Big Al’s



400 Southwest Jefferson Avenue, Peoria, IL 61602


40.694141, -89.592575




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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533 reviews for “Big Al’s

  1. Curious

    What is the scoop on Dazia is she still dancing at this club?

  2. Anonymous

    What is the scoop on Dazia! Is she still dancing at this club.

  3. Chip

    Got a great dance form Uma.

  4. *

    This is a great club, the best around! Anyone who knocks it is crazy. Go and see for yourself. It’s for sure one of the best in the country!

  5. to big al's

    great club this place rocks and the girls are wonderful

  6. so

    evary one knows this place rocks

  7. Acd

    cub has a lot of problems.

  8. J101

    I really like this place, my 2 favorite dancers are Natasha and Naya – sorry I don’t know how to spell the latter’s name but she’s the one that wears a black hat on stage 🙂

  9. Cory

    We should be down for a couple of months.

  10. Elwood

    This club use to have bathrooms.

  11. I AGREE


  12. Ted

    Love it here.

  13. Heaven

    What a nice club!

  14. Rob

    Where else can you get totally nude girls and alcohol! Chicago sucks, peoria rules!

  15. chuck

    Nobody was friendly.

  16. Adam

    I can’t wait to come back. This club is great!

  17. Sid

    Why did you close the tobacco shop?

  18. Klub owner

    Please remodel the fucker right.

  19. Andrew

    This club is really nice!

  20. bbb

    this place rocks. best in area.

  21. Wes

    I was told that you are going to make some of the bar a bathroom.

  22. Sally

    Why is the health dept in there?

  23. Ricki

    I love working here.

  24. Tara

    We had a good time.

  25. Ricky

    Place is great.

  26. Kim

    I love this place mo and mo!…

  27. Chicagoan

    Had a terrific time here last weekend. Good looking and friendly girls, GREAT dances. (This “Jeremy Brown” idiot needs to go away now so people who are actually looking for information about the place don’t have to wade through all his shit.)

  28. Wally

    I love als

  29. Coby

    Best club I have ever been in.

  30. doc

    I spent two hours there last night. Had a good time. Dancers were slow to come in as it was early. But all is well that ends well. Missed your HARLEY!!

    Harley and Gabriel email me, so i can let know when i am coming again.


  31. jeremy

    im in love with a stripper

  32. mad at you

    but still a loyal customer

  33. Ed

    This club has really changed from the good ole days.

  34. Al's dancer

    Dave is not at Elliott’s, more class than that.

  35. Noneya

    Okay first off ya’ll say right on the previous page no dress code uh wrong. Ya’ll might get some more buisness if you were’t so damn picky on how people dress. People come there to have a good time and spend their money but you idiots refuse them because they weren’t dressed to Al’s standards well fuck Al and all you lil hoes who work there I will go up state and spend my money!

  36. PhiPPs
  37. Goat

    Real nice club!

  38. Ron

    Great place.

  39. Jone

    This place is cool.

  40. Bob

    Only place in Peoria worth going to.

  41. a fan

    charlie you working tomorrow? i may be able to stop in, only if your there, if not i don’t want to waste my time.

  42. SLOTH

    One of your dancers (not gonna mention any names)has a horrible body odor problem! WASH YOUR ARM PITS!

  43. Elliot dancer

    I love Als.

  44. Doorn

    Does anybody know why Uma was fired before?

  45. Devon

    Fuck the shitty bathrooms, this club is better than Elliott’s.

  46. Elliott

    Elliott’s rocks.

  47. u no hu

    Merry xmas from Elliott’s.

  48. Katey

    Kaliya & Leon are looking for a new place to locate Kappa.

  49. Somo

    I have always liked this club, even with the shitty remodeling and no bathrooms.

  50. June

    Al is going to get rid of Al’s and move it over to the Madison where they have bathrooms.

  51. New to town
  52. Tori

    Real nice club!

  53. Alvan

    Prettiest dancers on main street.

  54. Windy

    What a fun place.

  55. Jonathon

    This place is superb.

  56. KK

    I love this place mo and mo!

  57. Packer

    Elliott’s rocks.

  58. Boone

    We had a great time.

  59. Bob b

    sorry place!

  60. Jen

    Great looking dancers.

  61. Kip

    They should have had Alyse do the remodeling.

  62. Sluts!!

    This place is a hole in the wall!! With ugly strippers!! (all of them)

  63. nate

    great place

  64. Chris

    It is so hard to leave this place.

  65. Uri

    Why can’t you get parking?

  66. jim

    had a great time thanks

  67. Jessie

    Why are all the girls migrating over to CC?

  68. Cookie

    Come on guys, this is strip club, not a restaurant. Give Al a break.

  69. shadow

    that gurl on rock of love from als was the hottest gurl ive ever seen !!!!!!!

