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60 4 Corners Lane, East Saint Louis, IL 62207


38.5623842, -90.1043468




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “PT’s Centreville

  1. Happy as Hell

    We go here once a month and have never been dissapointed! We check out the other clubs and always end up back here!

  2. dog

    its an awsome club

  3. Centerfold Cabaret

    Had an excellent time. I will be back for sure. Its now under new managment. new girls and i had a blastCC

  4. Happier Than Hell

    Great Club! Lots of fun

  5. Raymond H.

    The club is in serious need of repair (especially the carpet), but I keep coming because some of the higher-end clubs seem plastic and snooty, girl-wise. The daytime girls, namely Brett, Juliette, Venus, Taylor, and Melissa, as well as Janelle, the bartender keep me coming back!

  6. Nasty
  7. WAY overrated
  8. horrible
  9. mike
  10. mojo

    this place stinks. The girls also smell foul.

  11. Regular

    It doesn’t have the glitz and glamour and centerfold types. What it does have is reality and that ‘neighborhood bar’ kind of feel and very friendly girls — many of whom will be VERY friendly in the back. For a one-time out of town visitor, this place probably won’t cut it. For someone who wants a decent place to come talk to a naked girl, it works well, especially from a $$ standpoint.

  12. tammy
  13. 2 "dave"

    that’s what I thought. you know Maria is fucking gross along with Rennee. Nothing to say now. Why do you like ugly mexican people? Or an anorexic chick that looks like a boy. Sick!

  14. Don't Matter!!

    This place is a shit hole in the wall of hell and should be burnt to the ground!!

  15. Rick

    Fun club. Saturday nights in particular are great, with lots of female guests getting involved with the action.

  16. mikeanddar

    Great club, the girls are hot and friendly and the hospitality staff is helpful and friendly. Always lots of sexy dancers on stage. The club makes couples feel welcomed and relaxed. We drive out from Maryland every year and we always come to PT’s on friday and Saturday for all the hot action.

  17. justin

    the girls were nice, liked the music.

  18. LaLa

    Awsome time we had last weekend.

  19. Ha

    I like this club for the most part. Most of all the staff is cool. Makes the world of differenc!

  20. Tazman

    Private Dances with Harmony are incredible,,, IF you treat her like a lady!

  21. hris

    This is one great club

  22. JIM

    First time visitor and very satisfied. The girls were great – nice to talk with.

  23. Preppymotherfucker!!

    They need to replace all the dancers and management and then mabye the club woud be great!

  24. Jack

    The club has a great staff. I think they have been making some minor cleanups around the place. That’s a good idea.

  25. first-timer

    The people at this club made me feel very relaxed for my first time. The girls were all very sweet and attentive.

  26. Not impressed
  27. new york

    Great time at this club. It’s the real deal. Not glitzy, but no pretense either. Thanks, girls.

  28. rapests

    staff get the girls drunk n take advantage of them on a regular …

    aBad club needs to burn down… not worth the dancers saftey ..

    cause there is none

  29. L.N.R.

    This is one of the originals and still one of the best!

  30. visitor

    The private sance area NEEDS to be fixed up and the carpet. That would make the world of diference.

  31. scott

    i went there on a monday night and i had a blast the girls there are so outgoing and really know how to show a good time…one thing i loved was that they were real girls not some fake blonde crackhead bimbos which i see everywhere else.

    thank you ladies!!!

  32. Josh

    the place is very laid back… always something fun going on…and the girls actually try to get to know you and ask, “so, how was your day?!”. not just trying to pick-pocket me. i’ll def be back… Ryan and Paris are sexy as hell, look for them.

  33. MeRrated

    This club loves couples, couples love this club!

  34. Fun all the time

    We had so much fun last time we came in town. This is the original PT’s. It’s the best.

  35. Pleased customer

    Great atmosphere. Very relaxed and friendly.

  36. Jordyn

    amazing time the girls let me and my girlfriend dance with them!! ROCKED!!

  37. Overrated
  38. Yipeeee

    Great fun club!

  39. Management

    I am a floor manager at a stripclub a lil west of chicago, i’ve been to about 30 or so stripclubs in 5 states, and once a year I find myself in St Louis for buisness…and I absolutely must visit this club, I just love it, good times, great atmosphere, hot ladies, great barstaff. my favorite club ever.

  40. Dick Ritchie

    Club much improved with new management.

