusing service to cute girls with money, but they clearly don’t care about pleasing anyone but the upper management. Bad job, guys.

  54. XXXbeast

    This is a few weeks overdue. Have you ever seen the movie Porky’s? Yeah, this reminds me of the strip club in that movie. Just 10 times worse. It’s in the middle of nowhere. They had the balls to charge us $3 to park in their dirt parking lot. Ha ha. It was Saturday and cover was $25, but you got 2 drinks with that. What’s that you say? You lost your liquor license over a year ago? So my options are water or redbull?! Dear lord. Inside looked like any other basic strip club. DJ had the same annoying voice all strip club dj’s are required to have. $50 for 2 lap dances. NO other options. Ha ha. $50 for 2 dances?! I’ve paid way less in Vegas for 20x the quality. Now for the girls. Oh. My. Gawd. First striped walked up to us and saidHer: you fellas wanna play a game?Us: Ok, what’s the game? Her: Whoever buys a dance isn’t gayUs: we just got here. Maybe in a little bit. Her: GAY!My buddy: wait, what?Her: GAY!!Us: go awayHer: you all just sit here with all these other dudes and be gay. We laughed so hard. What a dumb pos. was so funny. Plus insulting your customers is the best way to get business. There were 10 or so girls there. This was Saturday night, so it should have been heir A team. Well dear lord, I’d hate to see the B team. 3 of the girls were obese. Not chunky, I’m talking obese. The rest were not much better. Just a total turnoff. The only saving grace grace was the massage girl. Got a really good chair massage for $10. Avoid this place at all costs. Stay home and watch Clay Aiken sing on TV and you’ll still have a better time

  55. me
  56. Just me.

    over club not bad, and i been to bad clubs. girls are good over all. to to BJ’s and fine out yourself how it is.

  57. Morris

    So I went back after not being here for a couple of months. I did not partake of the VIP experience but went back with two girls for thee 2 for 50 special. One I had seen before and she tried to get me to do a VIP. I had been shopping at a mall earlier and my wallet was saying stop, so I held off. The other wasn’t really my type and tried to get me to tip her when nothing extra happened during our regular dance. I politely said no and decided to leave. I believe fun still happens in the VIP. It is still likely a YMMV thing. I did hear that the Mia from the Middle East is back. I love Arabic women… She wasn’t there today but she will likely tempt me back. They don’t serve food anymore instead they have some higher VIP rooms instead of a kitchen. Just say no. The prices have gone up a bit as everyone has stated – inflation. Actually, the economy hasn’t had inflation yet. I wonder what the prices will be next year?

  58. mirage
  59. kim

    love this place, woohooo

  60. jon

    This club is great.Good service and always updating the place.New rugs and newly paved parking lot.Girls are really nice.

  61. Morris

    Ok first off if you want a strip club experience this place may not be for you. They don’t serve alcohol. The club does play videos in the background with the music. They have 1 medium sized stage. I only go during th day. It is usually quiet. I assume the place picks up in the evening. The girls range from smoking hot spinner dressed as Harley Quinn to overly plump can’t give you a decent dance because her ass is too big. The dances are 50 dollars for two songs but only during the hourly “special”. Even then it is kind of a rip off. Only get these if you are sizing up the girl. There are two sides for the regular lap dance room. Don’t bother with the more private side. It is more “private” but go to the cheaper other side otherwise you will be paying a lot more than 50 for two songs. Cop a feel and see how far you can get. If the girl is friendly and talks about the private room consider. 30 minutes is 250 and 1 hour is 400. I have gotten 30 minutes with 2 different women over the last 5 months. Repeating with the same girl is worth it. 250 may seem high but I did not tip more …..

  62. yt
  63. James
  64. A.J.

    could be bigger, tony maybe expand finally?

  65. Jermaine

    Saw a cool fist fight between the girls was funny should let them fight instead of strip

  66. Jon D.
  67. jack

    a very good time had by all

  68. dale

    a fun place with fun girls.very laid back.

  69. henry

    friendly girls.a lot of really cute girls

  70. over it

    too much drama

  72. GW

    Very good club with some outstanding dancers, not hard to figure out which ones are the best, just take them for a dance and easy to determine.