  70. Al

    Place is great.

  71. dick

    love this place

  72. ntropy
  73. Jeest

    For shit sakes, get the homeless out of your bathrooms.

  74. Edie

    I miss Riley.

  75. never going back

    most of the girls in this club with do anything you want them to do for a few bucks! They should just be working on the streets! they are also very ugly!!

  76. PP

    They don’t have bathrooms in the bar. You have to go outside and use another bar’s bathrooms.

  77. Oriley

    It aint very good either.

  78. Nirn

    Where did the girls go?

  79. Mgr

    I think you assholels should quit worrying about our bathrooms.

  80. Raz

    I think Rikki is a fine manager and was a great dancer.

  81. Red

    I don’t care about the parking, I ride the bus.

  82. Smelly

    The dancers are smoking in the back room and it really smells. Doesn’t Al know the laws? He think he is better than everybody else.

  83. Amos


  84. SCL

    This is the only strip club I’ve ever fallen asleep in. But yet…it stays busy. Are the rules still the same? Air dances? She can’t bend over more than 6 inches? Etc? You guys don’t know how bad you got it.

  85. Darian

    Please higher uma back.

  86. hermie

    Had 2 bad visits in a row, won’t be back!

  87. Kerry

    Best strip club on main street in Peoria.

  88. Alan
  89. Orman

    Real nice club!

  90. slider won't work
  91. paul

    awesome place since the remodel, the food used to be better but i’ll eat hoops first next time.

  92. Hey Asshole

    Rikki didn’t have nothing to do with bar.

  93. Norm

    I love this club!

  94. expo visitor

    hit the club once a year when in town for a convention. had a good time and the women were great. wish I could go again sooner then next year

  95. Smack

    Who is Uma???


    LOL!!! Its true

  97. Motion

    You can do something about the bathrooms now.

  98. Donnie

    We really like this club!

  99. Mack

    What a great place.

  100. Kevi n

    Actually Al was the one that screwed up. Rikki was his scape goat.

  101. Levr

    What’s with all the fights down there?

  102. Qman

    This club is a lot nicer than Elliotts.

  103. ImissAls
  104. one


  105. Cindy

    I thought the reason Al Married Kathy was so she could run the business before he ruined it.

  106. Mark

    Food wouldn’t be bad if you do a better job than you did in the past. It’s not a nice place to park and it really isn’t safe. I don’t think you can get anybody to come in.

  107. monkey

    monkey likey likey the big boobies!

  108. JB

    Great Club!

  109. V
  110. Awful Smelly

    The dancers are smoking in the back room and it really smells. Doesn’t Al know the laws? He think he is better than everybody else.

  111. don

    i liked uma

  112. abc
  113. Kent

    Club shares bathrooms with another club.

  114. Asswiper

    Brooklyn is so sexy I wanna cum in my pants. Does she give blowjobs and if so how much she charge.

  115. JN

    It rocks

  116. Ada,m

    I love this club!

  117. Gross

    They aren’t honestly going to hire Uma back are they?! Last time she worked there it looked like she had been drug through the mud. Gross.

  118. Wayne
  119. Ren

    This is a real nice club!

  120. NM

    Why are you opening at 8 at night?

  121. Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fuck this place!!!!

  122. Chin

    Why vip room so small?

  123. Als customer

    i LOVE aLS

  124. wow

    this club knows how to do it right

  125. Randy

    Jumping place.

  126. Waterman

    Join The Amsterdam Gentlemen’s Club!


    NEW DANCERS ALWAYS WELCOME, PRO’S YOU NO WHAT THIS MEANS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$! Stop by and ask for Mike. Must be 18 with vaild ID!

  127. hot guy in plaid

    i see you winding and grinding up on that pole i see you looking at me and you already know i wanna funk you

  128. Shakespear

    NEVER had a good time here. Never had a dance here! Too few dancers to pick from. No up close and personal. dancers seems disinterested. Go across the river to the “club”. I have made great friends there, and they take care of me, as I do them.

  129. Lenni

    Real nice club!

  130. Baft

    Real nice club!

  131. Mickey

    Great promotions.

  132. Matt

    Natasha is the BOMB

  133. billy

    you cant get much better than this these girls are super fine and fun to be around

  134. Maynard

    What fun!

  135. Lester

    What is going on at this club?

  136. HV

    Club has been around for a long time.

  137. Harvey

    We had a great time last night. Lots of dancers.

  138. Tros

    Real nice club!

  139. teddy

    Must say this has to be the worst club in the peoria area unless u like ugly gals. you get about a 1 to 10 cute to ugly ratio here not worth the money

  140. Jackie

    Al was on vacation and some dancer named Rickie handled it.

