Miss Kitty’s Showgirl



5200 Bunkum Road, East Saint Louis, IL 62204


38.622794, -90.0949119




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Miss Kitty’s Showgirl

  1. Rick

    Do not go here #dangerzone dancers robbed me in the VIP dance and management didn’t care I think he is in on it i mean come on he does not even question them just throws me out

  2. playboy
  3. Lyin bitches
  4. jeff
  5. moneyman

    loved it12

  6. Calbar

    It’s hit or miss at this place. You got the good with the bad. You got girls that are starting out and then those that are finishing their careers here. Some extras can be had as well as take-out.

  7. Big J

    I wasn’t there more than 10 minutes and this good looking blonde on stage started begging for money. Promised a BJ for $100. Like a dumbass I believed her. Lost the money and got nothing in return. Watch out!!!

  8. also ripped off

    There where a few girls in there promising to do sexual act in the pivate dance area i can only remember 1 girls name it was ladonna but once i gave them my money they say that there going to get busted and then they take off on ya and when you go to say something to the manager or bouncer they kick you out great scam i guess so beware of some of the girls in there they are conartists. Atleast i wasnt the only one who has that happen to them. BEWARE OF LADONNA she is a scamer for sure. Peace out

  9. guy
  10. Bob

    Dj sucks!! I spent money, and the bartender on the night shift was rude.

  11. harison
  12. He who knows

    Stay away! STAY AWAY! at ALL costs!!! NEVER, EVER go here at

    all! This place sits in the Number 1 very most DANGEROUS

    city in North America; Washington Park. Shootings, arsons,

    homicides, even possible terrorism, don’t EVER even THINK of

    going to this place if you want to live!

  13. bob

    nasty. was there 3 minutes on 3/15/08. wouldn’t let one of our nine people in(said that his id wasn’t him) and it defentitly was as they were deciding that one of our others was ordering 9 jager bombs at $12 a piece and we all took our $6 cover charge refund and left. they lost alot of money that night for some moron at the door. oh and did i mention it was nasty and dirty in there!!!

  14. ?

    one word DUMP

  15. HighRolla

    Lets send some support to the hot chicks that do work at the club!If we don’t help them prosper they will leave!

  16. Squid

    Like every club, it has ups and downs. Some girls are attractive, most are not.

  17. jj
  18. cruiser

    Was in a couple times during very off-peak hours a couple weeks ago. Although there were few customers at the time, the girls were not at all pushy, and were very friendly and pleasant. Not a group of supermodels, but all with natural equipment, which I appreciate. Some carried a few extra pounds but compensated by being very well-endowed. Had a good time, altogether. I’ll be back sometime.

  19. diva

    discusting if u want a disese this is were you willcatch it

  20. mathewater12

    Went had a blast lots of fun spent the whole night great people and kind staff will be back again real soon

  21. Don juan

    Love miss kittys had a blast there !!!

  22. hardlarz

    sit back and relax, if you go up to a stage you get a lap dance preview. That will not happen at Hollywood or Hustler clubs that are down the road.

  23. Shothole!

    It is a shit hole and this place sucks! Unless you like handjobs from fat chicks. Oh. You probobly do!!!

  24. loving it

    Great club some girls are fat but thats the way i like em thick, and friendly loved it and will b there tonight after i leave centerfold cabaret..

  25. x
  26. shane

    It’s is a great club to go to. The woman are nice.The music is great too.

  27. jared
  28. Jay

    I do not know who this other jay is, but this club is fairly clean. This is one of the clubs that you can get your money’s worth without paying a lot. THe night shift offered many more dancers that were not over weight.

  29. Bill

    I enjoyed saturday at Kittys heard some great music,had a great time with a Tanya and Angel. Be back in town soon. See you then!

  30. charles


  31. jake jackoff

    I’d say this is the best club in the area, however that not saying much for a number of reason like the other clubs that I go to there is not enough lighting inside. The first time I was in there when they put in the new stage I remember walking towards it but couldn’t tell that there was a stage there because its so dark in there. If they took a lead from a former titty bar, MAINSTREET now there was a club!!! Like I said though its better than the Chameleon club, Dollies & C Mowes. But like I said Its the best the area has to offer. No I don like the larry flynt club or the hollywood club THEY DON’T GET DOWN AND DIRTY LIKE THIS CLUB DOES.

