Country Rock Cabaret



200 Monsanto Avenue, Sauget, IL 62201


38.5998697, -90.1692754




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Country Rock Cabaret

  1. patron

    Most of the women here are pretty good looking. A few 6’s and a few 9’s with most of the girls somewhere inbetween.


    Some very attractive ladies work here

    High Contact Private Dances

    Good DJ

    Fun Atmosphere

    Projection TVs with sports on


    $10 just to get in the club.

    Expensive drinks around $10 with tip.

    Expensive private dances $40 per song + $5 cover.

    Waitress hound you to buy drinks every couple of songs.

  2. Nothing spacial

    I’ve seen better clubs!

  3. Tim

    I thought that tipping the girls would give them the idea that I was ready to do some dances, but I guess since I don’t look like I have money they just ignored me. There loss, theres plenty of other places I can go

  4. wow


  5. Don

    I too believe that the club has degressed over the past 4-5 years. They used to have 2 sweet-ass waitress that would blow the current dancers out of the water. Remember Fran Smock(5’1″,36DD’s,Auburn Hair,Beautiful Face)and Robin Padgett(5’2″,36DD’s,Blonde Hair,Nice round thick-ass that you could set a coffee cup on). They can never replace those two girls, ever!!!! The club needs to locate both of them and offer them a nice carrot. I gaurantee that the club would reap the benefits, just like it did in ’00 and ’01.

  6. spikeheelman

    Was there this past Saturday night. Overall quality of girls was far above average to other clubs. With combination of sports and dancing its a great place to hang out. Stage-side dances are the best I have experienced. Had two private dance sessions. First was above average and second was the best ever. She achieved her goal and exceeded my expectations.

  7. Lance m

    I’ll be back! Not only were the waitresses friendly but the talent was

    hypnotizing and girls were not only beautiful but charismatic as well. An

    overall good experience!

  8. Derek

    I thought that the condition of the furniture was pretty bad when I was in earlier this month, however a private with Maria definately made up the difference, she sures knows how to please a guy. You go girl!

  9. Regular
  10. Zagat

    Roll the clocks back to 2003. things were much better then.

  11. mike23
  12. nyfjk
  13. Mickey

    Club is excellent…girls are even better, but I must say that there are two waitresses, Elizabeth & Mickey that are the hottest girls in the club…They both will ROCK your world for a pretty dollar!!!!!!

  14. Dale
  15. Hot Stuff
  16. Dontdoit

    They are really big on trying to get you to enter a number on your cell phone. DON’T DO IT! These numbers get sold and before you know it, you’ll get all kinds of solicitations coming across your phone. Any surprise?

  17. Jerry

    I just found out why this club sucks. Because of the managment. What else could it be though? Owners?

  18. JJ

    When they started the Sports Theme it was hot. The place to be for sexy women (Mandy, Carmen, Jackie, Valerie, Veronica, Sunny, etc.. Now it has dipped in quality, and the chairs are no longer comfortable. Private area is tight. In desperate need of a strip clib makeover.

  19. jer28

    The club is horrible and has

    gone down hill bad.

  20. Tom
  21. max
  22. Joe
  23. Clothes Whore

    Day shift girls rock! Valerie is a stunner! Skyler, Cashmere, Sunny,

    Kathleen, MJ, can’t say enough! New girl Dallas is tight as a drum! All,

    (Jodie,) the waitresses are nice but not overbearing there when you need

    them. DJ Spicy, give much kudos too! Good food and thank you they

    finally got their pole!

  24. That Drunk Guy

    I just went there on Tuesday night of this week and must say that I had an awesome time. Most all of the dancers were friendly and very hot.

    I was pretty drunk, so I don’t remember some of the names, but a few left pretty strong impressions.

