State Street Station



3515 East State Street, Rockford, IL 61108


42.265707, -89.040901




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “State Street Station

  1. Disgusted...

    Was there a few weeks back and there was a dancer upstairs that was fucking some nasty old dude through her whole dance and continued to on the side after the song… I do not find this tasteful nor classy. I will not revisit this club:(

  2. Petey

    The girls are from the ghetto and they steal. Keep your money safe cuz a couple of the girls are from new orleans and they are teaching the other girls how to pickpocket. LOOK OUT!!!


    Taylor this is ur #1 fan Jeff show the world what a whore looks like after a BAD BOOB JOB! Didn’t the cost u 5,000 but after finance it was 11,000 and ur nipples r 2 different sizes, TOUGH BRAKE!

  4. Just Jeff

    Went in last week and was amazed at the difference. BIG improvement. Lots of pretty girls!!!! I was especially impressed with a beauty named Lisa. WOW!!! She gave a great private dance and carried on a good conversation. She also liked to cuddel and sit close. Did not try to get all my $$$. I can’t wait to go back to see her.

  5. kelly

    Beggars, Liars and Thieves reside here.

  6. juan
  7. Goobert the GooBaby

    A stripper took me downstairs and told me that I owed her 40$ (No dance was provided) I was drunk and needed to use a cell phone.. She grabbed my hand and took me downstairs telling me i could use her phone then she physically tried to take my wallet and said I owed her money. She literally tried to extort me. I will never go back.. To bad to b/c I spent over 200$ that night….

  8. Bad Bad Bad

    The pits!!! I don’t know what management is doing here but they should pay more attention to whats going on. This place used to be nice, but shit, talk about a sinking ship, this place rests next to the Titanic

  9. naz9

    To be fair, it depends on so much. Your mood, expectations, the women working, etc. Some are very good, some need work, and a few you wonder why they are there at all. Some you’d like to rescue, some you wish would leave you alone. It’s random until the lights go on. For RKFD, it’s good. Some nice women behind the characters they protray on stage. Money for drinks too much and they could benefit from a few stage shows and other features. It’s fantasy, remember why you went in the first place!

  10. Counselor

    I work hard for my money and I will not spend any more of it at this club. I made this place my regular spot for a while but this will happen no longer. I was disgusted the last few times I have been in the club due to the girls and their slutty, dishonest and unprofessional attitudes. Never again will I step one “Ivy League” foot in this club.

  11. jon
  12. Rico
  13. nick
  14. James

    Going Down the tubes this club is. Nothing looks good here.

  15. jimmy g

    this club sucks

  16. Brit

    I was a stripper soo girl keep up the great work

    shake that ass and make them $ $ Bills ya

  17. greg

    nasty smellin girls watch out!!!

  18. Steve A. Reno
  19. FamousSAS

    Went on a weekday and had a BLAST! There were some really beautiful girls and a couple ugly ones. But overall very happy with the dancers. Got a great dance from Justice, had a great time with Rider, and had the best time with the new girl! If anyone knows her stage name, post it please. Would LOVE to go back soon! Drinks were expensive but the bar staff was great and fun to hang out with. A+!!

  20. Y
  21. Stu

    Not like it used to be. Girls are mediocre and they pickpocket. Will not be back for a long time.

  22. Customer

    This club used to be the a very fun bikini bar in rockford. There was a good variety of girls and the DJ was good. But the staff now are moody constantly. Suffering from whatever they did the night before and taking it out on the customers. The drink prices are over the top for this place. And the girls should stay at home with their husbands! I dont expect to pay 7.00 a round and have to wait until you feel like getting off your royal highness as if you are doing me a favor getting me a drink and then expect me to tip you outlandishly for your rude behavior and then put up with some ugly girl begging me for money. Great changes indeed!

  23. DJ Spanky

    This club sucks by far. To much whores and a lot of drug use going on. The only to clubs worth going to in rockford is big foot and the body shop.

  24. ron

    this club is cleaning up, don’t believe everything that people talk.

  25. yep

    love dem hotties

  26. walterlee

    cozy atmosphere…mandatory rotation costs the dancers money…upstairs, main stage needs to open 6pm

  27. Chuck

    Had a great time last week with waitress Nell. Gave me a great set of dances, she really is energetic and made it a fun experience. Great tight body, great attitude. Will see you again!

  28. rich man

    Got dance from Diamond there a few weeks ago. This is the same diamond that worked at the surf. Got a BJ from her when she worked at the surf and got a little more this time! Fucked her twice upstairs when it dyed down and there wasnt many people up there. Boys if you have the money shes got the time!

  29. ---
  30. Jimmy
  31. ryan
  32. george

    This club has the hottest girl in Illinois

  33. Terry

    Bikini Bar. High priced drinks, even soda. Not worth the price. Manager is an incompetent asshole, selection of girls is fair, but day shift was pretty scary for a bit. The DJ was great, but that wasn’t the reason I was there. Oh well.

  34. Derek

    Girls’ dance skills range from mediocre to excellent and range from not-much-to-look-at to drop dead gorgeous. A decent(not excellent)variety for varying tastes in looks. Nice VIP room, drinks aren’t watered-down, however dancers could be more friendly/accomodating to both male and female patrons.

  35. T
  36. HEY!

    don’t believe rumors.

  37. Big J

    Nice girls. Allow lots of ass grabbing. SOme even more.

  38. Hal

    Was very impressed by everything at this club.

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