  73. fbbb


  74. Jacob J.

    This is one of those reviews I’m not quite sure why I had not typed up yet. I’ve had a history with Blackjack’s and it isn’t a forgettable place. This gentleman’s club is PIMP. I always remember it for the homely atmosphere, it’s not the factory feel of Heavenly Bodies or the nightclub feel of Club O. It’s different, it’s a small swank lounge located in the boonies of Elgin. Fond memories of a purple velvet room, warm, attractive waitresses taking your drink order and seated just a few feet away from a pole which gets used quite often. Strippers pole that is. Every time I drive out there, late in the night, on this less driven piece of road there waits a silent fog. Adds some mystery to the club and good for memories. Dances are $30 a song, always been and still is that way. On some weeknights and now weekends (during our current economy) they run 2 for 1 deals and with that you get a Blackjack’s souvenir. WoOh. Aluminum water flask, plastic mug or skullie, all with their logo printed. I’d say about 90% of the women are aesthetically attractive. It’s the deep ass burbs, please note that service has always been color specific. Ladies that are patrons will always get great service, just like the guys that are strip club ballers. Dancers aren’t great about approaching newbies and don’t be nodding your head at me saying it’s all about the way you dress. No its fucking not. I’m always dressed better than Jim Bob and the Esse from around the block. To get noticed, walk up to the stage and make it rain. Drinks are expensive and this last visit our waitress was daft. Dancers wear nipple covers and almost constantly put on a decent pole show. If it’s cold outside, dress warm because the keep the inside nipply nowadays. Cover is $15 dollars and they make you pay a parking security charge of $5.

  75. AssnTits5

    Good atmosphere, plenty of ladies, a little pricey on the private dances unless u wait for there special. Drawback looks like elgin police likes hanging around in there unmarked cop car watching everyone go in an out..

  76. wonton

    Beutiful women, good food, cheap drink deals, nice job I had a blst on wednesday!

  77. derek

    Last night was my first time and I will be back every week!

    Nice club, sexy woman, great time!!

  78. agree

    i agree zzzzzzzzzzzzz what a bore…why is it still alcohol…no bad ass chicks…crappy boring lap

    dances..why even bother going there.

  79. guy

    wow the best dry sex i ever had!!!

  80. m

    are u hiring

  81. s43
  82. Out of Towner
  83. alex

    went on sunday.great time.

  84. gray

    this club is very friendly and have a lot of girls to choose from.really good looking and the day shift rocks.

  85. johnny5

    the club ain’t the same anymore. chy aka may, you need to

    retire… your over the hill.

  86. joe
  87. frank


  88. deja blue

    this place is just wrong, never again!!!!

  89. Been There and Done That

    I have been there many times – always have a good time. Bouncetrs and bar team are great. Girls are excellent – no complaints. Like anything – you get what you pay for.

  90. kip

    went this weekend for a drink and had to stay all night it was a blast

  91. STS
  92. Jake


  93. l
  94. tom
  95. Alex

    Been here a few times. Obviously the owner

    and his friends are flooding this site

    with fake reviews. This place is a shit

    hole but theres 2 way touching and most

    girls do extras. Bring cash! I woulunt

    trust them with my credit card.

  96. geo

    the lap dances are too much $30 a song unless u get a special. u have to pay $2 for parking but atleast u have a bouncer watching for any shady stuff. most of the girls are decent compared to other clubs. i wish they still had the private side for lap dances

  97. Kooler

    This place was boring as hell and the best looking girl in this place was the girl serving drinks!!! I wont be back on purpose!!!

  98. G

    Good club been there many times. Best to try out different dancers as some are great and others ok. The great ones give very good value for the money.

  99. Dancer

    Well Josh, I’m glad to hear you had a great time! We hope to see you back sometime soon! We have many daily specials, and also some seasonal specials. Don’t be a stranger! 🙂

  100. deep inside

    …i wish the same thing that happened to all-stars woild happen to this club…

  101. Stm

    This club is not that great. I’m glad to here other people agree.

  102. jose
  103. He who knows

    Blackjack’s is, without a doubt, the #1 Best strip

    club/Gentlemen’s club within less than 75 miles of

    Downtown Chicago! Lap dances are topless for $30 and

    nude for $50, touching is two way (yes, you can even

    touch her boobs, if it’s okay with her), food is

    excellent; they have pizza and other kinds of food, great

    selection of girls, and the club sits in a very safe


  104. DKY
  105. ryan123

    This place has gone down hill since they stopped serving alcohol last year. Too few strippers and most are not that good looking.

