4420 East Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85018


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8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “SUGAR 44

  1. ryan123

    Too expensive.$5 dollar beers, $15 access to VIP section, then $20 for a 2 minute lap dance. With her only sitting on me 3 times.Over 4 years ago i went to a strip club near the airport (can’t remember the name of the club) and i got a close contact lap dance for 40 minutes for a total of $80 with tip. The woman had a C section scar but still looked good.Can someone please tell me which strip club has better prices?

  2. your mom

    This place sux, got hassled by bartender fuck head “aaron” if thats even that bald faggots name, then his big black bitch tried damn near robbing me in the parking lot, STAY AWAY from this place.

  3. DAK
  4. da bat

    I recently celebrated my birthday with the lovely ladies of Bombshells. Once they found out it was my birthday, I was treated like a king! It is always good here, but it was exceptional that day.

  5. eddyL

    I’m Kyle N.’s friend he speaks of. The story is 100 percent true. I had one drink and boom remember nothing! I hold my liquor well and knew something was up the next day, particularly after having $400 dollars missing from my bank account. The waitress also stole my cell phone. I never felt so sick in my life. I was Ill for an entire week! This isn’t bullshit, it’s dead serious. They could have killed me. This establishment is DANGEROUS!Response: Account wasn’t magically drained. After apparently being forced to max my card on the in house ATM I was walked to Wells Fargo’s ATM next door. In hindsight it was obviously a scam in which both the dancer and employees were in on.

  6. Tommy

    I always frequent boubon street but my girl there is gone. Stopped by on a whim last friday. Girls were nice, not pushy, stage at the bar is awesome idea, bartender was friendly, drinks were not watered down, music too loud though.

  7. Danny D.

    They are trying.I guess they’ve been under new management these past few weeks.I went in and they had $3 canned beer specials which was awesome.They have new quality beers on tap now.I will return and update this review.Talent is being worked on as well or so I’m told.We’ll see…

  8. ipod

    Great club, great time. Variety of girls, from very thin to all degrees of curves. Had the very best time with Bianca, absolutely gorgeous, sweet and fun, no drama or pressure, pure sexiness.

  9. Sean

    Overall Bombshells has a relaxed atmosphere, they just hired some new girls quality is getting better I will be back next week!!!!!!!!

  10. Karl

    Not very impressive overall, a little below average for Phx.

  11. mathewater12

    All the girls are nice, the bar staff rocks, small town bar feel, they aren’t pushy like most clubs, good place to chill and talk with beautiful women

  12. igor34

    Don’t ever go here. They viciously attacked a friend of mine all over a dispute of the $10 minimum charge. My friend had already paid the $10 minimum because everyone was planning on leaving so he cashed out. When deciding to stay, he ordered one final beer. When going to cash out they went to charge an additional $10. My friend told them he had already paid the $10 charge a little bit before. The bartender became defensive and asked if my friend was “trying to tell him how to run his bar”. My friend said No, but that he would dispute it with his credit card company if they charged another $10. At this point the bartender punched my friend out of nowhere while his bouncer friends jumped on top of him, punching him, choking him, and kicking him in the ribs. DO NOT GO HERE!!!

  13. Me
  14. Tubby

    Had a great time. will be back

  15. Sponge

    From the time you walk in and see the bouncer, to the cashier, to the managers, this place is full of tension, and unhappy people. Not a place I want to come to, to relax and have a good time.

  16. Thomas

    Nice club, VERY nice ladies. No attitudes just a good time with some sexy ass chicks.

  17. Jason A.

    Great place to hang out and have a drink. The bartender Adam was great, never had to wait for a drink, and the girls were all very nice and did not harass you every minute for a dance. Will be taking my friends here.

  18. Monk

    Club was okay, but the girls were not very friendly. One gave me a dance that started with one minute left in the song, then stopped and demanded payment for a full song. I will not be back soon!

  19. Jason S.

    It was an ok place , the girls were kind of a let down though . My buddy wanted to go here so wtf tits right. Wrong most girls built like 12yr old boys here

  20. DexterRexter

    An update!I’ve been back to Sugar 44 several times. Of all the bars I’ve patronized and worked at, this is my favorite. They appear to be actively hiring more of a variety of dancers; they’re still friendly (even when I have to decline some up-close action) and hot, so yay on that score. I’ve never seen the staff be less than professional, nobody has tried to roofie me or frog-march me to the Wells ATM next door. They do have their own ATM on site, but the limit is ridiculously low ($200) and the fee is ridiculously high ($8), so bring your own cash.