  32. Tom

    Incredible time!!! All New owners and management. Haven’t been here in a while decided to stop by last Saturday night and damn the place has changed. They completely renovated the building and all the old staff is gone. Sexy ass girls, the club is spotless and beautiful. Drinks were cheaper than any of the other clubs. I was impressed. I got a beer and a shot for $8.00, the music was good a nice variety. Going back this weekend!!

  33. who's ur daddy

    Had a kick ass time with my wife at Miss Kittys, the girls are great ,and I think she had just as good of a time as I did! Now I know where WE will be spending our saturday nights out together !

  34. John

    If you like country music and fat whores, you’ll love this club!!!1

  35. rooster cogburn

    the dj should go pro in air guitar

  36. s

    Laid back, no-pressure club, with good value for the buck on a Saturday afternoon. Good contact lap dances at the stage for only a few buck tip for the dancer, and hot activity in the room at the back for a reasonable amount. Don’t expect too much, but you won’t pay too much for cover and drinks, and you’ll find it a very good value for your money and time. I’d go again any day!

  37. Ben

    Great drinks great music hot girls fun fun fun !!!

  38. theone
  39. bowser

    love all the contact and the macho mugs! miss kitty’s FTW!

  40. Col. Fagin

    Totally a war zone club in a war zone neighborhood! Nearly

    as bad as Baghdad, Iraq! Stay the blazes away!

  41. xxx

    loved it

  42. paul
  43. Ty


  44. todd

    this club is a good place to visit,i had fun there,i will be back again.

  45. daddy
  46. cal
  47. red tshirt

    i had a great with London,faith and huston.

  48. yeah
  49. c-note

    this place is a fucking 10 because everything’s a dollar. if you dont like handjobs for a dollar, then you’re a faggot.

  50. Noel
  51. YasmineFan

    Was there in Summer of 2017. I got there late, it was just me, and the dancer selection was terrible. Fat chicks, mostly. Finally Yasmine came out. Hot young black chick, long legs, natural tits, nice bubble ass, pouty lips. Tipped her during her dance and asked her to come to my table when she finished.

    We went back to VIP for an hour, and we fucked twice. Thankfully i had condoms but the second time i pulled out and she let me cum on her tits. Unbelievable body, she sucks cock like a pro, and she’s a great little fuck.

    She said she was 23, but her body seemed younger. 19 or 20. Next time I went in she wasn’t working and the rest were all cows, so I left. Haven’t been back. But if you get the chance, I recommend.

  52. Lap Fan

    Good club with excellent milage on privates. Not the quality of some area clubs but make up for it in other areas.

  53. tj
  54. james day

    love the girls super nice and so sexy

  55. Big John

    Where in hell is my ANGEL? Does anyone know if she still works at this club …..stopped in last night and she wasn’t there !

  56. ChunkyDoo
  57. Gene

    Girls are not the best. Most have some miles on them. But that being said, they do go a long way at stage and in the private area. That is high praise no matter what the stripper looks like.

  58. ted

    taylor is one fine looking dancer,she also dances good,go see for yourself.she is one of the clean dancers there.

  59. Quix

    This club does not have the best looking girls or DJ, but if you’re in the area I’d recommend you stop by.



    This is a very laid back place. The few times I’ve been there it hasn’t been very busy, there are comfortable (although old and kinda shabby) couches, cheap beer (for a strip club), pool tables and some television sets.

    If you want to go to a strip club, there’s lots of better places to go, like the nearby PT’s.

    But if you’re looking for a place to hang out and shoot the shit with your buddies while looking at some okay looking naked girls (and the occasional one who isn’t that okay), then this is the place for you.

  60. Supergirl

    Come on guys check me out wed-sat early shift. Let your fingers roam. did you know that Ben Franklin was the Ambassidor to France. I like French and Ben do you?

  61. Tiny Dancer

    The girls were fun and the private dances were great.The music needed some improvement, but what the hell it’s a place i’d like to visit again.