  141. Morgon

    A lot of dui’s will be given out in Peoria this weekend.

  142. jeremy a brown (jab33)

    fucking place sucks, riley is a stds infected pig. i coundnt find the bathrooms and had to piss in the vip rooms. this place should be torn down.

  143. Jeb

    Real nice club!

  144. R
  145. Lane

    I love this place.

  146. Mary

    Kool place!!

  147. Als Gal

    No smoking in here. It’s the law.

  148. out of towner

    i love this place open till 4am with 20 beautiful ladies

  149. RJ
  150. Stan

    What happened to Al’s lunches?

  151. A-ride
  152. Dancet

    We all love Kathy.

  153. Calvin

    Had a great time.

  154. TT

    Good service, and pretty girls!

  155. Art

    I had a good time.

  156. Skooter

    I am really sorry they are tearing this place down.

  157. Devan

    Fuck the shitty bathrooms, this club is better than Elliott’s.

  158. Betty

    I read that Rikki did the remodeling.

  159. HHH

    Jumping place.

  160. tdaman

    me and a couple of my boys more than enjoyed ourselves the night we went. could not have had a better time. the girls were awesome.

  161. Mick

    I like the vip room that smells like urn.

  162. Shit

    Lost another bar Stumble in. We are loosers.

  163. Ben

    We rock.

  164. jab33

    All you crack whores suck.

  165. steve

    drop it like its hot ladies

  166. Loni

    You need to get your own bathrooms.

  167. Beck

    Nice club!

  168. Jeffrey


  169. Ernie

    I think moving to the madison building is a great idea.

  170. There For The Feature

    I came in for the feature and was treated to awesome shows and beautiful entertainers. This is definitely the club to go to when you want good food and fine women!

  171. Dude

    Love the place. Everyone is beautiful, nice, and entertaining. VIP is a little high to get in the room, but well worth it!

  172. Carl

    We had a great time last night.

  173. Andy

    Love the vip room!

  174. POOP

    Had a good time beside being grossed out by one of the dancers for havin a poop stain in her thong.

  175. Johnny

    Ilove Al’s

  176. good times
  177. Scott

    Come to Elliott’s for a good time.

  178. More party people

    We loved everything about the place!!!

  179. Wyatt

    What great food.

  180. Kevin

    I love this place!

  181. Keb

    Real nice club!

  182. JT

    Real nice club!

  183. Gem

    Wow this place is rockin.

  184. Nancy

    A great place to work.

  185. Evan

    This club will be around for a long time.

  186. Jona

    I think they are going to take some of that missized bar out and put some bathrooms there.

  187. Ned

    I like the drink prices!!

  188. i give it a 10

    the girls the club the drinks, everything is top knotch

  189. Thomas

    I am never bored at this club!

  190. cock


  191. Re: Tobacco

    Rikki fucked up the paperwork.

  192. some dude

    i love this place

  193. Kile

    Love the remodeling.

  194. Bev

    Wg girls had a great time.

  195. Jnilla

    summer and the rest of the ladies are freaking beautiful

  196. Bret

    Real nice club!

  197. Jan

    We had a great time.

  198. 2george8/03

    i have to comment on that… there is no way they told you that there would be another cover for you if you wantrd yo make a phone call.2ndly, if you were only in town for 3 more day’s you sure have your club names down! nice try at bashing Al’S! THIS PLACE ROCK”S!!!!!!!!!

  199. Ryan

    Best club in the Mid-west

  200. Ike

    She knew what customers to watch.

  201. Chopper

    Love the remodeling!

  202. Rikki"s A WHORE

    Rikki quit rating your fucking cock roach infested club your making yourself look stupid you fucking idiot.

  203. The boys

    What a great time we had.

  204. drinks

    drinks are too expensive

  205. stp

    The majority of the girls that work here ugly and/or old wash ups. Wayyy too many bad boob jobs. Most of the girls are rude money grabbers who will do ANYTHING for a buck. Eww! Not the worst I’ve been too but pretty close.. The club itself is nice looking, though.

  206. Pedro

    I thought Al was going to make the Madison a Pizza place.

  207. aLS

    i LOVE aLS

  208. Yen

    I love this club!

  209. Edmond

    Now that Elliotts has a liquor license, isn’t that dangerious.

  210. OMG

    Sounds horrible.

  211. maybe

    i cant believe you could #1 go to a strip club and not get at least one dance,maybe you would have a better time. This club has been here for years! You ROCK!!!! the times are always good.The ladies , any kind you want.GOOD TIMES!

  212. Cal

    Real nice place to work.

  213. Harry

    Why doesn’t Al come in there anymore?

  214. tim

    my favorite place to be after midnight

  215. Get

    The remodeling looks great!

  216. Mgt

    In fact if you wanna be dancers post you e-mails, we will hire you.

