Brandy’s Gentlemen’s Club



3011 Coliseum Boulevard West, Fort Wayne, IN 46808


41.1170848, -85.1830087




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Brandy’s Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Joey
  2. i
  3. Judy Ann
  4. h
  5. randy
  6. matt
  7. over RATED
  8. scuba
  9. Now

    that Hip Hugger in Kokomo closed we hired four of their former dancers.

  10. Bill Frisius

    The friendliest and the best I have been at in several years.

  11. bell
  12. customer

    need to have some new ideas and girls

  13. joe
  14. KENNY


  15. '
  16. Jackson

    Strippers are HOT HOT HOT !

  17. dnbfgththhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  18. ray
  19. vinny
  20. joseph1k

    A few months ago I found myself in Fort Wayne Indiana on a business trip. As usual, I try to check out the local strip clubs. Brandy’s is by far one of the best clubs I have ever been to!First, the girls are mainly 8’s and 9’s (on a 10 scale). This is a topless club (no pasties) and the women are very hot. Many times, in strip clubs, you will find washed up strippers….however, this is not the case with Brandy’s. The girls were all 18-24 years old. When the girls get off stage, they will come up to you and offer a $2 dance – this is comprised of a 30-second lap dance basically. if you want more than that, they have private booths in the back ($20/song). On the night I attended, there was a girl who did her little thing on stage, and as soon as she got off, another dancer came up to her and said “your hired!” Obviously, this was her first night on the job. I got a private dance from her…you could tell she was new, but she did a really good job. I don’t remember her name, but she was very hot. So…if you are in Fort Wayne…and you want to see some beautiful women, this is the place to go!

  21. Local Citizen

    Girls are great, the club itself needs improving though.

  22. Mat

    A + +

  23. re
  24. brad
  25. good girls

    I love ALL the girls at Brandys! They’re all so gorgeous and nice too… That’s hard to find!

  26. happy new customer
  27. wow
  28. Big Daddy Kane

    I know a lot of posts on this page are from previous employees, trashing their bar of choice, or from girls that were not happy with their job/manager/employer. Otherwise, it’s a sad, lonely human trying to pump up their bar of choice and pretend the glaring mishaps are “quirks” that they can’t believe are happening (i.e. drugs, prostitution, the hated “fat” girls). Having been an employee for multiple clubs in this town, I can honestly say that Brandy’s offers me a fun and enjoyable experience. I have serious issues with the owners of Showgirls and Shang, and have not found a reason to give them any of my money. I hate to break this to a lot of guys out there, but many girls travel the circuit, working at each club just long enough to hate it, and then moving on. There are girls from all over at Brandy’s, but the true testament of a club is its owners and employees (bartenders, doormen, security, DJs, waitresses). In this regard, and in the dancers themselves, I believe Brandy’s excels. I am not posting to trash anyone, and don’t think anyone who reads this will really care anyway. You only read this if you’re already too close to the situation anyway, and can only take from it what you want. But, for a fun time, with a staff that actually gives a shit about you, and pretty girls that want to make money AND have fun, you just can’t beat Brandy’s. Bar none, the finest club in Ft. Wayne.

  29. 123
  30. Yodder

    I always have a good time at this club.

  31. client

    great love the girls

  32. d
  33. TMH

    I stopped in with a friend just recently. Business was a little slow but, the girls were first rate. I would say the visit was well worth my time. If you can’t find a girl there that suits you, your probably too picky or maybe just blind. I’ll be back……….

  34. Josh

    My girlfriend has been a dancer for 8 yrs. She recommended this place for me and my buddy to go. When I told her about a dancer here ripping my jeans on purpose for no reason at all, she was a little aggrivated and mostly shocked. If this is how you let your girls treat the guests here, next time I will just go back to Showgirls when I am in town. I understand Asia probably makes her $$ by being a bitch, but thats not my style and she took it too far when she tore my favorate jeans. Thank you

  35. Daniel

    Really nice club.

  36. mike

    Place is nice, better then showgirls 1 or 3. Alot of the dancer were kinda wornen out .. talked to a few and noticed they had VERY long shifts, this means you get a bunch of not in love with there job girls. Storm was very nice, not the barbie type girl but deffently makes the world come down to just you two in a dance. Check her out .. but not to long .. share the wealth

  37. happy customer

    i was in here this past friday night and was really pleased with the club i will be back was not able to spend a lot of time but was really happy

  38. greatest club in town
  39. Dull

    This place is not awful, just sort of dull.

  40. Big Rig

    Lots of young strippers.

  41. most fun club in town
  42. Mr T

    Good variety of dancers. A really great club

  43. naughty

    I Love Working At Brandys. Clean Bar, Good Atmosphere, Friendly Staff, Not To Mention Beautiful To Fit Every Mans Prefrince.

  44. bigdaddy

    its my cheers

  45. neo
  46. a
  47. luv this club
  48. tara
  49. craig

    what ever happened to the girls that made brandys what it is-its not the same as it was 3 years ago

  50. tf
  51. sam
  52. Washburn
  53. g
  54. JustMike
  55. luv the club
  56. john

    this place rocks!

  57. sweet club
  58. K

    The girls from Korea are looking good

  59. love it

    this club is very one of a kind. the other clubs can’t hold a candle to brandy’s and it’s beautiful girls that range to fit EVERY man’s liking. keep it up brandy’s.