  106. Harrison69

    Not bad if you can’t be bothered to get closer into Chicago where you will get more fun for your money.

  107. Jimmy

    Always a good time.

    Check out: Missy,Madison,Denver,Stella,Gina,Porsha,Brianna and many new dancers. Most of these ladies are on nights.

  108. Melissa

    Went last night and was VERY disappointed. Not only was it expensive, the mixed drinks were watered down, there was a girl daning that looked like she just had a c section, had to pay to park in the crappy lot. We wont go again!

  109. Ca

    Its all a good time

  110. andy

    love this place….

  111. club pro
  112. jason
  113. jennifer

    i came nhere with my boyfriend, and I really wasn’t sure what i was in store for…the girls where a lot nicer then i thought that they’d be. I think I’ll be coming here more then he does!

  114. mel


  115. danielson

    This place is a bit unusual but I’ve had a good time here three times now, so I thought I should write a review. My grandmother lives in Elgin so I try to visit her whenever I’m in Chicago for work. However, all she wants to do is go to the casino and be in bed by 9:30, so I’m left alone in a smelly windowless apartment with a bunch of Readers Digests and a fridge full of Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi. Enter Blackjacks. It’s about a mile away and somehow more fun than any of the “regular” bars I’ve tried in the area. It’s in a scary, remote, windswept location and seems a bit dodgy from outside, but inside it gets better. The dancers have been really friendly to me and you don’t always get the feeling you’re being talked to just because you’ve got money in your wallet. Real fun, cheap private dances and decent conversation. Both times I was here alone it was kind of slow so maybe that’s why the friendliness, but hey. Came here a third time with some co-workers including a certain female cast member on Chicago Fire – she got the royal treatment, with multiple dancers fawning over her and was invited to join 2 girls on stage for a dance (to Pink’s “Get the Party Started.”) That said, we never felt like we were being given “celebrity” treatment or fussed over unnecessarily, it just felt like good folks showing a fun time to a fun group. No one ever acted like they “recognized” us from TV or tried to get photos with us, it felt like a safe place to be fun and sexy and cut loose. Haven’t tried the steak dinner yet, but drinks are decent and cheap.

  116. Iron Lung

    Stale, smoky air. The girls were cute but the air was really nasty. I’ll be back after the smoking ban goes into effect.

  117. Sprout

    An all around good time

  118. Zack

    Total shithole

  119. cash

    had a blast on sat night great girls good service and fun times

  120. Truth and nuthin but

    less than a hand full of decent girls. whoever is in charge of hiring them should be fired. they really do hire just anybody off the street girls are trailer and no age limit one or two of them were old enough to collect social security the DJ sucks sounds like a mumbling idiot sevant and plays nothing but nigger music all night over and over

  121. jessica

    hot girls

  122. Rick

    Private dances are over priced. But the girls make up for it.

  123. Re; joey john bjsucks

    Blackjacks does NOT suck at all! You guys have spent too

    much time watching all the shootings, molotov cocktail

    attacks, officers going down in the parking lots, and all

    else at those lethal south side joints east of Cicero

    Avenue! Get out of those violent gangs and do something

    more constructive than homicides and robberies!

  124. E
  125. SouthSider

    Fun Club, don’t be an Ass and you’ll have a fun time.

    Lap dances can be the best around depending on the girl.

    Watch the ones that stay in the back for many dances.

  126. smith

    Is their anyone here over 21 a bunch of babies i feel like a child molester looking at them.

  127. yum
  128. Randy
  129. sss


  130. angry wife

    One of the strippers here has been out with my husband out to eat call ect. She has ruined our family and I hope she is happy our children will suffer and no one else. It’s all about the money. Beware do not let you husbands attend this place!

  131. RustyBoy

    Been going here off and on for several years. Nice atmosphere, friendly and beautiful entertainers, interactive private dances, always have a good time. Enjoy it for what they have to offer.

  132. Jimmy dean

    wonderful time

  133. vincent

    had a grest time friday.its very busy after 10pm go early for more attention from the girls.very friendly club.

  134. ray

    for once all the girls are actually good looking great time

  135. lou

    So many hot new girls to choose from, I haven’t been here in a while and it’s changed for the better!!

  136. shyster

    it suck

  137. Mclovin

    great day shift wow very nice.

  138. Mike
  139. zx
  140. Me Likey

    Always lots of fun if you’r not a Jagoff.

  141. FRED


  142. Regular

    Exelent club.