  217. i love als

    i love als

  218. Joe

    Place is great.

  219. Mrco

    Al tried to promote the lunches, but nobody came.

  220. Elmer

    I c the city of peoria is going on a crush to fuck up all the business in peoria this weekend. Sucks. Nobody will come downtown.

  221. Riley

    We Rock!

  222. Timmy

    My kind of strip club.

  223. Hey fucker

    Nobody makes you come in here.

  224. Tuna

    I was in there last night, there was one pretty girl and she was a cunt.

  225. Lonie

    Place isn’t what it use to be!

  226. Ar

    Super club

  227. That E Guy

    Great place always serves well and dance are more private that cabaret and kappa. Not all dancers are amazing but they do feature some great ones. I would recommend Monroe

  228. Elf

    This is a real nice club!!

  229. Party People

    We had the most wonderful time there.

  230. Marty

    Had soo much fun.

  231. nick

    knock my socks off

  232. Edna

    This club rocks.

  233. Walk_Of_Life

    Its probably me that smells like smoke cause im doing it in the bathroom. Oh, and im just your average customer.

  234. Elane

    I don’t understand the bathroom deal.

  235. Zw

    What a fun place.

  236. 411

    wow i must say all i can say is just that. keep it up

  237. Simmy

    This place rocks.

  238. KV

    Al should get rid of those drug infested bars and build a parking deck.

  239. Jamie

    Nobody knows!

  240. lk

    I love this place mo and mo!………

  241. Troy

    Club needs better lookin dancers.

  242. Mr V

    What happened to Charlie?

  243. !!!

    this place is awsome and the girls are great,you girls know what you are doing.thanks

  244. FrankJ

    The place needs a morale boost after being mismanaged for so long. Still has a few decent girls there but needs a bit more variety.
    Kyle, Mariana, Bambi are amongst the nicest ladies that I’ve come across there.

  245. Jery

    Club has a lot of young skanky dancers that don’t know anything about the business.

  246. Boss

    Autumn rocks. I only saw her in an afternoon show and Big Al’s policy (so stupid) is to not tell you on the phone who is dancing. I would drive to see Autumn, but since I don’t know if she is there or not I won’t go back. I don’t know whether the club actually has a policy to not tell you who is there dancing or not. I tend to think the guy I talked to on the phone was too lazy to look and see who was there rather than some ambiguous policy that I doubt even exists.

  247. Chicago guys

    We had a great time and will be back.

  248. Mo

    Your lunches are great.

  249. Roman

    The dancers are smoking in the back.

  250. Terry

    I had a great time, thanks Uma.

  251. myself

    the place is nice the food is excellent love the drink specials, overall good place

  252. patron

    I like the new look.

  253. Bob T

    Love the club

  254. Alvin

    We have told the stupid whores to come out after their stages.

  255. Ken

    Good dj.

  256. Aaron


  257. NO!

    Hell NO!

  258. Brad

    That’s too bad, she was nice to talk to, although really stupid.

  259. Juan

    Al was mortified.

  260. Nam

    Rally had fun.

  261. Nasncy

    i really wish we had bathrooms for the men.

  262. Rex

    When is the club moving to the Madison?

  263. Bobby

    AL’s is the best… I miss it!!!

  264. eddie
  265. Gt

    Not real wild about the vip rooms.

  266. Regular
  267. Mrs Medical

    This is a very nice club that has been in business for many years. Great relaxing atmosphere and hospitality. Seasoned staff with glowing faces, sexy bodies and great time for the price. I would recommend Als to any other club in the Midwest…totally nude and alcohol served. That is a rare combination in todays red taped world. A dollar for a tip and twenty for a totally nude contact dance. Go have a good time cause I did for many many year!

  268. Martin

    Why are the dancers allowed to smoke in the back?

  269. DoubleD

    Drinks are overpriced, there should be no cover for ladies that aren’t gay, lights are to bright on the main side, the expanded side is ok with lighting and everything.

  270. pete

    ive never had more fun than i did last weekend at al’s

  271. Moe party people

    We love everything about the place.

  272. chi guy

    you girls deserve a better rating i give you a 10

  273. Curious

    What does a dancer license cost?

  274. Onry

    Except for the bathrooms, this place is nice.

  275. KK girls

    This place blows. Nasty girls and they are all hors. KK rules!

  276. Jay

    Fucking rip offs, Bitch showed up at my hotel trying to fuck me with the police saying I robbed her at club but never told club management. Beware they will fuck you in Peoria

  277. Al's Gal

    I like working here!!

  278. shocked

    they need to hire women instead of little kids. the quality is about that of elliot’s.

  279. Hank

    Great time.

