Bleu Diamond Showclub



9439 Lima Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46818


41.1694393, -85.1668258




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bleu Diamond Showclub

  1. kiki
  2. Vince

    Nice club

  3. pete
  4. gary

    a really cleaned up club.

  5. matt

    Very Hot NEW DANCERS

  6. 10 inches
  7. jay

    cool club

  8. mr g

    cleaned up club better looking girls

  9. JAMES
  10. jeff

    nice place

  11. bobcat


  12. lee

    see yaaaa laterrrrr

  13. jo
  14. dnbfgththhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  15. The Joker

    Love it keep it up

  16. rio

    who runs this place now

  17. richard

    better than last visit

  18. TMH

    There are times when this club is as good as any. Some of the girls are very appealing, while others should probably find another line of work. The club has some pretty good improvements (building/parking lot). Too bad “Gema” has moved on. She has to be my favorite.

  19. kurt

    .25 cents longneck beers best value around.

    nice looking dancers

  20. Barbie

    omigod. eat their breadsticks wit cheese dip… yum.

  21. SHAR
  22. smkin
  23. Glenn

    It used to be called Platnum, but new owners took over last year and it went further down hill. By 7 pm there were only 3 dancers there, but there were also only 5 customers. As I left the girl that sat at my table was going to quit. I’m guessing it will have new owners again soon.

  24. jolly

    no way !!!

  25. BUD
  26. SHELLY
  27. chaz

    don’nt be fooled

  28. Ray

    great improvements.

  29. Mike

    Very nice club,But did notice some of the day girls going outside to i assume some dope!!Like they really need it most of them are burnt to a crisp as it is!!!

  30. New Girls

    There are some new girls that came from Hip Hugger in Kokomo before it closed. Nice addition to the line up. Sorry Hip Hugger closed, but their loss is our gain.

  31. jack
  32. Mr. G

    Rochell is hot

  33. ken

    great place improving daily

  34. Lobo

    Couch dances can be very good. The dancers are not stuck up or anything, but they can be a little bitchy at times especially if you won’t buy them drinks. Some of the dancers are pretty hot, and some are definately not hot.

  35. Chris
  36. goldenticket

    Yikes…not much to say. Girls are rather frightening. Good thing my dog had some frontline leftover. That and a good delouser and I’ll be as good as new.

  37. stan
  38. shawn
  39. sam
  40. ME

    This club is geting alot better. Some of the dancers do not belong there, let alone any strip club but their are a few in there that do stand out and do a great job. Fancy, Mea, and their are a few more that are really good looking. But their are definately a few that can go. But overall, it was a great time!

  41. Not tellin

    I know 90% of the people in these reviews and to be honest Mark is a no good Nasty guy that likes it there because he thinks he is sombody. The place did not get new owners its the same guy that bought sundown saloon years ago and he is the best thing about the place. The guy that said the girls are burnt out is making an understatment. Most, not all, are more like fried crackwhores. The only decent girls in the whole place are Ceiara and Rocell (please forgive my spelling of the names). Other than that until the owner gets his shit together and learns that there is a diffrence between entertainment and whore house he will be at constant risk of being shut down. So if your looking for cheep whores and a place to get some decent drugs have at it. If you want a little more class and no risk of being bombarded with VD skanks go somewhere else. Sorry to those that really dont fit that profile but you really belong in a better place and you already know that. Platinum lost its class 3 years ago.

  42. Bleu Diamond

    Summer Leigh leaves tonite come see summer before the winter gets here.

  43. slug


  44. LOW BOB


  45. Mark

    New and Improved

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