  62. ulterior_egos

    Nice enough if you like ’em dirty. The second I walked in the door I was accosted by a 20 something blonde who rubbed against me and asked me, with a wink, if I wanted a dance while I was at the bar buying my “in the door” $3 cola, after my $5 cover. I asked how much and she said “1 for $40 or 2 for $60” – I said no thanks, then she says “for you, 3 for $70”. I figure what the hell, I’m here for a nasty time anyways. We go back to a not-very-private VIP area and she strips to sheer panties. She’s a couple of months pregnant, which is a bonus for me, but she keeps taking my hands off her belly. She let me suck her tits for a bit, then she pulled my shrit up and sucked on mine. This wasn’t my thing so I pushed her back and she started grinding her chest on my crotch. After a while this started to chafe and when I pushed her off she started breathing on me through my pants, but she strictly avoided the tip. More chafing, more boob playing, I was getting bored so I asked her to turn around, she obliged and gave me a great shot of her anus, being sure my hands stayed at thigh level. More chest chafing and nipple licking, she could tell I was getting bored (“you gonna cum babbby???” – “no.”) so she straddled one leg and gave me a shot of her pussy, still strictly hands off. More chest humping, a little more shaft breathing and the third song is over, she actually gave me three full ones and most of the one that we started on, so I figure it was a decent value. My wife called during the grinding so I made a quick exit. If I ever happened to be in St.Louis and alone on a Friday or Saturday I would hit Miss Kitty’s after the dancers have had a round or five and I’m sure it would be a hell of a good time. But as it was both the girl and I were rushed, so it was not all that I would have hoped it would be.

  63. Justpassingthru

    One word: Dynasty! Amazing what 50 presidents can get you.

  64. John

    DO NOT EVER GO HERE !!!EVER !!EVER !! AVIOD AT ALL COSTS !!!!!!!!!! If the dancers don’t rob you, their thug pimps wait outside for you to leave and then follow and rob you if not worse ………………SAUGET IS THE ONLY CITY I WILL EVER VISIT FOR A STRIP CLUB ON THE EAST SIDE

  65. DUDE
  66. glr74

    Nice place to relax and have fun, girls are very friendly and nice laid back atmosphere.

  67. Daniel

    Place sucks since they ran out all the pretty young dancers. From what I’ve seen it’s a bunch of Fat, ugly, disease ridden whores now.

  68. Coming back!!!

    I was in here for the first time in years last Wednesday

    May I say it is an awesome place. I came in and the day shift was going,

    kinda boring honestly!! Then the night shift started. Almost all of the girls

    were very sexy. The girls were all fun and I had a blast. The dj was the

    very best I’ve ever heard in a gentlemans club. Red head guy think his

    name was Chris. I had such a good time I found the manager Andy and

    shook his hand.

  69. James

    Went there the other night and this place is a PIT!!! Overage women who think they are special, Music too loud and the place smells. Hold on to your money guys, and go some place where at least the women are good looking. This may have been a saloon in the old west but it is a pit. There are no girls there that can make it rise. Scarred up, stretch marks and drunks/druggies. Hope you don’t catch anything.

  70. JA

    A variety of girls at different times. Like other clubs some times you hit the jackpot sometimes not. The girls get really close friendly and pursuasive. Private dances are a great value. I guess a fool and his money are soon. I guess that you can call me a fool.

  71. Matthew
  72. Larry

    Great place great dancers nice comfortable place

  73. the one

    why not say what miss kittys realy is “a brothel”

  74. mk

    love the girlz!!!!!

  75. Sandy

    Wow! is all I can say!This place is disgusting. The place is an old dirty 3 bay car garage, there were a few dancers,looked like crack hoes,or old. One dancer just stood on the stage,not moving, & no stripping.The private dance area is a joke. You sit in a little cubicle, in a hard straight back chair, & anyone can see whats going on.This cost $30-$40 depending on the dancer.OHHHH, dont forget the mouse trap under the pool table.My friend went to the mens room, & would not use it,it was so nasty.Take your money & go to the hustler club where the girls are friendly, hot, no drink minimum,everything is clean, & the private dances are well worth the $30.00

  76. Clipped

    Same experience in August as previous poster (big J?)in March. Scammed and then physially thrown out of the club.