  280. jake

    i love all the al’s girls

  281. candy

    im addicted

  282. zjsvl

    Bobby is a wonderful person and I hope she is here for a long time.

  283. very funny

    how is it that the best club in central illinois hs the lowest rating what a joke

  284. Jessy

    Parking really sucked again.

  285. T

    Had plenty of good times here.

  286. lol

    Real nice club!

  287. Guy
  288. Smoker

    What happened to the tobacco shop?

  289. Tabby

    Vip rooms are great.

  290. !!!!

    i had a great time i will be back and i give you people a 10,two thumbs up what ever you call it you guys are excellent

  291. Dancer

    I like it here.

  292. Mic

    Nice place

  293. big al's

    we rock peoria

  294. Employee

    Al is the person that fucked up the bar.

  295. JY

    Grate food

  296. vj

    This time of year is hard. We had more scheduled, but they didn’t show up.

  297. Customer

    I love als

  298. to: stupid

    Hoops ain’t going to buy this place.

  299. Sever

    That bar has to go.

  300. Diva

    I love this club…its great it has good looking talented girls..and the renovation looks amazing…it really is a step up and looks a lot classier

  301. damm

    im in love with a stripper

  302. Bo

    I see and agree with what people are saying about the remodeling.

  303. Hey Elliotts

    We spent more for remodeling than your whole place is worth. Btw, our smoke shop is bigger than your whole place. Fuck you and your pending liquor license.

  304. Jck

    he didn’t quit serving, it is just, nobody came in to eat

  305. HJ

    Al is ashamed of the remodeling errors.

  306. bb

    What a nice place!

  307. Vir

    What happened to Rilie?

  308. Really Smelly

    The dancers are smoking in the back room and it really smells. Doesn’t Al know the laws? He think he is better than everybody else.

  309. To Customer

    You need to come and talk to Rikki.

  310. Pat

    Great club.

  311. YEAH!!

    Sucks like the stripers!!!

  312. A+++

    this place is A++++ all the way

  313. Robert

    Real nice club!

  314. Worker

    It seems to me that even as shitty as the remodeling was, this place should stay a strip club. Just get some fucking bathrooms.

  315. Chet

    We had a great timein the vip room. Food was great and the dancers beautiful.

  316. nonya

    the club is great so are most girls,but there are a few that need to work on a few things,like manners,social skills,etc,etc

  317. Norman

    Great looking dancers.

  318. Lorn

    I think Rickey does a great job running the club.

  319. number 1

    that is what this place is,thats all you other people need to know. thanks you rock

  320. yaya
  321. Stock

    Honda Shadow?



  323. fred

    i love you girls

  324. Jack

    Had a lot of fun.

  325. Management

    This place is packed wall to wall every night.

  326. Toad

    This place is cool.

  327. xP

    Hell Yes!

  328. JH

    What a nice club!

  329. AA

    Great place

  330. sd
  331. Willie

    Real nice club!

  332. jill

    had a great time last night

  333. natalie

    i love the ladies too

  334. LL

    I love this club more and more each time

  335. Neme

    Does anybody go here anymore?

  336. frank

    i would have to say i agree with the last guy

  337. Dana

    Real nice club!

  338. vote


  339. LDJ
  340. flottsom

    great club,hot as hell dancers absolutly the best time in central illinoise

  341. Ronnie

    We could have had more fun if those stupid young whores would have come out and talked to us. What the fuck is wrong with your dancers. They were smoking in the back. That won’t make no money.

  342. Sarah

    I had fun.

  343. Jasman

    Why is Al best friends with the guy that is putting him out of business? Is he a fuckin idiot?

  344. Tanel

    You treted me like I was white!!

  345. club fan

    cabaret that is. there are too many young girls who work here. cabaret has more mature women

  346. tom

    al rocks

  347. Sharron

    Opening up at 6pm is a great idea!

  348. rod pitsonbarger
  349. food

    just fair

  350. NATASHA


  351. Devin

    Doesn’t anybody look at these dancers before they higher them?

  352. The Dza

    Sad to say but B.A. didnt live up to the hype my friend assured me. It was about 4 years since I’d last been there and I wanted to leave as soon as we walked in. Maybe I’ll go back in another 4 years…maybe

  353. Emery

    I am surprised the health dept lets them run without bathrooms.

  354. Finger guy

    The smaller the vip rooms, the better. You got everybody beat.

  355. Orin


  356. Hector

    Nice Bar!

  357. Even

    What happened to the smoking room?

  358. George

    Monday night was great Tuesday night was $2 Drinks, but then you get to Wensday. All I wanted to do was make a phone call outside and they told me I would have to pay a cover to get back in. We spent almost $400 dollars in three nights and now they are going to charge me to come back in. We are going to be in town for the next three weeks and we are going to spend them in Club Cabaret

  359. Al's non smoker dancer

    u guys think it is funny, but you are going to get Al busted and we won’t have a place to work.