  21. Rex

    Way over rated. Not a great club at all. Move on

  22. stripforme123

    I must say I could never complain about this place great tone OMG!!! Girls room who laid-back and chill spot as well as the staff. I must go to when you’re in town. Taco Tuesday. Drinks for happy hour are bored to six dollars till 9 o’clock

  23. da bomb fan

    Great time on a weekday. Had a blast with Fantasy, she is so hot, fun to be with, great attitude. Beautiful in every way and such a sexy dancer. Not just the best of the night, maybe best ever.

  24. bri bh

    Reese and Lexus blew my mind. I had a double lap dance and it was amazing. So amazing I purchased two more and it was worth it. These two really liked eachother..

    I am amazed that this club is not rated higher. Hit chicks, Friendly and cheap dances. What more do you need?

  25. FriskyFrank

    Place is called Sugar 44 Now – if any admin is paying attention they should change it. I was never there as Bombshells – but as Sugar 44 I’m a pretty happy customer. This place is right across from target -5 minutes from my house. I’ve been going here pretty regularly now for the last 3 months. Started out going afternoons – but the talent was pretty scarce. Tried a couple times between 4 and 6 – if you go in before 6 you get in with no cover. But even then – it’s hit or miss. Shift change happens at 9pm – and you’ll see most of the talent then. At least 1 or 2 girls are sure to please you. There are some girls I wouldn’t let my worst enemies sleep with – and some girls I’d like to get nasty with in the VIP. But the $10.00 dances on the sidewall are plenty good. I’ve had a nasty blonde girl put her tongue down my throat – and some intense grindage from a couple others. Just like any club – you gotta find the right girl. But at ten bucks a dance -and the low pressure environment, it’s easy to sit through a few songs and watch the girls work. Overall – it’s a nice, clean place – low pressure and decent drink prices. I really like Devin – she’s the tall Alternachick with dreads in her hair. Sexy as hell – smart, she’ll talk to you like a normal human being. But if you’re looking for the slutty dancer who will stick her tongue down your throat – she’s not the one.

  26. Jeff R.

    Stopped by last week with a friend. She said that she heard it was fun. So true! Very friendly staff, even got free admission as a couple. Waitress was great, not pushy at all and fast with service. Music was ok (I’m an old school rock-and-roll fan) but not really there for that. Nice rotation on the stage, very pretty girls. My friend got me a few dances and they were great. I would recommend this place if you’re looking for a nice, smaller place. I look forward to returning soon!

  27. Bruno57

    Good mileage on the private dances. If you find the right lady.

    Sound system and DJ? Who cares? Nearly naked women!

  28. rita
  29. dk
  30. juan

    i went there this past sunday 12-9-2007 and i had the best time ever. the girls are hot and so was the waitress britney, she was quick and was super friendly. I will definately be back

  31. Johnnyboy123

    If you like low to mid range trashy girls than you will like this place. Go to Scottsdale and experience those strip clubs.

  32. college boy 69

    Fuck this club its shit

    this it the most mellow titty bar i’ve ever been to

    I was so fucking bored

  33. Johnson12

    First visit: 09/07/2015Last visit: recentlySo most of the strip clubs that we have visited were all part of a top ten list that was written in 2013. So yeah, a little outdated, but it was all we had to go on. Sugar 44 was on that list and like all clubs in today’s society, it has changed we are sure since that list came out and after the past few weeks….we basically stopped having expectations based off of that list.But this club was actually not bad at all.There was a random $8 a person door fee, which is not a bad price, just random. You walk in and instantly see the bar which is a full bar with what appeared to be two attractive female bartenders working hard. We aren’t sure who the door guy was, but he was a good guy; asked us about our night and we had just came from a horrible strip club that shall remain nameless, and we let him know we wanted to end our night on a good note. He assured us that we would.The club was small: one stage which wasn’t too big with a pole in the middle that was maybe 10 feet. Lots of seating for the most part around the stage area as well as seating at the bar. Then there were a few areas it seemed for VIP dances in a raised area to the right of the stage and in a private room towards the back of the club. We were mainly there to use the cash cannon on some ladies, so we did not get the private dance prices.The music was low, which isn’t really a negative thing at all; it was nice to not have to scream to each other, but it pretty much allowed everyone in the club to hear what we were saying. lol.The high lights of the night were most certainly Tasha and Heather. Tasha was just all around a go getter on the pole and on the stage in general. I believe we cash cannoned her with $100 just on general principle alone because her pole skills were quite possibly top five of all of the females we have ever seen. She will definitely be the reason we go back.

