Concepts Show Girls



603 Arch St, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025


39.0991216, -84.8506838




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Concepts Show Girls

  1. Harold

    Nice club.

  2. Mr. Reg

    Been there a couple of times, day time girls are not as good looking but grind a lot more….girls are not pushy at all….prices are reasonable….average looking during the day, a couple of hot babes at night, over all a small club with no privacy when getting a lap dance…not bad for the money

  3. see ya,
  4. Babba


  5. harryharry

    They were renovating when we went so the place was a tad shabby. The girls were all new, but they were still as charming as ever. Chloe, Skylar and Jessica really seperate themselves from the rest by their approach and attentiveness. They try to allure to this couch for $150 for 30 mins, but to me thats more than the 15 or 20 bucks a dance you would pay for the same time. Plus its wide open – its not private by any means. If it was private then I would be enticed but it wasn’t. Still better than some places I have been to in Vegas, Reno and LA. Defintiely a place to check out on the guy trail.

  6. Tugboat Tom

    This place is a dump. Filthy inside and out. The dancers all need a bath. Toilets have not been cleaned in years. This may be the worse strip club in Indiana.

  7. re: Robin

    She is one of my favs

  8. Great

    club to parteeee !

  9. Rick

    The club seemed more like a local bar than a dance club. The girls are friendly hometown girls, no knock outs, just great personalities. There were lots of tattoos and almost every girl there is a smoker. The stage talent was not worth watching, but lap dances are great and beers are cheap. I will be going again for some of those great dances!

  10. bone head

    Why does the same people make bad comments about this club but

    still go back on saterday nights.IV been to this club and still go every

    weekend,best club in the Ohio could be bigger but the

    girls rock.and for the guys that talk shit your just pissed off that the

    girls are glassy.

  11. bob
  12. Wow

    never again

  13. Total

    Shit Hole

  14. Raymond

    We flew into CVG then took the limo to the club. Very elegant with a find selection of red wines. Dinner was top class as was the service. Strippers performed per contract and all left satisfied. Good value for services performed.

  15. Jake
  16. Not bad

    Cozy little club with good looking dancers. They do watch you like a hawk in the lap dance area though.

  17. Rob

    Not a place to spend the whole night it. It’s very smokey the girls all have tattoos and bad attitudes. There were some very sweet girs there, but maybe 3 out of 25!

  18. Big Boy

    It’s a small club in a small town, but I always leave with a smile on my face and empty pockets.

  19. conesur

    great club

  20. dd
  21. nnnn

    Not the best too smokey you have to get dances right in front of all of the customers, most of the girls can barely dance and my wife is hotter

  22. I U Fan
  23. Rick1625
  24. Tom
  25. 50 with pride

    Ok, its a dive, and cramped….but the girls are good to pretty dam hot, and they do a terrific bump and grind!

  26. Birdman
  27. Johnny

    This is a nice club, but the quality of girls is going down. There are some pretty girls there. Although, it looks like that my grandma has a shot in getting a job there. you know what i mean.

  28. derry
  29. From Bad to

    worse to awful

  30. Cold as dog shit
  31. Larry


  32. OneGirl

    That have one girl named Crystal that is super hot !

  33. Tony

    This place is a dump.

  34. Mr. Bill from Cincy

    Very nice girls, very pretty and talented. Dances are on special on Tuesday ($10) and Thursday (2 for $25). Cover is $5, drinks are $3. Men’s restroom, however, is horrible and needs remodeling.

  35. hot10
  36. miranda


  37. Cold

    as shit

  38. Worst club ever
  39. Joey
  40. spike
  41. Captain Nemo

    The Ohio River has a terrible smell. A real stench that would gag a maggot. But that is noting compared to this shit hole of a club. One step inside take your breath away. Piss on the floor, stale beer, used condoms underneath the tables and shit on the bathroom floor.

  42. March

    Madness on the Big Screen

  43. Ed


  44. River Rat

    I have been to this club. It is beyond awful with toilets that are most of the time broken. Guys go out in the parkng lot to take a piss or shit. The girls are all trash and smell bad. Just the worst club of all time !

  45. This club

    is a total dump.

  46. Joe

    The dancers are great but the club needs modernizing.

  47. Crap inside ?

    Crap outside ? At this club it makes no difference !