  360. Please

    Don’t hire Uma back.

  361. Dariln

    Nobody trains these girls to dance.

  362. Manager

    Get over the bathrooms. They will be added in the next remodel. Right now we can’t do anything about it.

  363. fantasyland

    big als is better we know it we just love to be haters

  364. me

    overall a good club.

  365. Len

    Real nice club!

  366. Jess

    If Rikki would have put in bathrooms, made the bar smaller, made bigger vip rooms and made the stages bigger, she would still be working at Al’s.

  367. Loser

    hey, Peoriaguy, Don’t ever post the girls real names.

  368. Aat

    Uma, you the man.

  369. Rick

    Needs more and better dancers, but the food has gotten better.

  370. UV

    Real nice club!

  371. Jeremy Brown

    This club doesn’t have any good looking dancers. I culdn’t get a dance in there saturday.

  372. Paris

    Elliots rocks.

  373. Boss Hogg

    Whoever you are that answers the phone. Fuck you! What an asshole. You are costing Big Al money by being so lazy or Big Al has a stupid policy that is costing the club money. People drive a long ways from small towns to go see some special girls if they know for sure they are working. Change the policy or get off your ass and tell a guy who is calling who is there dancing .

  374. Max + Mona from Joliet

    1st time at Big Al’s. Went Thursday, July 3rd. We plan on posting several reviews due to the fact that various elements deserve separate attention. Overall, we have found a new fav club. Too bad it is not closer to home. Wish it was bigger like the Slipper is up here. Drink quality was good. A lil confusion on price though. Guy at door says “You call it= $3” meaning all drinks except ‘top shelf’ items are $3. That is fine. But a cpl simple drinks were $8. But no argument, since I know how other clubs change and the girls were hot. The evening gowns with nothing but G-strings on underneath was a VERY NICE TOUCH! I never thought I would say this, knowing the industry, but they need to hire a cpl dancers with fuller frames or bigger boobs. Our favorite type of dancer is smaller framed and small chested (A or B cup). We were in hot girl heaven! But we know that most patrons prefer bigger breasts. If you read this, girls, each one of you better NOT get a boob job!!! You are AWESOME the way you are! My comment is to offer an improvement in variety for the patrons. (And they may free up some of you smaller chested hotties for our time and attention ) Good variety in dancer personality though. Music was good. Not too heavy in any genre. A good mix. The lap dance booths were a lil cramped, especially for a cpl wanting to enjoy together, but the design is clever, still open but shielded, indeed semi-private. The lighted pole on the main stage is lit from within, so it is not brass and a challenge for the girls to use, cute lighting effect though. The pole on the 2nd stage is the better pole, brass and SPINS!!! Look for our review later today on the dancers themselves. Overall, Big Al’s rocks in our book, wish it was closer to our home, but we WILL BE BACK.

  375. heimie

    gotta love the alster

  376. peoria

    i love big al’s cant wait to see you girls again

  377. ha ha

    i meant you always show me a good time

  378. Sick

    I see you guys hires looser Steve F. back. Bad move.

  379. Razr

    Does Hoops own part of Al’s?

  380. my 411

    this place is nasty so are the dancers and the so called over weight coked out house moms. When this place moves maybe they will rethink the hired help! and dancers for that fact. very few that are worth the time

  381. Pekin Guys

    We came in and had a good time.

  382. Jesse

    Very commercial, worth going IF you have no car and are stuck in town overnight. See if the place across the river in Creve Coeur is still open and go there if you have wheels.

  383. Jane

    The cook quit.

  384. # 1


  385. ???

    overall good club need more girls

  386. Hal

    This is a really nice club!

  387. Mike

    I have always been treated great.

  388. Hit Man

    I love this club and my women.

  389. chicago guy

    cant wait to come in this weekend

  390. To Kevin

    Sorry,the only people that will beleive that Al’s is bad, are the ones who have not been in to see the remodel. Sounds like some other club doesn’t like the competition.

  391. fg

    fg fg

  392. HATERS


  393. Tommy

    This is a nice club, but not what it use to be.

  394. Digger

    Girls seem genuinly disinterested. Understand the VIP room is illegally hot!

  395. Moris

    Had a great dance with Paige in the vip room.

  396. Charlie

    Nice place but only 3 dancers.

  397. Darryl

    Stopped by to see how the new ownership has changed the place. Looks lots better inside. Service is way better than the old days. So are the girls. From what I see and hear, this place has got some real ambitious plans for making it the best in Peoria. Definitely worth a visit…or two…or three…or…

  398. Suckx!!

    Like Missyland!!!!

  399. Mal

    We r thinking porn movies r in order.