  34. Christopher.

    Great little place. I had fun.

  35. Bronne

    the girls are below average AT BEST. the club is tiny when i got a $10 lapdance i felt as though everyone was watching and basically getting off for free. no privacy whatsoever.

  36. harryharry

    …it was upon my cross-country journey from Atlanta to San Diego that I chanced across this club, purely by luck and coincidence. Originally that evening, I had gone to the Hi-Liter club – which was a mistake. The place was so packed you couldn’t even find a seat. I left before the song playing was finished and set out for my next destination; thanks to it’s proximity, Sugar 44 was up to bat…And they knocked it out of the park.The club was refreshingly clean and wasn’t too small, but it wasn’t a cavern like Hi-Liter. The girls were incredibly approachable, friendly and talkative; the ones up on the main stage didn’t seem to care if they were being watched or not, they genuinely appeared to enjoy dancing the pole. That was refreshing. While I wasn’t too thrilled with the VIP area not having it’s own seperate room, I’ll admit it prevents some of the creepier moments that can happen in the VIP when it IS a room…and still let you have fun with your girl (or girls!) for half of what a lot of other clubs charge.Nearly all the girls had real breasts, no boob jobs, and that was also a pleasantly refreshing thing….well, except for one girl whose tits were obviously fake, because the scar from the operation was disturbingly visible if you were looking. Not holding it against her, but like Sir Mix-a-Lot said, “Silicon parts are made for TOYS”. I like my women real; real personality, real tits, real fun. The girls at Sugar 44 were all three of those. The entire staff of Sugar 44 was not only highly professional, they were also incredibly friendly; it felt like I was in a nice little hometown bar that just happened to have really attractive strippers. If I ever rode through Phoenix again, I would undoubtedly go back to Sugar 44, and I recommend if you’re ever in the area to check them out. You will NOT be disappointed…and if you honestly think this place is too expensive, you don’t need to be frequenting gentlemen’s clubs. You need to be making a better budget.

  37. ha ha

    this club sucks. but i did get some good pot from the dj

  38. Steve H.

    Great club, relaxing atmosphere and lots of hot dancers. Nice evening, then I met Cindy and had a blast. She is the sexiest dancer ever – sweet and fun. Every moment with her was incredible.

  39. customer

    There are better clubs out there!

  40. BEER30


  41. Dancer

    Awesome club! One of the best 😀

  42. jersey mike

    This club used to under another name. The music was something for everyone, now its rap and hip hop all the time. Needless to say I wont be back.

  43. Johnny G

    Fabulous girls and dances, I think they are now the best around. The club could use a fresh look and a better sound system – they have oddly placed speakers that blare.

  44. Bruno

    I love Bombshells. A body type for everyone. Sexy, cute, fun waitstaff. Lovely ladies on stage and in your lap. Try it, you’ll like it!

  45. greg

    let’s put it this way, it’s dark for a reason. i’ve always gotten quality dances from

    the girls of bombshells. you really just have to know which ones give good

    dances. excellent grind action and if you’re courteous, you can get more than

    you expected.

  46. James
  47. nc man

    Visit AZ monthly with friends and afternoon ladies more than take care of you. Find the right lady and the VIP $20 DANCES ARE ALWAYS WORTH IT. There are a ton of clubs in PHX and I look forward to the afternoon ladies at bombshells.

  48. Peter

    didnt have to much fun. girls you def need to watch what you eat and maybe hop on the treadmill now and again. this place needs to change its name !

  49. F.U. Ferguson

    always have a great time when i visit this club. the ladies make it so. every time i visit bomshells im treated to a new lovely lady who gives great dances. they are all friendly, will have a drink with you and the staff treats you like a regular even if your not.

  50. Joe

    This is one of the best clubs in the Valley. The girls are so hot!