  77. Unimpressed 1

    Management leaves something to be desired for sure . Girls are nice ,but money hungry like any other club. I wouldnt waste my time here when there are other nicer clubs right next door to this place. Overall cleanliness leaves alot to be desired and the lack of ANY drink specials is a major point of disgust ,the money hungry owner wont let them have any specials to attract a crowd . The music SUCKS too,who the hell wants to listen to COUNTRY at a strip club EVERY song??? NOT ME ! Save your money and go to Hustler next door where they arent stuck in the 1800’s . Recently they lost power and ran the place with candles and a generator tryin to avoid closing for a couple days too!! What a bunch of losers and money hungry jerks this place! AVOID their other club Miss Kitty’s 2 in East St. Louis also it is a BIG step down from this dive! Only one stage and absolutely no atmosphere as a strip club! Its more like a local VFW with titties !

  78. jerry

    the review about the “twenty-something blonde at the door” was about Faith. I’ve known her for years and she is not several months pregnant. That’s how she always looks.

  79. jyd
  80. traveler

    Favorite strip club EVER!!!

  81. joe
  82. Drrty
  83. travis

    keep up the good work

  84. mr bigg

    looking for sherri johnson she used to work there years ago and cherish anyone know where cherish is

  85. stevo


  86. mike
  87. thatdude
  88. Jack

    very nice and laid back enjoyed myself

  89. Carl

    DON’T go here! Horribly dangerous area! Terrorist bombings, shootouts, robberies, IED attacks, the area is easily as bad as, if not worse than, Syria.

  90. loser dave

    I’d say this place needs couches is the VIP area, as who wants a lap dance on a hardwood chair. Many overweight girls, but a few winners. One girl started crying while asking me for money, which was not attractive. I stayed until almost close and went across the street to Hustler Club, which was nicer but the private dances were not as good there as at this club. I’d go back, but I don’t know why.

  91. hg
  92. Kevin

    Haven’t been there in years but still seen a couple of familiar faces. Had a blast just like old times.

  93. KNIGHT
  94. JOJO

    Place Sucks

  95. Rob

    Does Raven work there anymore

  96. greg

    3$ cover fee + 4$ drink; laid back atmosphere;

    10 girls( except 4 all are old);

    great value for money, 2$ dances are excellent …

  97. yardapesbb

    Had a good time, lots of contact. Girls have improved since the last time I was in.

  98. ffloyd

    i love mk!!!!!!!!! its different than the others, either you love it or hate it!!

  99. Sam

    This place is great! There are 3 clubs within about half a mile of each other, but this is the one with the REAL dancers and REAL music and with prices a REAL man can afford. The women were very friendly and every bit as good looking as at the other 2 clubs, the cover and drinks were reasonable, and the DJ played some great ones, both current and classic. This is really a place to relax and enjoy the scenery! The place is not fancy, but you’re not there to look at the furnishings, and it is clean and comfortable. The listing for this club says it is “topless”, but the women on stage were not at all shy about sliding their G strings to the side to give a good view of pussy. Of this 3 clubs at that I-64 exit, this is the one I’ll go back to!

  100. fuckery12

    Miss Kitty’s is a Blast! So much fun!! Great place to relax! It’s not too loud not too dark not too expensive…….it’s just right!!!!

  101. Timothy

    Shitty ass club. no doors in the bathroom is this a club? I couldn’t tell ?!?

  102. Sam

    Ice cold beers hot hot hot girls!!

  103. Jimmy

    C’mon guys, this place SUCKS!!! Old lady’s 40’s and fat who just want to take your money, tell you they love you and laugh all the way home to their no teeth hubby’s. Get real, this is a dump. Maybe a little lysol would help. Won’t go back. Just one step above Dollies.

  104. JIMBO

    Disgusting, dirty and a good place to catch what you don’t need. And the new place Kitty’s II in East St. Louis is a further step down. Beware

  105. 2Good4MissKitty's


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