  60. Old cust
  61. joseph karington

    excellent aii around club.

  62. bro
  63. best damn club in town
  64. Mookie
  65. what an awsome club
  66. Zipper

    Had a good time at a Bachelor Party

  67. Bart

    Lisa is back dancing on Fri and Sat night and looking good !

  68. leave
  69. Jim

    very nice club but that Audrey,and Holly need to go

  70. this club is the bomb

    i must say i have never had a better time in a club than i had here at brandys it is an awsome club keep it up

  71. BILL
  72. Earl

    Tons of fun. Lots of FAT girls. I love FAT girls.

  73. Club Hopper

    Last few times my wife and I went we had a blast. DJ doubles as a door man. Food used to be ok I rated it on last time I ate. Girls are good. Has the best smoking patio in Fort Wayne.

  74. charles
  75. Traveler
  76. daygirls r the best
  77. ken

    great atmosphere! great selection of women my favorite club

  78. Vampyre

    Best Bang *not that kind of bang sicko! LOL* For The Buck.. The Staff is awsome, the Girls are Kick Ass.. This is the only place, that I have been to where, they girls will set with you and talk. You treat them with respect, and they will show a great time.. I Go Everytime I Go The Fort!!

  79. Big Tom

    This club is awful

  80. CRAP

    This club is crap.

  81. xd
  82. club luver
  83. HRY


  84. love handles

    i must say that this is the best club that i have ever been in

  85. LA
  86. Blasted

    We all got blasted last night ! What a terrific party club ! These girls are great.

  87. petey
  88. don
  89. tony

    Naomi is tall and sexy, all the girls were cool and mega hot

  90. Nate

    Good club….nice staff…a good place to go and have a few drinks and talk with the girls

  91. Dan

    Best club in the city

  92. Bou

    Beer is cold and strippers hot.

  93. jon


  94. jaz
  95. best club in town
  96. Lucky

    Best club in the city. No place elese is even close.

  97. e
  98. Zapped

    Karen rocks my world !

  99. 3
  100. dz
  101. f
  102. cool
  103. brother
  104. Morgan

    Worst club I have ever been to!!!

  105. Dave C.

    Lame!!! No rock n roll music all hip hop and girly music. Strippers and rock music go together they don’t care if you don’t like it. Hendrix would roll over in his grave to hear this bullshit at a strip club. Guys don’t want to hear slow songs and pop music at a gentlemans club. I about fell asleep a couple times. The owner needs to take control and not let the girls pick the music the girls are ok 1-2 hotties the rest are old sluts. Sorry girls it’s a review.

  106. Truck Drivin' Man

    This place never disappoints! Been a year since my last visit, but nothing has changed, still excellent!! Cocktail waitress’ and bartenders are almost too good at their jobs. The ladies are, as always, top notch! Chevelle is a must get for a private, and the gal (her name escapes me) in the “Daisy Dukes” is well worth the stop!

  107. r
  108. Now

    that VIP in Marion closed no one wants to hire their skanks.

  109. tan
  110. big j


  111. happy
  112. SHANG


  113. ohio


  114. Dez
  115. new customer
  116. Harry

    Lisa is the best stripper in the city .

  117. love the club
  118. ben
  119. best club
  120. new and happy customer
  121. SHAT
  122. Mark

    This club is closed.

  123. greg
  124. BUD
  125. s
  126. Brian

    This is actually a pretty fun club. Been going for awhile, sometimes better than others, but above average. Laugh and have a good time, be polite and the ladies will have fun with you.

  127. bo
  128. Paul

    I thought this place was closed ?

  129. c

    no showgirl was the one that closed

  130. bob
  131. truely happy customer
  132. stan
  133. mitch

    the day staff needs a reality check bad-attitudes-looks-personalities

  134. jr
  135. TOM
  136. dean

    i miss the old days

  137. .
  138. ee
  139. pete
  140. Jennifer

    We love this place! Nice natural girls. Laid back atmosphere. Not boring at all like some of the others have said. These girls really know what they are doing. Ashley is the shit!!

  141. 9
  142. v
  143. Big Bob

    some nice looking strippers . . and some real dogs

  144. great club
  145. ROB


  146. very happy customer
  147. hawkeye
  148. Big Ben

    This club just keeps getting better and better.

  149. Gee

    Always a good time !

  150. smart steve
  151. t
  152. cool head
  153. adam
  154. Dunee

    Lots of good looking Sheilas at this watering hole.

  155. ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz


  156. lucky seven
  157. Steve

    I always stop in when I pass through Ft Wayne. The ladies and staff are always friendly, drinks are reasonable, and the tunes are good. I travel all over Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and Ohio and this is one of my favorite clubs!

  158. Glenn

    I love this club! My buddy convinced me to go there on our lunch break about a month ago and now it’s a regular thing. Most of the girls are great. One girl tries too hard to get money and then cops an attitude when you turn her down. I have a feeling that she wont be there much longer. Overall it’s my favorite club in Ft. Wayne.

  159. RJ
  160. Larry
  161. Slow

    Not much going on at this club.

  162. bone
  163. Jeff
  164. 8
  165. stew
  166. chip

    was there new years eve night, alexis was great

  167. m

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