    Crystal was probably the nicest stripper I’d ever met. When I got too drunk and just handed her my wallet, she lectured me to never hand a stripper my wallet instead of taking advantage of me (like so many would). She was also very fun to talk to. When she wasn’t selling privates or dancing we chatted for awhile and I bought her a shot at midnite b/c it was her 21st b-day. She was just an incredibly nice girl.

    I’d recomend PTs Sports to anyone. I was a little worried about crossing into East St. Louis but it is right when you get off the bridge and the area seemed 100% safe. It’s a great time!

  25. slamcv

    very very unfriendly dancers. obviously they do not like females.


    My favorite club around!!!

  27. Len

    Morgan you gave my wife the best lap dances and got her royaly worked up!!

    Thank You

  28. Daytime Joe

    For a better time go to Hollywood!

  29. tittiesnbeer
  30. BENNIE


  31. John

    Very nice club,Bring extra money,you’ll need it.Crystal was one to remember.Hope to see her next trip.

  32. Jim
  33. Andrew
  34. omg


  35. TG

    I only go during the day, but I have enjoyed several of the dancers for a few years now. However, many of the day shift girls spend more time talking and smoking with each other than entertaining the guests.

  36. .


  37. Chicagoman

    I go to Sports every year on a guys trip. We always say we’re going to leave by midnight, and we always end up closing it down. The talent can be hit or miss, but there are always at least 2 or 3 really attractive dancers. The private dances have gotten a lot more expensive, but they are usually worth the money, especially if you get more than one from the same dancer. I think it is the best combination of attractiveness and interaction with the girls of any club I go to regularly.

  38. HaHa

    Got to be kidding me

  39. Vee

    Best club around, variety of beautiful entertainers, variety of sexy servers

  40. curious
  41. TJ

    I was there Friday Night 2/20/15 for 2 hours, I was in from LA. I had 2 private 3 dance sets with tall blond and a short brunette girl who smelled like cigarettes, the brunette acted like she was doing me a favor real snotty attitude. This was worse experience I have ever had at any club in St Louis

  42. c.w

    mya is a hottie!!

  43. Steve

    Wife and I had a good time on Thanksgiving night. Lynn was great and Steph the waitress was awesome.

  44. Scott
  45. Almond

    There are a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors at this club. Something for everyone. There are a handful of nice girls that are also nice looking:Marissa,Chell,Anna,Alyssa,Paris and Rbin are a few of my Favorites! Sweethearts! But watch out there are money hungry bitches too!

  46. Billy
  47. Richard
  48. Dan
  49. beaver
  50. Worst Ever!

    Worst Place ever, don’t waste your time or money. They’ll be glad to take your money and let you walk out unhappy. Terrible, don’t do it.

  51. Brian
  52. Loving it!

    The girls here are some of the most interesting people in the world. I don’t know how they put up with so many negative people. Great girls! Great dances!

  53. Latin Regular

    Ive been a reg. at sports for a little over a year now.

    Even though i like to check out the other clubs, this one hands down has the best quality service and dancers. Great place to relax sit back with one of the girls and have a great time. Definitely a the place to check out.

  54. nick

    fun fun fun

  55. dennis8799
  56. Titan

    Absolutely unsafe, sits in a World War I battlefield of a

    bad neighborhood, and sits right on the edge of Terror Town

    aka East St. Louis!

  57. Denny

    Great girls drink are average price compared to other clubs ive been to

  58. Jon

    Gatsta love the girls at Pt’s sports. The music and waitresses make you want to grab the managers by the juggular and say stop looking so angry and start firing.

  59. person
  60. rate this
  61. Roman
  62. Shawn
  63. Boxer

    I was there for a Bachelorette party and had an awesome time. Most of the girls were really attractive and fun. There was a nice variety of body types. I do not know what someone was saying earlier about them not being female friendly. They were extremely nice to me and my party.

  64. Out of towner
  65. Fun, Fun, Fun

    I def had a good time, I think I drank too much

  66. joel

    I had a really good time. There where some nice girls there

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