Lamp Liter Club Inc



1474 U.S. 6, Ottawa, IL 61350


41.3361722, -88.8303303




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Lamp Liter Club Inc

  1. olj
  2. Me

    My favorite club ANYWHERE. It’s like Cheers with naked girls.

  3. joe cool

    nice little place

  4. Sam Pull
  5. Chris

    What a cool place. Totally different than I imagined. The other club in town bashed this place. Nice people, thank you for being so polite and welcome me to your town. See you next time LL.

  6. Steve

    Not much going on.

  7. Jack

    Bastards asked us to leave.

  8. Mike

    Private dances rock!!

  9. don

    Nice looking dancers this week. Got some great dances. Waitresses could do a better job.

  10. Happy Customer

    The ladies here are very friendly. The lap dances are excellent with lots of contact. The entire atmosphere is much better than the other strip club in Ottawa.

  11. Ned

    Club sucks.

  12. Bart

    Da da dabba do.

  13. Sonny

    Place sucks.

  14. Customer

    Who trains the dancers?

  15. Jim

    Club sucks.

  16. Dan

    Such beautiful dancers.

  17. Dude

    New girls at the club, all hot and fun!

  18. KP

    Great private dances.

  19. ---
  20. groupleader

    Friendly dancers and staff. I went on amateur night, but the “amateurs” seemed to have had experience, they just had that look, like they’d danced at other places before. Average looking girls, with a few that were a little old, but still had it going on. Lap dance from “Taylor” was well worth the money!

  21. Aron

    Great party place.

  22. Tate


  23. Jessie

    What the ?!?!?!

  24. ****

    Not like any other strip club I know. Dancers just hang around topless and BS with you like they were at any other bar. Some girls really put on a great stage show, others don’t, but the lapdances rock.

  25. Aaron

    Club has a lot of problems.

  26. Observer

    The girls are all still here and fine as ever!

  27. so

    there are more younger & hotter girls now, some of the longtime favorites are hardly here anymore.

  28. Ben

    Not any more.

  29. Greg

    I call it the “Un-Strip Club”, more like a local bar then a club, and the only place I can actually relax in. Best Value for the money. Very laid back, talent is hit or miss sometimes really hot sometimes not, can be anything in between. But that’s part of the fun of the place.

  30. ILS
  31. Guy

    What a nice place.

  32. Charlie

    Club can’t keep dancers.

  33. girl lover

    Very cool place to hang out! There are different girls every week, not the same ones all the time like other clubs. Not many girls, maybe 5 or 6, but all are cute fun to hang with. Sometimes there is a good variety, sometimes not, but there are all types it just depends on what week you go. Most of the dancers are late-twenties on up, only a couple of young ones ever work there. Low drink prices, and no pressure to spend. Everyone is super friendly and best of all, you get to touch the girls!

  34. Joanne & Randy

    One of the best clubs in the area.

  35. Jess

    Nice place.

  36. richhomie

    I have been here a few times Wed. is amateur night and they have $8 pitchers of draft beer. Some of Dancers aren’t as attractive but, dancers are all really nice and actually walk around and talk with customers. Kind of weird cause they don’t have a pole and only one stage, also the lap dances are right out in the open.

  37. stephanie

    great club i work there

  38. ;lp
  39. Rockin Ron & Sleepy

    Not the Highest Class, but if your looking for real people and want a good time at a reasonable price. This place Rocks. If you want centerfold stuck up models with lots of unwanted pressure for your money…go elsewhere!!!

  40. Mick

    Good club.

  41. Wink179

    When I first went there, I wasn’t sure how to feel. It was small and very retro, but I am very glad that I gave the place a chance. The dancer’s were very nice and didn’t pressure me for money. The drinks were great, and I would recommend this place to anyone looking for great adult entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere. Cover is $5.00, Ladies are free, and drink prices and special are great too.

  42. Nevil

    Club ssucks.

  43. Ted

    Place should be closed.

  44. Kenny

    Great dances.

  45. Yeah...

    way better than down the street!

  46. John

    Could be a nice club.

  47. Ed

    Club is not real.

  48. Jay

    Nice girls

  49. Ken

    Not a real strip club.

  50. Frank

    Should be closed.

  51. Kip

    Place is lame.

  52. Deb

    Place won’t be open long.

  53. Farmer

    It’s a good place to go see beautiful girls that are friendly

  54. Jeff
  55. Rich

    Best of the 3 clubs in the area

  56. luvstrippers

    Very nice place. Cant wait to see Honey again

  57. Tony

    Really rude at door.

  58. towel head jenny

    wow this was one of the worst strip clubs i have ever been to the girls a re not classy at all they will do about anything for a dollar and there was only one pretty girl in the whole bar ill never be back next time im gonna check out the silver slipper i heard it was nice and HOT girls….

  59. Who

    Lots of fun on the weekends, Sat daytime are great.

  60. Sucks
  61. Ralph

    Same old dancers year after year. Some of the dancers are so fat you want to yell, “put it on, put it on”, instead of take it off. The past few this place has gone way downhill. Most of the time the dancers stay in the back room instead of circulating.

  62. joe
  63. Kevin

    Real nice place.

  64. iteezu

    Dancers have always been nice, drinks are ok, management is ok, service has always been great. Have been going here for years and never had a problem or bad time. Thank you Lamp Liter.

  65. Alex

    This club isn not good at all went there a few time got a dancer with a couple of the girls that were alright, some of the the girls have nice bodies but as for the face they all look like druggie,and their OLD.So I decided to give it another chance and went in there was a beautiful black girl the for an audition Milk chocolate skin big natural breast green eyes long flowing black hair,and a body to die for she was amazing and I don’t like black women but she was great very graceful, and kind while she was dancing the waitress kept picking on her telling her to close her legs she was only doing what all the other girls was nothing wrong at all, but of course she didn’t win the contest they give it to a little nasty white girl with fucked up teeth but come to find out this girl works at the slipper and her name Naomi it goes to show that this place has not change at all. But I can tell you one thing a change of scenery was extremly nice.

