Classy Chassy



4444 Harding Street, Indianapolis, IN 46217


39.6996824, -86.1873823




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Classy Chassy

  1. rob

    used to go here for 7+years not no more dancers rules

  2. redskin
  3. RAY

    Need more beautiful busty women no more A-cup nights yes I like a girl with a nice ass but shit I want atleast a hand full of some tig ol bitties.

  4. th57

    Heather is cute, hot, and fun to be with I was there only 1/2 hr, dropped $100 on a dance with her and did not care I’ll go back just to see if she’s there. You need more like her.

  5. Dan Peterson

    Waste of time – there are lots of other places not far off 465 that are well worth the money. This place sucks because it’s too close too the Interstate traffic flow that they feel they can be as shitty as they want since most customers are pass-throughs.

  6. Jason

    See ya girls New Years Eve!!

  7. Not impressed

    Pole barn with fat chicks

  8. nasty

    whats wrong with people no one takes showers or what

    waisting mon ey if you come here

  9. CC Regular

    This place is going through alot of changes with a remodel, mgmt and the girls. I always have an alright time though overall. They need more girls and should try to advertise to get more people back in there.

  10. George

    The girl are nasty, the should change the name to the Trashy Chassy. The drink are way over priced. I want to go into a club where the girl are not stumbling over their feet cause their drunk.

  11. Bill

    “Classy” Chassy – it’s craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap-tastic!

  12. b.
  13. pat

    Dancers are 7’s, 8’s 9’s and a few 10’s. The private dances are the best in town.

  14. apissedwife

    I didn’t go but when my husband and I split up he went

    here he was driving a semi at the time he paid fora dance

    from a girl named Tiffany she must be some kind of whore

    or should I say prostitute because she went out to his

    truck and fucked him…. wish I cld find this bitch

  15. John

    Had a blast every time I’ve been there! Top notch entertainment!

  16. Weedman420

    This place wouldn’t be even considered a strip club. The drink prices are way to expensive along with the girls are not even top notch. As a lesbian I go to strip clubs to see hot young women. Not ratchet women or mid 40s. The bartenders stole my 55 dollars when I went to the bathroom and said they just put my keys on the back counter & phone so no one would take em. I wouldn’t give this place half a star. It’s stupid the managers are rude. And when I’ve got multiple 100 single when I counted them they were only 80. They try to rip you off so bad. This is the shittiest club in Indy. It says go go go but I’m saying run run run. Your best bet is going to P T’s. If u wanna have a good time & w pretty ladys

  17. thisguy
  18. 1st day dancer

    yesterday was my first day working there.. the girls that did talk to me were ok girls i got dressed and worked the floor.. made really good tip money and then got dances after dances.. even a 140 dollar dance! hell ya, but i noticed when i glanced over that the girls were grinding allowin the men to suck there titties THAT TURNED ME OFF these men might like it, but thats a turn off and makes the club look bad! seriously girls clean your act up.. i didnt grind last night nor let the guy suck my tits and made excellent money ( over 200 and it was a tuesday!) you girls are working too hard!

  19. marlonmoney12

    Love, Love, Love this place. I’m a young Trucker and have been to 16 strip clubs. This is by far my favorite. I’ve been here 6 or 7 times. I will say to each his/her own. The very things I love about this place might be exactly why you hate it. The DJ plays a wide variety from classic rock to new pop. He plays more classic rock than anything and not a lot of rap. I’ve even heard him play rammstein once. The bartender is cool. Always remembers what you’re drinking. Don’t hold your breath looking for a waitress though. And the bouncers are good ol’ boys. If you are a male and you get ridiculously drunk they may give you a hard time. If you are female you will have no issues from them. Generally if you act stupid or heckle one of the dancers then they will do their job and do it well. $10 cover $5-6 beers. Small variety but they have the normal most popular stuff $2 table dances & $20 couch dances As for the girls:Good variety of body types. Big breasted women with meat in all the right places, tiny cute 100lb girls, and everything in between. Whichever you’re in to. Mostly white though. Some girls are picky and will only talk to a select few, but most girls work the floor very well and will be by to see you at least twice. More if you’re clearly looking to spend some money. Mon-Thu is pretty slow.

  20. girlcusty

    Have to say I did not think this club would be so big! Went with my man on a Saturday night and it was BUSY unlike most of the other clubs we’d thought about going to. This place is definitely one of the more fun clubs. The girls are pretty good and it’s too bad the pole is way too big in diameter for most to do anything on. Cover charge was reasonable – 6 for guys, free for women. Their food is blah and expensive but if you’re drunk and hungry it’s perfect. Definitely a 7 out of 10. They also play kickass music.

  21. Playaplayer

    ‘Dis shit stinks!! Fucking bullshit place – lousy service, shittier girls. Fuck it!

  22. Hip Hugger

    in Kokomo closed and we hire two of their former dancers. Nice girls.

  23. albert
  24. ben
  25. witrucker

    I have been there 3 times, and loved every minute of it. I pray for a trip through there so I can stop. The drinks are pretty expensive, but the lapdances all but make up for it. I suggest you go!!! there are always a few “10’s” and some less disireable, but I had the best time ever nonetheless

  26. dirtygary

    The girls are not the best, but do give a nice dance where you can touch the top. Girls range from 3-8 with average about 6-7.

  27. Dodger

    This place is just fine. Not top of the line, but far from the worst. My friends and I had an excellent time last night, lots of sweet girls.

  28. Mike

    What a waste – this club used to be as upscale as the area’s scene got. Now it’s barely a notch above Club Zeus on Madison. Save your money, and go to Dancers or Brad’s instead.

  29. Jeff

    I had a good time.

  30. Mike Pratt

    WOW! Simply WOW!

    I shoved a piece of gum in my mouth and I walked out with my gum untouched! If that happens then i give the place an A+ .

    Now for the downer…

    The drinks are outrageously priced high. I know they cost alot due to alcohol but $7.5 for a small glass screwdriver? $4.5 for 1 beer? Now the 4 beer in a bucket for 10$ was ok.. But one beer for $4.5 AHHHHH My gawds thats alot of money.

    Then my dancer orders a drink on me for $20.4 and waitress drops off an opened red bull which probably had koolaid in it, and a jager bomb, and then a something else.. All that for $20.40!?!? Goodness gracious!

    Anywhootle.. I had a fun time, My friend and I havent stopped talking about it since, it was April 22nd on my 23rd bday when we went (of 08′) and he hasn’t stopped talking about it and I haven’t stopped talking about it. I had the most fun in my entire life there.

    I am already having withdrawals and wanna go back and hopefully that same girl is there that sat on my lap for the first hour that I was there. I love her to pieces.

  31. igor34

    I would give this place a half star if that was an option. You might be thinking…what? A chic reviewing a gentlemans club, what a joke” well this place is a joke. The staff is arrogant and rude as can be. Want a decent craft beer or local beer? You aren’t going to get it here. Want a decent gin and tonic? Not going to get that either. Want to see titties? I mean that is what you paid for, correct? Might not get that either if you go on, lets say, a Tuesday night. What you will get is a couple dancers barely dancing, tops on, shoes off. Yes no sexy shoes. Ugh. So if that’s your thing, well ok this is the place for you. If you want to see boobs, well head on else where.

  32. Clem

    Nice club.

  33. bi-curious female

    I had a really good time.

  34. Dissapointed

    Shitty Club! This place used to rock and now its just friggin pathetic. I wish Jan and the old crew would come back to save it.

  35. amber


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