  51. james1412

    Not much has changed in the last month. The place is still a dump. Management gets pissed if you don’t spend enough money. Guess it really isn’t worth trying a third time. The guys that work there don’t read their reviews, but you can recognize them from the ones they wrote.

  52. Bill

    God this place is crap

  53. m dot

    I have been a loyal customer for the past two and a half years and that speaks for itself. I always have a good time when I’m there and I love the dancers. I always feel welcome there….

  54. Pedro

    I just went there for the first time Monday night. Some of the girls were really cool and some were stuck up. If you go get a dance from Mika, Holly, or Priscilla, avoid getting a dance from Paris.

  55. ben

    Great Place I was impressed

  56. bubba

    got a bj in vip for $120. she swallowed every drop.

  57. Jim P.

    I spent many months working in Phoenix, and of all the clubs I visited, this was my favorite by far. At 44th and Thomas, centrally located and easy to get to. Pricing info: $5 cover, $20 VIP access, $10 floor dances, $20 VIP dances. Drinks are typical…a beer is $5 or $6 bucks, I drink premium liquor and pay $9 a drink, but the pours are usually generous. Jeff and Ryan are really cool bartenders.It’s a small club, with a very small stage. The staff is very friendly and the drinks are reasonably priced. Here is how I break down my four stars:1 star for the fact that everybody is friendly. This includes the fact that MOST of the girls are not too pushy if you aren’t ready for a dance. I did have one or two exceptions but for the most part they were very respectful if you just wanted to sit and relax.1 star for the fact that the girls cover a wide spectrum…not a lot of silicon (for me that’s a good thing), Not a lot of 10’s but several 8’s and, as a I said, something for everybody from the variety perspective.1 star for the fact that I was able many nights to go in, enjoy myself with a dance or two and some drinks, and not walk out feeling like I got robbed.1 star for two very special dancers. I won’t give it away but if you get a dance in VIP and your dancer doesn’t let you pretty much run amok, you are either not being a gentleman or you need a different dancer. I got a GREAT show from more than one.I couldn’t go to five stars. The girls are not quite hot enough, and I hate the stupid bracelet they make you wear once you have VIP access. Whenever I’m in Phoenix, I’m coming back here.

  58. in sales

    Stopped by just before the holidays and had a fantastic time. The places is so comfortable and the girls nice and not pushy. The dancers were great, enjoyed a couple of dances from about all of them. So nice, so intimate, so easy. Great club thanks to the girls.

  59. Richard

    I only go to gentleman’s clubs a couple times a year but I stopped in late one night on a whim and will likely be back. It was a clean club and the girls were really friendly as well as being beautiful. Didn’t have a lot to spend but I got a dance from Katrina. She has the most amazing body and does pole tricks I’ve never seen before like this ceiling walk thing. I’d go there just to see that again. Had a good time overall. My only complaint was that the service was a little slow but the waitress was adorable so it was all good.

  60. DIABLO


  61. mallate

    love the ‘shell, love it…seriously, the girls are 5-9.5 types, but they all give a “quality dance.”

  62. Chuck

    Great Club. Dont buy in to the knuckle heads.

  63. Gene

    average at best, some hot women but they are muted by the rest.

  64. Zonie for fun

    There is a day girl worth making a special trip for. her name is Juicy and she really is friendly and gives a great dance. Nicole the waitress is really friendly also.

  65. el patron

    Had an awesome time, staff, and girls alike were all over the place. Great service, and great dances (better in v.i.p.) i really liked the variety of girls. Definitely will be back.

  66. a regular

    I freguent several clubs in the valley. This one is like a neighborhood friendly type. Girls are all very nice and the vip is small but you get hot dances in there. THe only uncomfortable part was the music is played to loud you have to yell to talk in there and I left with a headache!

  67. ght

    this club sux

  68. Montel

    Wen’t club hopping with my buddies the other night and this was our first stop. First time I had been here but I’ll definately come back. The girls were so hot and pretty nice too. This is a small club, but by far one of the best in town. Great decor with nice comfortable seating and a great champagne room. Very good waitress and acool dj. We’ll definately be back. Thanks for starting our night off right ladies.

  69. Dex

    Beautiful girls… no skanks here! Unbelievable lap dance prices!!!! A must stop in Phoenix.

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