  41. Fagin

    Absolutely unsafe, in a World War I Battlefield of a bad neighborhood!

  42. fuckin right

    place rocked, music not my taste but the girls were so much fun, i got a free t signed by all the girls and they had some sort of a cherry picking contest that included your mouth on one of the girls…im definitly looking forward to that next time!!

  43. Beth

    GREAT time! Weekends are fun! Girls are all really nice.

  44. J

    Saturday nights are great. What more can I say.

  45. biggy smalls
  46. MANI
  47. Peter Hardwood

    Been going here almost weekly for 2 years. Last ## times I was here, I was disapointed and didn’t have a very good time. I am giving it just one more chance, on my birthday, next wed 12th, before making a switch another club.

  48. Matt

    Dancers were not that good looking.

  49. jennifer
  50. Tom

    This club is ok for needing some fixups

  51. stlsnake

    You get just about what you pay for here. A classic, good old fashioned down to earth style of strip clubs that is becoming so hard to find these days. I first went w/some friends a few years ago and have been going back ONLY to this one ever since. A bit of a stretch out of the way especially if you’re coming from St.L, but definately worth the time and money (and the gas!) if you can’t get laid and are looking for a release. But don’t expect too much here. The dancers are 50/50. They’re either hot or they’re ugly. There’s really no in between. They almost all have helluva hot dance moves, and for the most part can please you in the private dance if you don’t mind paying $25 a pop per song! Nothing else is given in return here. (They tell you to go to the massage parlor across the street!) The general opinion seems that it could do with a facelift and I definately agree. The carpets are worn to shit, and the priv. rooms could be more comfortable, but as far as a simple, plain, not too fancy, come and watch us dance naked kinda place, it works.

  52. satisfied customer

    Stopped in last Thurs. Found this club to be like a diamond in the rough. Dingy, but the girls make up for it. I talked to a number of really sweet girls. Thanks so much. I’ll be back.

  53. 2 dave

    If you like Renee something is wrong with you. Do you like boys? If you like Maria? Sorry! You like nasty mexicans?

  54. HHM

    Had a great time there!

  55. frank
  56. al

    only complaint about the place is the smoking. It stinks. The girls would look a lot better with something else in their mouths!

  57. No way....
  58. Blue

    I came in town Saturday night thought it would be cool to stop in. I thought the people…girls….barstaff…whatever, they are all great. I had a great time! Now i must say they really should fix up the private rooms…carpet…. few things.

  59. Clerr

    I am a regular at several clubs, and although this one seems to have small crowds the atmosphere is great and the entertainers wow what an upgrade over the last year! Needless to say great time, but needs a facelift….. BAD!

  60. outoftowner

    i was told to go here by a friend.wish i wouldnt have.most of the women are drug addicts.the place smells bad too.i would never go back again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Mr Happy

    Wife and me were there on a Sat. night. We had a blast! Music was great! Couples area is alot of fun! Could use a remodeling in the club for sure! Staff was fantastic! Friendly, welcomed us, were friendly and polite while inside and went out of their way to thank us for coming as we left!

  62. Jay

    This club is down to earth and fun. I agree the managment is really personable. The area isn’t nearly as bad as Brooklin. This place is ok.

  63. P.J. S.

    A great club! The ladies are the focus and they bring it every time I have been there! Great inidvidual attention and service!…..Very true! The girls at the this club really deliver.

  64. Fat Boy

    Two words for the dancers MOUTH WASH

  65. billy

    excellent club. great swingers club!

  66. Joe
  67. Once and Future King

    Please put some fix-up money into it, parent company….it can be nice again.

  68. disgruntled

    YMMV in privates, but the girls really aren’t worth the $25 per song price…I’d look elsewhere…

  69. Jesse

    Wow! I came here for my 18th birthday and didn’t know what to expect, but PT’s exceeded all of my expectations. The women are all amazing (especially Skyla&Christina) ,and they are really nice(except for the chick that gave me an atomic wedgie and spanked me with a belt onstage, but i didnt mind that too much. I would say my only complaint is the cramped private room, and the 1 song $25 dollar privates, but hell, they’re worth it! The staff and the dancers were all great! i highly reccommend this club!!