  400. Mgmt

    Park in the street asshole.

  401. anon
  402. John

    I was in there the other afternoon and there were no customers and only three dancers. The only places that were worse were Fantasyland and Elliotts.

  403. Longer

    Why did Rikkie get all those fucking tat. They look gross,

  404. Health Inspector

    you motha fukas made me sick yesterday with that shit food you all have.Damn shit is like eatin left over food from a dumpster in New York city

  405. James

    We were having a great time until the snow hit.

  406. Z

    Sometimes it seems like the girls are far to busy, and drinks are way to expensive.

  407. Larry

    I love the vip.

  408. jj

    I love this club more and more each time

  409. Jon

    I am a regular and I like Al’s.

  410. PT

    There is a guy with too much time on his hands.

  411. Name

    Best lunches in town!

  412. Davie

    Rikki did the paperwork wrong on the smoke shop and the city closed it down.

  413. Potential dancer

    Can I refuse to dance for blacks?

  414. KEd

    Club rocks!

  415. Barry

    Real nice clubL!

  416. KN

    Real nice club!

  417. ?????
  418. Waist

    Nothing but UGLY WHORES!!!

  419. Dan

    We had great service from the cocktail waitstaff. Right on the button with that one and the girls sat with us all night long!

  420. Earl

    Lots of dancers.

  421. Barker

    R U going to open a movie theatre at Al’s.

  422. Funny

    Elliott’s got their liquor license tabled again.

  423. below comment

    maybe it was blood.

  424. 100%


  425. Sammy

    Thanks for letting us in without id’s.

  426. Kristie

    Real nice club!

  427. yummy

    have have have!!

  428. Henry

    Great place!

  429. hot


  430. Yurick

    Real nice club!

  431. 119

    Just want to say thanks to Charlie and Missyland for another great time Thur. nite. They truly are the best and I just wish the all the best in the world for them. They treat customers right and allways are nice to talk to. Hope they don’t hire Uma back. New girls in last nite and they don’t need her back to cause trouble.

  432. Jerome

    Rikki got fired over the remodeling and now she works at one of the other clubs.

  433. Roger

    I had a good time.

  434. Teri

    Real nice club!

  435. bill

    i love you ladies you always who me a good time

  436. Jeremy A Brown

    (jab33) your door guy never stopped me at the door. i was dressed in female clothing and they didn’t even notice. what a shitty club.

  437. that one guy

    i love it here keep it up ladies

  438. h


  439. oh my god

    this place is great i will be back for sure and this time with more money

  440. Whores!!

    Stay away!! They all have Crabs!!!

  441. Elliott's dancer

    I was in there the other night and was treated like shit. You guys are rude. I will never come back. And I will never dance there.

  442. Sal

    You call that remodeling. What a joke.

  443. Jerri

    I like this place a lot.

  444. Alviln

    you need mo black dancers because most of your customers are black.

  445. HP

    Great club!

  446. Siegs Bach party

    We had a great time

  447. KK Dancer

    Place should be called Big Girls instead of Big Al’s. Going back to Kappa.

  448. great place
  449. Dook

    The place is a fucking truck stop! I’ll bet those sweaty drivers swerve in to see some ugly road pussy and then move on!

  450. toby

    we rock

  451. Milly

    Love this place.

  452. Phil

    I was told the huge bar is a tribute to Duwayne Cassano.

  453. CHIEF

    NATASHA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

  454. Greg

    This club rocks except for the shared bathrooms.

  455. vh

    Real nice club!

  456. Denny

    I think Al is going co cut down that over sized bar and put bathrooms in there. That should solve the problem.

  457. Duane

    I love Al!!

  458. Chad

    My wife didn’t have nothing to do with it.

  459. Chico

    We remoleded and forgot to put in bathrooms.

  460. dave

    i love all the big al’s girls you rock my world

  461. Brian

    Nice place to hang out with great scenery if ya know what I mean.

  462. Customers

    If dave aint there neither are we.

  463. RM

    I saw some posts and was forced to respond. I have been going to Al’s for a few years. I didn’t like it at first, but now I think it is the best club in Central IL. Riley is not a fat cow. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever met. I’ve gone to other strip clubs, gone on trips to the majority of states in this country and have not found anyone that comes close to comparing to her. You don’t like that got too drunk, made an ass of yourself, and had to pay for it, fine. But to say they force you to drink is not true. I have gone there many times and never had a drink. I have gone there and bought food without any different prices. Of course, though, I also know the meaning of the word tip. If it is so bad, why do you keep going as I see your posts are in different months? The club is one of the best. RILEY IS THE BEST. If it was not for her, I would not have gone and I would not have made changes to better my life. Treat people with respect and dignity and you will get it in return. Enough said.

  464. Moron

    Una is never coming back here!