  143. bill


  144. jojo

    Always treated well there, from the door to the vip area.

    you want them to close and remodel and reduce prices for what? This isnt scores, nor vip’s. I like it here, feels comfy.

  145. sam
  146. s.jackston

    polish woman took me to the semi-private couches, felt like i was fucking her thru my pants. Highly recommended!

  147. big tom

    great talent.

  148. T.S.G.


  149. john

    think the club should close down and redo the inside.. and get new cache of girls.. more like upgrading the decor.. reduce prices..

  150. c.j.

    a real chill club with fun laid back, cute girls that aren’t all pushy, not bad!!

  151. New

    Had a great time the other night. Girls are beautiful and laid back. Will go again.

  152. jarka
  153. howie
  154. mark

    just got back from Blackjacks, a great place to catch monday night football on a big projection screen, got a few dances at halftime, half price dances i might add, i will be back for sure, heather, you are a doll

  155. jerry

    great time on wednesday.the good looking girls

  156. Jim

    What a dive

  157. iraqveteran

    professional club good atmosphere great girls

  158. carl

    Had a birthday party sat.great time.

  159. pat

    Very nice club

  160. don

    great time

  161. licker

    this club rocks!!!!

  162. Bob

    Afternoons are best when the girls can spend a lot of time with you

  163. jayco

    well if you want to place a be on a sports game im sure the owner will take it its a underground gabeling ring with every sports game on the tv it must be a front for a strip club you are better off going to diamonds at least you can watch women not sports game

  164. joey

    a really fun place.They have best day shift i have found

  165. johnson

    not impressed

  166. gb


  167. bar

    Great place

  168. kjjk


  169. uio
  170. igor34

    First time I went here was not that great, but the next time I went was on a Saturday night. place was packed. DJ introduced the ladies as they all walked on the main stage. My first dance was with a sexy Latina. as we sat in the back, I should mention the little individual booths are rather small, she starts to dance. She was topless with tape covering her nipples. Weird. Anyway, as she’s grinding me, she takes my hands and places them on her breasts. Didn’t know that was allowed. She then proceeded to place my hands on her butt. Didn’t know that was allowed, either. I’d say it was a good dance. The next dance came from a very nice looking African American girl. Very young looking but gorgeous. She does the same as the Latina when it comes to the dancing. I have to admit, as a dude, when a girl is practically naked and grinding the hell out of you, you’re gonna get hard. She noticed it quite well. In fact, she didn’t miss a beat my placing her hand on my hard stiff. And while I’m sitting back, enjoying this sexy dance, and I’m not kidding when I say this, I felt her mouth taking a little bite on my schlong. Wow!!!!! I was thinking in my head, if you want to do that, we could go to my car. After it was all done, I felt a little relieved.One of the few things that seemed weird for a place that was when a woman approached me, not a dancer, and asked if I wanted a massage. Don’t get me wrong, she had nice boobs for a thick woman, but I was not gonna pay however much she was gonna charge for a massage, unless it was the whole package. I’d go back if I could.

  171. robert
  172. kylec305

    Poor copy of tooties in miami. Free cover before 5pm, Ten $10 bucks after, who gets there before 5? If you are not picky on what you drink, ask for drink specials, they have good deals, Miller bottle beer for $2 bucks! Dances are a rip off, sorry girls not your fault, it’s management. $30 bucks for single dance. Wait for special, $50 bucks for 2 songs. This makes it an expensive night. A couple of dances a few drinks for you and a gal, tips, a minimal night is $100+ bucks!

  173. amir

    i hate this club amber is a skank

  174. jenandbill

    beautiful woman, great service, good music, i have nothing bad to say

  175. Johnnyboy123

    I would’ve been able to review this place if they actually let me in. Apparently I have to be escorted by a man for them to take my money. That’s disgustingly sexist.

  176. yeah!!
  177. 11

    you suck

  178. Ray F.

    Came here the other night because of the good reviews. I am sad to say it was a waste of money and time. The girls all had strech marks that were highly visible and some looked like 16 years old girls with no boobs. WTF. Don’t waste your time find another club

  179. Tony

    Great club.

  180. Drew

    Come in with the right attitude and a decent sized wallet, and you’ll leave with a smile on your face.

  181. PK

    Better dancers than atmosphere. New big screen tv’s are a major plus. Monday night football is a really good time and the food spread is great. Well worth it.

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