  70. Chuck
  71. CB
  72. That;s a nice 1

    Hot girls + good atmosphere = GOOD TIME

  73. Hot guy

    I know what you mean about Maria. I was at the club about a month ago I think it was a Saturday. She was so fucked up. What a whore. If you can’t do your job with out being messed up on drugs find a diferent job. Ya know…

  74. jda

    Could be the best club in St Louis Metro area

  75. James

    The weekends at this club are great. LOVE the music Friday nights. Over all the dancers are so much nicer than at most of the other clubs.

  76. Unimpressed again
  77. Damn

    The private dance room here is screaming for some fun, but none of the girls offer a menu…what a bummer, there are quite a few that I would just like to lick their pussies, but no dice, they won’t allow it….

  78. Zach
  79. Fisher
  80. chad

    it was a good time until one of the strippers held my cousin luke sweitzer down and stuck two fingers up his ass all the way up his ass and then rubbed her hand all in his face. other than that great times

  81. never again

    This club blows. It is dirty, the girls are trashy, and the management is rude.

  82. dancer

    the clientele here sucks.

  83. me


  84. ykdhfok
  85. Hung like horse

    this club smells as do the dancers

  86. dork boy

    This place smells like mold, so do some the girls.

  87. couple

    Terrific place for swingers or couples just looking to have fun.

  88. john

    i love this club. go visit the day girls- paris, ryan, taylor (she’s crazy but fun!), brett, carmen, trista…they are a fun bunch!

  89. drrty
  90. Buck

    A great club! The ladies are the focus and they bring it every time I have been there! Great inidvidual attention and service! Well worth the cover and they always make me want to come back!

  91. Mr. D

    To many crack whores and STDs in that joint for me I want classy girls to spend my cash on!

  92. Guy

    This club is so fun! I also LOVE the music on Friday! Good DJ

  93. Brandon

    This is a Great club, not to upscale but not Trashy at the same time.

  94. Nathan

    I currently went here with a bunch of my friends, It was fantastic!! This place was amazing. In this club your allowed to touch, all the other clubs just cant compete!

    For minors, cover charge is 20$ and includes four cups of soda.

    I loved this place, and I will continue to come here.

  95. Dave

    Been going there for 7 years. I’ve known Taylor the entire time and she’s the only reason I keep going there. She truly enjoys working there and making you happy – her enthusiasm is infectious. In many OTHER clubs the girls seem infectious in not-so-good ways.

  96. Quix

    Best club in the St. Louis area.

    Very attractive dancers. Unlike other clubs, the dancers are not shy about getting up close and personal. You get more sitting around the tables than you do for a private dance at a lot of clubs.

    Very personable staff, and they have an awesome BBQ stand outdoors. Can’t beat it!

  97. mr. goodtime

    had a blast, not upscale but very comfortable. A couple of girls i would stay away from, they are very obvious…a few girls i would look for are brittany, kylie, austin, talon, and georgia..all great girls!

  98. Jonathan

    The overall quality of this club is outstanding. The girls here definitely make this club what it is.

  99. FU Man

    Clover has to be the Queen Bitch of the world ha ha

  100. rjs

    Love all the bartenders-Spuds-very professional, Beth and Janelle- very friendly, Amanda-very good, Holly-great-very friendly and easy on the eyes, Deandre-always has a smile

  101. good guy
  102. Randy
  103. DAN THE MAN
  104. devote couple

    Needs an upgrade a little face lift

  105. grizzle
  106. Mr.

    Everything has really changed these days. Yes change is good but I’m not sure if it was for the better this time. Let’s bring it back alive people….customers that is. Please.

  107. Not Satisfied
  108. Good Stuff

    Fantastic! Wife and I were there Sat night. The dance floor in the couples area has been replaced. Nice to see that they might be fixing up some! Wife said the womens bathroom is in desparate need of fixing. Dancers were good, staff is super friendly and do their best to make sure you have a good time! The couples area is fun, anything go’s When your not having fun yourself it’s a blast watching other couples! If you can’t have fun here, you just as well stay home as you won’t have fun anywhere!This place is getting better! Keep it up!

  109. K

    This club is really cool. Any time we visit we have fun. Music is great mostly on night side and dancers are mostly sweet. Original is the best.

  110. Happy Wife

    Hubby took me there this past weekend. We had a blast! Great staff, treated us really good!

  111. dr

    I LOVE the girls on night side! They are all so real, yet oh so sexy! I go think they should fix the place up….carpet….private danc area…so on.

  112. Fagin

    Totally, horribly unsafe, in a World War I Battlefield of a bad neighborhood!

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