2107 Kingshighway, East Saint Louis, IL 62204


38.6234696, -90.0933329




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “C-Mowe’s

  1. screw u bill

    Debbie was just jelious of the four names u posted she proble told you to say that shitshe is the cheapest girl that works at the club $20 anything you want Bill thats why u sit with her the other girls u named would not give you the time of day so who the one on DRUGS BITCH

  2. Taylor

    Its a laid back club variety of girls

    drink specials and friendly bartenders

    safe place come check it out

  3. Regular

    Go to Summer and Desiree. Harley isn’t worth a quarter.

  4. Taylor

    Very lay back club nice girls and very fun there

  5. pauly

    I know the onwer &she needs to make some changes very bad. The place isent near what it use to be & if you want to get the shaft well my freind did a privet dance & the girl made promeses & relly did not deliver We are very very disapointed!!!!

  6. leo

    Possible reopening in June. All new club.

  7. Bill

    Must see Debbie #1 girl there. She is uber nice. Stay away from Nikki,Diamond,Sugar,and Carly <--druggies

  8. Col. Fagin

    Totally unsafe, extremely dangerous, in a World War I

    battlefield of a bad neighborhood!

  9. He who knows

    Only someone with a death wish would ever dare to go here or

    into Washington Park! Shootings, homicides, cop killers

    live all over the place in Washington Park, and they would

    blast you to swiss cheese with an AK-47 for your car,

    wallet, everything. This area is even worse than nearby

    East St. Louis!

  10. Jeff

    Although the night time bartender is rude as hell,i just can’t get enough of this place! The girls are great. Unlike hollywood and a few other places, this club is laid back and comfortable.The girls all made me feel right at home.

  11. taylor

    i like it here,the girls are nice.come drink with us and find out for yourselves.

  12. joe

    A very dangerous place. Recently, one of the dancers known as Stacey (Eva Heisch) was arrested along with her boyfriend Jessie for 1st degree murder of possible one of her clients.

  13. Re; Taylor

    Safe place!? With AK-47s and possibly IEDs going off every

    5-10 minutes? That area is a war zone!

  14. oh yeah
  15. C-Mowes Regular

    Give this club a try and have a good time!

  16. Bob Johnson

    3 girls causing a lot of trouble for c-mowes those 3 girls now work at wiseguys. whole club shouldnt be punished for 3 dumb bitches.(tori,gabby,and lexi)

  17. Cindy 2

    GRAND OPENING coming SOON! Will repost exact date as soon as it’s known…Thanks!

  18. ben

    the girls you say went to wisguys two were higered back it was even on the news that tori and lexi stoled that guys credit card and taylor and mckayla riped that one dode off for 15hun.and after they did that they got another one for Eight hundred. (who thretened to shoot cmowes up over it)

  19. ssk
  20. no fun

    This club sucks what happen its cold , its got church pues in the private area man mowes is no good like used to be went in there no one came in how does she pay for this club surley not from the girls i seen and her prices i can see why this place had noone in it but went down the street to wiseguys had a blaste cant afford to go to this club what happen to all the old faces sorry cmowes is a drag…………

  21. club hopper

    This club has the most overweight rude & bitchest people Iv ever seen. Why are they even open if you give you a hard time to get a drink & THEN a DANCER [ THAT DONT EVEN GET ON STAGE OR WILL JUST SET ON STAGE]. wants A 15 dollar schot of patrone & the grils all come & beg for a tip [WHEN THEY REALY DIDENT DO ANYTHING BUT MABY SET ON THE STAGE]. Then call you cheep if you only give a [PUNK ASS DOLLAR]. wow I WONT GO BACK THEIR UNLESS THEY MAKE ALOT OF CHANGES. it use to be all good !!!NOW ITS FK,ed

  22. Robbert

    I was very disapointed in the club overall!!! The place isent no were what it use to be before it burnt.The new building isent even setup to be A tittibar..and the atmosphere it drab the servic is terable…Were are all the good,Bad grils..usta get service with A smile…NOT PLAYED LIKE WILLI LUMP LUMP..I did find A few of the good/bad grils dowen the street 4 on days & a cupple on nites..theyer loosin all their best to wise guys & cheeks..It isent hard to see why with the rules they now have..were did all the good times go!!! DOWN THE STREET!!!!

  23. disappointed

    This club has taken a serious turn for the worse since the owner hired a guy to run the club that no experience and a huge ego. Get rid of him and things might pick up again.

  24. new customer

    very sexy girls

  25. west side

    It is a toilet bowl.

  26. r

    Open bench in back room gives potential for one on one action which gets hotter than the other clubs. Not bad for the price.

  27. randy

    glad monique is back at mows>she looks dam GOOD she was their befor the fire..and she will light your fire!!!!

  28. TB

    A good club…no Mother Teresas here!

  29. discreet club guest!!

    i have stopped in for the first time since the club burnt and haveto say enjoyed myself very much they have something for everyone in there for real!! all shapes and sizes. average to knockout!! my favorite is diana she is a real sweet young lady!!m thanks for the good time ill be back real soon !! stop in and check it out folks wont be disapointed not at all!! discreet p.s. i loved the club but i didnt give em a 10 nobody’s perfect right !! LOL!!!

  30. KCQuestor

    Compared to the competition, this place is pathetic. It used to be a real find. Now it is just a sad shadow of the past. If you want sleazy action, head next door to Chameleon. if you want classy, head down the road to Hollywood or Hustler. Just don’t go here.

  31. NO
  32. ReJoe

    Horrible war zone of a dangerous place! Another huge shootout, AK-47s, about 91 people killed including 57 police/SWAT officers, 378 people injured, over $250,000 damage, later that day, four cars southbound on Kingshighway blown right to pieces by IEDs, sending huge fireballs into the air, and then on Forest Blvd, an eastbound military convoy attacked and blown up.

  33. frank

    The only girl that was even decenent was jules the ashin/mex. lookin one but she dont do sht in the back unless you pay 2 or 3 hundred & she isent worth all that…

  34. kevin

    Without Monique their their isent much to go their for!! I need to find her I heard A few different storys why shes not their. I would say she got fed up with cindy2 treatin her & custermers badley..POWERTRIPPIN bartender 4 real…

  35. Shane

    they need to updated a little bit. the only thing i like about the club is Taylor she rocks. need to get some different girls in the club.

  36. C-Mowes Girl

    I love dancing at this club as there is a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Rule. The privates are what you make them and the money is in there.

  37. Clint

    Dissapointing! What girls they have are nasty looking and even if you wanted a private there is no place to do it. Not at all like the old club. Bright side is that after leaving I went down the street to a new club called WISE GUYS and was glad I did. It’s a great place. Pretty girls, clean and well decorated on the inside, drinks were realy cheap, service was good, and the staff made me feel at home imeadiatly. See Mow’s and judge for yourself but then check out this new club across the street for a pleasent surprise. I like the maffia place and plan to spend some quality time there.

  38. monique

    I worked their 4 years & Its goten so bad that I got tired of the drama..Then I get messed with Its messed up that they can take somtin like possable cancer,pallets on my voc.cords & know about it & dog on me about the way my voice sounds…U never know if your so called freinds are freinds or wat!!!

  39. jonnie nitro

    Well for starters I like the clubs where the ladies come down and sit on your lap during the time that they are on the stage. NOT HERE ANYMORE!!! So I’d had to say unless they change there policies I’m not going to be visiting this place for awhile!!!

  40. Monk

    This place makes me want to throw up. Disgusting looking girls. Horrible smells. Bad attitudes. Overpriced beer. This place needs to be closed.

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