PT’s Brooklyn



213 Madison Street, Brooklyn, IL 62059


38.6578914, -90.1695621




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “PT’s Brooklyn

  1. yup

    beats the shit out of flyint

  2. Damnit

    I got crabs from the tall blonde on dayshift….I wouldn’t be mad if I had at least gotten to eat her pussy or something….oh well

  3. whatever
  4. anon

    really disappointing. I haven’t been here in years, but even Dollies in WP is

    better now.

  5. sweet

    luv the hotties here

  6. dm
  7. Not an employee
  8. stripclublover

    I had a great time and I will bring my friends in the next time I come back.

  9. hey


  10. chad

    nothing no say except don ‘t go there

  11. cool guy

    the place beats the shit out of flyint

  12. P Bluffer

    My wife and I have been here 3 times and will be back

  13. andrew
  14. Metalhead

    Finally, a club that knows how to find the volume switch and use it! Some nights are like Ozzfest over there! Good to hear Pantera cranking through the place with girls doing bodyshots on the bar! Loud music and eye candy….hell yeah!

  15. Zach
  16. lala

    it was cool

  17. steve
  18. no name

    wasting your time!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Dude4619
  20. WAY overrated
  21. No way....

    If you like your girls with “teeth optional”, this is the place for you….skank city

  22. Unimpressed again
  23. chris

    its a blast

  24. tony
  25. neddie

    I was in about a month ago and had a bad experience with some little short manager. Another manager came to me and told me it was just a off night and a lot was going on. He gave me a few passes and treated me like I was the last dollar the club or the girls were going to make. Made me feel important, he introduced me to A dancer there by the name Eve and said to come back and visit her. I went back and there is a new attitude with everyone there. I did not see the manager that took time out of his busy nite, I think his name was Wayne. Eve was not there yet, but I had a blast. i will be coming back

  26. joe

    Place is fun with some very friendly dancers. The bartender with braces on her teeth is a real nice gal too.

  27. dude

    very nice great place to hangout nice chicks

  28. Disappointed

    Not sure they are interested in the lunch crowd. A couple of

    times we stopped by at noon and they were not ready to open.

    Most of us have a hour for lunch so we passed and did see

    other cars leaving also. How about having the staff start at

    11:00 to be up and running for the noon to run crowd?

    What can you lose but lost revenue?

  29. Not impressed
  30. st. louis regular

    If you have some common sense, this can be a really good place to visit regularly. Here’s the way to figure it out. Come early when the place is not too crowded (in the afternoon or any evening other than weekends). Simply sit and watch which girls offer what SPONTANEOUSLY to the guys on stage. That’s all there is to it. Virtually all the girls dance entirely naked on stage and allow you to be hands on with them there, to one extent or another. Beyond that, every girl is different. The range of what they offer upsatirs in the VIP area (very private booths) is very broad (the club doesn’t decide or restrict that — the individual girls do). You have to figure it out individually with each girl. Once you see a girl doing what you like on stage, encourage her with a good initial tip (say $5 or $10) THE MINUTE YOU SIT DOWN THERE. That’ll get her attention and you’ll find out pretty quick what she’s got to offer. If you are cheap or have no ability to judge people, then you are going to be a failure here just as in any other aspect of life. There are no gurantees, but if you invest some time and money you can probably find 1 or 2 girls that will work for you. FINAL advice: just as in the rest of life, the conventionally glamorous “10” girls and the GFE type girls . . . are rarely the same. You need to have an idea which is more important to you — because it’s almost 100% certain you won’t get BOTH at the same time.

  31. KJ

    Very friendly dancers, $2 drinks on Wednesday!. Great variety of dancers — somethings for most tastes

  32. guy

    place is a riot

  33. Drrty

    Not worth the money it costs to get in, and you still have to pay cover in the afternoon also.

  34. used to be a regular

    really short bartender with metal teeth needed to get an attitude adjustment and learn how to make a drink. my favorite bartender left the club last summer, she was our favourite

  35. not telling

    I really like this club its got a nice relaxed atmosphere and there’s some really sweet girls working here.

  36. Courtney

    I got a few privates from Courtney. YMMV, but all I got was a sloppy BJ, and wouldn’t allow me to touch or lick her puss at all…

  37. Stuffed Suit

    I still get hard just thinking about my last time…

  38. horrible
  39. lilhottie

    its a decent club overall but i think te mood could use a little lightening up maybe some new furniture would give it a better vibe love the poles though the way i look at it is a strip club isn,t a strip club if it doesn,t have a pole

  40. randy

    Some very beautiful and talented women. Absolutely love it much classier than some other clubs I’ve been to.

  41. george
  42. ahsley

    i like the club when it is popping

  43. hello

    The entertainment was great was there on tuesday some very hot girls some not but had a great time will be back

  44. Got herp from Cori

    Cori/Tara gave me herpes. Be forewarned if you go PRIVATE with her…

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