  48. t
  49. Cold as dog shit
  50. Bird Man
  51. Green Beer

    on Saturday night for St. Pattys Day.

  52. larry DAYTON OH


  53. Flak Man

    worse club in the history of awful clubs

  54. J

    Small dark club with cheap drinks and dances. Some cute and a few hot girls with its share of dueces and amazon women.

  55. Tug

    Boat Billy

  56. Nick

    rude girls, smokiest club i’ve ever been in

  57. TotalDump
  58. NiceCrowd

    Good crowd at the club last night. New girl named Sasha was nice.

  59. Dick
  60. bri


  61. Freeze Warning

    Well the temperatures are now down in the 30s at night. No heat and the strippers were polo shirts to keep warm. At least the smell is not as bad as it was in the summer. Another good note is the toilets work !

  62. Board of Health

    Where is the Board of Health ? This place is just filthy and there is no way they should be allowed to serve anything that goes in your mouth. All of the dancers need a bath. The manager is on crack. Just fucking lovely.

  63. Mike

    Couple hotties but to small of a club for the amount of ppl coming in nowawdays

  64. beers on me

    cool place to be

  65. ted bear
  66. Java146

    It is a small club, but the dancers are numerous on the weekends and the private dances are good (no “extras” that I have ever seen – if you’re wondering). They do have a jukebox system that is fed by the dancers before they go up on stage (they have live announcer).

    The owner has two other clubs in the area and many dancers rotate to the club they best fit. Although I have only been to two of the clubs, they both were well run and both had a wide variety of good looking dancers to choose from.

  67. Still Filthy

    The club manager (pot head) told me they would clean the club in the Spring. Well, it is Spring and the club is filthy as ever, maybe worse. Just smells of stale beer and piss. Used condoms on the rest rooms floor. Same old strippers that all need a bath. This place is total fucking shit hole. (literally)

  68. Disgusting

    Went to the club late last night it was totally disgusting. Two girls were eating a pizza and drinking beer out of dirty glasses. The floor is sticky with beer spills. Once again the toilets do not work with guys taking a piss in the parking lot.

  69. Russian Hookers

    No idea how they ended up with Russian Hookers in Indiana but I love this place ! You can have sex in the club with the girl of your dreams. Photos of you having sex with the stripper for an extra $20

  70. Bird Man

    still no heat

  71. Public Servent

    I haven’t been there in a couple of years and when I stopped by I was disappointed to find most of the favorite personalities were gone, entertainers & staff. The place is sad, Its the same dark shitty smokey hole it’s been for more than a decade and Cindy is still there. What a whore. Heard she left for medical reasons… well hepatitis-C. Glad I never got a dance from that one. I feel sorry f

  72. Strippers Stink (literally)
  73. Crap
  74. tim
  75. Eric

    I like the club it would be better if it was bigger place & the girls was thicker. A variety of different races of girls wouldn’t hurt either

  76. Jim

    Not the biggest or the best but not bad for the money. The girls are very nice. I go on a Friday night and always have a good time. Even if I do nothing but talk to the girls they are nice to me.

  77. Totalv Dump
  78. Tug Boat Bob

    If you have really, really low expectations you might find this club OK. The girls are all trailer park trash and just not that clean. All need a bath. The club is dirty and there was crap all over the place. Manager said they will clean up in the Spring in a few months. Beer was cold because there is no heat in this dump. Other than that it is not that bad.

  79. chubby

    girls are great very personal for price of lap dances,no problem with staff or bar.NEEDS bathroom re-model.will be back

  80. lee

    best all around strip club in America

  81. Jenna

    I use to work here but it is just to dirty. I quit and got a job as a hooker. Hotels are just a lot cleaner.

  82. Svensk

    It ain’t paradise, but its much better than I remembered. If

    you have low expectations, you’ll probably have a decent time.

  83. Glenn

    White trash only

  84. Andrew

    Regardless of how super low your expectations this club can still find a way to disappoint. We are all use to the place being filthy, no toilets and smelly dancers. Now we get to add loud obnoxious biker dudes. Just when we thought it could not get worse . . it did.

  85. Karl

    what a shit hole

  86. COLD
  87. davidian
  88. Robin

    is back working at the club and looking better than ever.

  89. jg

    A lot of nasty girls!