  465. Marv

    Opening up at 8pm is a great idea.

  466. Whores

    Stay away!! They all have Crabs!!!

  467. Dale

    Real nice club!

  468. Mrty

    I had good time.

  469. Bill S

    Nice club! Most of the girls are a little full of themselves and won’t sit and relax with you but I guess they are there to make money. I Prefer the more laid back clubs but had fun here too.

  470. gf

    gf gf

  471. pee we

    I love this club more and more each time

  472. Bachelor Party

    Had a great time

  473. For Fizzle

    Every thing was great, Went there when in town on business trip.

  474. Uric

    Who designed the tiny vip rooms?

  475. Rikki

    Great Club!!!!

  476. u no ho

    Merry Xmas from your friends from Elliott’s.

  477. 911

    Just back after a nite at Al’s..Thanks to Charlie and Missyland for a wonderful time…Looked like their were some new girls in and hope they will be ready for March Madness just 6 weeks away

  478. Jimmy

    World Class Entertainment!

  479. Nickie

    Had a great time.

  480. Leon

    You guys will be sorry you hired Uma. She is nothing but trouble.

  481. Me again

    Please don’t Hire Uma back.

  482. Kelly

    I dont like the remodeling at all.

  483. r john

    Not sure why there are so many haters of this club. if you go on tuesday or thursday it is really cheap ($2 any drink) and the girls are more than hot… The only negative is that this is a “no touch” club, but if you know the right girl…

  484. james ellison

    this club is great. chi town comes 2nd. keep up the great times

  485. Been

    I love this place.

  486. jerica

    i love all the als girls you rock

  487. Joiner

    Why is Al turning this place into a movie theater?

  488. to rikki

    rikki goes on all of the local area clubs and trashes the dancers and the club itself. she no longer makes money because she is old washed up tattooed all over. when will the bitterness stop with you? there is always someone younger and actually prettier than you, if you were pretty.

  489. No time

    Love the tiny vip rooms.

  490. Sam

    Love the variety of girls!

  491. Guest

    Been to two stripteases in peoria and this is really good one

  492. e

    I love that oversized bar.

  493. damn

    im in love with a stripper

  494. $$$


  495. Club Owner

    Why are the stages so small?

  496. Mel

    Grape place to drink bear.

  497. Amy

    Best food in town.

  498. HR

    Great club!

  499. joey
  500. Jiff

    This club is totally in touch!

  501. Jo

    I like the shortened hours.

  502. that guy

    cant get enought of those big al’s gals

  503. Cub

    I don’t understand the remodeling. Small stages and a huge bar. I thought this was a strip club.

  504. hello

    had a good time thanks you girls are great

  505. Johnny boy

    Excellent club. Would go out of my way to visit. Went on Sunday night while it was slow. Dances are great. Wish the seating was more private like at Jimmy’s or 390 in Chicago Heights. Girls were fun. Bouncers were jerks. Girls looked great and I had a pleasant experience. Would go again.

  506. Sonny

    Great place!

  507. Mac

    Keep this place going.

  508. Sit

    What is the fucking deal with free passes At Club Appolo, good after midnignt. Is busines that bad?

  509. terra

    best club in illinois

  510. Michelle
  511. dYen

    What was Rikki thinking when she built that bar?

  512. Joe M

    Something smells in there. Can’t figure it out.

  513. Kenny

    The remodeling looks great!

  514. Jerry

    I miss Joey, but not her drama. Girl is fucked up.

  515. Tofer

    This place is cook.

  516. HT

    Real nice club!

  517. Karl

    Riley left because the other dancers were smoking!

  518. Lem

    I can’t say much good about the food, but the dancer was nice.

  519. Lamar
  520. al's gals

    we beed a better rating guys someone had been tampering with our rating help us out and lets get it where it should be

  521. Als dancer

    If you customers didn’t smell so bad, we mite be nicer.

  522. JK

    Club could use some dancers.

  523. 1st time customer

    I disagree with the last rating. I was at this club a couple days ago with some coworkers and had a great time. Lots of beautiful women that had smiling faces with great attitudes. When I come back in town I am making it a point to come again.

  524. beautiful

    i like rikki ashlyn missy and ices

  525. Morry

    This place sure isn’t what it use to be, but it beats the other clubs in town.

  526. Carol

    That Max and his wife were spooky.

  527. pacman

    Elliotts has been hiring all of our dancers.

  528. Ivan

    Just fix the bathrooms!

  529. yep

    Yeah, actually we do have an idea of how bad we have it. There just aren’t any decent alternatives.

  530. Barn

    Good luck with the remodeling.

  531. jeff

    cant wait to come back

  532. tony

    angelina is the only great thing at this club.

  533. Alyse

    World Class Entertainment!…

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