  66. Barney
  67. Romlan

    Club sucks.

  68. Len

    Club has problems.

  69. Barry

    Good place.

  70. t-bone

    I love this place!! the girls are great, very nice, NOT stuck up like at other places! you get more for a dollar at the lampliter then you get for $20 at the “other” strip club in this town!

  71. JJ

    Club needs food.

  72. Jimmy P

    Always fun time at the lamp. As others have said, not the best looking girls in the world, but they are always fun and laid back. lap dances are always to expectations, and if you want a wild ride, find bobbi. She is unreal.

  73. Sid

    Club rocks.

  74. Larry

    Need some dancer standards. Hog heaven.

  75. Rick

    What is going on here?

  76. Sal

    Real nice place.

  77. Ronnie

    Club not well run.

  78. RAndy

    Paint the building.

  79. Cal

    Walked in walked out.

  80. Pete

    Could use more dancers.

  81. Bioll

    Real shit hole.

  82. (o)(o)
  83. Hey

    Someone has an ax to grind, apparently.

  84. Terry

    What is going on?

  85. LaShell

    This set back in time club is comfortable and the atmosphere from the customers to the employees is a welcoming experience with a whole lot of fun attached

  86. rogerrab2

    This place sucks. Yeast infections and bad attitudes. Money grubin bitches abound. Cover charge every night. No dj, dancers have to use their own mp3 player for dance music. Headliner is a mother/daughter team from Wisconsin, who look like they had a chicken McNugget eating contest all the way from Madison. Go to the Silver Slipper instead, much cleaner and no cover on Monday and Tuesday.

  87. Timmy

    U need to put up a billboard.

  88. Al

    Club needs dancers.

  89. Toby

    U need tohire dncers.

  90. Tom

    A lot nicer than Kappa.

  91. jb

    Friendly neighborhood place, but dancers are hit and miss.

  92. Sam

    There were no dancers last night.

  93. Jake

    Club is run buy assholes.

  94. Johnnyboy123

    I’m in town from Toronto for Thanksgiving weekend and thoroughly enjoying the sights and whatnot of Small Town, Murca. My date thought I would like this place and described it as “old school” and I thought I would be amused by it ironically, and I am pretty much game for just about anything. Well what a charming place: The decor is super cool like a retro roadhouse you would see in the movies with posters of 50s style pinup girls on the walls. The bartender was real nice…I don’t care what anyone says: Americans are really friendly. We bellied up to the bar $8 for a pitcher of Bud, are you kidding me? How could you go wrong that? At home that would cost 3 times as much.The dancing girls were cornfed (as in wholesome), cute and curvy. They all had names like anime cartoon characters. They danced to Guns N Roses and twerked, it’s all about twerking these days…what’s not to like? I wish I could twerk but it’s harder than it looks! I have a flattish rigid Scandinavian-type ass 🙁 but at least I have the money-making boobs.It turns out my date is a tit man and for a dollar, a girl with a name like Pixie will let you rub your face in hers, motorboat-style. A dollar. You can’t even get a donut for a dollar where I’m from. After a pitcher of Bud, who could say no to that? Not I. A belly full of beer and a face full of titties, what could be more American than that?

  95. Dancer

    Best club in town.

  96. Jerry

    Place is nice.

  97. the ratings are fair

    This is a good place is a good place to go for cheap drinks. But as far as talent goes, most of the girls are too sleazy or too old to work at other clubs. On weekends it is packed with bikers, nuff said.

  98. Rohnda

    Great place.

  99. -
  100. Andy

    Not a real club.

  101. Met

    Club sucks.

  102. Bill

    Club doesn’t have any class at all.

  103. Paul

    Great club. Girls dance for the full song, none of this half a song is a full dance crap other clubs pull. Could use an extra girl or two on busy nights.

  104. Hal

    Best club in Otawwa.

  105. Carl
  106. D man

    Had a great tiime there droped about 400 bucks but worth it.

  107. Norm

    Place sucks.

  108. BArnery

    Good foof.

  109. Billie


  110. Shotzy Monroe

    Great CLub! FULL NUDE! FUN LAP DANCES!! Cheap Drinks!! Lots of new hot girls, and ME!! Shotzy Monroe!! All I do is have a blast so come on down and see for yourself!

  111. Mark

    No girls are not applying.

  112. Dick

    Bad location.

  113. Ron

    Wouldn’t pay the cover to go in here.

  114. BOB


  115. Any

    Placy is sweet.

  116. T

    Love this place and i’ve ben to alot of them!

  117. Cub

    Rotten place.

  118. Satisfied customer

    What a fun place.

  119. Tyler
  120. Jeb

    Nice club.

  121. Tim

    Nice club.

  122. vulpes

    Very friendly, good contact dances tip rail action. Girls hang around topless after dancing & are easy to talk to. Only draw backs are 5 songs per dancer gets a lirttle long, & they have this wierd no spreading rule for the dancers. Saturday afternoons are great.

  123. Fred

    Nice place.

  124. Rin

    Great place.

  125. Lisa & Bob

    By far the best club in the area.

  126. djp

    Favorite place – be back often – Bring back BELLA

  127. Jon

    Club rocks.

  128. Julie

    Club is a bad place to work.

  129. morgan

    Very relaxed and low pressure atmosphere. Friendly and attractive girls.

  130. Roma

    Club is nice.

  131. Arnice

    We will be back.

  132. Sabrina

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