  90. j_Waver0000

    I like this club most of the dancers are good looking but there are afew that fell down the ugly tree with a jar of fat there is somthing for every type of guy only thing i think that hurts the club is I have yet to see a orantal girl besides that its all good music good drinks good girls mostly good worth the $$

  91. Toiletes

    are frozen. I was told to go take a shit in the parking lot. Is this legal ? Where is the Board of Health ?

  92. hlh10

    NNN, If your wife is so hot, why you going to Concepts?


  93. RJ

    Worst club ever

  94. RedhawkRick

    Pretty small, ratty place. Restrooms are gas station quality. Chairs, stools all worn out. Tiny runway. Just not a real comfortable place. Lots of girls and prices are reasonable. Everybody smokes, lots of tattoos. Kind of like junior high dance – guys on one side of room, girls on the other.

  95. Awfu Club
  96. Big Lou

    I love this place ! If you are looking for some great looking dancers this is the club for you.

  97. Big Daddy

    Concepts has to be the worst strip club I have ever been to in my life. You

    would be better off setting your money on fire than going to this club. I say this

    as someone who has a TON of experience with this place. First off, the place is

    dirty, when I went on this particular occasion (which will definitely be my last)

    there was dirt all over the place, litter on the floor, gum and beer spilled

    everywhere it was disgusting.

  98. Lousy Club
  99. Club Sucks !
  100. This

    club is total crap.

  101. Stone Cold

    No fucking heat in this dump.

  102. GOGO


  103. Toilets

    are all stopped up again. Where is the Board of Health ?

  104. Total Filth
  105. Boater Guy

    This club is a total shit hole.

  106. harry

    The girls are very friendly and not robots like some clubs. They make you feel very welcome.

  107. Total Crap
  108. I U

    vs Temple next

  109. Total Shithole
  110. Bad

    to worse. Just when you think this dump could not get worse, it does.

  111. cvg

    I make the drive just for the quality of the girls

  112. Horrible

    is the only way to describe this club. It is beyond filthy and all the dancers are white trash. Toilets never work and now it is summer. The parking lot smells like warm piss and vomit. Just an awful club. Where is the Board of Health ? How can this dump remain open ?

  113. Awful Club
  114. Total Dump
  115. Stephen A

    Awesome club with a lot of hot strippers !

  116. Elegant Club

    Just an elegant club with classy professional dancers wearing gowns. Wine list is top notch.

  117. tom jones

    had a awsome time will go back

  118. AJ

    total crap

  119. James

    Just OK

  120. All the

    dancers are nasty.

  121. Club

    smells bad.

  122. No Heat

    The heat is broken in this dump and last night it was cold. The girls walked around in sweaters. This is must be the worst club of all time .

  123. Shit hole
  124. Butler

    plays today ! The club will rock !

  125. Worse

    club on the planet

  126. Worst

    club in the world.

  127. Dano

    This is the best club around. There is a girl for everyone’s taste. The beer is cold and the girls are hot. Check it out. FYI, check out Angel, she is the best.

  128. Georgetown

    Lost !

  129. The Dude

    Only thing decent about this club is the hot redhead

    bartender. some decent looking girls some just shouldnt ever

    get naked.

  130. Tank

    Love this club. Great location and plenty of good looking dancers all with good attitudes.

  131. Ivan
  132. LOL

    I could make a better club in my basement

  133. Anonymous

    LOTS of pretty girls. Look at the specials on their website. The building is a dump and the hard wood bench for private dances sucks but they do have some beautiful and friendly girls.

  134. Frank

    This place is a dump !

  135. Awesome

    party !

  136. Andy

    This club might be the worst of all time ? All of the girls smell bad. How hard would it be to take a shower before you go to work ?

  137. Big Mike

    Total dump

  138. Grant

    Small club, no privacy. $5 cover. I’m not a smoker but everyone else there was. Dancers very friendly, not pushy. They bought their own drinks. Typical small town club, girls were attractive but not knockouts. Went on a Monday night, probably 10 girls and 8 customers at midnight. Below average stage talent. Got dances from three different girls. 2 for $25. Long songs, jukebox no dj. Not very comfortable area, just a bench. First night for one girl, decent dance but not great. Second girl was sexy as hell, but all she did was grind her ass into my crotch, leaving an impression of my cock in my leg. Third girl(Brandy) was awesome! Maybe the best lap dance I have ever had, at least that I could remember. Overall pretty average, not skanky and run-down but not classy either.

  139. doc

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